The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, Class! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1 Dally rate i»r line for consec.ii- Hro Insertions: One time [j« nno lOo TNO limes per line per dnr .. 03c "'urea times per line pei day . OCc Elx limes per line per daj .. 05c Month rnte per lino 60c Minimum cnarge 60u Ann oraercn lur uircc or six times ami stopped Iwlore expiration will l>e charged for the number of limes the ad appeared and "Ouslment of bill made. *J1 Classified Advertising copy BiibiiiltLed by persons residing out' Blue of Uic city imist be accompanied by cash. Hales may be eully compiilcrt from above table. • Aavertuitie orocrec; lor irregular Insertions take, the one lime rate No ici|ian.*.inniiy will DC token for more liian one Incorrect hi- l?rlicj[i of any classified ad. Business Directory (Wanted -• Used Furniture Spot Casli PI-IK' UJIOWN liKUAD 10c loaf. Made Fridays. Cull liii. Louise Crane llilcr. Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IKON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Ulylheville Iron & Mctul Co. 221. W. Cherry Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Mnln 1'omiL'i'lj- Davis & Doilson STOVES GTORED FOR BUM- MEH Local Hauling My Coal Is lilac!; lint 1 IrciU You Willie JOHN IIUCllANAN—1'IKINi: ,07 Barber Shops For Sale Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction . uoi.r.s iiAiiin-:i; snoi 1 101 S-jntli and St, 1IA1HCUT Me, SIIAVK I5 liatli—Close t! j}.in,—Sliine MINNOWS-Ic each CVrlillrd Poliun I'Luils-.Tonwto, IVpIicr ,v. KISH 1'lniils (i. ('. ll:ii\Us Cor. ).nlic ,V Main or K(] M:ull«in ood Used Trucks iiiri— Pi n>n I'o'rii lii:iS-!i Tun lord I'ii-K-Uii l'.i:;l-|ij Tun clic-vrati-l 11131— P, Tun Intrniiilloiul All have' (iouil Stalie Dudii-s ! Drlta Implement Salesmen ' Wanted ~______ Kills When They Swarm Phone 100 Yv'ANTirn—Local sales llvi' for Real Silk Ilosi.'ry Mills, ncu- 5lio\viii" comulelo uew Mi:n- mer line of iadios' hosiery and linfioiie, men's .shirls. tir>, P-i- jamas, uniU'rwriir inul sox. In- (H'ire of yalcsman or call .ft' wrile liraiich SnlMmaitiiBCr II. II. I Hawks, Joncshoro, Ark. Me U2;t YOUNG married man with auto- niolillc. Hilary and coaunl.s.sion. I'ennancnl. ciifployiiirnl with !><>.'>,, Iflbilllie.s of lulvanceinenl. Must be 1 MONEY HACK r.DAUANTKKjh. C. RobinSOH Lumber to -Ma to nmte bond imrt wIlliiiK to With Kvcry li. & Ci. Or Xijuarc' I or I-K«I car, value $1011.00 ol mo'.', to liujvr havlH!! no tvade-lu, Cl ocl diwouia for cash. lio>: "AB", Courtci- NeVi.s. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^r Welfare Group Farms Dral Car Bought l-'roin Phillips Motor Co. l'J3! FOIfO V-8 I'D 111) Oil SKDAN—Sami: as New .. S'-^IT) 1IKI5 FOK11 V-S I'ICK-lll'. Color Hlui'k. Motor ami Tins OK. I'l'Kr. SH5 19S5 I' O It I) V-S DIC I.UXi: COIII'!-;. C'ulcir .-Green. A Ural Buy! Everything hi A-l Comlilton. 1'rice .... ?H-> 1331 !\iom:i, "A" i-'OKi). loan l.Ucnsc. New Paint. New Tires. Mulor A-l Shape. Price S^ I.ilicral Aliowiuutt On Your Vrcs- -:nl Car - - Low I'inance Chaw Tlirouch II. C. C. Open livcniujs for Your Convenience. Drive l>y Lots anil del Arnuiiintcil. Call 810 - Kll for Deinoiislmlion or Information. Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or linrbcr.- Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONK 10 wcrk haitl. A|i]>ly to Slnijer Snw- ing Maeliini' Co., Blyllicvlllc, Ark. galleries WANTED — .-.;/(, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to Sfi ton Aliiminunij lOi; Ib. nmss, 2c to .IKo II). Copper Wlrt, -le to 5o Ib. IJadlaloi-s, 't'.to II). I1IDI2S & FURS WOLF AIII AN PHONE 170 128 E. MAIN .PHILLIPS 5th ft Walnut 1'lione 1)10 or 811 Open At NiEhl 1< or Kent AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL UU1LDINGS Keady Mailc Awnings $1.2S u|> Best Prices lor yuality Work Carney Awning Co. Call G43 HARRY BAIM'S ''• : ATH. MISSOURI STATE LINE ' . p?y ; ami I1CUSD. and 5 acres, 2 miles north of Highway 61. Comvay ^ llcuehins. - ' " - 20c ktf 2 FURNISHED aparimeiils, adults only. Available June 1. 415 Jo'nn- son Ave., O5ceola, Ark. 13-pk-20 3 room FURNISHED apnrtmcnt, 22-1 Dougan. Mra. OOl-W Wert. Call c-k-tf 3 Room HOUSE. 115 S. Division. Ideal for tourists, Low rent- Max B. Reid. Phone 832. We ktf large' front, cool Bedroom. Miss Bess Hall. Call 280. c ktl COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, fiOO W. Main. 2 room Furnished apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 093. pk-21 8 room house, furnished or imuir- nis'fied. 2 haths and slccpinj porch. 911 Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call Stj or 20. . pk-20 3 room FURNISHED apartment, niodi-71). 1111 As!). Mrs. George Mattlicws. Call 234. ck-tf :i A: 4 room modern Jwniished apartnicnLs, Ucasonablc. Call 230. i-1-ck-tf Modern furnished hour* for summer. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross. DOC Lake. G-ck-ll ' FRESH CHAPPIE Every Friday, Saturday fi Sinuiay LION & TEXACO GAS 10.30 gal. Cigarettes $1.25 Caitoii BIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1503-F4 or l-i',1 Shoe Repairing Shoes Repaired, fi5c & up .Strings with j-.tli, li; extra SATISFACTION CiUARANTKI'H) 'nan:, siioi: siioi' Hi'xl to II. T. Worthy's Egg&, Poultry rnui.'i'iiv DOUOHT fc SOLD - hl<ihp!;t Pi Ices 1'nlcl ii. T. WORTHY—:tir> E. MAIN Call J. B. dune \t Tom Jackson's Service Station Automotive A HOUSE WREN WAS OI3-5EI3.VED ^ t-EEDING IT5 YOUNG 1,217- TIME1S IN ONE DAV A BUILDING, BE COMSIOEF2EO A\UST BE CAPXXEl-E OI- WITHSTANDIrslCr A HORIZONTAL PRHSSURE -1X3 OA/£"- ~ OF HB' OWN WEIQHT/ 'IV 10 i) r r n i i'i<:"("» of .snap UMIIS, 100 KCIIC1 I'OOu t-wcpt jolnloea ami other bli-s. MKMPHIS, Trim, (UI')..-Knoiii;h food ti> (ci'il all Sheiliy Ciinnty iv- Hcf I'llrnts nil next winter h;i s licrn MIWII Ijy tin. Mi-nipliis Wcl- fun- Coininlwloii., | The foniinh-iiun lias suiH'i'vlsi'd IfNlf ^'^ |)tiiilllni; «[ 100 acres of loinn- «l Tho lilnnnslier ran inn faster iiehwu'd than forward. "' PKICliS CUT ON AUTO PAKTSS Tires, Tulles, nattcrirB, Paint. Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats. Gent Covers. Ocl our prices before you buy. Save Money! wot.r AUIAN Cnsh Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Mulll Yi'anted To Buy ioJd Ji'iscy niiU-li cows, fresh or heavy s|>rini;crs. Urals's Dairy. // I't-e LEAF-NEST SPIDER, SEWS THE EOGcLS OF LEAVES TOGETTHER. AND NESTS INSIDE. KITE PRICKS livery ilay cm j.'oort, viout. Mrnl.';, Choecilr.s, Fresh l-'rnlt.v and Prndiur. Fancy and LMaplc, any iiimitljly. I'ur ninu-niriHT irr- on'cr "Pro- Ill Kliiirlug Prolccllve Cmlil" . Coinn in fir pjione RITE PRICE GROCERY Pliniii) 2SI \v« Deliver 111 H. Main In Old P. <). SKKVICK STATION •"•• TOK Vdlllt RADIO RIWAUtim A Complctt l.liir of Tubes mid Parts 'II UK BARD Tllll! ,fc HATTWIV CO. I'lIONIS 4'8 iITnr * *<WCTf-8?na»fe 'I'hi: above sliimhri! for eaithqimka-inoof Inillilluijs Is n.'.ril In the United State;;, Mexico. Japan, Italy and Greece. Hill evun hnililliii;s Hint comply with tills Klnudnnl arc destroyed umiiilnimlly. niiicc carlli<|imkcx rrci|iicntly deliver shucks far grcnUM 1 than the uveriinc. Many ol our coininon birds Teed itiiir young an iivenmo of once cvrry 15 mlnulr-;; during (lie <iny- tlnie. SINCLAIR GAS AND UJHUICATION \ WISH i'KKKV in i-liiu-iwVj or - • J-. II. JOHNSON in ('li of Hotly Doiiartnicnt. —i!.vm;it.y .si-iuvici-; — IIAIHATOK IlHI'AllC. -nonv ?,vditK , — n-;si)Kii. \VOIIK —AUTO I'AKTS W, T. BARNEf f llinlgn fs Plymoiilh — Dealer ."." PHONK SS8 ; Jt you Imvi! n •buvitil (iswocinlion coiiilicalo oC tiny • Itiiul mi your loved ones when Uioy [Hiss,;.. away, we will iiecqjL il-al, full viiliu- m\ Hi c fiiiicral;'"" provided you Imy an nuifli us ?fiO Of muro in COBB FUNERAL HOME IN AND OUT! liv iTSAYs.veRMAJEsry, - - N THAT ITS LADIES ' THIS? / DAY-AMD AS YOUR 6RAWDWI2EC.IAD- .VISE YOU STAY i AWAY Fooey.M GUESS I'M TH' klWG AROUWD HEfJE -AW) WHEW I WEEDAMrADVICS FROM YOU, I'LL ASK FOJ2 IT- WOW, WATCH ME-I-'LL SHOW Y'SUMPIW r-'" Do You Want to Build . . HOME? investigate Our FHA lo 20 Ycnr Payment Plan E. C. Robinson Lumber Co We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen of Ail Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 '2 bcilrnniii.% or u two room fur- nishctl apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. Lower floor a', 1013 W. Walnut. unfurnished rooms. Call 227-J. ck-lt UNI-'URNISHEl) -1 room apartmenl tt-illi bath. Call 327, or 55 a! night. 12-cJ;-tI rurni:>lu:d 3-rmin House. 503 N 1'ifth -St. Couple Only. dh 5 Icnocn Apartmeitv, 4 rnom^ fur- nlslicd. J. II. Smart. Cull ROS-J 2c ktl Wall Paper NEW PATTERNS—LOW PKICES CANVAS, I'ASTE AND ASK AHOl!T P1TTSI! Nii\V TAINT FINANCE Tlie Arkmo Lumber Co. Phono -10 1'rcc Higlicsl Market Prices PAID FOR HOOM, size 22 ny tt), next w Ifiilibard Tiro & "jJotlcry: newly decorated. Tom Jackson, plionc B. 25-ck-tl Found Arkansas Truck license No. 217-7;W. Owner may have same by c.ill- itiK at Courier News office aucl pay- Ing charges. Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SICM> All lx:aiiinj ISrands nf COAL Small lols. Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior C'nal & iMiniiifj Co. Wholesalers, IleLiilrrs ^ IMincrs X. llivray Gl t)pn. Jake Vnijar (.Jin I'honc 700 ItlylUcvillc, Arlt 12!) E. Main's, Franklin St. Plionu 7-1. SAY, WHASSA MATTER WITH YOU, VA 8!G PADDLE-FOOTED PELICAW CAWTdHA READ? WELL, EVERYTI-IIMG IS ROSY.' I'VE 6OT MY TH ROME BACK WITHOUT A LOT OP 7ROU6LH, SO I GUESS I'LL GO SIT OKI IT FOR A SPELL -C'MOM, GRAMO 916 OY iifl, s8lVi<!F: IKCT T' M. flCC. U. S. PAT. Off. BOOTH AND HER HUDDIHS ' wow 1 STOP w'M? l ff'<\N&,w>\.\.'vu?.vtvv A XOO GViVo f-,9.t Xiy. WXOWVM& S\ J ,OPt MOTVANG YOUR \V^fA&\K-KV\O«c« TO wnv\ You II\KT \ a\.ooo 0V" \\fxMO\_V.'. '•- "\'W.VA OYfcU 'VO \S tQUKV AO SW \\O\M IF OKLV I CAM 6Ef\ LIP THIS MILL,CHJrA \ i-^ o •• ft"' \ "•i-O o<l J FliECKr.KS AM) MIS MISKKV 1,0VICS COMI'ANV! Lost Extra Special! SOLID BRONZI-; Screen Wire PCI m. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. WHITE HULL PUP—REWARD for return to 221 W. Cherry. | Airs. .1. J. IlavU. — Kpcr.ccr Corscllcro 'PC !t22 Call «1-W for appolntraenls I GOSH Tr/'T fX)G SURE IS 'OUDER v/p.cwe r - •f VJITH M!M FRECK...V/AXS UP' THERE'S A DOG HOWLIWQ OUTSIDE .'! HUM.... PLMUGH... Her. FOP....AWD MOM ! DOG IS MAKIMG AN AWFUL RACKET OUTSIDE.'.' MOV/,WHAT, IM THE tJAWE OF GOODNESS, WS THE OBJECT IN V/AKWG us ALL -1 UP?? vyf;LL,G33H,YOU ALL VJEPE ASLEEP, AND SURELY v rt>U DON'T THINK I V/AUTED Jj LISTfEM TO THAT NOISE ALL Bf MYSELF ?

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