The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 28, 1930
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Served by the-\ United Press V* THE DOMINANT NKW6PAPER OP '.ARKANSAS AND BQOTHEAST MISSOURI HOME torn I,. XXVII—NO. 218 _Blytheyllle Herald!' Mltttulpp* Valley Leader. BLYTHRVILLE,- ARKANSAS; FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2%, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEXtsfi' FOILED IN Fear Cuba-U. S. Wotnin Flyer-Lost ' ' ' ' ' ' ~ • J ."'7 1 " -- . • , * President Keeping Prohibition on Ice Caraway Charges •f o 57 Pound "Gat" Shot by Farmer 'North-of'Shonyo Lon Watsort, Big Lake farmer and veteran hunter, was exhiblt- I ing at the courthouse today the pelt of a 57 pound • catmount, killed on n p • »v; • • a poun • camoun, ied on .pays txeCUtlVe Waiting to , his farm four miles north of Shon- Determine Popular. Side j > Vat»n/'who traveled for many of Controversy i years as an expert marksman for } ' j a well known S ' ated that he '' WASHINGTON. Nov. 28. (UP)- ' Senator' Caraway. Democrat, Ar- ?T' "4 h '"1 knnsas, described the Wickersham i f^ ££' rnmmfccinn ttvinv ac a" "rinlf** c^(^r_ - ,,- ' for the animal. gun manufacturer, the bi « cou - commission today as a' "cold- storage device" created by President Hoover to escape taking a definite position on the prohibition question. "I presume," Caraway said to the United Press, "that the \Vteker- sham commission Is carrying. 1 out the^ wishes of its creator. U'is a cold storage commission. Will Take P.opular Side I • "President Hoover was undetermined and vague' "on. prohibition durlng'the campaign. He Is suspeot- 'ed. now by both the-drys and wets. But the ^president-wants to k'e'ep !thls question-on Ice'-untii he decides -\thene is.' a • settled public o'plnioh ;wJUj.regard 16 : it, and'I probably a and h'e watched thuiklng It was bob-cat, one oi the. , smaller members, of the cat family, and once fairly common akm» the Big Lake bottoms. • . ' J ••The big cat, considered very rare In this section, measured five' feel and eight Inches, and weighed 57 pounds- The catamount Is general, ly known as an Inhabitant of hilly believe' Ilie be' satisfied to ac- sept-fUhet'sfcTe of-the question'af- ter that. ••..-. . '' "There are many questions before the. country today. There is not another on which .there is a more urgent need, for van Intelligent honest declaration by the president of the United States; "The Wickersham commission was supposed to report, for the information of this session of congress.' It should refuse - to b3 a smoke screen or a cold storage box any longer," . Commission Faces ;Altack Caraway is an uncompromising dry. He will'be found this winter supporting Senator Glass, Democrat. Virginia, who is expected to inaugurate congressional bombardment of the commission's efforts to solve the prohibition problem. At the last session Glass succeeded momentarily in eliminating an appropriation for the commission. President Hoover's reply to that strategy was an announcement he would obtain funds by private contribution, if. necessary, to continue- an investigation he deemed vital to the nation's welfare. Although legislation dealing with prohibition is unlikely at this s"-,- sion, it is a subject which an»en- hunting wl days when bob-cats'-were plentiful along Big Lake bottoms, expressed the opinion \ hat '.the' fully grown cat has wandered''into the lake region from'some try many miles' away. '•' Watsqn plans-to'ha cat mounted. ./ '; - . l - p"i--.*-.jf:^ *• -. Hnghb' Schools Closed' Because of Diphtheria HUGHES, Ark.,. Novi 28,' '(UP)_ County health officers today ordered the cl:6ing of-grade and high Lthools here following a widespread attack of diphtheria among students. . "•• • • . . O • -' ' •'• O*l • TT I bunny hide? Lip! IPPLMRII Banks J 1ig ^; Holiday ? ;Sa^ i.«IS Football Injury I Indirect Cause oi Boy's Deatli Should Have Been Sighted Over American Soil' Before Noon. ' HAVANA, Cuba, Nov. 28. (UP)Pan-American Airways and Curtis Aviation officials reported nothing; had, been heard from Mrs. J. M. Keith Miller, who.left at 9:11 a. m. today for Miami on her return solo flight to Pittsburgh. Aviation officials said they had expected Mrs. Miller to land at Miami by noon. Normal flying time Is two hours. Allowing for strong winds today the Australian flyer should have been slshtett in Miami or Key West before noon: Coast guard patrols have'been ordered out to search for the flyer's and the P. and O. steamer Cuba m route here from Key West has been radioed to keep r< close watch for her. f the hospitals In St..Louis. He died there, Wednesday night. Hia oottall injury was not tlw direct ausc of his death but was the In- ircct cause. His spine was in H •eokened condition rind susceptible 3 splmit diseases, which caused Ills Gamo Called Off ! HAYTI, Mo. — Haytl, called the Turkey Day game, with, Gideon, ff, because of the death of Robert ilartln, year's backfleld star oi t,> Hnytl Indians. Kobert . Ca- nither£vlllc Junior College student and football player, died late Wednesday night and Conch Mills, in espect U\ the former high school [rid UK, cancelled line gcima with Tldcon. Talk ,of \Employment Relief Program Brings Candidates for Wo r k. Publicity given the declaration cf Captain J. p. Lucey, member of President Hoover's unemployment relief commission for the region including Arkansas, that a $5,000,000 federal loan for county higli- , , * — - ..ijn-.i -~ii5cu- vju icui.ia! luagi lui LUUIIiy Illg. 1" aers neat whenever it arises. A,' way work wouid be the best solu- staicment by Chairman Fess of the i tion of the problem in this state, Kepuoiican national Committee; has already resulted In numerous t-nnt the Republican party could applications for jobs, County not reject prohibition in 1932 rais- " _ . J • . * opinion ° f conlradl(:tor S' Says Amendment Safe MEMPHIS, Nov. 28 (UP,) -The challenge Issued by the wets will b- met and there Is no danger the 18th amendrront will be 'repealed or. Daniel A. Poling, president of he World Christian Endeavor Un" ncl 1e ^ turer . S »W here f -_ Dr ' Po "»S. director general of In Vrt? 1 cy foun dation, Is her,; £> "Ureas the Tennessee Christian Endeavor Union at Its annual convention. Hays, Movie Ciar, Married Thursday Night motlon . !8'(UP)_ cutiv,, ci« u-, r ° rmer Postmaster gen- cia , «as married here last night to Herron .* fCrnlEr «<> Bollvta. Sluteanan, They were en Judge George Barham said today. • Judge Parham wired Gov. Harvey Parnrll today, advising him .of the situation In Mississippi county, and inquiring as to the pos- sbllity of funds for a program such as that endorsed by Captain Lucey. Municipal Plant Will Ba Erected" at Cost v $124,000; -.. SIKESTON, Mo—Emerging from a.36-hour conference, the city council y.f Sikestcri this week~ awarded a .contract for the construction of a municipal light' and power plant According to city officials, total cost of plant and. distribution sys- j; t«m, including tlie cost, of the engines which 'have .been contracted from the Fairbanks Morse company, .will 'approximate J124.000. Actual cost of local c'nttruction anfi distribution will be'slightly in excess' of sixteen - thousand dollars. This induced cost of installing a while way through the main aitcr- lees of the city According to members of the city council, more than 40 bids had been received for the' project anc'i much deliberation was necessary before a decision could bo arrived at. Silvston placed the proposition I cf bonolng'the city for 5150,000 for' the purpose of obtaining a municipal plant in the hands of the electorate last spring and when the vote was taken on April 1, it was f-imd that the 'project had carried by a g03d majority. Litigation ensued as to the legality of the election and the case was carried to btrs of Christmas Sayings clubs of the two local banks'- this year.- This' is an Increase over previous years, since this:plan of saving . was started in Bljthevllle, with the First National'Bank having a club for the 'first time. This club will pay $6,000'"to' its customers. " ' •"•'' • '•• The Farmers Bank and ..Trust Company, which has had clubs fcr a'"number of years, has announced that checks for approximately $12,000 will .be mailed out within the next two 'weeks! Both institutions will have clubs next year. . the, supreme court where It' was decided the election had been legal The county judges association of! and the city hnd the right to de- the state went on record some time ago as favoring a county road construction program, either through state aid or the authorization of county bond Issues, but the governor declined to call a special session of the legislature . and nothins was done. _• The plan endorsed -by Captain Lucey calls fcr a federal loan of i5.000.COO to the state, 'to be used De- been clde the prop'sal by popular vote. The amount voted being approximately $26,000 in excess of the amount bhe work was contracted- for, this'amount will be In'the hancU of the city council.: Sitest-h Is th; second city'iri this region to install a municipal light and power plant, Carnpbtll, in Diinklln county, having begun ihe dlipsnsation of power last week following several months r{ Uti<;a- tlcn succeeding the • election at which the electorate authorized a in building ' county roads. lalls of the. plan have not wcrkrd out. but it Is assumed It wouid provide for apportionment j bended incobtednK.5 of a sufficient of the money, on & basis of pop-' amount to own annd rpsrate tteir ulation or road mileage, or haps a combination of the with each county to use Its al-j .,.-., lotment for the employment of 15 MisSlSSIQBl Asylum livol Ithnr ' • — . per. own power, and light plant two,! - 1 - : —- local livbor. Just tie suggestion that such a program might be put into effect has brought him numerous for Jobs, according to I plan would be of very great benefit to this and many other counties In the present situation. r** j u ^ it^urow lui juw, aituramg io rmd Baby Abandnn*;] Judge Barham, who feels that the . _ * "*I*»4HVUCU t nlon Ti-niiM Ha rtf va-rtr rrrnnt V*-in Bam Near Memphis JCTMPHIS, No7~28 (UP)-A oev- b-n a nr.a C rhe b - rty * M fou ' Ml *" a Receding to O. H. "Hamilton, farm- Hamilton found the baby in some Uy whsn he went to the bam this Legion Founder Dies KANSAS CITY. Nov. 28 (UP)— Cd. Arthur J. Elliott, 48. me of Inmates Still at Large JACKSON, Miss., Nov. 28.- (UP) —Police and sheriff's^ {tides today continued their search for Inmates of the state hospital for the insane who escaped when Hire swept Oa negro ward building Thpnksglvin" morning, burning to death one man. Reports early today showed 15 of I the 30 who escaped .during the ev- j ciUment had been recaptured. Of- Greene County Man Takes Revolver from Son and Shoots Wife. PARAGOUliD. Nov. 28 (UP) — L:>o Dunham.^ 45-y,?ar-old Greene county farmer, was held in jail here today facing murder charge in connection with the slaying ct his wife yesterday. Dunham shot and fatally wounded his wife with a revolver which he snatched from the hands of his son Barl, IB, after • the youth had hurried ti his mother's side when Dunham began beating her. Attainment of 'Anti-Tuberculosis Fund Quota Will Provide Nurses. A concentrated effort for the sale of ' . anti-tuberculosis seals and health. bonds' will be made in Bly- fheville tomorrow, the first day^ oi the annual sale. . » 'George \v. Barham, .. .county chairman, will open the campaign with a talk over radio ' station KLCN, and the seals and bonds will be placed on sale at a number of downtown places. . These women will be in charge: Borum's Drug store, Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway and Mrs. E. E. Alexander; > Klrby Dru? Co.. Mrs. C. R. Bab cock and Mrs. Everett B. pee; Kirby-Bcll Drug company, Mrs. C. W. Afflick and Mrs. Ira Gray; Robinson's Drug company, Miss Mary Outlaw and Mrs. J. H. Elklns; ReHall ' Drug' company, y«frs. • Carol Blai.kemore . and Miss. Gladys Barham; Postofflce, Mrs. President of Closed Instilii tion Found Dead i i Rcom at ..Hotel. .'• ; " ,: . NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 28,ttTP about his .throat, R. E. Donncll, '53 president,'of the recently;" closet ;Lil;£Tty Bonk $md /Trust -,'compan and'long'a prominent figure in It col circles, was found dead toda in a rorjn at a downtown hotel. When found by M.'D.'Johnson a r s!stant cashier of the closes Lib ertv bank,; who had sought Don nell throughout the nijht, cond tl-ji of.the body indlcated'he ha ben d;ad but a few minutes. Mem bsrs of his family, who had fear ed an alterant to take hlj own Ijfe had sought Donell since'he Ic'fV'h' he me about riocn.' Thanksglvin day, according to p?Hc;. Store Manager Crushed Un der Ton's o( Brick Whe WallFalls. SWIFTON, ARK , Nov. 28 (UP) , . , , . Ruth Mahan and -Mrs. Louis i Roy Moon, '50, manajcr of Swlfto Greene; Farmers -Bank and Trust I Mercantile company, was killed in Fire Department .Called to Check Grass Blaze Firemen were called to the residence of R. N. Ware," 1101 West Ash street, at njon today to halt a grass flre, which threatened to get out of control and damage property in the block. . According to reports the blaze had been started to burn off some trash and grass at one home In the vicinity and soon swept across to other yards, out of control. Firemen with portable water tanks halted the-spread of the fire. Seek to Oust Communists From Berlin's Council company, Mrs. Paul b'. ; Tipton and stantly while fighting a fire whlc Mrs. C. E. Coulter: First Na- destroyed a .large tao story brie tional Bank. Mrs. F. H. Acton and building here last night. A wi Miss Pearl Lee. Mrs. R. p. Kirsh- caved in, pinning Moon beneat ner is city chairman."-' I several tons, of brick. It has been announced 1 that In I The flre was 'discovered 1 In the county activities Mrs. T. E. j building occupied by the Swlfto Tate, of Armciel, has been appoint- post office, Colonial, thc.ittr. O ed chajrman of the Parent-Teach- A. Snow Mercantile company, an cr associations. - a barber shop. Damage was cst The quota lor the county is $3,- mated at $30,000. OCO. If this amount is given the . . : county will have full time white I and negro nursrs next year for I New York State Family »crk among the 700 cases of tu- , ,, . _T , -- ' berculosls- , 'now in Mississippi, 01 TOUT Fo'.UlQ county. -- ,' ;.--.' POUGHKEEPSIE. N T . Y., Nov. (UP)—Husted GcrniMid. his w!f 'and two children uere fouuc bed to death today In tr.eir at Stanfordvlllc, 25 mi^es 'Attack Fatalto ' •Democrat Congressman hen Iro HAYTI, Mo., Nov. 28. — Funeral rvlces arc to be hold today for obert Martin, former Haytl High hool'. student and star hflllback. (••iwrt, freshman of Caruthcrsvllle unlor College, sustained £pln»l lii- uiy fijvcral weeks r.go In, a' grid ame. Tills Injury had kept him rom taking an active part in his tudics and In football lately but parents did not think It was Is cry serious. e Has not, — - .......... - — •">•» For the last few days been: able, to (ittond Effort at East Arkansas;^ Lumber Company iE^'iiaJJi/;'; . ly Unsuccessful.-.'.• : "'-;; : ^.-; BlyUicvillc .j'wllci}';. today''/were?- seeking some clue to the .idehtlty''':•'! . , ----- —. -- - of what they believe is a^gang bf ; '• cu.ol and he made R trip to one anmleur safe robbers aftcrtwb un- ,--! f the hosnltaL, in R. .1^, «„ successtulatlempts ft. lorceV'safes.- In Blythevllle-.bu!lness-ihpuse5.-:in .-.i as many nights. •. ; '•.:-'.•-•?'*•*£'-'• Although numerous -town's, ^nd" cities In this terrltorV'have;-ton:.i-, visited by safe crackers•Ih^th'Sipast'k] few months, the,nrst!efrprt'.tc>,bl6«r^1 a safe In this city iri.niany'tnbnthsilj ended In failure .W.ednesdayVrii3tit;s$ Accidental Shot by Child Kills Infant LEXINGTON, TENN., Nov. -23 ,UP)—A gun m the'hands of 9- 'eav-old Floyd Scott, farmer's son, 'ound while the c'.illdrcn wore play- ng yesterday following a"'Thanksgiving dinner, accidentally discharged, ~ kllung the little boy's (-months-old brother and Injuring Lloyd Scott, 6. , - ... . . . ; Tlie Coco,', .Cola' Bpttllhglj ' ' plant at - Ash -and" - ; ' ' E Monet te Men, Resumed 18 : Year- Sentences at Expiration of Furloughs. •";••.' .Frank Bethel and .Mike Wallace, Monctte men who were sentenced to 18 years In the state prison on statutory -charges at the : 1928 spring term of criminal court .here, returned-'to'Llttie Rock this week to .resume their' sentences at the expiration of'. 90 'day furloughs. Efforts of K -fi. Alexander, chief ct 'defense counsel in the two trials of Bethel and Wallace here, to obtain Indefinite furloughs for th= HSiiys pan a - Ash -and - n's slreeU wa'a entered '; Wednes(layj-j| night and on effort 'made the- company's -safe. 'Acco police, the Intriideri, after.' open-a door to gain entrance. to the 7^ building, succeeded In opening" trie-?'; door of a vault wljlch held the safe. ,3.i A charge of nitre-glycerine failed'.-/ to force the safe'.. door,-. .hbwe?3iv''J;j and the- .robbers were -balked .'ln- v (? their efforts. Police. termed theiiri-T.g truders amateur. safe'.blowMs-iite/'^s an .hispection of tSe " safe and ;ihs, l ji remains of the expipslve; cliarge.-"-' : .S • ' Safe KtsUts^Attick'lu;;*. ^;.'|< Thursday rilght, : the'East' : Afk'an- '-*! sns Lumber company .• building 'at 'k~ Ayalnut and -Second.' street's, just'. ft' across. the. street" from police- heVd- : 'V'S quarters', was entered, but'' agalrrttie ''''•-, ! robbers were 'tHwarted in their/ at- --J tempt- to open ft safel'A heavy" Irori'. T;! bar was used in an effort to smash* -- ; the, door of the. safe, b\it- without" --"'^ juccess. It is l)elIeyed4hat:the r roti^''K bers: were fearful .of s .ustai<e3iElo^? 5 5 slves. because'.' of :thei'pro?lnilty' ; ''6i ? -3 th« . building* to ' the :nollce^ station - - J 1 .The sife.'.was .lqcatfed.-.-li-;a :'rear-'.;J -rpcm of'-! the ilumbfiC'sc^inpany^wi building. . /....... ,^.; Chief M. G. Gqod i v = iii'' i EtateiJ''tthis ;v ^ morntog .-that ievldcncc hacH besrf '"- 1 collected' which :would.pr6babIyV'b«''u ; placed with, flriger -'-print' • expti r i»= ' ?• for examination. Police iiavc receivi ; •" ed-n' report '.froni'^ihft. finger-. print': ' .v expert of, the Alemphis- detective '•'•= bureau which is 'expected to ! prove : K of material aid In solving a ' recent '•-': robbery. .'...' . .: . " , -. • ., .•• -.-.•'• pair are said failure. to have resulted In . Bsthel and Wallace were sentenced to death In the electric chair at their first trial here in the spring of 1328. The supreme court allowed the defendants .a second trial, ruling In their favor on a technicality. At their second trial in 1929 they received 18 yenrs sentences. Litlk Girl Sought Since Saturday Exposure 'Victim TRENTON, GA., :NOV. 28 (UP)— The final chapter in the tragisl Withdrawals Glosa . Bank lai.Corbthf CORINTH, Miss', Nov. 28 (D^)% —Steady withdrawals of depositors 5 0 which 'Save .gone" on during - ths Y past several weekJ v/as'the -repjioh"-- fo- directors of the' Ccrlnth BahS^ and Trust comj-fuiyVto ' ciosa' its.-:': doors, a notice .said.'' The tank VssV' one of the three here. ' ; •'•• - '" :..'->; Ckse 'Kentucky Bank .'::.:': MIDDLESEORO, KY., : Nov. 28 ' ; ' (UP)— Citizens Bank, and Trust ••-.• company failed to open today. A ; notice said, there had -been heavy " withdrawals. r • . • ' .' :• ..v 'Bcnton, III., Bank Closed ..: BENTON. ILL.. Nov. 28 (UPJ— The First National Bank of Ben', . ton, with resources' of approximate-. .' day • was written here tcday by!' kindiy friends and relatives. I Mrs. A. W. Cocnran, mothe. .. the dead child, had not been ad vlsad early tcday that her daugh-| ter's body had teen found. She is j gravely 111 of tuberculosis. | I I c - c , . . r of i oays -OilOW Auenuatlce . . ' p,._..o_.. •'•'• rfOVC rrCSpsnt CHICAGO, Nov... 23, ITJP)— Tile •'.• Live;tccic e>:posltl:h.; Walter Rocenthal Sells j New York Store Stock! T>>» ».- -U ~ T r i, " lll= sl ~-' r '''' fald today- oi^f , &Vt *°m,l°™ ,°™ or he Thj army of 1000W v1sit who oldest buslncM firms In the dty,! will TOlt the £ how iill clearly point cfcsa its do-«rs tomorrow nisht, cut tne Amc^n > armer Jb ^ llot : . Quayle is the first member o | .v . congress elected in Ncvombcr- t6' pany sent an 1r ' ve£t 'S a ' or die, - -- BERLIN, NOV. 28 (UP)—Riotous :enes werij enacted in Berlin city ciUment had been recaptured. Of-j hall last nltfit when, police »t- flcials were confident others would [ tempted to remove fifty com the American 'Leg- te arrested today. They said non= *h the Street Concert Brings Famed Violinist $1.27 BOSTON Nov. 23 (UP)-DK- Buised as a blind ond elderly Mc'dler JQscqucs Gordon, Chtca- jo vlollni-t, stead on a strfct c:mcr here yesterday and p!ay«d -his SM.GOO Stradlvariu; to sftj whether Bistonians really appreciate gcod music. He collectsd n total of $1.27 in -mall change. after ») years in Blyttevillc. Walter Rosenthal, owner, has announced that the merchandise has b°en soW to Flelsher, Brown and company, of st Louis nnd the go-ds will te shipped to fcat city offering unduly from ths current depression. Heidc sa . : - Mason? Meet Announces Subject of Revival Sermon Tonight] "Why God Divorced His Wits and Jesus Wouldn't Marry His Wi- has not ed his plans for the future. Massachasetti Apple i Visiting brothers are welcomed. Crop Shows Variety! BOSTON. (UP)—There were V7 i WEATHER --*- •- E. K. Latlmer's ssrnun tonight in the evangelistic racr.iiig at the First Christian churA. The service is t? begin at 7:30 .im! continue »n hour. * »um, , o^/iiauuu, uiucn urouxnt i The revival, which began Sun- (from 4,003 families, showed sachusetts apple crop, estimated at 931,000 barrels. A questionnaire conducted by th=' Massachusetts .Fruit Growers' Association, which brought replies Last night uiis the st o' th; ".t tcvlYHl, W.I.H" -^3 — .- ^.—.. |A«V1I1 T,Wi/ lIUIlLlleS, SnOft ?, will probably continue for ten i«,7 per- cent of »pp'es ys and two weeks Services are this state are eaten raw,-- used in season with the mercury at 2(3 degrees, according to th3 cffHal weather observer, Charles Pi!l!lps. Tlie maximum yesterday was 45 de'-> grees; cloar. On ••--'"-'—' ', -., s an wo wees. C s sae are eaen raw,-48.5 per year 'agb : the .minlmumi. being held hljhtiy *ith the pastor] cent are cooked, »nd 4.8 .pcr:-oent 'j tuie was 3C degrees ' domff th.A nroarhlr.?. , ar* uspri In calarlo *»,, m C.K *t*,r..ade mum 55 degree.'!.

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