Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1966
Page 3
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7 ' AU6NA (Iowa) ADVANCt—3 waMbHng off of the Survivors MONDAY, MAY 1, Seen at the By T. H. C. There are several paints of similarity between The Sands of Kalahari (shown here sever.- al weeks ago) and The Flight of the Phoenix, and rather striking ones too. Both pictures begin with the crash of a plane in the desert and the struggle for survival of the occupants. In the Sands, we have a lone woman survivor which complicates the plot somewhat inasmuch as the factor'of.sex''is pro- dominate. In the Flight, the emotions and passions of the eight or ten men are based solely on survival with only one brief sequence (a mirage featuring a dancer—Barrie Chase) even suggesting sex. And even that brief interlude could wisely have been left out. Other points of similarity be tween tlie two pictures are: .the STARLITE iti an effort to escape the threat of starvation and slow death, The flight of the Phoenix is definitely the superior picture, with superb performances by all the cast, particularly James Stewart and Hardy Kruger. If there is one fault—and it's a common-one—it is length. And to complicate matters, the program wasted 30 minutes -_ ort "shorts" and previews, aftejr a 30 minute postponement from regular show starting time (7:00 to 7:30). It all adds up to ft 10:30 departure instead of 9:00 or even 9:30. Maybe that's all right for some spectators but it's too long for me, to whom a 3-hour movie stint is almost nerve racking/,. • •' ; This has happened before- 1 in- the case of Ship of FoolS which was the second part of a double feature, The Sands of Kalahari ran overtime because of the introduction of unnecessary short subjects which should ba eiliminatsd In case Of a long and important feature. , Since I'm not the manager of the theatre and have no influence with the bookings, this is purely my own personal opinion" * .So we'll close the review of Flight of the Phoenix by quoting Time, which says in closing ts unusually favorable review with ; "Most of the time, Phoenix flexes its muscles as the sort of virile, enthralling enter- ;aihment moviegoers too seldom see"., . ; Workshop on stroke victims to be held here A onerday stroke workshop will be held on May 5 at,.,the Good Samaritan Center in Algona. It is one of a series being sponsored state-wide by the Iowa. Heart Association. Co-operating health organizations, with the North Central Division, of the Iowa Heart Association for the meeting here, are the District 16 Nurses' Association, the Rehabilitation. Unit ol TONIGHT & TUESDAY iROSSIIUNTER^WWwweini; DORIS DRY JAMES Of't All' ,»H ARIENE FRANCIS AU.»HIIM»» SECOND FEATURE BOUNTY HUNTER- LAW ABIDING KILLER! Hpf &i&wf. , *.*,C.iMM>mw™. University Hospitals at lowi Ci ty, and the Iowa State department of health. The workshop is designed, to help those charged with the day-to-day care of 'immobilize* patients. Special consideration is to be given to care needed in preventing muscular contraction, and deterioration. This is aimed at permitting self-help upon recovery of muscle use. Hospital and nursing home personnel and others concerned with care of immobilized , patients from, the 8-county area of Emmet, Hancock, Humboldt, \fr, afad Mrs, 0. B? Mrv and Mi*..fciu, ..„,_. Mr. and Ml*. Donald Dean, ami Mr*. Lee Wttt^tftLf!* and Mrs. Elwood ed Mr i ftttd Mw< —-—_ — Wednesday evening III hohw their 25th atinivertiry. Mr. and Mrs. Johti AAulM Jfc visited Sunday aftertdgft »* Henry Smidt ,hohie, ill Mrs. Adams ilso attend shower for Jean NotHe. , t , The following ladi« attended the knitting club Tftut*d*y tf the home of M*s..Albgt,'JglMl son: Mrs. Phil Puffer; Mrs. Robert May, Mrs. Hdrvey Hanklna, Mrs. Lester Hash, Mrs, .Erne* Bonnstetter, Mrs.. rather "Kdtt' ba, Mrs. Lucille Johnson . Mid Mrs. Dale Johnson and **-""' Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and family of Prescott the weekend Mrs. Mayne .* . .• Sunday they visited Mrs. Melvm Severspn at the Hiiiicock Memorial hospital at Britt. ",Rev. Charles Haskins of Algona and James Zwelfel attend* ed the Iowa Baptist XJamp board meeting at Marshalltown on Monday. '•*Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson Jr. and family of Grinriell spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Emil 'Peterson of Hutchins visited Monday at . John D^ftid Sr< ' • ' Mrs. Winnie Downing of Mar- shaUtown spent the^ Weekend Wth KtiP .MSfefi, . Mfi. GMle¥ Kmibt m Mr*. Ludlte John- > ., . L Mr. ind MM. Robert Anderson of Dea Moine^ spent tile Weekend with their parent, Mr. and MM. Ce^il toil tttd Mr, and Mrs. Orville Andetwm. Mr. ifid Mrs. C, B. Robinson Tuesday to Friday with son and family, the William Rohlnsons it Ackley. BUI RobinsoA and Kenneth Robinson cahVe homfe with them and spent until Sunday. Bill is on spent their bttd ..» 16 ift Call* .. f ornia on May 6 and Will go to Viet Nam. Sunday guests at S " fe (J, B. .Robinson hottite were r, and ka WSlliani.R^on »nd,fflritily of Adttey.k keWill ot Wavetty, Barbara R.uffrick of Forest dty, Mr. and Mrs. o,,M. Will and Mr. and 'Mrs. Fted Will. Mr. and Mrs. Leo filberts, Who have been visiting their son Dean, Sn California the past few months, have returned to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Artnond Tabb of Minneapolis spent the Weekend with his daughter, Mrs. Jur< HOTICI 0» MAftlNi • . ; ., .. TO! Lend S T°0 L f "iNCmiW TO «IPAIR TMI 6rtN BltCM DISTRICT NO. Nc giftaeft afnl.felftuly, te t „. , iftd on Saturday visited hi* son Wilmer Tttbb »nd family, also the Art tabb's and Mrs. Mae Tabb. Mr. otflet .. evenihg «»W^f mfe^ At the home of Mr\ and, Mrs. wiluant " t * t EXCiiiMn. ft naiiA TT iR»n>i«»» •-* ,»•»"» "f^l drove spent Stnxuy with ^ sister and hUj*band ( Mr. iftd Mrs. Art fabto Mr. and Mrs. and family of toft _ r , Sunday guests of his and family;; the Elwood (ktfys. * . * . * '» , -. Y\. art*.**,,* ^ «.KI,. f . -r* i A* .i^m Wclc «i . IUT Lena OTcennwru ei ai ( trnv»i a \aci nuu« . »T wi niiuiif W. t*,. 'L6y« >,ACIO etickson, Milton.C.Pdulion, Russell Winter, Fred •Pdnkuk, Iowa State Consefvaton Commission, Arthur F, & Geftrude Ticti, Jamfes Antoine and^PaOl Christ being he persons whose names oppeaf as owners of land within said Drainage District; TO:-AM persons in actual occupancy of ahy tfoct of land, and, .to all lenholdeTi bhtl encumbroncers of portions of the said real estate hereinafter Ketelsen, West Bend, has .returned from Park. Hospital, Mason City, following treatment of a broken hip. She is recuperating at her daughter's .home, Mrs. Dean Elbert, Whittemore. Th* annual North Central Conference meeting of the Wesleyan Service Guild was held at Storm Lake Sunday. Attending from here were voting delegates, Mrs. Glenn Seger and Leona Smith. Accompanying them were Mrs. Glenn Graham and Mrs. Wilbert Holdorf. Mr. end Mrs. Glenn Shore returned Wednesday evening from Yuma, Ariz., where they had visited their daughter artd family, the J. B. Moons. They also visited in Needles, Calif., and on their way home stopped in Denver and visited the Harold Jergensons. Kossuth, Palo Alto, Pocahpntas, Winnebago, and Wright ^coun- ,ies are expected /to attend the Algona meeting. ,) i '; ' Dale Harding, M. D.,-; Eagle Grove, will be medicali ^chairman for the program, He ; will open the morning session \ and discuss the "Consideration of Physician Responsibility in the Management of Patients in Need of Physical Rehabilitation." Other participants include Terry Jones, director of the physical therapy department at the University of Iowa; Betty Lipman, supervisor of nursing for Rehabilitation Service at the University of Iowa; Mrs. Gene Ehlert, Mason City Speech Therapist and Hearing Consultant, Hancock County Schools; and Carole Donovan, R. P. T., Mason City. Several demonstrations and practice sessions are on the program. Members of the planning committee include Mrs, Merlyn Thompson, R. N., program chai rman, District 16 Nurses' Asso elation; Mrs. 0. L. Nasby, R. N. Administrator of the Good Sa maritan Center in Algona; Mrs Richard Campney, R. :N^Burt chairman of the Nortff" Centra Division Nurses' Committee ', NOW THROUGH WEDNESDAY, MAY 4 he Jesse Scott home. Mr. and Mrs. DarreU: Morris and Mrs. C. E. Cram of Lohr- riile and Mr. and Mrs. Myron Irani visited Sunday at; the Carrol Cram home. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sdott yisi- ed at the home of Mrs. Gladys Scott in Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kihne and family of LuVerne visitec Saturday evening at the honie of Mr. and Mrs. Jim TindaH Jr Mr. and Mrs. Lou Hoover ol Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Albert of Klemme and Mr. and Mrs Jim Silcott of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hoover o Sritt visited Sunday at the 1 Dale Yeoman, home. Andrea and Todd Johnson, children of Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon Johnson of Kanawha, visited Saturday at the John Oxley me. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krebs spent Sunday at the Don Krebs hom6 in Cedar Rapids. .,,.-.: Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mclntire received word of the death, of his brother, Elmer at Macon> Mo. The Mclntires left Monday to attend the services on Tues: day. vj /The congregation- o£ iSti '-John Lutheran church held a pot luck farewell supper Sunday evening described. County or having estate, to wit: Tract TO! The lowd State Highway Commission, Ames, Iowa, and'H. M, Smith. Highway Engineer, Kossuth County, Iowa, .and to all persons in possession ng or claiming any right, title or interest in and to the following real Twp. 96 N, R 28 W of 5th P. M. (Ramsey) %9* mPw0 99 • ;wwB«" ; . t. Lefia Sfeehhord, ,et: ol 3'. 4. t. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 1.8. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 4.6. '47. , , Lend Steenhard, et al Lena Steenhard, et al Leha Steenhard, et al Ernest & Gertrude Wdrtmart Ernest i Gertrude Wortmon Ernest & Gertrude Wortman w. E. i*y W. E. Ley Ada Erickson Ada Erlckson Ada Erickson Ma Erickson A'do Erlcksbrr . Ado .Erickson . Ada Erlcksbn Ado Erickson , Ado Irjekson.. Ado Erickson Ada Erickson Add .Erickson Milton C. Paulson Milton C. Paulson Milton C. Paulson Milton C. • Paulson ; . Russell Winter Russell Winter Russell Winter Russell- Winter , Fred Rankuk • Fred Pafikuk Fred Pankuk Ada Erickson Ada Erickson loyva. -State Conservation Commission Iowa State Conservation Commission Iowa State Conservation Commission lawa State Conservation Commission Iowa, State Conservation Commission. Arthur F. & Gertrude Tietz Arthur Fi & Gertrude Tietz Arthur F. & Gertrude Tietz Sec. 1 1 I 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 7. 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 FtMt. NWNW SWNW : SENW NESW NWSW SWSW SESW NWSE SWSE NWNW NENW SWNW SENW NWNE SWNE NWSW NESW SWSW SF.SW NWSE SWSE NENE SENE NESE SESE NENE SWNE, SENE SESE NWSE NESE SWSE NWNW. SWNW NENW SENW NWNE W ot Ditch SWNE W of Ditch NESW NWNE E of Ditch NENE SWNE E of Ditch SENE SESW NWSE SWSE Cameo Stretch Shapemakers , ..... -;-•' ~ ' .'."-^ " . ' ': .'..:;.'...•.. There just aren't inany Moms that \ypuldn't appreciate a box of several p'airs of Nylon Hose for Mother's Day ... especi- = Arthur F; & .Gertrude Tietz 11 •James Antoine ' 11 Paul ; Christ 11 Paul .Christ 11 Kossuth County, 'Public Roads on East Sides of 'Sec. 3 and SW'/4 of Sec. 1 and on South Sides of. Sees. 2 and 11 You -are notified that the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, • IUU UIV riuillieu IIIUI IIIU Duuru U1 .>upt;i viaui:. ui rtioauiii >_ifviiiiy. iwfiw. have fixed the 9th day of June, A. D. 1966, at the hour of 9:30 A. M. (C.S.D.S.T.) at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, as the date and time and place for hearing on the report of the engineer recommending construction and repairs, which report is on file in the Auditor's Office in the Court House at Kossuth County, Iowa, and that said'report and plan has been approved by the Board as a tentative plan of improvement or repair and that the engineer has reported favorably on said plan,and that such report may be amended before final action. All Claims .for damages'and'all-objections to the proposed repair or improvement must be 'made irV'Writing ond filed'In the Office of the County Auditor at or before the ALGONA ...1 JAMES COBURN-LEE1.C08B-GILA GOLAN fea|k| I) Nil IMItt »i UN Slttl • Oiidri h| WHL HIM COLOR by DELUXE •CINEMASCOPE COMING THURS. • FRI. • SAT. — MAY 5-6-7 Filled with FUN, • MUSIC, DRAMA! Walt Ditmyfe Baitibi ^^^^^ V«tf»U*lltf»«%l «%MA TECHNICOLOR* ©WallOisni) Pitdvctigni.lnc. PLUS SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION TECHNICQLPII'.oHCMUIWrtDisnevPcixluclions Mrs MarceUa Chapman of Ma in honor of R ev . William Planz son City, Division Director of he Iowa . Heart Association; loyd R. Nelson, administrative assistant, state department of health. Cot with Mrs. Harry L. Maw Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Oakland and family of California, arrived on Thursday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Perkin and family, and they came to attend the funeral of his mother in Lake Mills on Saturday. Mike Will of Waverjy and Barbara Ruprick of Forest City spent the weekend with Mr, and Mrs. Fred Will. Mrs. Marion Larson and daughter of Hardy visited Sunday evening at the home: of Mr, and Mrs. C. B. Robinson. Ferry Smith and Marvin Bowman of Schaller visited on Thursday with Mr. Smith's daughter and husband, Mr: and Mrs. William Erdman. Mr. and Mrs. Lee William visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman. Evening callers were V •,*.! t- fo tim« set- for such heating. More Moore, Kossuth County, Auditor, Algona, Iowa Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, May 2,' 1966 stock- thious- make them last at least a third lohger than other sockings. Of course yoirtare'a lot about your Mom ... then show her with the. finest stocking -in town. CAMEO, regular or mesh. ALGONA EMMETSBURG of Titonka, who has been their supply pastor for the past several months. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gourley and family and Dale Gourley of Florida visited their mother, Mrs. Rose Wedmore at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rinnell in Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elberts returned to their home after spending several weeks with their son, Dean, at Englewood and also relatives in Los Angeles. En- route home they visited their daughter and family, Mrs. John Drummond in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Val Moore and family of Humboldt visited Sunday at the Kenneth Wagner home. Mrs. Tom. Meyers of Hampton and Mrs. Donald Dean; were coffee guests Thursday ; at the home of Mrs. John Oxley. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson were Sunday guests of their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs, Marvin Johnson at Farnhamville, Mrs. Wilma Swensen and family of Mason City visited Saturday with her aunt, Mrs. Addie Hamm. Lori and Tori .Daniel, children of the Jim Daniels of Algona spent the weekend with their grandparents, Mr, and PERKY HOUSES Silts 30-40 FRILLY SUPS $199 . (399 HALF SUPS Sines 32-44 $199 111 Owntr SHEEREST NVLOHS Ml sins STRAW PUI I2M.$499 0 - DAY SHOPPE FROM HARRISON'S CHOOSE YOUR MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS NOW! SEAMLESS MESH Nylons • SPRING SHADES 3 pair 99c LARGE COCKTAIL SIZE Hankies Whit* with Whit* Embroidery EACH 24" — 21" — TRAIN CASE Luggage • CHARCOAL or BLUE 3.99 YOUR CHOICE SPRING COSTUME JEWELRY Ntcklac* •nd Earring Set 2 PCS. 88c 8- PIECE 37c 20 VARIETIES BRACK'S CHOCOLATES 77c Snack Set 4 PLATES — 4 CUPS 1.33 ASSORTED LADIfS Billfolds ASSORTED STYLES Lb. Box COMPLETE SELECTION OF MOTHER'S DAY GREETING CARDS Frw Be to $14)0 i sons II & I t r;

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