The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1939
Page 5
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CLASSIFIED INFORMATIOIN Daily rjfe 1 per lliie ror cohsecd- (lye insertions: . • 'piie ;tlfhe 'per line 10c Two'times per line per day 08o pircc limes per line per day..-.We «!x liriici ji«r lin« jier dny..,.05ij Month rs(<! ; per line... GOo Cards of Tliaiiks. $<Jo & 75c Mi.hTmiini charge 506 Ads priiereil for. th,r'ee or six lime's silt) stopped before ex|>ira- tIdh ( wJi! be cliargccj for (lie number of tjirife Ih'e adrl appcaro! anil Wjprnent of ,bill made. All 'classified Advertising copy ilibrhltte'a by rierSiiis residuig bilt- felile of the <;lty, rfiusl, tie accom- (tanlfeA by cash, links njiy'bc easily. i-prnpiuFd frbni above table. AcjYfe'nislrig orasreti Tor irregular uijfeKions takes the brie time rate. ',,N° fesporislBlilly will be taken 'for more tliaii one iiicojrect liiser- •UBK b)f iiiy elif'slfi'ed-aci. Fctf Reiit Cool front bedroom with yirlvAtc etllrahi* to bath and oulsidc Phone 8J8-W, 621 W Walnut 28 c.k 5 5 roorn house 110 S, Franklin Mis b E Webb 1011 Hen n £1 pk 1 6 room hgUse -\\Itli bath 006 W Ash Call 19 P 21 26 O. 30 2 Wrge cdol bedrooms newly decs rated Mrs Emma Nolen 310 Walnilt &, cfc if ror Relit—Ihree room unfurhish ed apartlnent Private ball) Hot and : cbHl • water. 324 Noith 2nd. Phone 211 23 pk 30 2 room modern furnished apiil ment Prhatc alliance 108 V{ Kei.Lucks 2i pk30 1 Cqol south bedrpoii) comeillcnl lo bath 611 W Main Call 280 il ck If Comfortable bedroom 1017 Walnut 'Phone 102.; • • 15-ck-tf Cod], south bedroom Garage '?ea sonable Mrs Simmons 818 Wnl nU 5 ck tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment Newly: decorated. 914 Hcarn. a-pk 7 j Modern 3 room unfurnished apart ment Main and Second P Simon plume 75-4. .' 3-ek-U Office rooms Sudburj Building See Graham Sudbury.' ;•'. 27tf For .Sale 2 gasoline power units 14 kilowatt 110 volt D C Light Flint Five Airplane Type fans One office bare Barksdale Mfg Co phone 10 21) ck 5 Gold fish minnows Da,j and illglit E L Keilh 411 No 6lh 24pkl ">13 F Kentnckj 4 room 1 ; with bath Nenl} papered and punt e<l $JCO donn j*ajmeiit remainder to include principal interest in iurancc and taxes paiable monlhl} like renl Haivej Morris ph ni, 128 or 5Dfe 24 ck 7-'4 Green gripes fine fol Telly Phone 962 J 'Mrs Joe Kuetcr 23 ck jO Mj Stlicco hoinp and 2 acres His 5 rooms and bfith.Blocked hardwood -: floors. -Phone 252 o'r 347. Paul Bjrum 28 ck If Sweet peai «rl other cut flowers Lois Hooper, phone 305 or 7Q2. 700 dozen used fruit jars any size bave monej AKIn Hards '"la E Wain 17 ck 7 17 Cans fdr Jii" Fishing complete with straps Guaranteed wont leak 7 1 * cents each Rajmond Brooks Steele Mo fl pk7 9 Ve have a rtlimbev of attractive and desirable cottages In Blvthe vllle. we'll locatecl. which n'e can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract it Rc^ltj Co FJiorie 617 6 ck tf Dairy quality and service In Dairy products Cattle free of Bang s Disease In besl of ph>s! jil condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowcry. 902-J for Halsells Oradc A Ra» Milk Cream Country Butter But termllk, .extra or holiday orders, rnsneotlon - encouraged ahytlrrth. : ' iliiscIVs niirj Promised Land. Route t •.'^. \'"Noiieb. , , Fishing License FOB YOtJR CONYENiENCGj WE ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE YOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OUR .STORE " SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWARE CO. .•'•". Phone 35 J?qr Sale or Trade Wanted Copies of tlir} Courier News,' dated j jmie 1. WH1 jiny 5c cneh. CASH PAIIJ fo'r good 1935, 10.15 and 1937 model F<irds, PlyrfioiiUiii and Chevrolet. Phone llowai'd Burlon »l 810. Phillips Motor Co. Lost Fc'm'nie, Brlhdte Bulldog. Clipped, cars.. Baby's pet. HEVVAHD. Hugii Whltsltl. • 2G-ck-OT i Rooiii and Board Comfortable x rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Asii. Phone 993. 22-ck-tt EACH WEff' BUYS NEfeO;JEl ' "CAR '-:••£•: Appetite Man's Enemy, Declares Dr. Hciscr CLIiVULANl). o. (UP)—An Am- criciniYi. nppelllc Is ills worst cin;- ihy, bWleves Dr. Vlclor lU'lser, who nlU'iutwt the Amcilran AssoeliiUon of Indiisliliil Pliysieluus Hint Hmij- cons mee(iii|; here. "The average Americut) Is moi'6 concerned with nillni; his slonmch limn with whnt he puts in II," snld Dr. IMnw, millior of "A Uoclov's Otiy**fy. lint llu'-diiy will cbinu ivhi'ii liiey ivin tfttttM (hitt (hey »ro what ihey m i , lm | nmt Ihrlr liiMiJlli dcpwids oti Hidr loot! in- ljil;e." • Dr. lU-iBcr ' ciiid thiil lidticrr [\liniio\vs For Sale Minnows and tlshlng cnhp.s. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-0-24 Obldflsh Minnows 8. F. ftrdgdrin, 310 OUUKRTI KINNOWS & COCK ROACHES <Krl nainon Cor. RaUroad * Ky. Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN •Salesmen Wanted WANTED: MBII with car for~profitable Raiyleigh Route .Must he satisfied M-llh gooti living at start. Sales way up this year. Write Rawlcigh's., Dcpt. AKF-27-10i. Memphis, Term. Personal Tires, baiierlcs, radios, licnlcrs nnd other products for your car can be bought bti lire j : iics(ono Ihuhjci Plan for surnmiiifly liule cash ouilay nnd icniis so small you'll hardly notice them. OHTAIN HKJ.IIJK CYSTITIS (IlllliHlH'd ttliulder) A •SO-day | n ( u t fills?} A T \! K A 1 1 AilMillA), WATKIt. »ill t'osl you ii'i-y lillli) ... Ululie tills li'st yomsi'ir :inil noli' |h u i>n- jiruvfinonl, Ulslrlbntcd by Crosstown Whiskey Slvop ' \VINI«, I.KHJOK.S, • ' 1U1I S, Dirlsloii SI. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock G mi rim Iced (Jwil I>ric«* Mrby Drag Stores J. L GUAilD Optomelrisl Only • liriiiiualc Oiildinc- Irisl .In llljiiicvlll... (Jliisscs filled Correctly THEY GO! llsnl (I;,,- in!,.,.., lower 'Miiiii (Isuiil—nlilrli imsins Lowirsl In liiuit. '•'il Clii'v. Coii[ic ........ !f7H WF) Km-il TiMiir ...... Sia.'l •Ml) I'lird )HO. Tiiilur . .'$iii)r> ':i7 Ford Tiulor ....... $;)75 'III diov. y t Tna'k....!.5.ia '.'Hi l''ord I'icli-up ...... ?'2;I5 "M I'-ord Sidiin |) r |'y . .$2!I5 W. r ). Cliei'. I >/i 1,. \V. l{. '' M7 Clicv. -iMiisttr 1K-I. ,Sc- '.'IS Clicv. IMastor Dl-l. CllilCll ............ .; I'rli'cs sliisiit'd Hi move tlirs« I'iti'H. Ttike n<li':nilii^i; cf tln. sc cuit-tif- tliL-nnlliuiry U.Wil Cur Vcilucs. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. lire "jyiiiipiy Ilia call of nn- tiirc for 6oiiicllilM B jicwlcil by (ho .system, "lint Insleiiii of c,il|n« .vvoll-lwl. nuccd ruiions lo provide linn necil, a iiiiui noes out and Illh up on uleiU mid potnluos. 'J'iiiil willsflos the lininjor, but It rtucsn'l 1111 Hie ncud." H«»r Ciwtfs Aillii "(ilitsl" BALINA.S, Cul. tUl'j-r'nu'ru 1 was some JuslllU'iilloM lev nmnei'iiui, leloiilionliii; the sherlli's lluve Viiiu 1 Iliij; ViU'i'lmiU'il AH;\|HS( KnMvn Di F. J. Weitz ofllcc HIM ii iiTilto "ghost" In .n mitotiioWlo H.IS uitiiilifi; nm-.k oft the hlslns.-iy />JH) dacl already Minppcd fcl\ k'lephone jiolci In f|"lck iiU'tLSilcn 'ihc Uierm fmi C( | to, capUirc the ,"ghost," but was aljlc lo ascertain Dial a caik of .Hour had been torn C |icn 111 ih 0 [lUlomoblle. j , , NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 I'V Promiit f,(i(i!i(lry niul Clcnuing Scrvlct HEMORRHOIDS Cui'c'd \VHlwul Stivgcry, iihil (!iiiiviintecd A very siifc mid huriiihvis melhixl; vvltlimil rantliiviiienl. lo bed, \ws of lime Iroiu work nnd with very Hllli: dlscomfoit, All types of piles, lls.sures, IWuhis, cK\, tiralcd by our.olllco MS.- NIKS & Main Bljllicvllle, Aik. Kli\v I.uraifd lit lUl Nmili yi' ADDING MAGHJNE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU All 'Mnkui »r Iti'liullt 'l';|u',«i|[i'is, Aildlii;; si.u'hlnca and rs— ilejiiili IIIK— 1'nrls— K SAFETY'S SAKE! UHAD THIS AD See us »inl hil\^t H.ive dilayj h'.ive (loul)le! Ilcfiirc gclnir'tK >anr x.ic^llun or (Mng. mu\w (rips, let us cluck llic follow liig: Danger Points Cooling System »ud Vt\n Dell (Jeiii'tiilor, UnlU'i'y, Ktcvtrfval System Jlrakc Clutch Gear, Wheel Alignment I)i(Teiviilj!il mid Transmission PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'hbrw lit 1'ctlal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off Ihc bile, lo rid yourself of constipation, ghs pmns and that sour, junk feeling. Take one. box of KIKBV'S A«TIVF LIVFR THIS »c Hi all Klrby Stores. Sujici 11 A I nine Idiill LONDON (UP) —.A Hoyal Air force phne with T spied cf more than 500 in.p.h. is being bulk jit Heston. It will be Great'Britain's answer" to; the German claim of 463 mph ^n Ihc Helukel machine which ciplnrcd the speed rcccrd from Italy Ihc plane i Superma- nnc Spitfiie «ith a specnl KOIIS- Royce eiwlnc will be rcvdy for test lii two months. LAWN MOWERS Sharpened factory method adjusted oiled—Picked up & delivered ?1 Used Lawn Mowers For Sale. ATKINS Machirie Shop & Oarage Liiten to the Voice a/ V/rcitone, iMor^- tiiataf.i over Natfomritfe N. If, C Uett Nf/r«rf Tuneinilic I'iteslonc Vniccof itt« FarniHatifr ProsrJm iwicc eatb week Juiinj* noun Iiou PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Gtli & Wiilnut Nincty-clglil per cent of Ihc loin! weight, of a. tin c.-in is siccl, Hie olhcr 2 per cent bclnu Ihc coaling of pure tin. Weil Optometrist "HE iUAKKS 'K8! SKK Over Jne Is;wis' Sltiro Phone, 511) *faam*mmm*mmn —-PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurale Your I'resciiplioii Druggist Fowicr Drug Co. Main & First Piiiiiie 111 SOLDIERS' FAVORITE ACTRESS HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured vaudeville star, 10 High. 12 To Eurrerirler. 13 French chalk. 15 Assessment armninf. 17 To dress. 18 Form of •be" !3 Bevcrarje 21 Hail an em. 22 Plilral pronoun. 23 Pointed end. 25 Ream (abhr.). 20 Din ing the World War, she was ah nrmy 31 Pique. 32 Bank clerk. 33 To subsist. 34 Made o£ oalriieal. 36 Measure of priril. 37 Ndrlh Africa. 39Spaiiu _ 41 Drone i;ee. Answer to Previous. I'liizlc It Nalive ot H Rib. IGSanclions. 171tcpaid. 20Slic Is-'—. by birth. 22 Uneasiness. 2-1 Mandate. 26 To rcc°de. 27 Self. 28 To peruse. 20 Maple tlnub, 30 Edso. 35 To loo', gently. 3E Excuse. •13 Nois.;- quarrel. 45 Male occupant of Eden. »!6 Tnlcrnnlional call, tor at sen. •17 Bine araw. '18 God of love. 51 To tear stitches. 52 Yellow IniRle. 55 Thrcc-lo'cd .. sloth. 57 Musical noie. 42 Postscript. 43 Brilisii Columbia. •li Exiills. 47 Saticcrlike vessel. v !9 Accomplished. 50 Part. 53 Pursued. 54 Sheep's call. 56 Forest -Irecs of a retion. 57 To pull. 58 She is an expert imitator o.- 59 Tiny vegetable. COTIicalcr pathwny. VERTICAL 1 And. 2 Classical . language.. 3 Dross. 4 Sick. C She ctl on the stage as^ child. 7 Cleanly. . 5 Ijaf.y (iciKOti. 9 Southeast. ., Suburban grocery anci market tor | sale or trade. Well located, cslab- j lishcd. blisiness. Write """ " D ' c/o Courier News. Box "P', 28-cfc-tf Found Arkansas 1039 1-2 ton truck license. Number 214-545. Owner may have IjcciiSe by paying cost of this att. courier News. I5Y PKKD HAKHIAN Mm -n?Y -fo f\bnf LEGAL, LIKE You SAY, Blir JUDG6 RUM AWAf--- NOW ETTLII-I aoo« POWOCR It) 0LDW PAH/ AAlD AS CAf?KMES6 RED CAUTjOOSl.'f .APPROACIICS •MORGAN'S VOL) ,5AV 1 CAM DC1VE TO WllHlMA OR IHE BKyoGE WHERE VET; BUT IT AWT wo USE LCOk.lKl' FOR, HIM ACOLJkjD THESE PARTS MY GOSH,..AMD ALL Tl-llS TIME L'VE THE'LAST / J KWQW.'BUl I'M *IE HEARDA LOOKIkJO FOC. I-IIS HE \\'AS A, \ &IRL FRlEMD THOLJSAWO MILES FRCM -, HERE THE FVIAK1TQ\A APP AWOTHEn. OKJE Of- TVIEM GOI--DAkl6EP FIRST TURNED UP ? BEUfeVE THERE IS HY RDGMl MARTIN tiOW.MOW ,W . V V.MOW VASII TUHIJS Carol l)isai)|irovc.s f!Y ROY CUANK Hooll OUT-CUT IWfcH JUST60T I / 6REAT oaru- ronu \ -roini ^~- J ^[ OPPORTUUtrV r ,,l. ,.\ rOPTHE SOV, 60l1\f;0. \ ("April HOHW. rr- ^ ONR L H IPPA-HUI.N IS OWE OF THOSE -soum «EA WHERE THE MOW OM EARTH UCE. WASH IS TO 6ET CHUWWy WITH THEM IEA.CH THEIR. BEAlj-TV -SECRETS TOR oop. COSWETICS/ ouw 1 O l*>< • WA^H.' HAVRE ITS A/ IWH^MSE. I. l\MAT 1 WOMAH'i MTUmqU, BUT J^. CAROL.'• ICOUUD IIAVB A FEELIM6 TllXt K. V IIAPPEU DREADFUL / ^TTf TO A f EUA WILL IIAPPEM.' / ' '/-\'W APlACf LIKE MiWY HULA? things Gn Wrong HIS'FRIKNDS LOOKS TO MB LIKE WE'RE TRAVQUNS LIGHT FRCM H6R6 IM / THOSE JL'u. GEr evEM /ILL COME BAC< WERE e MUNTIMG SEASOU AMD M Ate E YOU-'AMD ALL WTO A .COAT' THEY CANT tx> DID SEE MP.JON65 ABOUr THE tbii WONT MAV= THAT Ta US/ I'LL. T TO «I7S tr TO HIM— GUY A piece OF MY MIND.' HEU. TRAOS YOU FOR A piece OF HIS' ,Tt> ANYTHING ABOUT IF/ WE Sot

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