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Tuesday, June 21, 1932
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THE AUK, TUKSDAY, J UN is ai. 1U'$2. n P.n0fES3ipNAL .JNUAGEMENT8. SITUATIONS VACANT, .AW NOTICES. -rr.-.-, ."; n. km of fniil'ccn HUNT CLUB RACING. SPORTING NOTES flrt time (or oefr a week o( ('o'diluu hlmwlf. ' Sineo he sustained u k ick bell i ud t It" eat ia lint Richmond match. bus tuileud e l uiM irATlUN will im in""" V Country Race Meetings. rMTRIPR GOLF. AMATEUR BrfDI. t'".u,'i 'iitloHATK'or Hio Vll.l. lililln.1 life..1'',.1, V i Ortiw , 10) ' TIW..ah prely from u form of iixurulgiu, ut)J be u not vet fullv recovered. It will bj possihly a week u. ,.':... ' iuib or a iruii m .-. (lent Inllllin. ,,in5u;r,n, ....... uiois r ....1.1 mils JIOJITIUNB HH1 mW,UO OBABUATBS. UIUI.S (lluacr jsjT HOVB (Under 17). rAilU.Y MIWNniett AbMCAOt !".n i'.m1o'V.3U.'U 'r'" 1U " ' jSUtfJItO'H. lfi7rolUn.rot WOODENU.-(l'ucluy. Slitli June.) N.S.W. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE AND ASSOCIATION. Welcome Relations. ex 'I fnns"li I". VWkD in WIIIIhiii Mulctillll or more before he Is fit to play uguiii. The Geelong committee to-night Braii,Md u clearance to P. Parslow back lu tiie Clai- idub, 1,e0'. nf i (7 Hfil'O-etrcl. west liruiihWit-K Advcrtlecnipnlfl Under this Hoadtrttt Ort. V Line (.Saturday 1 IJor Line). Appllcatiln tor uuHltlona arc uiivtHfrt not to soixl orlKlnul tOAtlinonlnlR In uiifiwvr to advta. liuvhiu tic li-. tlous Bddicfca. ... n . j A.A'.A. M1H8 ALLPRBSS, iiO Little , OoJIlllA-Bt. ! cook, W), 2 others kitchen, college, outer, (.ub.; 'd. I COOK, a, a oilien Itent, private, Toorali: It. COOK, (leneral. 30: H.V. Mold kept, Malvern. i (iPNKRAL, SO, wall table, enmll liuicl, country. GKNKitAL, 35, 2 adulta, good cook, flat, ftinull. ."'"'Fa nS, niValli.urFet. H'CM 8P0RTINQ FIXTURES. TUESDAY, 21il JUNE.-RACINQi Kllmore meet-li-Ai ti'otilord Mtes; urcrpunoes, 3 y.m.. Men tone cnmi''nKitlon nketiiiK; fiililet), a p.m., Oiiklandi Hunt ('tub meeting! erttlimr over Iticliiuotid tiolt iiitf tnuotini. C0UR31NQ: Kjiifton meellujf. QOLFi New buuth Uulto AVOCA, Monday. Avoea-Mountaln. Creek As- &":",',, Tfo'rtHiM, mlilwr worker, lli xo. """'"Kit J In anil al'l-olnled by W .aid June llurdl. Race, two mile. It4 yard,. Slcclgw. SayU.. tluelire Kiiitf, Quick Reward, Lu.t Rain, ViolinUt, Sir Carillon, Sl. Andrew, Milllbrook, Acct'lcration, Ktuniiir, Troche, I'riucc Otto, Sutton firaniie, Ilia SiiuIih, Murlou, .Nunicry Hun1i-u!, five furloriK. and a liu!f.- loi, Dovuii, Klalne Sloue, Carmoa, rion.hiii, soeiatfon. Nutte Yallock 0,4 d. Mootiamlie) 4.7, Ferrier in Form. Amphitheatre 8.8 d. Jlvdbaiik 8.0. Lenniiwotu lJ,,rfJhl;!IJ'i.'!l?Ii.1'??.' VfTJSlraVlon of W II" APPLICATION iiiiiat'Hir L-iiainiionFnip, at itoso any. Afsociation. waulna l. vocit i.iv. inn gams wta rough, and four Avoca players. II. Crocker, A. t. Hcaly, A. Stuart and (J. Drum- MEETING AT MOONEE VALLEY. Acceptances and Barrier Position!, Selections by Tasman, Aecoptunecs were declared yeslenlny for tlio ntcetitig of tlio Melbourne- Html Club, to bo held to-morrow at Moonoe Valley. Owinft- to twenty-nix cattdidutea iu the OakHitfh 'elter. of seven furlongb 15" KB In-rent. vtlilte salt, liluckamoor, lien . Fort, hxceii. n . n, , . tj . tlonal, Att(in,ti), l'anliala, Kjlonlte, Omcme, Brilliant Play by BettlngtOn.; Maid, Pontry, 220, large guoat liounc, V.'EONESDAY, 22nd JUNE. RACING. McHwurne tun. Bent.' Omirchl. """ tiipullM, 2nd Uuor. i:u Cluced-I Sn, il JIIK IN B1ISINI2H8 Ithtt'S' rd7 "" but tbere are ulwayki LLwLn.J?" fV.'"1'. "li'tiui(.'n hir men who can Sl?3" 8- 'El.'.- TIU1NKD Bale, men. Wrtlo Reference at Social. By Centre. limit (Mill) meet, at Mouiit'C alt 1 ; llouli tub. j'l w, m;c v.v "i. Si i.rot.uiu Juinnk'llon, lliat PRO. t.uin-r iiuiciiiii, i.c joic, jtoMtin, t.r.'iinar, lonrui mond, were injured. The tirnttiHined fell oil LU head and hud to vccelvit nitilicul trvut- Itieilt. KITCITKN Boy, under 18 yean, 25, hotel, tdiort dlat. llutlcry, tty (Jalc, Junca.iu, Ncllii llulce, UrecnfufctJ, W hl Uuvu, 'I'uxeilo, Urfrlimun. ff nmmlp! Huwtliurn, in the wtt'l Btatf, DENDK'O. Mondav. The first round of Rendiua AIA.A.A, Jilts HENLEY, 114 Elizabeth- A Junior I'ague'K competition having been com 1A" rah Proprietor, ilftceaneu. jrniv in r.rtlrfl 1 . t, . r.nnprnll. of 2fi A 1) (in RTOTT','- "PITT'S. M Ituisell.ulreel. fARKIRD C Toorali, cook-gen.; chauffeur, ( -lliuf'i'll ,,T7':.T.:.m",,. - ' KUIdl'tliU. 2 10. nicieu, tne leu-itng posiitons on in.' prpmiciMiip list are: St. Klllan's. 24 points; Golden Squaic, IKJHTKANl) and wi'eklvr J' i 1 1 m. "weekly ' X n iai,7. "tJe Vf ".KUALV yuUDK.' hotel, country. 28. 21; South Be-idigo, J0; California Gully. UK ilrtAoT.v'' li"ls icrk. ihr, executor named P sn,V'F,i, 2Ut tlnv of June. ions. J,"'n WVrBNCK LL.B., of 10.1 Coll lin. 0,i Sltlliourne. I'roctor for llio awilcuut. Eeaendon, 2ft , 25; Collide, ColltiiK-st, lienuigo t.ant, in. und Btxty yaru. Denis pom un ior, n wan mi- flUirklv (.'nnlx intifhltif. 'p KNNIS Tmifclit GlRLfi, Tibiin fooklng, Northcote, 178; UAMPEit DOWN, Mom lay. I .oil Ylekcrs, 1;i incin races; ; Bi'ibunc A.'l'.C, nicer ; Kydnu pony rucoe; eniries, U p.m., minor evem b, itli-lininad Trotlin!,' Cup meeting; raehifr In Knulutd, Nortlumiberlanrl Plate, run at New. cuttle, BILLIARDS I Molhounie Club'i, As-H'Tlation. iraviiiKH Hank v, Woftuooda. C0URS INQi KviH'lwn, UupmiMip. Chariton and Pens-hurst mciiin,'K. FOOTBALL i Wednediy Leslie v. i;..:i-lii:o Lcainie, ut U'ndfKo. GOLF: S.aiili Wale unuk-ur cliumpioiujii, at llO-f H:lV. THURSOAY, 23rd JUNE. RACtNQl Mentmie iiinlinji; Co'.owa .K.S.W.) races; meet uiiiief., 2 p.m., Wllh.tni-.lnwn race. HUNTING: Yaffil i1"u mid Litlvdalc Hounds wet. 1 P-tn. COURSING; W'enlhf. Peiifhuret and N'unbly m vtinv'6. GOLF: New Smith iiiii.iieur chanipioiwliiii, t KoM Bay. decided tn run the race iu divisions, whieh Kiti'it. " , Vi 10 J.n' J0 r0lris. It. vern, i.i i iikiu ). Ciir.LS. Ken. hnlpit. llijht. 120. )). Ziwrtcen Q8'.i hsrrfrnm, APP1.1 1 rfUL '.0U",Vi h. .nulla to lll Biiurnmi hiterciilng references to the relations between the Vieturlun Football League and the Victorian Football Association were made at social tendered to Mr. W. Fuwoett, ck -secretary of the Victorian Junior Football Association, by the 'liter Inly at the Asoaeiation rooms last night. Mr. Fawcett i retiring after 80 yrars of service. I'ropusing the toast of the Vlciorian Football A-ciatioii, Mr. A. McDonnell, ol the V.J.F.A.. wljo pic&jdcd. referred to the breakaway by the League in 18P0, and pralswi thw Association for in progrcttt since In its uphill Utile to give fo-dball to pi-oplo Jn the outer suburbs, lb-added that ho was pleased to see that the recent change in (.i-erettrk-s in the Leatfue had rtaulted in patching up old ditt'erences with tho Association, mid the two bodies were now advancing haul in ha nd. He hoped that feelinir would work A CAW,.-..-,, n n... nmltle iiirlmlletloii. I11HII II fltfl lli.aa o..l,., .. SYDNEY, Monday. Tho third and fourth rounds of tho Kew South Wales amateur championship, were played nt Roeo Buy lo-duy. The conditions were far from pleasant, tlio wen-, ther twlng bitterly cold. A Btrona wind bam pered the players. On! of tho Iwst matchei ot the day was that in which II. Morrison opposed H. W. Ha tier shy. Although hcuteii hy Hatl'rsley, U up and 2 lo play, Morrison rercahd splendid form, mid It; was not until the twelfth that Hattersley got a, clear Jcad. Both were good on their long game,, with HnlterIey's driving generally (superior.! Morrison made amend, however, with his short! gam-, and at times brought oil brilliant ap- iiroachea, partlcnhirly nt the thirtcmMi and rtteeiith, where bo had to elonr bunkers and trees. The match botwenn Gordon Thompson and H. llfimldcinii hi the third round vaa a c1ok, game. Hamhlcton was In the lead going tn the, oi Am 1 1, lull Thomiuon ran out the winner at, SVOTlATt of t" I.""' "S ,"'E. J," Wooilcucl Welter, one mile Mis Vln Damn, Kimlern Slave, Vlsive, Myiauls, lilliicawuv, Seal-pel, Kadie GIubh, Tiag(;d,y King, Ideal Ijuily, Fla-vnntus, Quick Reward, .t'ciiitlllatlon, gon o' the Mist, La .luronde, Va Vile, Silver Shot, Roiitfh Nluhl, Shillhfook, Curw u'Guwrle, Lowilehl, ho. ion's Ruk1, Tim (iuide, Ownlc, More Uvlioue, liio Sylk, Spcuntar. Maiden Pl'Ute, one mile. Sailing On, Camp tint, Duty lone, Count Result,., n;ni, Ilitttrn, VcrlMHn, Prhico Alt, Divert I tv, Hurando, Merry Jap, Nuutrhty toy, puc!iapmiv;il, htranr, fileitdalc. Encamhriie, Ptirpto Knat, Rajah Jtluor, Skram, Johor, fireen I-ake, Plying Hinilleip, live fiirloncf and u half. r.iFttaur. tiolithn?, MIb Vln Rarun, IlelWur, I.j.dy Sainax, Aciv, Shtaraui, Sort,' Quern, Aai Khi.ii, I lylntr Crow. Stardom, l oimwood. Ml-'"Me, Valeddi", Pad He Plight, Puptnin Hetmonij, Full Force, CorhnUa, Shilhiu, &t, I'l;iviun, Ua-lulu Kins, Duo SyJU. Novice Mmidiciii. flv furlongi mid half. new coa"h, has resigned. Ills pureepcor fs Ktd-leher, a metropolitan player. Coltdcti (t.18 d. Camperdown 0.0 in the Hampden league game, and Mortlake 10.9 d. Terang 5.15. In the Western Plains association, Llsmore 6.8 d. Derrln allum 4.n. and IWrviiank S.!) d. Creasy 2.0. COHDEN, Mondav. Camperdown District Leatrie: Terang 7.7 d. Elingamite 4.3. COIIOWA. Mondav. Oven, nod Murray Leairuc: A A. A. A. MIS QUICK, Vol Colllno-st. C. -A ) 1.310. II. P. MAID, an, 2 adulis. Toornki Int. U, UUTLKR mid HOUSE MAID. 70 tM. couple), ri'la., tiiib. KITCHEN MAID, 25. able rcllive, institution, (W'lv '"flfill. Al!P -'"',!';. i.l. of 'l MnranK-roaii. Went Hm-FIH". deeeiied. may be ORANTKIl 'ANT)-;ii. vuunic r,odyrvartre38ellnn: ,! ., ,J.- "fslet kiti'hiMi, nine position Mjltub e aiiil!cunttf. ubed high clana bu&inets. (ifnilnliic, Apjit. ii 111 ,i park. manaKlng law cicrK, loKNKKAL. 2. 2 itdulla. sub., refa. ii? t?Pnt v-fint fiy nf June. 1933. A Mies Notloy, Hewitt House, 12ft Swan- pniDAY, 24tn JUNE. RACING) Accent nnc", " Corowa 16. 1 1 d Rutherglen 0.10. Corowa and V't! mnnufac- f. NfUlnrt nr.-. ,A s'nn.iit Dtstriet As&ociat on: Corowu Slam 11.8 d. Dars- rffie. Hrh " "tct' Melbourne; lectors 'I raduiK Co., luu strengthen us loth worked for the advancement dale 7.10. Oueen-Hl, ir f.:;ef'fnp '-T7r::r .niprtmn of fourteen dnvs trom DRY FIELD. Mondav. Cnwwarr ond District (IFNcr m, HELP, ad. fam,, St. Hilda; ulna! INtenrlon. I MOU3K WAITRESS, Irt. nub., pnnslDner, cty, II. WAITER, null., rcl.; Man, plougli, mtlk, Jiintry, iV p. , . Y7nTJ-1,'r PRKSfl-T-Jf-evtihey ol tim Aiir-tralinn cle ot football, (Hear, hpar.) Mr. J. O'Connor responded on behalf of the Aoiailoii. and naid a tribute to tho work ii ni., vwiodeiirJ mcitinc. iiuuti:uniii M.-rn-iiee. Rirsnknir tt-d SqVo meeting-. BOXING: A mat pur coot f if, ul Itiilwny Inslituti. SPCF.O COURSING: Bvent ut ir? tit v. GOLFl Tsew Sout'i Wnlen amateur (-liumplou-ftith at Hot ltii ; pennant uiatchei and Lilt riuiipi'tilioLf. Arsocintioni Traralcron Creek 8.7 ri. Cowwqrr G.6. - A'th mi I teai'ion hereof AI'PMCATIUN will f m.df (o tltr tfuprcme Court or ViMori;i KTOTT':-'. thu.i dVvH nl'pr thv nppIv. i 'o involved tlio elub lit ttio imyment ot tin uddititinul ioO UB ttLttke ruouey, l'rcli-utinai'y eelectiolis: Clayton Trial Hurdlo Race. KAF.WINO I VANTAHA '- LLAlifiOLLAN 3 Oiklclgli Welter, First DitUon, vm:?i;sT aoain i IIROZ HOY '' oToAflliAIil. 8 Scvon'l Dhlsion. LOIII) I'AT 1 OCiTOIIKIt JEtVKt.L '.' (JAY filKI, 'J Lyndhnrst Handicap. I'REClOfS I'tAlll 1 I.ICjl ID CRY S LltASKARRA .. 3 Melbourne Hunt Stcerilecliiise. This wag Cowwarr's first defeat (or tho season. being dune In junior bodies in developing young K'A'T.T'K- VOL' f nil cam by your nen. Pro'i-I 1T7 roll!tiE-5t.l H'-'Xv Nut ve. 1' ak I.arh-. Hlvliu-nv m . . .,..'....., i. sTcrn MURRAYVII.LliS, Monday. Pfiumroo fliid Forder Assoelatlon:---Parllla Wells 0.11 U. Mil rra wtlle Plnnaroo Ponth 12.14 d. Pin- Maid. liU. Phoit riii.' Trohin. Qtieenhevpn. SWwin. Ptd'cheHu. Some. 1 :in win m Brown! The match between; KTOTT'S. US rtiiftnell'St, COUII. t.nund.. .'in, fiiip.. GtHtlcm. Rl'vrina. SATURDAY, 2Sth JUNE. RACINUl n liiiam.--olitll, Newciitllf. Quecnalnnd Beltintrton und II. !L Wright '.as keenly, M'.'.'Vii A-nt Vnle-road. Aflnot Vnifl, In flt'!y... Married Woinnn. dcfoasiffl. m'iy r.c i;:Tn-n lo Willi David Crothrw. of tun WAlf i' ,V -ncmeer, twine Ihtf cxeuuiur naroo Rovera 3.,"i. Plnnsvoo North n.t2 d. Ngailo 4.18. Western Mallee ABSoelBtion:- iJudrio wells 10.0 d. Danyo 0.4, Mulcm 3.(1 SITUATIONS WANTED. pia.MT lie 'also cM'ressed tne nope that tne coplir.! reliitions between the L?a!;ue and the Anoi-ia thin would (onlinue, as the s'lecesj of one di-pi iu!i-l on Kin t,uccosK of tli other. They hlmtild combine in the one object cf upliiilnj AustralUn football. Mi. J. Caniwell. for Ihe League, suld that whatever bud feeling existed between the League ami Andnciation in the past was a tlilmr of the Aid. Cenire- Cook. L-uedl .M .tj2?L!'ii'J irmin nf fourteen ilaVH from f'-'-i. n-n i. nu, liniTiT jie urn. rraau'1, Iiclit?n8-, Jtorclfirt. St. Llsto, Rd Put, Viil."l-din, f;rrtt Orb, Ilnrd of Armagh. l''m Jean, r Itlack C'mw, Al Manfur, Prood Man. Queen MriHiH, Cirravohr, Fh-lng PmnreB, Ainprllo, liillna. Kulo. Whakoiro, Kiimuga, Mussolini, (Jallant Welkin. (Entries received locally not Included. i.)i(Hyton', 1.6, Pallarang 6.11 d. Murray RIT ifERGLEN. Mondav. Orens and Murray Asoeiation: Corown lfi.14 d. Riithertilen 0.10. Chil- house, ahi I'lriiik General, country. Aiiverthcmcntn Under tills HeadhiK Not Ks- 25; Nurse. Kern. T. cniiaren a, i-.i. VXi T euWIcallon hereof APPLICATION wl'l ,; ,.jf 1 the fiuiireme Coitil of Victoria, that tern Aasociaticn: Itutherden Rovers 6.0 d. Wall. i-ecnu.g -j. j,iin-a niixjui la words). 6d.: 3 Lull's. ! 4 Li-ipb und Over, d. Per Line tButurdiiy, 1 J'er Lino). A A. A. M AIIJ.AKIVS. 127 Ru3di!-at. conic lunmnnl. eltv enfe. ex. gunvah 4.r(l past. (Hear, hear.) The time had Come when there was room for both bodies tn Australian OFINKUAI.. Illl, iiil., 12. 18 mllea. nuiM)KM, Monnay. District Aswciationr n V.A:A-X "H8 ioh"in, ''RtlfiiBie listah. OiHce, CoilliiM-f!t.--l-'ivtJt claca Male and Ke- more 0.1.1 d. Lancelleld 0.11. Komecy 10.12 d. football. He was plcawd to see also a friendly feel Inn between th" different codes. If the Aus I8!.!?!! may be GRANTED to Jtohort Tt'ii- Mlor" of fl Kcrfcrd-atrcel. Uat Mil-! 1 bullrter, lieina t'10 executor apiintiued l.C. Rue.hbf.jr (ii.), Vondiii ttj.). Ih'lena Val-- (W.A.), Boulder (W.A.). Tiiilcm K ind ( l" . A . ) , T nuru fS.A. ' ami Alhnry inert imrti. FOOTBALL. Lea W Malelie.-: KooUerav v, Melbourne, Si. Hilda v. Colliiiguood, North Mrlhoutr.e v. Carlton, Fttzroy v, Huwllinrn. (ieelon v. Ksarnrlon. Kiclniioiid v. South Melbourne. Asaociatinn .Matches; Northcote v. Siindrliiulmin. Preeton v. I'fiitmin, Cainberwcll v. Port Melbourne, Uiklolph v. HiiKlitoii, Wtlliiiniwtown v. Ilruns-wick, Clung v. Yiirruvllle. AQUATICSi Qti'irter-nillc diisli und volar sen I line raer. COURSING: Sale m?tln. THE QUNi Trap drooling nt Tottenham and Hcatberlnn; Drown 11111 club, oticn ove'iti. RIFLE SHOOTING: Matcbes at Port Melbourne and Ytlliamtown, TENNIS: Club matthe. VA. Mta MePhewon, 216 Lit. Colllna-at. C... aifi-i. Kook-uen.. ao. Malv. : Mother Woodend AJI. m;iMJ LitnorupplLHl. A.A"A.-RiT)t";,");iaylie. ito (SOeen-Mt. '(G'., -.V liifiij, fur cait'tully und uroniptly beleuteii tralian codes and the Rugby code could agree YALLOPRN. Mondiv. Yallourn 7.10 d. Trafa - mihI Duu (inter, train. 35. N.P.W.; fJc.n., 31). car Meadows 7.7 Brown Coal Minn 11.14 d. niter Ttfi' the'tfxnirailoii of fourleon diiyn from h..nnf APPLICATION will to compromise on nnea tney would I in in e a cone of football acceptable here and abroad. (Hear, hear.) Yinnar Wanderers 2.7. Morwell-hridcre 11.6 d. ,i RTISAN. Builder nTn) llciiiiyed Pfumber. al. jil blanches; nmtor driving, part time, any- couieMcd. Heliiiigioii was 2 down at the j eleventh, but he wf.n the ne.t three holes. Wrighi, however, squared at the fifteenth. Bet-tington won t'ie Mxtwnih, halved the seventeenth and eighteenth, and won the mnth I up. Jim Ferrier ployed sterling golf hi the fourth round to defeat George Thompson, 6 up and 4 to nlav. At the lu.n F.-nier was 2 up, hut he might 'easily have been 8 up, as Thompson holed out great putts to halve two holes, and Ferrier missed two eusy ones for wins. At the first hole Thompenii needed a 15-iooter for a Imlf, nnd he gained It by cannoninir off Fcnler'a ball. Forrier won the tenth, eleventh and twelfth hole.-, and the match ended on the fourteenth. Thompson, who is usually accurate with his approaches, was sadly astray, and found a bunker nt each of the first five holes. He never at any btage looked to have a elm nee of beating the boy, who was playing brilliant golf, and was out lit an approximate- stroke round of fti. Playing magnificently, R. H. Bettington provided o sensation when he beat n. Petterson, t up and 8 to play. Rettinglon was in exceptionally fine form, and reeled off the first sis holes in nineteen. He took tho nest thre. and was out in :;, l".o under pur. Halving the lentil. Del tin!: I on won the match. Racing in Other States. QUEENSLAND, Roblus Wins Rockhampton Cup. BRISBANE, Monday. The Rockhampton Cup, ol-ten furlongs, run to-day In Kockluiinptoii on the third day of the Rockhampton carnival race Jeeralang 4.4, Moq Juniors 12.10 d. Morn-ell juniors G.5. JrJ.-fp io tlio Supreme Court of Vlctorlu. thiU IpOBATP of tl WILL, datod HJh Oc nhor, Great tribute wan then paid to tho work done Kiorait; zo'j waivern; zt jirittnton. A A. CommuiiRy Aid, 3 The Avenue, Wlnd- eor, 2821. General, Malv., Tooruk, K. at. Kllda, 3Q,15 : NurHO. H. Keeper, Jlft . A RMADALE Rcgiatry, 072 Hlgh-st., Arni'L J V dale. Ocneial. Malvern. 25 : Toarak, 20. IftI GlrlH. aaalwt. 15. 120. liotid nt arnnila I A Milt, ej.cullciit tnidt.i !.)1!ti0i!ir!n.' Retired Hot'elkeeper, decenflcd! hy Mr. fawcett as secretary ot tne V.J.i'.A. Every branch cf the Australian code in Australia was represented, and all sneakers referred to Mr. Reilly, Mayne, 170 RUGBY IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. a 'i. rtDiUTKn tn Mur el Mb hraNTKD to Muriel Atargiiprlte Bur- yuceri-Kt, ca t'onn.xlFOOt IttCtimOllll. WldOW. UO iAKKRS. TTrid "wn'ntti opprcfitjcp'shlp, able IllO'.lld. assist ildilirb. m llnit.WnrH.rrl dTili executrix apjiolnted by the itald will. Fawectt aa a pioneer of the code, nnd spoke In high terms of his tenacity and ability in assisting o put Ihe game on the high plane It Is PflKAI'MKAl) 1 SIR IVinciHH 'J 1011 MACK S Dingtoy Steeplechase. RHOOTINa boy l 'SAROCTO 2 SCOTTISH MARCH 8 TaMy-Ho Handicap. APlinACT 1 GRACWIX .. .. a TIMSnURY 3 ACCEPTANCES. 1.5C.-CI.AYTON' TRIM. Ill'RIll.!-: RCt:, of .",0. Two mllfj umj fio ,var,J. fit. Hi. nt lh f! PltOI'IUTARy LIMITED. -NOTICB of, MKCTINO of CRKniTORS.-Notlno in i.",'iKR. lsrcrnsfj uratl, rtouKh' nialter. H. Challenge Matches to bo Played. Council Meeting. Eulogistic references to the progress of Rugh.f io-iiay. un ucnaii ot tnose present tne cnairman presented Mr. Fawcett with a wallet of notes. Mr. Fawcett thanked the gathering in fitting .hv Klvm tint, ill compiiftnuo ani i- roiiinmerit. ail hours, tnwti a) IF outiirv. "o pay fiiren to conulaut era . Vfftlni; of Hie Creditors of flic Bbnvcnnmr iVDitiy wnh'h Is beln voluntarily wound f. i'H'rtn II.'iii. BMnsa i.vitT-i terms, and gave sonn; humorous anpirdofa of inenlenis during his SO years as secretary of the V.. I.E. A. The present seerrlnry (Mr. F. War- Ctiion, the amateur mine in Victoria, ifrcre made . m. will be t 1'patt lJly. I,td. The trottiiift meeting which was to liavo been held nt Richmond yesterday was postponed on account of rain until Monday next. Although iipprosiinntely four months hrtve hi ill (o i?lnpse before the rnnniiio; of tin' first Jeji of til" Cnnlflcld nnd Mel-bininif! Clips fumes on lor decision estimator! of i-liiim-cs live attrndy in circulation. !So far, however, these have atinicti'd only a small amount of atten- iniile; po mr. v. here, iierni. or Job-rcf. C. M.iebiia, Saii Punl-;d,, was eompHnipntcd as a fitting successor Mond.i;'.inm..; "iTond Colllnf-aired, Melbonruo, tlio delegated at the monthly meeting ot the council last night. ' "'..... .i, r..- ,if .inn-, one no imi ttn CM I. mover, tin shlim room, tirt ve; Gordon Thorni"-'1'! went down to W. R. Dobson;to Mr. Y by 1 stroke. Rc'li ploycrs were at their top.i .niirrd and ihirtytwo, at three o'clock in t? h o en. 17 R edfonl t CoHlng v o o ri . 1 Ai; .Mulil, viiim!,'. re;istri cd", refs.. reciulrea (M'Ulon, .-ms'vbci'c; liejp houf.c; thoroughly The chairman of the union, Mr. B. M. Cowen, id the code of Rugby t'nion wus going to A(h, Jim.-. 11)33. G. Gould's eh g ROBIL'S (Polybius Ronard). . .6 (rthean) 1 A. Hulme's b m THORPIN, 7.0 (cd. 7.S) .. (I'dmondt) 2 A. H. W. eh g VALKNTINO. 7.1 (cd. 7.0) (Willounhbyl S Rul" Paddinten, 10.7 (Mar'tler:) : Goslctwk, 0.7 (fthindelt); Deli-tliled, H.l (McNamurn); Streamtlti, P.IO (( olenrin) ; L-im-aerc, 8.7 (Tan-wan); Augite. g.ii (Shiplonl; Vain Prince, 8.0 (cd. 8.2) (Hill); Kuala Lumpur. 7.0 (cd. 8.0) (Molt); Prince It vs. 7.8 (Nel-onl; Noel Soldat, 7.4 (cd. ;.) (Willey), und 1Veliaven, 7.0 (German), also started. Dividends (for 10): 3P', S?-T and 41. Rettlnc: 4 to 1 each auairnt Dliehted and WEDNESDAY LEAGUE. hast WOOD, Linu'dator. latiUra (til .. 10 (.'hMtioiniy nil . , ill I'elrr Itlanknrv The S-pHre (4) , Ahram (HI . .. L;idy Kmmoraon hut Dnbson iihviiya fccni"d to hHv, omeiiiing in' rrwrve. when pressed. The t'vn voimg New Z"u ', landers, H. D. Hiinsden innl B. M, Silk, fought, j (he ifsu out. to (lie last hole, where Rrinsden j sank a 20-footer (or a win. J. Itarriskill und iBTHim KOMINf-'ON and Co., ,Vi7 Little be played in the public schools; 4f not as a competition, then as friendly sporting gamcn. o"klnc, ued i.'ollincwnod. BttlCKl.AYlMi. Carpentering, ConcreTp Pat lid. Sanitary PHimblnn, isennral re-!r'l"V!i J IIcGratn' ul'iT-B'-- Colllngwood. rofiini-sifeel, Melbourne, boiicitors to ttie 0 13 Strong Team for Bendigo. onri M-rh't "inn Hmn. With the paspinp; ycara tne prae- Montartris (7) r. il. Cowper, of the Melbourne club, said had been Informed that Scotch College 0 f) ft 122A Uarkly-st., E. Hruna- ti,.0 on(.e cuiiimon, of nttr-nipting to foie- IpEDKRAL MILK i'HOi'RII'JTARY I.IMITKH '.t.1- in nr., i m thP Md iter of tti" G. H. Fawcett did n1 decide their encounter unlll tho tiiiieteemh. Bat-risk ill winning with aji "eagle" two. Results: r iru (in Cioldenleo fl) IV" lord. Rominy Prince (151 Rawing (101 ., I.hnigollrn (.i) . St u tun (8) , .. Play In the Wednesday League competition ill be suspended to-morrow to enable a re iiKt months ahead I ho future with rc- inS.--NotlL'O in hereby flveri vt ounce xTTliterf r H-T I5R f'rTam MlnTis. 0 fl nomlnatlmiK for ail ofliccw clcse to- tpect td smii important turf events, 18 had taken up the game enthusiastically, and intended issuing a challenge to Geelong Grammar and later Melbourne Grammar School. There were about 40 ladB playing rugby at Scotch College and a larue number at Geelong Grammar. There was also every prospect of Xavier College presentative team to meet a combined team from the Bendigo Football League at Bendigo. Seven nlnht: large ntlcndance recpicstPd. Ander: i.oiinei. tsiifti nen. rout -'mleclcd bv nracllcnl fnriner. , ront;!i nncr. cai'poiiiers, ladji. icll1s, 227 Kinfi- "win- resolution reducinj; the Issued c f I ill tn above company trom i:2.i:i.!0 :.o. oaklkk; h wblteu nAMMCAP, of Seven furlongs and 00 yard. First Divinlon. rounds of matches have been played to far this McBeou. 231 steadily growing less. The average en-thusinflt hus learned from experience that it is wiser to ignore the inducements held out curly and to leave tho guessing until Jt? n o vaT! o nu, Bleep p70WT:NTEfT JjfoTSF ttesfiou, each elub liaving met all of the other THIRD ROLND. H. D. Rrinfden bat D. M. Garland, 4 and 3. B. M. Silk beat R K. Lee Brown, 3 and 1, G. W. Eastaway beat G. Proud, 0 and 4. I. K. Harrison beat W, Longworth, 8 and 1. A. IL Qttlnnell beat C. G. Orriel, 2 up. A. French beat J. T. Gould, 2 and 1. O. Thompson beat H. Hamhlotou at the nine "iMflttms m tun Practice Court on the 3utli once. i ictoria Ma rue is are tne out stunning et. h. fiANV ARB FIRS, cocoa, coffee, malted milk, I I contract, l'-'.'t UiU":ni;berr-t., N. Melb. 1''1841 i?'Jffi J !r-nW r ne luriy. team, navimc been bt-aten only once ana uruwn i n fill in niiHiilni'R nalllnr, iinll tw.nnn Star Oun flOl caning up tne game. It was announced that a team of Scotch Col-lege boys would play a match against S7th-52nd Battalion at Scotch College next week. Warrant Officer Ixiwrv swld the navel i'lAItPl'f KR. Iloijfi"'RonovHtorT"rp5I, nl- Lord Kaii (ft) Rroz Roy (2) . KiinilSON and HALL, Bullcltor.n, AM) hjo lines, Vt itoHi. Varios, mauufactiiter, in much nearer the tlay when the first race 175 Alfred-cr. nils comne-slrecl. Melbourne, atjentfl tor Kttzrdy. JWSr.08. er. Ih. 9 0 7 11 7 0 7 7 7 7 7 7 tec nth. B 31 Noklla (5) . . Oladndder (7) . Affability (31 Ron Haven (0 one matcii with Railways. Waterside Workers, after losing their tlrst two matches, have been playing good football, and have scored five successive wins. The torra of Railways, Fire Brigade and Yellow Cab him aleo In en good. The f enccal Pnllde cadets intended inviting rugby teams trom the CANVASSERS. kcII lies, aox, nhlrta. llnnerle, toilaiH. apparel: 50 n.u. It. D-ibeon heat J. R. Normoyle, 2 and 1. W. Hattersley beat Hector Morrison, S und ronnm (a o t Rl nttlono; ffi) ., SB Estctian (12) ..8 4 Spearearl (1) .. 8 4 Trcscnt Again(ll) 8 2 8 7 8 S 8 4 puonc scnoois to piny matches at the 4aval Base. iiiB. all repaln;. U30!ll. 318 Itl'th-nt., Malvern. Ideal Udy (ID) tv ihe Mailer ol the CtmiotiPilef Ai't m.W. P. .rim thf Mailer of BLAIN BROK. PRO-. standard ol football in the Wednesday League ifHIIMr-EY Kweep wants work, lfl Darebln-st. N.S.W. CONGRATULATIONS. letter was received from the chairman of FP.IETAHV I.IMITKD (In VniuntRry Llqnldn- CANVAKdlCRS, men. women, quick eellern. Room 12, arcade, Hourk- ti. this year has oeen particularly nign, ana n very troiiL' team will travel to Bendigo to-morrow. 2. HO, Second Division, 'O.MpAMON, flelp. fxperleiverT good C. C. Ruwald beat C. Nigel Smith, 2 and 1. Geo, Thompson beat D. Kspliu, 1 up. J. Ferrier heat N. A. Brown, 0 and 5. J. K. Bairitikill beat G. Capel at the nine All clubs in the competition are represented, D1 VIPK''t ti iniendi'd to be HKCt.A UK n nh.i.-n ttui!(er. Creditors wb' Ivive not St. lh. ANVASBKP.S' the management committee of the N.S.W. Rugby t'nion congratulating Victoria on its fine game in the recent match at-amf-t New South Wa.W. ROHH'g. fl Kuala Lumpur, 7 Noel fioldat, 10 earh Slienmliu and Langacie, 16 Ihorpln, 20 each Valentino and others. After turning for home Thorpin headed the leader, Augite, and looked like, winning, hut Robius Wore her down to win by half a length. Two lengths divided (second ond third. Time, 2 mln. fl bco. (Course record.) NEW SOUTH WALES. Handicaps. ROr-KH ILL. -(Saturday, 2oth June.) Maiden Hunilf Race, abnut two Rebate,; Suntan, P.12; Varrawin, Sarimli. U.7; Gab-Her, fl.:,; ljiaii Plane, P.2: Garvon Blue, Cest-vous, KrkHt, Red Karl, Railway, 0.0. Juvenile fclukes, fix furlonss. Timorous, f.0; Daino Moab, 8 11; Delmond, Wet, 8.A; Caia-pflce, Corkpen, 7.12; Dover Patrol, 7.11; Persian (N.Z.), 7.0; Di-nlhh (S.Z.), 7.7; Enamour, Prime Peter, Parmint, Mulldale, 7.0; Wakeful Girl. News Girl, Broccoli, Winawln, Suitor, Rmr-uii Spear, 7.i; Cahnret, 7.2; Taronk, Crown Gem, 7.0. A'hpan, fi.U; Velia. Thf Arcadian, Ileven, Red AnKwer, Top Jii, Rcchablte, Milton CruM, 0.10; Kilfinuiie. tarou.-al. (i.7. Thrcf-Yeir-Ol'l Handicap, neven furlontrs. and ih majority ot the scleetrrt players piay Tird Pat (13) Wd thrir (Ictits by the Silt day of July. v.' n' o oiimii, w'fs pos'uon in coUDtrj , ('xeellenl rffereiifet. CI. 2ft, Ape. lOfiNTP? Vj'irinT'n-ririe'l.- desFe"iroo"rtfon. . new, different, better, : luu to choose, from. j-Iaii";. teenth. Provincial 113 will iw vHt"pa. '..j .i.i. ir.H. rtn. nf .lime 10.1? nnd stating that in the opinion of most of the commit tv Victoria Mio'ild have won. V f p. eric need mf, ilnineH'.fc non-tee, nrefer-ni'lv rveciical home. M., 32 Bowlcr-at., An- 7 II 7 in 7 0 7 7 v ith .1 ,l or Association teams on i-aturuay alleriioiiii. RL'cdigo will have to field a vcrv strong combination if ihev hope to defeat the Werlnctdny I .en "ni. The MmiL'th of the visit nz team If ISf'ilJilANRV '.lll.l.or.. 8 12 Calulu Kius (It) 8 8 Atiriira (1) . .. fhaen.? (.il , .. 8 7 KaMahy (fi) . ., 8 4 Aristocracv (8) , S 4 Hiickcen (7) ,. 8 8 Rp6lorto (II) .. Ct AN VS.. make more money, punier sell log, hoiintf'iold foorlRturtH. repeals, 10(1 p.c. profits. R.H.. flt Klir.beth-t, 1a Jocnnde (10) October Jewell ( Croscon (21 . .. (Jay Girl (J') .. liOnKwof-d (I) ., Complaints that innicben were beinj? delavwl niirirr-i Anounlanla (AueI.), 43-1 OoIIIlib- (. If. rawcett beat M Lnwsnn. 1 and H. E. Petterson beat J. P. Stuart, 2 and" 1. It. IL Bettington bent II. II. Wright, 1 up. FOURTH ROPS'I). H. Rrinsden heat B. M. Silk, 1 up. It. H. Iluttlngton beat H. E. Petterson. f rbi"'PLirwi7l i-ur-trtLe, fte,, ref.. for uiifurn. oiiifrif:-. .11 K' Albert Pk. (Wt. Mellviunie. -howu by the following parlicuUi'i of the 1QOK, j hianl to exlreme lenc'hs brought forth a motion that umpires were to be nuked to report team foliate starting. Affiliation was gran d-d to Northern Suburbs, new team, and it was decided to malio m ,'(iTHK, l hereby irlven that after the. 1 viiKSS ik"er. ("xoect lu'tefit "r'lyles. cos- ItHr'ilit). wlni ;iKo o'avs with North Melbourne Mayne. 170 (iiKen-st. V cMrirnHon of f our! Pen dii'B lrom r: ii,.ni r i,iKt-:ivKl. ulin in with Col I iiiarwond S.O. LY.VDJII.'RRT HANDICAP, of li0. mfle and a tjuurter. St.. lh. H ! ;-jsl!:ctloi! Iier-'ni' APPl.lCATHJN will and 8. 1 iRKSS I a k"': rf" ei p." T 1 vl I e'' "nn'tT clilldrnus' C1UTTKR and DosiKner. Junior. miminer I froek.o, niUHt have experience fmart frocka. 10 o'clock. Jenn Stirling, 111-118 Garden Vale-ra.. Garden Vale. :tl( lo ir.e .iiiciron.' umu oi un- nuiir -!o'l.i. In I!:; ir;ib'ite lurl'-dlction. t'nti i't seeondu. and .J. t'niy (Presi), who jiiycd his iirct. gam-, wilh ILrAthom Saturday. The rennvnt lone ; day an:i Kliirhy (fll Laird o' Cockpen MK "t "'V'Vm --iri"'r' Arl'rl VVN.V'ii-'.rfR. MR.. I'M Brldporl-M.. Albert i Pk. .Mm terrier beat Geo, 7tiom"on, a and L W. R, Hobfon beat Gordon Thompson, 1 up. H. W. Halterhl"y beat C. C. Ruwald. 2 and 1. J. K. Han-icon beat G. Entaway, 4 and 8. Imeks in-e J Anderson Fire Briirade) P ! IS" 7 8 0 Precious Pearl (1) 7 nf Richmond: C. Hindson (Post and Si late of Miirtnn. 1,1 the said State. Widow.: !."V'-; 1 KU- do-iieik-H ted pemni. used. Jo Liquid Cry V) . AH Crimson U) Wavbach (:il siW may be 'MlANTKD to Aithnr I .Iml- ,.'' ",re hnevti woik; vngea. Vi chtldre Teletiraphi, who is one of SI. Kihla'a r vi ."teanifriiL (. ) fH. A.:e Off 1 1 Liiu'ltv. "f M ildurn, in t he snld Hi ate Lranyarra ttf) ., 7 10 Ftilham (8) , th best phn-iii-, and W", Whiitmrn (Yellow Cabs), l ho c-iiiies an- VI Iloiime (Prct) and V, ILECTR"!"" Ai'etoncreltlerTnt;Theer. tlrst of two bo conjoined in to be run. There ia perhaps a prohahility that interest in the twtt Cups double will he o wakened next week consequent upon the publication on Monday next of the weight framed by Mr. T. II. )nvis for the Mel-himrinj L'up and iIiomc of Mr. S. Griiiitlm fur the LauHield Cup; but biisineoa will not commence in car nest, outside that tnin.s.nti'il Lv (he higuer operators, until afl'T Monday, August, when first ace finances tor both rnoea will be declared, (nhor races for which weights nre In bo declared next Monday are the V.K.C. Cantnla Ktiikcs and the A.J.C. !C pNom Ilnndieap and Metropolifan. AeeeptmiccH are to be declared to-day nt p.m. lor the niceiing in aid of (he ( ompeiiFjitiun Fund to be held oti Thursday at Mentonc. With fifty -one horses handicapped for tho Novice Handicap it is reasonably certain that the race will be run in divisions. At. Moonce Valley yesterday Ajrinus tV. Toytt) finished in front of IVhang-ka-p.nic (S. Carroll) over a round of the pteeplechase con rue. Mcrcuritis (A. Anns-deii) nNo Ftnried. but fell at the first fence. .Neil her horse nor rider sustained injury. Loch Kmc (Y. Mel lines), Dia inond l'lume (Mr. J, Vincent) and I'un-ynrra (A. l-'ullnrton) finished in the order, named uver iniother round of the courao. Hiillots for slan'ls in tho three rings nt riominton nre to le taken to-day under j the supervision of V.H.C. oflicinls and in the presence of all those concerned who care lo attend. The draw jor ttie pad-' dock ring, wiili positions on the raily, if; lm em'imvi'O. -nn ftyiviii wmron. or i-i. Ii Plains, in i he mitt Si ,i I r. innrrled A. French beat A. M. Quiunell, 2 and 1. J. R. BatriBkill beat C. H. Favcett at nineteenth. WOMEN'S COt'NTHY TOl'RNAMENT. , all dutlea exeopt. lnun- r. CiM-tiApe ht. Marshall .Skidfa, i-Pl.. Lt. CollliM-st. Iterolatfe, 0.S; Ethitis, P.'J; Mavbe, 8.0; War.itib, $A; Dunere, 8.7; Lc Ugion, S.; Celebrate, ft.t; MELBOPRNE ntINT STEEPLKCHASK, of a loan of 10 to the elub. The following transfers were granted : Phillips, Footsernv to Northern .uburbs: Watson, Eastern Suburbs to Nurthcrn Suburbs; Keys, University to Harli-'jiiiiu ; Frwov. Eastern Suburbs to Northern Suburbs; IL-inuicn-, Hurbquins to o7i.ti..r2nd Biltalion; Col'.n, Ka-t rn Suburbs to Northern Suhurhs: ( aidy. Eastern Suburbs to Northern Suburbs; Turner, Eastern Suburbs to Northern Suburbs. Tim following vv-e ndmlttf-d as members iho union: H. Ferri. G. Murray, M. liurk. 1. Lyons, 3. Sullivan. J. Hammond, X. T rcnibatl:. E. G. Miller has l"en apopinted b-'t- tar.' of Hi" Referee' Assnci.-,1, lor. in place of II. par-nell, resigned, Vrlliiir i Yellivv f'ahti nnd I.. Onwv f Yellow flmsn, tti- rxmiior and rxecutrix reprc- l onnldera'tirm.' Ptvi':iaun, W Hope-at.. S. Yarra. S.K.I. M-lb. i.iftO (amateur rideic). About two milea nnd fjbhi. both nf CarRon. On tho h'alf-torward nmach. Ronnie Va er e. Wa-vinn. 8.3: Rowan, iiily pswd In and npiiolnti-d by thu an id eigilt crtains. Cont.-ib. Trutsiim, .Sfiniiior. -.2. fly Boots ; line are McNamnra (Victoria Markets), . war . ..I....... I. .,.:,....., l-.t-ra,- fiml P fLi?'CJ(n",, i j loom, liuek no.i'1 !on "LE, Monday. Excllent entries havi t. b. Seimvia, 7.H: itonehroek. K"lherg, 7.11; Hunting nsifl this tr;nttrlh dav of .Tiite, li'.'JS. CfRIL A. f'irRTAlN. LL.B.. Duncan-iilrf cL te,.eived for tne annual country tMircaicent, rv i.-miin Msrketfi. The forward are 5'aehJne.i. ' KaMhaiiRhV, op.' Richmond stnliou. tnuiti. r.c.. :mir)iK't'ff.((i., Kew. i AKf'ENlPrtT cr.;' tiruTiittir. riedrc U'lrtii. Pnctnr for the npp'lenntw. Ltcn, Topical, 7.; Artwe, o.(; Unynvmr, 0.1. Vlving "Welter Handicap, even furlonsrs. ftrbi Antli'is. 10.13: Havasnot. 10.10: Haverintr. 10,0 wr, iJ.ENERAL, R. Ynrra, 30: Malvern. 23. aft ': n nrio at. Mip nn inurFoav anu rnray nf.. y p,rre(t , WatT.ide Wor'erSi. ol fort ei-ond.T th" ausp'ec-s of th Vlctorini Indies Golf j ( ,.,-,,. j niiem (Wtitervide Worker) and L. C pi'od worker. Perk. .'M3 Glcnferrlc Hawthorn.,ir Haw.. 48D0. tit. b. fiummenld" (C). 10 7 Tanirarah (11) .. 10 7 Midland (11.. .. 10 7 kingott (JS) . . 10 6 Louh Erne ((1) 10 6 IVang-ka-Pang (12) 10 fi ; Is hr .'l.y givpn that after ttie a on ot t'lirteen dayj. trom the piUi'ich t'nion. The hnbiiioii. 1, it, a, .Malvern Kecia'ry, 177 j. ..-.j mr i i.omoini 1 1 "M, ana iei-i;raiii i, oi .unhik""j. Panola. 10.S; Rova! Tune, 0.0; Gay Ballorina. 5ir Widjee t7,. U Tom Mack tlO) 11 Axinua (l.i).. .. 11 Trfncti Rjhcny (11) 11 I.inarioiH (l) ,. l hhcafmend (17) . 11 Onkanarlnca f.Tt II m herrrtf APPLICAT'ON will lie made to lh,. ff.ll.i'i.pri. mo .1 Wtinluni (Rn wnin), purpone of encouraging ;filf tu (ho co'in'ry. and i 1 A Rnr.NKR. competent, references. want.i 'eIrnc-ro f day, wciOt; reawotiRblo was'es. ;t8 Nlclioi- ICNFRAL, '. Supreme Court of the KtrMp of 'letorta that .TmiHM nf A HMlNli i'HA'l lON of the KM. Port Said. r.i:J; TrcvalHon, Rowery. (eltic, W, Klhle. Roftido, 0.(1; Cool Dan, Crowdel, O.ft, Jut Gold. P 4; Chuqiiisaca, Matson, Merryland Sidnev Geortre. Sunlit Reef. 0.0: Gun Club. Vo- TATE of MARY A.N.N KUAH. lale of 57 Wll- Biiii-ni., " " n lll, ipuii, ' 1 A RDENER, licilen. Tawii, pruning, esp. aor Tjhi Hoy (8) .. 10 0 lifH'rfti, iNPv.p'ir'. 'n trie sain mine, warned iiTmin. deeeased ln'.et.tali. who dliid on the Rush Bcrlhe f51 10 11 Panard "(Ot. lura, R.1H: Beau Dennis, 8.12; Salvador, Omngli, plavi wilh YaiT.'lvillo, and W. Lewis (Telephen-I'Achaii''). TTie Carlton player J. Crowe (Ruib wu'si i the rover. The reserves are J, Zander, fVi'turia Markets) and L. Bnin Waterald" Worker). Edmonds hus been appointed captain and Arthur vii captain. PRESS ARRANGE MATCH. 4 lli...,ifrl, tl,r.. nr.. nu ofllcial fixllircS to is fi'ild In a ililtercitt part of the Mate each voar. Amonr-st thn vlltri there i!l be n number of well-known m"tropo)ilun players, including Miss Motia'l, who hat won several cii.impinnsiiins. The lin'.ts nr" in splendid order, and with fine weather cotiditintM the tournament should provide some excelb-nt golf. "THE LEADER" SHIELD. j ENIjiRA L likie cook, tiiiirouclily honest (jj ToJrak! 30. . r,pl ,,ll,,r- K , Y-i I'r 1 MtM Hcnle- RpRlfctry. 12 Toorak-rd.. near Punt-rd. Ill ICllahfth-st. Tel. tftUlS. L--.c-MrV.T : V. "';;0"";T'.T The Buck (U) 10 ltf 1.5. DINOLFV HTKEPLECIIAfiK, of IUlh day o Jm.c. lUil, mny lie (iKANTKn Albert Knivard Rend, nf fi7 Willlam-atreet, Mwri, tn the said state, Jaburor, tnc Ims-!dof the Kiui deceased. Kant Molong, White Wines, H.IO; NoiHicru l.uss ft.fl; mark Harris, Pleader. Lucky Dane, Tin Mttva, Tactician, 8.7; Arnvir. Corrogin, lm i.i'rlall-t. 8.5: New Pride. S.4: Garnell. 8.2; Cron About two mil and eight enaini, mi., fond children. Kn. help. 10', 12-'fi: ? i LV r'V;hruii. r ,,1UJ''' "Ull) RUGBY. SolecMons for Australian Team. To he in lh" -.'Icfthv) pf the An inilb' Rn;hv I"n'on (earn I i me. I. th" All P.le"'- Svdnev, "tr. Penv.i!. of lh" Viit-rii-n Bus' trnloii. will l'tv f-r Sv,I,ieV l,..i,.;ht. H- I sungtiine that r.t ht.-t two of ;V Vie!ria" vil he s. lecfd w ir-,, !,.,... r Amt-'liii. P. ' Ccmw-r. (he rm tiin of M'!!niirne. i' r' tKM- i'-n e-.rt.ii1 (v, am) oti-1'--. !n ti. r-tt-nir.-z are C Rrfdle iroofcr.-i-i, Dmirp n'nivr it v i -id L .turtridee, rap'-ihi tim I nivctrity fiP -en. i tilnm Min i ni' 1.r,; n rln' AM . '7. 'Ir.. " tdai another, do mis .-' d i - (inv oi .nine, jya. JOHN V. I'AHiaU.l.. LL.B.. ol S I'nisley- nt. lb. t. lh. Hit Sud, 8.1; I)-r.i Piide, Tea Rose. Solicitude, morrow. Press have arranccd a inat"h against roulscray, i'roctor for tlio applicant. lit e.jiza nein-si. i ei. j .111 1 o. MKL. lion-si! fond children! " iiooil worlieT. rs,Hiini1ev Social Club at Richmond, weatb-r per "lontine, inlet narter, Strena'ier, Lottana, 6. Nor Plum (3) Echo Point (7) 11 n Shooting Roy (1) 0 in 10 0 Gratify (II.. .. 0 1 10 8 Punvarra (8) ,. 0 0 (1HLS. lttani cuttlnc. desiBninr;. power ma-.T chlnlnj:. haiul work. dteH making: term, 6 Kin;., 3 nithn.' lultton, Partlcuhir. Mnr-carcll. ;trd floor. Majorca Dldg., cr. Centre way and Flinders-lane. ItOSEIIILL JLNK HANTHOAP. One mile and rtEMi'GO, fnntla. The follnwinr haie been chosen to reprrsent Ben-liiro trief peiiion in 'The I -ruder" Shield, played on 4ih nnd ilh Juli ; G. Ent-iIe RK IKSLii: JOHN COSGROVE, late of Tuc-I In '. 12(1; nlno slater, tosellier or eepa-Mrftrfct. Kruakwater. lo the Hinte ofi'nie. irvftiia. any time. .-ili-dis-; milt ing- This club can place a g'.-od team to b;I in the field, tind chould irive Preja good nniteh und G.l(irnctice, Cress evident lv have U) many players three furlong.. King's Street (5). 0 0 i. nuuchljiiian. i;cr?obed. - i'ur.uant Uti ' 1RL, young, ws-jis llRht house duties, pood Scottish Jlareh (fi) 9 10 st. lb. rt. lb. i iTDvIiliHis ul the Tni;:te Act. I'j'JS. in, 12; r.encrols. imme or k' lioiiaH. r.fHT. .Vtrt OHice. to he made at 2.;W p.m., and will be fol-j 8 1 .1 Vrf t.v tiw.t) th.-i; THE It A f.LA ft AT TlltW- xjai. youiifi i, reus "A 01 rhinriT piean ihifkr. handle hor.setr, id, 20 : e: UO Elteabeth-i Hello 7 1 Carre KM'lel, ( nnl Swan Hill). ( . w. .'lew-art (E.l'lical. W. H. lirovc? (Kvnct..l. O. Evans and V. Wise (Hnedr-nri). S. F. P'driims, R. J. A. Johnston. F. H. Mr Into'li. R. Norburv TDK. EXKCUTORS & AGENCY COMPANY 4.85. TALLY HO HANDICAP, of 150. fclx lurlons. .aieiu, uuuk yen. us-i'ti. i-ienn, re:'i.. rera.; lb, bim- In call upon. there are aooui w puiver" f cif t"n-d ''Jill the club, many of them firat-ela. footballer. Ncverthcles!-. il e.-nn difficult lo :et a strong combination together. Numerous changes In the team each week hav not tended to fiiK-nglh-'n tt. The (".im 1( not playing eon's. 276 P.UfKfil-M. C. 73fi2. y:sw, oi i,(, Haimrst. In ti.e ii'U'.v.f, the Administrator of the Etdatc of ft lh. it lb. ENGLISH TrVM IN OlEKN-!, ND. nRfPBANE, Mondav. -!v points to 17 l be English Rugby I.-h?i'k i-im d.flled Wide Vv O vmn lo to-dav. Ther" wa a record i.'ro-i.' fnr linuiehnd riot fen. fmnll v nf Cfiracr": "will Al) waiil.-j M'ork In fael (IVndlgo). Extrn player: W. E. Stokes ft week. Tucsdav. Lower Alalvern- Flight GU17'i rdV. Ga rael!? (14) Khartoum Australian Kingra .. . FlindcM ., Brain., .. 8asanidt , Draconic, , DhmuM ., , Tl'itdeon . . Acwlerando, Kin? Mirch (V.?..).. Oidanta .. .. jfVrolage. . . . Ft hie . .. Bawn na Glua Tantrum . .. New King .. Iyrd KudonM Wallaua Mtrnt ni WIQ i-eMie .iniin i,o;'i;rr,ve, derenned, who i. ill on th) I'.M'ii'ielli liuy of I icceinber. of IVriO-inhf Imnrlreil nrnl Uili-ti ..i,,- lln.t.fn kWrltt; ayXj. A;.. U aKlf'T rTinit-o ivork tn araincr. rani. r tvltipt Etnrrii fit (7) ...... fl 13 8 11 Cnlllhrooli (Si.. 6 12 (F.-huca). G. F. D.ivfi-s and J, Glicbriit (Wood end) untl It. Adam (Kyneton). tocether well, but a d'tlPite imtTovmenr IV M t'.Di. 4.n n-,,lir,l f -nm fl- mule. V r- - I AL i pay l'i .1 4 Hrtul! famflv. turn for home, T.U.O. ARn. Oriirwfn (?,).. Matstiim (10) h'.'Mt w ironvey and IHfTRlHUTlO the Kti'-7AT"(llhn niid derenf."! to or aniouc Die ;. " li'Vr.lM ,,lll,,nw--T'' B'in'"'v -ill. th- vet n ir,-e.. "ii. hotiii'li'Fii. inenrtiens. bousenrtp'o Anton f."ii? (l)i e iw 1 Am. ft 12 fl 10 evpeetcd. AftT tralnm- r pla.vers w ill bo entertained pavili"ii. lane, 8 2 pTWi rmitlef niereto. and .rcgulreh nil per- lartterr. crntltmim ; 8'. Hv lettnr. Scotch. m..n wer- niitn'r'-"!. n'ible to eope vlth ;he vitilo s' '" I -'i-i'. Indisposed, cood home, I1JJBL. It.lWl It.O IllfiliHit nf the ilnln ..f imhlirn t Inn v. Maden Handlcan. one mile and a tiirlonc. hmf rARTiriLAKS of thplr CLAIMS lowed hy h draw for the Hill stands hail1 an hour later and a draw for the Flat at: H.:i0 p.m. It is understood. s regards positions on the rails, that afler the draw (he V.U.C. committer! mny possibly allocate stands with the idea of decentralising businessin other words, to avert overcrowding in the rinpf eoiiseauenfe upon prominent fielders bring placed too flt.ic lo each other. In all other respect' there will lie no departure from the open draw agitated for by bookmakers a year or two ago. Fntries close to-day at. 3 p.m. for thej meet in i! of the Oakhinds Hunt Club to be held at Moonce Valley on Wednesday, 2Di.h iust. The programme includes two, steeplechases fnr hunters. Bonny (h).. .. 7 0 Full Fore? (1) Apbract. (1).. ..7 7 OoiwIi-it CJt .. St. Flavian lift) 7 7 KnkeMa (ia .. Timhurv (12).. 7 Vahnlst () .. Cattltre.ieh (0) . 6 13 (Barrier positions in parentheses.) Mrniihwlek W. DP NOLLY, Monday, Mens IS Holes :--E. A. Bovs. SS (20) AS; C. Da font". 101 ciUl 0; T. Whlltil-nr, !3 (Ifti 7(: It. Holmes. 11" (SAW 71: J. Milton. 01 (20) 71; P. Huidefld". 101 (2fi 7.: I. Steven, K-2 (?7)7f.. Woman's If. TIoes:-Mls E. WMMker. AS f?,1-H).i: Mr. Bovts, frj cV,)-AT; Mrs. AhWnn. P7 fW) T; Mitt rout o- inn:i. Mi.. r,,.. no care rrramnell 'jApmcy. cilftonHil). rALY Hln or i'KtV Tione'riil. dofiv or TTve -"'-'Cl- l'f- l"7 HlKlvst.YesrHi.i 1T.N.;T0, teamVterrplontjhi m'tlk. clear, j a) L man, elfin, pohtr. rcsp., uplendld Tela. ; ! 2),. iinpon'M, 27fi ItucstlbM. C. 7382. j Tul Mint, !).0; CoTinterrart, 8-10; Sir Morion, jiiri int shio estate. And at Lie expiration pMJmiiM two months t.ho iinirt Administrator Metropolitan Amateurs. POSITIONS OF TEAMS. IRL. eTioenenced, drapery, country, appear ICE HOCKEY. Royal Alms, 8 7; Spider King. N"M. 8.6; Rtm rod. fl.n: fjinnrlnn. 7.10: I adv Verderrr. 7.7: I. rev 0 Herbert. al.. I llffonvty nr diMribute Hie unld ettate to or ai.yut 10. 10 N. Carilon, llif pfrnons entitled thereto, having re M10lt, Soringbar, 7.jj BomhiUa, 7.4; Mngnitas, 76r ceneral worlT cake, kft- r..-v-1-id'd N. dafrv. vardhiun, "smart appearance. I educated, nplemlid refe. ; anything, anj-, MA when r;T iiwtH'ii:n. 'i0 Glen Hunily-rd.. Elsternv, Ick. 7.S; Trecona, sweet Cyllene, 0.12 Hal? '1.10. T t ; Miss L. Melton, ll f"Pi Jtrl ttpoone. M'itS almoft one-half of the tea M-'t. an Ib-'cs: C. D.ifon'o. Co: (rrtin7: P. On Tiositlons of the t.ims in t MctropoM. tv oi vihlrh ii ,hall then liave had notice, rued llilf L'Oth nay of June, one thou-M iln hundred ami thirtv two. 'ilRL, Ir5is"iernwlckr d'aiiy. ior Jioune wotlt. X Hixc L4K71 afier 10 a.m. Ilardefeldt, P !)-! 13; E. A. Roys. I-W (10) un .vmai.ur F-otUlI Aijoelalion s: RR.'GinON B"eauj of Oi- las !iig uMf-.'jaiiCi' u k ail lii"t eiciiinr lo v.i!.-, N, ame buy own cows, share ni ilk Inn. vecetablei'. exn. tubaceo: willlns. 121 ,'Mi. m, riir.f.MAi1.. rf i Mra-ntreet . Gee-i'.,t. ftl'ntO.- and I'l-oetor foi- thn !.ntd ml. SCRATCHINGS. MCNTOSE THLRSDAY. Plato. Cavpin d'Or. Gynolter, Spring Creek. ecdal'1, Pembroke, Mm a ram. Handl'ap. 1 aril In, PembroV. Novice Hnudh'.ip. Lvwio. Kr.ic, RirrbiincVI, -11..; 1. vthitlak.T, 1-; f:i-l-It; M. Mor.-ii. I.. . . iSi (F,"t 1 1P, Unm-n's. ;;C Ilde: Mi ., ."'- . A SECT10rj. -..r.lItM'C. BOXING AND WRESTLING. DRAW FOR RAILWAYS COMrF.rmON Tb Victorian Amateur Boxing and AVretti t H'loria-iii.. UHi nnn. MA !s'.""iiiie""iio unytriiiib;." war'ehousp, factory or s lore, part, full time, award rates, tcitf. Ase. : r ' ; ' ,,:. lr;j,:i' : ;':r u -i a no.., oh scotch on match of th- ei-i.o:i 'on Hii?: i.u and Ha IV..U d f Ml- d E-m Inn-v 1 lien ihr lead. AHt of.lng the first mate' (ilKL, to assist with house worK, eleep home. T ftlRosiynjBt., Mjd. Hritihimi. ("1 IRL. jrt,""tis tni'ihie, in guest house ;"Ya"To I..stllEU-R-E.M.ARe. 4" IRL. 14, aHtstfJowrr ganien. "U hours yjf daily: .1. UlnKlIaw.L 2:1;. after in. Ci rlAjMl5R. Price " from experienced tfadCH-l man, Indoor work, 8.30, Lev.n, Jill, liar-age, Patten'on-st., St, Kilda. PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENTS. them Lust v.tH II d-m. IXiAfH" ioiiiii,", drive I'a Ehter.iwicit, ihrv huve eoin throi.h 'in garden, rfecrefarlaT rt'lurii board, poc- Association has mad- thn following draw for Orb, .Soiurt tiing oicct, Tuxedo, Anomiilt'.it.i, (lOriSlpCr, k-!l money Ktii. Ar1 liirllrsnl fnr poFitlonn nre nrlvl.ied not. the annual railways open tournament for 5lth tak---, '.70 U2)-l-!7; Miss Fau., 1 (I2i 111 MIm L. Mlton, 2H (;.s) n;:. GARFIELD. Monday. Th- rrsnlt- of tin mate'i's betvren Gavfedd mid prdtenliam re Mill"d:-Gi-tVl,! A 1 hid" 11 ace.., pakf-nbam '14-21, Garfl'dd R 11-?. PaVmhin n fi-'X Th- That, injuries siiNtaitmd by "West Wing on tSuturday during the running of the Wanda Steeplei-hfihc were as serious as feared was indicated yesterday when the Weslloein geldim was withdrawn from nil engagements nt, the V.R.C. tJrand Nat ionnl meeting and for the Williams-town Steeo!ech:i.:o to be run next Satur wthrrn.-V III'..'; : Ulllr, 1 l.c,ii,-n, and .ii" showing (urn cmu to Ltot which i von the preniirvshii. for them (Hd I Mfibnrninns iv.w he'd htvoed p.-e; Coll-'gians. 1 1 lii Pura-linu- and State Savings l!ink are cpinl frr fourth. The two rntvrlty t'-ams occupy AN iouniu'ieri nnd Wife. t;ooa cook, care M taker, watchman; anylhlnt;. -Ju Duvor-st., he 1-3m. wer: Mi r;; lU'H, Uovbin. ii. David-.n. C"i;if 'cr Rrigbton.-D i iiriKiiiMi t.stimonlHli (n anmver lo .!'' rictliioiis.idiiroB;jofi. June; Novice Wrrstlinir. Bantam Weights; J. M. Hlclmii -I. t CCOUiNTANCY.- rorrcupoii- aTT Cole v. N. Dernclly. Feather Weights: L. Ro- younR, wMh 30 cwt. truck, wants tonriLimcnt resulted : taimdlan Foursome.: R, : rirrht. Molcr. Wmift APS f'liools, Hnwcy-eotirt. 2:t-i Colllnn-;'!, lat two places, tHoiiuli hot n are nn t. -iH Nainer-Bt.. I' tr.roy. rton R. Phillips. Light Weights: J. .1. Fleti. Fii:hl"-'i 11-des 1 Heap: Wi- ),iin,.iniT more promWng form. The d-talls are M. H. Napibine. r-ntrc: M yr-1 ovn Fi'ialiK'tts. pood clefl;, day. IC0MP1.KTE nt'SINKriS TRAINING PLAN a hf prrsetit rm-utions. Immeil. helpful. lr.PT. Nine He'es Handicap f' MASiic I ah) "tvnn v. R. Dawea. Welter Weights ; 11. H'nricknen v. A. E. Carr. as toliow: man. offer J'.ft for lob. KB.. Ae. Briifhton were firci uviy the o i k. nnd en- -d M..rc b'-at ni a'tnek (i r.-TrKHy ft K'lheri roil ntv. 1,1,1. . Mnilnn Open resiling Danlam ights: 11. roiifins ii;os tducaiu TiT.'.'STT il . f ooYTappeii an' .'eHiic.T-nrtdrcnK. manv years ex private ser- frn pr-nii'-T-rtbip . polets. nana Hoiife. Itn.ik- I It Mil". iia- MlM'" - dtc-.-i i'urae. Quick Reward, UobugOL-, t. aBtlt-rensh. All Engagements. Hrros, Crmvlandu, Pieatui. WILMAMSTOWS SATURDAY. Jnvenlle Handicap. Cb'towalk, Wmduniua. r.-ptatiKdo ILindiiap. T'einbi-okc. - iiiamitfi. n ytreplechasc West Win,;, Point Cook Handicap. Lmpiactij . V.R.C GRAND NATION 1. Grand National Hurdle Rare 1'sroWl, MoHn-ist, Rapvinif. Vane, Lovtield, Mtrlco. Grand National Stc-plecbHse. Hoot Gibson, ArcndiUR, Gratir.', Wc?l Wira, The D-sorl. All Engrtgrments. West Wing, The Crjrlts- M.-Cu1!"-)!. Pitch a-id puit: S. M.Cnllie HKVFIKLD, M-mdav.-A team- match He field and ( " wurr and Toorm.ib' ie bined. wis won 1- Ilei.ifld by C K. Jackson. Fcaib-r Wcfirhn: B. R-lchclt Com- . r bib. ElliH cow c ;.ro wll hou.rmao. ueful. rnr licence, expert ''oresTlon ThlC Mii'i. rifty or count rv:" d t.litM. G. i. Mcudell. l.i;. tt'llli.i R. (oidrev. Light Weights: '. G. Rellis v. . Garrard. 'Welt-r Wefcbls: W. It. Main v, J. goal of t1 .. ivuK-h. toner. oefieniinme. reis. u.w.i;.. A'jz .ie.ii-' Vjiiinp." man". tim 'ciVSj. i.illUpr. liiielclwr PrNonal" and' 1.. O'Harn. Middle Weight: W. .1. Lynch v. A. HAIR I 'reefer. Good Tradesman, to Rent Ruloon. 102 Hjiwthorn-rd., Caultleld. nOlfSEKRl'IPEB, for bachelor. nfsi'l "ivike shop, country, chlld cuiioldcril. 71SI. Aye. KNITTING. Forplady. (Sitter, for aril" tdlk underwear, able to supervise llnt.Hhluc nia-eblncii. Pranby Knitting Mills, 102 Swan-i-ton-nt.. Melb. KNITTlNO.--fixpefIe":Vced ami trn prove r. Operators for fancy half hiwe, peimanenl. Kmmaniiel, 81fl Sydiiey-ril.,i)ninhwlck. ' AHY whrpive Hnme" and pocket "moricv J to (Kan elderly Indy, tor mtrvlres, llulit place. ftS ltoenenlli-st.. Cl'.flon HUI. 1Af)f "Canvaascr, cxp., boiisehbiil heeepsliv. j commlhidon. y-12, 2S.1 Canterbury-rd., Cnntcrbury, 1' AUNDREHS', UFeTnteam. ( r o n d r c ii bT "a til f L a , A &a: Maillard'H. 127 liusscljsL IfMliLKSS "Sololer onrreVropporuinlly, ilato j whether employed. Immediately, to 8.8. 1).. AC Cl'ILe. DAXKKffriTiitltute ! I) Portal O.urnes, s ('y j'Td SMt -h rv,l!.-!ati ;ti!-l M'-lbun-.lans .. ICiiolh-eians .. .. ,T.,nM piirmlbn- . .. .:tSt-iie ;iv!nr:H Bank bind; -wife, rooif. i-cn. Reilly. ace lo ,; ho'"s 1 bc--. KILMORE, Momlav. W.-men's H.indi;ar H.des: Miss N. Il.irp.r. S-! ( 2,!) ,V); M Humphrev. 71 (11 J"t ; MM J. Wtrib H6 Pii.HM'll-.M. 'If s, fallen 'H i v tn li-c v not t eoren when h- loo'j a ws tn I serambl" in from of l-.'iI.. . as siop-t-d bv n-ulcr. but nkir eounlis-in Pa rrv M-n-i . r th- rep,. IPUl i (Cent, . 170 Uiiei Ifl'lUlhltS' iliatifreTfr: pirdener. il sr "M" Humors were in cirr-uinlimi yesterday that the Adelaide gelditiiT Ahvynian, one of the horses al, the head of the (Iraud National Hurdle race poll, was "off his feed," and that his coiiiieclintu wcie more I 1m 11 nn::ious about h im. These rumors did not . however. nffVct the position i- Ahvynian on the popularity poll. Whatever weakening there was noticeable about I he leaders was con lined to .Nauru. The opinion ia plowing amongst keen judges that Nnuiii is not suited by heavy going, and his display in the Toolamhool Hurdle ran on Saturday supports the theory. excellent ref s. No. .1 4 reneral; p.ip. (21) 01: Miss M. Ryan. 71 (71 M. I1 Eat Malvern . . inmrtly, .:'.r scor 'd BriL'htov seeonil k 12 W. A res. Novice Roxing. Fh- Weight: R. Chapman v, C. lwlnnd.a. Fcaihcr Weights: . M-Arthur v. L. McKcnua. Middle Wright: U. Job v. J. E. !:i"plmnh. Open Boxing. Flv Weight: II. Coo(er v. H, L. Kirbv. llantam Weichta: W. N. Tobin v. E, Hoief t-:n i ribbin. l":t (27) .7ii; F. Utitl-i i.lipi Toole wm ,inii!ii'irii',l fr Hop'tiiiT ,rnan. did refi.. man. handy t-iols. Hat), Ace. roin Culb n jutt before the end of -Farm, station, naw mill hands, wood Ge-lon-r . j FniveHty Blacks 2 .Fniverslty Blue Pi (i:)--77: M., jrj (IS) 77; 1 Pearce. OH f-0) 7S. KVAUR AM. M"nday.-ln u match in th term. M.,..i tcrs. rlenncr. al Reilly, Mnvna, J 70i nOKHILL RACKS. Flying "Welter. Hiivnjpot, Corrogin, en, Arnvtr. Jiivcnilc llindlcjip, Prince let cr. Iioclie pATfVASSKK", (or carrier, good man. Slate U 'Xptylrnce. B. A .X. V., AK0. fACHiN(.i. IrdTTeTvTriJn,CHCr:rK,; v. Bankers', Pharmacy, nedected nuhjects. V-l, day or evi-ntnc. uorrenp. or petiioiial. dSTjylor, Staff (Taylor), 213 ""'ollin-st. ('OMMufir k a i?rit cT.erk: a h ' H.ka m in a- V HON'. Iierember. lU.'t'J. n-sl. icptii.. lH'ii.) th- mateli was 'n i" tin Haw: horn Ftrcnallicurd i M'Tirans. Feather Wriihts; 1). Dowlinir D. L. V.L.G.L". I'i'iin.iiit, Torn.' (a cln-uled Merriiruin OTOlOloodM,'"with "curtains, roninlete. .f; J. J. 8 CECT10N. In B e"ti'.v. B""tlelgh. win by It to 1, Merrimim A-o.-i;)ie. In Hob 'tack 1 an ip-rt to ciufilise lb- sccr: -. (Mmnt.d. Welter Weights; C. G. Pobb v. Delnncy. an repair": j-umonH. a moihhu-si.. Mrs. Molla.d. (.': i :; Mis. Foster, P-0 (21) nvitch rind wen all the others, ha 1 lead Ty details ar Abt'otmnro. Jiiti.i. fc iOTOR'lirlver.'do repnfrV. 'ltehcVnian, ii."e. l ;il, aoviiihif;: X '2 10-'. references. E. Lewlou. 93 RarkH -st.. Carlton. ,Sui Cominenrc on .Monday night at Toy-Vj.ij3Colllns-strecl. C.l. i point. fr'Jii West Ila-who.-n. j follow: nu Mis-. A. Ib-ain. r.'l (.(... N1HLL, Mondav. -WooriU cLib's f.i.i..:n-s: -W. FNeher and Mis Mvn-ne llruce ('Miil!. 41 (21 Mi; E. "i?;t and Mia J. Kni-p. S7 (12) 1.".; R. FIs-h'T and Mifs Man Jin-i-. nuh, KH.MOUE ST P i TRICK'S DAY PONY RACK GLIB. KILMORK RACFCOl.' RSE TO-DAY. TODAY (TPKSDAV), TO-DAY. Siceial train for pasrengfn and liorfi (rein Srencer-strcct nt n.m , Fwendon 10.(7 a.m. Big rnirifB. Track in goid order. J. MuWcy ond L. llusiey, Scf. MACHINISTS fo." Summer P.obes, &c. Only l'irst Cln-ss Hands Wanted. 1 To Start at Oace. L. A. MUTIMER. I Cnr. Fmlfli nnd Grieve Btrpct. 1 Pll'Zr.ov iTopj.Torati and Catut. MA'CHlNlsTs. pxp'pri'enced, "for 'iiti.lercloHi- Ins; also lmproer. for upokestltcher nnd rh.-.-etI'iir b; hoin from the e-ntrn, ."'!. b- p'l k many times within scoring dis-tcni .-. n-'ct'trn's d:-f--i- vis nolid, and turn'-d r-i -"'.cks. Cull'-e lit tb- post with a shot ti--i !n -id". Let K"-, ecming on weM. lifpt tl : -"tck through en th" rebound. The final tcr.ii ivere: Rric! tn. ? pials; Hawthorn, I goat. Pono-an. Mollr, Nar-'hln- and Toole BILLIARDS. VICTORIAN CH'B TOFRNAMENT. Result of games pfaved y stcrday: "Emma' Kay of Biscay, though little is seen of him, continues to hold his position, and his Mend fast ues in that respect is itn-pressin' a mini her of people, who realise that whatever t'olluuini Hay of lfiscay has. it is not that, of the racing public. Thev hao not heard enough about, the FtlKllkln til, If lr.r.'a' ' " . Dia-A riub. Won. L :m VK-torl.t-rd.. Malvern. tJV694t. I'i: . Kii-y ami .Miss II. r.ilt;. : t :" K. i'.,n. "::m;ihc?r (loremani. IntipcctH. excu- Keaiu and Mb M. Ream, ,7 llOi 17; W. Iloimri ; v.t ifawi d. D. Rob?rln, "Apis" d. F. Jansnn, 'Ihe M'oloi tes OTOR privatc tvpnira, ovcrnauis, c., own- ami Mi-r L. Duns, HO (121 (. j, p:ni!V lane, oft 30ft l.atrobe-st. IJtXMHnbiied : JJattern. trtnoit? jRKKirfrtfiit andackedTftniompleipd, yjj?: piaraniced, Ladlofl' Tralnhic Col- erp- the h'St of tie '.inner., f'ullen. David-o.-t. Ktbv gelding's work to encourage them to ad UJV'E. roTpatifoil, brtlfht, hofp. exp., 207. AOHIN1KTS. 2nd arid73rd yar linpio"ver, !and Barry wer th b-st of Hawthorn, 'r. ui Uoiiins-Lt. Hrltrhlou T S. Old Bojs Itrizbtonvale RninK,vlok Mnrmmi"et'a oats, "leeves. iintngu. 11 waierioo-Al.. oil -ii i.ii-n i ii,, ni'ipuay. i ne lioninurn vsi-lev asA'-elatlon has been granted ICiIi ird 13th July aa dales for the Shepparton open tournament. WARRAGI'L. Mondnv. There w,i a Inrce following gamp will be played to day, p.m.: Hacalitfier v. Bert Cohen. TATTl"n?AlL'9 TOl'RNAMENT, Rfnilt, of games plaved in Tatterfall's toiirna. mcnl: G. Sand' re t'.X) ri. G. I1 reeling HI 2. OAKLANDS HUNT CLUB RACES. To ba Held en the. Momee Valley Racecourse. W BPS ESP AT, 2Wh JPNE," JP32. Entries eloso at 8 p.m. Tuesday, 21st June, at Moonce aev ofllee. OAKLANP.S 'LADIES' PRACKLET.-A wetter rr;;8 r,nir"Vrockj! wnnteil, itnle""br" rc- l ei., nny nnie. i n.ii.i. VtUriSES available, nifilil or "day. "Community i Aid. N'urHpf' Rovenn. Windsor. 2?21. AinKidT, experienc"o two iiccdTenicWiTi; - " '"' nro-fii., i.oimrE. 31A PIGEON RACING. pMPLOYprhs 1 SKEK THE RRADniTAW. mncnine, jor innnin Finrt, Mr. Good-iil RrldRe-rd., tllchmond, city end. I"A.V."niapeHtirii;fhVcVifert trnrlo(,mnrT.27. I'lig !' -if norti'iir p t rnll r u nrlima niibiti ' inufter oC may pre In Ihe competitions on .TfiH-'en Colleue urdny. Lcndliif.' enrda were : AaFoeimrs' Flag: l' ' j ' Mrs. IL II. RiveH. A Division Men's llantll- i Bur 0u(l Uamca Ruled for lo ntehl At 7.4S. II. Sells I A'HINIST, pxperieucef). nlaln " Riinnnei Vllh tin- Uoll.e onn hln "v.,..' n C SECTION. J1' emni,,ym..iit . opt pa rtlcuia rs of piai-.miend. 1 1 Lin'on-st., PI. HI. KMda, "lyAINTKRl Paperhinnerr "kal3om.,"jioii"e"re' c.ip: R. Ili.-kson, :8 (221-70; A. II. Firming, 97 (DD-.M; L. Teee. ion (IR--B2; T. I'M- . . t J. troche, fa?t. neat worker, for tnmiilen. 213 Rvd'icy-rd.. Bwk YrACHlSSTsT7o tnmuloTrncJrs ; onTv ctc- YOUNG BIRDS' SCHEDULE TO BIT ALTERFM. A special delomits' meeting of the Tfctoi inn Hcming A oc ia l ion was held to consider tim (ree. i,fi) v. A. AlTuiiams (roe. mi, l. bolummt lice. lo) v. .1. Slota (.cc. li.i). VICTORIAN AMATLt'R CHAMIiONSIHP. Ff-tlon, t;.n Ibinf': JyVi'-iTrNG, intent touch method; PyOKhhLPlNrj, n ptacllcal course, co-ering tim Uta of comm;'rclal docu- '3Hr.:i. C.2. lI perleneed hand need rtpptv; permanent I tiandican uteepleobase, of .t'tO. For hordes duly qualified three timet durin: 10j2, that huve Hot won 11 llnnlcrB' Meeplrrhan'', or have imt run in on open Hurdle Race or MeepleeliHM1 for three years. For registered amateur rMer. Lowest handicap weight, 10 it. 7 lb. About two miles ami eight chalnii. COWRIE HANDICAP, JCltt'. For two-ycar-oIdB. Six furlongK. inn'fhsncer. drainer, renova- B nivtsinn: ft. ininean. 120 (20) loo. u. ! -nninia i-u ani. i n : ....,., EvenH. 121 f20) 101: J. S. Bacon, llo (ini -'lcid. with Gbm Himtly h- on.l; their Piretinc on ina; H. WeavlPS, 12-T (15) 10S: B. Green. I Saturday hvai will be caited with intercbt- "stenlav'B game in the Victorian amateur motion of J. Lyons (Malvern), that the pig-on-racing schedule arranged at the general mccilr.c bllliaril ('"amp ion ship resulted : Second Round altered. Tne nri-sid-iit (Mr. G. McCutc-haisi WOoOEND,' Monria. .Woodend as(.orit-s rle-; 'r,a"3' r.'mb-r- E. N. Hraey loOO d. L. Craig fi. Best l'ii3iiiun. wrmiNy.Moiee, 10 nwniiHion-9i. f AcHlNlriT. (or "SncctJle." siiirla "and 'rV. ati. jamas, experienced. 17-19 Perry-at., Collin twood . AClHl?lTlCrmp"rovera; alsfTrTlfli,. learn J. clothing trade. Clyde Clothing Co,, 7 a'Hcckett-sl. I tton?. spictaliht, urpetit: 10 day, or con-tmel.verv reasonnble. - Ltnncr Age. 1A INTER. Papprhanser," tMdesm'nn. wanta work. 10 ilay, or contract; own equipment. J.H. ,?.0J Centre:rd., Hcntleigh. i iaintVIh. lioiiVe 'tenovnlor. Kalanmlnlnc. fe.ited Kyii-to'i in a V,L.G.l.'. pennar.l match bv I'UDSIUW ind EVERETT roLl.KGE. ta,p-nilhllBMB S.C.4. h 'J:. Arttiimetic and tvntlrin." even- Fit r.1,..11'11 ir. Central Kusliiesa Col-JLlSl('olllns-st. presided. Mr. Lyons raid that the schedule for yonrg birds mran-?l at that meetinir wis the latc-t GLLNDEWAIt WELTER PL-TC and OLENPE S matches to 2, Club. Breaks: Bnicey. 107, 82, Oft, 05, :W. 87, S5; Craig, 4i C8, S2. Average: Bracy, 10.2. To-day's game: W. H. Carter v. D. Dinley, at Commercial Travellers' Club, at ,1 p.m. Only memliei'S ot (he association admitted.. J." Plaster renal, price mod, 170 Alfred-cr., ViACHrNlnd. 2nd and 3rd year Improve, tJL coats. Bleeiea. linings. 11 Wntcrloo-st., vocate Ins chance. I here were, comparatively few inrpiiri"- yrhtordny for St. Magnus, despite W. !, Hnwson's confidence in his mount, but there were quiet movement? in Mipporl of CVlray, Polygonum and MoActioopcr. There wiis bltle or no diicii-iou about prospects of candidates in the ("ir.ind Nat ionnl Rteeple-ehase. The poll was declared as fob lows: CRAN'n NATIONAL HPUPl.E RACE. (Run Satitnlay, 2nd July.) Nauru. Alwvnian. Uliopal, M. Ma?nu Hay of Biscay. Polj'gonutn. Mortdroopcr, Poidnle, Cladrav, liidv Dorii. Landmark. Mi.kciip. Hlmriel, Coi-Verow, Aecclenit ion, lllaek Devil, Piinkeld, Lanlrot. C'cnli'ihl, Pllocta. tJIIANP NATIONAL fiTRKn.ECHASR. (Hun Saturday, 0th Juty.) Atclirson. Nauru. Jack's Jason. Tlliopal, Appellant, !.nnitm:irk, M.iKcup. ("oiigooln, Copey, rieorp;e Afilllnm. Nar Plume, AceeWratlon, Preooei.viH. Sarocta, Tf.nady itock, (J.nhay, Wirratp Satnlliuit. WAR WELTER PURSE, JiSOO. A handicap divided equally Into two Mnken. Lowest handicap weigh), 7 nt, 7 lb. 1'.tc, six lurlongs; Vntsp. nine furloncr-i and a half. pn.wible, Tli- (iryt race would b- flown in April and the Inft in Jure, hy which time the wenth'r would be so cold and fotrrrv as to orove iniorirun Cunterbuvv Fntd. Churcbe. It.bu Hunilj in I llainl.'noi.g .. .. ,. .. .. .iKInilfiville nld Xiiver'an- . . WOMAN CHAMPION BEATEN. SYDNEY. Monday. There w. a nirprii Killara Golf Club's champioiiship contest IWL"fl- 'avtiiK HchooTffere7rTur-' lion Shorthand, TypliiR, return office ser- i. I'uzroy. tTATNTlTf. rTperlifinriec. House Repalrc; "prices reasonable; ko anywhere, Mattnewa, Mateh-s hip Won. 1-oi.t. pdi-ii! 7 .. 1 .. 2 . -.'i ; . . r, . . ?) 5 . . ;t . . w i'. .. 2) 4 .. 4 4 .. 4 2 .. .. a .. 0 .. H to the competitors. Aim because of th- slmit ACHINiaT, 2-needle. pyTHninB; also Im ARUNDEL HANDICAP, JClM. Seven furloiign! MAg,' i;i j lie Avenue, i.,iiiiii rn. ptovers. (iuiiotord-lane, on: 203 La iiiia minng unit p"rimJ owners would he no JleudlM li s. Old Boys u rn. T "? Iiftlr 'i.ui, mnTcefT wafer wnv- feiiKuueui-iu. (iity, wnen .Mtss t. i.efcm,-e, tnr r-tatt golf champion, wa.s b'-men by Mrs. T, liy H Hp und 2 lo play. "I jAiNTi'UPR improver, compdenl, all ruunu opportunity of giving their racing slock the training required. llilrnit.. . "lsMi 01,1 Hour, Aiutu: hoiibp. ruvcr.Do2 M"AcilTNTSfs. imderclottiinj;; Imp: Rathdown-st., N. Cnrlioii. LAWN TENNIS. REVDIOO, Mnndny. Games in Hendlgo Inter-Church Association's pennant compctitkm re-Milted: White Hilh 4 sets 21 names d. All l i nil'-, I I rtiuooriiy-ni.. M ioy.i i. i n. V X THTfK' VTT: 1? ootii it floTormVl Vi'R Paucr- -until intrnnm Ud H.iilrvburv-Tilnity .. evil- Cnul field yoniiT hinls peason usual h nnens ni t bo .1. "hanglnn. 1 roll; rarpentcrinK. rcPD.ir3 to 1 -ginning of February, but because of the sue property, uorry, tux w finnsvuu-in., viij' Saints' 0.1; St. KiHan's 4-24 d. Forcit-Ftrcet if ul late Ktn'-ts lust voar. and this venr. owner MA'cHlNrtiT, for ficmmhif; ties, experienced". Call 8 a.m.jin? LYem-at.,OFt.rftnii. ArAci'dNIfS'rsi expelricncedrjor Ktraw Knts, itiimed.lj.T Ljton-(it.Carlton. MAX "VoiinB, 'ith motor trurk'"3ft c'vvi. or over, constant. 75 VIctorla-at.. Stttidrini;- Methodist o-ia; St. Milthew'a Blue fl-il d. WH till Ctiullield Grammarian .. B .. 0 SECTION. The leader). St. Ignatius', sustained their Aral Went en Saturday at the bauds of E., S. and A. liad no liesiLition in voting for a late start next )ATls'TlNG. PaprrhanRlriK, work wanted ivy in thr PilUt, RIFLE SHOOTING. ALBURY, Monday. Leading PA-rei weekly shoot woie: A. Rod trie, (0; .1 lit; C. Wiseman, 40; (apt. Kibble, 18 man, 47; F. Y:r..s, 17; C. llore, 47; .i 'ar. It is almost certain that an alteration will hn I.iJJP mo(ltla'. I Veri'i Acndrmy, non-street MethMlist 1-11; St. Matthew' (Jold 1-21 d. St. Andrew's 0-10. Leading pofllon on the premiership list nre; St. Kilian'n, White nnrl alxtv yanm. WOODLANDS HINT STEEPLECHASE. A handicap of 150. For horses duly qualified tvde" during 19S2. For registered nmateur ridi'M. Lowest handicap weight, 10 at. About two miles and eight chains, SPR1NGBANK HANDICAP, 150. One mile. , All nomluatlenii, 1. Mordlnllnc, Mcntone and Caultleld bor&oj eon. veied free. I Weighls. Motidar, 57th Jine. 1 All horses not scrntched before 1 p.m. Mn- dr.y. 27th June, wilt Im liable for stccptuncc money. IT. II. DANIEL. Seeretflry. Moonce Valley Offlc-?, 482 Bourkc-slrecl, Mel bourne. ll.i nk. Dclalli.: i lAiKfYNa. r, Home'. '2 cnHTn, 8:' Paper- ham. made for Ihe young blrrii' schedule, but the old Moll, 1 hatmlnc. 30 r. Win, cka. Stale irANTto epIU and cut toot birds' raelmr season will remain unaltered. Thi .unicin, r.,K.H. Hflla, wt. Matlhcw'B Blue, each (1 )ioinls; Al Saints' and St. Andrew's, each 2 points. In tin 43. PremlT-Matches rhlp on. Leit, Drawn, point. near aicid., lf.lh BENDIGO, Monday. a handicap match a' ROO. i cxieriuiik:c, l-iiuiiioihui, Aufl. Kt., iTfttinin. 1 lAlNTING 'raherhiiniilni!:. General renalrs hranches, nVivai. tuition: mod'. fre! "1,1.". JP' nm, fbi St. Wnaiiiu' . V.M.I .R.C. Old B.s . klnd.i. work wanted. anythluR. f"AHS MeetlnR 'Unemploye"rtr"Noooteo5;h social pennanl, quarry Hilli No. 1 4 sets Hi) game d. Quarry Hill No. 2 2-02; Wceroona S-OO d. HPara-strt-et 443; L-onbsrk 8.03 d. Kenning- SOn and (its) jarda was tired bv Bendi-ru Militia (bib. Bcft u-ores:-Pte. G. lnn..rlt ;), M, ,'!2 sea-on bcguiB on aOtlt July und ends on Noembir. CRICKET. rat InstlulL-e, Clay I'ucls tn ot.;:"'"i. 1 DtESr ll'J) Jiio; .Major J. K. Newlatiil, 2, 21, HI (2'!) Bnic nan, jo a.m. u.iuics iniponani, ah in1 ited. iEN, rjo'fjfi tr.'iiiprrfl, ferret ara. own UttT ex nit,.,7R., ""iinneni vvnve. Mien s nl,nll''y. M"'1?.. luth floor. Howry-court. ion COURSING. flM,, 2'2R CarUnn. 1"a1NT1Ng1 Pnpprinir, do'lnrlriR. ffrst cla!i I rartcunnn : cheap. A. McLaren, 81 llarold-;'t Tljornhury. ItNT)N'n" Paperliahitlns aliif alsohTlnlKi: : rcn:i(inbll tcilllfl. 13 CUfton-bl.. Clllluil mil. .i:iiP7. tellent innlden countr PSIf;sl2,rri"I1?"'tl'i's7ii'iriirs KlKTi3, liriulL Public FOOTUALLEHS' ASSOCIATION. For some time ia has been folt that the -It'o; I'te. If. tinnpbcll, a:,, 27, vti ( 2? j UiS; ,lt ft.,at Hank " Sgt. J. .'argeiinl, 2h, III, Ho ( PI)--K'.'i ; Lieut. A. ' r , s. and A. Bank .. 4 .. ' .. tt. Halt, -ID. i.0, III (241-PO. Inld Bright md.ins . . . 4 . . I . . In tlie final cimtnpionsiiip match of l-jmle- h;, d-ci-ay T.S. Old Boys R .. .'i bn k club's srason, Capt. L. Hiuiih its liad no Grniond ' ' ditllciilty in liobllng the bo hud r.MablUhed ('nrdbiT ' by confluent ll.olin during the year. Ha 1 1 tib en ity II.. O. Rnyj, 1 7 wen boih the scratch i,n. hiindlcnti HcrticiiB. f - - l 2, let shopa, Htniia, ninrhot, llhernl ill et.-m. MHiiflbter, Mailict, ip. uttitloii, Moonce Potidn, N.C'.C. MEETLVO. At the monthlv meeting of the N.C.C. of Vic THE VICTORIAN TROTTING AND RACING ASSOCIATION. ENTRIES for tho Minor Events of the Tnitl.-r' Cup Meeting, to he held at i lie Richniond Race , ,.. n ill. .1IT1.V. fil.OSI', TO MORROW u ti. :.1. " ertnancm wave. Mr. Mac- It. Kutter, nn rlelnitle ero?fl-eotmtry jockey, hii" lieen rnnnnei! to ride Mnr Pliiine in the liriuul Siilionnl Steeple iliiie, Oivintt to the niehinoii'l trnttinc meet-iiiK liL'iiip poMpotietl to next MoiiMny. the 1 1 nt.e of i he XnninrKooii trottinp nieetinR, n not Iter iliite will lmvc lo bo peleetoU for the country fixture. The sieepKehaieifi Prreoeiona nnrl Dnrk Vox were Liken to WillianiPtown yehter d;iy mciiniiv:, nu) were ttelioolefl ovpr a I APERHANHfN'rj, 1 ra.. jlff Ili.'Tdrop cell-I jtik:; ir.bor, mhl Repairs. 71 O'Urady-t.. Mheil Pii. Ml 102. TVi'i'ci i i!; iV tJcticiH. B"-J,' "Willis, OoehTny-rdT, or. Vsjiirj c court-' m Coiiiiia-at., -itn toria yesteittiy a letter was received Bom tilt Hrooklyp. N.C.A. of New South Wales, mingesling that IIRESMICR. woman, nummer inu'lm. ilrt U iiil,;. LKlve servTcrslbr leffheHMrome".! 1 APHliHAN'.iT'N''l i'3 ft, 3 rooms, labor. ir. formation of a cricket nssocUllon to eater solelv for football clubs would he welcomed by Mich club vhii-h also have cricket team. At a meeting enlivened by cricket and football en-thnstuptA It was unanitnouly decided to proceed with the proposal. It Is proposed the Hcm scuics. In a i.aivlicup r-i.oot wcte:-W. I RAILWAYS TRIBUNAL. V ni olid should fall into line willi New Svilh lUrdnfji'iav), 22nd hi', nt !i p.m., at the dron eitilniji). Fair Deal. 6t .1 clnFs experience, (Uinrt. 10 A.m.. Jean Witb-it. miik i in. .la li tm rv In e.icli c:ir I lie i.ft.W' wiiorlence" rof fond Xdren: n mcii-M.. Kenolncton. 1'Lll'ip. IPtir'InR. 1lt Garden Valc-rd., Garden Vale. B.Ji '"intiep iii-Mr. Hunt I 1 1 D-l-IO'; I,. llcnneUs, 4. 40 () ', f a m-ftln-r of the Rsib-ai J . Periy, I-, i;i (i 1; p. Paw.-., t'i, J! ' r, n.loni tribunal, consisting liret wlulpii.;; nii.'ith for puppies, instead ofj "v 1'LAP'iili'iN;'';lK;ci, '0 roll"; rorYrrii colorer, THlNf BR.--Mhojilnfat. for" Vlnlenl'ln (lr:'t in,; pniininp nil plictor repaira. utive, A year; will Indenture. Arclier'n, oot iiwan- iii nn..,i ,..ti W Mrf,. Pir.l. honks; hdnnrtTlle7rtv)TrcH'- O LH i"ii, , i (chainrun aed Mera. Mahoiv nxiures will be arranged so that they do ofllee of tho V.T. and R.A., 2.U Llitaetii fttvcoi, Melboiirmj. , The proirriimmn appeared tn hut Wednesday a iijue ot thlt papr. fl. J. C. DYETT. iecrctaiy. if li' ;p,Prericca, tralniiit; experience. ll'lil"! .t, 3 111 If.- If Hfll l:,i7A ,,f tl-.. I O ...I... nf Ui,,i Mic-hlne i '"I Interfere wilh the closing or the opening of onnil nt the bleep eeuit-e eon ruf. both club's citanipi'in-hip" w. Hid ,ner ;iO nn.) wmi !ii.n'ioif,r if,r two week, APKRH NGING J I roonv drop cellinc, WALRSMEN. Traveller. Canvassers, Agent Si , July, as at present rnis it was claim -it would etitntn it- alleged ntlreprr -etilal i"ii to the age of puppict. reinp' ting in tlii eai ly-a aon elan scs and eiher stakes, tt was aald that pup-Pies whflpcd in May had romrctetl in puppy ipiH.I, flid remarknblv well. I'recoi-ioiiR. who is rds mi N'lurday, eonditior. beimr : nhor ; d ..ijloi-.s of umpire. IflO n.e. nroni Oail I t 't!t .....1 .... 1.- r;ilin... flr,iooir waver pa-riu cap, omit oj,p, experience. I'uen arid t ,o sighlers. Sivren:-J, Alsttm. Ill ; I I Room ,1, (1th floor, ; t"i u ' , '...j,,' ' . J 'l ,,, iMigbt, Rio; D. Ibue. Ml: L. Roach, 13S: (. H.t dtakis 1 h is season, the month of whelping be F'lnk'fi-bvllrllny;:'. iwi":'ii ncBAon. iivno-s win ii" arrang' cf at a meeting to he called at an earlv date t Harrison House, Ihe footballers' erlek'-t -elum" htiiild appeal to the managers of (not Kill, It will tend to k-ep both plnvers and minh-is closnr touether during the cricket aon. Tho-Interested mav obtain lurther informal Inn fr..n rpXlf-OTiiia. nm'iTft" iltrll 'fVinclihihT;:, t ock, 110; V. Ibm.ird. 101. A m.ooii 1,mo fr a must navp onn ear exp. sartor, ak"- ;H 8 UVl?Sr na-rrruTTn7 juniors was won by F. E. F.lsbvv. Kuillnt; light IUTnin!. TTceri'e.r! Konetfit. nnvvTiere,1 cinntrv, tir'erlnl, lnhor ruled 12 day. 77 ri rev-nt.. F. 1elb. t GiSiirt:.K, "iiVeii ni, rtioliTf!,', sewc-HBC. an. t repn'rn, vorl"innflhlp (fuar.. 12 day, or eontrnct. Win,, 7M0. C ?wV "m.lTirK WRITETl. Master n i totirce with Vtur.v. wniticiNn ni it. . uaTernejfl, Harrison House. Stu iiL'-str1Lt. ing mown us Jiny. it was ueei-ien in rcrcrj the quest ton to the ann.ial meclimf of dele gates, A report was received from the N.C.C. stipendiary Mew sid (Mr. R. Cooper), of action taken against unregistered Umiriiy coursing, with the view to having It nupprcssrd. Home delegates thought tim noin Inatlons of owner prevent -d J. II, Martin compiling his -.tmii. HEYFIEI D, Mondav, -l iub shor.1 ut (0t) yards :F. U. Fllzna trick. Hit: II. Shcober,!. -m-. nlRhl. domination and election of delemten Melbourne. MrnltlCS CUarnillfA.t brnOlnhl Tfi. POLICE ASSOCIATION. ! Following nre the Polle Asocial Ion thtnus frr Wedmsday, Stirling at 2.4ft p.m. :--Rusell-.-treet . Western Suburb, at thn receive, Albert Park, near the kiosk; Motor Cycle v. Southern Suhnrlw, at Smith M-iboiirm; F.G.; Ila-vlhorn v., Northern Suburbs, at St. James Park. Hawthorn. Position of clubs: WeMern Suburbs, So point; Southern, 10; Motor Cycle, 12; Ruwell-street, 0; Hawthorn, 4; Northern, nil. A match between Southern and Russell-street Is in dispute. .1. Geonje had his Jaw hroken whllt plajlng for SI. Hilda against Cm Hon on Saturday. 0. Rusk, 20; J, Andirson, M; S. Brolierg, S.'l. I'l SIlow Vm?.10111'!' fnp ni"! women. Id AUHAM. Mondav. In n m,.lcb m,-r .UN) no.l WOMEN'S SPORTS. IHUNTl'lKM..- iiomponltor nnd stonchnnri. Ioiib rxporlcnco. Cump, Arc, or ring Win A I 71 POO ynrdH Kyiibram 'defeated Reiurned SoldbM-s' taking purl in ti precis tcred coursing should he ''UVmilt'0 ely'fiti commhsinn: tJiHTr:!CT.y?.",":illht dTity;"or"'tnko cfmrRe ToGi Miiltar, use'd'lo smTlTpreTfiwoVri ami nmnldlnK dlen. Stato cxporlenco nnd ivnerft, Mlineo. Airn. Assoeiatic.n by OKI to tm. Hlchet scores: Kyabram: I. 1'raser, fh; F. Hl-oci, I'2; T. Hill, P2. Returned Nohlletn' Aioelnt inn : L. (lunn. P.): fiMtAPPHftS, "XP.;v'itTi KIT "Timlile' G. Siireadboiotiull, Kt; A, Mrlrirunt. PL Mll.LINt.rna iru ...... . POirTH RPIH'RBAN BASKETBALL. Matches conducted on Hiiturriav bv Hie Soui'i Suburlan Churches' Basketball "Association resulted: A (irade: East M.ilvcm Mel hoiliH ": geaU dvew with Hahudava Metbedlsls 22, lib ;i lluntly Presbyterians 20 goals d. Cauliield M.tho. dlsta C.E. 24. H Gnide; St. Sleplun's i.t una! i . n' ' 'innas hiiii improvers, Wr Mi.',"!.hK!,-."0'151 Worh. CROQUET, WARLKIGH OPEN TOURNAMENT. Owing to the rain there visa no play in the tournament yesterday, The time table for today ia as under: lu.30 a.m. t Mrs, R, Pa mm v, Mrs. Tenny, Mrs. J, Wilson v. T. D. Andersen, Mra. Trov v. Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Hitchcock v. Mrs. T. W. Cooper, Mra. W lilts v. Mm, G. Evans, Mr. Tcnime v. Mrs. Illek-y. 12.80 p.m: Mrs. E. Jamea v. Mrs. McAriam, MIsm H. Craig v Mrs. Crawley, Ma. If. K, Morris v, Mrs, Campbell, Mrs. Halci v. Mrs. Zercho, Mrs. Moral) v. Mrs. YUHeri, Mrs. t). Clark v. Mra. Jordan, 2,'tO p.m.; Mrs. Jaiiilcf.oii v, Mrs, Rabv, Mrs, J. Smith v. Mrs. A. Willlsms, Mrs, KehoileM v. Mra. 0. RvBim, Mra. Hear v. Mra. Towler, Mrs. Rarnctt v. Mrs, Bye, Mrs. Soncnhsrg v, tho winner of Mrs, Tcmnie and Mrs, Ulckey, STAWELL, Monday. At (he nnntul mpetlng of P realty teHon crfntet Club tho following officers were elecled: President, Mrs. O. I'aterson-Cnmpbp vlee-presldenlii, Mesdamea R. IL McCracken, 0, T. Holden and J. Patent were-(ary, Mrs, K, Ilrlstnw' treasurer. Mra. A. K. Heal, The club wound UP aeaaon with a credit balance of 13. larltft. Melb, for the course. Alttioiiph the rourse gnime hhoweil thnt nn inch of ruin had tiiileit nvoriiiiiht. tho iraek provided excellent point?. Visiliiiflj tniinerd and jockey n reiiintliefl eiithiiwiiintioiilly on the fact, nnd thus provided a tribute tn the effective-tievM of the trnck regrndiii) nnd draining recently effect oil nt a tost of more than .CHW. .1. M. CtmiminBfl in to liring Killornlin and Opera (Jueen to Melboiiriie by train to-morrow. Otlieifi to travel by tlio eaino (lain nee Vnlnifanno ami Indnnn. I'nr the ineo ineetinn to be hebl fit Kil-more to-dny n uporml trnin will leave Npenecr street nt lOXi n.m. and 1'lsHendon ut 10.17 n.m. Tin? cut rim nre ininiermin, nnd Iho Rceretnry reportu that the rnin Iiiim not. nffected the triieli to nny extent. The noinj? should therefore bo nood, l-'or (ho (leeloiif? pony rare eltib meet-Inir to be held on Tiiewlny, Mh -Itily, on trie close next, Monday, with the decre-inry. or with Mr. A. J, Gray, tH0 Uourkc htiTct, VieiKbt 1 10 ) will be rel'undcd, rcfiiKCd ny the speed coursing ciiins nt bite City and Cvalglehum. The matter was re (nrrd lo the executive- for tielioii. Mr. Campbell McArthur (Campcrdowu Intl-mal cil that the old-eslablhhdl Conunonwenllb stake vol ltd be run iu the open this season at Cnmpenlnwn, with uliraet.ive nominating rondilionu. Owing to th- heavy rain, lh speed coursing, meeting nt. Cralglebinn Inst night was poit poncd until Monday night next. f P UC K P6 1 N f VSn: Pilcfl ruf cofTnBo. Pft VfTir I. Iftrn, 432 Chrinel-Bt.. H. TnrrH. T.'HO. Win. PLAYER'S NOSE BROKEN. R ALT-ARM", Monday. As the result of nn oe cIHmIoii villi another idavcr in Siittir i privftie noipii"i. rci:. n..j,, ts. SI.Af INfl'..-'fV'orV "ittrlpped"! re'nlatrrl, ro pnlreil. experienced trndeamnn: work Biiar-netpett. Conk, lttl Mfiry-t., Illehmonrt. iL.A'l'lMfi:- nriofrT "PepKlri'd "or "Jf!"1' O Liiarimtced ; erllmatea nlvnn. J. Isolnn, idi'trr, E'lfl Drummond'Ht., Cnrlton, SLAflNd aid TH'iik" noofu 'llopnlrml, work Kimrnntcril; rtioiite Riven, Clark, an MtnuBli1on-rd.. (.(' tnfoorwf-ll. UpMiil.KTiiUy. "KrcnchiHdlnhlnr;, "75rpptc Loom Covers; v.orlt HluiiDiitefld, 14 hyn- nin.nv Mnlvern. Tel. UY.'ifl73. "j;.ill,ltlon.tre. Mrthniitw, ,..,.i,'H.,;R. '" iu.fh :NTKBn,fifj?. ii. m ii i ii rui iiriiio'lisin ,l,t . r, . mtPlfcYEs.-lx pnpirrfllrl!! viinled Cnr put-I. Iicltv work: no pcrnn,"l npjdlcntluns received. Write fop nnrttculnra. Typlate, Oreon FORT I- AIR , MoiidB.i. Hiciv was it large ntteiidanet In the Yamlink hall to vlt-n. m (he dlsti-lliullon cf trophies to members of Y.imln.k Rifle ( Inb by Cr. J, T. ) oul, of Bi lfanl ebire, The prvmb-isliip pinnanl was presented to ihe captain. SIIEITAKION, Monday. In the first mnteh cf the Parker Cup eoinpelitinii tlr.-d on Donkle College rniiRii the botne team scored a victory b ft points over Hbepparlon and 2-1 point over hutherlnndn-Katnndra. Details;--Donkle Ollcce: iliivn bii'-itc (iMitbflll mntrb. W. H"arn. a loMeni" ,Prt.,t A r,niiui,i iinni.i.u. m i-i., ';:k SfviWr T"Mi !2. I.,wt In Mfh. b;, I'o'lnt (..rwiird. was found to hm-' MethiMlists tH g-al d. Riliielava Mdh.di bvnken his nose. He will not pluy aaln for Murnimhcrnn Bnptiile U gtmls d, Eat .rv--J;i.,,"'. ,J-i I':il-.l1inin-rl, J. ''1 IN Hrtri ,f!S.-T.Ariil,T-- '-'""l Vm" cm Methodist 0. some time. COURSING. miii. rrinc'-'B-Dridiro, h.u.4. -ANfWh"ialitlrpptTrWnm y V FlUrny. , V tiAhnn TexMlo Mills Ply. Ltd., Karl-at (off Hathdowti-Bt.). N. riarltnn. ta ti'itfetSa." fKp.T'CmimiT'wanrii' work Jn, ,-liv or I'llwrnv. K.A.7. And Oflleft. jti . " KPA,n' Cnrn nnrl KAllV AUSTINS. rtui t. 1 1. H imilton. Pf.; J. New ton, PS; M. Bell, p,; CYCLING. fhoW. F... iRit dulled, eookhiK. Inrty, for VES5 KnliliU. -!.-l!.,!C)llln..nt. n. Tn..nh. i.l"." .'-... t?tMANrfthon"3Tj,"nrtimTeB,T own nilRlrcnH, Kood home) amitll vnue. AH", wnsefl, to D.n.O., Aro. UMPIRES' CLASS, The V.F.L. umpires' class (plcrmrduit"V o be conducted by Mr. A. Nonlern, will meet in Harriten llnu-, Siring-street, nt S p.m. en Wednesday, Only 1 liose wmber v bo ba e r.eeive,) ofllclnl notPVitlon are T'iestei to le tier: i WERKIHEE. Mondav. In p.eparatlon for the Banner mMIng, which will be eontltieled on Thursday and Friday, tlie Werrlbre club held a baro drive on propertied adjoining the Ballan-road yesterday, and 70 hares were rounded up. Ineluil-d in tlio largo number ot "heaters" who nt tended the drive were so eral Metbouni.' 'iiitoia. ! WiHtn; luilion, cnriahln." ivftMifne. "lioiimi v5Ki-T( "PROTEST DISMISSED. Tria protot niminst N, Moid 'OMAKT'ctipnlil'. vntitn porltfonTdilovci I er tni' ltt"r t pcoplfl, or otheri' lfff. fiib it. r.Pcl Olea Unntlv-rrt., Cftiilileld, 8.K.B. ftwi. occ,i utl fur t in y iv he t o. and in, Mre. Albion, Apnlcy, 17 Robe. t., t, Klldn. 1 FlorT-KWivio-r-, fmn In iittendstii Appllei ii ! t'tiifil lirm I 1 f 'll'l ' O'-t h lJi"-1 , na1 4 'i "-rYU N liilr" tTn v"w nhTS-r' IV Me the elll.-r of the et,. and J. .hi men. GriNTliK' t'r'cf, v.nshlna, tlennlnc, ".'..!;'(' ii. (ioiipmiiiii, vt; u. neii. "i; it. Am cent, .:; V. Irnbb, 1)2; G. Miirrlnit, 80; total, 717. Shepparton; I. Rrown, P,t; J. Il.iwsthnrn, 0(1; T. Gardner, PI; L. Guv, Pi; R, Sieelc. 01; O. North, 01: L. Vii-M. S; ,1. Morev. S1 ; total, 712 Sutberlsnds Kat.;ivlr.i : H, Jenkins, PVi ; J. Cum. niins, PS ; .1. Sutherland, fl'.' ; .1, Cummin., 01 : J. (orml''iin. 01; W. Dunnlmr. '': U. league. A.1; ,1. A. Snt''clHi;,i, j1 ; i ,tal, '.lit. TEMGRA. Mond.iv.-T'mora Rifle ( 'tub's e'imi-rloej-lilp shoot, Hon, Win n"il noi yard, sent, drnt si each ranjre, f.r lb. V.R.A., resulted: F.. Alien, tl'?. HI. ,'10-p.l. 1; W. Willis, fll, il!, 31 -0t, 2; U. A. Billies, CO, 25. Ut 03, cnr. Moil Rnd Clvlu etl.. Hr.wlhoin' I.rnyii.-. AW1V.-M"aritiiii. tr.'rwii h ....i.i."'(i i'?r.nn," 'h-.o'.i:.!!.- "ttosi iicii"'1. " 8 who nnn-,1. 'j iir.t Ut th.- Standard ;i, i , j prcleioml rond vn-e -n MMt,i!a ,. i. s heard bv Hit: f-ii" osVih la-t u -i i .: ! d.tmisd. The pi... ex v ,i,-.i 1.1,,. ..... lodged on Ine gr und ol ulb g. d out. id. ji-tancr. A. WaE:Vy tPre!ei, who etn;.',l.heil bit.' l tim- in the nte y.uc, fin--d CI f'-r tut keeping a stiaight tou.w im 10J ,unl to the hflriiaTmK Mdlol. An. BASKETBALL, In the P.A.F.S. women's cnmrftttifln. Colling wend d. ItHiilloe bv 2:1 fffmlA to 17. BOXING. r-TRIRLlNO LEAVES. NEW ZEAMND. APOKLAND, Mondiv. The American heavy, weight boner Younpr trlhlng left on hoard the Hner Monterey at, 3 p,m, to-dav for Sidnev. Sirlhllng guve exhibition! of spam-Inn 1 Auckland town hall. METAPHOR GOLD, Maekiniinii nnd Cox Ply. Ltd. report hnviiif? nold piivntely 1he Great Star eld-iiiB Metaphor to Mr, ,T. Fell. Metaphor will remain in V, (iwlhy's t-table al Cavil-ilelil. - GECLONfl PLAYCfl'8 ILLNESS. On KING. M' mh ltu'ivrs -m n cin u'a-tinti to-ihv thai Aithnr t e-ihlnii. Ihe Gselonc 0"AN, two tnilt uavm n wenu. winning 1 nnd elp.'nlnn. Hi; linmpton-ft., Hiinptnn. 70MA'Nr frptii""worV,"VmalV"ium)lyT Tata ltatli.Wn-it.jN. Ctrllom V tit; II. Hrnnnwiok. 8.30 to 11,30; 36. i Dnmiwlek, Alio Oilier.. nieivlieje: wnpes. P". A.W.jAb. ATOPTlirechnieft'T'ednciitlnn. fncludlnir fliort. V hiid, drntlnir, oxy-weldlnR. jun-Bylnr. J.1 Ii? Ununrt 'iffer- .wn S.11'1 ;niinVry. A "Tea MckVtA. a? iIIi;?W'lnle. employment. .Ptolii i-.Vi?Je.''f.ill,r !0J "how yon n II. SALE, Monday. A basketball asecifttior) has ivli end follow ei. was filouslv ill. Ihe bet answer In I.. lUUVtV OJOlHlum. ATI Mfo, o.t.o..,, iunlor ajslsVant. Nv.'LlP8, hrun form-d, Twelve dUtiicl school t will lak. pail in competition giimet. ""icri, Rulto. tn? Col Irm.Bl.. Mnlh. I nnnoi was th1 appeamiue in the it eet tho finish Awe .. .

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