Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1966 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1966
Page 13
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10 -20.30 Years Ago A weekly feature of by-gone days By Erma Lea Dtim Algono Hcmuth County THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1966 — ALOONA, IOWA vance Burled cars March 29, 1956 Dial telephone* for Algona were to make their appearance within the next week as part of the $650,000 telephone improvement and expansion program which would result in tuai pno- ne service the lirst part oi 1& Dial installations in the homes had to start early. Voter* of the Grant Commu nity scnooi district had vote* "No" to tne proposition to mer ge with the £>wea City and Led yard school districts. Tne vote was 182, No; 135 Yes. The Fenton Community clu had met and discussed the pos sibilities tor playground equipment sucn as basnetball and tennis courts. Dick Dale, one of the members of the Lawrence Welk show, was honored in Algona where he was corn and raised. Pictures to be used on KGLXJ- TV were taken in the home of his sister, Mrs. Harold Cowan. The annual LuVerne Ea»ter sunrise service was planned to take place on the corner ot main street. This was a traditional service wnich had its beginning wnen teen-age boys piayeci Easter music rrom tue rooi top CH the L,icnty Hardware. oKice ly-tii tne seirviyj has Deen a memorial to LA. Phil A. uaity, wno lost his Lite in England in 1944. Volunteer fire department officers 01 Kossuui county and all interested uremen were invited to aUeuu a volunteer fire Department oiiicefs' classes at Algonu. ineoe were couuucteu by tne Extension aervice. >i: »;; »;t April 4, 1946 Ledyard was the first school system m tins area to have a projector and maKe ; 'use> of visual aius in the classrooms. Six otncr Kossutn towns nad been using tnein. Algona schools nad tlie money ior a projector but none nad been available because 01 the war until last September wnen one was installed. In the annual report to the Town Council the whittemore Library reported 10,240 books were circulated to 413,300 users and 6,732 were children. Warm lunches served to school children at the Swea City school had to be discontinued Ho tuo iiOiIle economic Cldaaea needed tne kitcnen equipment. An average 01 2UO luncnes a day had been served at the cost 01 15c per pupil. It had been reported that a Kossuth teacher was the proud owner of a pair of nylon hose. She had stood in line, registered her name, and tried all of the tricks she knew to get some of the sheer lovelies, and then —she wouldn't tell exactly how she got them! Marguerite Daliiel, daughter of Mrs, E. W. Lusby, Algona had wired that she was safe after a tidal wave caused exten sive loss of life and property damage in Punaluu, Oahu whe re she was stationed with the USO. The Swea City Methodist chu rch had been presented a Ham mond organ in memory of Mr and Mrs. J. M. Smith by thei son, R. D. Smith. The Whittemore Conservation unit was reactivated after having had no meetings since 1941. 0 * * March 26, 1936 Another exam for postmaster at Bancroft had been called for late April to be the third one since 1934. Six persons had qualified after the exams but all examinations for postmaster were under an executive order of President Roosevelt and not civil service. The postmaster general had the power to disqualify any candidate. The Algona postoffice was ordered locked at 8:30 p.m. af ter several boxes had been broken into. A large plate glass window at the ice cream factory in Algona had been broken in windstorm. The County planning board had revised estimates to in crease the Kossuth corn yield from 42.3 percent to 48.5 per cent, and from 33 per cent to 35.2 percent for small grams. David Lynch, Jr., $wt* S«ty had ridden to Texas and bacl on a motorcycle, covering 3,200 Farm Bureau Woman's Day here Friday Mrs. William Stillman, Em metsburg, will be guest speakei at the annual Kossuth Count} Farm Bureau Women's Day, t( be held Friday, April 1, at 1:30 p m. at the VFW Hall, Algona*, Mrs. Stillman will be showing lid«* ifid telling of her intern-1 The townships ' serving on ting trip to Ireland last fall, as committees are Union, Pro* one of the official delegates to I gram; Prairie, invitations and he Meeting of the Associated I registrations; Irvington, tea ta- Country Women of the World We; and Wesley, coffee. The which was held in Dublin, ire* remaining townships consisting and. Mrs. Stillman represented of Buffalo, Fenton> Ledyard, the Northwest Region. Lincoln, LuVerne, Plum Creek, Mrs. Glenn Clark, Swea City, and Swea-Hafrison, will be fur County Women's Chairman, re- nishing cookies, ports that others on the program will include: Mrs. Herbert ANGUS BULL Johnson, Charles City, District Berl Priebe & Son, Algona U Women's Chairman; Roger recently sold atl Aberdeen-An Brown, Regional Fieldman; Ce» . „ , „,.,, , A1 r-^«^«. cil Long, President, Kossuth 8 US bul ! to cufford McGregor County Farm Bureau; Mike Armstrong. Smith, Agency Manager; and Er-1 vin Handel, FS Sales Manager. TO JUNIOR COLLEGE The Kossuth County Chorus Gail Fitzpatrick, daughter o will also appear on the program Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzpatrick with several vocal selections. Algona, has been accepted fo Guests, both urbaiTa'nd rural are welcome to attend tills event. dmlssloti at Cpttey Cott«i§qif!^«£fii6ft*' wt>ffltti to Nevada, Mo., and will enter the | fall of 1968, N««d Printing? the ADVANCE! Lutherans Can Insure Against Mortgage Foreclosure Lutherans rely on .special AAL mortgage protection plans. If you should die, AAL life insurance provides the funds to pay off your mortgage. Leave your wife a deed — not a debt. Call this local Lutheran for his professional advice. MriiB EDWIN P. RUDD, PIC District Representative Box 284 Algona, Iowa Phone 295-5049 AID ASSOCIATION FOR LUTHERANS (AAL) ONE Of VKH biggest jobs after the blizzard was digging out buried cars. A couple are shown above. At top, Ghuck Baker's convertible was well-banked with snow Wednesday morning. Note the broken aerial atop the house also. In photo below, digging had already begun in freeing the Les Foxhoven car on East State street. Exclusive Advance Photos by Mike Stillman. GOP CAUCUSES The Republican precinct caucuses will be held "on May 2, it was announced this week by party chairman C. R. Schoby. Time and place for the caucuses will be announced later. lures of the Pennsylvania floods at the Call Theatre that were shown for the first time n New York City the same ay. They were flown from Tew York to Omaha then to 'ox Lake by train and from here to Algona on the Northwestern. The Wesley M.S. had collected a $25 schol rship for an 8 year-old girl in ndia. Methodist W.F. Burl girl soloist in college choir Francie McDonald, Burt, wi be one of six soloists Morningsidc college in the concert choir which will launch ite annual spring tour Sunday with appearances at Estherville and Worthington, Minn. The choir will be on the road ten days. PICKUP PICTURES 4-H officers who have left pictures at the Advance for use in today's paper may pick them up anytime if they would like them returned. miles. Aloona sow ALL-OUT Yl ELDERS! Pioneer's New Generation hybrids make the most of today's corn growing advances For 1966, Pioneer offers you a New Generation of hybrids—exceptional performers to fit your specific corn growing needs. These varieties are especially suited to top* level farming—where high fertility, high populations, weed and insect control, and top-level management open the way to new yield goals, You can meet these needs with Pioneer's New Generation hybrids. Supplies of these top performers won't meet the demand. See your salesman soon f oy hybrids that can help you get all-out yields. See or Call Your Local Pioneer Salesman: PIONEER. BMAND SEEP CORN I. MAWDSLEY STEUSSY ALGQNA ._ HOOVER, Sr , rt *H£2£ HENRY SCHROiDER LONE ROCK KOLLASCH (Jiggs) BQDi VAUDT ** ..~~EVERETT AfKIRSON **r*» A* Nationally AaVeufbfcf an T«l«»Mo»; l>«ml to Sunday Ntw*j»**«ri. - -f' - : . ---.-"" THURS. MARCH 31 thru SAT. APRIL 9 RELY ON OUR REXALL PHARMACIST ,; For prompt, friendly, prescription service. 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OZ. 1.75 DUST.NG POWDER 1.50 COLOGNE 4 fl. oz _ 1.50 SOAP box of 4.. ....2 for 1.51 2 for 1.51 2.00 AFTER-BATH BEAUTY OIL o ( „ « nl MIST 7 oz. aerosol 2 \0f Z.UI CARA NOME FACE CREAMS 1.50 COLD OR CLEANSING * t * ft CREAM 3% oz., jar L TOr 1.51 2.00 NIGHT CREAM O f nr •) M 2i/4 oz. jar L TOl Z.U I 2.50 HORMONE CREAM O f nr O C1 2'/4 oz. iar L TOl l.U I 1.75 DUSTING POWDER K n t nr i -re Adrienne or Lavender. 5 oz. . '_ L *- IUI 1.10 98c HAND LOTION •) t nr QQ Cara Nome. 8 fl, oz ^ IUI .99 t.25 SWEET 'N LOVELY «, f . „ 1 t POWDER MITT „. Z TOr 1.2 1.50 RADIANCE MAKEUP 6 shades, Compact, or joose Face O -fnr 1 ' Powder, L|quid_foundation _„..._«. IUI l.» 98c HAIR RINSE Conditioning; or 9 t nr QQ Dandruff Treat. 8 n. oz. __. ™ L IUI .OO Prices plus tax where applicable. Children'* SUNGLASSES Vjnuub ^tykb borne impuiled REG from J NOW 2 for 40c lo 2 for 2.99 EltCIKEX HEAT PAD j •,|jtrci) Welpiuul 5.96 SUNBEAM ELECTRIC SHAVERS LADIES' 6.99 MEN'S 12.99 SURPRISE BUYS Specially rrtce CANNON THERMAL BLANKET 72" x 90". Cotton. Lint-free. 3. G.E. 10-TRANSISTOR O RADIO Quality speaker. Batteries, case, earphone. 9.99 WALKIE-TALKIE TRANSCEIVERS SUNBEAM CORDLISS IUCTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Rechargeable. Includes 4 brushes. I 10.991 Reolaeement Irushu ., , n Reg. 69c...™._«~-~..~ 2 tor .70 12.44 HAIR DRYER Dominion. Electric. ^^^. Men's Calendar Wrist Watch ....... 9,88 VAPORIZER-HUMIDIFIER a QQ Cold Steam, 1 gal ......... - ...... iiii.iiiiniiiii i Q««<S* SPRAY MIST COLOGNE 1 1Q 4 fragrances, 3 QZ. -------- •••. ...... ! • i w BATH SCALES q oo ond d flft Oval, Rectangular, __-•_ 0.00 dllU *t.OO NYLONS nr CO Spuntex Seamless, 1st Quality. «... \ll • >w9 ALARM CLOCK I Rex Drowse Electric. , ... TOWELS pack of 13 dish cloths, or 3 terry, 5 dish or 1 bath towel ........ 100 Udico Electric CAN OPENER- KNIFE SHARPENER 2-ln-I. 9.99 16-piece STAINLESS STEEL TABLEWARE Four 4-pc. place settings. M M . place $ettingfor 1...1.39 DON'T FORGET SALE BEGIN! 31 QUIK-BANOS Rexall. Adhesive — FACIAL TISSUES Rexall. Colors, 400's (200 2-ply)_ REX COLOR FILM 3.5mm., |ncludes_p.f_Qfissslng. , BATH TISSUE 2-DlY. . RUBBER GLOVES flock-lined TRANSISTOR BAHE8Y a-volt, American-made. GARDEN HOSE Vinyl, 75-ft. ^.31 to ,44 5 boxes .991 1,77 .4-fott pack, .44 or. ,59! 29 MAM1 MORI ITIMS ATf $AU PRICIS - HURRY IN! TOOTHPASTE Rexall, Reg. or Fluor 3-tub« pack. HONSBRUCH DRUG "Algtma's Kexall Drug Store" news reel

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