Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 25, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1966
Page 2
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r.i •"(> 7n my UEINS * '.-.;i •,,.< -, V ,' * . w r l . MARIAN INMAN Are you taking time to, en joy your family and friends? Are you usifig your nice things for your enjoyment or have you carefully packed them away for soma "special occasion"? Are you living a skim milk existence? Are you saving the cream for the "special" occasion? -You know it might turn sour. - By a skim milk existence, I do not mean being wasteful and careless, spending or using what you do hot have, But the good things of life should be enjoyed new. The flood book to read/the little extra outing with your family, your nice possessions (however few) displayed for your pleasure, food for the soul along with bread necessary for your body, I remember & story my Mother told us of a couple Who worked* So h^rd'and seemed to live such a drab life. One day they were burned out and when the-neighbors took them in all the woman could say over and over was her regret over the Idss of a Dresden tea set from her Grandmother that she had packed away to use for some special Occasion and now it was " gone. She wished she had set it out to at least look at, its fragile beauty would have rested her after her weary days. ! Too late how, it's gone. - i s ' ' My father died when we children war* very young and ' my Mother worked to help fare for us jb<ut ,1 »H.II .always remember how nice our house looked /uift .how -we. treasured ' but enjoyed the lovely things we had. j% IP1« Rooden Jiowl of-my-Grandmother's filled with red .applet, good <books to road, Grandmother'* silver teapot (Phil's .family has it now), Mother's silver wedding spoons and hayiland chocolate cups, " n even the feel of the fragile handles made one fool special and • . Of course you were ever so carefuj for you prised these lovely • '• possessions and did not need to be cautioned to bo careful. • ' Yet, Mother Helped ot u«t the "er««m" Ibut it .also Helped us 'I team to approbate the "skim .milk" along .with 1 it. She want•?s ed ut'to enjoy the nice things in life but she also taught us I'ito make the most of everything and to*work and feel the dig- ; ( f ; nity iof labor. She always warned us not to let our "wish[' bone" take over for bur "backbone," >. ,,j Looking back i.over,;.my life, there were good times with .jjthe bad.ysad times! v ^^ always glad,we made .,>the mpk.tjbf uttle'j,0ficasi0^s,'eyen;;a; picnic out of doors on a 'I s busy day; : The work; WaSippt 'nearly so hard to return r \tp. The ,,countless times I was called to' the door to look at the 4-H calf I being trained for the fair, the 4-H demonstrations, helping young ,4-Her's in various ways. Busy as I was these things made life . -so much more "cream." Haye you ever thought of the precious heritage you \ give your family when you use the "cream" with them and how when they are with you? I will always treasure .what my ' Mother gav.e me,and it has been more lasting than gold. Remember the song,. ''Catch a Falling Star," the little '. 'tereamV occasions4n our lives are like this song, you,catch the falling star and put it in your pocket and you can pull it out . for a rainy-day.-On the saddest of days your memories that <• -you cherish glow as- a star andI help you overthe hump; ! ,, ; Se> enjoy little /f things ; j«ow. uippn^t pu^ ^i^f;off • for the j time when| Everything is just right or when: you have made - ,thet fortune. That day may not come at all or you may be .. a lone, then and the comfort, of the memories of the/''cream" and "star" times will console you, you will be happy. J know. My corkscrew shrub .lias been delivered but as I am 1 still recovering from my 'fall Tcannot, fHan't^t and all .njy family * are so';biisy v JButione,of'these:^ays we'll get it,intbUhe ground J and we can all enjoy an unusual plant, flike ab,least?6ne dif.- '"•ferent plant each year. .They, are., v a day to. day surprise and pleasure. ' -'•'"• •';" ^•••*r<^- '-'• •;.--•; •>•; , /, '. -.-• K ' a' , < .1 ^.^ ;,j, • ;. .j% ; >ti ..;- ::-.. >„!'. . . • ' '> ,1 was able to return to school yesterday and it was good < for me. So much had accumulated in my absence that I was, .too .busy to think,of my aches and pains; But I'll confess I did,,go to bad early with a heat pad on .my wrist. Today i* • another,day and .here I .am sipping my orange juice and writ- r ing to you, dear readers. . ; - ' Spring, "house-cleaning" time is in-the air. 'Don't fail to change the old order of arrangement, dye something a bright color, set out some of your loyely dishes, Grandmther's teapot filled with flowers, a new cover for Dad's easy chair and as tired or as grumpy you may feel after the'long hard day these things will act as magic and whisk ,the care away. This is home, your home, it's lovely; yo,u make it so, , : And do not forget a little prayer of thankfulness to our Maker who has given us this day to .do and to accomplish all . these tasks that make up our days until we enjoy everlasting • happiness with Him in heaven. r •< MOTOR, BOAT AND TRAILER INSUBANCE Jean Steven, Burt, wed to Indiana man Auto-Owners completely protects your motor, boat and trailer against fire lose -theft, collision and liability too 'T. In water — on land, in storage —year around, Call your local Auto-Owners ayent today for complete boat insurance protection at moderate cost, Your local agent is: RKKLEFS-GEELAH INSURANCE MENOY _... ^- At*the" FirSt Methodist church in New Carlisle, Ind, April 16 Jean Steven and John W. Mason were married .by the Rev. Malcolm McArthur. ^ Wilbur EsliHger was" the organist. The J. P. Stevens, Btirt, are the parents of the bride and the Charles F. Masons, 418 W, Chestnut, New Carlisle, Ind., are parents of the bridegroom. Mrs. Burnadine Opheim, Burt, was matron of honor for her sister. Mrs. Donald Steven, South Bend, Ind., sister-in-law of the bride and Elizabeth McLaren, Mishawaka, were bridesmaids. William Mason, St. Louis, Mo., was best man for his brother. David Waggoner and Ran dall Vanslager, both of South Bend, were ushers. A reception was held in the church. They are now visiting in Burt. They will reside in New Carlisle, Ind. She is a graduate of Burt school and attended Hamilton Business School at Mason City and A.I.B. in Des Moines. He is a graduate of New Carlisle, tad. high school and manages a printing office in New CarUsl^ owned by him and his father. led stamps and 2,000 cartcslled commonhlofative stamps were sent to Seafttie, Wash*; stamps are sold attd the Won Used td buy U.S. surplus, f fof needy children 'overs^S for of {jiianftges. ~ In " 1964- ' oVe 13 tofts was given to the needy. Mrs. Burnadine Opheim, Da* wn and Johnny, Went to Iowa City over the weekend. The children will have a checkup at University hospital. Mrs. Walter Steven, -Algona, visited Tuesday with Mrs. Burnadine Opheim. "' ' •' ,' Birthday Circle will meet May 10 with Mrs. Jessie Rash, Joel Chipman, injured last July in an auto accident',"- now spends his mornings at school on the 8th grade can walk without tersoit. '' . i Attending the VAC.S. officers, training $iy *<$*«• vvef S Janlds Sch Lovstad, Marifc azelLiffsony H*2et Beth Milter, (Idwa) AfeVAN*t M3NBAY, APRIL SHOWER IS GIVEN A miscellaneous shower for Mrs. John Mason, nee Jean Steven, was held April 20 at the Burt Methodist church. Hostesses were Frances Smith, Marj Lavrenz, Palma Holding, Marion Westling, Esther Shipler, Leona Lovstad, Edith Tieman, Ruth Trunkhill, Beulah Dundas, Gloria Presthus, Mary Rasmussen, Esther Miller, Ethel Dremmel, Hilma Carlson, Toots Hoppus, Rose McGuire, Mary Gebken, Ethel Smith, Vivian Dutton, Emma Moore, Anita Marlow, Arlene Marlow, June Prest- TUS, Thelma Meister, Linda Meister, Virgie Smith, FlorencjB Koestler and Mary Weber. Mrs. Dennis Meister was registrar. Assisting with gifts were Mrs. Dennis Meister. Mrs. Burnadine Opheim, Dawn arid Johnny, and Mrs. Palma Holding. Mrs. Gene Hilling poured. The programs was announced by Marion Westling consisting of piano sojos-_by Evelyn Mawdsley; T reading, Palma Holding; solo, Evelyn Mawdsley, and games by Mari Lavrenz. Jean Steven and John Mason were married Aoril : 16. They will live in New Carlisle, Ind. And sits in classes. He crutches and is showing 'much improvement. The Leo Hulterstrums, Litchfield, Minn, spent the weekend with Helen Johnson and Doris Larson for Hattie Hulterstrum's 87th birthday. The Richard Chipmans spent several weeks in the West. In San Diego April 14 they met David, son of the Myron Chipi mans, Ames, who had been sent back to San Diego from Viet Nam. payid will finish two years in the navy in July. Mrs. Don Mitchell 'Went to, Welcome; Minn '. Wednesday to be with her mother. Mrs,. L. C. Williams^ Who is ill. ''%"' r Mrs: Earl Meier is a patient at Vfniversity> hospital' JhVfIowa City: the small, childreri'"/ arje staying with Mrs. Gordon, Gifford;during the day. .,'^,'' : St. John's Lutheran 'church will have;a farewell the Rev.; Scheer family nC leaves April 29 for Wisconsin Veta Schwieteit, Mary Sai-chet* Mildred Larson, Mary Jean Andrews, Lorraine Caittbfley, Bla- tiche Long, Florence Spear, Karen Davies arid Gladys Hawcott The Walter Campneys went to Keokuk Friday to visit her brother Ben , Thompson. On return Monday they stopped at Milton at Glee Bullock's, Cub Scouts had a .bake, sale Saturday" ; at Bemie's Market. < Burt Woman's dub will meet i April 26>'at Mrs. Russell Patterson's; There is a change of date, •Each is-.'to bring a May basket . -.-,* --.-i—TJ -••'._••- ""--«T '"" ™ ' % „, Burt girl delegate to national convention » i. i V ' 1 \ for a shut-in. A film "Poetry, the World's Voice" will be shown.' j f ' Mrs. .Albert Shannon, San Jo- JSfe,'Calif., is a guest of her mother, Mrs. Lulu Ringsdorf. 'The H. E. Rachuts Jr. jhaye ifold their house to the Joe Cunninghams. The Rachuts will liye '_£? jf*i, ^, t- ^i J __ • *• _. **_ _• fjJ Burt Bluebirds met at 'Jean Lynch 's. Diane Person was chosen as delegate to District 4-H 'Camp and Marilyn Cherland as ilternate. The theme for the bjootti for 4-H day in Algona grooming and cloth- Lynch and Malrsha was ng. good Jean Soderberg represented the club. Demonstrations were given by Cindy Faber, Jean Lynch and Marsha Soderberg. Marilyn and Sharon Tigges gave a special activity talk. Cheryl Coadjr' . had games: 'Reporter is Kathy-'Pat- Cambridge, Mass., and he will be on the. teaching staff at Radcliff university this summer. Whl more Gun'-dub will have ; a bUf- falo fe&i and' meeting at the Legion Hall 1J TOmorrow night (Tuesday): tickets are available from Speck Ziitaach, Bill Kolfcsch, LINDA: FAIRBANKS T ''*>*)') '. Bvrt <— Linda, daughter' of Mr. and JtoJLutfar Fairbanks, and a Senior in Bjurt School was delegate to the NatWnal J.A.R. convention in Washing- on, D,C. •,,.)" They left Sio«ux pity by cbar- tered bus s April il and returned April 25. It was the eighth' annual Iowa C>A.R., spottsored education bus tour to the National Convention Via GettsDUrg, V0sy ^orge, tojtfutof Anna- polls, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Under and Om* Chesa- xiake^Bfty, Capital Hill, Wash- ngton, D.C., Arlington, Alexandria, Mt. Vernon and Frederick H. A. Carlson, Jim Mull^r, Pat' Farrell and other menfibers. 1 The price includes memberslu'p dues'and no .tickets will be.^old r after Mpfiday^ , ' ' -,}•)?! <' ' '-< Flying,Croat — The Distinguished Flying Cross was awarded by President Johnson to Claire E. Book, formerly of Dana, whose wife and family reside in Jefferson while Capt. Book is serving in Vietnam. Capt. Book is helicopter pilot with the 120 Aviation Co. of the 145th Aviation Battalion and has been in Vietnam since The C.A.R. is the oldest youth organization in, the U.S.A., fou h<led;in'lL89$. The chief f duty as expressed in the C.A.R. Creed is to "influence other boy and girls with; patriotic love of country. " , '- ' Iowa State Society C.A.R sponsors this bus ; tpur arrangement to educate other boys and girls with a liye "study .tour in to historic places with prear ranged and impressive" 1 history and government lessons. The "—'_..^^il'l—J '_* *U« rliTo-k Sheraton, Park hotel HA71 iiimi * f ». v^«*»ov*«, ^vy^ ^jfc-*JT uf Wesley, passed away April 5, 966,in Douglas, Arizona where he |M»s doiiig missionary,-wdi-k amdng t)he Indians, v'/j:, He- wa§" buried Ajprtl. '»$»' in Hazard, Kentucky,, I" a number'•of years. He ^Jm ^jn..^ ow.eden*'Oct. 26/ I880/ f fl€ -?•<•- — grated v to, this <c»urt v try ill, ihis youth, Carried .Sfiima A, Johnson, and farmed .north of .Wesley till-1936, when he 46ft the farm to go into,, missionary work. , ,' .Si k 'He is survived by hia daughter and son who attended t his funeral/, Mrs., Edna WUbbii and 'Clifford f ,J, Carlson; ^x mind- v childrenj>one broker,.Rfey.jAr- vid Carlson in Minnesota; and ,tWo sTsttrs, OtilUa and-'Uaa ,in Sweden; as well - as. nieces and nephews in America and, Stye- den. v • ,#•'•"' ' t » '. ( 1 ',,r ," Golden Jubilee — Harvey N. Kluckholn of Le Marsha former Garner resident/is celebrating his !l golden anniversary" in education. Thirty years""oT "this time has baep in the Le Mars public school'system.,| ,, . QUALITY COMES 1ST AT FIRESTONE , Need Printing? Celt the AOVANCCI iiliiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffliiiiiifflii™^ SENIORS ARE GUESTS The Senior Recognition banquet sponsored by the Burt Lions club was served by the Band Mothers club at the school auditorium Monday. Guests were the seniors, their parents, faculty members, Lions and . their wives. Pres. Fred Hilton presided. Principal Dean James presented the Senior Class members. The program was group sineing and record music by Walton Simonson and Harold Dean, guest entertainers. The door prize won by Lon Ray Me Whorter was donated to the Lions fund. New officers recently elected are Michael Scott, ores,; Darrell Davis, fjrst vice; Kenneth Sarchet, second vice; Rey; Bruce Calbreath, 3rd vice; Wallace Hawcott, sec.-treas.; A. C. Hinckley, Lion tamer; Bruce Cranston, Tail Twister; Fred Davis and Floyd Sill, directors. EX-RESIDENT DIES Mrs, Art Leason received word Wilbur Allen, 82, died April 17 at a Sioux City hospital. He was born in Burt in 1883 and attended school in Burt. He was the son of Frank Allen and nephew of George Allen, all former residents now deceased. They moved from Burt to Colorado in 1915 and later lived in Sioux City. His wife and an adopted son survive. The Earl Millers, Algona, have purchased the home of Mrs Ed Kienitz. The Bernard Miller family will live there. W.S.C.S. of Burt Methodist church has been saving cancel Your Choice of Nylon Tires a Great Firestone scount Prices! Off to school now... but what about cbjiege? We are helping many parents save to meet the costs of college edtfcations for their children. Start now... open a college savings account with us, Excellent earnings; Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Account* Fully Insured to $10,000 Save from the 15th—Earn front, the 1st SINCE 1917 - ALGQNA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to |10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation P/ Washington, D, C. Safety Champion Nylon •&"25% more mileage than the Champion •k 20% more mileage thaa '• the Nylonaire ;, SIZE (S./. |isl«l«lio •pUccs sii« >0fn in parenlhtsit). 7.601417.75-14) 6.70-15(7.75-15) 6.00-14(8.25.14) 7.1015(6.15.15) 8.5014(8.5514) 7.6015(8.4515) 'Ne-Tr««i" Prlct $20.45 21.65 24.05 24.50 28,05 30,80 34,30 TiMhHn Pric« $17.45 18.40 20.55 20.75 23.80 26.30 29.30 yoirf car TraaVin* * Safety-fortiflrf nylon for : safety and durability $15.70 16.55 11.50 18.70 21.40 23.70 26.40 7.5014(7.7514) 6.7015(7.7515) 8.00 14(825 14) 7.1015(8.1515) 8.50-14(65514) 7.60-15(8.4515) 800 82015 (88615) $16.25 $14.75 $13.30 17.65 21.05 23.80 26.10 29,70 •Plus Ui and trade-in life ol your car 15.90 19.05 21,30 23.60 14.30 17.15 19.15 21.25 26.70 24.05 WHITJWM.LS aa< 12.25 a»r tin NO MONEY DOWN Tiki Month* tg pty Ckaiaa $50.00 75,00 95.00 Paymiat $5, par mo. 7. pw t lj«). 9, P« njo. (Si2t liittd >lto •ftacts vim shown in ptrtntlmis) 4.7015(7.7515) Tube t»o« Black 6.70-15(} Tub. l,p. WdiU 6.7a)5(7.7515) 7.50.14 (7.75.14)- TuW»t BUck 6.70 J5 (7.75 15) 7.5014(7,75.14) Tutelllt Whin 8 00 14 (825-14) Tut»l«« Black 8.0014(8.2 TulMltU W 14) $15.10 is: 10 18.60 21,60 2J.60 AtfwitlM* UU MKt n4t-i Prk« $13.60 '16.30 16.75 19,45 19,45 24,60 22.15 S1Q.OQ 11.60 ii.ao 13,40 13.40 15.10 ' • Pta Ip intf Midf in.fii.t (HI yq^ar, FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE a|aio*t dafacft in workmanthip and malaria • and all normal road hazard in- jurlas ,«ncountarad in averyday .pas- >>n|«r cafua* lor tha- H(a ortha . original traad dasign. Raplacarn'ants ara proralad pn traad wear and ; Raifd on currant Firaston* rttail .. prlct ft tima of adiustment. Joe Bradley Firestone Phone 295-2421, Al|ona South of Atgona Hotel Your FIRESTONE WhoUiaU and R.t.il 0««ltr, OR VIKING OIL CO., Alflon. KAJIWSKI'S CHAMPLIN, WAGNER OX, Aloona IAPPI'5 W, |»irt e'»'dvyvi«vvw^^ FINAL WEEK OF BJUSTROM FURNITURE'S IG STOCK LIQUIDATION SALE! FINAL PRICE CUTS NOW • SAU ENDS UTIMNY, AMU, 30 • OOUE TO WWTBOaTt W \V^^^

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