The Age from Melbourne, Victoria on July 25, 1981 · Page 38
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria · Page 38

Melbourne, Victoria
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1981
Page 38
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38- THE AGE, Saturday 25 July 1981 stuff It's not all hero Tribute to a dual Olympian SOUTH MELBOURNE COLLINGWOOD B B O Today ROCKY CROSS-WHITE, who played with Watson in both Olympics, and with the Melbourne Tigers club, pays tribute to his team mate (right). 8 SMITH, Greg . t ACKERLY, David. 3 MAGRO, Stan ............. 4 - HANNEBERY, Mark 6 - McCORMACK, Peter., !-ROBERTS, John 11 BROWNING, Mark 7 IRWIN, Warwick 13 CARTER, Rod 12 BANKS, Denis 15 - EVANS, Bernle 14 - MORRIS, Kevin TEASDALE, Graham 19 - DAVIS, Craig 21 WILLIAMS, Mark MORWOOD, Tony TAYLOR, Kevin 22 SHAW, Anthony, HOUNSELL, Colin 25 - PICKEN, BUI 29 21 22 23 25 26 27 30 Dual Olympian lan Watson, a member of one of Australia's most prominent basketball families, died yesterday. He was 32. .Watson, who played for Australia at the 1972 Munich and 1976 Montreal Olympics, leaves a widow, Susie, and : a six-month-old daughter. He learned 18 months ago that he had cancer. His fatfier Ken has been secretary of the Victorian Basketball Association for 40 years and coached the Australian team at the 1956 Melbourne and 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Ian Watson's eldest brother Ray played in the 1968 Olympic team. His mother Betty was president of the Australian Women's Basketball Association until two years ago. Ian Watson was a member of the 1964 State under-16 team, the first Victorian side to win the Australian junior basketball championship. He was appointed State director of coaching in Queensland after Montreal, and returned to Victoria in 1979. National coach Lindsay Gaze, who coached Watson at various levels from his junior career to his selection in the Australian team, described him as "an outstanding athlete". MARK BROLLY. From: Page 42. Although only 24, Barker is one of the old hands at the club. He has been working there full-time for three years two as . promotions officer and is a vital part of the new St Hilda Junior Development Department which was set tip by Ian . Drake early this year. Barker's job involves taking football to the primary and secondary students in St Hilda's zone personalising the game with his ; own presence and instructing kids in the basics of footbalL It's all part of the VFL plan to . increase the popularity of Australian Rules and also gives clubs a chance to soft-sell themselves to the youngsters trying to decide which club - they will support and, possibly ' play for. "A lot of people think It's an easy job but promotions involves more than just signing autographs at Southland or McDonald's," he says. One reason Barker likes the job is because of the contact with .. boys and girls. "I alwavs wanted to be a teacher and for me this is", the next best thing." " , Another reason he enjoys K is because he is not working the average 9 to 5 day where every task is Dredictable. One day be might be up early to be at a nearby school for Jb football clinic, followed by "administration work in the office and then ' may be an appearance at a local sportsmen's night or pie night to present trophies or to make a soeech. And, then there is football training and a match every Saturday. ; ;' r "When I started, the lofc was a ' goodwill one to promote the , game," he says. "But now I think it's deeper than that The job is more concentrated on development, trying to encourage kids to be football-minded." Barker says he has noticed an increase in support for his club in the St Hilda zones since be started coaching clinics. "It's always funny to spot, the kids who barrack for St Hilda; If we win on the Saturday you find the kids will turn up toj the clinics that week in thei& St Hilda jumpers. When wis lose, they don't bother," - ; Ian Watson was my first "mate". More than 12 years ago, when I arrived from America as a fresh "Yank" he befriended me. He epitomised everything I was to learn to love In the Australian character. He exuded life and accepted those he met for what they were. He was always friendly but quick to say what he thought no matter what the consequences. I remember 'his basketball ability was deceptively brilliant. He was not very tall and was never very quick but always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. I followed his directions as captain willingly although my experience in the game was probably greater than his. I cannot count the number of times Ian, whether in international, State or locai competition through some minor action contributed greatly to the success of the team. ihe Victorian Basketball Asso-c.adon will shortly be considering how ian's life will be There may be an appeal or a scholarship established and I will strongly suDDOrt whatever is decided. But I will, until I die, remem-?:sr my ilrst mate's smile and fcughing face. To me he will always be the "first" Australian. ROUND, Barry 28 - BYRNE, Ray WRIGHT, Stephen I , - , -' - x JAMES, Max 27 - WORTHINGTON, Kevin 28 - TAYLOR, Michael 30 - MOORE, Peter 31 - WEIDEMAN, Mark RHYS-JONES, David 31 JACKSON, Francis 32 MORWOOD, Paul 33 ALLAN, Graeme, WINDBANKS, David 35 - DAICOS, Peter 38 ATKIN, Stewart CARROLL, Dennis MORWOOD, Shane 39 BROWNE, Murray FOSCHINI, Silvio 50 SMITH, Andrew Rushed Rushed Ian Watson: in action at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Revenge for T KBiSaiG55SI Brennan gets his chance Kiwis 1 'THE AGE' Mark Harding 'THE AGE' Peter Berry SUN 'THE AGE" Shelley Hancox TROT. WEEKLY Geoff Robbins TRUTH Peter Taylor 7.15 Neale Donnelley 1ST HOMESTEAD HANDICAP $2750. 2400 metres. 24 or better. POPULAR AIM T 7.15 WEST CIRCLE POPULAR ALM HONALEE LAD PENDANT LAD POPULAR ALM CLASSIC CALL WEST. CIRCLE POPULAR ALM CLASSIC CALL WEST. CIRCLE POPULAR ALM COUNT NIMBUS WEST. CIRCLE POPULAR ALM ROCKY BRAE CLASSIC CALL GAY MURRAY 27 BRAE MAID GAY MURRAY BERESSA 40 GAY MURRAY BROOK. SMOKE BRAE MAID GAY MURRAY BRAE MAID BROOK. SMOKE MORELLO LAD BRAE MAID GAY MURRAY BRAE MAID SQUARE ON GAY MURRAY AL'S IDOL TRIPLE LEE 7 24423 HONALEE LAD, B. Gath I.. .. 10 8 24275 SOCIAL RHAPSODY, J. Mc- Dermott . ..10 9 43362 JALISCO JAY, T. Demmler 10 10 33824 COUNT NIMBUS, K. Rawiller 10 11 11111 POPULAR ALM, V. Knight - 20 12 75953 LITTLE RONNIE, K. Hampton 20 1 13294 WESTERN CIRCLE, G. A. i Lang tr. I 2 11513 CLASSIC CALL, J. Nicholson fr. ' 3 56274 PENDANT LAD, J. Armstrong fr. ! 4 99298 HONI SOrr, D. Ritchie ir. 5 40044 JONATHAN EDEN, R. D. Rothacker rr. 6 13120 ROCKY BRAE, c. Welsh .. .. ft-.j HUB. CAMPBELL HUB. CAMPBELL HUB. CAMPRFl 1 DALLAS JULIUS HUB. CAMPBELL RICHMOND AD. 8.05 DALLAS JULIUS NEPTUNE LADY KEYSTONE ROAD DALLAS JULIUS SMART KARAME DALLASJULIUS SMART KARAME HUB. CAMPBELL SMART KARAME DALLASJULIUS DALLAS JULIUS SMART KARAME COONARA COURT BRET EDEN BRET EDEN BRET EDEN SUVA, 24 July. Explosive Canberra City striker Tony Brennan will make his first appearance for Australia when the Socceroos clash with Fiji in their Oceania World Cup match here on Sunday. South Australian goal-getter David Mitchell is suffering from strained neck muscles following a training accident today, and national coach Les Scheinflug has UNITED BOY CUBAKING LIQUID. CRISIS UNITED BOY BRET EDEN COONARA COURT COONARA COURT BRET EDEN UNITED BOY COONARA COURT STORMY ROWAN 2ND HOMESTEAD HANDICAP T.40S KARIKI 2. 1st leg X-double TONKA APOLLO 5 BETALITE 32750. 2400 metres. 24 or better. First leg TAB ORANDRA PR. MY TURN TONKA APOLLO ORANDRA PR. PINECREST TONKA APOLLO ORANDRA PR. TONKA APOLLO KAYWANA KAYWANA BETALITE ORANDRA PRI. KAYWANA BETALITE KAYWANA By JIM GLENCROSS If form is any guide, then the main interest in today's Rugby Union fixtures will centre on the game between Kiwis and Melbourne at Olympic Park. Kiwis cannot lose its place in the four because it is three points ahead of Melbourne, but the last time these sides met, Melbourne squeaked home 23-22, and another defeat would put uncomfortable pressure on last year's premiers. On the other hand, the top three sides, Harlequins, Box Hil! and Moorabbin. should have no trouble taking care of Hawthorn. Footscray, and Eithsm. With SsUick, Blackburn and Hautu back in the side aftsr last week's Southern States gam! ini Hobart, it is unlikely that Kiwi i will again succumb to the Greens. TONKA APOLLO nxira uoume. - ; 721160 BRAE MAID, J. McGuirj FLEET TIME HIGH. CINDERS HIGH. CINOPRC YOUNG RACHEL HIGH. CINDERS KINNOUL FLEET TIME HIGH. CINDERS AMAZON TIMKERMODO TIMKERMODO AMAZON KINNOUL AMAZON TIMKERMODO 4 20 30 HIGH. CINDERS AD EE HANOVER AMAZON 1 93130 TRIPLE LEE, P. Ward .. .. fr. 2 a 1645 PROUD STELLA, W. Clarke . fr. 3 12783 DEEP DUAL, R. Mance .. . fr. 4 44339 BERESSA, i! Gray .. .. .. fr. 5 99783 IMPERIAL FUTURE, C. Flet cher .... rr. 6 00133 MORELLO LAD, J. Barker fr. 8 21124 GAY MURRAY, K. McFarlane 9 50291 AL'S IDOL. T. Dove . . .. 10 30415 SQUARE ON, P. Fleming .. 11 II IB rtCCTIT'C I T Tr U- V UomnlAM 97 MAX. DAUGHTER MANNERED SELECT ANNIE SELECT ANNIE SEACHASE SEACHASE MANNERD MANNERED 10.05 DIAMOND BAY SEACHASE SELECT ANNIE AYTOO AYTOO KCADON MAX. DAUGHTER SELECT ANNIE J AYTOO AX. DAUGHTER I 1207821 BROOKLYN SMOKE, G. Hill . 8 RACY RITA RACY RITA RACY RITA POLLICK NYAH HANOVER RACY RITA ULTRA BOY 10.30 RACY RITA RADIANT GYRO POLLICK 3. RADIANT GYRO ULTRA BOY RACY RITA ULTRA BOY POLLICK YARRA VALLEY HANDICAP Australia in tennis final POLLICK ' JUST RIBO TRAVIS JOHN 8.05 $3250. 2-Y-O. n 19707 metres. 1 PTT T TtT TADnnrtT , fr. market . . . fr. 2 21691 DALLAS JULIUS, B. CaUi . '. 3 35691 BLACK LAPAZ, G. A. Lane . 4 23824 SMART KARAMEA, T. Demm ler . . .. .. 5 14615 GALLOWAY WIN, N. Welsh . 6 01849 BRADLEY, scratched . .. .. 7 47322 NEPTUNE'S LADY, D. Fltz- pa trick . . fr. 8 2116 KEYSTONE ROAD, T. Mahar . fr. 9 13525 TRENCHMAN, B. Pittaway fr. 10 61126 RICHMOND ADINA, R. Glee- son ... . .. . fr. 11 13213 HUBERT CAMPBELL, J. O'Sul- - livan fr. fr. fr. fr. University appears to be too fari western circle. t c 3 (Gyro orand Hisperia) CG. A. named Brennan as the stand-by to replace Mitchell during the game. Mitchell injured his neck when he tried to head a fierce cross from Eddie Kmc vie and will have constant massage up to the start of the match. The Australians appreciated the cooler conditions during a solid workout in the morning, but were given only 30 minutes light exercises during the afternoon session. "I only intend to use the afternoon to freshen the players, as they have already played plenty of football this season," Scheinflug said. Schienflug denied reports that the Australians were regarding the match lightly, or would adapt defensive tactics to avoid being beaten. "We will attack with seven players at all times," he said. "Although only Mitchell and Gary Cole have been named as strikers. I have instructed full-backs Alan Davidson and Alan Niven, and midfielders Gary Byrne, Murray Barnes and Perter Katholos to come forward at every opportunity." Brennan's appearance on the field will mark his second appearance for Australia, but in different sports. He played for Australian Schoolboys in the Rugby Union internationals against England in 1974 at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Ballymore. at Brisbane, and scored in both Tests. Brennan is regarded as the fastest member of the Socceroos, and has impressed observers with his speed. Team: goafs. Allan Maher: full backs. Alano Davidson. Alan Niven; sweeper TO'iy Henderson: stopper. Steve Blair: mtdncld. Gary Byrne. Murray Barnes. Peter Katholos. Peter Shame. Strikers, David Mitchell. Gary Cole. :o- Cai i;:s) (P. Fitriat-2: ;i to B-oo!vn Smoxe. m. 1 'j m. Shops. 300 m, 15 Ji.:y. '.hen 4th to Poehi-'ar A:.- . .MV 2400 m mobile. 18 Ju y. Won five with 10 pla:in3S :rom 24 siarts ths '.eaion. Scui.d psace ,?aims. POPULAR ALM. b h 4 (Sovereign Adios D.-cct Dcsigi:) (R. V. Knl?ht): Won rating 2:3.4. MV 2400 m mobiic. 27 June, then won rating 2:4.7. MV 2400 m mobile. 1 8 Juiy. Outstanding pacer, won all six starts tnis season. Looks winner again. UTILE RONNIE, b h 4 (Scotch Luck Crisp's Way) (K. Hampton): 5th to Racy Rita. Cran. 2600 m mobiie. 13 J;ily. then 3rd to Dingus McGee. 2 m, 3 m. Kim. 1820 m mobile. 20 Juiv. Has task al-.eiiTl from this rrark. 4. MATURITY STAKES ' 1 8.35 S3250. 3-Y-O. iNo better than 25. MoMle. 2400 metres. . 2nd leg X-double rirsi leg vjua arena, second leg TAB Extra Double; 149131 FALCON COBBLER. J. McDer 6 15431 MIRTHFUL LAD, K. Muiiay fr. 7 12125 SIirnRA B tr away to get into the four but nevertheless should be too strong for Power House. Olympic Park sides: KIWIS G. Timms: W. Wall. P. Barnes. W. Hikurca. G. Frost: M. Currie. K. Todd, J. Selllck. S. Blackburn. . Foden. E. Daniels. J. Burson, R. Hautu, T. Wai-kari. J. Meadows. MELBOURNE T. Burge: B. Hender. M. Washington, R. Cape. C. Hearn; N. Cle-land. W. Patterson: G. Byrne. F. Stewart. I. Holyman. R. Deacon. G. O'Neill. S. Evans. A. Nor-ross. G. Watkins. IN RUGBY LEAGUE, Moorabbin has taken over from Laver-ton as the outsider with a chance for the premiership, and its pros Interstate prices 1 1.4 Fcpuiar Aim 10 Western Circle, Classic Call 16 Honalee Lad 20 Rocky Brae. Jalisco Jay 25 Count Nimbus 33 Pendant Lad. Honl Soil. Little Ronnie 50 Johnathan Eden, Social Rhapsody 6 4 Gay Murray " 3 Brae Maid 7 MorellO Lad 12 Triple Lee. Square On. Brooklyn Smoke 16 Proud Stella, Deep Dual. Bcressa. Im-nerial Future 33 Ai's Idol Ossie's Luck Q 11 3 Dallas Julius 3 Smart Karamea 9 2 Hubert Campbell 8 Keystone Road 12 Richmond Adina 1& Galtcway Win 20 Neptune's Lady 25 Trenchman 33 Black Lapaz mott . fr. 2 031 STORMY ROWAN, W. Morgan fr. 3 54851 LIQUIDITY CRISIS, T. Demm ler fr. 4 29333 KARIKI, N. Welsh .. .. fr. 5 32513 UNITED BOY, K. Innes .. .. fr. 8 21071 BRET EDEN, C. Baker .. .. .. fr. 9 42113 COONARA COURT, M. Wis- hart ' . fr. 1021561 CUBAKING, J. Simpson .. .. fr. 10 Liquidity Crisis, United Boy. Sucora 20 Kariki. Mirthful Lad 3 Betalite 4 Orandra Prince, Tonka Apollo 7 Kaywana, Lan del iff e. Mv Turn. Pinecrest 12 Coal Court 16 In A Minute, Brolea G 52 Amazon u 6 Fleet Time, Highland Cinders 8 Jomont, Ripsnorter, Timkermodo 10 Just Mine. Kinnoul 12 Adee Hanover 20 Phengory Boy, Young Rachel 25 Reso Grande J 5 2 Maxine's Daughter 3 Select Annie 4 Mannered, Seachase 8 Jaytoo 12 SUcadon. Jimbour 16 Chipmunk 20 Diamond Bay 33 Crest away Q Evens Racy Rita 6 Radiant Gyro, Travis John 7 Rollick. Just Ribo 10 Cody's Mount 14 Ultra Boy 25 Nyah Hanover, Rot hie 50 Natural Beauty PARIS, 24 July. Australia and West Germany will play in the final of the Galea Cup under-21 men's team tennis championship after 4-1 victories over France and Czechoslovakia respectively at Vichy last night Results: Craig Whltecross (Aust.) d. H. Leconte 6-3. 6-3: Peter Doolran (Aust.) d. L. Courteau 6-2. 12-10: C. Ziph (W. Ger.) d. L. Pimek 7-5. 6-4: H. Beutal (W. Germ.) d. J. Glue 6-2. 7-S.: Zimbabwe out SALISBURY, 24 July. Zimbabwe will not attend this year's dress rehearsal in Brisbane for the 1982 Commonwealth Games because New Zealand will be taking part, the Sports Ministry nounced yesterday. "We are not going to associate ourselves with New Zealand sportsmen when their cointry flouts the Gleneagles Agreement by allowing the South African Springbok Rugby team to play in their country " a statement said. 5. CORIO STAKES 9.05 S4750. Mobile. 2400 metres. 18, 19, 20 on! v. First leg TAB Double. Second leg Quadrelia. iruecia. vuinena. m 3 4 cocn.ira tour Rowan, Bret 9 2 Stormy , fr. fr. . fr. . rr. 1 94814 KAYWANA, R. Sprage .. 2 82168 IN A MINUTE, E. Hurley 3 33221 LANDCLIFFE, G. A. Lang 4 9S453 MY TURN, N. Shiroi .. .. 5 22270 PINECREST, D. Dove .. fr. ; 6 1591 1 COAL COURT. C. Hunter fr. 704112 BETALITE, P. Caldow .. fr. 822855 ORANDRA PRINCE, G. Hill fr. ! 925531 TONKA APOLLO. B. Gath fr. i 1044046 BROLEA, P. Ward tcien 7 Fptcon Cobbler. pects will be put to the test by! top side Footscray tomorrow. ! Moorabin's form is coming right i at the crucial part of the season.! the the Bulldogs will be keen to' get their measure before ihe semifinals on 9 August. i The other" top St Kilda.: should be too good for Waverley at Larpent Reserve, and stay in the running for the minor prem-! iership. Preston should not prove too; much of a handful at Laverton. ! .. fr. 9.35 6. TROTTERS HANDICAP Lang: 9th io Cyciore Banun-ga. MV 1970 m moaile. 11 Juiy. then 4th to Ai's Idoi. W'gul 2410 m. 14 July. Each-way from this draw. CLASSIC CALL, ch g 3 (Race Call Forward Girl) (J. Nicholson): Won rating 2:6.0 Cran. 2600 m mobile. 4 May. then 3rd to Indemnity 40 m. sht. '2 hd.. Charlton 2250 m. 3 May. Racing consistently bclore snort let up. Won seven tnis season. PENDANT LAD. or g 8 (High Pendant Dusty Dancer) f J. Armstrong): 7th -o Cistinc K'im. 2224 m mobile 6 July, then th to Squa.e Cn. St. Arii 2250 m. 14 July. Others appea. more. HCNI SCIT. h g 5 (Honc-.t Master Cherokee Maid) ID. Rt.iic): 9'h to Cistine. KHm. 2224 m mob.Ic. 6 Julv, the 8th to Cedar. Cran. 2600 r.i monile. 13 July. Runs oc-CAtiOral p. 3.0 but doci.'i't win many. JONATHAN EDEN, b g 6 (Good Time Eden Go Go Girl) (R D. Rothacker): 4th to Winsom Fame. Ball. 21 50 m mobiie, 10 July, then 4th to Ma. Lynn. 2310 m. 17 July. Hasn't won this season. Unlikely to break through here. ROCKY BRAE, b g 4 (Meadow Lad Highland Daisy) (C. Welsh): 2nd to Cistine. nk.. 5 m. Kilm. 2224 m mobile. 6 July, then lost driver to Popular Aim, MV 2400 m mobile. 18 July. Country form sound. Good place show. HONALEE LAD. b g 4 (Fanqio Elswood Wendy) (r. Buha-giar): 2nd to Dallas Brigade, hd., 10 m. She pp. 2300 m, 23 June, then 3rd to Brooklyn Smoke. 3 m. 1 m. Shepp. 2300 m, 15 July. Consistent. One of the dangers. SOCIAL RHAPSODY, b m 5 (Thor Hanover Social Event) (J. McDcrmott): 7th to Thor Loseli. B'qo 1850 m mobile, 9 June, then 5th to Radiant Gyro. Echuca. 2050 m, 17 Ju;ic. Faces task. JAL SCO JAY. br m 4 (Roydon Jay Ponda Way) (T. Demmler): 6th to Dalmatrot. Geel. 1850 m mobile. 8 July, then 2nd to Cedar. nk.. 3 m. Cran. 2600 m mobile. 1 3 July- Usually gives good sight. $2750. 2400 metres. 34 or better. 7 51154 ADEE HANOVER, N. Shinn .. fr. 8 06241 PHENGORY BOY, R. Demmler 10 9 95130 AMAZON, R. Conroy .. ..20 10 02391 YOUNG RACHEL, D. Dove . . 30 11 62384 RESO GRANDE, S. Dove .... 30 12 20911 KINNOUL, B. Payne V) 1 52152 JOMONT. J. Rohan fr. 2 65221. FLEET TIME, B. Gath .. .. fr. 3 21507 RIPSNORTER, K. Murray .. fr. 4 41701 JUST MINE, J. Roberts .. .. fr. 5 04302 TIMKERMODO, G. A. Lane . fr. 6 00131 HIGHLAND CINDERS, A. Rit chie fr. LIVE STOCK, Sole, Wonted Poultry LOST AND FOUND , AIRCRAFT Sole, Wanted TRIPLE LEE. b .1 4 (Race Time-Dual Le) (W. Hi-key): 3rd C'O m) to Natural Rewrirtf. 2 m.. '. hd.. Tcrang 2i00 ni. 6 May. then 10th to N0 3le Mm, MV 2400 m Mc.i:lc. 16 Mav Won Cai;. threi uns back but otiiers appeal mors. PRCUD STELLA, b m 8 (Meadow Van.e Moo.'ier Pride) (J. O'Kseffe): 4th to Cai Srydon, MV 2400 m mobile. 20 June, then 5th to Cedar. Cran. 2600 m mobile. 13 Juiy. Trotter capable of sneaking place if race run to suit. DEEP DUAL, b h S (Deep Adios Linda Scott) (G. Maine): 8th to Dalmatrot. Geel. 1850 m mobile, 8 Juiy, then 3rd to Mac Lynn, 1 m. 1 m. Nyah 2310 m. 17 July. Need to improve. BERESSA, b m 5 (Berra Hanover Adorina) (I. Gray): 3rd to Dcnna Navara. 2 m. 2 m. MV 1970 m mobile. 4 July, then 9th to Ai's Idol. W'gul 2410 m. 14 July. Usually around the money. Worth some thought. IMPERIAL FUTURE, b h 6 (Future Intangible Imperial Gem) (C. Fletcher): Sth to Frisco Dazzle. W'gul 2080 m. 20 Jan., then 3rd to Ai's Idol, 2 m. 1 m. W'gul 2410 m. 14 July. Might need more racing. MORELLO LAD. b h 4 Knowing Bret Classic Legion) (J. Barker): to Brook Laser. 3 m. 5 m. Ararat 2594 m. 16 June, then 3rd to Square On. nk.. nk.. St. Arn. 2250 m. 14 July. Won two with seven plac-ings from 1 4 starts this season. Each -way. CHICKS, from day old. Sussex. Horses I DID 10.05 CHEAP AIRCRAFT. We have, traded various small Aircraft' aiucies. rfamburgs. Oork- General WANTED. Difficult or unwanted I ino amrmi, c,..;,.,', hArcoc MM t h Irill.rf Dlwn : - n V .. - 7. SUNRAYSIA STAKES $4500. Mobile. 1970 metres. 21 only. Second leg TAB Double. Third leg Quadrelia. sell: lings and Roosters. Seville ros , ........ ma. we are preparco to that we are prepared to 796 856S. : 643445 ." u - - ; ni niivindie prrn id nuitr way between Hawthorn BRAE MAID, br m 4 (Kentucky Green Brae Nad) (K. Rick-ard): 6th to Cistine. Kilm. 2224 m mobi.'e. 6 July, thnn 10th to Popular Aim, MV 2400 m mooile, 18 Juiy. Won Cran 2100 m mobile when heavily backed three runs back. Risky at start, hard to beat if steps. GAY MURRAY, b g 3 (Murray Mac Gay Marquis) (K. McFarlane): 2nd (10 m) to Pr dancing Percy, 1 '2 m, 5 m. MV 2400 m. 27 June, then 4th to Brooklyn Smoke. Shep. 2300 m. 15 July. Not much lu;k last time when held up for run. Previous form sound for this. AL'S IDOL, ch g 6 (Meadow Al Scottish Model) (P. Mc-Craw): 9th to Rocky Brae. Kilm. 2224 m mobile. 29 June, then won rating 2:10.5. W'gul 2410 m. 14 July. Find this much harder. SQUARE ON. b g 4 (CaialMto Slumber On) (P. Fleming): Won rating 2:9.6. St. Arn. 2250 m. 14 July, then 5th to Popular Aim. MV 2400 m mobile. IS July. Usually gives good sight, place best from this mark. OSSIE'S LUCK, b h 4 (Scotch Luck Insist) cK. Hampton): Won rating 2:7.5. Lauun'ton 2060 m. 24 Jan., then 8th to Diamond Say. Ball. 21 SO m mobiie. 19 June. Doesn't a1 and Marinyr- LIQUIDITY CRISIS, b g 3 (Cute V311 Best Hanover) fG. Mance): 5th to Andrew Karamea. Cran 1609 m mobl!e 13 July, then won rating 2:1 1 .8 K iim. 2224 m mobile, 20 July. Won four this season. Give good sight. KARIKI, b c 3 (Piplrfki F!amin!an) (R. Cachia): 3rd to Avondale Special. 15 m. nk., Geal. 2250 m mobile. 3 July, then 3rd to Cyclone Barunga, 8 m. m. Shep. 2300 m mobile 15 July. Been well beaten past two. Place best. UNITED BOY, b c 3 (Stupor Atatua (X. Innes): Won rating 2:9.6. cran 2100 m mobile 13 July, then 3rd to Bret Eden. 8 m. m. Kilm. 20 July. Checked at start last time so overlook failure. One of best MIRTHFUL LAD. b g 3 (Hilarious Way Shy Anita) (K. Murray): 3rd to Stormy Row-arv 3 m. 5 m, Geel 2250 m 8 Julv. then won (10 m) rating 2:11.5. Shep 2300 m 15 July. Tougher here although overcame some difficulty to win last time. Consider. SUCORA. br f 3 (Gpod Humour Man Gistger r'ow?r1 ' Jack): 2nd to Sheffield Miss. 3ir m, 1'2 m. MV 1970 m mobile 11 July, then 5th to Family Credit. Kilm. 2224 m mobile 20 July. Poorly drawn. Faces tnnah tack for n?w stock. They are priced WEST WAY CLIPPER. CHICKENSSTARTED PULLETS. . c.r.Axnu-. ,re? .olm. I Kiii5iw.A us ?ps, ?J"bre.d.s- 8 SPECTACLES. Be'thune Street. East Dickinson. . - . nwjc. c...w.iiciw upper, Harm ton or Mark.- strAM ritv. TRAILERS ALL TYPES.: (059) 443322 BriHau Dl.iu W n -n . O . C- Youno. lavinn ' .'- ? " HAY & GRAIN FEEDERS. tMILKENS l niecta. Quinella. 6 28465 CRESTAWAY, N. Welsh . . 7 26071 CHIPMUNK, G. A. Lang .. 8 09115 JAYTOO, B. Wallis .. .. 9 12648 SEACHASE, D. Dove .. .. 1054747 JIMBOUR, M. Bickerdike $2.95. Ducks. 5S7 7S38. East Animals and Birds io sen ano we win negotiate. Try us. COMANCHE 250.. CHEROKEE 235. MUSKETEER. 1 CESSNA ISO. 1967 MODEL. ' CESSNA ISO. 1976 MODEL. IAN BAILLIE AIRCRAFT SALES 580 0555. CHEROKEE 150. iood econ. 4 seater. new major. VHF. ADF, NVMC. S9950. (03) 7221293 .. fr. .. fr. .. fiv .. fc . It.. 1 32195 MANNERED, P. Caldow .. .. fr. 2 52136 MAXINE'S DAUGHTER, J. Le- Sueur ... . . . fr. 3 61542 DIAMOND BAY, K. Hampton . fr. 4 24741 SELECT ANNIE, J. Harland . fr. 5 87973 SKCADON, T. Demmler .. . fr. .Benueish. FOUND Wcimaraner or short hair. GOOSENECKS. STARTING STALLS. FLAT AND TRAILER KITS. SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE. GUINEA r.yWLS, Ringnecked ed pointer, brown. F. cnr. Gil- Pheasants. Muscovy Ducks. Ph. ; bert and Murray Rd. Preston. ua MidHZ I arHiiM rtOATi from 51575.00. inursaay pn. 453 9052. OVA ikiwk irom sj.Qg. ntna, uucks. Ducklings. Geese. FOUND Doberman male b'ar! i? All prices plus Sales Tax if Pets. 7 days. 16S Porter Street, montis Cauilield. Ru-.i 75r;bt7 CONT NENTAL 0470. '? life. aoOllCahlp. TemO Ktnw Ph AAA 11K7 n- O? ni ;.kih;h, . i.. 8. QUALIFYING STAKES 10.30 i!im&&rAXl-21&' ; POULTRY for sale. 7 towls. 2 FOUND, over SO dogs! If you have spection S4000 or offer. Ph" BANKCARD WELCOME. j bantams. 1 golden Hamburg lost vour dog. ring VAAT. 2116155. $4250. Mobile. 2400 metres. Fourth leg Quadrelia. Qirinella." C152. 1978. Major due 1984. a iactcrurn. vir Tin silkier. 1 Uh-.rA hrMHinn rot t Mr. ro.. ci r- 101362 RADIANT GYRO. Helen Hy- immac. co:ift. Price S1 3,000. : (058) 23 1481. PHONE INQUIRIES WELCOME. $12. Emerald. C059) 688240. aonro. '-Y-O. 57 5455 ' (03) &77 4788. SUSSEX trios, duality birds nine FOUND Bull Terrier. Teleohon WESTERN SHIRTS. , heflS anJ oullet- (059) 7881. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION COURSE. 6 33312 RACY RITA, J. Yeomans .. fr. 7 30743 NYAH HANOVER, B. Duffy . fr. 8 242 CODY'S MOUNT, R. Garwood fr. 9 74356 ROTHIE. N. Clarke . . . fr. 1026879 NATURAL BEAUTY, D. Meredith fr. land . . .... fr. 2 0113 POLLICK, D. Alexander .. fr. 3 36166 TRAVIS JOHN, J. Barker .. fr. 4 34633 JUST RIBO, G. A. Lang .. .. fr. 5 84882 ULTRA BOY, N. Burns .. .. fr. pear up to cms. BROOKLYN SMOKE, fit1 a - BRET EDEN, b c 3 (Scottish Bret ' Vnra Crlar.1 If D-.L...-1. Tkk (ADVERTISEMENT) Mens ana laaies. floral, plain .".m 'T 17-C V -11 . " , 1 ' ll' . 5 . u "J , l'i" , nlain I Smith Animal Hospital. 24 ViJ- Approved instructor training" Ut5 St. N Melb. 328 3021. school licence. Full facilities. ;L9?T n 18 7 S1 Tooronga Rd. i Phone now for the refresher (General Scott Golden Doli) (G. Hill): 2nd (10 m) to Gypsy Butler. 2 m, 2 m, Echuca 2430 m. 1 July, then won (10 m) rating 2:6.5. Sheo. 2300 m. 15 July. Won five this season, can't be left out despite tough mark. "a, B and W Female; course commencinq 27th Julv.! and check, priced from $26- German silver belt buckles, flriced from $27.50. Plaited kangaroo belts, mens-and ladies from $9.50. Everything for the western or' nglish rider at. DANDENONG EQUESTRIAN CENTRE. 58 Foster St.. Dandenong. 21- "'"'"c'.'ve black triangle on; Next complete courses commence ' i, .. i'u " iollST- 21 st September and 16thNovem-: sol solo J 5noSfS"aIl!i;' ser- Roval Victorian Aero Ciub.i 509 8020 or 509 4473. Moorabbin Airport. Mentone.: LOST, small black and white fluffy: 3194. (03) 580 0038. 1 kitten. White face with black lFOR HIRE Cessna 182N LIFR Miscellaneous i m h r w m w to Regal Mac. Kilm. 2224 m, 29 J une. then won rating 2:10.2 Kflm. 2224 m mobile 20 uy. Mobi" -x. .ilthous second row won't hef p. COONARA COURT, roan g 3 (Bylaw Coonara Lass) CM. Wishart): Won ratinq 2:6.8 Kilm. 1820 m mobile 29 June, then 3rd to Cyclone Barunga. 5 m. 2 m. MV 1970 m mobile 11 July. Won three" with three placings from seven runs this season. Checked last start. Strong claims. CUBAKING. b c 3 (Tarport Skrp-oer Enid's Surprise) (J. Simpsonl: 6th to Cyclon Barunga. MV 1970 m mobile. 11 'lv. th-n won ra'in- "ilO" Kilm. 2224 m 20 July. Impressive last time. Won five ths scsn. Give good siQht. WESTERN BREEDS Stallion Parade AGISTMENT. Wandin Lilydale. AmuIiukx Q ..... . n . , 20 acres. 3 oadriarln. apntlv .co. J U Quarter Horse stallions on parao OS?!!9 tj!22; iL SUH ! l0ST Rpd stter Female, heach PARTENAVIA 1580. TT 250. As V ."tV'. -'pnensons iale Ring. " -"-; -" k.J; ."annston. Rewaro offered. 1 ne In all aspects. S100.000. ACTnt Vl PH ElamMit.. DVeS On PrOPertV. Can ObSerVC' 3 rhilHron ..r. Ok. 1 DAD ADWr.n-r ..nn.rv Ascot Vale Rd.. Fleminston. "YS " Property. Can observe 3 children miserable Phono' BOB STAWELL on, very Aug. 16th. Free admission to the w.ho,eJ S?:.Si" J .l".0"- or 783 2345. !! Smoke, Run Meadow Run. San Antone. Sandy Report Scenic Hills, LARMBERT AIRCRAFT BROKER. 02 7095S11. AH 02 public. Entries now Stormv Haze. Swift Advice. ii iii i iitrn Li avail. 425484: AH (059) WESTERN Saddles. im, Tan Force. Tanbiii. Gold. TroooshiD. Two pIr warR10R. ,67- E-'KSK S5S rWi.-'S? I770! US: 70r4Ce6d339Rin9 Sat, pm or 4 o wearing & , New 1"- II.OO : OR syyc 226. -fipfoi X,eCoDOMe'-:ANCORA DOES. 15 first X due L?" R?'?5nD?heI":2L ,?i",vl05i- S?OKER. 02 709SS11. AH' "'; AP.olla,S.'i1v JSiifSs .wa.ti invited. Re- 'rV tti T, "-OST Mini ly wa'a 5SS,9S!S: OUlb. Nominations Stawell harness, rC- Revlvn. Ace. Chipmunk. Derrick Waytina. JOMONT. b m 5 (Mt. Everest Joy's Command) (J. Rohan): Sth to Balholmen Court. Geel. 2700 m 24 June, then 2nd (10 m). to Fleet Time. 1 '2 m. 3 m. B'go 2700 m, 30 June. Reliable type, suited this draw. Each-way. FLEET TIME, b 9 4 (Time Honoured Royal Dresden) (K. Murray): 2nd to Eidorosa, 3 m., 4 m. Cran. 2600 m. mobile. 22 June, then won. rating 2:13.7. B'go 2700 m. 30 June. Racing Well. Chance .. opm race. RIPSNORTER, b 9 1 4 (Sally Boy Vander Hanover, VindiM. rop i ng saoai e. tui ors'ri '""J"?,, iM Moonee Valley trots 8.35. Maturity Stakes UNITED BOY. 9.05. Corio Stkc. TONKA APOLLO. 1 0.05. Sunraysia Stks. MAXINE'S DAUGHTER. TAB DOUBLE: 9.0S. Corio Stakes (TONKA APOLLO) 1 0.05. Sunraysia Stks. (MAX INH'S DAUGHTER). If) I iv, -ti w. t ... o i.'i'.tigcs Hano. or Siranrae Special (J. (Caldow): 9th to Coal Court. MV 1970 m mobile. 11 July, then 5th (10 m) to Chipmunk Nyah 2674 m, 17 July. Won G'long mobile three starts back. Suited this draw; will Bradley Willesee, Winnidad, tr. First. Easy Way. Electric FUa.j turpf vfao old roiTc a Mr, ,iiwtn W nitfiiy riuaans. loui COM &u. bas ft roiftrurt naupt ann i . . : . " . ---J'- ir d c t cm rr- .t Epstein -black -"riding coat, suit lambs. KIMNIC ANGORA STUD..."" a V, ! m ext. cor! o" 15 hrs use Si'J !h ufr'n. nUKr mSS ELDINGS, 30 or better, SWC- eth. Merry Dollar, Nandina 4h.v Thir nan-pa ah Peterry. Rose :-hnce. San- tt'l T122T.-7hAre rHI.TJ1 BILLIE TARPORT: Scratched. DALLAS JULIUS. ch g 2 (Amazing Pick Silver Nymph) (B. Gath): 9th (20m). to Miners Choice. B'go 1 850 m. 30 June, then won (20m). rating 2:9.1. Shepp.. 1850 m. 15 July. Badly chocked at B'go, most impressive last start. One to beat. BLACK LAPAZ, b c 2 (Black Gamecock Mon Lapaz) (M. Noonan): 9th to Adios Assassin, Kilm. 1 820 m. 29 June, then won rating 2:1 0.5 St. Arn. 1900 m. 14 July. Met weak lot last time This tougher. SMART KARAMEA, b c 2 (Thor Hanover Smokey Curls) (N. Alexander): 2nd to Victory Sarr.v. 1 m. 1" m. Cran. 2100 m, 13 July, then 4th to Garry's Advice, MV 1970 m. 18 July. This easier. Give good uit m-i i vr. om. noer our- amos at faor, an Border Leicoi- ivia:e. ( rrton h i Z1NITH 2 seat heme built. kltUiSllo. Sonva Southern ! m.ea! ?a" CvJ.le: . "Impnt Dream. in exc, cond- Mnd area. Reward. 4S9 4352 Crown. Both exceil. condit. Phone' ter X parts. Ph. 221 1352. Maaic. Tlmr Master. TvrolMn. P'a "Paz. BOiq R.IWI. tall vvai- maj 4izo3. , weaver Ph. SE 'BLACK VCK ,a,f,a;3Api2ner reducing flock 'LOST male golden labrador from, Ultra Bov - Willie TlfrrwinMppe'b- Call K'ng. Clever Trick. Dean L-,8.61 7168 Sat. and weekdays , l Canterbury. Reward 336 2995. ' fr Landcilf Mulare El Lobo. Frank Kelly. and Colored Ewes with ,LOST Olinda 6 month old Heeler '3 A Retrett Skcadoh Vncial Wealth. Grand Nic. W&2- ftSSr S?o:lLOST7 ul,,9Q.LANr. 7V--2 i;fl&b:TondV& f?& S30. Colored Corriedal LOST BLUE : Kentucky Imp. Le Trace. Lucky 15; Eden's Return. Intriguing 20; 49 7673. Spike, Miunte Prince, Miracle j Swift City 30. WHITE Mini poodle. Fern. Lost In Beecii'Siflioowner; KAYWANA, b g 5 (Gocd Humor Man Ann Louise) (R. Soragg): Won. raring 2:5.7. Geel. 1800 m mobile. 8 July, then 4th to Coal Court. MV 1970 m mobile. 18 July. Big show from this draw. IN A MINUTE, b h 7 (Minute-man Vibration) (E. Hurley): 6th to Kaywana. Geel. 1800 m. 8 July, then 8th to Coal Court, MV 1970 m mobiie. 11 July. Won MV mobile three runs back but nrctl to Imnrnvn nn nacr twn. svaie. Blue collar and I.D. Disc i .with name. add. ah. rw dim .n 'I Babe, My Best. Narrathorn. Olympic Chance, Puffing Eddie. Rainbow Son, Runboy Sun, Scarlet's Pride, Skipper Dillon, Smart Kara- 24 OR BETTER. SYYC 227. Axro. Bonnie Barron. Buckhaven. Charles Garrison. Deep nual. disc. Reward. 547 8492 anyB time. , 714 8277. BLACK ewes C2 with black lambs at foot, in lamb again. $35 ea. 89 4067. BLACK Lambs, sheep, angora bucks. Spinning wheels, fleeces. Lessons. Seville (059) 643445. DONKEY GELDING. $100. Ph. (057) 92 2854. FERAL GOATS. Cashmere Type. Everything Nice, Imperial Future, signt. Inglewood. Jonathan Eden K.nJ,V..' uiS.. tL-i,. o., ui.i,.i,i: GALLOWAY WIN, b 9 2 (Glam Cattlt (YH-UMl) dera Jean. Mardette. Mavenbar. Fella White Steel. Willie Dance, i 9ur ..Cnief MV Winfield) (N. Welsh): Won (10m), rating Z:B.9, Ball. 1730 m. 10 July, Domesticated. Suitable upgrading. then Sth to Garry's Advice. LANDCLIFFE, br m 4 (Gaviland sl'JLc."0oLa0i FA"?,3nt Lad'. Willy Wyalong, Zelmun George.i Pacer, Proud Stella. Roma's Ad- r - First Metric NS I vice. Son Setay, Spring Advice. f,TSX Metrlc- Ni-Triple Lee. Yarra Valley, Yosemltel 28 ONLY WHEN NOMIWA-Lodge. fr.: Anthol Sands BeauiTIONS CLOSE. 2f00 SS. SWU. I 1977 mod.. TT 1730 fcrs.. I eng. 1940 hrs. to run well I equip. Recent major and ! i new paint. S3 0.OO0. j AIRCRAFT Sole, Wonted BARON 55 TT 200. sultnew S'i'KT-n- AiX2ll,,elv spotless. 51200..BC'B LAMBERT AIR-CJLAFJ, 2?KlR- "2 709S511. Cran. 2100 m. 13 July. Won BrahcliffeV fG A. i anal: BEEP. Steers ana Heifers from 6 mths. drenched. CI. Melb. transport avail (059) 649 262. BEEF Heifers (12) will sep. big frames. 12 to 14 mths. del. mHVi 13S 844 3708. BULLS (3) Jersey Yearlings, unreg. bfVtff hlnnH linak Cvr nr three races this season but 510 ea. Z 04U5. FERRETS for hire Dandenong area Ph. 795 8794. FERRETS. workers. Nets. 1 36 Lincoln. classic hock, Kalamal Almas bpint. Arunoei son. h.inv.uiu. nulK, rvaiamai Ainus SMITH, hiuhuci hi iiciua. ;Yogi. Wrengari, 10: Ossie's Luck: Austere Chief, Bavside Star, Biue-t BRADLEY: Scratched. in weaker tlelds Schutt St.. Newport. NEPTUNE'S LADY, b f 2 j20: Tyrolean 30: Broady Boy, igrass county, soia Ace. i-ainvs Dream. Copper Plate. Delora Lass, BONANZA E 33. 1968. TT $3400 Attractive aircraft. ea ONO (059) '624 216. Hi. FERRETS. $8each lii Park ns. Beech A36 2S OR BETTER. SWC 228. 1 W""",: rZXZ. E S " Coa vine. rnone jd too. $32,000. BOB LA-mrfrt aid CATTLE. Slaughtered, dressed and ARRETS for sale or hire, nets. , CRAFT BROKER 02 709SS11 554 1S2S. Cobura. lu ui usshn. : Bayou Soy. Buronga Beau. Clar-iVT' AL . r:r .mman Hal , u, u. siiuu. ' . . . . . . : n J. id h. . RADIANT GYRO, b h 5 (Gyro Radiant Revet) (G. Cro-ford): 6th to Mannered. Geel. 2250 m mobile 8 July, tticn 2nd to l-mabret. 1 m. 5 nt. MV 1970 m mobile IS Julv. Not disgraced last time, fias claims. : POLLICK. b 9 4 (Murdock Kan-over Chelrcy) (D. Alexander): Won. rating 2:11.8. Laun'ton. 3660 m 20 -April, then 3rd to Aim: S m. 4 m. MV 2400 m fnofjiie 18 July. Sound effort last time: This easier. Big show. i TRAVIS JOHN, b g 9 (Meao Lawn Astra Brigade) (J. Barker): 6th to Tough Customer. Ball. 2180 m. 10 July, then 6th to Chipmunk Nyah 2674 m 17 July. Won Mil-dura three starts back. Must improve on past two but capable of running Into place. - JUST RIBO. b g 4 (Golden Alley Ann Glenfern) P. Manlon): 3rd to Iramoo. 12 m. 4 rn. MV 2400 m mobile. 11 July, then 3rd to Racy Ritan. nk., 5 m.. Cran. 2600 m mobile 3 3 July. Runs plenty of placings. Give good sight. ' ( - ULTRA BOY. b I) 5 (HOT" Dollar Petite Fleur) N. Bur is) :8th to Imanret MV 1970 m mobile. IS Juiy. then 2nd to Dingus McGec 2 m. 3 m Kilm. 1920 m mobile 20 July. Won five 'this season: Last run showed return to form. . t , RACY RITA br m.'' (Gaila3her Meadow Rita; CJ. .Yeomans): won rating 2:14.1 Cran. 2600 m mobile, 13-July, then 2nd to Popular Aim.- 5 m. 4 m. MV 2400 m motile 1 8 July. Beaten ' one last time. Look, one j to beat. . ' i 1 NYAH HANOVER, bl fl 6 (ton Adios New Hanover) B. Duffy): 4th to Iramoo. MV 2400 m mobile 11,- July, tten rd to Select Annie. 6 m. "1 .5 m. MV 1900 m .mobile .18 July. Could sneak place; at long odds, CODY'S MOUNT. Ml (Barton King. Shay's Best) (R. Garwood): 4th Reoclltfe 2300 m FFA. 3 Jlriy. hen. 2nd ted-cliffe 2300 m 13 July.. Placed two of three runs this season but will find this harder. ROTHIE, b g 9 (Arorf ivliss Roth) (N. J. Clarke): Sti to Imabret. Ball. 2150 m mobile 10 July, then 6th 0 Select Annie, MV 1900 m mobile. 18 July. Had many chances to win a race like this. Place ' best. $ . NATURAL BEAUTY,' b ih 7 (Koaia Frost Bright tVn-ture) (D. MereditO). 7tti to Dreamy Pat. Y. Glen 8170 m mobile 23 Marc, then gth to Mister Million, W'(. 2080 m 12 May. No apeak All plus hides up to 60 km from FERRETS for sale and hire. Nets CESSNA 182 RG 1980 BeTT" M Knn5lll7!l M'r'-' rffsiV 'ai US2EV ctiSck- e-iBromac. Idle Joe. Jenaachcn, Just Melb. 10c per km thereafter; and carrying boxes. 728 1007. full, oot'orfed W "h dmfa " DUlialltd "'Si''8' r' ft Rv. Kalmea Lad. Kent Lad. Freezer baas sumiioH m n t GOATS. Angora Docs (3). Good " I 5.,'lS.uf m fj arcx. Karnci, Kenny.. Kiwi, Lord. Koora Son. Lord Of The Rings. S7S.0O0 nnA CATTLE Wanted, wild or unwanted tvpes. 1 second cross. 2 third CRAFT br5kp 02 7095sm" b 197? mod., maintained I" jH! Rare GlVr- r?h' olll?,1? o.'i'iii' ;alci5m0" La5S- Mandamus. Marcia Cart-Io Tact, in laeosee crosses. rired by. CAPELLA , A -. .0..L- com.. VAN X. DME. Cert. B,If!f.V Kevonan t-hiet. Simpson Son.! aro Kid. Nevele Thor. COWS. Hereford spr. to beef bulls; BUCKS: $450 the trio or - CESSNA 205 alr--t rZT, from S17S. ah. RR1 crts change hay to same value. Ph. . r"?K,. "TvJVh. IW" ? A'P UE anrt HT TT . " 'f AP. HF and HST. Tf V""..3 'c- '' ij, Bcn0,r. La-iv Norma s Laughter. , Pate Poser . i- a- Jm ; C. 3113 iC. laitStlPQ Fortv lfFlnirl .n r . . U rhala D null 24 GREY MARE'14.3 H. 14 yrs. old: (059) 89Z163.. - d"n jc.,. -rs0'0'0 c2g maiee exce l, hmnn Mr raatc Rarn. Fjatfr Kids. 7 -m c4fp 'wi.iiwp. aouuu. vn 2nd to Coal Court, sh. '2 hd., 1 m, MV 1970 m mobile, 11 July, then won rating 2.4.5. MV 2400 m mobile. 18 July. Most consistent. Give good sight again. MY TURN, b g 6 (Adios Del-mer Solid Gold) (N. Shinn): 5th to Betalite. MV - 2400 m mobile, 4 July, then 3rd to Coal Court, sh. '2 hd.. 1 m. MV 1970 m mobiie. 11 July. Won four with 1 2 platings this season. Be around the money again. PINECREST, b g 5 (Pine Hill Time Dainty Susan) (S. Archer): 7th to Coal Court. MV 1970 m mobile. 11 July. " thsn 10th to Coal Court. MV 1970 m mobile. 18 Juiy. Hasn't had lot of luck at past two. Previous form consistent. COAL COURT, bl g 6 (Deep Court Belle Rosa) (C. Hunter): Won rating 2:6.5, MV 1970 m mobile, 11 July, then won rating 2:5.0, MV 1970 m mobile, 18 July. Form hard to fault. Not as easy this time major due Nov. '83. $77,5001 LJSaSSi. SeSSS 211 S155. nacfc, has done all PC work, my, days. 166 Porter St.. Temple CESSNA 172. 1969 mod. damaq- (Paulos Hanover Aquatic Queen) D. Fitzpatrick): 2nd to Oamaru Adios. 3 m. 4 m. Ki!m. 1 820 m. 6 July, thrn 2nd to Autumn. 4 m. 12 hd.. MV 1970 m. 11 July: Placed foi r of -si", star:;. P!ac? br-st KEYSTONE ROAD, b f 2 (Country Road Keystone Pas) (A. Petti:): Won rating 2:8.6, Kilm. 1820 m. 6 July, then 6th to Autumn. MV 1970 m 11 July, well backed but galloped away last time. Worth another chance. TRENCHMAN, ch g 2 (Son Of Ardri Bittangabee Belle) (R. Pittaway): 2nd to Lordari, MV 2970 m mobile, 4 July, then 5th to Galloway Win, Ball. 1780 m, 10 Juiy. Risky beginner. Others appeal more. RICHMOND ADINA, b c 2 (Motorcycle Richmond Lass) (R. Gleeson): 2nd to Garry's Advice, Cran. 2100 m 13 Juiy. then 6th to Garry's 'wJrlf- Tinesg!e.. ,JCS5', TimeFavo"ur. Storm" Ahead, Tarhill. Tip- rnena, goo a nome only $30O stowe. 846 Z167. DARRITG All hrWrlt Pen hnw ..7. . i,,n4- !' ster, Tom. Valeureux. Weonabrae.; T'.- in ..i. mocei iB0. major I from 1 1 .30 today. Grea- Hijixermy, iu; iauy M;ntar NS. ooen am Bran?! New B55 eng. 300 hourc tn ' ves Reserve. Bennet St., Dande you star, zaaiie s eoy. ir.. nni.. t Whisper, ns. ! 3S OR BETTER. SWC23J. ! nong. SOUTH EASIfcKN KAow I T. Exceil. qua!, oaten hay n shed, approx. 800 bales. $2 a. Shoreham. Ph. (03) 823 840 or (059) 898 272. HEREFORD. Steers and Heifers rom S105 to $150. Werribee. IflONS CLOSE, 1800m, SS. SWC-229. Abracadabra. Adios Coun- !sel. Ann's Suoreme. &nthonia CLUo, juii. piwtj. iuuu nours to run, H limited IFR equip., jncl. trans-; ponder. 2 Narco nav.oms plus 1 HF. sold with fresh ino hourly. I $13,000 ONO. 478 7712. ! RABBITS. We specialise In pedi princess i-asnionj in. Murray): 10th to Balholmen Court Geel. 2700 m. 24 June, then 7th to Kinnoul, Geel. 2700 m 8 July. Won three this season but can do a few things wrong. Not the wont. JUST MINE, b g 5 (Tuft My Fallacy) (J. Roberts): 10th (10 m), to Amazon, Echuca, 2430 m, 17 June, then won (20 m) rating 2:14.2. St. Arn. 2600 m. 14 July. Tougher here. Place best. TIMKERMODO, b g 5 (Power Scott Susan Small) (K. Hampton): 10th (10 m), to Fleet Time, B'go 2700 m 30 June, then 2nd. to Kinnoul. 3 m., 3 m. Geel. 2700 m 8 July. Been out of money only four times from 13 runs this season. HIGHLAND CINDERS bt m 5 (Nandina Gamecock Gay Caprice) (A. J. Ritchie): 3rd to Fleet Time, 1.S m, 3 m. B'go 2700 m. 30 June, then won rating 2:12.8 Cran. 2600 m. mobile, 13 July. In top ' form. Take beating. ADEE HANOVER, b h S (Paulos M-or;' A-lePl (Ruth Shinn): 5th to Coo ma Maree. B'go 2700 m mobiie. 30 Jan. then 4th to Balholmen Court. Kilm. 2634 m, 6 July. Will have benefitted from last run but place looks best. PHENGORY BOY, b g 7 (Real Light. Nocumbus) (R. Demmler): 4th (10 m). Fleet Time, B'go 2700 m, 30 June, then won (10 m), rating 2:10.7. Echuca. 2430 m. 1 July. Had easy run last time? may not find this as simple. AMAZON, b g 8 (Arrival Alexandra) (R. Conroy): 3rd 20 m). to Balholmen Court, Geel. 2700 m. 24 June, then 10th 30 m),' to Fleet Time, B'go 2700 m, 30 June. Broke several times last time. Smart but take on trust. YOUNG RACHAEL, b m 6 (James Wish Select Set) (E. Dove): 9th to Kinnoul, MV 2870 m, 11 July, then won ( ' m.). r-ning 2:19.4. Kilm. 3038 m. 20 Juiy. Well backed last time! although won In slow time has chance to re-Peat at good odds. RESO GRANDE, b m 7 (Rodilo Patsy Grande) (E. Dove): 8th flO m). to Kinnoul, MV 2870 m, 11 July, then 4th (20 m). to Young Rachel. Kilm. 3038 m. 20 July. Others better. KINNOUL, b g 6 (Good Point Bobby Gentry) (E. Payne): Won (30 m). rating 2:1 0.4. Geel. 2700 m. 8 July, then won (10 m), rating 2:14.5. MV 2870 m, 11 July. On tough mark but racing well, should glvt good sight, Benjamin Prince, Berri Adios Bin- gree ana snow raooiis. ji RAM (1) Black Corrledale with OO I so3, Baron j Fully IPR, 1980 mod. Cur-! rent 'list price $235,000. I Special no-trade offer. I S1S5.000. ! aatu Marcus, tsryden Lass. Corlean first fleece. $35. (1) Ewe Border Crovottle Girl, Daiarvon. Deep $30. Liecester cross, tun wool zaxe oeaiing. MAXINE'S DAUGHTER, br m 6 (Commandaway Maxine's Dream) (J. LeSueur): 3rd (10 m) to Kyle Larkin, 3 m. sht. i2 hd., MV 2400 m. 11 Julv. then 6th to Landcllffe. MV 2400 m mobile, 18 July. Won MV Qual. three runs back. Nicely drawn. Hard to beat. DIAMOND BAY, ch g 9 (Scotty Belmont Sparkling Patsy) (K. Hampton): 4th to Racy Rita. Cran. 2600 m mobile. 13 July, then 2nd to Landcliffe, 5 m 7 m, MV 2400 m mobile, 1 8 July. Racing consistently Chance at attractive odds. SELECT ANNIE, b m 4 (Select Yankee Annalia) (J- Harland): 4th to Maxine's Daughter. MV 1970 m mobile. 4 July, then won. rating 2:5.2. MV 1900 m mobile. 18 July. Qual. win last week was easy-Go well again. SKCADON, ch m S (Globe Score Petticoat Rule) (T. Demmler): 7th (10 m) Kyle Larkin. MV 2400 m. 11 July, then 3rd to Landcliffe. S m. 7 m, MV 2400 m mobile, 18 July. Fair effort last time, checked several times the run before. Not the worst. CRESTAWAY, b g 5 (Command-away Wind Raiser) (N. Welsh): 6th to In A Minute. MV 1900 m mobile. 4 July, then Sth to Coal Court. MV 1970 m mobile. 11 July. Faces a task. CHIPMUNK, b h 5 (.Lumber Dream Madame Han) (G. A. Lang): 7th to Mannered, Geel. 2250 m mobile, 8 July, then won. rating 2:8.2. Nyah 2674 m. 17 July. Big Improvement last time, but this much harder. JA"7C--. tjr h. 7 (rhPiel Chief Jayelkay) (B. Wallls): Won. rating 2:7.1. Kilm. 2224 m mobile, 6 July, then Sth to Landcliffe. MV 2400 m mobile. 18 Juiy. Racing well. Won't be far away. SEACHASE. b h 5 fGood Chase Ser. field Princess? (S. Archer): 4th to Mandinka Man. Kilm. 2210 m. 17 Nov.. then Sth to Pursuit. Geel. 2250 m, 3 Dec. Won two earlier this season. Resuming but smart when right- worth plenty of thought. JIMBOUR, roan h 6 (Skylarkin Roan Reveller) (J. Bickerdike): 4th to Betalite. MV 2400 m mobile, 27 June, then 7th to In A Minute, MV 1000 m mobile. 4th July. Need to uiamono, uenze Don. uevren Lass. 7M 0O4.1. HOUSE COW. Ext rem. quiet, pert. B79?SS,7&mMk- "! M2 JERSEY, GUERNSEY X Heifer, win calve any day, quiet; $240. Easy Stride, Elanoven Encore's REGISTERED GOAT. SALE. 1 Bri Aavice. trica Ara. Flash Truant. Aavice, mv isu m, iu juiy. out rates big snow again. MISSINGFRIENDSPersonol GRAZIER. Gent 40l wishes " to meet country minded lady for outings and companionship. Con-jdeMIlljr guar. Phone (051) Friendly Fella, Future Love, Goods Train. Gydlna, Kapatlna Boy, Karamea Impression. Khaahan. Easier here. Sound claims des- BETALITE, ch h 5 (Hondo Hano- Black Panther. Cliff's Command, Eidorosa. Moving Bear. Postscript, Winning Card, fr.; Aria Jake, Kotare Flight, 10: Bret Action, Miss Fonz, Phengory Boy. Welcome View, 20: Amazon, High Carl, 30. ,K"3 ORY BETTER. SWC"Sa" Athol Princess Be'1? Chance. Cinder's Way. Dolly Maria. Tree Delight. Glamour ills. Glamour Princess. Island Way. Kelesta, Kourl Maid, Lady Win-gate. Mac Ord, Mateus. Moto llvia. Noddy Blues, Paula Alto, Phoebe Lvn, RosabBe. Shlily Shaily. Time For Tea, Tungsten Lass, fr.; Co-bargo Lady, ns. FOUR - YEAR - OLD BEGIN-NERS 28 ONLY WHEN NOMINA oite poor draw. ver High Valley) (S. Lady Denlson, Luka Road, Mar-narker, Mena Stage, Merry Brav- tish Alpine. $200. Also Toggen-burgs. three 10-montlKld. $125 each; two bred and one' not bred Togs. $200 and $100. Call evenings only. 053 4-13 814 (Balla-rat). SHEEP SHEARING RIG.. As new. $400. 707 2736. . SUFFOLK yearl.. rams. Stonehaven line, also X-bred ewes. 7444071. SUFFOLK. Quality young stud ram h rrmqt AR1570 ' aao. Minoar Lovai, Misiei mono, Mount Duke. Much Too Good, JERSEY HEIFERS. 6. unjoined. 17 mths old, good cond. $140. Heafesvllle (059) 624154. MURRAY Grey Bull, commercial, guaranteed fertile: $450. GREY OUSK MURRAY GREY STUD. 796 8499. . POOOYS and Calves 2 wles. to 2 mats. Hereford steers, and Heifers, from $50. Pearcedale area. HAWKER PACIFIC E Moorabbin Airport SBO S5S6, AH 33S OS83 Sbiibiiiiiiii! HUBERT CAMPBELL, b c 2 (Smooth Fella Selena) tJ. O SuMivan): Won rating 2:9.6 Cran. 2100 m, 13 July, then 3rd to Garry's Advice, '2 hd., 2 m, MV 1970 m. 18 July. Last run In top field good for this. Orbiting, Peter Apollo, Rare Talent. Record Miss, Rhythm King, Romeo Chief, Sandy Ginger She's A Natural. Sister In Law. Sister I WOULD any verson knowing the whereabouts of KENN-ETH CAMERON formerly of Emhurst i the State of Victoria, .please contact the office of Bruce R. Tlvey & Co., Solicitors, of 97 Barkiy Street. Ararat. Telephone! (053) 52 1089. BRUCE R. TIVEY & CO.. Solicitors, Ararat. ' Maxlne, Skipper Expo, Sneaky WANTED. Home for 2-yr.-old An W33 1 trroi. Mart Again, btormy Miracle, Susan Leanne, Susljoy, Thistle Dollar, Tupac Amaru, Tvsamlee. Valvss Karamea. gora , X BUCK (joai. rr. 736 2048. , WETHER. Black Merino. Hz yrs. $25 or offer.. 729 1048. RENT-A-COW. You can have a quiet cow, your own milk and keep the calf for $6 pw. For details, ring 874 2594 evens, or weekends. MISSING FRIENDS. Personal IWichtama. Worthy Vance, fr.: TIONS ttyat. 3" Aoache Red. Bevel Devil. Bulban Topaz, Deux Cent, Donnas, Dusty" Even Handed. Fiery Raider. Fine Pine. Forsvthe. Gerald ine Adios. Give Us A Go. He Can i Fiv. Heels Lady. Insalabar. Inter-. !ude. Joe Kidd. Julie Chapel. Kevs. t-amng (ara. Micnaei lower. Ni. 27 ONLY WHEN NOMINA cooper): Won rating z:5.9, MV 2400 m mobile. 4 July, then 2nd to Coal Court, 1 m. 3 m. MV 1970 m mobile. 18 July. Won two mobiles in row before surprise defeat last start. Worth another chance. ORANDRA PRINCE, br g 5 (Welcome Advice Tudpeak-os) (G. Hill): 5th to Historic Air. MV 1 970 m mobile. 4 July, then Sth to Misty Dawn. MV 2400 m mobile. 11 July. Been racing in iougher fields. Awkwardly drawn but must be rater! highly. TCNKA APOLLO, b h 4 (Magnus Apollo Eddy's Variety) (B. Gath): 3rd to Justin Hanover. 2 m. J- nk.. MV 24O0 m, 27 June, then won rat:ng 2:11. W'gui 2410 m. 14 July-Effortless win last time. Not well drawn but used to racing m tougher fields. BROLEA, b g 6 (Armbro Noble Pamela Royal) (P. L. Ward): 4th to Justin Hanover. MV 2400 m. 27 June, then . 6th to Kotara Knight. Kilm. 2634 m, 6 July. Others better suited. LOST AND FOUND j General r TIONS CLOSE, SWC230. Adios Vindl. Allandate. Armbro Derby. Badalene, Best Result, Bless iJiyrd, Krazy KanJ.ner,- LeMaSi ineney, tatnice iicmt, ' Shelby. Meg's Dream. Mini 8ut-; ler. My Advice. Nola s Best.: Nyahgay, on i ne Beam, rarnura ; BROOCH. Lost Tuesday afternoon, near Toorak Rd. and Chapel St.. or in the vicinity of the City. , Sentimental value. Reward.. Ph. j 527 4959. ' FOUND 23rd July, vicinity East Scott. Pennies Come Easy. Petite; BRITISH ANCESTRY tractd by hading, nontt is fam9y fatory research. Send concise detail for FREE estimate to Room A.M. Northgate. Canterbury, Kent. ENGLAND FALCON COBBLER, b f 3 (Tarport Bill Smiling Mistress) (J. McOermott): 3rd to Sheffield Miss. 3'2 m. 1'2 m, MV 1970 m mobile.11 July, then won (10 m) rating 2:1 1.3. Shep 2300 m IS July. Promising type with strong claims from this draw. 5TORMY ROWAN, br c 3 (Garry Rowan Stormy Adios) (W. Morgan): 3rd to Joe Kidd. '2 m. 3 m. B'go 2300 m 30 June, then won rating 2:1 0.0 Geel 2250 m 8 July. Shaped well at two runs from spell. Each-way. TheAgc' -onto 2 b Poultry Dolly. Pine him uem, rropons. . Protege, Quick Storm, Rhoda s; Irrvaap Rnrkv'c Reward. Romeo i Em All, Bon vine,, Charles Mon-?. -h. Ch?c Cheval. David Armagh. Design Printz, Destry Again, Earl-Stan Boy. Eddy Lawn, Fluttering, Frantic Fiasco. Good Lobell, Hearts Are Trumps. Hilltop Lad, Homestead Boy. Intrepid Knight, Kenjula. King's Pride, La Pompadour. Little Winnie, Lord And 'Master, Manwarra Brett. Midnight I Waltz, Mister Whisper, Platonic. I Poppy Expo, Power Strike, Precious Dream, Quartet, Raidaylel Bruce, Show Amour, Silent Advice, ( SmurK, boio jacK. apnnier oun-vnn. Strath I nti rion Control. Sunnv Benueign, wnsr waicn. asouu. LOST In the City. Monday afternoon. Lady's Omega wrist watch, geld with black band. Good reward. 436 1454. SKIS found. 1 pr. Nordic. Mt. Stirling. 347 87S1. ' AUST. Silkies. RIR. Sussex, Barne. other. (052) 82 2026. BANTAMS, O. EG. Wheaten. Ok. leg partridge piles and It. leg cartridge. 772 7879. Bernard Leonard after 4.3 pm. forspsrt Jaclc, Super Smurf. Ttioraya; Tul-kara. Wilson Bret, Winfield Adios, Yapminee, fr.;

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