Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1966
Page 6
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(l»w*) AbVAHfif tHUHSBAV, APATl 7, Plan sunrise service V * •",*'"., here Sunday, 6:30 The Easter Sunrise Sarvice ind breakfast for the Algona Pfotestant Youth Council members and friends will be held at tileV First Congregational church M 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Youth from ttl«se church will take part in the services: Good Hope Methodist, , Presbyterian, Methodist, Flfst Lutheran, Congregational, St. ThOffias Episcopal. , Hosts and hostesses will be Kathy Hatch, Sue Moulton, Mike Dailey, Karl Morz, Gave Walker, and Cheryl Rusk. Orgattist Will be Joy Meyer and Gregg Buchanan will preside. Marne Btorott is to lead the Call to Worship and give the Benedic* tidn, Glen Tschetter will have thfe invocation > and lead the Lord's grayer; 'Jane .-Eraser will lead the responsive reading; Kitty Hafdgrove arid Dave Gerber Will read from the Scripture, kathy Darbyshire will sing a solo; her accompanist is to be Marilyn Paetz. Susan Dodds will lead the unison prayer and give the pastoral prayer. Sally Bay Will lead the Apostles' Creed. Ushers will be Jon Deim, 'Dan Merryman, Bob Bradford, and Mix Laird; The sermonette on "Youth •nd Faith" will be given by Rev. Ordination of ma pastor on March 26 An Ordination council war held for Mack Carlson, at the First Baptist church of Algeria March 29f at 2 p.m. There wer/- teM churched represented with 20 delegates preesnt. Tile ofdfiriation service war leld at the church at 7:30. Thr lev. James Brown, who was thp moderator of the afternoon council, led, the evening meet rig. Thd minutes of the Ofdin ation council were read by Annr Riebhpff, the secretary of the council. ' ftev. Marvey Stevens; of the Mack E. Carlson of the 7 Baptist,church. First The Congregational Youth Fellowship will serve breakfast in the .Fellowship Hall at 7:30 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Parrotl ire sponsors for the Youth Fel lowship. Complete cleaning of Bancroft church Bancroft — St. John's Catholic church here has been com pletely"redecoratetf and 'cleaned recently by the Schettler Studios of Carroll. The job was completed Wednesday. A new pulpit, sanctuary standing lamps;; two wall lamps and a new hanging lamp above the gallery will be added. All haVe been donated. •.••],•'••••• Engaged MR. AND MRS. William Schneider announce the engagement and approaching marriage /f their daughter, Diane Gather- ne, to Douglas Downs, son of Mr, and Mrs. Edward Downs, of Vlason City. A June 25tH,wed- 'ling is being, planned. The bride- •ale'ct is employed -by Weidehhoff Corp. and her fiance is -with the Northwestern ,Bell Telephone Company. ' ; 1962 FORD F-600 TRUCK 2-ton unit, 4 and 2-speed, heavy duty V-8, with hoist end •nd dump box, side extensions, and cheaters included; ready to go; •; 2195 TAYLOR MOTOR GO. FORD ft MERCURY SALES ft SERVICE Artichoke Lake Baptist church of Corel!,: Minn., .read the scrip- iure. Rev. v Harley Wheeler, of the Milford Baptist church, Milford, led in prayer. THe Act of Ordinatign was by rtevi Everett Black, of the First Baptist church of Soencer. Soe- cial music was by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bitz, of the First Baptist church of Algona. The charge of the church was by Rev. Floyd Welch, of the First Baptist church of Cambridge, Minn. The charge to the candidate was given by Rev' Hawlin Johnson, of the Union Baptist church of Estherville The right hand of fellowshr was given to Pastor Mack Carl son, by Rev. James Brown, of Spirit Lake. Rear-end collision damages cars ;Poiice investigated an automobile accident on State street at about 5 p.m. Monday. Cars involved were driven by Janic? Marie • Knutson, Gilmore City, arid Linda J. Gant. The Knutson car had about $50 damage to thje'.left rear •taillight when the driver was making a right turn and' 'Stopped for pedestrians. Miss 'Gant'didn't get stopped in time -and hit the rear of the other car. Damage to the Gant auto was about $125 to the right front bumper, fender, and hood. No charges were filed. Mr, and Mr». P>«nit were lit Cedar Rapids tall w*ck«nd vlsitirtg with their Sotl- irHaW and daughter, Mr. ind Mrs. John Minzenmeyer. Supt. and Mrs. 0. B. Lalng Were in De» Moines over the weekend, the former attending » city SilpefinWtfdents meeting. Me was also at Drake university to interview prospective applicants for teaching positions here, Mr, and Mrs. Claude Dearchs were recently visited by their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. nd Mrs. Duane Cumpston and amily of Atlantic. Mrs. Grace Jackman and itrs. Alice DilAMrorth returned last week Wedhesday from a ew months vacation in Arizo- •w. They first visited with Mrs. )itsworth's son, Dick and fam- ly at Tempe, then went to 'hoenix where they Were gue- ts several weeks of Mrs. Merrill Howard, nee Florence Pat erson, former Algonan. Mrs Htsworth Will be here a couple of months and will then go to ler home at Kalispel, Mont. Mrs. Milton Dahl has returned from Pella Where she had spent several days with her daughter (Shirley; Mrs. Merle Pratt and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Geer- ng are going to Spencer for Grant couple celebrate 40th /Grant — Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gibson, of Grant township were honored by children last Saturday night at Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. RussejLl Gibson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barslou Jr. sponsored the event. Also attending were'Mr. and Mrs. Brink Shipler, Lakota; Mr. and Mrs, Harry Mussman, also of Lakota; Mr. and ( Mrs. Glen Mino, Mr/ and Mrs. Jim Hacker, Mr. and Mrs. - W.-.L. Reynolds and Mrs. Wylma Skaar. Terry Powell, Jerry Raney and Jodi Chally came last Friday ("rom the State University for Easter vacation with their families. They will return to Iowa City Sunday. Chris Jensen, who has been in the Good Samaritan home fell Saturday afternoon and broke his hip and is at St. Ann hospital. Mrs. Ada CarroH rrt'Tted Monday from Bloomington, 111. •yhere she had been since thp first week in December visitinp her daughter, Mrs. Luella Low •?ry. ' . •' Everett Robinron, came b -lane from Me'dford, Oregon or Wednesday for ten days with his mother, Mrs. Eliza Angle. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Graettinger will have as Easter week end guests the letter's parent? Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Judge Ames, and sister Jane Judge of Madison, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer have had as guests the past month their nephews^.,Lyndon and Ja son Fowler of Hurnboldt. The! mother" had been 1 . > hospitalized for surgery and they are young lads who needed care. Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Hugh Colwells were the Dr. II. C. Banwart family, Adel, and a college friend of their son, Bob, from Hawaii; Jim and Gary Colwell were both home and came with the Willis Col- wells, Jean Taylor,/and Mollie Saster ,Sumlty with their s6ii- ifl*kw and daughter, Rev. arid Mrs7 evWfelt Black ind family, the BlfiCfe ditaghter^Mary Ann, and her fiaftce, Jame% Lau, will also be there. Both are students at Bethel college, St. Paul, Mr. ind Mr*, Jerry Lewis will have as Easter guest* their daughter, Jane and husband W. J, Ruge of Fort Dodge., Mrs. Frank Zender and her sister, Mrs. Frances Grantham are going to Iowa City Thursday and will remain over Easter with Mrs, Grantham's son Wayne and wife. Ollie Nasby it making geoc recovery at St. Ann hospital where he was taken for com plete rest. He and his. wife are managers of the Good Samari tan Homes here and the heavy responsibilities involved '* with the new building made rest for him imperative. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moe went to Fort Dodge Sunday to see Mrs. Moe's father, Orville Barber, at the Mercy hospital He had recent surgery for re moval of a kidney stone. Mrs. Victor Young, nee Hes ter Jasperson, former Algonan and for many years of Clear Lake, visited Mrs. Katherine McMurray Sunday at the Gooc Samaritan Home. She was alst the new &tnafit*n liotftf to ; he?" molher-ih'latf, M«. Louise Vouhg. Address of the new hotlfS y 412 West Kennedy ^ ftp* S0511. Adele .White was visit- eel Stthday by the brothers-ift* knd sisters of her late ' " >and Ckude White, Mr. alid Mrs. Harold Morris of Bagley d Mf-and Mrs. Frank Lillie of .Linden. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Mallofy came Monday from Himptofl ahd took Mrs. Mallory's sistet Dora Mitchell home with th«trt for a visit of a few days. MisS Mitdiell is a resident of the Good Samaritan Home. Mary Jean Hood is spending her Easter vacation with He! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geiie Hood. She is a fourth grade tea cher at Bloomington, Minn., suburb of Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hood hat as -Palm Sunday dinner guests Mrs. Frances Bonder and Mary Frances of Des Moines, Mr. art* Mrs. M. J. Eischeid of Ft. Dod ge, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reti ing and Mrs. Gusta Patterson Mr, and Mrs. Roy HutXOll were .visited a couple of days this week by the letter's uncle afnd aunt, Mr. and Mi-s. Enos Ac' kerman and their daughter-in- law, Mrs. Clyde Ackerman, Rochester, Minn. They were enr route home from Woodward where they had attended a wedding anniversary of relatives. Mr, and Mrs. Duane Schnell had as guests Saturday Joan Mains and Denny Dean of Buf- Mirmd'MM. as Easter arid daUf Waiter _._.... daughter, titld •*~-- - — --.---•. who is employed it Miliiieipo- lis, Minn. TITRATIONS WATCH FOR CONVERSIONS - APRIL 16 JAMES BOND BAND - APRIL 22 AND MORE TO COME! — DANCING STARTS AT 9:06 P.M.— THE HOTEL ALGONA Blanchard, Lone Rock. Mrs. Day, Clarion, mother of Mrs. Willis Calwell, was also a guest. M-h-M-M-i-H- r-H"H"l"i"H"H"|"l-l WHILE YOU WAIT -KEYS- MADE AT THE ALGONA Coast-to-Coast Store ONLY VNITCWM.lt 9MIY )1M NMf IN ntftt )lw tw *< tkl IrM m cir JACK'S TIRE SERVICE e test amazes swine shows why -range worm with Atgard V is so Results show Atgard® V (dichlor- vos) is so effective that it can rid pigs of large numbers of worms— even though they've just been wormed with something else. Your veterinarian has it. rT"V> TEST Atgard V, researchers wormed J. youngpigsfirstwith an over-the-counter wormer, then rewormed with Atgard V. The average weight of the pigs was 33.4 Ibs. The worming with Atgaid V followed the drinking-water treatment (first treatment) by 96 hours. . The worm counts taken after each treatment tell the story, Actual figures are shown below in chart form. Atgard V left the pigs really wormed, not just treated for worms. Without it they would have grown to market weight under unsuspected stress from worms. Wldt-rang* worm control Wide-range worm control with Atgard V rids pigs of all major worm problems—not just 1 or 2. It cleans out mature roundworms, fourth stage roundworm larvae, whip- worms, and nodular worms. By allowing even one worm species to remain uncontrolled, you risk damage that can measurably affect feed efficiency and the health of your herd, Why Atgard V works so tfficitntfy Rice-sized pellets of Atgard V release continuous control as they pass through pigs- Pigs this size (about 25 pounds) will benefit far more from worming than older animals. The safety of Atgard V lets you do the job early—before worms can really injure pigs, lower feed efficiency, or grow into egg-laying adults, an entirely new control concept, You simply hand-mix the wormer in a non-pelletized feed and let pigs clean it up. No need to starve or purge pigs prior to treatment. No need to lose a day's weight gain. And with Atgard V there's also an extremely wide safety margin. It pays to worm oarly Worm pigs young and you give them a head start toward an early market date. You also get greatest effectiveness at lowest cost. Plan to treat with Atgard V as soon as pigs can eat solid feed. NuMber of wtmii cetmtoe* by researcbere. *|*V!A| TT 1 / • ^ft aAifl^ft^ BS!!5SSESEBUB ^ESB*>ES£^EHB 5£9laM£JBLKE^S2 ¥ 9 W9w 9 * W^f B'™ejwtf "" : "', -^~,.^~,~ After first treatment . 13-0 4.0 32-0 After retreatment with Atgard V 20 i .0 Trial*2 (10 pigs) After first treatment 27.0 After retreatment with Atgard V 67.Q §13.8 • 262.0 490.0 650.0 . 26.0 448.0 NOTE : Early worming also helps you minimize reinfection—you kill worms before large, egg-laying populations build up, Get Atgard V—arid all the details on dosage and treatment:—from your veterinarian, Take advantage of his help and worm your pigs for maximum profit tliis year. Contraindications; Do not apply insecticides to animals at time of treatment; otherwise, there are no known contraindications for use of this product. Caution; Federal law restricts this drug to sale by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. Active ingredients: Atgard V is available in packages containing 5.76 and 28.8 grams of 2;2 dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (dichlorvos) in 3n inert base. Shell Chemical Company, Agricultural Chemicals Division, UO West 51st Street New York, N.Y. 10020, ' Atgard V

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