The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 31, CLASSIFIED ADS •J.TVO cents a word for tlrsl insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequtiit Insertion. No silveriiscnwnt taken for less than Me. Count tue words ani send the cash. Phone 300 13LYTHKV1UE. (ARK.) COUUIEU.NK\VS FOK BALK FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 26clc-« ERNEST LYNN PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aberu Extraordinary j Used Car Sale l i 'or Housewives, Business intl I'roKssional Women or Men, ivno csin spare just it bit ctich \vceU liuiu income. | All makes and models lo j select Irom. * IB29 Mc-.lcl Fcnl Cuu{ic $293 ' 1U3U luouel 'I'udor Sc-ccin .... ^iy.11 Vjtii .Model Uuu-K Sedan $i7a . lu::D .vctiei i-ord St;inu. Coupe M-J i lIK'J Moilel l-'ord fsnjrt Ccupa 53ii:i 1 W.8 Model t'liryi'lur U Stilan >o7a] I'j^'J Mcdcl 'i'uuor Sedan ... Sy^a'J l!K3 .llcdcl I-cnl Slat.d. Couui: i-^5 i'j'U Mod. l-'ont iJn..liiess Loupe $;!D5 lUM Mudel Dodge 1'ancl '1'ruck S U3 11)^8 Model Tudor Hcikin SMa lysU Model Chevrolet. Coup* S 1*1 Investigate tur Mew S5.uo IJuwii and 55.UU Weekly nan, ccvcrin every Used Car in stoct. Used Car Dept. PUlLLll'S WOTOK CO. Auluctiictl l r ord Dealers L'UONU l)i lli:CI.\ Illiltn TOH.%1 I).\N IIOKIMKU liron 1UU week* nttrli n Inur (pii.ii nn ulil IU-IVK- . . ipk-jiO In A'i'iv Viirk. '/.IfifiY Yoi;\<;. (rlllilK lilm I" luuU UP " Blrl ii.iiuvd A.VM-: Wl.VTIMl. uliu hiitl i-oirif lo HoUy«ouJ from Tniin. OUIn,, In ''crnsli (tie iii<itli-x" l):m rtocun'l wnnt tu IIP linllirrril etiji.irpotilni: "inovlr. (nui'li ullti Amir WllilCr. exiiri-I- lus lo find ike iiirl at Blrl "'"< c'rnlly kivclil ull bin f'M tir li" Ill lirr Kfll — U |-ri|Ui-»l. H 1 "" »l'i»H H" 1 v lu- lull] Klvi-n U[l IUMVW- vork li> ivrlli- flcllon, anil ? ur bU slurlMt littil !>tc)i t.y (liv iiio^tcx, n olrmni- lli:il Iril H> l>l» "Icnln? 'I l n* «rrnnric> wrllcr »« r rlrttirr*. l« ^ii rvlru-s-nt I" (rjlnu p »Lv li-^ Kiirkril !"it «"< c-" rnrnlnK in Iliilljwoiid. tind KlitBf rvntrltiii'c— -ii. . IICM fuiiiidalli nvr. I):'" I" ><HU lliin tor n" I' 1 "," nl Collll- Mule (blue* In- li tii: ihrr i-on riENT--Anmisi lit. one of- lite, iny.ini uiuldiii£. intiuirc Pammnst company. yc-tt. FOR RENT— Two or more funibii- eel rooms. 914 Ucarn St. ^OR KENT— 5 room bungalow, hot ! ami coltl water attachnwtits, | iiuwiy painted. 115 Dongan, apply Ike Miller, Plionu 889. 28C-U. FOR RENT or SALE—7 rcom cottage, corner lo: near liigh stliool. Hn^ 3 bed rooms. Shady yard, guragc, tcrvaiit hotiiC. I'lioniao band Co. FOR RENT—Two. modern btucco vcsidentcs, 512 North First andj 201 Missouri. Also inline residence ; on Chickasawbd, Dr. Saliba, -110. ; ' far< (ri inltl. 'riint »,^mc In Ihe lltuisr-VL'lt i»mc' •« "..-•'" SOW till O.N WITH TUB STOIIK CHAPTER HI TT was wonderful to dance with Eomeoue who followed you as efTorilessly and llglH-Lv as a dower Inclining In the wind; who responded to your every mood asj Ilioush llw two of you had been barn to dance together. nan Rorlmer told liluifclt before -they Had gone onco around tile crowded Iloor lhat 11 was (or Ktrls lilic Anno Winlcr lhat .the modern ihythuis had been iiivciiled. "Happy days are li're asaln—" He bad •ipoken iruly; It did get into tils Wood. He suspected it was tn tiers loo. Music like ilils did things to you. If you were young anil found youth Eomciliins to enjoy, it awakened slumbering tires willitu you, brought you in quick, pulsating life. G'.ie was last H trifle over average lielsht—not more tlian an inch ni moil. Rorimer IhouEiit. bill i countcil a hit. Me was tall-six fee in his slices—nnil bo didn't like lo held his aims too low when he- danced. It somehow pleased hli:i Ibal sev- cial ot the musicians were watch \ni them. S-.vinsiug vast the orchestra stiigc at Ihe far cn;l ol the room, he noted how their eyes fol- Inwcil; and relicn tlio leader. Caleb- ins hia o'.vu glance, smiled. Dan smiled back, li enhanced even his "/I fooil (o Atmc Winter. May all U ottyvodJ fall <ii lice fed." ailed mi just as a favor to Zlgi;y 'ouug! ". . . cares and troubles arc (line; ThciU'il be )i<j;«iore from now on. Happy ilays arc here njofn. The skies above are clenr uyuin; Let us slny a song ot cheer again — fta/ipj/ Hays art here again!" And now llio whole orchestra took up t»o refrain—brasses. could do It better. . . . Instead ot 'We need a slory for Fred- crick Alwood and Ihis will do, 1 you'd Ihlnk they'd go about It (111- tereiitly aud say. 'So-and-so la Just the man (or this slory—lei's give it to him.' But that's not tho way . lliey do U—not in my case, at least." A NNE said, "But Atwoofl Is u star. They wouldn't glvo the tOOh UP IUO lenuiu — uiussi:3 , strings, drums. . . . Fas! rhythm; I P^t lo him unlesj it was a good Happy carefres Someone !""=• Probably ho vrouldn I do L near iheiu eald. "Wheel" A score | Von ought lo Hud Eomo co.nlort In WANTED WANTED -- Family Washings.! Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. •iC-l S- Lake St. Hck-lf DEALERS WANTED—REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. We can place several live wide awake men | in a profitable business selling 01- ' reel to consumers in your Dome county. Write quickly for free cala- lOBVie." O. C. HEBERLING COMPANY Dcpt. 27, Uloonungtoii. III. 31cl:4 MULES For Sale G to 15 years old, good condition Phillips Motor Co, own cstimnle of hi3 partner to know liial others approved. U'O. Two pianos now look up Iho rt frain alono while Ihe other players rested' aud heat lima with their feet. Soft cadences, yet somehow a little mad . . . stirring . . . irro- pislible. Dan began to sing the words, lie l:imed his head a litlle and sang eoflly Into Anne Winter's car: "llnriri'j days are litre agrinl The ikies above arc clear ayatn. Let tti siny a sous at cheer again — Hatty rfoj/s arc here 050111—" Anne siuiled happily, blended her low, smooth voice .with bis: "Altogether shout it natol There's no one icho can tloabt it 110IC, So let's tell llio trorlil otoiit II of voices saus Hie chorus, aud cheers tore the air when the sous v.-as ended. "And that's t!:at," said Roriuier walking off Ihe floor wlih her "You've been holding out on o:e. Why didn't you tell mo you sang?" Anno laughed. "If you call lhal singing—-" "I'm discovering soinclhing new about you every minute. Did you sing on the stage auy'i" "N'o." Tbeir waller arrived hcforo llorl- rner could ask her why. Anuo said. "I'd like something wilh plenty ol lhal. 1 I "Perhaps. 1 don't pretend t I know the lirst thing about (h jmnvic business—but Atwood, tli handsome lover. . . ." Ho iiroke oft again, eald tlm Cotitlnenlal did Eomo funny thlngi aiiyiTjy, and liio motion picture business should not l)o judged by one studio alone. What, ho asked, were her own plans? Anno Winter's Lands moved ci- presslvely. "Just keep trying, 1 1 suppose," felt Ewift compunction. icrc's an actual need for about 10 extras a dny. Olio ot the tiffl- lals told him thai In 1325 tl.cro just ouo wo.nan in all of (tmso housiuils who averaged flvo days f work a week. 1 haven't got a cry good head for nrllh.nellc, hul Collier was Idling me tills lust •cstcrday and it stuck by me. According to some statistics Issued >y Central Casting, Ihe arc.ago wajo pnld lo nu cxlra In 55.13 a lay. Collier spread It out over llio number rcglslereil aud the average ilally employment and llgnrcd lhal 11 would ho somclhlng like 44 cents a day for each o( them." Rorlmer slopped ahrurlly. rcalli- Ins iliat lila rccllal was noi very UcarlcnliiB lo one who had boned lo win her way Into pictures liy the exlra roulc. "I'm not meaning to discourage yon." ho said lamely. "You're- not." she said, smiling a llllle crookedly. "One of the ulil clals csiilaincd llial II was Ills iluiy lo E\ci]uainl uio wilh co:no ol Ihe dlsap|»inlnicnl3 1 would lie EUIC lo encounter. He mado it very ori, COM& COMB, LAPS, -IH'5 DRA-f-rep AU n ofjes WITH MAK6S R&M" GF LS5 LOOK UK& Pick-UPS OFF • A LIFE RAV-T* I'LL'Be-A APMtRAt- CF'IH' I IOUP VOL! ,-f IS HoiSBBOA-r WE ARE sfuck wi -m 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I i UP IN'TUB AItt By Martin an iced drink. She began to question'him about his plans. "You gave ine the impression," she said, "lhat you weren't exactly satisfied with IhinES at Continental Pictures, rather wonderful—thcro ions, you know, hing to do wbat you're doing; and such a very few who can." liorimer said. "Perhaps I'm dissatisfied with myself, jcforo I came oul here that wouldn't criticize their methods, "But . . good. Mustn'l complain; slio'd Ihink huo loo lemneramcnlal and finicky. "But whal?" Eho prodded. !J 0 !C days are here again!" PlAN stopped. He wanted to •L' lister,. Her voice, scarccb abave a wnisp:r, but vlbivrit ant alive, did things to him. lilm — a worn-out word but right one. - . . And tills girl, he thought will) tempt for biiUEclf. she smiled, and Uorlmcr clear why they fell it was neros; sary for mo lo have enough money to last me tor a year." Tan said, "Well, you're the kind that's bound lo gel ahead anywhere. 1 wouldnt 1 have gone mallieniailcal on you It I hadn't thought that. It yon can gel a screen lest, now. . . . I-wish I could ciillivale llio nc- (luaftitanrc of somchody Important and gel hlu. lo g.vo you one. Anno told him she had rallier lie wouldn't "13ul v.liy not?" he asked. "Not lhat 1 could promise anything, tal I'd like lo." "Because," s.he said softly, "I'd Ike lo lie ablo lo tell my father do there won't ho any stopping you." She smiled at his enthusiasm. don't even know how I photograph. The day 1 worked i was used In n cafe sceno and 1 was about a block from 'the camera." lhat 1 IIM done It all myself." way II goes. But you musln't feel Rorimcr said ho understood, held up his water glass, and out here all alone and lands even one day of work in her first 10 days "Ti.o music calls again," lie said. "Do we dar.ce?" "We certainly do." "Spoken like a true friend! But first a lonsl; a toast to Anne Winter. May she succeed beyond our or so, she's doing a great deal better than most. • Do you know how many eslras are regislercd at Cen- Dan smiled sheepishly and lit a clgaret. "You know Frederick wood, of course." She shook her head. "Kearly 15,000— and Ihey receive wildest dreams; may all Hollywood "On the screen, lhat' anywhere from 75 to 100 appltca- She nodclcu. Is." "Well, can you Imagine hltn nlay lions every duy. Mind you, lhal many applications merely to he fall at her feet. llo leaned a little nearer. Emil- inlo her dark cyca. "And," Ho said, "may she never forget good Irs; the part of a bard-boiled police many actually arc looking for iolis! "1 think there arc lots.ot others IHtls con- who could do it belter." "You put it too mildly; anybody JUMPY NKHVKS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS uue i A CUP-CLOP-CUP-CLOP Or WKS£ IWOPS Too JUST TU& ECHO Of OUR. UORStS HOOFS !-' pamrs JOST aor, A. T. and Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Fox General Hei'tric — General Motors — Grnno\v ... I. T. A: T MoiHscnicry Warti . I J ;i(-kard Rnciio Simmons Ur.ilrd Gas U. S. Steel New Orleans Cotton irW.BCfc GOOD D'OQ W1D V&P'uv. BRING UCWWP S VUP.CC. \ BQtVT V/hUT TO EAT. V. OUX-V TO WE ViOtW NMD SHt'S DOG.VOU'B BCTTCH GO 1(1 WlTj TW-K Makes ''Km Scci New York Cotton (UI'i-Col- N'j-;w YORK July :!i lun closed steady. Royal C. Mills Public ccountant and Auditor- Specializing In Ipcoras Tax, Bookkeeping Syslcins riionc J3!tl3. Blythcvlllc, NOTICE From May 1 to Scplcmhcr 1 )Ur denial ollices will lie closed ;ach Thursday atterr.oon. Dr. L. I£. Moore. r.r. H. A. Taylor, Ur. H. S. Davis- j WANTED TO RENT—Small farm, close in. equipped for cows and poiiltry. Address P- O. Box 321. Blytl:.?vil!c, Ark. Closing Stock Prices NOTICE Why yait until cold' weather? Book yo«r coal orders now, lor future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN IDS N. «• It. Office 107 I'honc lies. 117 V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carioad lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315

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