The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1934
Page 6
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I'ACiK SIX SHiNElFI DIZZY NEWS NITi 'Mm nCl'i Formidable Contenders for|A(lmilling They're Boll - • County Championship Armory The Slumicc Indians and the Iltylhovllle Chicks meet on Ihn nrmory court here Friday nli:ht in n sumo thai it cxtxwlrd (o go n t'me ways toward delcrminlni! the likely winner of the county lour- lif-v later in ihc season. The Sha-*nee iniint will invade P.l'.-lheville with a record of .seven losses and two wins ninl including wines wlih Tyronxa and Wilton which will lie past hlslorv by the time the Chicks and Indians meet). So far (he Shnwnee team has lost only to Jonesboro and Tniinani). two of the fastest trams in Ihe district nnd boih names were close. On liie strength of n victory over ihe Jouo.sboro Hurricane "nrl an even splii In hvo gamcn with Ihe classy Weiner auei-epfilion the Chicks will probably be Installed as slight favorites over Hie Shawnee troupe. However Sluwiue teams in all sportr. have rapidly forged lo tlie front under the In- j lorship of Johnny Bnrnelt and u' victory for the visitors Friday] iiiulu would nol be so \iuexpecied. Shawnec follows iu uame here with the Chicks with two con-; tosls with Weiner at Shawm-pi school. Joiner, Saturday. ! Co.icli W. D. McChirkin ha.s! been working his charges hard j since last week's games with Wei- I ner and the Chicks should be : ready to shoot the works agaln.sii the South Mississippi county aggregation. The Chicks sinned a' remarkable comeback when Weiner Saturday night nfler loshn; by almost 20 points In sin afternoon game. i Good, DiVy.y New Records (or Pair. |) rcdicls : BV FKKI) I'llKfd I'rcss Sljifl Oim-spiindnilj CHICAGO <UP) -Take lirnnchl n-rkry's word mr i:. :i tot ol Na-1 t.unal Ij-anue ci'ib an- Koinij in! "i.fc double" iir-:< summer. Irn! Ije " Ixsui" bttitln r.s • 1'anl and Dizzy. It'll Ix 1 the :•:,:,u>i( "brothei'" under '.hi nl. m;> since the .•higglnx Wunrr lumbers, i'auli nnd l.loyd, bfcai.a- ihc 1 untlli-ld! ND uis rimoxns I UNDERSTAND THAT TIIS M r GOOSCY BOY, FRECKLES, ANU FPIEND MUTTY To TEST THEIR ,.,HW M/.CHIWF-; TCMCPPov/ BE FOR 'EM, HOOk 1 SII/KER VlU LlkE TO oun LOCAL BOYS E GOOD, BY CRACKY!! ) STOVE I.E/UJUK! rr.T^^-Jp^l—UyMyML:!!' i; ' ;il IN A COMPANY /• THAT MADE ONE-PRONGED - j • PICKAXES FcftLIFmr J^ ~- m ' MAfl-HOLE COVERS' '"<'<-, 1 KNEW A FELLER, ONCK,WHO TRIED TO GRAFT PINK RlBEOH OH PURSER PLANTS, ffl TO GROW l.AD'.ES ' f~\ 3 GARTERS ' ..... ........ Ijy TI.I TELL Y^J WHAT i \~ IKH THOSE Bcii's V.'OULO PHCHOCPAPM PECOSD \ Keel Prohlcni lo tlie Pur Rnsi. Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher I'uvx nils liS Ilonu-rs It may be a ui' early lo no lo bat with Oils one. but having it on one's chc.--l one feels thai one should Bt-i i: o''s jus', this: Jnmes Emory Foxx viil break Babe iiulh's record of 60 home runs vide open this jvr.r, making G9 h'lne runs. IIer:-V how one flr- :ues nt Hint inexorable conclii.sion: Cast year rox.x c:iO his Cleveland i'fiUin'jf ):, ;:;• ,nu:lcipal stadium, .1 vast domain ii> which a homer was practically Impossible. ..this ;ear Foxx will do his Cleveland I batting n. old Le:.i>iie part where j i right-h.inrtecl home run Is within the bounds- of reason., .let. usl me Fox.x s;v?n homers in Clcve- lai.d wliere he none to year. Thanks In L'omisVey Foxx went to bai in Chicago at I'omiskey park h. u x aiiu.\s last year...but the owners of the premises, (lteatisu>,.' with the rate at which their Mr Simmons was 1 .-"Phing the apple over the old led hold barrici-, have moved home plate up to accommodate nlm...not only' . 1r .- they thercny 1'ciplng Simmons bill arf Inviting lawsuits filed by Ihe kin ol slain customer.-, in ih P | c f t i- lt . lrt Hands inline-Nate!.: after Jimmy rc*x complete-, his batlini; chore ...Id us hasten n ;.tiu seven more homers lo Kox.x's 19,14 inti-ntial- rties and thank Mr Comiskey for his thoughtfiilnesf. <-,,„,, basebal' was illegal in Philadelphia last -ear, so Sunday '- -!> Miicnulea nl the Sliibe pnrk oandbox had lo 1,0 Inken to the opponent Shite park is as lovely a rendezvous for right- landed home run hitters as Welfare Island has be>n for financinllv cm-barra!;,ctl tlmy;...playing 'on j-indnys at homo. Foxs shoviW hit at least six more homers, t^ci-c lieing \-> Bamrj , al hol|lc ,,„ I laycd cisenhere Ins', year. * * • khi'.tcin Answers It Now let us scsl; w.l a malhcma-, '.ician and prescrt our problem! ...Einstein >vovld ije n ooort guy :nd he's right, here in this conn-' H;i now...we'll sn:d Ollr carrier I'lgcoai . . . come Prancer! Ccme Donder and Blitzen!-...ibus- iness of rilspatch'-np police dogs) ..Well, well, heiv you arc back •ready. Let us upon the paper affixed to the reiser's lc» and !ro the answer. . _ Mr. Einstein say.? 48 pli:s 7 plus | plu.s 6 equal OS! Marvelous' KM \vel" go the piofessor one bct- -rr nnd make it GQ -just for "ood neasure...thas, i:, , hjs yfni T f 334 Jimmy Poxx will bash out OD home runs. cv:ifcding by nine lour-base knocks Bi-bc Ruth's rec- rrd of SO . . . That wasn't so 1'i-rd. was il? •slars of the "in-b.iii;h I'iralr.s. i Rickey, vice nrpiirit-nl nnd ucn- i i ~U mummer o f u,,. s t . i. tn i|. s | '.mi the National Uauitr- pentianlj i.nd lie offers jusi mo i,'u; ( uis.! tin aforfmeniinnw'. IVnn brother;. "Ui//y is tli-j «v<:ii",i plu-ln-r in •he ieatur today,- Hjr-kr-y s:iu|. -I l"nk for Paul in M. i-vc-n Ijcitr-r.' Jietwwn ihiMi tlicv'il win 4(J CMiii-s for us '.hh (-ca-Mi." i Holh nre pnxhui.. 1.1 Hie Card-! iiials' cxii'ii.s:\u 'Tiuin" .••ystein.: 1517/y — his :tllrii(i:vr wile rail, I him Jeronrj lli'rii'an — came nji' ii.;iu Iloiisuin. Tcci.s l/'a^ne, ai the cfineliision nf ,^s yeaj 1 In . orxuniwd baseball i- That wj-. in 11?o. l(«,kir- Dean v.i-nt in tu faci! Ire Pirates In [hf final (jam 1 . 1 rji tin- H-SFOII. Althutcih viciuriou.s it aliK-i broke his l:''arl because tl-.. Pirute.s (jot thru- hits-all xivjlri-ni! him. I)l//y came b:i. k in ihn fard- iJ-r.K in 19.12 ,111,1 !„( the |ca B i,e in MiikroiiLs. He r(-|X'atfd in l!Kt:i sinei likewise scl ,1 new majoi !L::I![IC rciwrd by Mriklirj nut. n Cubs In one '(jamrr. No one ever ye'.- nil a:pniiii;nl •Mil oi Oi-x/.y by itlllnii him how i^otl he L'i. .'In talks al:o:it tile Di-an brothers by 'he limn- Next to himself he i:-ies Paul for litchlne ability. "Paul is going in be the sensation of the l.eneue," Diw.y believes. : -He'|] win |fi or 20 mimes. I'll count. 20 tci L 1 .". my.srlf. I v;on ?.'! isnme.s last scisjon it'nd'l know I can pass t'mt figure. 11 Dizzy Is the talkative member tl (he family. H-'s the only man 1:1 baseball who ran slrm sitiiug Uown. Paul is :iuicler. He ha.s con- fdtnce backed up by his reconl (is the leadini! pudicr of the Aiiicricnn As.socln'.tcn while with Columbus lust sK,-,on. Both have SIWI-L liie winter in Florida, hunting, fishing, swimming, playing eo!f inul otherwise living a. carefree Hie of n winter visitor. Paul is n bachelor nnd likes la "sten out" socially. "Wauer brothers- Unh!" Dean ihc Dl/ny shouts "Smith broth-' ITS! The Dean brc;hers will tuck 'in oil liie map this .summer How can they s;n;> u s?" I.nok lo Km The only HsLii; t:lli- l.y n Hebrew U t;.c —snd if Max Baei uels his ell night life, tlvd division Le lieaded by a. Jtw. never won ™ Noun Webster's "Old nine Hack Ffi'lli't" Ins had a larger sale and 1ms been in use longer limn any ellier Ameiiccin teMbook — more lhan 150 years. Brings Gandhi's 'Light' to U. S. Film S;»r Was C.rrk CAMBRIDGE. Mass (UP)_Bc- fcre she skyrocketed to film fame Margaret Sullavan clerked m the Harvard Co-op, and many students remember her as tlie dispenser of helpful hints when they were picking Chrtatmas or birthday present* for their girl friends. Oberlln was the first co-educa- tlona! .college In This is not an artrancc man for Ihe nudist movement, saaking a 61 Rht concession 10 mortesty witti fohe and 'nlncloth. It's a iravelini; ili$cipic O f Mali.itina Gandhi — traveling light— Wii- iam Harrison Goodell. arrlvii ]R In .Sew Orleans trom Panama, 10 Hvlnr" ^f°' fe} 0( "* lm » ] * living In this country. Anrt h. hopes that It <»«>. u>->- : New and Lighter Diesel : Relief System Operates Engin e _Is Developed;Without Expense to Town EXPLODE AJ-TER !T HAD B ECf , . Hi;Pl'AI.O. N. V. c'Ji'l l),'U'!o|i- I-H at »f ii nc'w ,'Jlesi'l I'liBjiK- MI n'liuml in wciglil anil si«' ;is iu |)< nun ulniDit [he ulllnKir.o in ^li'.i;ii!ini]iK iiiul clieiUJf-r D;IL-I:I: i'(.:, ol land, sr-;;' iiud ali cnift'. h:i.s i-c-rn iiinionncrd by C'Jiiirlcs A. 'fi;iiul. |iro:,l(h-nt or tin; Kic'rlin^ I-'iiL-inc Ccjn|};it]v. Ailaptnliiliiy ill (iif! engine 10 Mvrumlini'O IIHSKCS nml |i:i»ci!'[r:- i nurlK's. Heel niiiiilir! crhfi :.rul iijj|]liint.-.s ii iierinitli-d by it-, i.-:)i)i- [i.n-1 conMriicllon which is n\i- lalnccl In pan ihrmixli Uu- :ilj- si-iice nf crankshaft.s. cninshiifis, cylindn- heads .valves and (••, l:n- tler hcnd c^skels. The niglnc will run on ihi- !nw- i-st grades o f f,,,,^ ctjmpnny ..m.;. iii-ers Mild. ui'.<l will i>ffci.i :, T.> \:i-r cent rcdutlinn in furl cu,t. The v;elBht jicr horscpowi.!- cil ih<; new lijcso! mi«-j h-om i:; u 211 pounds. dr|»i]di'()l 'upon iln- &•"• of (lie jxHviT unit as m-tiiiis'. UH- SO to SO iwuntl PIT horsi'iiinvi'r in the' conventional nic-sol. i NEKNAll. Wis. IUP)_ N , 'i:nf-inplojmeiH relief system Ins vciked effectively (or more ihan •Hr:« years u'itl o,,t expense lo ihc coinmiinliy. conimlUte or leading indu. 1 ;. .....sis and pufessional men -. ••JiliagMl an expeil in relief work, ;C*.!irc D. Repahl, late in 1931 and ;twid us salary ...,d mniiuaincd :;:i ollicc lor him. Unemployed me., were mil •« •«rk in a hu^e vigfinblf B ardc>i Msi summer. A c.-i-nlni5 plant was established nnd women o! utiem- l'!oy«l families were engaged wlulc their hu.sK-Kls took care lllfl ramily ' - !««0 in 10M Ihc -ii.,- -, s HH92H Alxmi 200,000 can:; of vegetables; Other oitie-- h-i'v -en 1 - i••nrrsent-i ' M'l-rc sold for dist:.'butian 10 the lives here to de'ini-nn- if ii-. •i-udy of nlher c|.-« after eiw.wi plan w . oll!d mn .y ].,, "„.„ c . „ set :iside lo n.eel ih« needs j tensive '•i.-ijc '•)f (111 1 iiuligflU lli-c durhl'4 llle ; " vimer. The cost of [he prnjee.j •us rcluvneil lo :!-.; city through I Greater London ha.s increased in Almcsl :us w.'lcomc- to Ihe Japanese see si Kioiip of .Ji.panew Chaplins w:iy; of iidverllsing a as reiiorts from Hie Manchmian i.'irlle Chaplin p'cuire. Here you innickiii 1 ; tlu- fn:i:s in Tokln by new Chapli:i niir. Named in Royalist Attempt at Revolt P NSWERS With the discovery of a Royalist Plot Id resim-o n nionarcliy m f ranrc, llio iiauir? of Due de Cnlsu (above), ims ngtiln rninc into i!n< liinclltlit. Tlir Due. i ho wlnclivii pr.neiider to tlu ihn>i:e. WQ:, ,' u - |iorii:il in have si veil Inslriictioim tor me lioyaltst iloi in I'firls iu wlilrli moro llian l.dni) iirrsuns ljaitlo.1 police. He Is .11 iircseiu in cslle In " today's MEL '^*:o . '•5 jr»CO«V 'WJt •iKj^m$i ~^£fe$ •^o^j LW*^ ' ~ Tlie .Toluistowii (Pa.) flood oc.-iirreil in ISM. Tilt DRI.TA 'i'HK'I'A is ihn largest colleKi Irainniily. The larsest i-ily in :<,•}»-;< •-];;: Tin 1 avr-ratje horse can r-xrrt on y jiboin three-tonrilis of a I:o:-sc(i • r/» last Time Today Slat. 2 ::)(). Nile (\-AS, Hl-25c 10-35c SIX BIG STARS 'EASY TO I'avamonin- rrc Tnni IlnwnrrT Coined v ROXY W lf n2 l TI !f s ^ Thursday & Friday! Ni(e «:'!;-,. in-2f,c I.MAT.—10-25c MT1C—!(!..'{r,,- Tin- prison doctors rom;lil to! =;ivc his life, f«>r Hip jmlnt'i h;ut decreed thai he must tiie: 'n Ihr electric chair! 'Strange Justice' * gripping dram;-, nt hiim; m ] ream caught ii- the ruthless : "nchincry of Ihc law. witi: j 'MARIAN MARSH RKCINAM) DKXNV i RK'HAHD UKNXKT1' NORMAN FOSTKR , > She wanted to kiss and forget POX NKWS - - COMRDY Comedy Plenty of Comedy! Many Laughs! ! Tonic and see your own anil, your friends' pictures, lil'oi ^i^e on the movie screen. Did von see the cameraman'.' I'nssihly he j;ot yon! Come and Laos)! at Votirself Are You a Movie Star? ...unlil l*o desperate kidi taught her unfor- g«llo ble love . . . HORSE IH "/?// '"ffy} yJUofilis A forono^l ?.!(„,, K ., s CARTOOX - - COMKOY capital til Caudiirs Agency Writes Fire, Theft, Tornado, Pronerty Damar.', Liability, Collision, Burglar;. Life, Accident, ami the varioiii other fonns ot INSURANCE and 13ONDS. We can write pa rm Pro]>erty. All business apprc'-latcd and Losses paid promptly, phone 797. 'he .sale of the pvwlncc. 'I ile cfxsl of po\ir relief hi thU c;ly of 10.WK) iKij)'.'hition vns Slii,- liopulalion by moiu than two mil- 9. when the COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS OUR AD-TAKER WILL BK ftl.AI) TO HKLI' YOU Phone 306 Need of Enduring Such Tortures of Pain Wlicn you've Inkcn whalcvcr yon hnppcn lo have .imnml Ihc for your ], W i<l:.dit- or ,, : ,i,i, nil( ] . s( j|| M k{ . C|)S rj( , ]]t on liurlms :u«l iortnring y<ni, yon hurdly know wliaf lo do next. Pcrl,ap.s yon art- o,,c of Ihr ninny W 1 IO f Pcl | ikc f])ry havc , 0 be:..- .1 null] if wears ilself onl. Well! Yo» (lo,i'( ] 1: ,vc In lorhirc yoursell hkc llutl any more. Lending denlisis and physicims arc l.rescnljini; n new (•(•mjjoiind which will ],ri n » you relief jusl as dependably as a nairolic, yel il is nol a habil'/onnina drug. After yon have inkcn (lie first two tahlcls you will fed the pain KohiS away, nerves calm down, and thai awful depressed fcelm* lifted from you. ll is ealled MonoPiria Coui|)ound, nnd you can gel it by jusl asking for il by ihal name at any drug slore. Ilcnicmbcr Hie name—MnuoPirin KIRIiY DRUG CO., Distributor EVIDENCE OF PURITY INSTITLTFE 01- INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Laboratories REPORT— I have jml com (on,,, lo ,h. highw sundjrd comprehensive analysis of lliis iBKy and in my opinion h m to before me W'ASHINGTON, D. C. t and t " „ „.,

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