Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1966
Page 11
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J 1 frlUMbAY, MAY ' AiMNA "" i i iiM.***tti-t-i! M i H1 tn M 11 i M H i tn it 11 rttt I i t« Around Algotut »y ONIETA DIDRIKSEN Phane 295-2605 .1 mi .H~H..>..fr*.H-H-1 t t !• I 11 I I t H4 !• I 1 !• N -H-H-I- 14 1-1 i I i t"t Dr. and Mrs. Dean P. Keeb were visited over the ^e^kend by the latter's parents, 'Mir. and Mrs. Dave CeCook, of Sigoiir- ney. Kolp's. parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1 ' ' Haas, of LaCrosse, Wis. A potluck supper at the George Scuff ham home Sunday honored Mr. Scuffhatri on his birthday which was tlie following day. In attendance besides Mr. and Mrs. Scuffham were: the Cliff Behschoters arid son Arlen, the John Scuffhams and son Johnny, the Jim Scuffhams with Kimberly and Kevin, Lola and Ivy Scuffham, Janet Scuff- ham and Leann Helriiers, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pooch, Livermore, and Mrs. Wagner, Whittemore. Saturday and Sunday guests at the Jim Kolp home were Mrs Ntva Steven, Dorothy Muck- etf,, Alice Reding, and Marj Peterson were hostesses Saturday Tt a bridal shower honoring Aim Seger who was home from th& State University for the weekend. Among guests from out of town < were the hohoree's sisterj Ruth Lean ea gh , Ames \ their aiirit, Mrs. Clarence Ar- mintroUt, pes Mollies; Mrs. Jas. Bargman, Rodman, and Mrs, Jar mes Kessin, Whittemore. f<jf sur'gery oft the tahil : $& ''fHiiAlt nesday where it was necwsafy to sew tendons and place the arm in a cast. Mrs. Asa Jfode there Tuesday With Mi*. R. O. fijusironi who alsd had an at* pointhient at the Clirtic. Mr. and Mrs, Don Ntlion drove to Manchester on Saturday and remained for Mother's Day with their daughter ^nd her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Simmons, Bill Bourne drove home from tbwa City for the Mothers' Day Weekend and was accompanied by Ann Seger and her fiance, Roger Wright. Both Roger and Bill are first year medical students at the State University. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lathbrook left this morning for Hackensack where they will visit the Bernard Bodes, their daughters Mrs. ,J. B. Asa cut the Index fi'riger of her hand more than two weeks ago, the cut became infected and has caused her a great deal of trouble. She and her husband drove to Rochester Friday and a date was set SUNDAY At ALtoNA THlATRl Cunningham. Met son, Keith at- lends WSstnW College at Le MafS atid they had lunch With him fehroute. • ••. Outits over the tfttfekend at the GlettH Seger home were: Mr. and Mr$.< Clarence Afmitt' troUV Des Moinefs: Mrs. Larry Leaneagh and children, Airtes; .Roger Wright, Waverly, and Larry Leaneagh, Chicago. The Leaneaghs have sold their homfe in Ames arid Mrs. Leaneagh is flying 1 to Chicago tills week to help her husband look for living quarters there Where he is rnoW employed by 0oss Printing | Co. . Unexpected meetings can take place in far away places these days of travel. On Sunday, May 1, Mrs. T. C. Hutchison who is on a tour of the Pa- Thuf*d«y, May 19 2 p.m. _ Guild fhefitihg, S p.m. — 'ifoly 1 ConinlUilidti. ' f Burt Methodist Hlw. M«M!n , fturt f hurt day, May 12 Sub-distMct minister's meet ing, Emmiitsburg, Sunday, May IS (Rural Life Sunday) 9 a.m. ^ — Wofship Service Sermon, "Caring for God's Ear th." Installation of W&CS off! cers and presentation of honor ary memberships. 10 a.m. — 'Sunday School. Afternoon — Every Member Visitation, Wednesday, May 18 NARROW ESCAPE — Jimmy, Stewart races to the rescue of Mau- reeh O'Hara and JUliet-Mills after their wagon is overturned dur- m Tokyo F een u ,?,_.:..„ "j" „* i~««hM.n cfonrs in nnivprsal's stirring west- the minis WED. Thru SAT. MAY 11 - 12-13-14 OARING! DEADLY! DIABOLICAL!... A killer spore from outer space... that devours! &LGONA MMKfyCHMAN-WENOEUCOffiV A UNIVERSAL PICTURE COLOR'!! SECOND FEATURE STARRING GARY CLARKE CHRIS NOEL' SPECIAL GUEST STARS!' Kf 1 AMERICANS BEAU BRUMMELS DICKANDDEEDEE A PATTON-WEINRIB PRODUCTION • A UNIVERSAL RELEASE SUN, Thru WED. MAY 15-16- 17-18 JAMES STEWART ALGONA MATCHES HIS "SHENANDOAH" POWER WITH ADVENTURE THAT TAKES ON THE RAW WEST! Fay's family. The Bode's oldest son, Davidrwill.be home from Great Lakes where he has just completed his Boot Training and the second son, Larry, will be graduated from High School on May 26th. Jess plans to do some fishing and they'll be away till June 1. Mrs. Joe Tschetter and her sons left Sunday for Huron, S.D. to attend the funeral of her father, Burton Lounsbury, on Monday. Mr. Lounsbury and his wife who survives him, had >een married 58 years. Dwains C. Lighter flew to Dayton, Ohio, on Friday to at;end a weekend reunion of men ivho With him were prisoners of war in a German camp near Berlin and were released only when WW II ended from the compound which held some 3,000 prisoners. Dwaine was accompanied as far as Chicago by Sir. and Mrs. Leo Cassel who nad a reunion there with several couples associated with Leo's Law School days at the University of Michigan. They flew home on Sunday. Bill, son of the W. H. Bart letts, was honored at Morning side last Friday when he was 'tapped' for the Blue Key, an Honor Society at the College Bill is completing his junior year and is taking a pre-med course. JoAnn Thuente celebrated her First Communion Sunday morning at St. Cecelia's church. ing a wild stamped ern drama; "The * JUlieI"1V11IIS Oliei llicil wagv/ii ia vr.v,m«>.. --- ." . . , ,, . 41 de of longhorn steers in Umversal's stirring west- the minister following the Rare Breed,' 1 in Technicolor and Panavision. vice she told him that she . **•** V. . - •"' " . . I /•«^.««* ij-vjtcn t\ v» ft r\ \tf\\na nt from Iowa and a JftHESSTlWART-MWRiENOm-BRIAN KEITH TOE BABE BREED' TKCHNICOLOU-' PANAVISION' |A UNIVERSAL PICTUREliillHWlWHnMH SHOW STARTS AT MIDNITE FRIDAY, MAY 13 ADMISSION $1.00 ALGONA SUPERSTITIOUS? DO YOU SCARE EASY? ...Then We Want You To Attend Our Big SHAKY c r« R u > - 4WDAY4 MIDNITE SHOW (K miRD FUN! VEAUt You 11 <>ee --, « AMERICAN INTERNATIONfl SECOND FRIGHT HIT! m HUT PASS nfieifir —Thursday & Friday, "Agent For H. A. R. M." • 7:00-9:50 'Wild Wild Winter" 8:30 —Saturday "Agent For H. A. R. M." 1:30-7:00-9:50 "Wild.'Wild Winter" 3:00 - 8:30 —Saturday Midnite "Tomb of Ligelia" 12:05 ;'Dementia 13" 1:25 —Sunday "The Rare Breed" 1:30-3:25-5:20-7:00-8:55 —Monday Thru Wednesday "The Rare Breed" 7:00 - 8:55 at p.m. ting' at Butt , m i yf p i Good Hope Methodist 10 ditn. — Sub-district Minis' ter's nt^iftgi EAm 8:30 p.ni. — Cftdir , Sunday, May 15 „ (Rliral Life. Suri^V) {; , 10 a.ta. — Siinday School. 11 a.rti. — WoBhip Se*vl(^, Sermon, "Carltlg f<^ God's Birth." Also installation of W.S. C.S. officers., Thursday, May 19 8:30 p.m. — M.Y.F. and chblr. STARLItE s ""> T ! ft DRIVE-IN METRO GOLDWN MAYER i»t>nLMWA'« WtSEMT >< ' H TAYLOR-RICHARD BURTON EVA MARC SAINT IN PANAVI5ION- «*• .KBIIOCOVOH , From there they'll go by since her tour was set to will they Mrs, Hutchison is ous landings on the beaches and he had been in that area for about six months. John, a graduate of the State University, has been on active duty since June 1964 and expects to be in the Navy till the fall of 1967 when he hopes to return to school for graduate study in the diplomatic field. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pickett with sons Jeff and Jerry came Saturday from Ankeny for the weekend and a family pot-luck dinner was served at the paren tal L. S. Muckey home Sundaj noon with Mr. and Mrs. Rob't Williams, the Stan Muckeys and two children also in attendance In her honor grandmother, her maternal Mrs. Sid Spear, entertained at a family breakfast, buffet style, following the service. In attendance were Jo Ann's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thuente with their three other children; the grandparental John Thuentes with their daugiters: Esther, of Omaha and Mrs. Bill Sanguin and two children, Cherokee; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Richards and three children, Britt, eighteen in all. Sunday guests at the Maynard Miller home were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Miller and an aunt, Opal Mahoney, of Webster City, and the Miller's daughter, Marcia Kay, who is attending Beauty School at Mason City. Lt. jg. John Wilson, Jr., has had a 15 day leave from his ship, USS Montrose, and his pa rents drove to Iowa City las Thursday to get him following his arrival there on the previou Monday. His ship transports Ma rines vto Viet Nam for amphibi Mrs. Alene Hemphill is vaca tioning in California. She am her brother, C. D. Glasscock who has been living with hei- drove to Kansas City on April 17 with the other brother, Shir ley Glasscock, who came fo hem. Then on April 19, Mrs eady engaged. From Shanmon before the end of the month. hVwillrfbrn to New York The Parsleys, with i Inter nation- nia™ .mi will visit a sister al Harvester, went to Tokyo Mhe docto" ? in Brooklyn Then last June accompanied by their hey'll go to Fort LauSerdaleJclaughter Pat. Their two sons, h to Mrs. Marie Ogren was visited . open during his absence. pSia^cc|Stok tte latter's sister, Mrs. Kay Edwards, to Newton Saturday. She will spend a few days with sisters there before returning to her home at- Colorado Springs. On Sunday the.-McCulloughs drove to Ida Grove to visit Mrs. R. W. McCullough's mother, Mrs. Michaelson. Mrs., Leo Thomson accompanied Mrs. Ray Cunningham of Doan to Sioux City Friday and they attended the Mother- Daughter Banquet held at Morningside College .Commons Dining •=^t>f-'"•-••••• >*.,¥** eu •"VCrl:-.r 1 *"< t £.±WZ.A«4-;«Tn in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gibson, of Omaha. The Gibsons had recently Dimnnitt she has M6irr-wit!fV "."their "''respective daughters, Mary and Janet, where plates were laid for 424 diners. Mary Thomsen is a u c ,,,. ^— — - r , member of the Women's Advis- lemphill went by Continental I ory Council at the College and Golden Jet to Los Angeles for was vice president of Agora he wedding, of her granddaugh- during the past year. At the ;er, Sandra Louise, daughter of Honors Convocation held Friday he Jack Hemphills of La Mesa, morning, Janet Cunningham on April 23. She is an air line was designated as a ™— u * lostess. Sandra's husband is Scholar which means Ens. James Chapman of Long held a grade point of 3.5 to Beach Naval Station. She will 3.75 for three successive semes- continue to fly till his transfer ters. She was also announced as to Japan where he is assigned a vice president of dormitory of- to a destroyer on the China ficers. Mrs. Lee Underbill, Du- Sea. Mrs. Hemphill expects to buque, mother of the year at be away a month or more and the college, gave the dinner ad- is visiting her son Jack's family dress. Mrs. Arnold Brandt, Ti- and her sister, Mrs. Emolene | tonka, also accompanied Mrs. Parisi, in Hollywood. SECOND FEATURE FIRST RUN SHOWING WED. Thru SAT. AU-T1ME greats of ROCK'N ROIL BLUES -COUNTRY WESTERN and FOLK ROC he bluest bash in the history of showbusimss \i7.vU.^'jV-;v-l ; :;-j • ..od^oooooaeooooooooooooooooeoO spa>nt three weeks with widow of Mr. Gibson's twin bro;her at her Honolulu home. Delegate — Robert Wagner, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Harold Wagner of Buckingham, Iowa has bsen. .chosen by Methodist Bishop James Thomas as one of 100 youth from the United States to be a delgate to the first World Conference of Methodist Youth in. Bath, England and thei World Methodist i Conference to ba held in London, jEnjlapd next, August. Robert is a senior in Geneseo Consolidated school. .••'.• •>*i Churches St. Thfcmos Eoir^opol Rev. Mllo Poifl Aloona Thursday, May 12 .1:30 p.m. — Altar Guild. May 13-14 Diocesan Convention in Waterloo. Sunday, May 15 11 a.m. — Morning Prayer, Sunday School and Nursery. Monday, May 16 4 p.m. — Confirmation Class. The Clyde Lloyd family, members of The Drifters Club, went to Mason City Saturday afternoon and spent the night in their Camper at the Fair Grounds while attending the Sports Show. The Roy Crapsers were also there overnight. 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