The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1930
Page 2
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'- ' "' ' r "I ',' ' C,' (AUICV'COUttlEU NIii\VS '7/ -$^^$^>I I ^ "'•-. '•'-. •' Saturday '' uvU.lsf'. Ratty : Moore Is having a .iifftcait -p«rty at the Woman's pished the music for (he numerous the Cultural AdmnMmsr.t c:m-. Blylhcvlll; and out cf tcwn fjcsts niitlcj ot district 7, will te ihe Im- pvc.Ecw. • . , orrd j/uts'.. Other out of town £pi'?.k:-:'3 wJJ) tihov" <: t' ; ','•''' i? '\ f\\f ;iP 0 /vv\ "vwteai i 'tumfAiii Have Thanksgiving Party Include Dr. Louis Levy, lo ;i;3 : : Lrf!«Ji> Aiui'y Will HiveJknt'it Farly ,,. ' ^Tp further the work of the Am- Icnvth unmial Tmn!«,glvliv; man anc! I/;uis Barnstt. e( Meai- rihiner parly - Given by Mlbses Ar phis. Mrs. Rowland Wolf a: t nnd •Jclle KLiiKlnghrim, Nec:na Rlv.ic 1 Mrs. Walter Kossnthnl v"! ••'.^: Lena SllhvcM vn u;ice solos. a-:companl":i l>'j M'vj the home of Mrs. T. D. RhoJEj Mildred JucUl. nnd Evi:r3-.; Msins: i;,;.ilnj. ' 'trtpiaii.Ijejion auxiliary of ihe Du:l C (Sj',ijn-.'p:st' this organization will;'": h»,yc ' ft> F'incfU pridge. and rook '•'" y; Saturdayjaftsrn'on, Deem'•; at:the of Mrs. C. U. Dowel! will iilay the vblln. Cl:r..santh-;r.iunis and ferns miule TJ IO dinner h to be centerpiece ior i!u table ar- c'clotk. (c-; Lho I'urcf co - .:r.i: nuno. Bits of /Veu).v ••', M-iStiy Personal 7=s;- Jcncsbcrp college at •Janesboro, is have been in court at Marion, ore i T. J. Mahan-and lamily for the couple "past" middle aja" 'toujtt' i • '1 It 11 ID t'.OV 1\1 !•/• ri *'• VTr nnfl \\re. n* *ni\",tn PSM. <•'.-.„ i ]..._. • -_ I V, _ir j «., . J . * . . * - . ••»••»• -,-MllHg her parent 1 :, Mr. and Mrs, at home for the remainder c-t 1C. M. Eaten, for ilia holidays, . week. They will retuin Men-jay Ram Lacdruiii: cue! Tom Wralght tiie week's session, vii-ltecl In, Jor.esboro. yesterday.. George Wrignt spent yaUsr lire, O. !\v, McCutclien and.Uvo in Memphis. holidays. Mrs. Port and two chii- . swer his newspaper dren have been here several weeks. ! 'ihe first c:uy!e ap:>isv:!i;; IM .Mr. and Mrs. .8. £. Vail ami! fled and were'accepted. Mary Virginia Culler, 01 rial' Railings'• wife dice! :av, Springs,'are visiting Air. ana iii-j. ; and '-since - then," -he slid, . tb: i:t.. i-s-•:•.•!-> .c UlylhJVillc- fans;' i.-iotoiecl to Campbsll. Mrs. Clifford Cavltt has ^az *„ !T. J. Mahan, Mr. "and Mrs. D. M. i been lonely and so I Mo., yesterday-for M= day, 'fhey Lafe, Ark., for several dayj st?.y : cutler, lor sereral days. They liv-':givc three rco'ras to p?~-~'- V of Mr. McCutchen's with her parent:,. Kc. Cavitt v.-jil i ed in me dtv IDV a i-nmnor nf i would live with rr.e." 'M Mit , MLr uo mother, Mrs, Luuy McCutchcn, who ^ ever toniorro-.v-for the weskenJ.' years until scvoralmoiftlis a»o i !o? several Av.;s;s fjelcn and G:lci;n Mjrsii-! K. E. " thlm with . _:s lAis'Ap n'V-i'^ays stay, . v : ,4v.i r ^''"- nt; ": iirl Koouts left today for . . Alexander attended to bus. - ail, o.' Me:,:.phii, c;n-.e up Wedn:s-, iness in CaruthersviHe yesterday, hi-, €.iy •;;:• a v:sii hure and at Steclo, i Mrs. Hoa'art Kilvhiston and . M»r-'.-..-.. i •.;!;i'^.y Courier Kc'.vs \Var.i. when she also entertained msm biri of the Wednesday Brldga club. Mrs. Harry Klrby won the prlz?, hosiery, , for club honors, and the guest 'prtie,-- filet doilies, 'went to .MA: '"aye: 1 -...-'-•.. .»' Thiev.hostess served pear 'salad, nut bread; 'saridft'lches and coftee. • •• ' ' ' mine.hoisting engineer, decided .'':•'. : Thi' proweds of this a [fair will ; ' : h» ; j)iaeed.ln toe general treasury •'". tn carrying cut numerous activities • Cf this unit which' aid veterans of ;. th» World Wai- and their families- H Mrs. Jchri.W.. Meyers, chairman i.-A-'ci ' the finance committee, Is in :'.-• .charge cf arrangements. *'-•• Diii£li<er • Born.' -- ' s • '"'Mr "and Mrs. C. B, Driver, ol | Meiv.r.hli, C'r.arlej. Klndir, - : .'.Csc'eoia, .announce tho birth ol a ningham. llayd Olason, .-'•' daiishter last night at their home - : in 'Osceola. B£fore her marriage '. Mrs. Driver was Miss Ruby Rich. .' ards, of this city. ! - ••••'•: ••' ' • • --"•-• •-• -•- :•"• '. His Club. .-Mesdames J: Neal Geseli; Ever. «"tt?B^- Gee land Miss Marjr Louis; Tayliir: were' | uest^ of Mrs: W. U. '••'•"- • Wednesday*: afternoon MeHnfiey. president; William Mc- " Mrs.'.C. C, "Tucker, irto'was ba- lore her-recent martlage Miss Mll- drejl 'Bp'hn,. wai.the guest of honor at;a'jhp.wer parly given by Mlss- '.es-EIizaiieth '.Blythe and Golch " . " lost Evening- ot the bride's 'home oh ittie. north highway. The' ISipreseht played approprl : -ale -gmeVvifter-' opening the at- tractlveV assbr[merit of gifts. Dainty refrejhnisnts were served. • - " - , ' " ' Mr Kay, vice president! Logone Whit- n<}UlHi(ii Notl'K tic, secretary; Virgil BrIUsui, • lrteur:r;' Durlu-, Payne, reportsr Pnticnls p.timlttcd -'to tlie niyth;- -'•'}-;. Mlt5 Pavkinion, sponsor. vllte hospital: Robert L™= Dhi-k- V A program, given in 'ciromWy nrd, Decrlng, M;).; C. 1-1. Ballinscr, W.'di'.csday b;gan the class activl- Manila. . Wcrkfrs Gst Kp=cla! Caurs? MOSCOW. (UP)—Factory wsrl:- cri v.-ho are b?lng iirenared ta assume diplomatic pesU abroa:i will be given a speolal one.-year trali 1 .- in'cctlrig at the Hotel Ncijle Sunday Ing course. The fcrcisn office his evening when nnbbl Siumiol : Tlctle- opened the course expected to tr?.;n [night, .baiira of Fort Smith, chairman ol good dlplcmuts. To Give Dinner. . TSe B'nai B'rith, Mcnorrnh lodje 832, will entertain 'a number or members, nnd gussts with a ci;n i.nil F.nd Mrs. Ear! Ilatchar ami jn, ol Osccola, i-yjnt.'Thurs- ; ,;!i (VIvs. ^alcher's" luo'the:, 'j. J. Ovc.vcia 1 . snd family, i Margaret McDeannan -oi L:r:rra. who i>.ll'.<:r!cd TJr.ion Univ:;:ii'.y r.t Jiittaoh, - Tenn.,-•'• spcr. 1 . ytt'crtlay wtlli : Dr. nnd Mrs. I. U. University, cf Missouri at Colum'd;», Is at lionitj for the holidays. '. '' Mrs. D.. R. Caiflpball.'.of'LJt'ili' Kc;ck,' \U:-j h33 b:en'.,lh'e"guc3V cf her r H::,. Miss Bali" V/I;Usltt, \.-cn'. t:: Piragould yesterday. .Mr. i'.tul 'M'ri. Eddie B. "DavH Mrs.' David's ' yesterday. parents in r-.-v. r.nd Mrs. Ho'.vr.vd Peek an:! it.r.::!y, of' Myuphls, vbitc;! relatives hero for liio holiday. Miss Avis Miller and J. Graham £i.:ibury inbtored' to Memphis yas- terday. '";;'' ' • • '. Springs' tc.dfty after several days visit - with' their cousins, Mr. and Mrs."A. M. Butt, and family. '.Mr.-'anfl Mrs. Tern W. Jackson and Mrs. J .J. I'icld niotcr3cl ;o Paragould. yesterday. Misses Rutn and Sue Butt, Helen and Jane Barnes, accompanied by Virgil Fisher, niotcrec! ta lYltin- phls yesterday for a Eiiov,. \Mr. end- Mrs. Jos Trieschmari do his share toward helping the- unemployed and-offered "free r:ran and board" to,the first cr think o! the" F:>.i;>:'ftBijr- cf an operation uiitii ;^>ii/o I have ir!c-d HUM-HOID. K'.rVJ/ ^jiDv. '' Storos VviM ^ypply you n j /a *fjuir^«, j antec luoney-bacl: if it iina,-, 113^,1 I all Pile misery. - —Adv.-4 _ ___ •."MIss.'aary'Stuart'and Mr. Rnrit- . er. Connor,' bo'tri of Armorel, were .married. here today by the ROV..R. : ' • TOe"'.marriage of Miss" Aiinie May iaiid;arid-Mr,-William Kelcy Bar- ger,'ibqth.-ofJ'Burclette, took place here ^Wednesday vlth Justice Oscar' Alexander -performing the cer- empipr.. .:.- ':-..- LuUjtfanii Have a • .: ' Thank^ivinj Dinnrr. .- Tsihty^two'members of the .Pil• grimiLutheran- chur'ch, organieod here;a'year ago.-ha'd'thEir Tlianks- givlng'dinner together at the horns of-Mr v -and Mrs. Ge'prgs Lanae lasi evehlng. •'"••;. ".'•'• '.'.The; two. \large tables, • spread with .'delectable -dishes prepared by the-ladies of. the -church, had'for their;''centerpieces -low towls of chrysanthemums surrounded with '.fruit.-and'; flanked with tapers. . MS?."dinner the guests heard -the 'Lutheran, hour program over ' the ladip.and-George langc jr., ol Champaign, 111., accompanied by Ins mother, rendered, several voice selections. ' " "' .-.-The'Rev..11. J. Kleindienst is pastor "of the congregation. Kuth ZSraiitley hud A! spent-.tlie holidp.y in Meinpiiis. Burns'wer'd Memphis'visitors yes- 'Raymond Haider, of Wilson, vis- terlay. .,.'.'. .'' .". '" ' 'ited his parents here yesterday. . , _ J;:dge O,:E.'Keck, and, his cj'jvt 1 Jesiah : II. Fort, of Ciarksville, I Mlis Art'-e tatou.^ who .attends iit-noBiajiher,.Charles-Partlaw, vi'jio j Tenli., is the guest of Mr. ar.r> Mrs. ^••>--™'*" *" t '*2ji • for w.ant to buy • Sco WES'i 1 END -F-rS COMPANY Goln.^ cut of. bu!:i!::;;r . 2012 '.Vest .Main 5'.. , ^^":-rlK1 .t-xi'j'?. • =i«m •™m <-JL ^- p«il 55)Wte»5!/.*l - *jf ...., i. Bf Sold. • : Members .of-the altar society of -the;--Church' 'of the Immaculate Concept ion , will- take orders until - Sunday, v for ravioli to be soM -...Thuriday, December'4, In connection jrath'.the annual bazaar of convent-'.work: Mrs.' i: Levy, "of Memphis, will prepare 'the ravioli .In that city. .'• '• ''•'•*'•' .* j. H»ve v Dince. : : .Another of' the dances given weekly by the altar society of'the Church of the • Immaculate Conception was the Thanksgiving dance last evening when 25 coupler . were present. Mrs. J. R. Bpmbblaski, Rcy.Lit .tie.and Mr.-Soloma'n are member^ of the committee in charge of the I dances usually given on Tuesday'i evenings, with Jimmic 'Boyd and •ws orchestra furnishing the music. »»nce Given. ." The Thanksgiving dance given, . at the armory lar; evening was an! informal "house warming" for thei tisw building which Is to serve as! a social center and gymnasium as ivell as a drill rrom for the local] national guard company. Malcolm. • BurV.j. and hli nine. piece orchestra, of Memphis, fur-j No Colds This Winter" II ^fi*"^ • ,\ £/.' .'. i , • ..iiMS** 31 *' '" :l -^-^rjCtfN-}?'! «S7 Mi} m^~r- i/M QOk ' •,- s^4rf »t' .* The New Dixie Stove Co.—staghi!-- ti;e most thrilling Pi'eiWar Pric^ Sale the people of Mississippi Coiuily have lusd the''opiidv-tunity of attending. - ' '':-." \ .• ."-.-'.•'" Each department in #uv Steve iti ci : £ering linitsual values during this stupendous selling campaign. ' • -, : '. •< "•": . ; ; ^ecial ~Sj With'the iDuvchase of §1.00 worth of merchandise anytime Saturday; you get 5 Pounds of Pure White Sugar for . Ojpins Up -S.lufted 'Nostrils' in 3'" ,";.'-. - 'Minutes' " , • .Ojisx keeps nostrils and throa; We-from mucus—Buzzing In" ears L -•-.vihen caused by Catarrh 15 lessened;! : -r^o more mucus in throat, to hawk i J .••-.-...UP In the movninj-^oet ii at Kirbyi! ..-•Qriig-Co:, or any dru; stcro'lhalij . l " iA --1^up with jnodern medical dis-|[ "~ coveries—-use for |[ 30 days—i[ not'! Joyfully satlshcdjj 1 —money back.i MOPE DOMESf E C por ysr mvshase of -i? cr more. ^lEUJlMS^^^^iiS^S:^" V.'ili! (ho puvshase of $1.00 wrlh o: Hi": i-hiiiuii'i! cr more. ; \Vith the piu-shast ol Si.oo wbrtli ov i ir.-jvchaiitiisc or move. ! • a^^^^r^3ar^T&^ma^A"^^'-v^--^-'g^^ • ,.^3aU^^^^^JK&,'--.:/« V-. MONDAY DEC. 1st. .v ^TUKU>^ 1)KC\ 2nti;i ! - 1 *"" '" -WEDNESDAY DEC. 3i'd. .' ' THURSDAY-DEC. • ., •:.;:'iiiEx • i & :^<f r -m' 'T l^^ v h t ^!| . , ^^W- Cuty's, Aimqiui's, Three Flower or Thibigaiit's— \Vit)i the purchase of $1.00 wovlh of merchaiKli.;;> cr r.ioro. 1-"?5DAY DKC. 5th. Tn .. ,,;„ •. , in .-. !.«:; ; en-tun 1 , , , , vw pat- . ?.> . ? x ni«"i tcniSl coi; '' 1 ' •'•'•:-^<a. ^st ' : lueiis Dress Smrcs ^ !oi '- aiaiS^^m^Eg^y^^Sm;':::a •1th.' J.&P. COATS Spool Cotton Thread 5 spools with the puicliasi: of Jl.Q of merchandise or more. P. & C. SOAP With 'tiiu nuvclmsc of i^l. worth of n-brchaiidisc or more. ' '^^^^^x^^M^^^/^^MifS^^mci^

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