Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1966
Page 6
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MONDAY, MAY 2, IWfc j|%*0»»000»»»»4W »*»»»»;; 10 » 20 Years Ago A weekly feature of by-gone days By Erma Lea Deim oooooooo»»»»»»»»»»»»»» April 26, 1956 Fourteen fire calls in 18 days had been put out by'the Algona fire department. Many of them were grass fires. Only .01 of an inch of rain had fallen since March 30. A "Time" magazine reporter had spent 24 hours in Kossuth county interviewing farmers, farin managers, implement dea* lerfc, and bankers on the farm 'sittotiotj. The results were to be'ih the next issue of the mag- azfoe with 29 other men's reports ifrbm the mid-west. the Exchange State Bank of Wesley was presented a bronze plaque for exceeding its 1955 quota on series E bonds. They wefet over the quota two consecutive years A throng of 4,000 people it- firsi ftftfitia) (Mute Sh6w wMc> Was acclaim 1 ed as a huge success. Bacon was ftriesti at 23c a pound in the slab; beef rMste hi 29c; margHritte 29C a poitthd; sirloin or T-bdiie steak for 59c a pourtd;' giant boxes of Cheerios or Wheaties for 19c each. * * * May 2, 1946 Gov. Blue was in Algona on a pre-primary tour and spoke at a luncheon at George's Cafe. BOrehardt's Drug store in Algona since 1921 was sold to John Thuente of Spencer. Burt, Swea City, LuVerne and Algona music students were among 15,000 to compete in State high school music contest. Kossuth entrants went to Sac City. The Kossuth county Red Cross drive netted almost double its quota. The quota was $6,820 and $14,562.37 was raised. Being shown at the Call theatre were Dorothy Lamour in "Masquerade in Mexico" and Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles and George Brent in. "Tomorrow if Forever" The Immanuel Lutheran /church at Swea City mailed a check for $2300 to complete its Liuth- erah World Action^ fund. Offering on Easter was ,$768 which put the group's total $85 over the quota. 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New International Cub Tractors in a new range of horsepower •<— 7, 10 and 12 ... with big, powerful direct drive . . . with all the powerhouse features of the big tractors, but with Cub Cadet's own cunning maneuverability and friskness! INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY — The people who brings you the machines that work ® —SEE THEM AT ... Algona Implement Co. Commercial 5t ALOONA, IOWA Bishop Brathares, Dts Molnes, Methbdist Bishop of iowa preached at the Algona church on Mother's Diy, ... , . * '-.,*.." .* i April 23, 1936 New building was booming on the block Where the new post- office was to be constructed. A new County Mutual office building was to be started within a month and the old E. J. Hodges building, next north, .was to be torn down. The Jos. Gireenberg building was being moved to make room for a new one. Postmaster examinations wore to be written at Bancroft and at Lakota. The,. postmaster job at Lakota paid $1,500 a year. The housing shortage was to Coffoi Break . . . Those incredible bhnd- trig bang* some girls w4a'r ("Look, Ma, no eyes!") pYov* they've accepted the, long-hair; ed boys' coy challenge. ... At the reborn Solar plant they're stamping jot planes into combines A tanks into tractors. It's late for swords A plowshares, . . . Even if you hate DM (that overgrown village!) you'd enjoy a drive to See its park flowers A arboretum. * * send 'each of you readers to me one sentence) about be relieved in Algona by early fall as 30 .new homes were to be built during the summer. Richard Brink, LuVerne, won third in the State Spelling corir test at Des Mbines in the written test but did not place in the oral test. Members of the St. Paul's Lutheran Aid decided to buy shrubbery to place around the school and the church. After Short entertainment their time was spent quilting. The Algona Public Library reported 43,000 books ha'd been checked out Curing the year 1935. Abotiit half of the books bought that year were paid for out of dividends on securities of the Florence Call Endowment Fund. there was .a horse and mule auction scheduled at the Fair Grounds by the Colwell Bros, Auctioneers. A brand new Pontiac was priced at $615. A new Ford could be had with a "usual low down payment and $25 per month at 6% interest." The Used Oar market suggested: 1927 Essex Coach, $65; 1929 Ford Tudor, with trunk, $i50; 1927 Chevrolet, runs excellent, $45. Instead of quoting prices on renewed,.. and guaranteed cars they were tnur ^ emans - each of your towns' , three riipst initeresting happenings: No! jl DOUBLE dare you. Tliree hap- peniings? Two would be enough, I make foray's .all over Iowa, but often I come home emplyharifd- ed; empty notebook. Too much fun, hot enu f notes. • * * # 4 Wo have just moved (after 36 years) from our old mansion (6 bedrooms A 4 baths) to a medium siied apartment (3 bod- rooms A 2 baths). On the first day we had to give up six pieces of furniture. (We needed more space, less furniture.) 'After all, you can sit in 'only one chair at a time; A what's wrong with the floor? — a dance enroute to Surgery" A world can't be all bad if a young nurse can, while hurrying a patient to Surgery, look cute cool evening 1 s a twlfnmfrt* II Mrity to *,> boslde, wlrh a h*«vy sparer A a wlndbroak. Or It's p4t*«ant wh*rt rne pool Is heaf*d a«iOT« 10 A drl- Served to subinerged swim- A .sw'tot A arrtl.ble A iestful A fofchirtg. Such a sight I saw at the hospital the other day, my reward when I called on * sick Mend, ' _ , . ; It reminded me ,how we, tend to neglect our hospitaliied frl- ends., • ""':'' * -in. * CRITERIA OUT'OF'toAtE* Pardon, if I call him "Ma'am" Or ,i/ /' -call her "Sir". I've always judged By tiair' and pants •'' • And now I'm seldom sure, —VIRGINIA MOORE 1724 East,22iid t .„,. . *3rd Prlie In Iowa Light Verse, ious but lonely honie in the far . . . Among traVeUn it's a baste Illutton that they can find any land lovelier than Iowa In May. I've sworn off May travel. . . . Oftert • blithe (ost in a £6lumn, br ovon an uncommon ld*a, is like dropping a blob of cotton candy in the Grand Canyon. . . .Soon It will be time to print again rny 50 secret hints for college A high school grads who know more than I do. My BW i I strolled thrdtigh Southern kills recently, amid a fanitastic variety of architects': v^himseys & owhers' 'defiant re- iwilves. Frbrn far & neai\ they tbo; an 'editor (Madt>6n Finance Your New or Used Car at Bank Hates Ml "BILL" NIMINT AT THE SiECUttlTt STATE BANK - ALGONA ^ aid) who hai» livetl in a Itikur- It's a little late, yet I still wish I'd been a big-league center-fielder. I'd still rather catch an outfield fly, A hit a single to left field, A steal a base, A score a run, than play 5 holes of golf. Vet tennis is a fairish substitute. . * '# * We're talking of vacation in a desultory way. Yet we find it Hard to picture anything unfailingly better than the big park across the streat, & the rosft-gar- d'en, & the fishing pond. Not to m&ntion our .son's swimming pool & his tiennis court. ' And what -beats your own big desk '& your own pictures & bookshelves? of LuVerne and Mr. and Mrs. James Banwart arid family. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cloud and of California were Tues- visitors at the Ar- listed: 1934 Ford Coupe, $134 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams down and $18 a month; 1934 £ PTS?ft ™ d Mr - ? nd ., Ml ?i Master Chev. Ooiaoh with ,na- R < ch ar d Williams and family of dix>, runs excellent, $159 down, "— pampered at, a warm pool' Among the Swimming Pool Set there's talk.of early open- ngs A premature openings. May is marvelous, but there's a cool breeze before sundown if you're past 19. But even on $20 a month. Ottdseii f Mrs. Donalcl Usher OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOe Mrs. Robert J. Le Mont, Mrs. Jennie Bratland, Mrs. Clara Solberg, Mrs. Loiren Daniel, Mrs. [van Evenson, Margaret Holt, Mrs. Roy Bnocks'on, Mrs. Earl Olson, Mrs. Oliver Kinseth, Mrs. Gunda Fiiockson, Mrs. Olianiria Vinaas, Mrs. Anna Longseth, Mrs. pprcy Watmein arid Mrs. Louis Jacobson attended the guest day of the St. Olaf A.L. C.W. at Bode Thursday afternoon. Margaret Holt visited her sis- t«r, Mrs. Bernard Jacobs at Bradgate Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem visited her cousin, Mrs. Don Fisher at the ' Emnietsburg, hospital Sunday afternoon. Enroute home they visited Mrs. Pearl Hanson at Whittemore. Mi\ and Mrs. Wallace Undfer- berg and family of Ft. Dodge were Sunday dinner guests at the Henry Olsons. Mrs. Edgar Meyer of Algona and Mrs. Kermit Fowler visited Mrs. Anton Anderson at the Lutheran hospital Wednesday afternoon. ' Sunday afternoon visitors al the Howard Thompsons were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Putzstuck and Pig — Among a litter of ten pigs born to a Chester White sow on the Rydl farm near An> :a one was born with two heads :ast month. Jerry Rydl stated ;he pig would probably live if hand fed. were Sunday afternooji visitors ,at the Oscar Williams. Mrs. .Ida Worster of Rolfe spent Tuesday at the Laurel Worster home. That night they all-went- 'to visit' at the' 'Russell Enockson home at Plover, to help. Mrs, Enockson celebrate her birthday. Other guests also attended. Mr. and - Mrs. Roy Jacobson visited her sister, Mrs. Helen Malm at Palmer Sunday afternoon. Naomi Struthers, Mrs. Albert Thorsen and Watson Struthers visited Mrs. W. E. Huhdertmark at West Bend Sunday afternoon. Mrs. 'Gail Stoddard of Titonka called on Margaret Holt Thursday morning. Mrs. Allan Watnem and Jeffrey were .Wednesday morning caller's honie. at the Donald Usher environs of DM; & an insurance prexy (Watson Powell) who sold liis sedate mansion to a Massey- Ferguson exec & is building himself a brave-new-world neo- blockhouse full of surprises. '* , * '* pools A 16,000 unsafe swimming holes. .Many business men lunch at 12, but explorers who like the noonday promenade prefer 1 o'clock. Algona girl, 15, injured in crash Bonnie Dorweiler, 15, was injured in a two car collision Wednesday afternoon. on Phillips street. She was taken to a local doctor with an injured right jaw- ..'... Lucille A. Dorweiler, rural Algona,. was driving south on Phillips street .and made a left turn in the. path of a car driven, by Russell L. Spear who was. going north on, Phillips street. The accident occurred near the intersection, of Call; street. Estimated damage .to./ each, vehicle was $150. Mrs. Dorweiler was charged with making an improper left turn. WIH you be one of thousands who will lose their crop income to hail this year? Why take chances When protection costs so little. For extra safety and service, insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. Over 130 trained adjusters assure prompt settlement ;o¥ claims! Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at ho extra cost. Sec your. Farmers Mutual Hail agent! IS. Bohannon Insurance Agency Phone 295-5443 No further word on No further word oh the condition of William Kern, son of Mr and Mrs. Melvin Kern of Algona, has been received since his parents got a letter from him telling them he had bsen injured by a sniper's bullet while on night patrol. The Kerns received the letter last Monday that their son had been injured oh April 19.The letter was written April 22, just three days after he was hit. They had still not received any word of the injury from the Army last Saturday. He was struck by a sniper's bullet, about 7:30 p.m. It entered his left side and came out the right side. , , ; ••< He wrote he was flown'by helicopter to the hospital, where he expects to be under treatment for four or five weeks. He told his parents, "Don't worry, I'm .all right" in the letter. Kern, one of six sons, entered the Army last September and was sent to Viet Nam in January. Four of his brothers served in the Air Force — Delmar, Dale, Frank and Bob, while another brother is in the Army in Thailand. ^ He was the first AJgona casualty in the Viet Nam war. Algona 2323 GRAND AVE. DESMOINESJA Illillliillllllllllllllllllll •ii SK THf 'TW/iVS 1 '; IN EXCITING MINNEAPOLIS 0 :,••'••< and stay at W. R. FRANK'S left' MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT i JuU]b5&Minut^ Mpjs. Auditorium -Facing Fair Oaks Park ' and Minneapolis Institute of Arts DISTINCTIVE DINING 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Daily • Famous For " Quality at Moderate Prices. HEATED POOL With Secluded Sun Terrace. Poolside Service. 100 LUXURY UNIT* Air Condition* with Complete Hotel Service*. i-=ji5v COURTESY Ma I Coupon for FREE Color Brochure: NAME•fit* Transportation \ to Airport, Triln ind Bus I Centers. Also Met: Sta- j tnrJRFS •''digiti.--Guttirle Thtatr* »•"»"" ••rid 'Other Points Upon' I i . Request. . , CITY— _._STATE.___ M*C Continuous Flow Grain Dryin Makes wet gram in the top,., cooled grain cornea out ti tically ,, , no cracking or p perfect quality all tbt timf Toylor ement Co Farmhand FEEDMASTER ... years ahead in performance: v^l^H^k,k N .,, ibeU, if ind, pix ,,. DI Ask for an "on-lht -ftni" (Mi wnk! Algona Implement Co. Cornmercial Street IH Dealer" Aifona ;„ .', " for B»«in.iUoni. Wrlta, W)r<i, or Phono 612 336 4391 v/'iAIR OAKS MOTOR.HOTEL'ANQ RESTAURANT. U.S/WNY. 66 - 24IH ^T. *T 3RD AVL. SO., MPLS.. MINN. SMM Motor Oil Special We have a quantity of Phillips 66 diesel motor oil in 30-galloh drums on sale now at a very special Inquire at the elevator. ; We can supply your needs in all popular varieties certified & non-certified soybean seed We are now taking Orders for AMSOY Soybeans for 1967 planting Market prices paid oh Saturday of this week at ypur Co-op Elevator GRAIN No. 2 Yellow Corn ________ in 1.15 out 1 19 No. 2,Whito Oitf (38 lb$.) in .68 out 72 No. 1 Soyboint -^ ----- r ----------- — ^-__ $2.19 Whittemore Co-op. Elevator IIOHAUTON BRANCH For top performance 004P fueUU, oils and lubricants Oir N«w PtrtibU Itw h

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