The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1966 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1966
Page 4
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i Wit.) «wte 10m - X?rl*l»Bj Governor Sets Aside April As "Beautification Month' JIM LEE WALLACE Assistant County Agent The month of April has been proclaimed as "Arkansas Beau- •ification Month" by Governor Orval Faubus. This actien is being taken in cooperation with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful As- Delation, and the Agriculture Extension Service. This year is the first that a specific month has been set aside for a beautificatiori campaign. We here in Mississippi County, should help. But you ask, "How?" Here's one way. Most everyone likes flowers. April is a good time to start planting gladioli. You might be thinking that they are too hard to grow, but they are not. Gladioli are becoming one of our most popular cut flowers. The gladioli may be grown in almost any type of soil except in real low areas where water stands. Gladioli may be planted anytime after the last spring frost. For a succession of blooms, plant each two weeks until midsummer. The plants come into bloom 8 to 10 weeks after planting. If grown in rows in the cutting garden, the corms may be planted 4 inches apart On Missco Farms By Eeith Bilbrey. Count; Agent I explained in a previous column that COUNTY DEVELOPMENT is an organized effort on thCpart of all of the people in the'county to improve them' telves. Tie previous administratiftn passed many laws to help the people in a county to help themselves. I have a list of at least twenty - three of these laws which could help Mississippi County in one way »r another. I agree that some people! feel these laws are an additional drain on the Federal Treasury, and' are not in the best interest of America. Certainly there are many others who feel that some cf the laws are very useful in helping to encourage or force Improvements of one kind er another. Here is a real brief summary of these twenty-three laws: — Public law 89-329 is the HIGHER: EDUCATION ACT OF 1965. This provides for a program of assistance by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, to .colleges and universities for aicFin the solution of community' problems, for college library development, for student grants and loans, for teacher training, etc. Public Law 89-182 it the STATE TECHNICAL SERVICES; ACT OF 1965. This act authorizes the Secretary of Commerce to make matching grants to states to provide' a wider diffusion ef science and technology in business, commerce Bhd'industry. •Public Law 89-10 is the ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT OF 1965 authorizes a three year program cf Federal grants to states for school districts with large numbers of children from families with annual incomes under $2,000. This act also authorizes 1.--A five year program of grants to states for library materials and testbooks. 2. A five year program of grants to sup- plementay community - wide educational centers. S. Five year program of grants for improving educational research for experimental projects in education intended to solve problems common to the educational agencies. Public Law 89-287 is the NATIONAL VOCATIONAL STUDENT LOAN INSURANCE ACT. This authorizes Health, Education and Welfare to establish a system of loan insurance and direct loans to assist students to attend business, trade, technical and other vocational schools. Public Law 89-333 is the VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION ACT AMENDMENTS of 1965. This includes grants and aids for special vocational rehabilitation projects. Public Law 89-15 is the MANPOWER ACT OF 1965. This extends the Manpower Training Act of 1962, and provides additional training allowances and benefits. in rows «f 1» Inches apart. In sandy loam toils, the corms may be planted 6 inches deep, whereas in heavy clay soils they should not be planted more than 4 inches deep. Deep planting will eliminate the necessity of staking in most plantings. Gladioli require no special care. However, they do better in full sun and require a moderate amount of moisture and should be kept free of weeds. When the flower spike begins to form, the soil should not be allowed to become extremely dry or the spika will be crooked. When gladioli are to be used for decorative purposes, they should be cut when one or two flowers have opened; the remaining flower buds will open after the spikes have been placed in water. When cutting these spikes it is very important to leave three or four broad healthy leaves attached to the plant to make food to develop the new corms that are developing in the soil. izes the HEW to make grants for research and development of water quality and for construction of sewage treatment works. Public Law 89-272 is the CLEAN AIR AND SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL ACTS. This includes grants to states fdr surveys and research on disposal plans. Public Law 89-232 Is STUDY OF EFFECTS OF PESTICIDES ON FISH AND WILDLIFE. The Department of .Interior has 3.2 million dollars for making this study. Public Law 89-28S is the HIGHWAY BEAUTIFICATION ACT. This delegates the Department of Commerce to work on such Stink Bugs Called Minor Menace Stink bugs cause considerable damage in »om« Arkansas soybean fields, but in most case) infestations are not severe enough to justify widespread insecticide applications. During a study made by tt. University of Arkai Arlcultural Experiment Statior, it was found that only a small percentage of fields Distribui <f the insects within field* was alM upbtty, with high«et infestations generally near -roods. Infestation count* a^xiialed with damage at harvest time showed that infestations of one bug per thr:; feet of r resulted in damage lufficient to justify insectici "al treatment. in any given area had ap r ..-| Soybeans damaged but essen- ciable infestations of stick hi ••». I tially full-site had a loss ef abeut t percent In weight. Early infestations by large numbers of bugs resulted in severe reduction in soybean size, and late - m luring varieties were found to suffer the most damage. In one experimert, early planting increased the damage considerably. In small plot studies on control of stink bugs, meth 1 parathion at one-tl.lrd pound averaged 92 percent kill, and car- baryl at pound averaged 7 percent kill. Methyl parathion and carbaryl have been judged satisfactory materials on the basis of field - scale, ? I both of these materials are reg- FARM NEWS Review and Forecast istered for u on soybear Complete results of these studies are contains' "'dleti; Single copir: of this publi- .- tion may be obtained, without charge, from county Extension agents in Arkansas, or ' om the Bulletin Room, Agricultural Ex- periment Station, University of Arkansas, Prehistoric men measured the; hourse by the shadow cast by a stick. Cape Horn is the southernmost point of Latin America. Public Law 89-73 is the OLD-1 ty, m g s as outdoor advertising ER AMERICANS ACT OF 1965. s j gnS) j un ]f yar( js, natural beau- This provides assistance for new or improved programs, through grants for programs and training for the aging. Public Law 89-174 is the DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT ty of the highways, safety, etc. Public Law 89-106 is the DEPARTMENT of AGRICULTURE ADMINISTRATIVE OMNIBUS ACT. This covers several small changes in agriculture. ACT. This creates a depart- public Law 89-B7 Is the FED- ment of Housing and Urban De- ERAL FARM LOAN ACT AND velopment. Public Law 89-117 is the FARM CREDIT ACT AMMEND- MENTS. This provides for cer- Ul If Vlllg ^WUV-WHV"'*** * ^ - ' ., A five year program of grants ucation and Welfare. It author HOUSING AND URBAN DE- tain changes in Government fi- VELOPMENT ACT of 1965. This | nancing through the Farm Cred- provides for rent supplements | jt Administration and the Pro- for disadvantaged persons, ex-jduction Credit Association, tends college housing programs and provides grants for water facilities. This extends the Farmers Home Administration's authority to make loans for rural home improvements. Public Law 89-80 is the WATER RESOURCES PLANNING ACT. This directs the Secretary of Agriculture to maintain a continuing study of the nations water supplies, and grants to the states for cost in participation of the study. Public Law 89-234 is the WATER QUALITY ACT OF 1965. This creates a water pollution control administration within the Department of Health, Ed- Soil Classing Job Is Completed Nelse Robertson Work Unit Conservationist In 1955, a Standard detailed soil survey was initiated in the Mississippi County Soil and Water Conservation District. The objectives of this soil survey were fourfold. First: to define the important characteristics of the soils of the district. Second: to classify these soils into defined soil types, that would fit into a nationwide scheme of soil classification. •Third: to establish and plot the boundaries on aerial photographs of the defined soil types. Finally: to predict, from these soil maps, the adaptability el crops to certain soils, and the behavior and productivity of these crops under different management programs. '..Today Dick Ferguson, soil scientist for the Soil Conservation Service, has completed the Job of classifying the soils of the Mississippi Ceunty Soil and Water District. :-A final field review was conducted last week by Dr. H. C. Dean, State soil scientist; Dick Ferguson, local toil scientist; Ben Carter, soil correlator, and J, L. Gray, area soil scientist, •II of the Seil Conservation Service. -Their purpose was to review «id field check the defined toil typet for uniformity with national standard!; to study prob- lem areas; and to accurately define and describe the soil of the district. Within the coming year, Mr. Ferguson will prepare a soil survey report inlerpeting these soil maps for use in farming, as well as in urban development. The Soil Conservation Service uses these maps as a basic tool for developing a conservation plan for farm operators. The SCS technician bases his recommendations for crop varieties, potential crop yields, design of irrigation and drainage systems, land shaping, and land grading. Many new uses have come available for city planners to consult for locations favorable for streets, sewers, gas ilnes, airports, or new additions. The maps are useful for selecting sites for radio and television structures. The Federal Crop Insurance determines the accural basis for accural basis for insurance based on the maps. Real estate agents and appraisers find the soil information useful te help evaluate lands. m research personnel locate and report their results tied to soil types. The present day farmer Is increasing his use of the soil maps in planning management pragrams as well at Interpreting modern research in temu of his own conditions., Public Law 89-240 is the CONSOLIDATED FARMERS HOME ADMINISTRATIONS ACT. This provides for loans for the collection, treatment and disposal of waste, for developing recreational facilities and for loans and grants to develop water and sewer systems in rural areas. Public Law 89-52 is the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR AND RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIATIONS ACT. This includes funds primarily for the forest services, for our protection, forest roads, etc. Public Law 89-136 is the I PUBLIC WORKS AND ECO-' NOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACT. This delegates the secetary of Commerce to: 1. Conduct studies, training and research to determine causes of chronic depression. 2. Produce solutions j to these problems and 3. Offer | technical assistance. j Public Law 89-253 is, t h e ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AMENDMENTS. This extends Economic Opportunity Act. Mississippi County has an Eeonom-l ic Opportunity office on the; courthouse lawn at Blytheville. j John Bearden is in charge. | Public Law 89-109 is the COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES , EXTENSION AMENDMENTS. | This provides grants for in' tensive vaccinations programs, hospital care for migratory workers, and similar aids. Public Law 89-171 is the FOREIGN ASSISTANCE ACT OF! 1965. This authoizes $210,000,000! for technical cooperation and grants, $580,125,000 for alliance for progress loans and $144,755,000 for International organize tions. Father Damien, a Roman Catholic, was known as the "leper priest." Sir William Henry Perkins discovered the first coal tar dye in 1856. PLANTS Hybrid Blf Boy Trauto Plant* Hybrid Mnitok* .'.'.'.' ISt tn. Suvtral Oihtr Kind Pepper * Eft Plant* Sharp* PlMt Bed* 2208 Carolyn St. Phone PO J-8491 Mr. Suddtn Serv/M Sayt: FOR ONE STOP Personalized FARM SERVICE COME TO Farmers Soybean Corporation SOYBEAN SEED Cert. Lee N/Cert. Lee N/Cert. Hill N/Cert. Ogden N/Cert. Hood 80% Germ 80% Germ 80% Germ 86% Germ 78% Germ $4.19 per ba. $3.90 per bu. 14.20 per ba. 13.90 per bu. $3.85 per bu. Urbana Soybean Inoculation. & bu. size $.70c per can MIX FERTILIZER FASCO 12-6-6 CHEM-PLEX Other Anaylsis to Meet Your Needs! Trefian TREFLAN The Proven Weather Proof Weed and Grass Control for Cotton and Soybeans '8.50 '161.50 YOUR COST: 20" Bond, Medium Soil $3.22 per acre. FREE SEED CORN Purchase 1 bu Funks G 707 and get '/2 bu FREE Purchase 5 bu of Funks G711AA, G76 or G580W and get '/a bu. FREE. $12.80 per bu. Discount for 5 or more bushels. Spray & Liquid Fertilizer Equipment and Parts See Us For Equipment and Parti You Need. NEW FOR 1966 Ring-Around Cotton Seed Acid delintea, Demosan & Thimet treated. Certified 85% Germination. Varieties available: Stoneville 213, Rex, Res SmOolhleaf, D & P L Smoothleaf. 50 Ib. bags 16 Ib. seed per acre .25c per Ib. Your Cost $4.00 DEMOSAN 10D A new easy to use hopper box treatment for control of cotton seedling diseases. 25lb. Bag $18.25 Per Bag Your Cost; 3.6cper Ib. of Seed Planted COTORAN A new pre-emergence for cotton. Looks rery good where cocklebur and morninglory are the main problem. Your cost: 20" band, medium soil $3.00 per acre 80w5lb.bag $20.00 STIMUSOY A New Combination Seed Protectant and Molybdenum for soybeans. io-ib. bucket $16.50 per bucket. treats 40 acres Your cost: 41 Jc per acre. LINDSEY 77F For fast growing summer pasture 50 Ib. bag $10.00 per bag Extra discount on 5 or more bags. A.S.K. 614 HYBIRD GRAIN SORGHUM Why lose money trying to raise soybeans on Cyst Nematodes infected land and other fields that just won't grow soybeans? Plant A.S.K. 614 .. 50 Ib. bag $10.00 JUNE WHEAT Today, April 15th, we bid $1.49 per bu. delivered Barfield $1.44 per bu. delivered Bly'ville for June-July delivered wheat. ORTHRO CAPTAN SOYBEAN SEED PROTECTION The time tested proven soybean seed protectant. 10 Ib. Handy Bucket Treats 40 bu . . . $11.00 Your cost: 27'/ic per bu. planted With so many low germination seed this year, you can't afford not to use seed protec- tant. DOWPON Between Dowpon & Trefian there is just no need to have Johnson Grass. 5 Ib. box. $6.00 50 Ib. drum.....-..$57.50 Your cost: $5.75 per acre. VERNAN A promising looking pre-emergence for soybeans on black- land where cockleburs & morninglory are the only problems. 1-Gallpn Container $21 Per. Gal. Your cost: 20" bond, block land $5.25 per aera NITROGEN FERTILIZER Aeradian Nitrana U Nitrogen Solution 8.5c par Ib. of actual Nitrogen. The best nitrogen fertilizer there it for your cotton. Farmers Soybean Corp. "THE HOME OF SUDDEN SERVICE" PH.P03-S191 Blytlnvill*, Arkansas N. Broadway & Hutson t

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