Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 6
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•-.4L60NA (low,) ADVANCE rHURS6AY, MAY W, 1964 i GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Such goings-on! Over in England a husband seemed to think it not unusual for his comely wife to get a bit full of ale and strip just to add gaiety to a party. No i doubt it did add quite a bit of interest to the proceedings, and probably made the less endowed or aging female contingent go tish tish and tush;tush! The husband made a good statement when he said 1'Withoutf her, life would-be like last: nigjit's beer^' Then there's the ydfe of a gov- .ernment official in Washington whoi Iwcht to a party in a fish; net dress, a body stocking and a bra. This got a stern response from unsympathetic sober party members; who s6nt her/home- to put on a ;slip. The husband didn't object to; it, t either. The Old Goat doesn't know for sure, bjut chances are the; .average husband would give his wife a good cuffing around if she at- tenipted such a stunt in this enlightened part of the coun- ' try. However, as the man said, it wasn't like "last night's beer." • * ' *", * THAT'S ABOUT THE BEST way to get there in the Old Goefs opinion end meybe the name's the tame but the climate isn't. The senior class of Adrian, Michigan, high school decided to walk to Hell. Now Hell is a bona fide Michigan town and eight of the students including one -girl made it on foot. Anyway the students were given a good entertainment at the.'Michjgan place unlike what they might have had at the other. It was • steak dinner by the president of the Hell Chamber, of Commerce. Anyway in Mjchi- gan it probably -isn't the same' insult when a fellow tells another where to go. -, * * * THE OLD GOAT isn't too much interested in the unidentified flying objects being seen here and there. There is some suspicion in the Old Goat's mind that some of these are the result of a bit of joy juice. Anyway it would take a million years at the speed of light to get here from the nearest real star. Frankly the Old Goat is of the opinion more people-should be scared of such identified .flying objects as a frying pan or a fist. Those things are immediate and right close by. Phooey to the little green men* —this ball of mud has enough problems of its own without any outsiders getting into the act. .PROBABLY BECAUSE he f|'-/rib such a thing is the rea- 7 son the Old Goat can look at the declining stock market without losing a wink of sleep. But those who have them probably have more interest than casual in what's happening. After reading all the experts available on what's happening the Old Goat is pleased to announce that the stock market went down. That's itl All the explanations don't mean a thing, IT'S AMAZING the way some institutions are playing up the "friendly" attitude on the television commercial. Seems ev eryone but the sheriff is advertising how friendly he is about it, and life seems to be just one long haw haw and tee hee. Reminds the Old Goat of the fellow who said he didn't worry about his enemies—he could watch them, it was his friends tjiat gave him the whim whajns. You can buy almost anything from a friendly person at friendly terms, even get money, so the commercials say. However probably if you don't pay up there could be a bit of unfrteft ly attitude on the part of the seller. Just could be, now couldn't there! * * » YUCCK! There's a lipstick out now called, believe it or not "Immoral coral!" Wpader what it is that prompts a woman to .buy something with such a na- .«je? Chances are it's one who never be immoral who it and thus gets her kicks fogying to pay the piper, remots control naughtiness! Engaged THE ENGAGEMENT and approaching marriage of Delthea Anne Shierk, daughter of Mrs, Cameron, C. Shierk, Jr., and the late Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, to James Cleveland Watson, son of ,Mr. arid Mrs. Worth D, Watson of Bethany, Missouri, is announced | by her mother. The ceremony wiU take place June 18 in the First Christian Church in... Bethany. '.,. ., ",' ' ,,".. . Miss^ ghierk, affiliated: with. Phi Mil; sorority, will be a second semester sophomore at Northwest Missouri State College sit Maryville. Her fiance will be a junior at. the same; college, where he is associated with Sigma Tau Gamma social fraternity. ! Don Ferris is new head of V7i , , ' <- , Booster Club Don, Ferris of St. Cecelia's parish 4 was elected president of the Garrigan Booster club at the final meeting of the school year Tuesday night at the Garrigan school. ; Other officers elected were Ed Thilges, St. Joe, vice president; and Duane: Seller, of St. Benedict, secre-tary., The new Officers; will; -;be : aided by the icard O'f Directors which includes' Wendell Ringsdorf, St. Q> Julia's; Francis "< Kollasch and Bart Schmitt, .gt. Michael's of Whittemore; Jack Richter and Ai't Plathe, St. Joseph of Wesley;. Ray Kohlhaas, St. Joe; and Francis Froehlich, St. Benedict. Plans 1 for the Booster Club drive next fall were discussed and reports were given by the, Garrigan coaching s t a f f ; on spring sports. ! Mission Fair dated in June at Whittemore A "Mission Fair" reminiscent of the old time mission festival featuring a missionary speaker, mission booths, will be held for the first time in the Algona Circuit. It will be held two weekends in June, sponsored by the Lutheran Women's Missionary League. The first will be held at St. Paul Lutheran at Whitten more, June 18-19, and second at St. Paul Lutheran church at Garner, June 25-26, The booths will be open for viewing on Saturday evening and Sunday after services conducted by missionary guests. The public is invited. ANNIVERSARIES OBSERVED Family coffees were held May 4 and May 14 for the 35th wedding anniversary of the Harry Bartons and the 15th wedding anniversary of the Walter Woods respectively, The May 4 observance was at Barton's with Mrs. Walter Woods, Mrs. Clarence Metzger Jr, f and Mrs. Merle Moore, all daughters, in attendance. The J W6bds celebration was held at their home with the same guests attending. GROUPS MEET AT PARK The Couples; Club of the FirsJ Lutheran! church entertained the Congregational Couples club at a "Scavenger Hunt" Sunday at the Call park shelter house. The older couples hunted in cars. Children in an age group of 9 and over had other activities at the park and the little folk played in the clearing in front of the shelter house/Supper was scry/ ed in the house. , MARRIED 54 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kelley celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary Sunday, May 15, and had as afternoon guests members of the' immediate family, James, Russell, and' families, Gene, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Voigt, and Mrs. Elizabeth Post, sister of Mrs. Kelley. The time was spent socially. FAMILY DINNER HELD A family dinner was held on Mother's day at Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woods' honoring their son Tony's first Holy 'Communion at St.. Cecelia Catholic church. In attendance were the grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Metzger Jr. and families.. M-D BANQUET HELD The Mothers and Daughters banquet was held Monday evening in the dining room of the First Lutheran church. An Indian theme was Used in table decorations and nut CUR? were vrrtall teefpes; ; Gue c t speaker was Mrs. Emily'Neviti who has r ?pne considerable work with Indian tribes. •"" CHl/RCH VVQ/yiEN TO MEET , Circles pf the,LInited Presbyterian Women will meet Thursday afternoon, May 19, as follows: Circle A with Mrs. Lloyd Robinson; Circle B with Mrs, Josephine Hardy; Circle C with Mrs, Alfred Schenck; Circle £ with' Mrs. O. B. Harmes. BIRTHDAY OBSERVED Mrs. Nancy Morrall entertained her son Bernard Morrall and family of Armstrong and Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas at dinner Sunday in honor of Bernard's birthday/ Following dinner they drove to ;Livermore to visit an old friend, Charles Howard. BAPTIST CIRCLES TO MEET Circles of the First Baptist church will meet Thursday afternoon, May 19, as follows: Circle 1 with Mrs, Winona Laws; Circle 2 with Mrs. Clara Maas- dain. BRIDGE CLUB HOSTESS Mrs. Everett Barr was hostess to her bridge club Friday afternoon. Almanac (Continued from Page 1) Van; Dotiald C. Johnson, Swea City, Ford p/u; North Central Public Serv., Algona, CMC p/u; Roland R. Bonnstetter, West Bend, Dodge;' Robsrt L. Youngwirth, Algona, Chev.; Alfred H, Borchardt, Algona, Chrys.; John E, Pendergast, Algona. Comet; Donald P.' Boyd, Lakota, Ford; Taylor,Mtr. Co., Algona, Ford; Bernice or Kenneth Post, Titonka, Ford; Joanne Margaret Vaske, Bancroft, Chev.; William Dodds, Algona, Olds; Dennis D. Cumberland, Algona, Rambler; Harry Ketelsen, West Bend, Ford; Menno Limberg, Buffalo Center, 'Ford; John or Betty Haag, Algona, Ptym.; James H. Preston, Swea City, Ford; HazoJ C, Miller, Lone Rock, Buick; R • land or Marabeth Ostwald, Whittemore, Plym. Cub Seoul troop visits Advance i Cub Scout Den 1, pack 29 and den mother Mrs. Don Jorgenson visited the Advance paper office Tuesday, May 17th. Members of the pack are Paul Jorgenson, Charles Kuester, Steve Schoby, Jeff Merryman, Arlen Sitrueeker, Randy Mlene, Mike Houssholder and John Pe terson. They meet each week on Monday. There will be a Cub Scout picnic for all Cub Scouts and their den mothers, Thursday, May 19th at Bertha Godfrey School at 5 p.m. This'event is sponsored yearly by the At goma Kiwanis Club. MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Blondina Erpsiding,.: daughter ipf.the William J. Erpsldings, Is one o? fo'jr students who j-^ill wraiiu?!^ from the CraigMon ; M?dnorifll. St. Joseph's hospital school of medical technology May 25. Students in the School of Medical Technology must complete three years of academic work in an accredited college or university before starting their 12-month in-hospital training. Graduates are eligible to write the'national examination of the board of registry of medical technologists. Select 4-H delegates to Ames conference A personal interview committee consisting of Mrs, Lawrence Besch, Miss Carol Wisftian, Mrs. Henry Looft, fed Smith, Jim Schubbe and. Clair Reding recently selected delegates for tht Iowa 4'H summer conference and camps. Delegates who will attend 4-H Conference at Iowa State University from June 8 to June 11 are Diane Bode, Algona; Vicki McGuire, West Bend; Bridget Quinn, Bancroft; Linda Nitchals, Algona; Sheila Frideres, Algona; Judy Berger, Algona; Mary Jo Swanson, Swea City; Luan Brandt, Swea ,City; Leonard Becker, Wesley; Bill, Carlson, Algona; Bill Lofstrom, Armstrong; Phil Bode, 'Algona; Rod Jensen, Lone Rock; Dean Teeter, Algona;, and Duane Kunkel, Wesley. Chaperonei will be Mrs. Clif Benschoter, Algona; Mrs. Lester Eden, Titonka and Dennis Cunv berland, county extension assist ant; Attending as officer represen tatives June 6-11 are Linda Dodds, Algona; and Bob Bele* neus, Wesley as county officers and Linda Hoeppner, Lakota as state 4'H officer. 4-H'ers who will be attending Health Camp at Madrid, Iowa June 6 to llth are Kathy Besch Whittemore; Arlene Heldorfer Bancroft; Brian Johnson, Ban croft and Steve Detrick, Whittemore. The last state camp of the summer is leadership camp, July 25-30, also at Madrid, Iowa. Del egates will be Linda Hoeppner Lakota, and Tom Lynch, Fenton Field work far ahead of last year in county fetf •\ ..A.,.,.. IsTATE L OF"LELA--G;-Hqf ) 7beye«sed. You are • o r r,'" l?rh day,6f Moy7'l9M,.lh§ last will ortd testament of Lelp G. HOT, deceased. Mot- Ing the dote, 6,f the 29th day <« July, 1965, wos odmitt&d to' probate M tM above homed touft and < that Harold G. Troug«f Wos opfeolnted executor Of said ' TwLthToOhMHf FOR SALE - 1985 fully equip* tied 300 Honda, actual miles 330, phone 295-2354. Can be seen at 219 W. McGregor. .»•' 40-41* CARD OP THANKS ^ 1 wish to thank my relatives and friends for the many cards and letters received during my recent hospitalization. Gerald Ferris. 40* Notice,Is further given that any oc- Hon to Set aside Said • Will must be brought In the district court of sold county within .one 'year, from the date of tho second publication of this notice, 6r thereafter be forever barred. •; Notke'lv further, given that all psrsom indebted to sold estate are requested to make -Immediate payment to the. undersigned, dnd'creditor^ having claims against sold estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as orovlded by, taw. duly authenticated, for allowance; and-unless So'.filed within Six nonths from the.'second publication of mis notice (unless. Otherwise allowed, oi oaid) such claim Shall i thereafter be for- 1V Date;j7his 17th day of May, I9e6. Harold Q. f Trauger Executor' of said Estate V • LuVerne, , Iowa , Addren r< Buchanan fr* McCltire , '• Attorneys,-.for* said Executor Algono, Iowa Address , ;• ' Date, of second publication 26th dav of May, 1966. Published in .the' Algona Kossuth Corn and bean planting is, far ahead of last year, it was reported this week by County Extension Director DeValois. Despite some wet and cold weather the past two weeks, almost 90% of the corn in the county is planted and about 10 to 15%" of the soybeans are in. "Usually, the north end of the county is the last to be' planted and although there are some areas near Swea City with, implanted corn, there. are, also some widely scattered' fields throughout the county where corn is just getting in," DeValois said Wednesday morning. Although only 10 or 15% of the beans are in, many farmers are planting this week and "they'll go fast" according to DeValois. Oats fields are also coming up. "We are far, far ahead of last year even though our we* ather has not been ideal this year," he said. golf meet Tuesday ^^ - . . '.'- .- , " • ••' 'i • ' W.~' CARD CLUB HOSTESS Mrs. L. J. Nelson entertained her card club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Milton Norton was hostess to the "Idle Hour" card club Wednesday afternoon. Above all, your wedding reflects you, down to the smallest detail. When choosing the bridal stationery for your wedding needs, let wr services guide you. Advance Publishing Co. "JUST iASJ QP €QU»THe«Sf * 4-H News WHITTEMORE BOYS Whittemore Boys met May 9, at the St. Michael's school hall. For roll call each person as ijjs name was called pinned a co>> sage on his mother. A short skit was given by Kenny Fuchsen, Tom Kollasch, Dave Besch, Kevin O'Brien, Pat Besch and Steve Detrick. Mark and Dave Besch led songs. Demonstrations were by Duane Walker and Dale Weber, Roger and Jim Walker, and Cheryl Winkel and Becky Borman. Lunch was served by the Joe Redings and Francis illlgs. Reporter is Becky Bormann. Garrigan high school won its first Diocesan golf tournament in history Tuesday as the B'2iars edged Kuemper of; Car- Y . roll by four strokes in the 10-'' 'twin, meet at Fonda. The Bears had 157 strokes,, to Carroll's 161. Others in the top five were Heelan of Sioux City 165,-fit. Edmond's of Ft. Dodge 166 and Granville Spau- Iding 174. " Bob Smith was tournament medalist for the second strar ight year (he was runnerup as : ! a sophomore) with, a 35. Brian , LaBarre of the Bears was runV nerup for the tournament with a;-37... •• •• : : :.| ; John Hamilton carded a 41 and Mark Erpelding a 44 to round out the top four, John • Bradley's 46 didn't count in the team total. JThe meet closed out the season for Coach Steve McCall's club. CRESCO BOYS Cresco Boys 4rH club met at 8:30 on May 16 at the extension office. Project papers were handed out. Peggy Sabin talked on "Care of open cuts and wounds" and Larry Rochleau on "Soil ni- rfogen cycle." Craig, Kevin and Marilyn Roethler served lunch, Reporter is Larry Rochleau. UNION ALETHEANS A tea for the mothers was given May 2 by the Union Alethean 4-H club at the • civic center. Speakers on foundation garments were Mrs. Dale and Burnadette Hilbert'of the Chrischil- les store. Each girl gave her mother a plant.-Games were led by Sue Dodds, Bonnie Kiilsholm and Linda Nitchals. Hostesses were Linda Dodds and Connie Molacek. The club met April 30 at Georgia:; Leigh's. Before the meeting they cleaned the civic center. Camp delegates were selected. Talks were given by Holly Haas, Georgia Leigh, Connie Molacek, and Mary Lou Nitch- »ls. Demonstrations were given i>y Linda Nitchals and Julie Molacek. Mary Lou Nitchals is reporter. . County Advance, May 19 and 26, 1966. Iowa, JOE FREIUINGER, Deceased. -' ' Probst* No. MSO NOTICI OF PMOIATC OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF IXECUTOKS, AND NOTICE TO CRIDITOM TO ALU PERSONS^INTERESTEO IN THE ESTATE i OF JOE* FREILINGER, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 17th day of May,- 1966; the last will and testament' 'of Joe Fretlinger, deceased, bearing dote of the 18th day of December, 1947, wos'admitted to probate in the above ndm'ed"courr'and.' : thdt Walter FreT- linger, and Alfred Freilinger were appointed executors of said estate. Notice, is further given that any action to set 'aside said will mutt L« brouqht in . ttw district court cf-;' said county within •'one year «'":« the! date of the second publlrotlon :of this notice, or thereafter >-e forever barred. . Notice is further given that all per- .ons indebted to said'. -estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having -laims against said estate shall file them with-the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for 'allowance; and unless %o filed within six months-from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be. forever barred. . Dated this 17th -day* of May, 1966. Executors of said Estate Walter. -Freilinger' Alfred Freilinger • Livermore, Iowa ; Address . McMahon & Cassel '"•• •• Attorneys for said Executors Alaona, Iowa . • . Address' : ..', .••.'•••.';. • Date of second publication 26th do" of May, 1966. . .Published ^In. the Al?ona, Kossuth Counh/ Advance, A'nona, Iowa May 19 and 26, 1966. YOUI 9DEWA1I Of SKUBTY On Contract DUPLEX— 1 btdroomand ' 2 bedroom — $6,000 — , $500 Down. 2 BEDROOM — $4,000 — $500 Down.' 3 BEDROOM — $6,000 — $700 Down 3 BEDROOM — Now — $13,500 — $1,000 Down. Under $10,000 3 BEDROOM — $9,000. 4 BEDROOM In St. Bonodict — • ' KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE WANT AD MAIL-0-8MI JUST CLIP |T OUT — MAIL IT IN Write your complete ad in the space below , . . one word only to be written in each space. Each initial and number is counted as one word. N««d Printing? th» ADVANCKk Advance 3 BEDROOM — $9,700. 2 BEDROOM — $9,900. 510,000-513,000 2 BEDROOM — $10,500. 3 BEDROOM — $13,200. 4 BEDROOM — $12,200. 513,000 Up 3 BEDROOM — $13,500. 3 BE p ROOM — $17,000. 3 BEDROOM, 8 yrs. old $14,500. 3 BEDROOM — $18,200. SEELEY REALTY CO. 17'/2 E. Stste Strest (Over S & L) Paul M. Seeley, Realtor Mark A. Soeley Of f ice Phon. 5-2350 Residence Phono 5-3174 Arnie Ricklefs & Jim Geelan 5-2491 Leo Frank! 5-5479 FREE HEARING AID OPEN HOUSE Every hard-of-hearing person is invited to attend a Special Hearing Aid Open House,' whether now wearing a hearing aid or not. DAYS OF OPEN HOUSE MONDAY, MAY 23 9 dm 5pm CASH — 7e word in Mond*y • Thyrfday CREDIT — IQc word in Monday • Thursday licutf — $1.00 Minimum Ad ^^^ MAIL TO: KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE ** Atftnt, Iowa MORE TitAH 6,flOO FAMILIES READ KQ3SUTH JOHNSON HOUSE MOTEL ALGONA - Phone 295-2441 Mif ilfCflQHIC TlfTW9. NO OIUQATION. Thf Wprld'j fiqtit fctorii.9 oidi, tiny "all in th» far" «« pewtrM "bt? Hit »Sf" If it ii impoiiiblo for you to attond our Optn Howiff coil, tht pbovo nvmbtr fpr 0 Horn* Appointment, Regular so rwr, . . it hid«$ completelx inudt yoyr tar SO WWflfW - iu*t slip it in and Thf FIDEUTY F-606 hfor aflain instantly NATIONAJ. HEARING AID CENTERS 4041-A UrMMi Avinuf DM MoiMi, I^KMI $9)19 I Will * WHJM» t« »H.nK th* ifttcUl Ht*r|nf M OHM "* * ***** national hearing aid centers » """ ««";* UrtaMSf Ay,, MKM t »-is*Q 1114.111 Aumn M.^. HEARING

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