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De Kalb, Illinois
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mwxiTU, ILLINOIS Gl2 Nelson Decision Causes Furor DTI 0 rr ational Anthem Fii liters -ft to give them an opportunity to disagree if they wished. Tht response wai limited but Indicated that they would reipect my Judgement In thii matter," One of tht pcrtoni who had urged Nelson to cancel tht anthem, Student Association President Marvin Uavitt, cited mounting racial tension on tht university campui as hii reason for wanting the aruhem illenced. Thli year for homecoming there were two black enter tainert," he said. Many students had questioned tht wisdom of having the two entertalneri for homecoming. "Tht Urge number of people writing In (the campus newspaper) Incited racism," uld the student leader.

LeavM Mid the majority of itudenti agree withNelson'i 0 til vie disagreed, "The freedom and opportunities of this nation art real and tangible. They deserve the support of all citizens, Wt are, and we must be, ont nation, with one National Anthem for all." And wt mutt be ont in our determination to renew con-tinously our pledge of freedom and justice1 for all," he lakL "This la what tht playing of tht Star Spangled Banner means to me, I think it should be played whenever and wherever custom demands," Nelson had advised tht Regents of tht decision not to play tht anthem at the last meeting of tht board, but did not aeek approval from tht Rrgenti on tht decision. "I did not aeek their approval of my decision, but did want decision. "People get now what they come for, a basketball game Student Association Senator Ben Davenport, meanwhile, wai gathering support throughout tht community in opposition to tht Nelson decision. Circulating petitions to have tht National Anthem re-Instated before home basketball games, Davenport got early lupport from Sen.

Dennis J. Collins (R DeKalb) and other townspeople Ht said soma BO copies of tht petition art being prepared and he hopes to get ai many as 3,000 signature before presenting it to Nelson. DeKalb Mayor Jesse Chamberlain on Thursday also criticized tht NIU decision not to play tht Anthem, Meeting, Issue Up Governor Richard B. Ogllvl ipok out In opposition Friday (0 Northern Illinois University' decision not to pity thf Na-llonsl Anthrm prior to tht Ifutkle home buicttUIl gsme "We hiv reached I orry Matt of affair when tome people believ (hit It li Impoi tib! to play the anthem of thl nation beore a lathering of lU citizen," OglMe laid Friday In Washington. There la aomcthlng fundamentally wrong In a situation which it allowed to block an act of reject for thla country," ha laid.

The governor made tht comroenU while attending a meeting of tht Adviiory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. The Issut hai received national preta and radio coverage, moat of It unfavorable. have no comment to make on tht governor! atatement at this Ume said NIU'i Preildent Richard J. Nelson. -I will leek the counsel and guidance of tht Board of Regent at iU monthly meeting on Sunday.

Our holiday break began today (Friday) and tht band will not be available for tht next several garnet." In prea statement released Thursday, Nelson laid he topped tht playing of tht anthem temporarily becautt of tensions created last season during tht playing of tht anthem. In tht statement Nelson sild the anthem should be "Irupira- tional and a lymbol of unity for all those who hear it If in a particular context It become a symbol of divlslvenes and has a potential for doing harm to tht overall well-being of tht university community, I believe it serves no purpose for It to be played." State Court Upholds Remap i. a i 4 i. si DeKalb, tllinoU Saturday, Dec. 18, 1971 TenCenti Regents Anthem Northern Illinois Universi-ts governing board will discuss the IS per cent program review at the three ttatt Institutions under tht Regency system and tht NIU decision not to play tht National Anthem at its Sunday meeting.

The meeting, which starts tt 9 a.m. in the Embassy Room of the Sheraton-Blackstont Hotel in Chicago, will end four months of anticipation of what educational programs may undergo cuts at NIU. Wednesday the Illinois Board of Higher Education (1BHE) outlined the IBHE'a "low priority" type of pro-grams. The list Include those areas in which there art severe manpower oversupply or which have low levels of social need or economic demand. Also included in the list were program that did not fall into the institutional scope and mission as defined In Master Year No.

293 s. appoint one of each type of member, chose themselves as legislative members and their staff aide as non-legislative member That action, the court said Friday, "was, in reality and practical effect, a subversion of the purpose of that Ian- guage" of the constitution. But the court found that the composition of the board was not enough to invalidate the redisricting plan it formulated, which the court found "complies with both state and federal constitution" Therefore the court ordered that the new districting stand as a provisional one, "subject to such further plan, if any, as may be adopted by the legislature or a legislative redistrict- Ing commission," SPRINGFIELD (UPI) Tht Illinois Supreme Court haa officially upheld the new map of state legislative districts for tht 1972 election. But it has left open the possibility of another redistrlctlng before the 1980 census. The court Friday handed down a full opinion on the subject, following by a week the order which allowed filing to begin on the basis of the new district The main objection to the new map was tht composition of the panel which drew It The new state constitution says such a commission must be comprised of four legislators and four persons from outside the General Assembly, However, three of the legislators who were supposed to Plan Phase III.

Physical Edu- plained about the police carry-cation and administrative ing guns, Council To Discuss Water Expa overhead also were classified as low priority areas which could be cut The staff of the IBHE asked for a list of the university' low priority programs on Sept. IS and asked the university administrations to have the program cut completed by November; Northern, however, took the matter to the Regents, asking for more time to iinvolve faculty, student nd administra tor' input In the program re- view. NIU and the two other Regency, school will be pre senting the Regents with the program review Sunday. According to sources, the Board of Regents also will discuss the decision by NIU President Richard J. Nelson to not permit singing of the National Anthem prior to Huskie home basketball games.

Also on the agenda at the regency meeting will be re- I News Nixon WASHINGTON DEKALB The DeKalb City Council will hold a special meeting Monday at 8 p.m. to discuss the expansion of the city's water system and an off-street parking ordinance. Because the city has contracted the Illinois Toll Highway Authority to provide the tollway's extension with water services, the city will ports on athletics, the NIU Security Police, and tht NIU library. Tht board will be presented with plan for I $113 million new library on the NIU campus. It it possible that after the plans and specifications of the 2S6.000 square foot building are presented, the board could let the building out for bid Tuesday, Clyde Walton, director of the NIU library, told a pres conference that the bid for construction of the library must be awarded by April or inflation would carry the cost of construction out of the money alloted for its construction.

The board' discussion on the NIU Security Police will be centered around the need for the campus police to carry guns. When Board Chairman Robert Barr was on campus in September, student com-. "It is my understanding that the university police at NIU and ISU are armed at all times," Barr said. Sangamon's (State) police are only armed, at night. "I don't believe that this Justified," he said.

"It's a personal opinion subject to change, of course, because it is conceivable that there may be Justification of this practice." The Regents will also hear a report from Northern justifying the athletic fees for the university's football program. The report was asked for last spring when the Regent approved an increase in the athletic fee after students at the university overwhelmingly supported a referendum for a mandatory athletic fee The report will not only deal with the need for an increase in the fee, but also explaining athletics rote in the educational process at NIU. Digest fif if I I I Chronicle i Crossword. 10 Sport 11-13 Lively 4 Sycamore 9 8 Getting New Quarters The Salvation Army in DeKalb received another bell ringers house yesterday which was placed in front of Grants Store on Sycamore Road. Constructing and donating the shelter complete with electric heater was the Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club and its president Glenn Williams is shown at left Inside member Pete McConneli puts finishing touches on it while Major Robert Baize of the Salvation Army hangs a bucket at right.

(Chronicle Staff Photo) Congress Ends Session have to Issue a bond to pay for if approved, the new ordi-the water system improve- nance would establish off- jorities in both house the session was a success. His economic program, extending his powers to control wages and prices in the private sector, swept through without major change. And, with the alliance of the Democratic leadership in the House, he resisted near-. ly all efforts of the Senate to change his foreign policy, con-y tinuing the executive branch's predominance in international affairs and matters of national security. I did not want to enter the race without a certain idea of the difficulty of the task as far as time personal, and money; and secondly, I waited in hope that somewhere A qualified candidate from our neighborhood would speak ouf but none did.

Therefore, subject to the wishes of the people I did finally decide to seek the office" Diedrich, a lifelong resident of DeKalb, stated that his oldest ancestor In DeKalb County was born in 1806 and came to DeKalb to live with her daughter. Diedrich stated that "my six daughters are the seventh generation in DeKalb County. Diedrich is married to the former Dawn Monnett a graduate of Northern Illinois University, and is the father of six daughter ranging from ments. City Manager Don Crawford has suggested that the council include in the bond several ower water improvement project to Improve the city watersystem. The council has asked City Engineer Pat Dougherty for a list of top priority projects and cost estimates of each project Dougherty has Included In his "priority" list the connection of the Tilton Park area with another water line, the possibility of replacing two or three of the city's smaller wells with one large one, plus several other projects.

Construction costs of the water lines for the toll road KV4 The major changes initiated by Congress were in the political arena. The vote was extended to citizens between 18 and 21 years old. Congress enacted a novel scheme to thwart the influence of pressure groups by establishing government-subsidized presidential campaigns beginning in 1976. And the first maloi reform in campaign financing since the Coolidge administra- H.v.uiUmB,,ngonpo- 1 I til uucai nam- one year old to 8 years old. He was educated at DePaul Uni- variitv fnlloefl Ttt I ui mnA hat twn In the ffennral nrix.

tice of law since 1961 In Chicago and DeKalb. He served as the first City Attorney under the current Manager form of government in DeKalb until 1964. Diedrich also taught in the College of Business at NIU for three years upon returning to DeKalb. When asked about the issues of the coming election, Diedrich commented that the state of the economy and the nation's future in the world would probably be the largest single issue but he stated "I feel that the people should know and remember that our problem are not the result of (Please tura to page 2) mered out in committees with final passage promised for early next year. Nixon's major defeat of the session was the jettisoning of the government-subsidized commercial supersonic aircraft, a decision that leaves the field to Britain, France and the Soviet Union.

In addition, the President's HWVMVIVII controversial proposals for welfare reform, revenue ihar- nswn have been estimated at $250,000 to $300,000 but Crawford has suggested that the bond could go over the half million dollar mark. The council will also be discussing an ordinance from the Community Development Director Gary Moe rewriting the city's off-street parking ordinance. street parking and loading requirements in terms of setbacks, space size, and the number of spaces. The re-' quirement are based upon land-use and zoning, Christmas? 6 more shopping days mm nols must fully participate in the great future of this iukj tlon." Diedflch tlllmed that in the past, "this most populous 1 area outside of Chicago ha never had an effective spokesman in our nations cap-' itoL We have the largest exporting state in the Union, the wealthiest agricultural district in the State and one of the largest Universities in the State Yet we have not contributed our fair share to the leadership which this nation sorely need" In an apparent reference to other local candidates for other state offices Dieklch stated "It is good to see other DeKalb residents seek Mate offices, and particularly, it 1 pleasing to see that DeKalb and northern Illinois win be represented in the legislature" mm VP Persuades (UPI) President Nixon personally urged Soviet leaders to persuade India to cease the battle against West Pakistan when Indian victory in the east was certain, according to administration officials. The officials said Friday they had good reason to believe that the Soviets played a useful role, in getting India to declare a cease fire on the Western front once the Pakistani Army surrendered in East Pakistan.

Henderson Cleared FT. MEADE, Md. (UPI) Col. Oran K. Henderson, highly-decorated Army veteran of three wars, has been acquitted of charges of hushing up the 1968 My Lai massacre.

He was the only officer brought to trial by the Army among 13 originally accused of the alleged' coverup of the slaughter of unresisting civilians. Five other soldiers were tried in connection with the actual murders but only one, Lt. William LCalley convicted; Ing with the states, 5 government reorganization and authority to halt strikes creating national emergencies all were blocked. Biedrich Makes Candidacy Official 1 WASHINGTON (UPI) -The 92nd Congress has ended a first session which despite strife produced fundamental economic and political reforms and a string of victories for President Nixon. The final gavel fell at 1:31 p.m.

Friday and Congress adjourned until Jan. 18 after rushing through foreign aid legislation that had deadlocked both houses for a week. For Nixon, a Republican saddled with Democratic ma Diedrich stated that the long delay in his decisioin was due to two principal factors, "first, Ed Dtedrkh IV 1 I Area Weather Turning cloudy tonight and warmer with lows in the mid to lower 20s. Sunday cloudy and warmer with highs in the 30 But on the challenges to his leadership in foreign policy and defense" matters, Nixon was the clear winner, A deter- hiA In fisnatu in Inrn" urffhHrawaf tit htth .5. troop -Vietnam 1 war defeated.

His foreign aid program, including huge doses of military assistance to the newest U.S. client, Cambodia, was defeated in the Senate in October but finally resurrected and approved with a 22 per cent overall cut The last desperate attempt of Senate doves to influence the course of the Vietnam War failed In the final days before adjournment Faced with the House refusal to permit a record vote on the issue the Senate scrapped it amendment to the foreign aid bill setting a six-month timetable for Vietnam withdrawal. DEKALB Attorney Ed- ward F. Diedrich last night of- ficially announced hit decision to seek the 15th Congressional District seat for S. Congress, thus ending several day speculation that he would run in the regular Democratic Primary on March 21, Already announcing their Intentions to run In at least the peclal election primary Feb.

13 to replace Mr Charlotte T. Reid who resigned last Fall are -Tim Hall of Dwight Tim Moore of Sandwich and Eu-: gene Balmes of Sycamore Some may file again for the regular term March 2L Diedrich explained hi plana during a birthday party held In his honor at the Kishwaukee Country Club. He cited several reasons for seeking the office "Northern Uli- Inside The 10 2 Obituaries 2 10 TV5A-11A -f'.

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