Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 12
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***** ft!?*** WdtM< S,3> «, i.*4 «-ALOONA "•*•) ADVANCf THURSDAY, JNAV IftY IN* h : RtdUiAR JANUARY StillftN :'"• the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were John Rode, Chairman, ond Charles Pldthe, .Low* ren:e Nowbrcugh, A. M. Kollasch artd Gwry Me Donald. Absent: None. Motion by Kollosch and seconded by Me Donald that N. W. Bell Tel. Co. re* qutst to bury coble in . Ledydrd, Ramsey, Lmcoin ond German Townships. be op- proved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion 'carried. . ; ,. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by 'Newbrough that Bonds of Field Assessors be/ approved as filed. Ayes: ah. Nays: hone. Motion carried. Motion by Me Donaid and seconded by Kollasch that refund for erroneous taxation be allowed Wm. Runchay in the amount of' $364.54. Ayes: .all. Nays! none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough Ond seconded by Me Donald that Homer Downs be appointed 1966 Weed Commissioner, effective March 1, 1966. ot the same wages of the year 1965. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollosch and Seconded by Plathe that bias be accepted on 500 Financial Statements and contract be awarded to lowest bidder on March 17, .1966, at 2:00 P. M. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion cairicd, Motion b/ Ntwbiough and seconded by Me Donald that Coitions filed by A. M. Kollasch in regard to voting ma- •chines for 1966 elections in Eagle, Grant, inbion, Morrison, Springfield, Ledyord and Lincoln Twps. be tabled. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS .Bahne K. Bohnson, Midicol ..$ 39.20 It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed and corv 140.00 36.00 28.60 31.92 4.00 12,00 375.04 1.50 204.83 22.67 61.00 23.96 8.25 11.45 16.96 74.24 8.59 199.94 71.04 14.88 112.00 104.88 39.52 9.00 13.65 52.30 95.00 11.25 310.80 229.00 35.00 POOR FUND Irene Pugsley, bxtra Help ..$ Algona Locker Plant, Rent ._• Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies N. W. Bell, Tel. Dr.- Schutter & Koob, Medical St.,-.Ann Hosp., Medical Hpnsbruch Drug, Medical Keck, Inc., Freight Lping's P. & Htg., Repairs — United Building Center, Supplies —>. Jock's O.K. Tires, Tires Graham's, Clothing Bob Bradford, Subscription .— Arwell Inc., Spraying Coast-to-Coqst, Supplies (Hood's Super Valu, Food Sjogrcn's Gtoc., Food M. & J. R. Hakes, Food Finn's Bakery, Food Appelquist Super Mkt., Food -- Consl. Creameries. Food Algona Locker, Butchoring .. J,. C. Penney, Clothing S...& L., Clothing Richard Grandgenett, Fuel — Cities Serv., Fuel Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Feed . Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co., Seed Whittemore Coop. Elev., Feed Homer Mathiesen, Seed •Linde Imp. Co., Parts Fenton Motor Co., Hoist 135.00 'Payroll Fund, Poor 1,249.33 State' of Iowa, Dep. Children . 2,607,45 boiOi County• TCWWJ/ dfMf DVf DffCWMMY 31* 1965 ift the Record* of ft» County M- c6f<*f. 6f Colttoun Couftfy, !ow«, art «M» filed ifKth* office of the Clefk of tt*» District Courf of th« SfaW W I6#a, in ond for KossuthCounfy, 6ft th* «tn day of Johuory, 1966, CJ provided* by ow. You are hereby notified that the 6w. requires you as such creditor to file State 'of Iowa, Blind State of Iowa, Emergency ___ State of Iowa, Disabled Marvel Immer.fall, Mileage 245.97 227.82 180.14 _„_ ___ 37.40 Leonard Warner, Mileage: Jim Reefer 60.10 ' Glenn Lloyd, Rent: Elsie Lloyd 25.00 Louis Wehrspan, Rent: Ines : Lamb 45.00 G. R. Cook, Rent: Agdrey Frye 25.00 T. J. Fisher, Rent: Pat Scobbo 45.00 Bcnnie Eden, Rent: Alvina fisch 25.00 Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcel 25.00 L. A. Newbrough, Mileage: Richard Hutzell 55.60, Jefferson Trans.' Co., Mileags: Ernil Hoack 7.45. -,;•/ Adam ,Heiderscheidt, Co. iHomo Repairs 5.50 '-•• " " ; Sncll's Ambulance Serv., Mileage: Sara Smith 12.50 Garry Funeral Home, Mileage: Edna Kollasch 15.00 . Standard Oil Co., Fuel: R. E. Jones 19.45 Sunray 'D-X, Fuel: Milton Sloven 74.10 Thermocjas Co., Fuel: Mac Me Loon 38.68, Chuck Elbert 13.50 : N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas: Angeline Gu«tin 28.67, Emil Lovstad 21.55 Fergie's Thermogas, Fuel: Ben Johnson 83.85 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities: Emll Lovstad 14.02 United Build. Center, Fuel: Adolph Pertl 27.23 Town of Whittemore,, Elec.: Myrtle Frost 60.64 ". ';:Dr. Schijrter &'Koob,"Medical:"Art Mueller 6,00; Chas. Fletchol 9.00, Karen Kern' 23.25, Bern, Gifford 6.00, Glen Parcel 3.00 St. Ann Hosp., Medical: Rich. Hutzell Algona girl married PICTURED IS Mr. and Mrs. James Alvey, Bancroft. They were married May 7 in St. Cecelia Catholic church by Rev. Fr. Bruch. Mrs. Alvey is the former Madonna Marie Elbert, daughter of the Earl Elberts, Algona, and Mr. Alvey is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Alvey, Bancroft. :. Hantclman Garage, Repairs -_ itandard Oil, Fuel ---------Town of West Bend, Elec. --Central la. Tel., Tel. .. ..... Hollies Store, Supplies ______ Grouse Cartage, Freight _____ :lmore Concrete Products, Blocks --..-.- ........... <cn's 66, Fuel & Parts _____ Bowman's Small Engines, Ro; pairs ---- ;• _______________ Loiiig's Plb. & Htg., Parts -. loast to Coast, Supplies ----Frederick Hdwe., , Supplies — Robert Y Deal, .Chains ___ - _____ rvwuci i J w»q.ui, , ^.MUI Standard Oil, Fuel __________ Blajr 7 Weldlng, Repairs .^... Algono Imp. -Co., Parts ______ N. -Cent. Pub. Serv., Heaters . N. Cent. Pub. ' Serv., Gas ____ Iowa , Elec. Light .& Pwr. Co., Eicc. : ____ :... ........... Interstate Power Co., Elec. _Alg. MUn. 'Util., Utilities ____ Elmer Dole & Everds Bros., 'Pro). No. 7 ........ .... Elmer Dole & Everds Bros., Prol. No. 10 ............ 4,356.92 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd. ..... 12,787.53 James Mcrryman, Labor & .Equipment - ............ -_ 2,449.22 Richard Godfrey elal. Right of Way .................... 255.00 Hartley etal, Right of ' 3.00 16.25 1.25 25.28 4.14 3.50 39.60 16.00 72.00 5.50 3.93 2.58 50.20 59.46 17.90 2.55 2.bO 226.34 100.00 100.00 48.25 21,805.54 i Way .--„.- ____ ..... --. G. J. Van >De Riot •& Sons, Fi- 252.00 . . , nal: Pro). 583 & 584 _____ 3,926.20 M. T. Me Guire Co., Final: ' Proj. 576 - — — ___________ 1,155.08 . - — — ___________ Faber Const. Co., Final: Proj. 577.' & 580 .916.90 Charles Haddn, Right of Way 252.00 R.-'-S.- Lcibrond, Right of Way 147.00 Mary Cavonaugh, Right; of ..Way 252.00 LuVerne Clinic! Medical 34.60 UU V«t I «J 1.1 IFlll., IVIVUII.UI ____.. w-»ww J. C. Penney Co., Clothing .__•...• 36.54 ' . . Droessler's Mkt., Food ....... Fo&d Intermill Gru>.., Bordcn's, Food Johnny's A. G. Store, Food _. Trauger's Groc,, Food _ i^on & Jack's, Food i- Hood's Super Volu, Food _J— Lutheran Home Find. Soe., Keep Davia Smith, Meeting Howard Andrews, Meeting & Mileage Howard Andrews, Meeting 4 Mileage Marvel Immcrfall. Mileage — Marvel Immerfall, Salary ; (Soldiers Relief) PAYROLL FUND Dr. Braincrd, Medical Examiner Dr. Snyder, Medical Examiner .20.00 60.00 20.87 20.00 19.61 20.00 40.00 190.43 s:oo 9.00 40.00 61.10 50.00 17.00 41.20 Kenneth Richardson. Probation 195.39 John Burnett, Co. Home 225.0C Nora Burnett, Co. Home ' 225.00 Wendel Warwick, Co. Home _ 200.00 .200.00 643.60 706.40 569.90 580.80 587,20 1,000.00 650.00 400.00 : 450.00 400JOO .Alma Warwick, Co. Home --_ John Rode, Meetings & Mileage A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & ' Mileage ; Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage Garry Me Donald, Meetings & Mileage ., - . L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage _-• H. M. Smith, Engineer —___' John Fraser, Assr Engineer :.Hazel Anliker, Clerk -.-.—'_. Tommy Aaron, Inspector '—_L' Raymond Baade, Labor Clifford Blonchord, Labor -„-'. ., 385.70 Ed Blanchard, Labor 1. Alvin Ewing, Labor Richard Hoberer, Labor Clifford Holmes, Labor 380.00 36KOC 380.0C 380.00 your aftd claim against said Louis N.. Kelley „,,„ Ida F; K»lley DBA Kelley Lumber rorhpany in the office of the Clerk of he District Court of Algona, KoMiith County, Iowa; Said claim must M • made under oath ond filed with Said Clerk within three months after the first piib- icotion of this notice. Date of tint pub- icotlon; May 9, 1966. L. W. Nitchals, Assignee No. 2 East State Street Algona, Iowa Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa. Mdy 9, 16, 23, 31 and June i and 13, 1966, ) r cations will b« reoxjlred, all of which will be refunded to bono fide bidders who bid in th«lr e'wn names provided plans and specifications. ore returned in good condition Within IS day! after award of the eoSfrdcf. The full amount of the deposit will M returned to all other parties provided plans and specifications are returned in good condition within five days after the dote of the letting. No refund Will be mode fof plans arid specifications hot returned wifflin thtse p-,- Marc Moore County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa Published in the. Algona Kossuth iodS. County Advance, Algond, May 26 and June 2, 1966. Iowa, 'A (N THI DISTRICT COURT Of THI STATI OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY llft THE CSTATI O» LELA G. HOF, Deceased. fretate Ne. Nil NOTICE or PRORATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE HSTATE OF LELA G. HOF, Deceased. You ore hereby notified that on the 17th day of May, 1966, the last will and testament of Lela G. Hof, deceased, beor- ,ng the date Of the 29th day of July, 1965, was admitted to .probate in tre above named court ond that Harold G. frauger was .appointed executor of said estate. Notice Is further given that any action to set aside said will must oe brought in the district court of said :ounty within one year from the date )f the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all person* indebted to said estate are requested to •nake Immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against >ald estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, os provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; ana unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless othsrwise allowed 01 paid) such claim shall thereafter be for- jver barred. Dated this 17th day of May, 1966. Harold G. Trauger Executor of , said Estate LuVerne, Iowa Address Buchanan & McClure Attorneys for said Executor Algono, 'Iowa Address • Date of second publication 26th day of May, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth NOTltl Ot SMCIAL ELtCTION You ore notified that upon the peti- lon of; 25 property owners of each vot- ng precinct In the City of Algona, lowo, Tiove'-been asked as Mayor to' coll a pecial '• election to determine whether a television franchise should be granted o Community TV Tower Company, an owa Partnership. By reason thereof, no- lee is hereby given that a special elcc- ion will be herd In the City of Algona, owa, on the 15th day of June, 1966. for fhe purpose' of submitting to the legal ar.d qualified electors of said Ciry, to je' voted Upon by them, the question of whether the following public measure shall be adopted: Shall;: the following non-exclusive community television franchise ordi- CO n M 0 MU 0 m?Y° d0 Tuiv,S,ON FRANCHISE .ORDINANCE NO. County Advance,. Algona, May ,19 and 26, 1966. Iowa, IN THE DISTRICT COURT . OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOE FREILINGER, Deceased. Probe?* Ne. MJO NOTICE OF PROiATI OF Will, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTORS, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF JOE FREILINGER, Deceosed: You ore hereby notified that on the 17th day of May, 1966, the lost will ond testament of Joe Freilinger, deceased, bearing date of the 18th day of December, jnng d< , 1947, was admitted to probate in the Dale Helmcrs, Labor .380.0( Don Hainzinger, Labor ^ 3BO.OC Earl Johns, Labor - : '' U1.00 A. J. Kollasch. Labor -399.00 John Krebsbach, Labor .- 380.00 78.00, Karen Kern 91.60, Lucy Wessel 143.35. Nettie Fisher 441.25, Bertha .' Bott 57P.70 '. University Hasp., Medical: Eleanor Burns 43.15, Thomas Devine 9.25, Hilma ! Kickbush 9.45, Linda Nemmers 6.25, ' Ron Reed 3.50, Chas. Schaeffer 57.50 P. A. Co:' Hosp., Medical: .Geo. Frisbie '209.10- , . Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical: Mildred 1 Ternes 16.50. Audry Frye 30.00, Mae Me Lean 24.75 Jos M. Rooney. M. D., Medical: Percy Atkinson 18.75 and Chas, Gundqr 3.00 Park Hosp. Foundation, Medical: Ella Gov. ern 97.50 Dr; T. J; Egan, Medical: Jos. Rapp 4.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical: Glen Parcel 4.05, Lucy Wessel 9,95, Chos. Gunder 9.55 M. G. -Bourne, M. D., Medical: Lucy Wes. sol 26.25 R. P. -Base, M- u -. Medical: Gco. Fangman 30.00 Miller .Pharmacy, Medical: June Jenkins 4.10, •- ,', " L. A. Bascom, M. D., Medical: Axel Neilson 22.50 Rusk Drug, Medical: James Walker 12,52, Bernard Gifford 9.05. Tom Devine 7.80, Al Timmer 14.65, Ann Gustin 21.28 Welp Drug, Medical: Otto Borenthin 11.80 Dr. Morrison, Medical: Angela Stone : 36.00 Dr. Cullcn, Medical: Allen Busch 9.00 Buffalo Cent. Clinic, Medical: June Je-rv •• kins 23.00 Dr. Corlyle Moore, Medical: Milton Stevens 42.75, Angela Stone 8.00 Jerry & Marty's Store, Food: Ines Lamb '. 48.00 Fareway Stores, Food: Emil Lovstod 40.00, Wayne Myers 30.00, Audrey Frye 20.00, .'-J: Morrison, Right of Way 252.00 la;-'Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. - 7.28 West-.la. Tel., Tel.'-1 -- 9.97 Titonka, Tel., -Tel. .. — ..:--- 8.17 Kenneth Kollasch, Labor 13.50 Ellsworth Lumber Co., Supplies 19.75 Tcrnes Garage; Repairs : 2.22 i Ralph Markla, Labor •__'.'• 381.90, Coop Oil Co., Repairs 1 6.47 I Ben 'Metzger, Labor '.l.-L.-l "" '"397^)0 Michael Todd ft Co., Parts ... 549.56 —— Glbbs-Cook, Equipment & Repairs •_ •_.-..,__ 1,853,47 Richard Grandgenett, Fuel .__ Cook's Welders Supply, Supplies ; Taylor Motor, Parts above named court and that Walter Freilinger .and Alfred Freilinger were appointed executors of said estate. Notice is furtner given that any action to set aside said will must „« brought in the district court of said county within one year '"-.T, the date of the second publication of this notice or tnereafter be rorever barred. Notice is further given that all per- JU ns indebted to solo estate are requested to make immediate payment to Fne undersigned, , and creditors " having claims against said estate ' r shall fil« them with the clerk of the above namec district court, as provided by low, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within Vix months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim ..nall thereafter be forever barred. Doted this 17th day of May, 1966. Executors of said Estate Walter Freilinger •'••.. i Alfred Freilinger : • • MTIWl OWIVI. TUIO _____ Dukehort-Hughes Tractor & Equip., Parts 3,455.02 6.47 I Ben 'Metzger, Labor •-l--ir.l ; ' 549.56 . loelf Miller, Labor • Jrban Neuroth, Labor v ._.. Jelmar Plathe, Labor _ r ---- ;lmer Ricks, Labor --.I-.---, ; I : red Sleeker, Labor and' Mi-:, leage . '.-1 :- . • 'ohn Schueler,- Jr., Labor .-:.',• Charles Thompson, Labor --.- 57.20 115.85 89.79 Cities Serv., Gas Cities Serv., Gas 767.83 551.91 SWaney Equip., Parts . '279.37 Herman M. Brown, Parts Arnold Motor Co., Parts Brown Supply Co., Parts COURT FUND 49.92 155.33 $50.07 Glen Parcel 40.00, 20.00 John Roscnstiel Vogel's, Food: Kenneth Summers 25.00, Bern. Gifford 70.00 Hood's Super Valu, Food: Floyd Salisbury 34.62, June Jenkins 10.00, Floyd Armstrong 50.00 Appelquist Super Mkt., Jones 9.80 Food: Robert Ron & Jack's, Food: Will Gustin 40.00, Audrey Frye 20.00 Anderson Groc., Food: Robert Jones 9.85 Hood's Cash, Food: John Govern 25.00 Cowing Food, Food: Joe Rapp 20.00, Bertha Busch 15.00 Ted Vera, Food: Dianna Irons 10.00 Graham's, Clothing: Ben Johnson 4.99 Alg. Good Sam. Home. Keep: Adel White 60.38, Mae Ramus 146.60 Morgan Home, Keep: Lawrence Mulligan 140.00, Paul Mulligan 53.10 Hillcrest Home, Keep: Rose & La Vera Westling 280.00 Dr. Morris, Medical: Lawrence Mulligan 5.00 Johnion Nursing Home, Keep: Geo. Jennings 33.50 Nora Springs Nursing, Keep: Axel Neilsen 80.00 Heritage Home, Keep: Wm. Becker 1 18.90 5f.C. RR. FUND Wesco Steel Co., Parts - 320.08 Barclay Co., Supplies 298,49 Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe. Co., Supplies 96.04 Fergie's 'Ihermogas, Fuel & Part's -- 416.33 Cowan's, Supplies 48.65 Sieg Ft. Dodge Co.. Parts 148.99 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs 46.78 Kossuth Motor, Repairs 78.42 N. W. Bell, Tel. 40.08 Iowa Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec. ----- - 19.79 United Building Center, Supplies - 18.51 Thermogos Co., Fuel - - 117.15 Quick Supply Co., Supplies .- 129.50 Cent. la. Rural Tel., Tel 12.02 L. V. Building Co., Supplies -- 3.91 Ruth E. Weed, Damages 50.00 Miller Lumber Co., Supplies -- 11.04 Fenton Motor Co., Ports 14.50 Kemna Repairs, Repairs 70.97 Lone Rock Coop. Tel., Tel. --, 48.14 Carson's For Color, Supplies .. 14.20 Greenberg Auto Supplies, Supplies 261.17 Weisbrod Imp, Co., Ports 5.84 Feiiton Service, Repairs 4.45 Cook's Scrap Iron, Tanks .— 4.00 Algono Impl. Co., Pgrts 55.31 James H. Merrymgn, Labor & Equipment 207.00 Cootes Mgnuf. Co., Ports 81.90 Co. Trects., Freight 3.60 John Dixon Elec., Repairs —. 185.15 Me Foil P. & Htg., Repairs -- 25.25 Ig. Elec. Light ft Pwr. Co., Elec. .... 100.00 Gregt Plains Supply Co., Supplies -. 31.27 GerglcJ Ollom, Repgirs 15.85 All American Trqnspprt, Freight ...j.. , 3.75 Payroll Fund., Court .._ 1,607.20 Joseph Stroub, Fees 62.95 Joseph Straub, Fees 62.95 - ... 233.50 6.00 1.50 Payroll Fund7~Rd7 Ciearing'T.- 3,274.08 REFUND Wm. Runchey, Erroneous Tax- Klipto Co., Supplies Milton G. Norton, J. P. Fee . Don Wood, Mileage ROAD CLEARING gtion CONSERVATION State Conservation Camm., -Trees COUNTY FUND 364.54 440.00 369.04 N. Cent, Pub; Serv., Gas Payroll Fund. County 9,571.91 Alg. Mun, Util.. Utilities '.-.- 230.11 Payroll Fund. County 3,176.10 Xerox, Supplies ' '105.50 Ralph Llndhorst, Board ft Lodge of Prisoners 120.90 Ralph Llndhorst, Meals & Mileage 91.42 Larry Hudson, Meals 1 'Mileage 10.60 Donald .Wood, Meals, 4 -Mileage Coast to Coast, Supplies Gopher Shooter's Supply Co., Supplies Traffic • Institute, Supplies R. J. Funk,> Repairs Joyce Hoyden, Mileage • Culligan, Soft Water Nick Gengler, Meeting Lawrence K)rsch, Meeting Arthur Rusch, Meeting Garbrant Wibben, Meeting Mancil Hurlburt, Meeting ... Walter Mognuson, Meeting .. Harold Carr, Meeting Harold O'Green, Meeting Al Dudjding, Meeting ^ Harley Willmert, Meeting ..'. Marvin Junkermeier, Meeting . Wm. Oldenburg, Meeting Glenn Larsen, Meeting W. J. Stewart, Meeting Donald Ringsdorf, Meeting .. Llovd H. Bortlett, Meeting .. Cliff Benschoter, Meeting Earl Zeigler, Meeting Julie Baas, Meeting Archie Elbert, Meeting Ervin Viotteler, Meeting Victor Struecker. Meeting Loyola University Press, Supplies Iowa Welfare Assoc., Membership Advance Pub. Co., Supplies ._ Post Office, Postage Sunray D-X Oil Co., Fuel N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas . 39.90 20.00 15.75 10.20 28.21 64.50 6.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4. r>0 4.00 4.00 4.UU 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 3.15 25.00 24.00 400.00 692.41 253.61 380.00 380,00 95.00 McMahon & Cassel Attorneys for said , Executors 'Algona, Iowa ., 395.00 380.00 - 380,00 '380.00 380.00 392,35. 380.00 393.30 . 410.00 380,00 Clarence Hentges. Labor —- 380.00 3eo. Kockler, Labor 380.00 <380.00. Address Date of second publication VMUIIV3 I I IWIII|^SUI I, WUL/UI — — .— 3eo. Weringa, Labor '.i Jrville Weiland, Labor -i-_• ames Walker, Labpr r -- jerold Wibben, Labor ;._.!---_•' Henry Zweifel, Labor. ._Z. E. Zougg, Labor .-: ^loble Crouch, Labor Leo Ramus, Labor Marcell Reding, Labor . George Studer, Labor -. Cyril Wagner, Labor — Erich Willrett, Labor .. BANGS Dr. Rossing, Inspection . Dr. Capesius, Inspection Dr. Hill, Inspection Dr. Licnter, Inspection .. Dr. Raney, Inspection Dr. Sonftner, Inspection.—:.-' Dr. Weber, Inspection Dr.' Lensing, Inspection Dr. Redman, Jr., Inspection Dr. Waite, Inspection Dr. Jensen, Inspe.-'o.T Dr. Rush, Inspection Dr. Ssyffert, Inspection T. B. FUND Dr. Weber, Inspection 1,396.25 380.00 : 380.00 380.00 380.00 380.00 17.50 85.00 16.50 25.50 19.50 68.00 1 227,00 75.00 54.50 29.50 9.50 39.50 30.00 Dr. Lensing, Inspection DRAINS Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 4 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 4 Lot 24 & 33 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 23 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 34 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 80 Lot 2 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, 83 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, H-K 5-87 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, PAK 1 Curtis Peterson, W-K 68-136 . Leo Sorensen, E-K-PA 1 12.50 30.00 60.00 37.50 25.50 15.00 37.50 18.00 30.00 162.94 26.30 jf m ot^i i, u-rv-r r^ i _ - - „ STATE INSTITUTION FUND Ralrh Lindhorst, Meals & Mi- , leage — 25.50 Dr. hnna, Meaical ou.^, Helen Zaugg, Keep 1I6.7J Reiners Nursing Home, Keep - 240.0C Leegaard Home, Keep 100.00 26th day of May, 1966. Published .in • the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, May 19 and 26, 1966. AN OHOINANCI GRANTING TO -OMMUNITY TV TOWIM COMPANY, AN IOWA PAHTNIRSMIP, .ITS SUC- CISSOKI AND ASSIGNS, THC NON- IXCLUSIVE MIGHT TO ifelCT, MAINTAIN AND OPIRATI TELEVISION TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION FACILITIIS AND FACIUTIIS FOR THI TRANSMISSION OF FREQUINCY MODULATID SOUND SIGNALS. AND ADDITIONS THERETO. IN, UNDER. OVER, ALONG, ACROSS AND UFOrf THE STREETS, LANES, AVENUES, SIDEWALKS, ALLEY!, •RIDGES, HIGHWAYS, EASEMENTS AND OTHER PUplIC PLACES IN THE CITY OF ALGONA FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRANSMISSION BY CABLE AND DISTRIBUTION OF TELEVISION IMPULSES AND TELEVISION ENERGY AND FREQUENCY MODULATED SOUND SIGNALS TO THE INHABITANTS OF SAID CITY FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY FIVE (2S) YEARS, AND REGULATING THE SAME; PROVIDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID FRANCHISE AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA: Section 1. Irt consideration of the faithful performance and observance of the conditions and reservations hereinafter specified, the nonexclusive right is hereby granted to Community TV Tower Company, an Iowa Partnership, its successors and assigns, hereinafter referred to the ''Company'', to Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies . 31.95 N.. W. Bell, Tel. 33A.70 Matt Parrott 8, Sons, Supplies 463.79 Koch Bros., Supplies Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies Jenkins-Fergemann Co., Supplies National Cash Register Co., Supplies Acres-Blockmor Co., Supplies Friden Inc., Maintenance R. H. Norton, Repairs Bohannon Ins., Bond Dr. Srhijtter & Koob, Tests .. Drs. Schultz & Schultz, Tests Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Prbceedinqi Advance Pub. Co., Notices Bancroft Register, Proceedings Gorcjon Winkel, Expenses Koss. Co. Treos., Bounty SOLDIERS RILIEF FUND Chas. Redcsmski, Rent Everett Attig, Rent Kenneth Solveson, Rent Kenneth Morris, Rent Formers Coop Soc., Fuel N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Fuel lo. Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec. .-Town of Wesley, Elec. D-X Oil Co., Fuel D-X Oil Co., Fuel Town of Whittemore, Elec. .Dr. Bourne, Medical Rusk Df.ug, MedicaJ Honsbruch D/ug, Medical Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical Dr. Eggn, Medicgl ,.,— Welp Drug Store, Medicgl .. 113.73 32.25 I 19.86 125.56 3.70 4.11 59.00 29.20 10.00 10.00 10.00 253.37 312.40 79.60 253.37 201.29 55.29 35.00 65.00 65.00 60.00 22.54 84.53 8.24 8.63 15.90 30,02 45.81 18.75 20.75 47.30 36.00 7.00 17.55 Tommy Dale Hosp., Keep 362.70 Dr. Jos. M. Rooney, Exam. Phys. 7.50 Leo Cassel, Attorney 7.50 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage 19.10 Delia Welter, Attorney 10.00 State Comptroller, Keep 1.091.69 Motion by Kollash and seconded by Newbrough that old Allis-Chalmers (1938) Dozer be sold to Dukehart-Hughes for $635. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that embargo of ten tons be put on the following roods: From Wesley North to Hwy. No. 9; From Titonka East to County Line; From SW Cor. Sec. 4-97-27 North to Hwv. No. 9; From NW Cor Sec. 24-99-28 South 6>/ 2 Miles. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Me Donald that the revised road program of 1966 be approved as presented by County Engineer, H. M. Smith. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Kollasch that the Swea City Herald be appointed as printer of the 1965 Kossuth County Financial Statement. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. . ' '. On motion adjournment was taken until April 1, 1966. ATTEST: Marc Moore, Co. Auditor John H. Rode, Chairman, Board of Supervisors Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, AFgona, May 26, 1966. lowo, NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO THE CREDITORS OF L9UIS N. KCU LEY, AND IDA F. KELLfY DBA KIUEY LUMBER COMPANY, ALGONA, IOWA AND OTTOSEN, IOWA. You and each of you are hereby no- Hied that on the 28th day of Decem- aer 1965, Louis N. Kelley, gnpt Ida F. Kelley, doing business as Kelley Lumber Company, with business establishments at Algong and Ottosen, Iowa, mgde on assignment of all their property not exempt from executron to the undersigned, L. W. Nitchgls gs Assignee for the Benefit of their creditors, in proportion to the amount fo their respective claims which ussigrwnent was Ally recorded on December 29, 1965, ft the Records of the County Recorder, Kossuth .County, Iowa and on December 30, 1965, In the records of the County Recorder of Hurn- NOTICE TO BIDDERS .Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, lowo will receive sealed bids at. the office ol the -County Auditor of Kossuth County lowo, in the County Court House, Algc- no, Iowa, until the 9th day of June, 1966, at 2 o'clock P.M., Central Daylight Time, for furnishing labor, materials and equipment required to make repairs and improvements to the Main Ditch and Sub- main Ditch of Kossuth County Drainage District No. 5, West Branch, at which time and place the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. • That part of the Main Ditch to be repaired is situated in the cast half of Section 22, the south half of Section 23, tha ror'thw'ist quarter of Section 26 ari . the northeast quarter of Section .27, all' in Township 97 North, Range 28 West of the Fifth-Principal Meridian (Portland Township), Kossuth .County, Iowa. That port of the ; Sub-main Ditch to be repaired ond improved is located in Section 27 and the northwest quarter of Section 34, Township 97 North, Range 28 West of the Fifth Principal Meridian. The work to be performed on the Main Ditch consists of clearing brush from ditch banks, excavating silt deposited in the existing rlitch bottom, installing surface drains, making repairs to existing tile outlets and miscellaneous associated work. The work to be performed on the Sub-main Ditch consists of excavating an open ditch to make a new connection from the Sub-mom to the Main Ditch, excayating silt deposits from the open ditch . bottom, clearing. trees, >. installing surface drains, making repairs to existing tile outlets, 'constructing a tile extension and miscellaneous associated work. Estimated amount of work on the Main Ditch consists of excavating 14,000 cubic yards of earth and installing 10 surface drains. Estimated amount of work on the Sub-main Ditch consists of clearing 15 trees, excavating 5,000 cubic /ards of earth, installing 2 surface drains, and installing 1,300 linear feet of 10-inch drain tile, 1,200 linear feet of 16-inch drain tile and 1,280 linear feet of 20-inch drain tile. All proposals shall be submitted in duplicate on o proposal form which will be provided by the County Auditor or by the Engineer and shall be delivered In a sealed envelope to the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Kossuth County Court House, Algona, Iowa, on or before the time for receiving bids as stated above. All proposals shall be accompanied by a check certified by an lowo bank in 'an mount not less than ten percent (10%) of the bid, payable to the County Auditor, Kossuth County, Iowa, or his order, the amount of which check shall be forfeited if the bidder neglects or refuses to enter into contract or to furnish bond after his proposal shall have been accepted. The Board of County Supervisors reserves the right to reject any and all bids, offers, or proposals submitted ond to waive informailities In any bid, and to accept the proposal which it deems to be to the best interests of the County. The Board of County Supervisors reserves the right to defer acceptance of any proposal for a peric<J of not to exceed twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the letting. The Contractor will be paid in drainage warrants on the basis of monthly estimates and one final payment in accordance with the provisions of Sections 455.110 and 455.113, Code of lowo, 1962. Warrants will bear interest ot the rote of 4 percent per onnum from the dote of their registration at the office of the County. Treasurer until called for payment by the County Treasurer. The successful bidder shall furnish a performance bond in the amount of 75 percent of the contract price, which bond ihgll comply with the requirements of Section 455.43, Code of Iowa, 1962, and which bond shall be drown in favor of Kossuth County (lowg) Draingge District No. 5, West Brgrtch, * The Contrgctor shgll start construction on or before October 1, 1966. gnd sholl complete construction on or before No* vember 30, 1966. Plans and specificgtions gre now on file in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Algong, lowg. Copies may be obtained fro,m .Kruse Engineering Service, Sc.enc_e/, lowg. A deposit of $10.00 for one set of plans and sp«ifi- erect, maintain and operate television transmission and distribution facilities, including poles, wires and appurtenances, and additions thereto, and facilities for the transmission of , frequency modulated sound signals, in, under, over, along, across and upon the streets, avenues, sidewalks, alleys, bridges', easements for utility installations and other public places in the City of Algono, and subsequent additions thereto, for the purpose of transmission and distribution of television impulses and television energy and frequency modulated sound signals in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States of America and the State of lowo, and the Ordinances and regulations of the City of Algona, for a period of twenty-five (25) years, following the fulfillment of Section 25 hereof. Section 2. The poles used for the Company's distribution system shall be those erected and maintained by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, or the Algona Municipal Utilities when and where practicable, providing mutually satisfactory rental agreements can be entered into with said Companies. Where the use of poles owned by the Northwestern, Bell Telephone Company or the Algona Municipal Utilities is not practicable or mutually satisfactory rental agreements cannot be entered into with said companies, the Company shall have the right to erect and maintain its own poles and other appliances, as may be necessary for the proper construction and maintenance of the television distribution system. • oSMMfn .Ji. Th«5tC9rnpai?yi 1 s.r l all granMtp the City, joint use of any and all poles 'owned by it, for any proper municipal purpose acceptable to the Company and under such arrangements as may be mutually agreed upon, insofar as may be done without interfering with the free use ond enjoyment of the Company's own wires and fixtures^ and the City shall hold the Company harmless from any and all actions, causes of action or damage caused by the placing of the City's SitHen 14. Rates charged by the Com-.' pony for service hereunder shall be fair ond reasonable ond designed to ,meet oil necessary costs of service, including a fair rate of -return on net valuation of its properties devoted thereto under efficient and' economic management, ine Company agrees that it shall be subject to all authority now or hertafter possessed by the City Council or any other body ndving competent jurisdiction to fix reasonable ond compensatory television signal distribution rates. The books and records of the .Company shall be mode available to the City, or any representative whom it designates in writing, .for inspection, examination, or audit for rate making purposes, at Intervals of not less than three vears. Section 73. The Company shall provide sufficient channels to provide reception from all available major networks at any one time at its standard charge for such service as distinguished from program by''program charges, ,-. ' Section 14. The Company s l distribution system shall conform ' to-. the • rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, particularly with respect to freedom from spurious radiation. Test equipment, adequate to detect spurious radiation; shall be furnished by the Company at it.'i expense and shall be made available for use by City inspection personnel during regular business hours during the period of this Franchise. Section IS.: The antenna and receiving equipment shall be installed and maintained so as to give a reasonably noise free picture on each channel. Section 16. The installation and maintenance of equipment shall'be such that no objectionable • intermodulation distortion will occur. Section 17. The installation and maintenance of equipment shall be such thai standard NTSC color signals shall be transmitted to any subscriber's receiver without objectionable picture degradation. , Section 18. The distribution system of the Company shall not be abandoned, either in whole or in part, without tne consent of the City Council. In the event ot the tailure of the Company to render community television service to the City of Algona ond the inhabitants thereof, as. contemplated and provided for - by this Ordinance, within a period of two years from the effective date of this Ordinance, the City Council shall have the right, on reasonable notice to the Company, to declare this Ordinance and the rights and franchise granted thereunder torfeited; provided, however, failure to comply with the terms hereof by reason of causes beyond the reasonable control of the Company, which could not be anticipated at the time of the acceptance of its terms by the Company, shall not be sufficient grounds to declare a forfeiture. Section 19. Upon termination or forfeiture of this Franchise in accordance with any of its terms, the Company shall, within • a . reasonable time, remove its cables, wires, and appliances from the City streets, lanes, avenues, sidewalks, alleys, bridges, highways, easements and other public places within the City, and subsequent additions. thereto. Section 20. The ' Company shall indemnify and hold the City harmless at all times during the. term of this grant from and against all claims for injury or damages to persons or property, both real and personal, resulting from the negligence on the part of the Company in tha construction, erection, operation or maintenance of any structure, equipment, appliance, or pro-ducts authorized or used pursuant to authority of this Ordinance, and the Company shall carry insurance against liability due to damage to property in an amount not less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00), as to any one person, and Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00), as to any one accident, ond against liability due to injury or death of persons in an amount not less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00), as to any one person, and 'Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00), as to any one accident. The Company, upon receipt of due notice in writing from the City, shall defend at .its own expense any action or proceedings against the City in which of the . writ- visions ther . forfeiture of this Franchise, _ ten notice to the. Company, , and. eontin- uotlon of such violation, -failure .or dc- declared Invalid. shall .tjk« ondaftef -, si- ond ratification by the l«- •df^the afy6f AldoVMi, lo*a, ;<^ rj Ifi p^ofe'by thjv oity^eun- »l tf* Clfy .of 'A «K>"4 , n Iti terms by the oslgns, In wrlflftg, and Its pub- official newspaper of, the fof said election or the Algond- Public High for the 'First Word; Lucid Wai- lad Grade School for the Wond* Ward; the Third Ward. Grade ..School fore the ; and the .Kossuth County fortho and the tt City Council. Wm j . p|nn , . Mayor of the City of Algona, loWo »4. Should or provision of this . clared invalid by a Court.of ree6rd,»ame shall not of feet the validity of the ^ordinance as a whole o; any part thereof, Iowa e City of Algono, Published In the Algond Kossuth County Advance,: Algona, ; Iowa, May 19, 26 and June 2, 9. Prompt On-The-Farm Service Keeps Your Equipment On The 60- M5-3654 tirqitfck, ttfnCi Mj^ffipf HILTON SINCLAIR SERVICE 5-3654 "dobdytar Tiros" Algona V! wires or appurtenances upon the poles of the Company. Proper regard shall be given to all existing safety rules governing construction ond maintenance in effect at the time of construction. Section 4. The Company's transmission and distribution system, poles, wires and appurtenances, shall • be located, erected and maintained so as not to endanger or interfere with the lives of persons, or to interfere with any improvements the City may deem proper to make, or to" unnecessarily hinder or obstruct the free use of the streets, alleys, bridges, easements or other public property. The City reserves the right to require the Company to place its conductors underground and to designate the districts in which such work shall be performed, and also to order the removal or relocation of poles, wires and other appurtenances erected by the Company, whenever, in the judgment of the City Council, such action Is in the public^ interest, with any tives in such matters, at its own expense. Section S. Construction and maintenance of the transmission distribution sys- Compony shall forthwith comply ana all instructions and direc- it is claimed thot the dame go or injury arose from the Company's negligence in the operation of its television system. Section 21. In further consideration of the granting of this Franchise to the Company, the Company will pay to the City the following sums, to-wit: (a) During the first three years commencing with the effective date of this Franchise - NONE; (b) During the next five years two pe-r cent (2%) of the gross- re. coipts from the monthly service 1>K< Mh'dryts' pdi'd. by" Hie'" Cb'mpapy's subscribers; (c) During the remainder of the fran- • chisc period three per cent (3%) of the gross receipts from the monthly service charges paid by Company's subscribers. The monthly service charges referred to above shall not be construed to in- clu;'Jc any installation charges which the Company may make to the subscriber. Amounts payable to the City hereunder shall be paid to the City Clerk within thirty (30) days after the end of each franchise year. Upon written request of the City, the EXCITING MINNEAPOLIS and stay 'at W. R. FRANK'S MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Just 5 Minutes From Downtown and Mpls. Auditorium facing Fair Oaks Park and Minneapolis Institute of Arts DISTINCTIVE DINING 7 i-m. to 12 p.m. Daily Famout For Quality at Moderate Prices. HEATED POOL With Secluded Sun Terrace. Pooliidt Service. 100 LUXURY UNITg Air Conditioned with Complete Hotel Service!. Free Transportation to i' NAME Airport, Tuin »nd Bui I ' Centers. Also-Met. St<- I aniwcc* dium. Guthrie Thtitri ' and Other Pointi •Upon I Ask for an F-85 Farmhand Demonstration "On Your Farm" tern, including house connections, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the National Electrical Safety Code, prepared by the National Bureau of Standards, the National Electrical Code of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and such applicable ordinances and regulations of the City of Algona affecting installation which may be presently in effect or may be enactefi by the City Council of the City of Algona. ' Section A. Installation and housedrop hardware shall be uniform throughout the City, except that the Company shall be free to change its hardware and installation procedure as the art progress- 7. The Company shall temporarily raise or lower its wires to permit the moving of buildings by a holder of a City Housemover's License. The Company shall be given not less than 48 hours notice to do the work. Expense of such temporary work will be paid tp the Company by the permit holder. Se«M*n •• In the maintenance and operation of its television transmission and distribution system in the streets, alleys and other public places, and in the course of any new construction or addition to its facilities, the Company shall proceed so as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the general public. Any opening or obstruction in the streets or other public places, made by the Corn- pony in the course of its operations. shall be guarded and protected at all times by the placement of adequate barriers, fences, or boardings, the bounds of which during periods of dusk and darkness shall be clearly designated by red warning lights. Section f. The Company shall maintain its attachment on poles that the City now uses, or has been authorized by other franchises now in force or hereafter enacted, to use, in such manner that it will not interfere with the use of $uch poles by the City. Section 10. In consideration of the rights granted in Section 1 hereof, the Company agrees and binds itself to extend its lines and to serve any and all applicants for television service, whose dwellings or places of business are located in the City of Algona, and who in good faith have entered into or signified their willingness to enter into a contract for such television service. Extensions will be at the expense of the Company, except where such extension would require unreasonable or uneconomical expense to the Company, in proportion to the potential revenue to be derived therefrom. Section 11. The Company shall have the right to prescribe reasonable service rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance. Such rules shall be filed with the City Clerk ond shall be effective as of the dote of such filing, and be subject to approved by the City Council within six months pfter such fili Whenever " ling. it is necessary to shut off or interrupt service for the purp9se of making repairs, adjustments or installations, the Compony shall do so gt such time as will cause the legst amount of inconvenience to its customers, and un- "ess sujch interruption is unforeseen and 'mmedigtely necessary, it shgll give reasonable notice thereof to its customers. "A Super-Size I' Portable Feed Factory" f • MORE ADVANTAGES MORE PROFIT Call 6-3501 _« OUTSTANDING SPECIFICATIONS IIQUIDC ..., Oscilating Tandem 9'$" Over-all Height 9 Standard Feed Rolls • 8' Discharge Auger Length f 1« «y. Ft. Mixing Tank Capacity " Hammer mil I Site • itir Concentrate Hopper Ucftion rg« Auger Diameter — 7' Algona Implement Go. Commercial Street "Your IH D«al«r"

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