Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on May 25, 1989 · Page 46
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 46

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1989
Page 46
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STREET EOiTiOJ STATE EDiT13?J 1)8 The Arizona Republic Thutuday, May 25, 1989 On The Air ASU games to be aired on KXEG By Bob Cohn The Arizona Republic When Arizona State Athletic Director Charles Harris learned the first two ASU baseball games in the NCAA Northeast Regional would not be aired live by KTAR radio, he was, shall we say, irked. "I felt very strongly we owed it to the folks who support us to give them the opportunity to follow the games," he said. Harris and KTAR General Manager Jim Taszarck discussed the matter and what do you know? Today's game against George Washington University (10:30 a.m.) will be broadcast after all. So will Friday's game. Not on KTAR, but on KXEG (1010 AM). KTAR will broadcast Saturday's game. If the Sun Devils are playing Sunday, their game could be at 7 a.m., in which case KTAR would carry it. If they play in the second game, KXEG gets it, because of the Suns game on KTAR at 12:30 p.m. Sonic listeners have reported trou-. blc receiving KXEG. But the alternative was four updates an hour on KTAR during the games, and nothing else. KTAR still will air the updates in addition to the play-by-play on KXEG. Meanwhile, the Arizona baseball team might appear on ESPN, which is televising West Regional I games from Tucson on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and . Monday at 5 p.m., if necessary. ' Copping a contract The brand new Copper Bowl in Tucson will be televised by the TBS cable network. Jim Trahcy, TBS vice president of acquisitions, told the Arizona Daily Star that Dec. 27 or Dec. 31 is being considered for the game, to be played at Aiizona Stadium. The prospective kick-off time would be 6 p.m., he said. "The main reason we like those dates is there are no other bowl games up against it," he said. Larry Brown, president of the Copper States Sports Foundation, said with the TV deal, the bowl is closer to its goal of paying $825,000 a team. Rating the Suns Make of these numbers what you will: ; In their first three playoff appearances' on CBS, the Suns generated ratings of 3.8 (Game 1 vs. Golden State), 4.8 (Game 4 vs. Golden State) and 18 (overnight ratings, Game 1 vs. the Inkers). The 3.8 and 4.8 ratings were the two lowest-rated CBS playoff telecasts this year. The average rating on CBS for the first three playoff weekends (the - Suns weren't on the first weekend) was 6.4. Hqwevcr, a CBS spokesperson said those two games were played on Saturday. Usually, the Saturday view-ership is less than on Sunday. Also, Game 1 of any series is less frequently watched. In the Suns' five playoff appearances on TBS, the ratings fall between 2.6 (Game I vs. Denver) and 4.5 (Game 2 vs. the Lakers), for an average of 3.4. The TBS average is 4.0. Chicago-Detroit on Tuesday drew a season-high 7.6 rating. More talk , KAMJ Sportsradio 1230 is slowly expanding its programming. The station now has two talk shows. Dave Eddy, who formerly did a show in Wickenburg, began this week. On most weekdays, Eddy will be on from 1 to 3 p.m., followed by Dave Tunell, whose program runs until live baseball begins. Dial 241-1230. KAMJ broadcasts Padres and Yankees games and occasionally picks up other games in the event of rainouts. Eddy said the station might add more games, depending on availability. The station starts its daily schedule at 7 a.m. with a one-hour sports report. The tape is repeated until 1 p.m. Because KTAR has the Suns, Sportsradio 1230 will broadcast the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday at 8 a.m. (Channel 3 is televising it). And if Calgary and Montreal play a Game 7 for the Stanley Cup, it will air Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Was this choice necessary? There might be plenty of seals available for the Cubs-Reds game at Wriglcy Field on Saturday. An hour earlier on CBS (Channel 10, 10 a.m.), the Bulls play the Pistons in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. NBC told the Cubs to switch their scheduled night game to a day game to accommodate the telecast. The Cubs complained, but were powerless. Why the switch? Because it looked as if Reds Manager Pete Rose would have his much-anticipated meeting with Commissioner Bart Giamatti. Selling the public on Foreman's ring comeback is a big joke PHOENIX vs. LAKERS (At Los Angeles) ' All Locations Available VIPTJCKETS ' (800)442-33t! SELLING, from page D 1 recovering those moments when he was the most feared puncher in the heavyweight division. It's an attempt you would prefer to ignore. Foreman was one of the great heavyweights. In a recent interview, trainer Angclo Dundee ranked him seventh in the history of the heavyweight division. It is a memory worth keeping. The comeback, however, forced an unfortunate revision. Foreman will be remembered for what he has done lately. It just hasn't been pretty. You only can wonder why a man with a family would attempt such an undertaking. War stories and jokes about waistlines are all anybody expects from our retired warriors. But Foreman insists he's not joking. That makes me nervous, because he's about to step into the ring with a different class of fighter. They are deadly serious. Consider Cooper. He wouldn't scare Tyson. Nobody docs. But Cooper's record is 20-4. At 27, he is at least 13 years younger than Foreman. We can't be sure. Foreman says he's 40. According to Ring magazine he's 41. At forty-something, he's vulnerable to more than just a bout of middle-aged crazy. Fighters suffer serious injury at younger ages. The prospect of a middle-aged man falling to the canvas because of a devastating knockout is not pleasant. to the mind's eye. It can happen. "Cooper throws a wicked punch," says Phoenix fight promoter Steve Eisner, involved in the promotion. Eisner's involvement and the Arizona State Boxing Commission's licensing of Foreman are a complete reversal. Two years ago, both said Foreman wouldn't fight in the state. He had attempted to schedule a bout here. But 17 victories convinced the commission Foreman was worthy of a license. Eisner says he's confident the bout will be a good one, Foreman's first test. Nevertheless, Eisner's comments still leave reason to be skeptical. Two years ago, he said Foreman looked like a balloon at a parade. Today, he jokes about Foreman's comeback -record. "Forget about those other guys," Eisner said. "Forget about credible. Those other guys were just victims." So why does anybody in Phoenix bother with the bout? Eisner concedes finances are a consideration. "But I also really want to see Foreman fight somebody," Eisner said. Maybe, Eisner's ambition is fair. And it might be unfair to write off Foreman. Roberto Duran was given little chance from this seat at ringside. Then, the 37-year-old boxer made a fool of me and several other writers with a magnificent victory over Iran Barklcy. But there are too many chances that Foreman's 18th stop on the comeback trail will go awry. Phoenix boxing received a long awaited dose of credibility Sunday with Lo-iie Espi-noza's draw with Jorge Paez and Michael Carbajal's victory by a knockout. Nobody joked about those bouts. I only hope everybody laughs at the Foreman fight The promise of any thing serious is a bad one. 1 530 W. BELL RD. SSBSS ffi GLASS BELTED WHITEWALLS SMALL CAR RADIALS ECONOMY STEEL RADIAL fm;:-?M $fl99 $Mft99 0mm. JM;W Ji EJ mveoB-ta IJW155R-12 pwwhms MM. 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