Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 16
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ADVANCE THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1*46 Algona Library Opening Hours: ., To*»., Thur., 1:30-6 p.m.; 74:30 p.m.; Wed. 9-11:30 a.m.; 1:30-6 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; Fri. 126 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; Sat. 9*11:30 ».m.; 1:30-6 p.m. With long, lazy summer days ahead, and nothing but re-runs on television (of shows that weren't exactly scintillating the first time around!) now is the time to catch up on some reading. The list of new books at the Algona Public Ubrary in- dudes the following works of above*verage interest: • I iatrapihy Adlai Stevenson by Bill SeV- ern; Papa Hemingway by A. fc. Hotchnet. Nen-Fietlon ; Tentacles of Power by Washington journalist dark, Mollen- hotf; Unsafe at Any Speed by the auto industry's nemesis Ralph Nader; The Thin Book by a formerly Fat Psychiatrist, a new easy and effective way to lose weight by Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D.; Life among the Giants, a child's eye view of the grown-up world by Leontlne Young. Fiction A Last Lamp Burning by Gwyn Griffith; Menfreya in the Morning by Victoria Holt; Tell No Man by Adela Rogers St. John; Never Call It Loving by Dorothy Eden. Downstairs in the children's room, the staff is busy with plans for the summer reading program. Currently on display are Chinese character dolls representing the eight immortals of the Taoist religion. The legend of each god is displayed with the dolls. The figures are about ten inches high, beautifully gowned with exquisite care to the tiniest detail. They have be- SUN. Thru WED. MAY 29 -30- 31 -JUNE 1 Continuous Shows Sunday From 1:30 — Matinee Monday at 1 :30 THE STORY OF A NIGHT THAT WAS LENGTHENED BY ATHOUSAND TERRORS! —Thursday and Friday "Secret Agent Fireball" 7:00 • 10:00. "Spy In Your Eye" 8:39 —Saturday "Secret Agent Fireball" 1:30 • 7:00 • 10:00 "Spy in Your Eye" 3:09 - 8:39 — Sunday "Night Of The Grizzly" 1:30-3:36-5:42-7:48-9:54 —Monday Thru Wednesday "Night Of The Grizzly" 7:00 - 9:06 en loaned to the library by Mrs. A. J. Eason. A decorator touch has been added to the big window in the front room of tne library overlooking the lawn: A pmloden- dron plant with melon-colored blossoms is complemented by two antique-gold candlesticks with deep melon candles. Another new feature is a center case in the reference room which adds two sides of much- needed shelf room. The case is currently being guarded by a tat gray paper owl in a motar board. Wesley Viola Studer .Guests at Lou Simpson's Wednesday for Linda's graduation were Dorothy Simpson, Des Moines; Art Larsons, Buffalo Center; Lloyd Gerbers, Algona; Mrs. Chloie Simpson, Britt; George Seabergs, Dave Roquets, Tony Pearsons, Stanley bimpsons, Arvin Larsons, Dr. Jbngawaa- rus, Anna and Ethel Flom, Charlene Sorenson, Tony Pearsons and several school mates. The Simpsons tooK their daughter Dorothy back to Des Moines where she has employment with the Farm Bureau Insurance Co. Linda Simpson and Becky Girres accompanied them and will look for employment there. A graduation reception was held at Ed Carman's Wednesday for Deborah. Guests were Mrs. Irene Studer and the John Foths, Algona; Mrs. Mae Garman and John, Wesley; the Larry Neswolds, Britt. Mrs. Elizabeth Matz, Britt, and Frederick Girres, Garner, attended the Corwith-Wesley graduation May 18 and were guests at Adolf Girres's for Rebecca's graduation. THURS. Thru SAT. MAY 26 - ,27 • 28 , 'H', V.yi. V « ALGONA She's your girl Friday.,, ,.. and Saturday and Sunday and every other day! Seven days a week, 24 hqurs a day, the "Voice with a Smile" is ready to give you personal assis* iance wij|jh person-to-person calls, directory information, collect and credit card calls, etc. NO matter how far we progress in bringing you the faster, easier telephoning that new communications techniques make possible, we never forget tha.t oyrs is a personal service to you. Northwestern Bell DANGER THREATENS from every corner in Paramount Pictures "The Night Of The Grizzly," which opens Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Filmed in Teehniscope and Technicolor and designed to be entertainment for the entire family,Jt stars Clint Walker, Mar* tha Hyer, and Keenan Wynn. Productd by Burt Dunne and directed by Joseph Pevney, "The Night Of The Grizzly" relates the fascinating and adventurous story of a family's struggles against hostile elements in an untamed wilderness. leau* Mrt. Phillip* WM enrottte to Spirit Like to open their i* sort, Kool Kfeat. Met sons Mil join he? there when school do »e« and Mr Plulttps will be there part of Uie time. M>t< Alfred Sthulh wtn» t* Chicago a week ago Tuesday flying there from Fort Dodge, and spent two days with her soil, Then on Thursday evening she boarded a jet plane for a non-stop flight to Frankfurt, Germany, where she has three sisters and two brothers, She will also go to Italy to visit a niece who grew up in her home. She plans to be away for two months. For the flight from Chicago Mrs. Schultz was joined by Mrs. Lewis Ferguson and her daughter who also are spending some time with relatives in Germany. Another woman who also flew over for an extended stay ifoflt the High School faculty. Other out of fowli gussts h«fi for the event were: Miss Wil* son's listers, MM Anna Stefn- ifigvUie,', ltr«Y • liDflM , Marion; her brother and «, ^Je, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wil' son, Iowa City,:»ii of WMoffl spent the weekend. France* Mesfter came from tttii Mrs. Kenneth Burt. 11111111 m 1111 n 11111111111 Around Algona tty ONIETA DIDRIKSEN Phent 295-2605 III! II II Ml III II III I Lewis Blakeley, Glendive, Mont., is arriving Saturday for Memorial Day weekend and will be a house guest of Mrs: W. A. Foster. ' : '. ; • ,-•.; ••••'••'" ;'. .-' : On Sunday morning the Rev. . M. Cougnenour received .into full membership in the Me- hodist church a group of twenty young people who have been n his Class of Instruction for some time. In addition, adults received were: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cubet, Mrs. Fern Young, Mr. and Mrs. James Logan, •s. Dale Kent, and Calvin Jumphrey who is at present stationed at Fort Rutgers, Ala, Mrs. Laura Hough returned Thursday from Owatonna where she had spent six days visiting Mrs. Gertrude Woith. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hargreaves left this morning for Council Bluffs to attend Commencement at St. Albert's High School. Their granddaughter lanet Ann, eldest daughter of 3r. and Mrs. E. D. Mathiasen, is one of the graduates. Har- jreaves will also visit their son Kenneth and his wife and plan to remain in Council Bluffs for a week or ten days. ,j Mrs. Myra Loney, Ottumwa, came last weekend to visit at the home of her son Robert Bennett's family who met her half way and she returned me yesterday. Mrs. Joe Tschetter and son Glenn will accompany the son Calvin and his family of Eagle Grove to Chicago tomorrow and on Saturday morning will attend the wedding of Ronald Tsohet- ter and Jacquie Korbel at Wheeling, 111. They will return home Sunday. Ronald is employed by Jewel Tea Company and he and his bride will Ridge. live at Park meet at the Masonic, Temple Tuesday; May 31, for a one o'clock luncheon which will be served by Eastern Stars. Mrs. P. O.;.porweiler is chairman of the committee in charge. *;"1 ' : . . The Duke Kinsey home has been sold to Ron Taylors and Kinseys are going to -Florida. They have bought a Condimini- urn, apartment at North Palm Beach and Mrs. Lampright will sell their household goods on Saturday. Mr. Kinsey will fly to Florida and Mrs. Kinsey, accompanied by her daughter, Delores Hovey, will drive the family car down, then, Mrs. Hovey will return here by plane. Mrs. Edna Harr recently returned from Colorado Springs where she had spent a month with a daughter's family. She went and came back by plane and was met and returned to Algona by her son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Rossing, of Livermore. Mrs. J. B. Asa arrived home Friday after dismissal that mor nintg from St. Mary's Hospital. Mr. Asa. had g.o.;e up the previous weekend homing to bring her back with him, then a blood clot developed in her tefl foot. She has her right hand and forearm in a cast and will return to the Clinic on June 2, to have that removed. In the meantime, she is getting about just Strayer, of The Den Nelsons and John Loves drove to Des Moines Sat- jrday for the Shrine Ceremonial. There was a big parade downtown and then an afternoon session at which 220 candidates were initiated. Meetings were held at Veterans' Auditorium and the evening program to which wives were invited featured Roger Williams, pianist, of TV fame and his Company. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Thorpe o\ Ames left last week for a trip to Panama. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hines, also of Ames, and plain ned to drive in leisurely fashion to Miama, sightseeing and visit ing friends enroute. Leaving their car at the home of the Burton Thorpes in Margate Fla., they flew to Balboa where they will visit Thorpe's daugh ter Eleanor's family, Captain and Mrs. Howard Buehler am son Paul, also Lieutenant and Mrs. Sidney Williamson, (Bueh ler's daughter,) who were mar ried on March 19. They hope to return by boat to Miami and wil be away a month or more. Mrs Buehler has been teaching Business English in the Panama City College but this is their vacation time, Mrs. Anna Seeman is remaining with her daughter's, family at Augusta, Kans., where she is receiving treatment following surgery.done there in mid-April. The Leo Thomsons moved Saturday to Sexton and the house at 408 N. Harlan in which they ftwe beeir liviwg since 'Mr. Thomsen became agent at Sexton, will now be occupied by Mrs. Dixie Bennett and children who came here from Rolfe. for *he itoeffioofl. Cousins of Mill CfrMby here for the Still' Idt day observance who came ,ta surprise hef were; Mr, ind Mrs Ray Mahn and Mrs. Lee Hahn who were, accompanied by Mrs, Al Wetidt, all of Bti* tow; and another cousin, Mrs. Leo Methews, of near New Hampton, { THUM. • Ml. • SAT, • SUN, MAY 26-27.21-29 3 IW SHOWS STAKUTE DRIVE IN ^WTmwmnoQRAMi FRANKIE AVALON 'ANNETTE" FUNICELLO MARTHA HYER U_mBMi, fJUOT VTH.«« KEENANWYNNl-1 SECOND BIG FUN SHOW a little around the house yard. and Mrs. A. D. Lehman with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. D. G, West of Des Moines, were in Algona on business on Monday of last week and were luncheon guests Mrs. Inez Wolfe. of Mrs. Wesley Bartlett left yesterday to attend the State Con- vantipn of the P.E.O. Sisterhood now in session at Des Moines. She is president of the local branch of P.E.O. Mrs.' Bartlett was accompanied by her mother, Mrs, W. A. Foster, who is visiting at the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Aillaud till tomorrow, and Mrs. Aillaud will return to Algona with them. The Past Matrons' Club will John Thompson was released early this week from Veterans' Hospital at Des Moines where he had spent three weeks undergoing tests. Mrs. Thompson remained nearby during that time and they were visited on several occasions by their children; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson driving down on Saturday. Dr. and Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler took their New Zealand guests, Mr. and Mrs. James McElrea, to Mason City on Saturday where they boarded a Greyhound bus for the East, Because Mr. McElrea was ill while here they gave up seeing Wash- ingtori, D.C. and New York City but were going via Buffalo so hoped to see Niagara Falls en- route'' to Montreal where they sailed yesterday for Ireland, his homeland, and from, there are going to England, the continent of Europe, and on around the world. Mrs. Ryland Phillips and daughter Peggy of Moline, HI., were here early last week to see former friends and were overnight guests at the Alton Roch- Tho Methodist WSCS will meet Thursday, June 2, in the dining room for their last one o'clock luncheon meeting of the summer. The two June Circles will serve headed by chairmen Mrs. Paul Puffer and Mrs. Verne McClure, The program on The E.U.B. Story will be presented by Mrs. Inez Wolfe. Bertha Godfrey came from Ames by bus Saturday to attend the Teachers' Reception held Sunday afternoon honoring Miss Ether Quinby and Miss Hattie Wilson, who are retiring With Bobby Vinton THIRD BIG MUSIC AND SONG HITI byHWWJWW THURSDAY IS... BUCK HITI! Yes 5>'r- . . . YOt/fiCAR AND Att ITS OCCUPANTS WILL BE ADMlfTED FOR ONE BUCK , (A OOLLffR TO YOU) Special HiMgU Show Smday, May 29 Mon.-Tues.-Wed, MAY 30-31-JUNE 1 STARLITE DRIVE-IN A <M*t'i INCRIPIRLC APVfNTUM ON A LO1T IfUINPI SECOND FEATURE For a special buy on the car that's all Buick-'66 Buick Special -go see the dealer who's all deal-your Buick dealer! * Low down payments * Easy terms * Top trade Immediate delivery Wide choice of body styles, colon and options f C6 Buick Special won its cl«M in th« PURE OIL PERFORMANCE TRIALS and tht POPULAR SCIENCE COLO CUP for oumandino braking perform»nc« in tht TRIALS^and with ctealf lik« thit, it'll win you, tool Wouldn't you really rather have a Buiek Special right now? (With summer so near and savings so big ?) his Pir-Bysiting C i1- ._ _.„_, MNULTZ MM. Sti

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