Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 14, 1990 · Page 15
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 15

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1990
Page 15
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FINAL STREET BEST AVAILABLE E4 The Arizona Republic Thursday, June 14, 1990 Florida's nudists are vanishing breed Clothing laws lead to cover-up on state's beaches By Jeff Kllnkenberg St. Petersburg Times When Spaniards marched into Florida some five centuries ago, they were shocked at the Native American way of dress. Basically, the native people wore as little as possible and stayed reasonably comfortable in the , heat. The Spaniards, on the other hand, clunked around steamy woods, swamps and beaches in sensible armor. They were a civilized people who frowned upon nudity. Most modern Floridians are just as civilized. And they are making things tough for people who want to lie comfortably naked on the beaches. They are having nudists arrested. They are making them put- on swimsuits, and in some cases they are even defining the kind of swimsuits that must be worn. Sarasota, Fla., city commissioners recently voted to ban swimsuits that reveal too much buttock. What happened was this: A bunch of people were arrested for wearing bathing suits that exposed too much of what city officials called the "anal .cleft." A public uproar followed, and city officials changed the law to allow anal clefts. Then the anti-naked faction was heard. And the city, no doubt fearing bad publicity, and perhaps an invasion of scantily clad bathers, decided to keep naked bchinds off the public beach. Ongoing battle It was only the latest battle in Florida's war against naked folks. Last spring the Naturists Society in Palm Beach County was denied permission to set up banners in a state park to commemorate National Nude Weekend. The naturists had no plans to moon civilized tourists; they just wanted to put up banners and hand out pamphlets. But the state said no, even though the man for whom John D. McArthur State Park was named always enjoyed the opportunity to tan parts of the human body that rarely saw the light of day. When Jim Hadlcy moved from Georgia to Florida in 1949, the Sunshine State was a paradise for all-out sun worshipers. Men and women always could find at least a little corner of beach to shed their clothes, cool off and maybe tan the palest portions of the anatomy. But civilization found them, was shocked, and spoiled the fun. "We're victims of that shiny bulldozer of progress," Hadlcy lamented. He was talking from his Cypress Cove Nudist Colony near Kissimmee. "There used to be a lot of isolated beaches in Florida. But when they were developed, that brought a lot of people, and a lot of those people don't like nudity. They have us arrested." Times have changed Things were different in the old days. Hadlcy remembers several nude beaches in Miami and a great one in Vcro Beach. But now there are homes on those beaches, and naked people are not tolerated. Nor are they tolerated on Sarasota County's Lido Beach, where nudity was outlawed in 1985. Law enforcement officials also have cracked down on nudists on the inappropriately named Honeymoon Island State Recreation Area in Pinellas County and on St. Augustine . Beach. "There's really only one beach I know of where nudists can go," said Hadlcy, the past president and current public spokesman for the 35,000-member American Sunbathing Association. "It's called Playlinda Beach, and it's within the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. It's not an official nude beach, but we're tolerated as long as nobody complains. The nudes try to stay away from the prudes." Why do people like to go around Feminists boycott 'Esquire,' claim article demeans The Associated Press LOS ANGELES Feminist groups have announced a boycott of Esquire magazine, saying they are outraged by the latest issue of the monthly featuring an article titled "Your Wife; An Owner's Manual." "We find it to be literally an expression of the degradation of women," Tammy Bruce, president of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women, said Tuesday. "It puts us into a subhuman level, places women into a 'thing' mode." The June edition of Esquire devotes several articles to wives and lists The Twelve Virtues of the Perfect Wife, which describes the ideal woman as obedient, thrifty and reverent. ; NOW and The Feminist Majority urged members and supporters to mount a letter-writing and telephone campaign against Esquire, urged subscribers to cancel and advertisers to withdraw their ads. Calls to the New York-based magazine seeking comment were met with busy signals. Bruce conceded that some of the 17 articles Jin the issue ark spoofs, but said the joke went too far. naked? Spaniards five centuries ago no doubt asked that question and people are still asking. Freedom seekers "Well, it's freedom," explained Hadley, who has been a nudist for most of his 64 years. "It's the freedom from the restriction of wearing clothes, from having to wear a 'uniform' that marks you as a member of civilized society." He did admit to owning several ties and a tuxedo. "There are times when we have to dress for an occasion," he said, sounding embarrassed. He usually tries to avoid such formal occasions. Why are people opposed to nudity? At a Sarasota meeting recently, civilized folks who always wear clothes and probably sweat a lot said that public nudity and immodest bathing suits lead to sexual promiscuity, AIDS, rape and countless social evils. But over at the Cypress Cove Nudist Colony in Kissimmee, the sound coming over the telephone was a scoff. There are disadvantages to nudity, Jim Hadley admitted, but they have nothing to do with stuff that can land people in jail or in the hospital. "When I first moved to Florida, I established a nudist colony just north of Everglades National Park," he said. "In the summer, mosquitoes could be vicious. You had to use a lot of repellent. And sometimes you just couldn't go out." And like most intelligent sunbath- ers, nudists today worry about skin cancer. "But I think nudists are much more likely to take precautions than other people," Hadlcy said. "We use sunscreen by the case load. We have a lot more skin to cover." DRIVING MISS DAISY P0-1t) 10:1S-l2:30-2:4Wffl)-7:lb-ll:45 JOE VS THE VOLCANO (PO) IOOO-12:IWJM:45-?)-9:30 HARD TO KILL (R) I LOVE YOU TO DEATH R) !0CM2flO-2-aHCIWttH0.0O SHORT TIME (PQ-1S) l(M&l22)0-4:OMl)MfflMMO LISA (t-O-M) SUMMER FUN STARTS JUNE 15 WITH CREMUNS2 THE NEW BATCH LUXURY DRIVE-INS Open Wkdays 8:00Wkends 7:30 1 ANOTHER 41 MRS. IS) plul INTERNA! AflAIRt ) no poilM or 4iK. TOTAL RECALL R plul MIND FURY It) no poiMt or 41k. BACK TO THE FUTURE FT. M (PC) plul ALWAYS PG no potut or diic. WRO ON A WIRE IPG 13) plm LETHAL WEAPON 3 (R) no poMt or d.K. PRETTY WOMAN (R) plul TURNER HOOCH IPO) TEENAOE MUTANT NINJA TURIUi PG) pkn SPACED INVADERS (PGI ANOTHER 41 HRS. () plul INTERNAL AFFAIRS IB) no poim or diic. TOTAL RECALL it) plui HIND FURY no pmiel or diic. BACK TO THE FUTURE PI. Ill IPG) p4ut ALWAYS IPG) no doimi or diic. EIRE MRDSIPGOIptui AN INNOCENT MAN B) BIRD ON A WIRE IPG 13) pkii LETHAL WEAPON 1 (ft) no poiwi or diic. TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE W plul PET SEMATARY (R) THE GUARDIAN (ft) plul TREMORS IPO 1 3) TEENAOE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES PG plm NO HOLDS BARRED (P013I PRETTY WOMAN () pU V TURNER A HOOCH PO) j .V I tlllt KICK nn?0Y vme . ' llirOlMarMf.mwlM:iitl: tffij tiuumiucwauiMliwrui jf y. NOW SHOWING AMC QATE1NAY VILLAGE ID 436-5000 IN STEREO 59th AW. Bell Rd. MANN CHRIS-TOWN t 849-2843 THX STEREO 5707 N. 19th A. 0CC BELL TDWNE CENTRE 863-oKI rtifffiHn V Blk tlt 7th St & Bar) AMC METRO VILLAGE 6 997-7483 IN STEREO On 31st An. soPeoiia OCCWESTRME " 849-8888 n&rTWBH TMhAvtaThomuRd. IMTTEO ArTTISTS MUONt SS1-4200THX STEREO Mian Band 4 Pima Rd. tSANNPOCA FIESTA 4) 635-0404 IN STEREO . WMW. 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BIRD ON A WIRE 112:15-2 45-5:201-8.00 10:15(PQ-13) TOTAL RECALL 1115-2004451-7:30 10:05(R) CADILLAC MAN 111:45-2 25-5 001-7:45 850(H) , TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 112:00-2 35-5:10F7:20 9:30(PG) mam MIIIUCtNII Hit vi t oi noaiA 997 740 ADVANCE CASH TICKET SALES AVAILABLE AT BOX OFFICE WED THROUGH SUN BPFOAL EXUklFUrXT ANOTHER 48 HOURS 11:45-2:l5-5:00)-7.20-9 50(R) TOTAL RECALL 11;45-2.0O-510)7.35-10:10(R) BAM T& THE FUTURE PART III i1l;10-154 50 7:45 10:15(PG) FIREBIRDS 12:305 20L750 1000(PCV131 BIU I TEO't EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 10 00 AM(O) ALL OOOS 00 TO HtAVM10M(0 BE THERE FIRST. MIOIOOHT, YHUWAY, lUWt 1 TM. A UMTTtD IWTK)t4 T-SHnTY IS YOUR ADMISSION TKMCT EOR A IMJARANTECD SEAT A THt FIAST SMOVONft. T-thirt-Tlckets Now on Sda U UNITED ARTISTS PAVIU0NS UNITED ARTISTS MESA UNITED ARTISTS CHANDLER PARK OaMMHr UmMmI to Tkap (Mttat H ' Showtlmes listed for today only. $2.50 Bargain Matinees All shows before 6:00 p.m. Designates Dolby Stereo A Special Engagement, no passes accepted. GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE AT ALL UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES A ANOTHER 41 HOURS (fg ttX:KI,6:WT.6ai0:U ATHX-TOTAl BtCALl rrt) PRim WOMAN m .3ft 100, 610; e OfttO.M mCKtYJTMtFUTURIIIIfPQ) 1MB. ft i K J4S, 4:30. S:IS. 7:M 4M:M, : IIRDONAWIHtPom 11:46, UJym 4J. 6.3ft FIREBIRDS (PO-tS) tt.Oft20ft4.0ft6:6i.a.OO.OM 1:0ft !.0ft 1:10. 4., 6.20, 6 36. Jjd, UlEt FROM THE DARKSIDE m 1:40. 1:46, 6:40. 7:40. S THE HUNT FOR REO OCTOBER (PO) 1:30, 4:00, 6 30, 6 00 TEENAOE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (PQ) 1:20. 3:20. 6 16 THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE, AND HER lOVlR (U) 716,030 no one wxn w AOurrrEO spaced uMireon MVADtM i TOJAA MLiftr25(M S 4:hW(PO, UAIDUN fjAOOTI DYllr i),sJoa (R) S j,?i0(P0) CADHUC MAN TO VOft 3:10. 6:20, 7.30,0:40 A4TOTAltECAllm 11:40, 1 20, 6 0O. IM 105 ' SACK TO THE FUTURE III (PO) 11 a Oft 1 60. 2 60, 4 40.V40. T: sio. to 20 SIRO ON AWIBEfTOis, 11:45, 2.26, 6:05, 746, 10 IS CADIllAC MAN (B 1100,1:15,33ft 6 46.000,1 TEENAOE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES p 0) 1030 12.40. 2 60, 6 io IA sj6n WLDOtCHID WLDOECHIO OSA 210. 6 40(B) S 4:1ft e 40(H) IIRD ON A WIRE (POis) 4:30, 6:0ft 7:00, 7.3ft S 30 CADItWC MAN (R) 4:45, 7.30, 030 TEENAOE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (PO) 4:30,70 THE COOK, THE THIEF. HIS WIFE, AND HER LOVER (U) i i6 NO ONE UNDER 16 ADMITTED tPACID EIWnBOU rVAMIS A JA 4I30PQ) 5 SJ0IPOI OUAKXAN WtLDOBCHIO 440,ar,H d e4S(R) ATOTAl RECALL fl U:46,IOO,S:16,7:30,M IIRD ON A WIRE (PO-13, 12 3, l ift 6 2ft 7.4ft 160 DRIVINO MISS DAISY (PO) 1:1ft 1.16. 6.20, 76, 1 30 THE HUNT FOR BED OCTOBER (PO) 1:0ft 6:0ft 6 00 mnu USA A AFfAIIS 1J0.614 .60(PO-I); S7JS(ff THE OOOS MUOSE CRAIV II (PQ) 6:26, 7:2ft 16 FUSMACI SA iim 8 too.W) MIAMI HUES MYiin FOOT S t mm THE BUAtDIAN FIMIKrWEI 7R g t.a.20(R) DADDTI DYINO UU 710IPO) S S:W.TJO(R) ILOVIYOV TO DEATH HOUSE MBIT T.W t tlt16R) DRIVINO MISS DAISY (PO) Vbft 350.640,710.060 no, 630. a wr) g mrm ClfSASY AXrtVtVOICANO no. 4.4ft s(po.ijS 2so.aaauPO) STniMAONOUAl J STELLA 1:46, 6. SnSSjPO-U) S WleoofPO) For additional showtime Information plas call MOVIE8 AT MESA 0414)006 CHANDLER PARK 732-0888 TEMPE PARK 345-6461 umim SUMMER FUN STARTS JUNE 15 WITH PG-13lTHE NEW BATCH UftRNt BROS, ll D A TIMS WlRNHr COMPANY VlLy 1MfelVQWMMHiM.ta(.MIIMltoff4 fdO 4-V " Tt, i WARJIEN B EATTY creates the I liT jf'VrJj'X best comic strip movie yet I livn Ii " A gangland drama of wit, 1 yr I j) ji grace and unique visual style. I "r' iLi'l. 41 AllthisandAtPACINO, j W 1 11 DUST1N HOFFMAN and a 1 II knockout MADONNA, too. 1 55iv5K tT ttS 6REA0VING 1 lOX ji AAAKING." I 1 Xfj f aX J I TIME MAGAZINE, Richard Corliss I nL " if TO THUMBS UP IjXj, f FOR DICH TRACy" 0 "EXTRAORDINARY" A "WONDERFULLY ORIGINAL" Q 1 -Roger Ebert f wKVrt i l rpGAMstM timuia asnoeip 1 AVCV I W ' 6I0UMS1DHI nciums t)1ilABlfcllBl.limilBM BJ.tJrtrw P4un rjn SPawpn i ptiM fJcor Rabbit orx) Baby Herman in "KOULCR COASTER HACCir ' IPtTlflA. 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