Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1966
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State Historical Crff•• Biiik < i • My wife, a ha* offarad 4 at S Wrd-leyer, IMoM wrens, bluebirds A pwrpto mar* tins, But the architecture »eeme wrong; they won't nettle. • . > An lowan • commanding •ffleer tolls his men never to pick flow! In themselves "lot your enemy do THAT," . , . Secret for V» million Iowa young finishing another year of education: Nothing also will ever be so tough again, oven work, * * '* ' ; -.'-'' ; '' • Our redhead phones her Pair rick camped out with his Scout Troop. He had 9 phone alls from his scout leader the day they left; couldn't get through the side door with his pack & sleeping bag; & the preparations took twice as long as the actual camping. •' * * '.• * . •... • A PM sportsman Is hunting the resourceful eo-ed who gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when he lost consciousness. Is she from ISU, Prake or Grand View? He says he'd like to try it when he's not unconscious. If she'll phono me I'll her in touch with him. "—tunes vital in a discotheque" My exporetion of Iowa "discotheques" reveals the choice of records is important. Even if you're a mediocre dancer you can dance brilliantly to certain tunes; with other tunes you slay your partner. Myself, I'm a dancing fool if the orchestra will play my own private danceables. If not I sulk A eat the snacks. * * * TRUTH IS A TIGER Truth is not some pleasant thing but strange in shape, and frightening like a tiger one might meet . .-;,;'->.-.j;, on an unexpected 'sifeet," : ' •? —JODIE Paullina 1££i& VT—& iwHi^VK-.*" • member of 3 of DM's best clube use his napkin it a street* while ho picked hit teeth, IT bet he's • somebody* MODERN ART Atop a weathered post Down a tuinditig country tone Sot a lovely bit of sculpture With rhythmic flowing lines Gleaming white against pasture green: A common block of salt Transformed to beauty By some cow's patient sculpturing. —TRULA MARSHALL Newton .'.. . Why do the horsewomen outnumber the horsemen on DM's bridle paths? Po modern men prefer golf carts? ... If there's no solution, you can still play lovingly your favorite phonograph record. Delegates to state meeting of GOP named Delegates to the republican state convention in Des Moines June 17-18 elected Friday night at iihe Kossuth county conven ion are: Judy Thoreson, Algona; Betty Schutter, Algona; W. D. Mac Donald, Algona; Duane E. Dewel, Algona; Dick Godfredsen Algona; Kirk Hayes, Algona Mae Riter, Algona; Andrew Cotten, Algona; Marc Moore, Algoma; Mary Jean Andrews, Burt. C. R. Scfloby, Algona; John Miller, Titonka; Oliver S. Carl son, Algona; Lucille Everds, Al gona; Bill Tokheim, Swea City Betty Davidson, Swea City; Hu gh Black, Irvington; Ruth Ley Lakota; Angus Cotton, Lone Rock; Fred Marks, Corwith. Wayne Keith, Algona; Leon ard Madden, Seneca; Ray M Whorter, Burt; George Guen ther, Corwith; Cecil Thoreson Swea City; Karl Kiilsholm, Al Alaona homith County .-....•• if nd clou mattw, Dec. 1, 1968, at Aloorw, towo, SOSH po»toffle« under Aef el ConflfMl March i. 1i79 MONDAY, MAY 23, 1966 - AUOONA/IOWA - 6 PAGES IN 1 SICTION Named class of tic Omaha — Victoria Bradley (right), daughter of the M. Joseph Bradleys, Algona, has been elected secretary of the student association at Duchesne College. Vicky, who is a junior tat Duchesne, is majoring in biology and minoring in English. Shfe plans to go on to graduate school after college. Barbara McDonald (left), of Arlington Heights, 111., was elected student association president, and Susan Houston, Dunlap (center) was elected vice-president. . gona; Lael Root, Wesley; .'-. . My bride peeks over my shoulder, argues her coconut shell nest|for wrefti ;*rWAS a howling success 2 years in a row. . . . To readers who wrote from more than 100 Iowa towns when I was in the hospital: I got out in 5 days, better than new. . . . Sign up now for the Governor's expedition to Aus- traila & Africa, his 4th trade mission before he vanishes into the U.S. Senate. * * As an export reporter, I must tall you that In tho Intensive Care Ward, a pat on the shoulder from Both, the lovely blon da nurse from Klomme, can bo batter for a patient than 5 kinds of pills. She is a dedicated nurse A I hope she resists any tempta Mrs. Robert Bolenus, Wesley; Bill PhelpsvEagle,^.Marvel Halverson, Ledyard. Junior delegates elected to ic state republican convention re: ' Editte Ruark, Algona; Patricia Phelps, Swea City; Kathy kow, Wesley; Patty Lewis, Laota; Bob Bolenus, Wesley; Bonita Kiilsholm, Algona; Clint latterson, Burt; Rose Studelr, Algona; Bob Nichols, Algona; {lathy Morz, Algona. Alternate junior delegates ire: Phil Bode, Algona; Patty Boyd, Lakota; Steve Merryman Algona; Becky Hemmingsen, Algona. Alternates selected to delegates to the state republican ionvention were elected to ser ve if those named were unable to go. The alternates are: Jim Schubbe, Algona; Lois Strohman, Algona; Jim Andrea sen, Algona; O. B. Laing, Algo tion to become an airline atow ardass. Nurses can bo more glamor ous than stewardesses. "—DAT zoo without a gorilla? 100 will na; Leo Cassel, Algona; Sheri Plaintiff wins damage case after trial A district court jury Wednesday afternoon found in favor of the defendant, Sylvester Elbert, in a damage case tried here the ore part of the week. Plaintiffs vere James and Larry Sanftner hildren of Mrs. Sheryl Sanift- er, the latter driver of a car nvolved in the collision. The Elbert and Sanftner cars Collided at a country road in ersection six miles west and a mile north of Swea City Sept 24, 1964. Separate oases were brough or both Larry and James, bul ,hey were combined for purpos es of the trial. The verdict in each was for Sylvester Elber and against the plaintiffs. Jens Sorenson, Algona, wa foreman of the jury compose of Shirley Sorenson, Algona Eunice Vaudt, Fenton; Alber Loeschen, Titonka; Mary Eisenhower, Buffalo Center; Irene Day, LuVerne; Art Renger, Bancroft; Laura Becker, Irvington; Dale Wegner, Lone Rock; Floy Marlow, Lone Rock; James Haverly, Wesley, and Myrtle Richardson, Lu Verne. Victim cf lockjaw Still critical • / • Latest word on Arnold Peri- ielson, Algona farmer stricken with lockjaw, was that he was showing some slight improvement at St. Mary's hospital at Rochester. Both sons in service have arrived and at Rochester—Carl from GOP convention hears report of national meet The high school Annex was filled Friday night for the re publican county convention, with resolutions being adopted and slates of delegates named to the state convention June 1718 Mrs. Betty Schutter was the keynote speaker lor the conven tion telling of the trip she, Mrs L L. Riter and Mrs. Lucille Ev erds made to the woman's mee ting in'Washington, D.C. recent ly They were there for five days, with three full days o intensive workshop. Among the. speakers at the workshop were Senators Mille and Hickenlooper of Iowa, Sen ator J. J. Williams. Congress men Gross and John Ford, Gov ernor Romney and others. Theme of the workshop Mrs Schutter said was that of a re; concern for the state: the coun try finds itself in at the present ime. There is great concern >ver the increasing debt and ;alloping inflation. There is concern over the de- aluation of the dollar from a ull dollar in 1939 to only a 43.2 cent dollar now. Speakers stressed concern that this country supports the British embargo on Rhodesia, but the British ship to North Viet Nam. Mrs. Schutter said originally it took $4500 to train a person For the peace corps, but now it takes $11,200, and the speaker asked those whose children are in college to compare that Voting machines arrive Voting machines here; could use in TV election I hoar DM's lovely have no gorilla. A goat, a donkey A some monkeys, probably, but no gorilla. Whon I fought A bled A wrote long desperate columns for dan Cook, Algona; Perry Col lins, Algona; Henry May-land Buffalo Center; Donald Mino Swea City. Darlene Menke, Bancroft; Ha zel Winter, Buffalo Center; Mrs Gilbert Hargreaves, LuVerne A. E. Anderson, Lakota; Keitt Kroner, Ledyard; Lewis Bosnia, Buffalo Center; Julianna Jackson, Lone Rock; Glen Gabrielson, Sexton; Clara Amesbury, Algona; Cecil Baldwin, Fenton. Manorial program at Bur* Monday Burt — Memorial day pro- Mon- Span• gorilla. And I'm not ready yet to settle for a jersey cow, * * * • Ind; invocation, Rev. Bruce Cal- I breath; Vocal solo, Patricia ISheirbon; address, Rev, Bruce Calbreath; Junior high mixed chorus, Burney; high Judge Hand will be here next week for cases to be brought before the judge only. The jury has been dismissed for the remainder of this term of court. Chris Haase, Burt, dies after long illness Burt — Chris T. Haase, 76,1 Burt, died Thursday at St. Ann I hospital where he was taken] Tuesday after a heart attack. Funeral services were dated for today (Monday) at 2 p.m. at I St. John's Lutheran church,' Burt, with the Rev. Arnold Vehling, of Immanuel Lutheran church at Lotts Creek, officiating. Garry's funeral home will >e in charge. are Germany, and Larry from Georgia. They have six children. Mr. Danielson's condition was still regarded as critical but the longer he is alive the bitter his 'chances ! for survival Services for L. F. Dailies, on Saturday Titonka — Leonard F. Callies, 70, died Thursday at the Britt hospital after an illness of 18 days. He had been living in a retirement home at Britt. Services were held Saturday at 1:30 at the Good Hope Lutheran church in Titonka with the Rev. A. Gertsmann officiating and Blake funeral home in charge. Burial was in the Buffalo township cemetery. Pallbearers were Homer Downs, Earl Stott, H. W. Kitzinger, Gordon Hansen, Roland Fox, and Phillip Jaren. He was born Jan. 16, 1896, to the William F. Callieses. August 8, 1918, he was married to Lora Keil in Algona. She died in 1963. He is survived by a daughter Jaqueline, Mrs. Frederick Roman, and five grandchildren at Austin, Minn. Mr. Callies operated a store for many years in Titonka, retiring a few years ago. Gas franchise for Bancroft is voted down cost with the cost of their chile in college. Rep. Ford said this administration has so-called "guide li nes" for farmers and business and perhaps for labor, but tha there is no guide line on admin istration spending. Senator Williams told th group, she said, that the con gress is getting to be a rubbe stamp, and that this administra tion is not telling the trutl about the situations because th administration does not trus the people. Senator Williams who expo: ed the Bobby Baker fiasco als said corruption is on the increase, and the only real criti- COUNTY AUDITOR Marc Moore is shown with part of the 48 new Voting'machines received by the county Thursday and Friday for use i" this fall's elecUon^ Police car misses deer but goes into ditch cism in the administration for corruption is in getting caught at it. Governor Romney also quoted moral decay as a real problem in the government. Mrs. Schutter said the workshop stressed that any congressional candidate who said he could "get more for his district" because he was a friend of the administration was practicing political blackmail. Resolutions adopted by the convention supported the right to work law; asked for daylighl saving time only from Memorial day to Labor day; resented the piling up of huge surplus from the double collection of taxes this year by the Hughes admin istration; supported sub-district ing for legislative representa tion. Marc Moors accepted 48 vot _ng machines shipped in last week for voting in this fall's primary and general elections The machines are stored in the county shed on south Phillip and at the Algona city hall. One machine is' now on display at the courthouse and vo ers' cantehave-'-lnstruction-in -vje- ting by asking the county auditor's office to show the machine. The new machines may be used for the first time in the Algona city vote on the proposition to have cable television franchise in Algona. This vote comes up in June. Algonians who form the corporation asking for the franchise have not yet determined whether to mace use of the machines or have a paper ballot as in the past. Both the republican and democratic leaders in the county are a bit apprehensive about voter reaction to the machines. Older The suffered morning car new Algona police $50 damage Friday when it went into a ditch on the north side of highway 18 north of town and east of the 169 intersection. The car was driven by Ray Gerdes, who was in a routine check of car numbers at motels. The numbers are checked against-a "wanted!^ list of^thehi'ghr way patrol. He had made the check at the Acreage motel and was going to the Colonial. Just before reaching the brid ge over the, river a deer jumped from the side of the road onto the highway. He swerved the car to miss it and when he got by another deer i also jumped on the highway and in swerving to miss it he lost control and:the ,car went into the ditch. , The > car landed upright , in about a foot of water. Fortunately Mr. Gerdes had his seat beltrsfastenedfor. he would, have been thrown "out of the car and possibly been seriously injured. Only damage was the sprung door. people used to the paper ballots may not take to the ma- Also advocated a legislative study of the various proposal for school student transporta tion to get an effective solution satisfactory to all; recognized agriculture as the most important industry in Kossuth county; suggested the republicans in Kossuth make an effort to fill the ticket with qualified candidates for county offices; and gave support to the candidates. The resolutions also expressed appreciation to Oliver S. Carlson, former county chair- that if a child sticks a finger, into it, the child dies within J0' tlon minutes. on march to cemetery is Colors, band, firing squad, vet- And only today an Iowa I <*!<*> Girl ^°^> and ** Sc ' friend in Cleveland told me that Ug ; Brie I. ft* t M «*. 4WMlp * * * Michie, daughter of the Ed A PM mitron oi high rtpylt HHW4 O'Briens, was recently gi- tells me that in Itwt thert'i ven an Anawin award at the only one rial tfjt ff t eo^e'l College of St. Mary, Omaha. The * _ •_• ~A._...J1_._. 1 anno-xH tiraO cn\ro.n 11 CTlTlS TfVT trvt »»«ndin0: was given 11 girls for Do tbty pick their teeth ui* volunteer, responsible and de- -sff-f *m * • _ B M • J_ I | „.„._" J.«l*l«. nn.«»nnyv *rt-*» 4-Vl £\ C>/in/\/Vl dor each wide-eyed pendable service for the school. Stee was also elected best stage @r do they yso toothpielw »e- crew worker and was awarded srttly? At * big dinner party I s*w I medallion. a siiyer engraved St Genesius chine voting which at first may je a bit confusing. This could cause some stay at homes who do not vote and this could affect the election results particularly in the precincts which vote heavily for one ticket. Also some people will be afraid to try to split their ticket fearing to spoil their ballot. This can afiect both tickets for there is considerable uneasiness among voters of both parties on the question of the Viet Nam war and inflation, both national problems but with strong political undertones. Prior to elections the machines must be checked by the auditor, accompanied by a representative of each party, and the machine sealed so it can not be tampered with. Auditor Marc Moore is planning an intensive instruction program for judges and clerks ol' the primary and general elections this fall. This will enable the election officials to give pro- Eye screenings of kindergarten children dated Locations for two pre-school sight screenings, to be conducted by Senior Girl Scout Troop 155, Corwith, have been announced by Janis Brockman, patrol leader. The Corwith screening will be held in the Corwith school building June 4, from 9 a.m. Algona soldier reported missing in Hong Kong The Elliot Skillings, Algona, have received word that their son, Sergeant Darold D. Skilling with the armed forces in Viet Nam is missing. He was in Hongkong on a rest and recuperating leave from the ' *" to 3 p.m. The will be in the Britt screening Britt Memorial and was scheduled to front report per instruction to voters unsure \^t*J. J.L2V/1I* !V/**ilV-i V-VSM** V T V-A1V**-* I n J 1 1 man, and Mrs. Mae Riter, for- P f themselves. mer county vice-chairman, who resigned recently to take dis-| GOING TO SCOTLAND Building June 11, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. "We hope that the parents of the 111 children now in kindergarten who have not been screened, and of the 160 children who were registered in Kindergarten Round-Ups this spring will be sure to bring their boys and girls in for screening," Miss Brockman urges. (These figures come from school offices in the Corwith-Wesley, Britt, LuVerne and Kanawha schools.) '•Of course", she continues, 'the screenings are open to all children who have not been screened, between the ages of 3 and 12." The sight screenings, which are free of charge, are being conducted as a public service project by the Corwith Scout troop. The six girls, high school juniors and recent graduates, received their training from the Iowa Society for the back in May but has not been seen or heard from since then. The last letter the family received from him was from Hongkong and mailed in early April. Officers for school group are elected triot offices. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stanton Prevention of Blindness in PCS Bancroft voters Thursday re, ,. Jected a proposed natural gas Mr. Haase was a long time franchi . se to the North Central armer near Burt. He was born Natura i Ga s Co. of Algona. The Oct. 6, 1889, at Benson, 111., to yote was 176 yeS] 2 27 no, and 6 Gerhardt and Emma Strohman ballots were spo ii e d. Haase. The family moved to Thig showed a cha nge in sen- Iowa in 1915, and Sept. 20, 1916, timent from t he vote in 1957 Mr. Haase was married to Mar- when there were 129 yes vo tes tha Laabs at Immanuel Lutli- to 2 ?4 no votes. However the ran church at Lotts Creek. He is survived by his wife, two sons and three daughters: | Mrs. Emil Haack, Lone Rock, County Chairman C. R. Scho- will ba in South Bend, Indiana, | Moines earlier this month, by presided at the opening and June 3-4-5 to attend their son] "Some childhood eye defects, closing, aftd Duane E. Dewel James graduation from Notre, if not corrected before the age was convention chairman and Dame. James has received a; O f 6, can lead to permanent loss, Mrs. Judy Thoreson was con- scholarship to the university ofjof vision in the affected eye," vention secretary. W. B. "Bing" Edinburgh at Edinburgh, Scot-1 Miss Brockman points out. vote total was almost the same —409 in this election and 406 in 1957. The election was a hot issue Leona Haase, Titonka, Berniece in Bancroft in recent days and Haase, Burt, Gordon and Mel- committees both for and against via, Burt. were active in getting out votes He is also survived by two favorable to the side of the is- brothers, Ervin, Paulding, 0., sue favored, and Vic, Benson, 111. A sister A similar proposition the pre- Gertrude died in 1919. There ceding week in Ledyard carried are nine grandchildren. 174 to 4. Mat-Donald, candidate for coun- land, where he will attend sch- ty attorney, and Karl Kiilsholm, ool this summer. He will return for state representative, gave in September and enter the short talks. L. W. Nitchals gave school of law at Iowa City. a talk in behalf of Wiley Main, Sioux City, as candidate for] Sixth district congressman. HURT IN CRASH HELD TO GRAND JURY Darrcll Parcel, Titonka, and Roy Stougard, Algona, were [bound over to the grand jury Rita M. Luedtke, Lone Rock, in Mayor Firm's court Tuesday, suffered cuts and bruises Wed- Parcel was charged with per- nesday evening when the front mitting a minor to consume al- wheel of her car went off the coholic liquor and Stougard was blacktop, and the car went to charged with giving liquor to the ditch, and jumped over a a minor. Both waived prelimi- dredgo diteh. I nary hearing. "Children must rely on adults for good sight. By himself, a child has no way of telling whether his sight is good or bad. A youngster may suffer from blurred vision or use only one eye to see, and still not complain because he doesn't realize he should see better." The Corwith and Britt screenings are part of a network of programs being carried out ui the state with the cooperation of the Iowa Society for the Prevention of Blindness. la the past, the average rate of refer- The executive board of the Kossuth County Education As- sn. met April 18 at Burt to discuss plans for the coming school year. Newly elected members met with the outgoing members to exchange ideas and transfer materials. Outgoing members of the board are president Edgar M. Meyer and R. W. Schnieder, Algona, president and secretary, Vince Archer, Lakota, vice, Mrs. Don Blanchard, Sentral, Fenton, treas. New officers are Lewis Finch and Floyd Hutzell, Sentral, president and secretary, Janet Sowers, Burt, vice, Mrs. Helen Daley, LuVerne, treas. ral has been five per cent, according to Mrs. G. W. Hilton, executive director of the Iowa Society. The screenings have the approval of the Hancocfe Comity Medical Association. Doctors serving as advisory bjoard bers for the project include^ Dr. Brainard, mVerne; Dr. Junge. waard, We^.ey; Dr. EJler, JSa- nawha; Dr. Thede an4 pr. Nelson, aritt; Pr. Jojuj. son City. ;

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