The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1934
Page 5
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. ",U-- ' JANUARY 31, iWd«4,,i BL_YTHEVILLE,JARK.l COURIEIt NEWS HAY FOR SALt •Sloncvlllv No. J COTTON SK&'D.I I have for E;I!C at my burn \: mile WANTED TO HUNT price ?l.75 himdrai. si-i; P. UKK& STRAYED •. — r™,. ot Hurclelte 50 tons ho . .r Ctiirena' .Mcu<:rinuiL ui Kly- LIGHT at $10 per ton. (J, W. Uievlllc. r>, ° H ,P' X " OOM , ° 5,: M-oj u-dioonis. 1 • .l|l I "lilil'f Ml 1 . O.'iiy rate pcr.lific. fju'.cbjjs^i}-, i*c insertions:: 1 ' .'''.'.',,j,'^ ,'',""'' titue per lini-' —, .Month r:ita JXT' Itoi: .'.'.V.'. — Ope Minimum cli&r^e 50i; Ads ordered to 1 * three or six times and stopi>«l More fxpiru- fon wilt be clmrgrc for the mmi- U>r ui unit's tile ail apjwarcd ami adjustment ot bill made. HAY, CORN, SOYBEANS" forTnlc U. a. DeMoiiliu farm. Ilciuon' Mo. Phone or sre J. M. steward Mgr., on farm. •REAL KSTATK 1'OK SALK—40 acres, :ill in culli- viliorv One mile soutli of Cos ] til. Itoland Green 6r !;u t'CIH SALK U> ai-res near Lake t'ily, Ark Illghly improvrd, ruoii buildings rice orchard. M;«<L Ivilc uf ouitoi i:er acre, 50 busln'1 of corn am big hay vroji ihl> yrar. S50 . iirrt*. ?5W) cash, *>jnall annual All Clussificd Advertising copy i nit'iiis, 6'.', in^crrsl. I'ui.srv-,u 1 by perso.-ji- resiaing out-tuncc. THOMAS I.A.M) CO. . suit- of the city irusi be acco.ii- paniMl by ciiiii. Kates may be uMiy compm.d u-p'ii aujve table. • 31c kb atrcs mile of Illythcvillc, on S ravel road. Good residence with : gravel raa<i. uoua resiaencc uun :;o responoibilitv will he takenjelec. lights, horn and len. house, .'or mo:-o Uiau or.i: incorrect in-{$31)09. loriR time luymcnts. I'osscs- sertion of :cny elaaiKlcU ad. sion now. Adveauw 0 «.o,c«. ior lrre B u- THOMAS LAND C0 ; ;ar in^enioiw IUK«' tlie one time :att ' [FOR SALE: 20 acres unimproved t valley land near BAliSTOW [CAIJFOnNlA. Will trade for prop SSs D1KKCTOUY Dauy mill Mill Feeds ILf-panto, Ark. Giain uuu liny, iu islrtiKut Prices ua.Mi rued siurc 112 t. Mam 10-pk-^-ll . - jcrly nearer home. Walter S. Let 30pk5 I-'i'tc fisuie diajfUObis in your linme, Mrs, J. J. uavis, rnum: i.'.l Sivcncer C'orsciiere 26CM-20 KM'I'ltr Typcurltir and .. MAtliinc lu-iuiriEi;. I'. S. lilailK- ensliip, 110 E. Unsi-. fall 1US-J. POULTRY & EGGS jesh tsgs daily, rlirec( from lien nety. I'it-kard'K Grwery, IU1 hic'iisaivba. Gp KH- ? a i'.I.. A NTS ^'Uh as Jj 'l.'hCV O itavd H'.'-V 1 .' 1 for Marc S'lVC '0 I •HON'K nn mrfiiiVviv' N I CE1 - Y Ktirnialiril Ijcdroom, phone -Z o,i i, ,S j_!!^_ :i i 0 ..^_ l ™n^j!'wi._ M-I _W'ANTHI) l!ul We Treat \ua While" j \Vi nay "more"l' •••" 'v'-Tir—i Oc k2-a |'!'*'<> uuluniislicd rooms, 516 Chick- hides, brass uimicV ridl-it HA'ri'HtMKS "JFI^ lorn"' 5 M """ C ^Mc'te ^"woiy 1 AHni ^"E^Mnfn! ^ ( ....i!r- iimKs, .v'liil'. bay nmiT. LiD- Itial iiMviiKl for 'r.formatlon |i\ul- ILM. 1 to H'twoty. C. H 1'iijjh, Tu___ Ark. si,, t3 .77 TIRE *= I'OR l.KASB «» "HATH, U.OHOOM, 5H . Mamj-hone t^ 2c ^ a,,,,. rurnlsh,,, iKdroon :il ' f ' rrC "' M8 W - J1:l '"' - ------------------------- — — ' ,u,v Two year ICHM-. Will liuilil housi.--Kl'KNISHKD l.v,|. ( ,,,m. 1017 \V. <a w i"lj7by IJiT.v Mnsi/i,- v. •''«« »™« "i l:ivU«cvill B . con- M,,. KM Horrtln a ...,, ; ,bl,. V. O iiox li^. LHXWU. •iay i- lloucbim. 154. kit : . ^f. •.iliii ta ANNOUNCKSIKNTS <"' Jnnu.«y » s,,ld my ! WAHNIXfJ M THI-; CIIANCKKY COUUT CHICK ASAWIJA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR- KANBAH. u.'o. Wood. I'kiimiir, c:i|Hin!i lu-iol in-.d unswer!.,-' it o( Ihr iiblnt! IV il-iv of j;,n. Mayor S«r» Wie Aid* Health, and Prosperity CH/I.OME .-""spa.. SAQNE, i/riiiicc <UL>>—One-ninth of'the • Vi.opulalion of CJi:iudenay, near litiv, Is more than 82 years old,' • This Is it ;cco:n "In longevity, u'cordln^' to the moyor of the li'«n, mid he attributes it to Oa- Ho attribute.-: likewise to the * the fuel Urn' lliere is no uri- fiiiploymriu here ctling that, Iho av'llk-a-li 1. Lnnsky. A ild-r cnn run as us 65 i n:ilrs LIU hour. LiSTO Read Courier Mows Want Ads. "We Can't Sell AH the Coal S© We SAHARA $8.0O ['rii-i'd Kowcr Thau Any Oilii'i E. C. •sft LUHaEB '-lOO (Jradi- Coal In Heat anil l.muvil In ,\>!i Klnly 3'i i , ; f Any of l| u . itnl Abh Ccnls ^yweeassus-i i l>v Alien- Ai,i,i:v OOP '.r; - ; — 1'loivs slur nieius bought anil sold by Wade at 'lorn Howard >iachme _O.V BF'sNS, riK/.T ,,,) £cc( i S'incia! -I-arm_ Iinple- i Katchor . caH~G35-J TEAP. Te5',- nricas. Earl 22c k2-20 !!. .'. Vctcrs^n — :',!•!' N. CnrpmtcT \Vntk of AH All Ki'H? ]Tile Avk-.M" .'.n J.-VliGKS'l' STOt.'K 1 'JSKI> fall I. Jli<l»<tARn Au'oii'fjtiu- RADIOS All Uadios, inclurting u. c. A., arc closed out at cost for CASH at liubb.-ird Hardware Co. I^ck2-li FOR SALK TORDSON Tractor cquipiwd with! disc luriiing plow's Paul Byrum.j 17c k2-2i' GOOD COAJ, IS THK CHEAPEST GOAL VJf| TJicrc is Jit> c <» :\ l f PIO^ \vest of llic Allegheny Mounlnitij, as JiigU in heal and us low in ash as the & UPREMEIT Super-Heat *^ Vpp -(< Tlial is :i li ii I il * **' slali:mcnf, but it is ethical, bfcaasc it's true. U'e bare autlioritalivc analysis on file on all coal anil crui prove this 1 claim. SUI'HKME Supcl-Hcal is the only coal of its kind and sold Cfcly by this company. it?.*.) 6x3 Medium Ton - S7.50 !i 'I'onSLOt) Cash A Rich Man's Coal ill A Poor plan's Price Superior Coul <S- Mining Co. 304 W. Walnut - Phone 700 No Down Payment USED CAR SALE WHAT! Von AIwui Tlial I Can liny A Good Usctl C;ir Without Paying A Lumi) Sum Down In Cash? ViOS. You JI;iy Pay Only §f> Dn\v» Iminutliale- l.v .Take The Car And Mftkc Sii'.all Pavmcnts A.s You Ride. FIRST COME—FIRST SERVED HURRY-SKE THESE CARS TOD A Y J'JSO FORD SPOUT ROADSTER ioao FORD CAmuoi.KT 192D FORD FORDOK . SKUAN 1929 I'ONTIAC "0" COAC-II 1930 XASH SPECIAL SKDAN 1920 IHJICK "C" COUPI-J 1920 CJ1KVKOLKT COAC1I lOW FORD CLOSED CAI5 PICK-UP 1931 FORD CLOSED CAB PICK-UP All Up and Ready To Go SEE US TODAY Phillips Motor Co. f'lione 810-811 NOW TIW YOU KNOW WELL HA.VU MHl-|v\-^fSCJ\V \IAAI YOU \MSUW Vf " N ""' M Mt "c / J^ WtLL. H/XVU •. THE "DETAILS OF HOW I "BROUGHT );( SPOSEtiTO i>O, H T O SEV LVP A ABOUT THE A1RR&-ST ov c^•pTA^v^i n} NOW ^OA&H MOORING SHAKJDYSATF, A NOTORIOUS \ OUT-AN TIAUOW L^fT™ R \* CONFTOENCE MAN I WILL. ^^ CVERCO/XTS ^ upti ^ Mn ^ GIVE \OLJ SCOFFERS A-pEBBLt L OFF A 'BWDGE,, AROUNtJ \N YOUR /> WITH -HEARKtH A V.VTTLE ^'PUT<» HV NOS& UP TOR EMPTY WELL TO THIS —WITH THE. CONVICTION o^ C/XPTA\N A "RE WART), TOR TH'SUN'S GUME TO BED. Ml' 1 VHSiH tlAO.TOO-lHSlt'M) OF L UNJING TO WEAVWL n i MOO- 'I'IIK CiUiJl.'LAlj TUAI],! By Hamlin ? sK?vv'*Xv-''' ^*ai^^]ffljfeU^ji^SjK5^^^%^§;if£J^'.J lv:'.3llHG ftMO TURNING.I-'OOZV .Vit) DINNV MAKE 'W.'.L (wctrnK---- WAV inRoucii we EVLT<-OAnuLuit-:6 JU:;OL&- Tiu-i imp THROUGH LMiKl IUH«£'S' I HO '.'t'w VJE'LL r-KET unif CWRK! .x^l BOOTS ANU"HKR . BOV.WU'RE LOST H' Gl.OOM-SO,l.tS1 STUMBLE, TALI, AN BOOM, Rlf.n HtUK'S WHERt STAY TILLnilET I3REAK OF ^H /" TOO HAD. MliKVl'K!" WASH TUHilS THOUGHT BliV, OOWSO Wl'.O By Martin MA- /''AT'S "FOMMY.yiitvl AR-. YCI, SURE MC TK' C.V-5iM'S " " V EHPTV. WO.5M--BOT, IM\ SHO WOULD HKOE V? MV WhOW'V VtXSViO ^)^<b ViCTOWEOVi VO V. f'^t r '.- (7 AH HM A SECRET' CLOSET, WITH"EijGfnt"! [ CCMTROIS, WHISTLE COMTROL, Ai-to STEeRiue! V.VEEL. t RECKON, PDDNEQ THAT CUB i LITTLE MYST£R-/'S ADOLIT SOLVEO.— -1 LITTLE MYSTER'/'s' ADOLIT SOLV£O. ,^""•~ :r-| i^^'iQ Sft SALKS.MA.N~ SAM T»£XC-l THii YACHT'S UK'iiR CONTKOl. AGAIW. BUT WHY 1HE 8LWES, 'MP^R, D 1DM'T YT,'J TEU HK THIS CLOIEF WAS HERE? L_±-, I'y Cran« l\ C^ .s^ f^ •*iEU., MftYee 50, AND KftVBE NOT. ANYWAY, ^QUIGGLE'S THE ONE I WANT. IF HE'S MOT THE BRAINS OF THIS SPOOK TRUST, I'LL £AT MY HAT. sT C-OT ft «:ifi Pftu o 1 owe, v- He's] SURPRISE (VJ r ITS COCA'W CfJ Til' FOU1- ,-tuenT-/ pLftye- SCR^M our To 1U' AIUPORT AM'<J=T IT! H^P.S, T«' FOUft— we^TV PLftue L(VJO£C1 SET? SCL-iT : COMi'vl ' Do«5M' :

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