Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 11
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Open house honors teacher at Lone Rock ** -Si***** T Ati ^ en h6u ^ for Florence Yager, kindefgar- ten teacher who is retiring this year, Ayas well attended with 150 adults registered and 67 children. She came liefe in 1926 and taught for three years. She theti left for a sfran of 20 years to- go to her-home in Calmar .where she cared for her parents Until they died. She then felt she would like to return •io Lone Rock which she calls her Second home and so was hired again in 1948. She taught in the Decorah' schools during this 20 yeard with ^ier parents. Bertha 'Newbroiwh gave the welcome. Rev. Bullock' read scripture and prayer. Special guests honored were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schultz. Mr.-.Sch* ultz was oh the boqrd with P, M. Christenson, L. R. Roderick and the late W. T. Fish .and J. M. Blanchard when she was hired. Honorable mention was given to five other teachers who taught with Miss Yager from 1926 to 1930 nnd were oresent,' Mrs John Williams (Reulah -John son), O?Hen, Mrs. lonis Elb°.rts (Trma Svkes), Poc3,bontas. Mrs Willis Cotton (Erlvthe Moroni), Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer (Estella Anguis) and Mrs. A. A. Krueper (Fern! Gladstone), also Ruth Cr : oss. Curlew, who taught at a later tim». A reading was by Mabel Blan^ chard. no°mi hv CTO! Bras, rea? ding bv J. M. Blanchsrd Jr., po<?tm bv ArleMdR Pin eel. Th° her with a candelabrum hold inf* six c^nrtl a ,s. Th<? nrp^ent t. Q pchprs are Mrs N°wbr".ucrh 1 Mrs. Art Pripibi q. M.r.s, Mrs. SP'II, Mrs. pel anrt Mks Yp^pr. A tet'on bv S'int, ni. O in wh'ch T,'ic.ill<* Seepebarth presented Miss Ya^er with ; a do?, n n red roses from the school bo»rd. A ci"ort°t nf Mike T.qp, O->rv pofV). T,"rr>v R r <»s and Rev. Bullock C ID. A exhibit wins first Confifftiation for the 1966 class 1 of Hint ybiittg people. Cfioir re- cofnitidn has been postpdned AMtl JUtm. 1 p.tti. >— The Iowa Syriod Cbnvehtion begins at St. Johh's Lutheran Church, 6th arid Keo, t)cs Moines. Ail Iowa LCA members are invited to participate in this opening service of Holy Commutiion. Mr. Ed Wolcott is our delegate. Mon. • Wed., M»y 23-25 Iowa Synod convention con> tinues. Tutiday, May 24 8 p.fn. -i— Priscilla Group, Lu theran Church Women meets at th«s parsonage, 101 So. Main St/ Mrs. Donald Ritchie is the Saturday, May 21 9:30 to 11 a.ffi* ; -— Last Youth Membership Class meeting. Sunday, May ft 9:18 ir:m. — Church School for the family. 10:30 a.m. — Worship Service. Aldersgate Sunday. Receip- tion of Youth Membership Class. Rev. Coughenoiir will ha* ve the sermon, "Aldersgate Can Happan To You." ' Tuesday, Mny 24 7 to 8 p.m. — Boy Scout ffp. No. 71 m,e.ef.ing. Mr. Robert Snedden, Scoutmasteir. Wednesday, May 25 7:30 p.m. —. Cadette Girl Scout Court of Awards. Troops No. 434 and 426. Mrs. Roy Bur May issue of "Lutheran Women. isarsal. THIS EXHIBIT of Clothing for first' communion won first place at the C. D.< A. state meeting at Sioux City recently, and it will be entered in the national competition. Pictured with the display are Mrs. J.B. Winkel, Mrs. Arthur Ristau and Mrs. Bridget Smith. . Photo by Mike Stijlmanv sident; Mrs. Dwight Garrett, Titonka, vice; Mrs. ; Harold Holm- cren, sec.; Mrs. ' F.' F. Mueller Jr., Algona, treas.; Mrs. John Waite r Fenton, chaplain; Mrs. Oan McGee, Bancroft; sergeant; Mrs. Irene Strand, Cylinder, color bearer. These county officers do not take July. office until AT CONFIRMATION The Ed Blanchards, Ben Schmidts and the Fritz New- broughs attended the confirmation of Pat, 2nd .son of the Gene Blanchards at the First English Lutheran church at Spencer May 15. Other guests at Gene Blanchard's were the Delbeirt Blanchards. Ce'dar Falls, the Gordon Hutchinsons, Estherville, J^rry l.^neaghs, Algona, id Olaf Norlands, Cylinder. There were 43 in all. l bv rvYinv vo 1n rtarv nw> j,r, ( ) t>ir> Ji Ella C'r^K Pin<r=>ii TiryjTtrt.. and Mrs. Miss YJ».**°T . WJ- tb w^rvn M'" Vior>r many years, registered the gu?- M'ss Yap°r \v<; r T n sert 0 ''1 with tvo rvofvs o c lu<TP<>e'» frf>ni th« bo i ".tnc.co<5 pr\(\ 3 monetary gift, from the community. M«?PT|NG R'ffht. from the Legion Auxiliary ptt.onH°rl the rnuntv m a <et- jng pt T,'»1r".t'» "^'iQeday. for e1°C- tion. and ip p .V>.1M li on of county officers. Those who attended are Mrs. Euirone H-irson, Mrs. Roy Jpnsen, Mrs. H. Holmereri, Mrs, Jim Lonff, Mrs. Ed Ohrri, Mrs. Dile S?bro Q d<»r. Mrs. D. Hab 0 ?"! 1 and Mrs Dale Weueri- er, F.\V<VI C'*v. Offif"rs installed were Mrs. Eugene Harson, pre- The John Williams, Ogden, ,6n:ls Elberts, Pocahontas, L. Diittmers and Miss Yager spent Sunday 'evening .at Willis Cotton's and A. A. Krueger's look•^ ?t oH pictures and reminis- rie of when they taught to,*:Vi,or 40 vears ago. The b'rthdav club of Florence Schroeder, Marv Genrich, Eda hp. Frances Thonrsen, Ruth Krueger. M^'iclc BlDnchard. Mae Bode soldi«r home from Thialand Bode — Lt. Fred Johnson has returned from almost a year service in Thailand and' with Mrs. Johnson and son Dean they are visiting the parental Torger Johnsons. During his absence Mrs. Johnson made her home with her parents in Minnesota and at Torger Johnson's. Gloria Hanson, Minneapolis, spent the weekend at the parental Art Hanson's and Sunday with her parents were guests at Jennings Nielsen's for confirmation at Our Saviors Lutheran church of Kathy Nielson. The Thor Selvigs spent several days recently at Fred Smith's at Okoboji. The Dr. Tepners attended funeral services in Ft. Dodge Thursday for her uncle, Mr. King. .,. The Thor Selvigs received a call from their daughter, Mrs. Wheaton, recently in Beuria Park, Calif., saying the two sons, Dana and David will be coming, to Iowa to spend much of the summer with their grandparents. Mrs. Wheaton (formerly Juanita Selvig) plans to go on tour with a college choir as soloist, this summer. M->rt,ha Esther and Rn>e Kraft went to '.la p .t. Tuesday for Mary co-hostess, and will lead the de- ris and Mrs. Ernest Hutchison, yotions. Bring your Bible and Leaders. Thursday,, May 26 7:15 p.m. — Senior choir re- Wednesday, May 25 6:30 p.m. — Men's Fellowship meeting at the church. Maine lobsters are on the menu, estimated cost is $2.00. Mr. Bless Rusk is chief chef. '8 p.hi. — Special with the architect meeting concerning the plans for the new church. AH members are urged to present. be First Methodist*.«». N. M. CcuglWMV Algona Thursday, May 19 Circle Day for Circles of the WSCS. Meeting places as folows: ..'•••' Sept.: Mrs. George Scuffham. Oct.: Mrs; W. C. Irelan. Nov.: Mrs, Sam Shipler. Dec.: Call State Park: Jan.: Mrs; Roy Burris. Feb.: Mrs. Frank Moulton. March: Mrs. L. R. Potter. April: Mrs. Philip Arndorfer. May: Mrs. Bill Wyatt. 1: Mrs. Lawrence Churches Ottosen Mrs. Donald Usher The William O'Donnells have "it.iirnAr1 from their honeymoon fire living in the O'Donnell tm 1 niTit,9 p.bove the vacant se- ;b' aT >d Ptore. The Clinton LIT Bars, Austin, Minn., who wer» here for the v>n°n h->').se for Miss Yager, called ?t George Kissner's. Dawn Schultz, Minneapolis, spent three days with her grandparents, the Fred'k. Schultz- es. The Melvin Meyers, Swea City. called at A. A. Krueger's Sunday. In tit* A PAID circulation! Weekend guests at Erling Malmin's were the Homer Betzes, Grimes, and Ronald Nielsens, Tama. Afternoon visitors were the Edward Malmins, Rutland, and Orville Knudsons, Dakota City. The Wallace Underbergs, Ft. Dodge, were Sunday visitors at Henry Olson's. First Lutheran Mv. Robert P. Lorani Alqon* ; Thursday, May 19 3:45 to 5:15 p.m. — Final Weekday Church School classes for this school year. All text books should be turned in. 5:30 p.m. — Closing picnic for Weekday Church School ; students at Call State Park. 8 p.m. —Meeting with the representative of a St. Louis ohurch financing firm for al! committeemen involved in the new church and any other in terested members of this con gregation. Friday, May 20 10 a.m. — Vacation Bible School staff meeting. This will be brief but vital. Sunday, May 22 8:10 a.m. — Ascension Sun- lay Worship Service. 9:20 to 10:35 a;m. — Sunday Ohurch School. 10:45 a.m. — The Service of Swea Eagle Mrs. Kenneth Brbnes Al JO* gr*rtdf>*f«n«! ( the 'tmf, rrt, Chris BahfnaHhi, Ceylort, the Wiliii ftahnuinns and Totki, Mrt Otto Lart^n, tht Orville ThotMons, Frank Schribcrsj Sac CjCyi f^tffea Thor&ofl, M^fle ti*\\, Hiriton, James Sobtibor, Sac dtty, Bonnie Cohrt, ! -CJeAr Lake, artd Paul Thoreson, the iattfii* Jfoung people all studemb at Ames. Aftferrtoon callers .were the Merlin Bahmann*, Swea, ' City, , Jensens, bancrdft, , , Everett Je"fk4*n, Lake City, tfie Louis Mmloskes, East Chain, Minn,, Mrs. Lucy Lofstrom and Willie, and Jerry Hackett, St. James, Minn'., another student The Art Krachts and R. S Mathers have baen making frequent trips to the Estherville hospital to visit the women's father, Paul Wegner, a medical patient. . '• Mrs. Johnie Tobin was a guest of her daughter, Marjorie, at Morningside college, Sioux City, Friday and Saturday. , The William Bahmanns and Todd Gregory, Cedar Rapids, were Saturday to Monday guests of her parents, the Cecil Thoresons. Todd Gregory, born April 4, is the first grandchild of the Cecil Thoresons, and the first child of the Bahmanns. The baby was baptized at the June No. 1: Mrs. Lawrence Immanuel Lutheran church Miller. Sunday with the Rev. Julius Pe- June No. 2: Mrs. Gary Sher- terson officiating. Sponsors we- man. re Paul Thoreson and Heidi 7:15 p.m. — Senior Choir re-'Thoreson. Guests . of the . Cecil hearsal. JThoresons were great grandmo- from Ames. boys dl thf > son Cameron's tor school la*t Thursday. ning guest* *f Hammers, and Rev, and Mfs. Gilniore .City. Mother's Day 'the Merle Lockwo^lS SUtiday g,f tests '6f ; Pe^tdft. fimil Bleck- Her parents, the wenns were also 'gUeSts". *• " STORMS < BE PREPARE!) WITH INSURANCE i i AGAINST FINANCIAL DISASTER If Nature's winds t run wild, will your insurance program cover the losses? Cheek with us ... get the irfght protection for your farm * at low rates. Insurance Insurance Is Sesurity YOUR COMPLETE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHED IN NATURAL COLOR FOR THE SAME LOW PRICE Al BUACK * WHITE Formal! - Oaiidi - Thank You'* FREE WEDDING BOOK FOR YOUR CANDID STORY Glenn's Studio 107 South H«rUn Algona, low« ATTENTION MMMIMMMIMMMWIM ALL Car owners with Air-conditioning ti (NOT JUST FORD & MERCURY) We have FACTORY-TRAINED MEN AND EQUIPMENT to service and check ALL AIR CONDITIONING UNITS . . . and this should be dene each year before summer driving. The cost is reasonable — and you'll be assured your car's Air Conditioning unit is working first rate this summer, (1) Check proper running of Air Condition Pump. (2) Check Belts and all component parts. (3) Check Freion in system for complete charge. (4) Machine • test for correct cooling capacity. NEW AIR CONDITIONING UNITS FOR ALL FORDS AND MERCURYS NOW ON HAND. Easily installed in your present car. Cell or stop in for an estimate. Gall Dick Mstll for TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Ford I Mercury Sales i Service "Friendliness and Courtesy Always" $t«tf A Jon*f Street* Algona fttttttftetettttetff«fftttetffiftetftffffttttftit QUALITY COMES^Pp 1 FIRESTONE Why buy just any tire, when fo/r only a few pennies more you can get Firestone quality?. Celebrating 42 consecutive Indianapolis '500" victories on Firestone Race Tiresl( Come in today! Let u$ show you the famous \ «;' America's Number One Tire.. in the Premium Price Field I ,«* famous FiiwtoM -600- nyloei : 0otd paaaenger our tire fivea you all the hifh ape«d aafety and per, fortnanos featuraa developed from more than 60 yeait gl racing expwienoa* Seethe T?r**tone man in the CHECKERED SHIRT FREE MUF I T>M*I«M As Advertised on TV 24-Pfl. Illustrated Book Sam Snead TEACHES GOLF I This booklet contains many I I of the stroke-saving tips from | the "Golf with Sam Snead" , TV «erie» that's shown every weekend over the ABC-TV network/Get your copy today. | No cost or obligation. 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