Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1966 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1966
Page 5
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ij: |fi.j •-I'lliw, ui* >,x'«.,.- Vj -.t< -,^.,^»- Coiwith Mrt. Harry L, Maw »+•••»•••»»»•»+»»*«»»»+• Tom Widen, son of Mr. and Mrs; (Bale Widen is a patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Mr. .and Mrs. William Welter and family of Carroll spent the Weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Welter. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Welter visited their son Robert at the Mercy hospital in Mason City on Thursday. Robert is recovering from surgery. Mr! and Mrs. Arthur Livingston visited Sunday evening at the George Wolfe home in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McEnroe of Mason City visited Saturday at the Earl Wilhite home. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wilhite and daughter and Donald Wilhite, all of Des Moines, spent the weekend at the Earl Wilhite home. Mr. and Mrs. James Zweifel left Monday for a visit with their daughter and family, the Robert Wessels in Michigan and their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zweifel at Wilmore, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Scott visited Sunday afternoon at the Robert Scott home in, Klemme. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Zimmerman and Todd of Cedar Falls spent the weekend with her pa rents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spangler. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Green and family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mortimor. Mrs. Elwood Geary and Pam visited Sunday afternoon at the Russell Hanson home near Kanawha. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen of Fontanelle were guests of Rev. and Mrs. Paul Lutz Tuesday and overnight. Mr. and Mrs. LuVerne Thompson of Blue River, Wis. were Sunday dinner guests at the Kenneth Wagner home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spangler and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krebs and family and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Poage and family visited Sunday evening after Baccalaureate in honor of Vickie's graduation. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Lutz spent Thursday in Des Moines at State Board meeting of the Lutheran Social Service. Mrs Lutz visited their son Eugene a student at Drake University Mrs. William Erdman accompa nied them as far as Ames .ant visited her sister. Friday evening guests at the Myron Cram home in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Cram were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Glawe, Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Cram, Mr. and Mrs. George Guenther and family and Mrs. Kathryn Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Marr and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penning visited at the Adrian DeWaard home Sunday evening after Baccalaureate. Mrs. Adeline Meyer returned home Saturday from a winter's visit with her son and family in Oklahoma. Her sister, Amanda Heesch, will spend the summer here with her. Debbie Glawe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Glawe, spent the weekend with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nygaard at Wesley. On Sunday they visited the Myrtle Eggle- stons at Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chambers and Beulah and Doris Eggleston of Des Moines also accompanied the Nygaards. Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Cram attended the Shrine Circus in Des Moines Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson of Des Moines spent the weekend with their parents, the Orville Anderson's and the Cecil Nail's. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown of Industry visited Sunday at the home of his mother, Mrs. Viola Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Art Hagle of LaCrosse, Wis. spent the weekend at the home of her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Oxley. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claude and family were Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Claude in Garner in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Charles Claude. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Will of Minneapolis, Minn., Mick Will of Waverly, Mary Will of Mankato, Minn, and Barbara Ru- prick of Forest City spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Will. Mrs. Gertrude Thronbury spent a few days with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Kaulen in Eagle Grove. Mrs. Emma Oxley was a Saturday night supper guest with Esther Kouba and Lucille Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Maher and son of Oelwein visited at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kelch. Mrs. Maher and son remained for a longer visit. : Jtev. and Mrs. LeRoy Gardner tad faauiy d! Wofeidge, SELL- RENT- SWAR-HI RE • BUY • SELL- RENT- SWAP • HIRE - BUV • SELL* RENT • SWAR-NIRf CLASSIFIED MIRE • BUV • SELL- RENT • SWAR • HIRE • BUY- SELL" RENT- SWAR -HIRE • BUV • SELL- RENT "INK In my VEINS PY MARIAN INMAN At the Greenwood 4-H girls mother's Tea, Ella Bernard (Mrs. Maurice) and myself were judges for three different age groups of girls in their style show and good grooming contest. I felt young again being with this nice grouo of youngsters. We followed the contest rules and we tried to help each girl a,? we gave credit or took away from their score. To be asked to judge is a special honor and a privilege. \ We never know when we are brushing angel's wings. We visited .with Mr. Reuben Olson, old friend and .neighbor of the Inman family, at the,wake for Charles' sister, Mrs. Myrtle Ringsdorf. A day later we heard of his death. Our sympathies to his family. Graduation was in the air at school today and mingled with the pleasant day was hard to ...discipline. Band concert practice strains wafted through the corridors, to the hush of tests and undertones of. "Sister my cap is too small,"."I'll have to shorten Tny gown." Meanwhile their permanent records are being compiled with necessary data and another one says, "I can count the remaining school days on my fingers." Soon with diplomas in hand they embark on life, each to his own goal, further education or employment. Each sure that no one before him embarked on this self same road, each confident that he is capable of meeting all challenges. Our congratulations to them and may they find the success they seek. Not alone in dollars and cents but in haooi- ness. The value of a man's labors cannot be measured in dollars and cents. No one can be quite sure of the real value of his contribution to the world through the work he does. It is impossible for us to imagine the gain to the world and all of humanity if everyone of us would use our capacities to the full extent of the ability which is within us. Among these youth soon to receive their .diplomas may.be some of the truly great business, industrial, agricultural, professional or political leaders of tomorrow. It is up to them, their school has done all it can for them. 'Our hats off to them. I recall a quote from General Omar Bradley, "We've learned how to destroy, but not to create: how to waste, but not how to build; how to kill men, but not how to save them; how to die, but seldom how to live." From all these things we see that much of our knowledge is of material purnose and not spiritual value. These youth going forth now must learn how to live or their education will have been in vain. The purpose of their education and training was to helo make them better citizens, better men and wom»n, and better and more useful members of the human race. We have niven them knowledge but knowledge in itself is not enough. They must supply the rest in their own way and we can hope they will find the proper way to do this. ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE—3 MONDAY, MAY 23, 1966 4-H News ALGONA A OK'. The Algona A OK's 4-H club held their regular meeting May 14th at Meri Laing's. Delegates chosan for summer camp' were: Debb'.e Studer, Terry Farrell, Judy Taphorn, Kathy Lallier and Judy Berger. The club voted on pop bottle pick-up and sale of Stanley products for fund raising. Guests were Mrs. Heimer and Mrs. Montag. On May 15th, the club held a family picnic a,t Call state park for Rural Life Sunday. Fifteen families totaling 76 attended. Mrs. Leo Thomsen, leader, helped the girls with food preparation. »+•»»•»»•«»+•••»•».•••»••« For Rent APARTMENT FOR RENT — Available June 1, private entrance and bath. Conveniently located. Contact Bjustrom Furniture, 295-3837. . 15w41tfn FOR RENT BY JUNE 1st. — 4 room ground floor apartment. IVa baths, att. garage. Adequate storage, built in stove and oven. Write Box 400 E. 38tfn FOR RENT — Furnished, downtown apartment, available immediately. Call 5-3581 before 5'p.m. 12w29tfn Promotion — Capt. Duane Van Note, U.S. Marine Corps, was promoted to rank of Major and will be leaving soon for his newest assignment in Newfoundland where he will be commanding officer of the Marine Barracks » at the Argentia Naval Station. Major Van Note graduated from Thompson, la. high school and is the son of Mrs. Carl Forsberg of Forest City. FOR RENT — 2 bedroom unfurnished apartment, all utilities paid. Close-in, private entrance. Available now. TAYLOR APARTMENTS. Call 5-3504 be- ore 6 pm.; 5-3498 after 6. 25w26tfn Services STOP AND SHOP AT THE WIGWAM PONY FARM AND WESTERN STORE for your saddlery and tack, Western Wear for the 'amily, new and used horse trailers, horses and ponies. Three miles SW of Blue Earth, Minn. Phone 526-3807. Open 7 days and NIGHTS. 44w40 Among this week's letters are one from my good friend Marjorie (Mrs. Glenn Clark, of Swea Citv) and one from Mrs. Jim Walker of Algona. telling'me of a Mrs. David W. Dix, of Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania, who with her cousin wish to hear from anvone with the last name of Welch. Havnes, Inman or Littel. They hone for a birthday twin and to find a relationship. I haven't had time to write but perhaos some of my family may wish to do so. Thank vou to these kind readers for sending me this information. There is never a dull moment when the mail comes in. Corn plantina is the theme of the farmers as the davs of May trip right along. I spent some time on* of doors to- niaht after school. Some of the little Grandchildren love to helo and I am so slow after mv fall that I welcome these litth helpers and all of the delightful conversation that goes with it. We put some petunias in th« white planters and som* nannies around the corkscrew shrub, (yes it is planted). ?till have Salvia and the foliaoes to set out but plenty of time for th«m. At our plant sale I bought a lavender ivv n*ranium and the children gave me a pansv geranium for Mother's day. Some of these days I'll be out there gardening in earnest. Now I sort of favor my bones. I looked out of doors a while ago. neonle are at their chores, lights twinkle in the farm yards, the air is warm pnd fragrant with green perfume. The western sky is a purple blue bank shot here and there with rose gold, the last rays of the setting sun. It is a bit cloudv, scattered showers are the forecast so the May moon and the young stars have not made an appearance as yet. (After I finish this column I plan to turn out my lights and enjoy the panorama from my windows and I hope as the evening wears on that the moon and stars come out to say goodnight, as I fall asleep and they keep their vigil in the heavens. And to you, dear readers, goodniaht. "when the day returns, call us uo with rnornina faces and with morninq hearts, eager to labor, happy if happiness is to be our portion, and if the day be marked with sorrow, strong to endure." Robert Louis Stevenson. RUGS UPHOLSTERY, WALLS Cleaned the Von Schrader Way, (Vo fuss, ' no muss, no odor cleaned the Van Schrader dry foam way. Rugs can be used the same day. P;|jQne for~fr ; ee es, timate today. Ben Bruhns, 3221 Richard Jergens, 4561, Wesi Bend, Iowa. 20tfn OR RENT — Furnished apartment, all utilities furnished, close in, call after 4 p.m., phone "-3786, Algona. 15wlOtfn For Sale FOR SALE -^Camera, without flash. Phone 295-5070. 7w40-41 FOR SALE — Started pullets 2 weeks old $33.90; 3 weeks'old $35.90. Call collect 5861. Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft, Iowa. 40tfn SPINET PIANO — Used, like new. Can be seen in this vicinity. Cash or terms to responsible party. For information Without exoense or obligation write: Credit Mgr., Acme Piano Co., 521 Euclid Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 40-42* CHICKS ON HAND — day old and started. Save money on all chicks purchased by picking them up at our hatchery. High egg production pullets at $29.90 per 100. Call collect 928-2213, Titpnka, Hamilton Hatchery, Titonka, la. 36w38tfn Automotive »»»»»»*»»»»•»«•»•»•«•»»«" FOR SALE — Used Ford Truck, hoist and box. $400. Taylor Implement Co., Algona. Phoiie 295-2467. 15w34tfn Cattle FOR SALE Polled Hereford bulls. P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock. la. Ilw4tfn Help Wanted WANTED — Dishwasher at Ludwig's Cafe, Algona, la. 7w40:41 FOR RENT — Commercial bldg. at 714 South Phillips Street, on highway 139. 24x40' with office. Call 295-3581 before 6 p.m.; 295-9152 after 6 p.m. 24w8tfn FOR SALE — 1965 fully equipped 300 Honda, actual miles 330, phone 295-2354. Can be :een at 219 W. McGregor. 40-41* FOR RENT — Two bedroom duplex. Call 295-3581 before 6 p.m., 295-9152 after 6 p.m. 15w22tfn Hogs FOR SALE — 20 head of brood sows to farrow soon. A. N. Ereelding, Algona. Phone 2953750. 15w40-41 FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- SIRE BOARS: BIG AND RUGGED. RICHARD OLSON, TEL 272-4537, Swea City, Iowa. — •'• 33-41 SEWING MACHINE — Service all makes. Free estimate in store. New zigzags from $4? up. Late model trade-in priced to sell. North Iowa Sewing Machine Co.. Algona, la. 29wlHfn FOR RENT — Electric Sham- pooer tor Si with purchase of LUSTRE FOAM RUG SHAMPOO. Guaranteed Best Buy Read's Furniture, Algona. Opportunity WANTED — Make $30 or more per dav on local Food Route. Man or woman, part or full time. Also opening for Supervisor. .Vrite Marvin Quiggle, Box 62. 'reeport, 111. 41* visited Corwith friends on Monday. In the evening a Fellowship dinner was held at the First Baptist church. Rev. Gardner was a former pastor of the First Baptist church. Rev. Ronald Cowles of Kansas City, Mo. has accented the position of Pastor of the First Baptist churches of Corwith and Renwick. Rev. and Mrs. Cowles have three children and will move to Corwith July 1. They will move into the home vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wig : nes who are moving to Forest City. Charles Riggle is a patient at the Hancock Memorial hospital at Britt. Mrs. Mary Dunlap of Denver, Colo, visited a few days with her brother, Charles Riggle and other relatives, and is now visiting her daughter and family, Mrs. Kenneth Nieman at Cedar Falls. A daughter was bom on day, May 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Duane Tindall at the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Tindall and daughter returned to their home on Saturday. A group of friends gave for Miss Vickie of New Providence, a student at I.S.T.C., at the Methodist tfiurch Saturday afternoon. Miss Williams will become the bride of Gene Oxley. son of the John Oxleys, June 4th. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Con- wav of West Gordon. Utah, vis ited her mother, Mrs. Helen Studer. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zeigler o Kanawha visited Saturday with his sister and husband, Mr. anc Mrs. John Babcock. Chicken — A little chick in a batch of chicks at the Galen Hatcherv. New Hampton, was born with four legs. Something to crow about; dual scratchin equipment. Legal Notices Real Estate FOR SALE — Seven room house and garage in Burt. Call 295 5177 after 5 p.m. 14w40-41 'OR SALE — A good 1940 Dodge Pickup. Good tires. Ph. 295-5077. 40-41« FOR SALE — 1966 Plymouth Satellite. 383 Cu. in., Auto., adio. $2700. Must sell. Phone 925-3908, Lone Rock, la. 40-41* Farm Machinery TAYLOR'S USED MACHINERY 1—1965 John Deere 1010 Utility with Heavy duty loader, 400 hours. I—Case 801 Diesel 1—Case 500 Diesel I—Used "M" 1—Ford with New Loader 1—"C" Allis-Chalmers 1—4-Section John Deere Rotary Hoe 1—6-Row Case Hoe TAYLOR IMPLEMENT South Phillips Algona 40-42 ELECTROLUX SALES & SERVICE Bill Goodpasluro 295-3395 •••»•»»»••«••••••»•»•*• Work Wanted HIGH SCHOOL BOY,' 15. wints summer job, yard work, lawn cajre, .etc. Phone 295"3804, Algona. ,', tfg WANTED — Lawns to mow.''Ph: 295-7140 after 4 p.m. 9w40-4^ COS MR. FARMER — Something new in farm property insurance. It you want more protection 7— a broader coverage — fair claim settlements — low rates — see L. S. Bohannon — East of Towa State Bank. 30w40 M-C Continuous Flow. Grain Dryin Makes . Put wet gram in the top . . . Dry cooled grain comes out automa* tically ... no cracking or (rind- ing. . . perfect quality all thetuMl GRAIN DRYER TO CPEDITOPS TO THE CREDITORS OF LOUIS N. KELLEY. AMD IDA F. KELLEY DBA KEU.EY LUMBFR COMPANY. ALGONA, IOWA AND OTTOSEN. IOWA. You qnd each of vou are hereby no- Uied that on the 28th day of Decem oer. 1965. Louis N. Kellev. on : d Ida F Celley, doinq business as Kr?llev Uumbe Company, with business establishments a Algona and Ottosen. Iowa, made an as signment of all their property not exempt from executron to the undersiqned, _. W. Nitchals as Assignee for the Benefit of their creditors, in proportion to the nmount fo their respective claims which assignment was efcjly recorded on December 29, 1965. In the Records of the County Recorder, Knssuth County, Iowa and on December 30, 1965. in the rec- orrls of the County Recorder of Hum- bolHt Countv, Iowa, and on December 31, 1965 in the Records of the County Recorder of Calhoun County, Iowa, and also filed in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of'Iowa, in and for Kossuth Countv, on the 6th day of January, 1966, as provided by law. You are hereby notified that the law remiires vou as such creditor to file your claim aaainst said Louis N. Kelley and Ida F. Kelley DBA Kelley Lumber Componv in the office of the Clerk of the District Court at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa; Said claim must be made under oath and filed with said Clerk within three months after the first publication of this notice. Date of first publication; May 9, 1966. L. W. Nitchals. Assignee No. 2 East State Street Algona, Iowa Published in the Alaona Kossuth Countv Advance, Algona, Iowa May 9. 16 23, 31 and June 6 and 13, 1966. ATTENTION FARMERS We're cleaning and inoculating soybean seed now. Bring yours in. We still have a limited supply of N-K Hybrid Seed Corn See us right away if you think you will need more seed corn. We can supply your needs in all popular varieties certified & non-certified soybean seed We are now taking orders for AMSOY Soybeans for 1967 planting Finance Your New or Used Car at Bank Rates SEE "BILL" NUGENT AT THE SECURITY STATE BANK - ALGONA MARKETS Market prices paid on Saturday of this week at your Co-op Elevator GRAIN Taylor Implement Co. STUBBORN WATER , GETTING YOU DOWN? Call Paul James of Pioneer Soft Water Service for your free water test.- See "PIONEER" Fully automatic lifetime Fiberglass tanks SALT SERVICE / Pioneer Soft Wator Service PAUL A. JAMES 603 South Jerome St. Phone 295-3311 Algona, Iowa 39-42 If you are looking for the finest in > grain storage or (trying tanks ses TAYLOR IMPLEMENT Phone 5-2467 Algona it's better built bg BEHLEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*•••• No. 2 Yellow Corn in 1.14 out No. 2 White Oats (38 Ibs.) in .65 out No. 1 Soybeans 1.18 .69 $2.92 Whittemore Co-op. Elevator HOBARTON BRANCH CO-OP and Golden Sun Feeds For top performance CO-OP gasoline, fuel oil, oils and lubricants Our Now Portable Grinder Now in Operation Tele. 295-5614 ALL Car IAAAMMM with Air- MMMMMMMM (NOT JUST FORD & MERCURY) We have FACTORY-TRAINED MEN AND EQUIPMENT to service and check ALL AIR CONDITIONING UNITS , . .and this should be done each year before summer driving. The cost is reasonable — and yoy'll be assured your car's 'Air Conditioning unit is working first rate this summer. (1) Check proper running of Air Condition Pump. (2) Check Belts and all component parts. (3) Check Freion in system for complete charge. (4) Machine - test for correct cooling capacity. NEW AIR CONDITIONING UNITS FOR ALL FORDS AND MERCURYS NOW ON HAND. Easily installed in your present car. Call or stop in for an estimate. — Gal) Dick Boittll for appointment— TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Ford I Mircury Sales I Service "Friendliness and Courtesy Always" State & Jones Streets Algojif Its* :*},'•; 50 :-}:^:^>^:-}-M--233t!f if iff titttftftftft

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