Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 13
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ixeiriNG . . /' • •• ** and stay at W. R. FRANK'S MOTOR HOTEL AND RISTAURANT Juit 5 Minutes From Downtown iri M«ls. Oiks Pirk ml Minntittlis Intliteti * Arte DISTINCTIVE DININO 7 a.m.' to 12 p.m. Dally HEATED POOL With Secluded Sun Terrace. Paoltldt Service. .. Quality it Moderate Prices. Speikenfor eveits naned Fefitt* — The Sentral schools Will hold Baccalaureate set vices Sunday, May 22 at 8 p.m. with Rev. Albert C. Bullock, pastor of the Lone Rock Presby terian church, giving the sermon. Commencement Exercises will be held May 23 at 8 p.m. Speaker will to Dr. Truman D. Wood; associate profeaaor of po* litical science at Maiutato au»u*, Mankato. Dr. Wood received his M.A. and Ph, p. degrees from the. state university ot Iowa. He has been selected to appear in Who's Who In American Education and is a Dan- north Foundation Associate for 1965-66. A '-..-• TALKS ON IRELAND The May meeting, of the Fenton Woman's club was held lasi week in the Orleans Room at the Kermore hotel in Emmetsburg. Hostesses for the 1:30 p.m. luncheon were Mrs. Olaf Norland, Mrs. W. Laage, Mrs Lester Weisbrod and Mrs. Er nest Ruske* The.vprogram com mittee was Mrs. Arlo Ranney UTS. Homer Matthiesen t am Mrs. Ernest Votteler. Mrs. yot eler introduced the speaker rlrs. William Stillman, Emmets >urg. Mrs. Stillman was an pwa delegate .to the convention of the Associated Country Wo nien of the World held in Ire- and last September. She show ed slides and spoke of her tri to Ireland. Will you b* oat of thoustndt who will lose their crop income to liail this year? Why take chances when protection costs so liuta For extra safety and service, insure with Farmers Mutual Hail.. Over 130 trained adjusters' assure prompt settlement of claims. Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at no extra cost. See your. Fanners Mutual Hail agent! - L.S. Bohannon Insurance Agency Phone 295-5443 Algpiui MISJ TWIN RIVERS — Peggy Olson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orren Olson, Bode, is twin Rivers' candidate for Miss North iowa at the Band Festival. A senior, she is president of the bahd) is in the, mixed chorui girls glee club and madrigal and small groups. She is on the stu- Jent council, national honor so ciety and annual staff and is the newspaper editor. She was in the class play and was homecoming queen. Her father is a far mer.. made by the girls in grades 7 through 12. Refreshments Were servea after the show. < There were also art and'shop;'exhibits by the students of Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Hutzell. •twit. M -c}lv*n pfoT' WsS tfwH 4a of fW' Tdifurt 6f tW GbffifKJny W reft* ..-jrs Pttfie* to do the work. E*perwe d*r ,comrtiunity television service fd, th* of iueht Wfnportty work \fitl be poid Clfy. ,of Alflon<J dntJ tfi* Ihhabifdnfs to fr*..C6*i»»o>y by th* permit holder; -""- "—••<••• - — iMttaft I.. In th* ma'iiSfeftarte* o*xi 6p- etation of its television transmission and distribution system In the streets, alleys ortd dttitf, publid places,- and ih the course of any liew construction of odd!' tion to ih .facilities, the Company than proceed so bs to cause the least possible inconvenience to the general public. Arty penlng of obstruction Ih the streets of thet pXiblic places, mode by. the Cdrti- pony in the, course of it* operation*. hall be guaWed and protected Ot all imes by the placement of adequate bar* iers, fences, 'of boardings, the bounds of which during periods of dusk arid darkness shall be clearly designated by ed warning lights. SettIM f. The Company sholl maintain ts attachment on poles that the City now uses,- or has been .authorized, by other franchises now In force or hereafter enacted, to use, in such manner that If will not interfere with the use of, such poles by the City. •StctlM. 10. In • consideration of the rights granted .In Section 1 hereof, the Company agrees and binds Itself to extend Its lines and to serve any one all applicants' for television service whose dwellings or places of buslnes! are located in the City of Algona, and •Vho in good faith have 'entered into or ilgnlfied their willingness to enter Into a contract for such television service. Extensions will be ot the expense of the Company, except where such extension would- require unreasonable or unecono- rftical expense' to the Company, In pro portion to the potential revenue to be derived therefrom. . 1,1. The Company shall the right to prescribe reasonable service rules and regulations for the conduct b it* business, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance. Such rule shall be filed with the City Clerk 'and Shall be effective as of the date o such filing, and be subject to approva - " '" ' ' " byJ-the iling, c « City.. Council within six months fnoficff 05 a" WHOM or Ony p lonid e I and ol voter* .of tM City rid offer Its poilog* by II Of the City of AlgofW, lofd, oecepfohee of Its firms by fM , t Its assigns, In wtifififl, arid its t pub* cdtlon tn.on official hewspopef .of \im ' »»•••••»«••»••••»»••»*»» LEQAL NOTICES PLAN CLUB PICNIC NOTICI OF SPECIAL ELECTION -, . You are notified that upon the petition of 25' property owners of each vot- irig precinct iri 'the" City of ' Algona, < Iowa, I have been asked as Mayor to call a to determine whether Fenton 'Friendly Neighbors •] ^^.^tSnehlU ffiw "be gS met Thursday aiterrioon at Mrs., :LJfe±^JV^ Al Wilrett's, Algona, with Mrs. Kenneth Bollinger as co-hostess. Roll call, Problems Grandmother never had, was answered by eight members. Plans 'were discussed tor the club picnic June 9 at the park in Swea City. Mrs. Hans BaagO gave a reading on Mother's, Day. The lesson, was given by Mrs. Rueben Luedtke and Mrs. Hans Baago. Guests were Mrs. Gene Tietz and Michael, Mrs. Sophia .Wichtendahl and Mrs. Norman Bollinger. CLASSES HAVE EXHIBITS '. Sentral homemaking classes under direction of Mrs. Max Dudley, gave: a style is in the Spring", Tuesday night. The show included clothes owo Partnership. By reason thereof, no- ice is. hereby given that a special elec- ion will be held in the City^of Algono, owo, on the IMh day of June, 1966. for he purpose of submitting to the legal a, .j -qualified electors of said City,.-to 36 voted upon by them, tha question ol whether the following public measure be -adopted: Shall the following non-exclusive community television franchise ord'.r nnnrp .he adooted? ' ,•''.. COMMUNUV^VELEVKION F.AHCKUI ORDINANCE NO. : AN ORDINANCE GRANTING TO COMMUNITY TV TOWER COMPANY. AN .IOWA PARTNERSHIP, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE NONEXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO ERECT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE TELEVISION TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION FACILITIES AND FACILITIES FOR THt TRANSMISSION OF FREQUENCY MODULATED SOUND SIGNALS, AND ADDITIONS THERETO, IN, UNDER, OVER, ALONG, ACROSS AND. UPON. THE SlREETi, IANES, AVENUES, 1 SIDEWALKS, ALLEYS,. BRIOGES, HIGHWAYS, EASEMENTS AND O,HER PUBLIC PLACES IN iHE CITY OF) after such filing. ..Whenever it is necessary to shut of sf. interrupt service for the purpose • o poking repairs, adjustments or instol ations, the Company shall do so at sue »lrhe as will cause the least, amount of inconvenience to its customers, and un- 'ess such interruption is unforeseen arid ; mmediqtely necessary, it sholl give reasonable notice .thereof to -its customers. Settien 12. 'Rates charged by the Company for service hereunaer shall be .fair ar;d reasonable' and designed to meet all necessary costs of service, including a 'air rate of return on net .valuation of s properties devoted thereto under ef- icient. and'.economic management.' The Company agrees that it shall be subject o oil authority now or.hertafter posssss- d by the City -Council or any other body laving competent jurisdiction to fix rea- onabTe and' compensatory television signal distribution'..rates. The., books and re- ords of the Company shall be mode available to the City, or any represin- ative whom it designates in writing, for nspoction, examination, or. audit for rate naklng purposes, at intervals of not less han three years. Section 1). The Company shall provide iufficient channels to provide reception : rom all available major networks at any one tirne at its standard charge for uch service as distinguished from program by prog'ram charges. Section 14. The Company's distribution system shall conform to tha rules and •egulations of the Federal Communica- •ions Commission, particularly with res- oect to freedom from spurious radiation. Test equipment, adequate to detect spur- oils radiation, shall be furnished by the lompany at its expense and shall be made available for use by City inspec- "ion personnel during regular business lours during the period of this Franchise Section IS. The antsnna and receiving 3quipment sholl be installed and main- fainejd so as to give a reasonably noise froe picture on each channel. Section 16. Tho installation and main tenance of equipment shall be such tha no objectionable intermodulation distor tion will occur. Section 17. The installation and maintenance of : equipment shall be such tha be any subscriber's receive without objectionable picture degrade tion. section IS. The distribution system o the Company shall not bo abandonee either in whole or in part, without th consent of tho City Council. In the even standard NTSC color signals shall transmitted to any subscriber's recei hereof, as contemplated and provided or by this Ordinance, within a, period of two years from the effective dot< of his Ordinance,; th« City Council sholl •*ve th* ffght> tort Reasonable notice fo he Cornpany. t6 declare this Ordinance and the rights ond ffonchlie granted hefeuhdef forfeited;".. provided, however , oilufe .to cofflpiy with th* terms hereof by reason. Of causes beyond the reasonable control .Of fh« GorflpOny, Which could hot >bf dnfteipafea of the time of the occeptohce of its tefms by the Cdm- >any, shall not be sufficient grounds to ueciare. e forfeiture. tectlen t*. Upon termination of forfeiture of: this .Franchise .in accordance with any of its tefms, the Company shall, within a reasonable time, remove its cobles, wires, and appliances from the City streets, lories, avenues, sidewalks, alleys, briogesY highway*, •Basements and other public places within the City, arid subsequent additions thereto. Section 20, .'-the Company sholl indemnify and hold the' City harmless at Oil times during the term of this grant trom and against all claims for ' ' or damages to persons or property, real ana personal, resulting from the negligence on the part of the Company in the .construction, erection, operation or maintenance; Of any structure, equipment, appliance, Or products authoriiec or used pursuant to authority of this Ordinance, and'the Company shall carry insurance against liability due to dam age to property in' an amount riot les: than Ons Hundred 'Thousand Dollar: ($100,000.00), as to any one person, and Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200, 000.00); as to any one accident, and against liability due to Injury or deatl of persons in an amount not less than One Hundred .Thousand Dollars ($100, 000.00), as to any one'person, and Thre* Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00; as to any one accident. The Company, upon receipt of dui notice in writing from the City, shal deferd at its own expense any octlo or proceedings against the City in whic it is claimed that the damage or Injun arose from the Company's negligence i the operation of its television system. Section 21. In further consideration of ie granting of this Franchise to the Company, the Company will pay to the City the following sums, to-wit: (a) During the first three years, commencing with the effective-date of this Franchise - NOME:; (b) During the next five years two per cent (2%) of the gross receipts from' the monthly service charges paid by the Company's subscribers; '-• '." (c) During tha remainder of the franchise period three per cent (3%) of the gross receipts from the montnly service charges , paid by Company's subscribers. The monthly service charges referred o above shall not- be construed to in- cluvle any installation charges which the Company may - •• make to : tha subscriber. Amounts payable to the City hereunder shall be paid to the City Clerk within hirty (30) days after the end of each ranchise year. Upon written request of the City, the Company shall annually permit its books and accounts to be examined by any cer- •ified public accountant that the City may select, for the purpose of ascertoin- ng tha gross receipts from the monthly service charges paid by Company's subscribers. . •'"•••Ion 2'. The Company shall not transfer, sublet or assign any right or franchise granted hereunder without the prior -written approval of the City. Section 23. An/ person, • firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in an amount not to exceed $100.00, or be imprisoned in jai not to exceed thirty (30) days. Each clay such violation is committed or permittee to continue sholl constitute a separate offense; provided that any violation by the Company of the provisions of this Franchise, or any material portion there of, or the failure to promptly perform the provisions thereof, shall be cause fo forfeiture of this Franchise, after writ ten notice to the Company, and contin uation of such violation, failure or fault. ie-tion 24. Should any Section, clause or provision of Ihis Ordinance be ds clared invalid by a Court of record, so-n shall not affect the validity of the Or ffeeT,' w ond~be"ln fofttJMtiJ^t s approval .art*. Hflfift ~ ptlil/tfl* City on tn. of Al . lgona. High Wat- the boiling places for sold hall be of the Aljond Public School fof the First • Wdfd; Luc!* dee Grade School for the Second Word; he Third Ward Grade School fof ttw third Ward; and the Kossuth Courity Courthouse fof (he Fourth WoM; and the Published Ih the AlttMO Coutity Advatje*, < * AfgtlrtoV , t May I", 26 <Wtd }imt.2>'<9^. Remember your taytd ont,» thli ytar with flowtr» from > the Algona OreenheuMt — beautiful cut flowers, wreaths, plants end accessories. And don't forget — w« can wire flowers anywhere in the United States. . Members ef the Floral Telegraphic Delivery Association. Huenhold's Fine Flowers" • Wreaths • Geraniums • Petunias • Mums "Everything in DM bedding plan! line" Algona Greenhouses 1 - Your Flower Phon. 295-2584 - "VISIT OUR GREENHOUSES" j! m Hours In Cooperation With thi Algona Merchants ... The ' '•. .-'' .' Iowa State Bank and The Security State Bank WILL BE OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS 7 to 8:30 p. m. IN ADDITION TO THI REGULAR HOURS DAILY! Both Banks Will Be Day Saturday THIS CHANCE OF HOURS WIU START FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 27, 1966 THE SECURITY STATE UNK IOWA STATE BANK M,»ONA, IOWA DISTRIbUHbN OF TELEVISION IMPULSES AND TELEVISION ENERGY AND FREQUENCY MODULATED SOUND SIGNALS TO THE INHABITANTS OF SAID CUY FUR A PERIOD OF TWENTY FIVE (2S) YEARS, AND REGULATING THE SAME; PROVIDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SAID FRANCHISE AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA:, Section 1. In consideration of the: faithful performance and observance of the conditions and reservations hereinafter ' specified, tha nonexclusive right is hereby' granted to Community TV fower Company, an Iowa Partnership, its successors and assigns, hereinafter referred o as tna ' ' C o in pa n y ' ' , to ireet,'' maintain and op-rate television ransmission and distribution facilities, ncltiding poles, wires orvj appurtenances, and daditions thereto, and facilities for •fie transmission of frequency modulated sound signals, in, unuer, over, oiong, across and upon fno streets, avenues, sidewalks, olls/s, bridges, easements for utility installations and otner public places in the City of Algona, and subsequent additions thereto, for the purpose of transmission and distribution of television impulses and television energy and frequency modulated sound signals in accordance with the laws ana regulations of the United States of America and the State of Iowa, and the Ordinances and regulations of the City of Algona, for a period of twenty-five (25) years, following the fulfillment of Section 2b hereof. Section 2. The poles used for the Company's distribution system shall be those erected and maintainsd by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, or rhe Algona Municipal Utilities when and where practicable, providing mutually satisfactory rental agreements can be entered into with say Companies. Where the use of poles o-vneci by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company or the Algona Municipal Utilities is not practicable or mutually satisfactory rental agreements cannot be entered into with said companies, the Company shall have the right to erect and maintain its own poles and other appliances, as may be necessary for the proper construction one maintenance of tne television distribution system. Section 3. The Company shall grant to the City, joint use of any and all poles owned by it, for any proper municipa >urpose acceptable to the Company and maer such arrangements as may be mu- ually agreed upon, insofar as may be done without interfering with the free use and enjoyment of the Company's own wires and fixtures, and the City shall lold the Company harmless from any and all actions, causes of action or damage caused by the placing of the City's Wires or appurtenances upon the poles of the Company. Proper regard shall be giyen to all existing safety rules gpvern- ng construction and maintenance in effect at the time of construction. Section 4. The Company's transmission and distribution system, poles, wires and appurtenances, shall be located, erected and maintained so as not to endanger or interfere with the lives of persons, or to interfere with any improvements the City may deem proper to moke, or to unnecessarily hinder or obstruct the free use of the streets, alleys, bridges, easements or other public property. The City reserves the right to require the Company to place its conductors underground and to designate the districts in which such work shall be performed, and also to order the removal or relocation of poles, wires and other appurtenances erected by the Company, whenever, in the judgment of the City Council, such action is in the public interest, and the Company shall forthwith comply with any and all instructions and directives in such matters, at its own expense. Section 5. Construction and maintenance of the transmission distribution system, including house connections, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the National Electrical Safety Code, prepared by the National Bureau of Standards, the Notional Electrical Coqe of the Notional Board of Fire Underwriters, ond such applicable ordinances ond regulations of the City of Algono affecting installation which may be presently in effect or may be enacted by the City Council of the City of Algona. Section t. Installation and housedrop hardware shall be uniform throughout the'' City, except that the Company shal be free to change its hardware ond installation procedure as the art progressr es. • * ^* Section 7. The Company shall temppr- grily raise or lower its wires to pef'mil the moving of buildings by a holder oi a City Housemover's Liconst.-.frAe ~ THOS6GOOD GUyS m WHire nars A are m'on a sates srampeoe! or "Jim" or "V«rn" OART-tm«rt«$t HttltSt thorebr«4intown )RONET 500- pltnty of plush •nd plenty of pow«r POLARA—a real prize In tho Oodgo Boy» herd' •-V MONACO-top of tha Dodga line CHARGER-thOfa»UM of tha fallbacks Roundup a deal with the Dodge Boys, they're on a high-tradin'traill Meet the guys under the white hats...and join the Dodge Rebellion. They've got a herd of new Dodges up for sale and they'rt makin' deals that are hard to beat, BOYS Itrll llit^y i<- ijvi 109 iouth Phillips Street PERCIVAL MOTORS, INC.

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