The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey on January 3, 1896 · Page 4
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The Daily Times from New Brunswick, New Jersey · Page 4

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1896
Page 4
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Weekly • .Times, PiiWInhed every Thnrcday moniinp. OFFICE: No. 4^9 George Street THE TIMES PUBLISHING 00., Props. FRANCIS W. DAIRE7T5. Editor «BORGE H. BLUE Manager T. W. STffETZEL. Collector and So'.iri'or SUBSCRIPTION RATES. DAILY EDITION. SIKGLK CO1»V .^_. TW ~° <£><£•• ONE WEEK ^*- .TEN ( ENT! 1 0KB MONTH FORTY CENT? ; OXE TEAR.... nvE iV)l.l.AJ> ' WEEKLY EDITION. Itff HCOJJTU nrrSEN T.*T THREE MOXTH? FORTY CENTS sn MONTHS aijiTT.nv-E (ENT- OWB TEAR ONE DOLL.AB IN AHVAN( E . Pertonp, leaving the city can have the TIMES j •~.»gtlcd i& UiWft «< any ^KidrcA, .post paid, ol lh£, rtc- 4 •nlar subscription rate, wtr|teta*xtra charge. The address may he changed fflBcsireJ. i Tfce Sew Bnm«wlrrti DAIlTf TIMES 1ms ] «, circulation larger than that of anj- | other newspaper published In Middlesex : County. • I The ftienilrrs of Branch >o. •••!. trict N"' ''-. ^t. I'ati'ickN .Alliance. known a* the "Id Branch, held their reg- nlaf'niontlily meeting in Alliance Hall. •_'!» IVace stri'et. rWt of Church street .£ ta-it evening. **•• . Tliere was a large attendance to witne. the installation of the new officers anil number of Honorary members were ]>rcs- | evening of Nov. 24. ent who are in great sympathy'* with the ing man at South Riv (.Id. original branch. ! The following were the' installed offi- ! cer* . President. Edward J. Carr ; vice- Thc court attaches/ agreeably entertained tlu> the testimony of wit counsel in State v Burns was indicted foi earl yon' the morning <<5' being one James sal cl Mat-Sherry defended The case appears to be . ' Ifhvs. as near as could bi -j the conflicting testimo McNallv met about a man who goes period! wanted to go to Baltim came from Elizabeth, st sident. Patrick l>onegan ; second i >* 0 v, ^4. out of work. preMdefft. John Copeland ; secretary, across one another in a agreed to accompany > more. j They drank eoaside > evening, and both becai cated. About 12 o' JANUAEY, 1896 [Su. *5 112 i!9 26 Mo. 6 13 20 27 Tu. 7. 14 21 28 We. i 8 15 22 29 Th. 2 .9 16 23 80 Fr. 3 10 17 2 e 4 31 t Sa. < 4 ! H ; 18 ! 2 _ 5 - li vie. ....... John F. Burns . financial secretary, Bernard M. Dolan '• treasure!'. James Burns : conductor. Morris Murphy ; corresponding secretary. Thomas Clark : sergeant- at-arms. Lawrence I>wyer. After the meeting the newly elected , over the river to catch officers gave a grand collation of sand- j cording to McNally's .'....ami_,Biiiieruls ,t". the 1 lunL. i'ns.jlobj^rt McD< i drinking with them in Peter Coyne, an honorary member.sup- j followed them over t plied -everal boxt-s of cigars. ! him and stole his coat, Dunne the feast there were a number | stocking^ of speecties made by the prominent mem- ; According to Burns ' intrs were rendered by '' Nally wanted him to se clothing and get mone> sented. taking McNa coming back to this ci McDede denies that Nally. <ind said he hat terfere because there tramps around. He hai city "with Bums so a to the police. They ha and the officer had tak the police station. The case went to the afternoon. ;.Tohn Dooley. John^mith Jamrs Burns. Patrick I'onegau. B. Polan and other*. ! Havw'Oixl funu'shed the music. Third MOON'S PHASES. First ' 10:41 a_m. 1 5:35 E p.m. 'Quarter. F58 NEW BRUN FRIDAY EVE? JAN. J.. 3. 1806 How do like the new TIMES THE yyftls opening up promisingly May its boding be as auspicious. "^ j-. PL- ajper daitos the credit of being -Cily one in New Jersey that hasn t Trltonte of Rtspect. At a special meetinc of Karitan ;IIose jComjiany No. 4. held in their^rooms. corner of Remsen avenue and Suydaui street. Monday night. Dec. Ho. 1S95. the iollfnrrrrjr {.reamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted : Whereas. It has pleased .Umighty infinite wisdom, to remove st t»ur late beloved brother (and firnu'-'.Ti'hn H. Kyan; and - Wereas. We desire to _give expres- to our heartfelt sorrow in the loss of _ brother and friend. Kesolved. That by his death our corn- iany has lo-f one who has endeared himself to u> by his many admirable qualities and who was., ever ready to give us his advice and s-ii^ort. and to the community an upright and true citizen; and be it Kesolved. That we tender to his family our heartfelt sympathy in this their hour of affliction, praying that He -who gave His son for our redemption will comfort them in their bereavement; and be it further Resolved. That we attend the funeral in a body, wearing our uniforms, and . that the ^ be d ^ ped in mouraing for gpace O f 3,3 jays, and that these reso- SPOTSVft OOD, uyured jnember, operation. ;": ,, tiii i~~ ^ ^«, u, „ 10 'wais accidentally .. , - . , • , . „ , . struck on the head_j ritLaybeetle! by his printed Some poor joke about making and ; jutions be spread on^ the minute^ ot^ his brotlier w kif e splitting ll^aboll^ week breaking Hew Year's resolutions. ~' a— FestrV« Other Ha SPOTSWOOD. Jan. Pennsylvania, is spei with Mr. and Mrs. W Francis Beebe has bert Moore the house occupied by Mr. Moor Mr. and Mrs. Jo Ithaca, N. Y., arc vi ter, Mrs. P. M. Bowi On Friday Dr. tated one of the feel which w£(s injured a ago by the become dead thus necessitating the "William 'Gifforn, w ov. , s sally. •* How- |Frns. * lewhata&fol- athered from Burns and o' clock on the Nally, a iabor-- and admittedly Ily upon, a spree,, •e. Bums who ick this [city on The two -eaine iliion and Bums Nally to Balti- during 'the i" much intoxi- •ck they started :i freight. Ac" ateinent, Burns I-, who had been is city and wlio river, assaulted i st. shoes and -tatenient Mc- his (McNally's) md that he con- y 3 clothes and to sell them. he assaulted Mc- .een "afraid:to in night he other come hack tp this :o report the case met Officer Dunn i the clothes to jury early thi; —Leg Amputated ters. — Mr. Brady, of ng the holid&ys i S. Sarwyer. urchased of Al d lands previouslj ph bird Tuesday of January." Governor A r ert's term ends, then, !at midnight on Monday ; . Jan. 20; 1896' and Governor- elect Gnggs'will not fee inaugurated and take the oath of office until 12. - o' clock- noon on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Twelve iours without a Goyernor. Tn case of irouble, who would call out the militia ? —Jersey City Herald. " '— r-^ <*•»» ."I AM tared BlBce taking Hood's Sarea 3arllls,V is what many thousaDda ate saying. [t gives renewed vitality and vigor. Persona desiring to secure situations can advertise their wants In this column FREE. HELP WANTED-FEMALE. G IRL WAUTEI>—From 12 to 15 years old to L. Tynrb IT^ dln^g rt intn pTirt tin mrimrtn apj^ gA^i- erai work. Apply City Hotel. de!8-4t "JjpXPERIENCKD laundress would irfte worK at " ' her tiome-iOonipetent shirt ironer. For reference inqaire at 49 Bayard street, M. F. Schneeweiss. • del8-tf BOARDINCi Somerset street. ep27-lm B OARD WANTED—A young man wants board "in a ^private family. Address "H " TIMES office.- d30,2t. TO R OOM furnished or unfumished, wittt or without boa*d, irp excellent locality. Apply at 86 Bayaid street. • d3 tf T^tTRNlSHED ROOM to let. Apply at 20 Dennli £" street. oct!4-tf s . MALL—cottage on Seaman street. Apply ai August Streitwolf 'e, 895 Bnrnet etreet. ocl5-tf { WO handsome front rooms furnished, also two .smaller rooms in private house all improve- menta, 850 George street. oc4-tf TO RENT. fT^HREE or sis-rooms, 226 Baldwin street, Gooi JL- eciiar,'«4ty water. .Enquire at 134 Kediaom street. 019-3t TjlOR RENT—The store and premises formerly JD occupied by John A. Smith, corner of Seaman street ana Railroad avenue. Apply owner. 19o Bnrnet street. . „„.,.•"- • 1 <~*'*i-- 27j t ChurcIi S • , i Y We are closing out all Broken Lots and all • ' v :lv '' ' J / other goods at a sacrifice, preparatory to stocktaking. AVAIL YOURSELF of BARGAINS , yoniig hofBe for BaJe cteap. Sound, kind and geiitle. Apply at 128 Hemsen ave- George W. Furman. dSO-lm PERKY BELMOXT is to wed the divorced wife of William K. Vanderbilt andjthusi.becomes the step- fatner of tie Duchess of Marlborough. THJ; promoters o^ the Amboy bridge project are laying low and saying nothing. The Freeholders who really have the county's interest at heart should see to it that the project is nipped in the bud on j$$edqesday next meeting and be published in the three 1 daily papers and a copy, suitably engrossed, be deceased. presented to the family of THOMAS J. McKiNE. GEORGE F. BROWN. ED\VARL> C. FURLONG. Committee. riecpvery, 4 UGI.VL. vv/ i*vyv ¥ vf j i treatment, u oJT Dr. WILL NOT LEAVE. I Professor Voorhees Decline* the Sevr ! York Experiment Statidn Call. ! The statement .in a local paper last i evening that Professor E. B. Voorhees. i director of the State .Experiment Station be generally known that, had decided to Vccept the call to the di- ] R, Coudert, one of the Vene- i rectorship of th\> New York State Experiment Station was untrue. Professor Voorhees was seen this morning and stated that he proposes to remain in New Brunswick. He has refused the offer of the New York Station. PROFESSOR VOOKHEES PRAISED. The Monmouth Inquirer quotes the statement of the TIMES that Prof. Voorhees has decided to remain in New Brunswick. It has these words of praise for him : •• Tbe many friends of Professor E. B. Voorhees. of Rutgers Experiment Sta- ion. at New Brunswick, willbe pleased to learn that he has declined the offer made to him to take' charge of the New York Experiment Station. Professor V.oorhees has been ago. and was unconsc days, is now on the through the skillful Joseph G. Denelsbecl The children's Ct ristmas festival the Reformed Churclf on. Tuesday evening drew 'a large a gramme was a very : sisting of responsive and sipging, in w ability was displayed pants. idienee; iterestang . readings, .recitations jich great mMsical by the many partici- Plans for Freeholders Powel and Pownell, the sp of the Board of zuelan Coihmissioners'is a resideut'of Middlesex countj r . His handsome country T^idence^at Metuchen is one of the finest in that town. He spends six months of ihe year at Metuchen and the remainder in New York. morning. The con mtytce. has generally upon plan at the Jjail, which wi new building today has been kept busy acknowledging "eongTatulatiofis upun its enterprise in enlarging to an eight-page paper and compliments upon it« improved appearance. To all our friends and veil wishers we extend our heartiest ifrqrilcs an<* assure them that advantage will be Uiken of every opportunity to gtill further enhance the value of the TIMES as a aewspaper. ELIZABETH merchants are boycotting the Elizabeth Herald. When a newspa , per does not enjoy the confidence of the eemoieix-ia! clagaes it IB a bad sign. The ' Herald is an extremist aud professes to be independent of the merchants. It is it, fact, however, that the Herald is not a journalistic and financial triumph. No paper can succeed without enjoying the fullest confidence of the public. IT looks as if the electric railroad in Highland Park ha* received abet back, if indeed not a knock-out. Despite any assertions he may make to the contrary. it is definitely established that Alexander latterst, chairman of the Township Coin xuittee. it; using every effort to delay and jdefeat the electric- railway franchise and that A. J. Gebhardt. member from High land Piirk. it either in league with hiiu or else ha« uot the backbone to stand up for his constituents At a public meeting the citizeiib of Highland Park ii pressed theuibelvt-t euthusiabticaily in i- favor of giving the company the, fraii' LIM- '(dt once, yet at last night B meeting nf th.- committee Liuem wa? allowed tu <-arn through a deal to delay th> uiattiri 11. Uiade UtOUont. becouded tbtrlu and in £uct, was the whole Board (.'uiuiuut.-.- uian G*bhardt should etiflt-u bir l/ a . kb'>:j. aad calTJ' out the deeires uf th<- |.i ; i.|.!i- li. At precent the iv-i : Mr ..! Jere Premo's cigar van. Ticket No. ticket. 15 Attend to If your eyes needf lect your plain duty to at once. Don't , men, but consult a given full charge, not only of the State Experiment Station, but also of the College Experiment Station at New Brunswick at an increased salary, and he has decided to remain in the Stafe. : Here's Wfcat Von Want, Now thai the holidays are over people will turn from turkey and the sweets to something tart and sour. We have__laid in an exceptionally fine line of pickled onion.-, chow chow, gherkins, East India gherkine. etc. These goods are sold by the quart—25 cents per quart. We have placed in stock a new brand of flour, j good fur family trade, at £3.80 per barrel. ' This is not our best, of course, but it is a ttandard article. We desire again to call attention tu our immense line of canned goods^iud c« We have also placed in st.ick a new oatmeal at 2i cents a pound in quantities of 10 pounds or over, liivt- us a call and examine and • ir prices and goods with your W. J. Mc<'urdy. 425 (Jeorge Q K CENTS EACH will be paid for the location 3O of eknn^ dene. A. E. Boezell, New BrnnB- <vlck,N.J.. ATERTIGHT cellar and stable floors laid and guaranteed for five yean by the Hygiene Granite Concrete Company, 250 George street.- Step and carriage stones for sale and made to order. T HE cheapest, nicest and mt garden walks laid by the > Company, 250 George or five yeare. at : pro' Hew son. P^rson^, Wade ial.Ja|t.Com,mittee eeholders, this agreed for improvements practically ^ke a Clock.. The handsome clock chanced off at emporium, on New Year's evening was won by James'J)ono- 9 was the ( winning attention don't neg- >ut have them seen to '.unexperienced reliable Occttlist. 0. 0. Stilhnann, of Church-strfcet,.a-gradu- ate of the Chicago Ophthalmic College, will test your eyes a id fit them with the kind of glasses need :d." Consult httn. jan2-tf '• PricM, Three pounds of sa usage^ 25c.; 3 pounds fine lard, 25c. , fres ij^»&>. lOc. ; pork chops, lOb. , pick|ed pOrk,. ,l.c. ; hind quarter of mutton, re. t ;.vipj5e quart-er oi mutton, Gc.; hind quarter of lamb, lOc. , fore quarter of lamp,. IG. 4 corn beef, 4c.; Jersey Chickens, : 13c.,. at Boudinot's market, 1 Hiram street, telephone call 21. i. ' , . • Christina* Gift*. You can get them at H!, B. Zimmer man's, 44 Church street. /Real tortoise shell, sterling silver, ' cor/bs, brushes mirrors. Call and see them. Atomizers. ,...„-/ dl2-tf \ "a ;ir..' in .-Ur] >tn- L -t Ju»t Try It. l"ul>t H- to what to give i'-ii'l- for a Christmas do vii to Millman .-. at 4. r » li lookin-' o\ i.-r his .-toc-k • For We cremate No., 1 .J&rtilizer. and Bel a'. the very lowest priJCp. Nothing can cqutl it; W. J. Wiley. -A Washington street. Telephone!, callj J 08. aug!5-tf Jn*t ibe TUing for your huahand; Smoking Jackets anif Highlaud Park are at a lo« i. y^jl^ojjyes aud ltii> acu. to Mr. (iebhaj-dt it mufct 1 L^jdutt Joe 4fc«lares liiniself J« favor '" v * uwd thnt hi?; /{njy Eeason for line, beauties, Nevius & Co. $4. PEHBONS Intendtnf Stiles, tbe eye specla mind tbe fact that be 8 30 a. on. to 3 p. m; 'hristmas present Bath Robes, new M $10. Hall dll-tf ta consult H. A 8t, should bear in In hi» office from N OTICE TO C|, Chtrle* Brown, excaton of Ohan direction of tbe of Middlesex, creditor* gt tbe debts. dem»nd» UiA ' wid deced^t. under 1TOKS —JBtiod* Brown and J&IQ68 T. Sutpbln Bromi, decea*ed« b; rrugaie of tbe count gi-vte notice to th net brown to t>ring|iD tbei ub ig&luKt tbe eiUte oi tb nth or affirmation, ifitbln A 11ELO rally La,l •<Jl']e ttot unluterrupted cured tut ccu'.ury Lab ti.i.iX.)Btt;i| .ueLfelbln Dr. Buli'o Cougb t*yrvp \e lie ttl it. tli«r market. Wby try uew tblcgb Lrij v^u kLow that jou have what, you <-.'. J i H in lufaliltiU. tliie month* Irom thU lite, or they will be foreyer birred of »ny action J .ere/or »galn»t the«ald(;»" KHODA BBOWN. -'*"i UABLEa BKOWN, JB,, JAMES 1. BOTPHIN, Executory. owu, jr, 821 W»snlagton W durable Bide and jieneGranlte Con: «t. Work Knar- marlOem . ^ M OITEX to LOAN on bond and mortgage Ap. yly to G«orB« SUcer. 119 Oanrch street. d!7-tf -AT- ROWLAND'S Store full of them, ^Jnfgectlon invited. Examine careful^ and nSte the prices. Dinner, tea and. Toilet 3$ Sets,Piano and Banquet s, Candelabras in metal and chlna^'BrQir- zes,Silver Plated Ware Cut Glass, Ornamental Pottery, Chafing Dishes Ftc , Etc. Visitors Always Welcome AU.EN THEATER RESTAURANT Entrance og. Albany street and from 7 "the Theatre Lobby. BLUE POINT OYSTERS IN EVERT STYLE. George Bechtel'e Btaten Island and Ballan tine's Beer on Draught and in Bottles. Imported Beers, Alee, Porters, etc. LEONARD 8OHEIDIG, Proprietor. PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK, Ntfw BRUNSWICK, N. J., Dec. IS, 1895. The annual meeting of the stockholders o this bank for tbe election of directors to serv .for the ensuing year will beheld at tbe bank Ing house, on Tuesday, January 14th, 1896 Polls will be open at 11 o'clock and remain open one hour. T. E. SCHANCK, dU-td Cashier. NatioDal Bjnk of New Jersey - .. MEW BBCKB-WICK., N. J., Dec. 12,1895. Tbe annual election for Directors of this Bank, to serve tbe ensuing year, will be held at tbe Bankin boose on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1896, between ib boor of 13 o'clocklnoon and 1 p A JB. ' dl2-td H. G. PARKER, Cashier. i. YOUNG:, 27 Church street, Ifew RANGE. Tour neighbor has one. ThOuft- ofabooae. Don't make a mistake, buy the canopy rapge. All stylea, all Blzea. H. M. Prices Sons» and C58 BPBWET HEATl KANGE8, HERS THE ARE CHAIRS, ROCKERS; DESK^ FANCY 'CARD, LIBRARY* DINING, CENTER and other TABLES, COUCHES, PARLOR aid BED ROOM EURNITURE. EVERTTHHI& USEFUL IN A HOME- 298 BUR«TET J. BIYIRD KIRKPATRP, No, 356 George Street, tow Brunswick, N, J, \ National Bank of New Jersey The Board of Directors bave this da; declared a semi-annual dividend of elx per cent.,' payable on orafter Jan. 2nd, 1896? The tranefer books will be closed until that date. tfjtkw H. G. PARKER. Caebier. Life & Accident, Hartford. American Surety Company, E[. Y ;f Caledonian Ins. Co., Scotland. Commercial Union of London. Fire Association of Philadelphia. German American, New Y^rk. Germania of New York. Hanover, New York. Ins. Co. of North America. PhiL Lancashire, Manchester, England. Liverpool & London & Globe, Niagara of New York. North British Mercantile, England Orient Insurance Co., Hartford. Phoenix'A.BSurance Co. of London. Sun Fire Office, London. .Western, Assurance Oo.j Toronto ' '-* " ,„***•* $70,000,000.

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