Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1966
Page 3
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•••••••••••*••••••••*••* fL THE OLD GOAT hopes Mere dith Willson tells those long haired musicians where to go, and that doesn't mean River City either. Some of the music professors have protested Willson being named to the president's Council on the Humanities, whatever that may be. Seems the profs think they were slighted when Willson was named. They claim Willson is "too commercial." Maybe he should starve in an attic hunh? And that he hasn't written any "serious" music. Phooey — Willson has so too! He has written some> long-hair symphonies. The Old Goat will admit they haven't gone too far, but after all the Old Goat doesn't understand any music except that played in harmony. The problem seems to be • Willson doesn't kowtow enough to the stuffy old perfes- sors and cater to their whims That is a plus mark for Willson Mr. and Mrs, W, C, Irtlan got home a week ago yesterday from their winter at Riverside, Calif., where they went early in December. During their stay their son-in-law, Robert Middletort, twice underwent surgery. He first had stomach ulcers removed, and before fully recovered went back to the hospital for gall bladder surgery. His wife and two daughters were victims of the flu epidemic so Irelans were glad to be staying nearby. ~ lobert Middleton and family. Mr. Middleton had had major surgery but returned to work tfarch 15. Joyce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson, returned to the University Hospital at Iowa City after spending her spring vacation of a week with no matter what the long-hairs think. •» * # A SURVEY SHOWS that four out of ten women color their hair, but only thejr hairdresser knows for sure or whatever that slogan is. Checking on State street the other day the Old Goat counted the first six women and then looked closely at the next four to see what color their hair was. Two wore hair curlers so were disqualified. One had a scarf on and the hair was hidden. The fourth was a blonde and such a blonde! Maybe she did and maybe she didn't. If there was color it was mighty light and the Old Goat would bet she bleached it and then colored it. However the bet wouldn't be more than a two- bit piece. The Old Goat's experience is you can't trust a woman when her hair secret is concerned. •x- * # THE Beverly Hillbillies were certainly out of place on that whale show the other night. In fact it seems someone had an idea and goofed. They were out of their clement and when they appeared seemed to know it. The trouble with too many performers who are typed in their parts is they can't escape their image. And a Hillbilly image as announcers just didn't jell worth a whoop. Which perhaps all goes to show that performers are not the people they portray on the screen and stage, and get mighty ordinary when they have to get out of costume and the part they play. Raymond Burr just plays a lawyer and Dr. Kildare is just a shadow on the screen. When their words are not written for them they are just like any other person — lost. * * * AT VANCOUVER women were barred from an athletic contest called a boxing exhibition. The promoters said the women lous ed up the place for the men who couldn't enjoy themselves and the spectacle with the worn en hanging around. True! They even banned the girls who hac done the ushering and replacec them with men. Frankly i' would seem the promoters hav let themselves in for a shellacking somehow. Nothing like telling a woman she isn't welcome at a public event and see the fur fly. That's a challenge any red- blooded young American girl just won't let be. Run for the hills men — the dam has bust- also visited relatives at Coina and other California spots'; »layed much golf, and saw sev- ral ballgames. Mr. and Mr*. John Love were isited Easter by the latter's >rother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Bottelson of Northwood. Mr. and Mrs. August Schmidt had as Easter guests their sons and daughters-in-law Mr. and Urs. Merle Moore and Mr, and Mrs. Delbert Moore and famil- es. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Moore spent Easter Sunday at Rolfe with the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs. Manly Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Conrac spent Easter Sunday at Murra> with Mrs. Conrad's parents, Mr and Mrs. Richard Stutzman. Mr. and Mrs. Darlow Roger and family spent Easter weekend at Blair, Neb. with Mr. and Mrs. Norman. Rogert and Mr. and Mrs. Jens Jensen. ler patents. Lawrtnc* Hutull Earlham to spend went to the s Easter weekend with his wife who ;here assisting in the care oj her father, Earl Standing, 97 A sister and sister-in-law of Mrs. Hutzell have been with tier assisting in his care. Easter guests of Mr. and Mri Fred Geigel were their son, Bob and wife and three daughters of Kansas City, and son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gar aid Voigt and James of Fenton Because of the snow storm the Geigels left for Kansas Citj sooner than planned. 1,500 kids hunt for eggs at Call Park ALOONA (few*) ADVANCC-3 THURSDAY, APRIL 14. 1964 K«IUy over- Mr, and Mrs. Ruutll were visited Friday and night by Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hanson of Sioux City. Mr. Hanson is a brother of Mrs. .Kelley and the visitors spent some time at the Good Samaritan Home where the father, Harold Hanson, is a resident. Mr. and Mrs. John Dutton ad as recent dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pedersen were visited over the Easter weekend by their daughter Diane, a student at the Mankato Business college. The family spent Sunday at Gilmore City where they were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seversen. Easter weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Nasby were their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Panko, Tyler Minn. Both teach in the school system there. The son, John Nasby, was also here from Jackson, Minn., and had been here previously when his father was taken to St. Ann. Other previ ous guests were Mrs. Nasby's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Ny borg, and brother and sister-in law, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ny borg, Jackson, Minn. Mr. Nasby was dismissed from St. Ann hos pital last week but will not bi as active as usual for awhil on doctor's orders. Mrs. Sara Smith who fell sev ral weeks ago and broke a le; ear the knee and was taken t 'ark hospital at Mason City fo More than 1,500 children par- icipatfed in >n Easteivfcgg hunt Saturday at Call state park. Locating marked eggs which qualified them fpr>pfizes were, for the group age six and under, Dave McCready, Btfrt, and Doug filbert and Pamela Moyick, both of Algona., • < Winners of the seven to 11- year group were Dianne Arend, Rhonda Sabin and Patty Marshall, all of Algona, Mike Soft-it, Chris Meyer and Connie Thilges, all from Algona, were winners of the over- 11-year age, group. Each participating youngster received a candy bar. The hunt was sponsored by the Salesmen's Bureau of the local Chamber of Commerce. Donald Ferris is chairman of the bureau, Prior to the hunt members of jie bureau enjoyed a sausage and egg breakfast at the park. Aiding with the breakfast were Pat Jensen and Leon Laird. William Steele, executive secretary of the chamber, acted as master of ceremonies at the hunt. Members of the bureau hid the to spend a year near Fenten Yamauchi Katsuro, 26, Japan, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Ruger near Fenton on Saturday. He is one of ten young Japanese farmers to par icipate in Iowa Farm Bureau's apanese farm trainee program. After a plane trip from Japan o San Francisco, Calif., and a )us ride to Des Moines he was met in Des Moines by the Rugers and came to his new home or a year. Mr. Katsuro commented on the "big country" and he distance from Des Moines to Fenton. At the Ruger's where he will live and work like a member of he family their two sons were! at home to meet him. Phillip, IS PRESIDENT 18, attends Sentral high school; Shirley Willey Zepeda, Seat- he setting. She is at the Ameri- ana Rest Home in Mason City nd is able to use a walker a ittle. She hopes to be able to return here before too long nd resume her home life as before. Her son Frank and wife o there frequently to see her. The accident happened in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Smith had as Easter Sunday dinner heir son Jack and family and he son Jerry and family who -ame from Omaha, Neb. to spe- id the weekend here. Mrs. Milton Dahl has boon vi ited by her grandson, John J ratt of Pella. She took him to Mason City Sunday where he ook a bus to Cedar Falls and oined his parents, Mr. and Mrs Merle Pratt. They .had come rom Pella to attend a college slay at Cedar Falls in which ;heir son, „ Bob took part. Mrs. W. L. Baker returned Monday from Chicago, 111., where she had gone to spend a few days with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hendrickson and family. A family dinner was hold Easter Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dutton's at Burt. In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson, daughter Linda and her classmate, a student from Hawaii. Both girls attend Morningside college, Sioux Ci ty. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Teeter, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schichtl, Marshall town, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schichtl, Britt, were also guests. William Thompson and Robert Thompson went to St. Paul Sunday to see their brother-in- law, Glen Dales, who is hospitalized there. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moo and family and the parental Orville Barbers of Whittemore attended a family dinner Easter Sunday in Fort Dodge at Mr. and Mrs. Mergen Beisch's. Tom Hutchison was dismis- eggs for the children. One hun dred dozen eggs were boiled anc colored by members of -three Girl Scout troops in preparation for the hunt. Womens clubs at Titonka for Spring meeting Mesdames George Wolf, J. B. Asa and John Thompson represented the Algona Federated *ti Fredrlckson and Mabeline Lovstad. Note change of pro gram and hostesses. Science Fair planned this week, Bancroft Bancroft — The annual St. John's high scliool Science Fair will be held in the school gym this weekend, Tuesday and Friday, April 14-15. The public is invited to view the projects with doors open from noon until 8:30 p.m. each day. Exhibits will include work of the Lation group and science NOTICE This i* the Lar.dfi School of Halntyllna SUMMER CLASS SCHEDULE, Monday, Junt 13 Monday, July It 'Visit Anytime' 'Enroll Early' , Classes are filling rapidly LARSON SCHOOL OF HAIRSTYLINO 203'/j Grand Av«. — Phone 262.5588 Sponcer, low* classes, grades 9 through 12. Instructors include Sisters Mary Rosarie, Rose Marie and Mary Tarcisia. Judges for the event will be Dr. Kevin C. Nash of Algona and Vern Logan and Mrs. Tom Garry Jr., both of Bancroft. , The grade Fair will be month. If you cant school Science held later this the weather as a senior and John is a senior at Augustana college in Sioux Falls, S. D. There is a married daughter, Jane, Mrs. William. Rump, who .lives in Kansas. tie, Wash, and daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. "Kink" Willey, is president of. the Lake City Cooperative Pre-school which meets four days a week in St. George's Yamauchi comes here from a Episcopal church. It is sponsor- dairy farm near a small town in ed by the Family Life Education Japan. They had ten cattle and of Seattle public schools. Two 500 chickens. Instead of raising of Mrs! Zepeda's children, Mich- rice the crops planted were do- ael and Julie, attend the school ver and grain for their stock, but in September the youngest He graduated from high school child, Linda, will also attend, and attended an agricultural The school is for children from college for a year. Besides his | three to five years of age. parents he has two brothers and a sister in Japan. During his stay in Iowa, the trainee will take a month away from the farm for educational trips in the state and through' ut the nation. This is the third | ALGONA A. OK. onsecutive year the Farm Bur au has sponsored the program 4-H Woman's Club at Spring Convention the annual of Kossuth County Clubs held Monday at Titonka. Hostess clubs were: Algona Federated, Titonka Feder ated, Plum Creek Woman's and Whittemore Woman's Clubs. Mrs. ^ern Weaver, Dayton, quests the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Mr. and Mrs. lay Hanson of Osage and Mrs. Robert Schaffer of Wapello. The women are daughters of lie Frank Smiths. Mrs. Schaffer accompanied her brother Jack Schaffer who visited friends and relatives in the vicinity. Her husband was unable to come. Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Gotten and family returned Sunday from Parma, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio where Mrs. Cotten and the two younger children had spent two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Orlo- kowski. Dr. Cotten and the older children joined her there a few days ago. Harold "Si" Roth and Al Helmers left Monday for Denison to try out new work. Until they make a decision, the Roths are maintaining their home here. "Si" owns the Algona electric business. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Asa were dinner guests Easter Sunday of VIr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham. sed from St. Ann hospital last week Wednesday. He had surgery and has recovered very ed! * THE OLD GOAT hopes whoever it is got the message in the weekend Demon Register agony column which said "L. L. Best wishes wherever you are. J. B." This "J. B." is i regular user of the personals to send cryptic messages. Must be some kind of a nut? * * * A MOVIE advertises that i ghoul changes its bed sheet for a bikini. Now a ghoul is a ghoul, whether in a bed sheet or perish the thought — a bikini. Frankly it would seem a bed sheet would be better attire for a ghoul than anything as revealing as a bikini. Of course the Old Goat hasn't seen any ghouls so maybe they are something to see in a bikini. But the Old Goai is just as happy as he is, am may just go to that show to see a ghoul. Probably it'd turn out •to be some well turned out - 1 " a«4 w>| a gh.oul a* aUJ Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. laymond Kranz, Mr. and Mrs. Jrandt and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Asa of Titonka. Dinner guests Easter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mino were their daughters, Myrna Mino of Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Price and children of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman, Mike, Tom and Pat of Eagle Grove spent Easter Sunday with « . .«.»- • i -»•• well but is at his law office only part time for awhile, Mr, and Mrs. Nick Reding spent the Easter weekend at Waterloo with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, William Rakers. The Rakers' daughters Sue and Sally were also there. Sue is a nurse at the hospital at Iowa City and Sally is a student at Briar Cliff college, Sioux City. Mrs. Frank Ver» has returned from Phoenix, Ariz, where she spent a few months with her daughter, Elvie and husband Don Johnson and grandsons Ted, Tom and Joe Hutchison. From there she went to fianger, Texas and visited Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Jones and Elvie Lane. Mr. and Mrs. D«an Taylor attended the Iowa car dealers convention at Des Moines last week. Mrs. Taylor's mother, Mrs. Herbert Zielske, came from Lake Mills to be with the children. Pamela, daughter of Mr. end Mrs. John Hopkins, spent her Easter holiday with her parents. She is a student at Iowa State University, Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hen- Sixth district director, was the morning speaker. Styles of 1966 were shown in the afternoon with Mrs. Thompson modeling two dresses she had made. Mary Jo Haag, of Whittemore, showed slides and gave a talk on experiences she'd had during two years of teaching in a school at Pavla, Brazil. The Algona Club received three awards: in the Home Life Department, International Af fairs, and the Division of Libr ary Service, Also, a representa tive of Iowa Commission for the Blind presented to Algona Club an award for 440 per cent o blind made products sold by the local club. This included towels and 15 tablecloths. Mrs. Leonard Elbert, Whitte more, was elected the new Coun ty Federation chairman. Algona A. OK. club met Apri n Iowa in cooperation with the 9, with Juamta and Jenmfei Assn. for International Collabor- Limbaugh. Mrs. Limbaugh and tion of Farmers in Japan. Mrs. Jergenson , were co-hostes Besides providing first-hand \**- The pledge of allegianc experience of the American way was led by Susan Jergenson of life and imparting American Senior workshop was schedule agricultural knowledge to the for April^ 15. The better groon trainee it will build good will ed girl for this month is Jud and friendshiD Berzer. New members are Mis- ana inenasmp. ty Uoyd gnd Dorothy ^. idereS- The 4-H pledge was led by Jennifer Limbaugh. Talks were given by Susan McEvoy and Linda Heimer. Demonstrations were iven by Susan McGuire, Debbie tuder, Susan Jergenson, and iharon. Menneke. A delicious Trenail (Trenan«-lrlflur»lln, Elanco) Burl purchases marshal's car The Burt town council, in a special meeting Monday morning, approved purchase of a Mercury car from former marshal, Walter Steward, to be used by a new marshal when one is appointed. The car is equipped with a two-way police radio, warning light and other accessories needed for the job. Steward resigned as of April 1, after having served more than 42 years. O. E. S. Past Matrons club will meet Thursday P.M., April 14, hostess Mary Jane Dugan assisted by Mabeline Lovstad. Roll call, Bible verse. Program, Lilli- Mrs. Chapman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Me Mahon, and visited at the new Good Samaritan with Mrs. K. D. James, her grandmother. Mr. andj Mrs. J. J. Atherton had as Easter guests their sons and daughter-in-law, Mr., and. Mrs. Jeff Atherton of Carpenters ville, 111., and Brian of Buena Vista college. Mr. and Mr*. W, C. Irtlan returned test week Wednesday from Riverside, Calif, where they visited, wife their son-in- 4augliter, Mr. and Mrs. son had as Easter Sunday guests their daughter, Sheila and husband C. R. Tippin and son Bret of Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Fairbanks Jr. have been visited by the former's brother-in-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs. Jack Ready of Saginaw, Mich. They spent Easter Sunday at the Fairbanks Sr. farm and were accompanr ied by Marie Grover. FLOOR CHAIRMAN Iowa City — Jacqueline Kinden, freshman at the University of Iowa, has been elected floor chairman of Ruth Wardall House for the 1966-67 school year. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. OrviUe Kinden, AJgo- na. unch was served. Doris McEvoy nd Theresa Berger are leaders. The weatherproof soybean weed control; Works wet or dry! LIGHT BOWL SUNDAY, APRIL 17th Bowl by Moon Light Only. Lights on over Ida pin deck and sign lights over the counter, only LIGHTS in the alley. STARTING TIME 7 P.M. \ (CONTINUOUS) (THERE WILL BE MORE THAN ONE SHIFT) PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! DONATED BY YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSMEN: BEER-A big boost to th« economy! The brewing industry each year contributes over 14 billion dollars in federal, state and local excise taxes... Wages and salaries in the brewing industry account for almost 500 million dollars, and the purchase of packaging materials from other industries runs over 550 million. So next time you enjoy a cool, refreshing brew after hard work or play, remember-~£EER is good ill more ways than one I y«ITf9 ITI iff 1REWERS ASSOCIATION, INC, Hamm's Distributing Coca-Cola Co. Buscher Bros. Algona Lanes 7-Up Company Dunn's Sure Sav« Algona Barber Shop Gambles Store Bomgaar's Bjustrom Furnitur* Scotch Mixed Doubles Only: Mixed doubles can be husband-wile, father-son, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter or sweethearts ... any combination. BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY OUT FOR A WONDERFUL NI6HT OF FUN! YOUNG & OLD ALIKE $2°° Per Couple Scratch Bowling PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN FOR SPLIT PICK-UPS, HIGH GAMES, TRICK SHOTS, itc. Winners of Trick Shot receive §10,95 Bowling Bag from Al, UNI ALGONA LANES ALGONA, IOWA

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