The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE BLVTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 1938" Several Repair and Remodeling Jobs Are" Almost Finished > _ ~ » The work of rebuilding several business houses will son be completed. The toiiWiiiss formerly occupied by- the Burke Hardware store and the laberty Cash Oro- are almost finished, much Sheet Metal Work Important Factor In Home Building The owner or iiro.spo:livc owner ing an-J should project far enough 'ccry work lias been done on the remodeling of the two stores and upstairs rooms" of I ho J. T. Alford building, and repairing of the building occupied by Ross D. Hughes, A. O. Hudson and Miss WMUitl's shop is almost finished. 'All of these were damaged by a rcwnt fire except the Alford building. Miss Whits ill's 'shop only needed o repaired roof while Ihe men's clothing store bad to have new display windows, new roof and other repairs. The two larger store rooms, prac . tlcally aestdyed by fire, have been rebuilt : along ' the 'same lines as Ihey were with a white tile base for the shallow display windows of the Erocery itore and a black glass base for (lie deeper windows of Ihe slore firm. occupied by the hardware The English Parliament passed the famous Stamp Act on March 8, 1765. to form a drip: The flashing oi the valleys of a. Several Residential Yards, is also very important. H . , _ . ' Lawns Are Being Im- cf a house should give serious thought and careful attention to its iheet-mclnl work. Under (his heading come Hie gutters and/ leaders — or downspouts—the flashing around chimneys, windows and doors, in valleys and on ridges, and Ihe <liirls for heating and ventilating. The flashings arc most impovtanL and, as they are liuild light into Ihe slructure. 'they should lie of a metal that will nol corrode quickly. The sutlers and leaders gel the most severe usage and will wear. | cut quicker than the flashings, bill, • lire c-n metal Invites corrosion. I The "fw C. W. Afflick house. must extend far enough on each I side to preclude the possibility of 1 water working back under the rool covering by capillary attraction and j getting tinder the metal, niid It iiuisl net be pierced with roofllnx ' nails loo close lo Ihe edge of the residences, is also getting some at- provccl BJylhevJlle, which promises soon have a number of new jnodern roofing. AH this jnetal work I tractive yards. During the past sev- should he '«al weeks, a number of people have Inspected occasionally, and If. It Is landscaped their front yards and cf n type that needs painting, It others have arranged attractive wear, should'be Ucp! painted. Paint ./nil- plantings ot shrubs and perennials. May Alter House Exterior Through FHA niless they arc built-in gutlcrs an:l Sheet-metal repairs and malntc- ( hc landscaping of which was interior leaders, they can both be nance work to keep the house started before tlie house was com- •cp'sced without much difficulty, j water-tight can be financed under Pletcd, already has a "homey" look However, they. to?, should be ot n ' the Modci'nluillon Credit Plan of w "h its many plants. A number of metal highly resistant lo corrosion, the Federal Ihe corrosion resistance of material lion. for interior-duct wort: Is not so important unless the ducts arc lo cnriy air with a high dpjra; of molsUire. The flashing of chimneys should b:: a thorough job. Just lo "tut-lo Ihe metal a fraction of an inch inlo Ihe morlar joint Is only a partial piotecllon, as water can work through the joints and will follow down crevices in the morlar and eventually show up at some inconvenient sp:t en the wall or celling. The (Inching should go through the chimney and turn down inside the flue lining lo be effective, Flashing nver windows and doors Eh:uld carry up well behind Ihe riding or shingles above the opcn- Admlnlslra- I the came kind of plants used in landscaping the A. Conways', new j hciusc were used by the Afflicks. The U. S, Branson residence is creating much attention with Its new evergreens which are unusually large and. hi keeping with th* pillared style of tlie colonial house. Mr. and Mrs. M. A, Isaacs have done away with tlie larger hedges Modern Closet Is Compact; Excess Floor Space Wasted| The liome owner who obtains property-Improvement fund.s from j- private financial Institution which holds a contract of insurance with the Federal Housing Administration for (he purpovj of modernizing quaint himself house should ac- with the import- placed across the 1 back, that with the clothes lianeers. extend tivo feel from the rear wall, This leaves two spaces, one- on each side of Ihe door, iuc inches wide and two feet deep. Either shelves can be put in spaces or hooks cun be placed In the wall. If shelves are used, Ilicv cannot be wide enough for Mali Old Homes May Be Modernized By Loan When n large family buys aii- olher home, it might be wise lo consider buying an old house of- fcnns more' .space for less money than n .small new house. Necessary repairs or modernization may Ijei nnanced under the terms of' tl)e ! ant fuels of closet planning, if ilic thnnges he plans will -tiled Ibis type of .storage space. A lioiiic seeker Is frequently lured by the term 'Tine h;g closel " Aclually such n closet is oftc-r. a, waste of space. If the actual use °f l ' )p shelves arc not used, and cf the space of such a closel is| l!lc hanging facilities are only analyzed, it will be lound thal!*'''Shlly increased. All the space Read Courier News Want Ac!s. Motlcrnizallor > Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Large- dining rcoms were line of these houses, ., p, Uc " tcl »B of «» equal size with I and are of little use. as they in- Ihe "parlor." if (his anangciiruti lerfere with the hanging space atl*es not suit ii lc new owner's hab-' the back, Only livo hooks at the jits, these rooms «ui 1 K made Into! most can be placed on either side one large living room Parlilions can be removed and a corner of only the spaces occupied by Ihe. rlcllics rod, (lie shelves above and at the sides, and possibly a shrv rack on the door arc utili/cd: i'pr example, a closet lour most people prefer more than a front porch af- hiMhe center serves no useful purpose. In a clof'ct half as deep there would be the same amounts of . . ._.,. feel j hanging space. A diesl of three or wide ajid four feet deep could be four drawers ran be built in a described ss a fine big closel -n^-closcl, with :i counter shelf at the door would take two and a lialfi 40 " of tllc cllcst ' f01 ' storing hats. feel from one side, leaving one and u half feet of that wall for use. If the door is centered, that the new room .set aside for dining purposes. If desired, low bookcases can be built out mto tge room lo separate the dining section from ihe rest of the- room. i •LKT US PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY Your Home With OKNAMKNTAL IKON WINDOW GUAUDS All Hleclric Welded In One I'iet'c Al>» Ornamental Hand Railings of All Kinds TDK ESTIMATE • CAU, 808 HI A'. MACHIN'H SH01> American Class 1 railroads curried a lolal of 445,872,300 revenue COSTS ARE LOWER LOANS EASY TO GET Title One Loans, again available to those whoso credit quiiliitcattons arc good, make it possible for proyjovty-.owners lo take advantage of Uiis ' ' r - T - "'V spring's lou; pricey on. builiiiiij; m;ileri;ils. 11' you - contemplate re]»u'rs. reniocleliiig ov new construction \vc will glailly hcl]) you obtain a lo;\n. I'Vee Estimates and Information Phone -10 Since piivacv folds, if they want • to ciijpy the i,, lholr front yBnJ and had {h fresh air. this is a useless feature, j , roM „„„ si(|e rds i 8ndsca ^ riic from porch may be rcn.ov- willl a , 0w plan ( hlg . ^ ^^ ft result, (lie i nr , • • • -- re cms that fuccd on It means nine inches on each side. fxiscengers in 1935, as compared lo of (he door. If a clolhe.s pole ir; 1.234.862,048 in 1920, lieak year. rd completely and. as n result, the, L Btlll | s(ei . s havc addcd to ^ mere light and air. for ,.,', flirubs ' Thc have may completed their arrangements 'for prlva'tc Ulc Ir<lnt - Thc Stephen H. Brooks have a number of new evergreens modernization work of tills be otlair.ed from a instilullon (hat UHCIU^O ~ muier tile Prc-pertjr Improvement alld blooming shrubs in their -ar- Crcdit Plp.u of the Federal Hoils-1 "'angemenl, Thc Marvin Robinsons, ins Adinini.'.lration. : i al 'c adding to their planting-. Tlie' the total amount advanced for this purpose. by it Clothes Hamper Can Be Built In Bathroom A coilid ctothco hamper can te hull!, into the bathroom when a new home Is hclnj planned. This is a convenience and, by removing tl'ir, necessity of having an hidlvirlual hamper about for Ihe launrj', saves floor space. Care should be taken to sec that it Is properly ventilated both at the top and : at,the b:ltom. It has,:been found, pra.ctl- cal by ninny lio'riic-owners 'to build n laundry chute which drops the scilecl clothes directly to the laundry, CLOTHES HAMPER A soiled clothes hamur <-,nn .be laiilt inlo Ilie balljrcwi'. iviicn-. a new home Is being i,!auned. x ;ni;s i:; a convenience -and, by removing Ihe necessity of ha>'in? an individual tamper about, lor the lami- c:!y, saves i^or spac'-'. Cave shouM tc, taken to see that n Is properly vcntilalcil both at the top Eiitl at th: boltom. Amounts up lo $10,000 may to Elva Foe apartment 1ms been jsreat- cblnlncd Jui Ihe purpose ol inod-py Improved with a planting ar- cmi?iug, altering, or repairing residential properties. The financial institution advancc-s ibe fund.s and the Federal Housing Administration insures the institution agninit loss up In 10 per cent of ranged against the newly house. The Riley B. Jones have jiacl a planting of low shrubs set out 'in their front yard to replace taller shrubs. Mrs. Louise Crane HHer ami tlic Joe G, Trieschmanns have starlet! their landscaping plan with a number of plants, The Shelbounic Brewers are setting oiit young trees and flowers hi' addilion to having a.number of evergreens and blooming shrubs. On West Ash street; the homes of the C. M. Bucks, c. H. Halls, Hnvls Watsons and -C. S. Stevens have been "redone" in the planting line. Dr. and Mrs. Joe E. 'Bcajsley arc completing 'the work cf leveling the yard of their new home-and of arranging evergreens and blooming shrubs around it. Numerous' other yards are .being beautified, in & similar mariner which,, fi is hoped by-llmse inter-u eslcd in city beaulification. will be coulagloua among Ihcir neighbors. Says Rot, Rust, Decay Cause Tremendous Loss Read Courier News Want Ads. Everything You Need to FIX UP YOUR HOME When you plan to paint, call on us. Let our experts take over your complete decorating problem for you. We carry everything you need to "fix up" your home—whether you are doing over a single room or redecorating throughout. You will find our estimates surprisingly low!' And, if you wish, we will recommend a reliable painting contractor, & One Day Painting f ^ With our Pittsburgh finishes, you can redecorate any room in your house in one day. WALLHIDE beautifies faded walls and ceilings with a lovely soft- toned sheen. FLORHIDE adds long-Iasting luster to painted flcors. And WATERSPAR ENAMEL, makes woodwork and furniture look like new. -- WALLNiDE. The famous "One-Day Paint" for beau- Ufuhvalls and ceilings. FLORHIDE. Adds a durable beauty to painted floors. Dries in a few hours. Its luster lastsl - - '^ WATERSPAR ENAMEL. Works miracles with shabby woodwork and furniture. Easy to apply. f- _* ~~— —- - * "Rust, rot and decay are costing American property owners niil- llcn:; ol dollars ainmlly," \v. if. Frazce told 60 'contracting paint-' ers and. paint dealers of this city mj;l vicinity at a dinner holt) by National Lead company recently at the Noble Hotel. ' "We are Ju ft real KHT," John K Kelley declared, "a war against these destructive forces of rust, rot atld decay, a'war that cosl.s more in property Josses than any man-made war. — "Great railroads, insurance companies and industrial concerns have organized against the attack of rml. rot and decay, but the average home owner needs the leadership of painters and paint dealers lo help him win the war aEilnsl these enemies of his properly. Jl is the painter's opportunity to serve the best interests of his .community, as well as his own." FHA List Home improvements Btiill-iii improvements to dwellings which may be insured imilci- Ihc Projxa'ly Improvement Oredit PIan> of the Federal HouMnj A(l- jni'.ilstratloii include Ihe following. Breakfast- nooks, bookcases, cab- Incls. closets, cupboards. Inclncra- lors. lautirlry chutes, laundry luta, lightning rods, medicine cabinets, mirrors, ironing boards, shelves, and ventilating fans. This Is not a complete lis! nl eligible Improvcfnenls. When (licvn is any flotibl as lo (he eligibility of a (Ifslred improvement, the lending Institution which Is consiclcrlne u-.c loan may request si ruling from the Federal Housing Administration's Washington office. Tank installation Financing insured A loan lo finance Ihe co-,t ol in- | Etalllng a septic lank, which ncce~- sarily Is not inslallcd in (lip btiiw- ing Usell but in councction with it. is eligible for uisuraiKT nutter ihe 1'rojjcrly IinprovciuciK. Credit plan of tlie Federal Housing Administration. Although scpllc tanks arc I not sclually installed in the bulld- Ing with which they are u.srd lliclr conucclion to the plumblnj; s\M Cm ( by means of drainage llle.s rcnric-r tiiem eligible for financing under IUls plan. Tape t-'or Blinds Colorful Venetian-blind laito i on the market that will clip 10 the bllnris' tapes and can br- >ak- jen off and ivaslicd. This may I/ jbotifhl in a variety of color.s'-iu.j designs 'scheme. lo fit any A cum Paints,^ Enamels, every —.Sl'KOAL— White Lead per 100 Ibs. $12.13 East Arkansas Builders Supply Go. SMALL HOMES For People of Moderate Income may now be built under the FHA plan of financing at the cost of rent. Everyone interested in having A Home of Their Own and who has a steady income and good credit record should see us at once. EX.ROBINSON <f LUMBER CO. : ,j& "-lOfl THtMue PHONE -fOO ABKANSAS j™ We Do The Rest <L_- WHOUR . NOW ON DISPLAY! The kitclicn is where you use an electric refrigerator. The kitchen is where West- inghotise proves performance. Results from 102 Home Proving kitchens havc pointed the way to sensational improvements in the new 1938 Westingliouse Refrigerator — and to big new Kitchen- proved savings for Westinghouse owners. SAVINGS ON FOOD ALONE §9.10 A MONTH Winter ;ind summer tests have shown average savings of $2.10 a wcc k through quantity buying <;f p/rishablc foods — ,incl better use of leftovers. Wcslinghousc savings over previous methods of icfrigcrnlion. due to low operating cost, average ^2 ecnts a week. Owners find ji Wcstinghousc for itself in from 24 to 30 months. IN HOMES LIKE YOURS Wrstinjjiousc record; of Kilciicn-provcrl r^iviiigi :i 'c lakcn fconi actual home kilchcn.s — families • :otn 2 to 6 persons — monthly food bud&elr, f roi)i S25 lo$90. AsktisforPERSONAI, PROOF — showing what Wcstinghous'c Kcfrigeratori l"vc saved in homes and families tike your oivn. COME IN NOW-BUY NOW I and START SAVING NOW Stock NEW 1937 MODEL REFRIGERATORS SEK YOUII KLKCTKICAL DKALEIt ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP "Dependable Low Coti Electric-Service"

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