The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW8 'TO OOURUCR mm oo., PUBUBHBW 0. R BABOOCK, M1U* a W. HAIMBS. AdwUtlog 6oM KiUao*i ArkuuM fitUle*, Inc., New York, CUc*to, Detroit m. Louis, DaUaa. KUMI City, Lima Rock. •Published Every Alternoon Except Sund»jr. f »*Kd « Mcond class matter «t he post offlw at Blythevilie, Ar- ;»nsss, under act of Congreu October B, 1917. Served by tb* United Prea. SUBSCRIPTION By nrrtor m me City 01 ajythevUle, 15c per »'Wk or KJO per y«ir In tdrtnce. By mutt within a radius ol W mUcJ, 13.00 per year, 11,50 for elx monUu, Bio (or three inonttis; by luall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, (6.50 per year, in zones seven and eight, 110.00 ner year, payable In advance. hear, the Drawback to World Peace Whon llu \v;is iliuiigin-iili'il, President Roosevelt vx'niiirkutl tliiil Hie imly thins; we luul to be iil'ri'iil of wits feiir itself. Sometimes one is forioc 1 lo wonder if thai isn't pretty largely I rue, also, in our relations with .l:ip;m. Those relations are rather delicate just now; have been, in fact, for several years. sides h;r/e grown ncrvoils llijilkitig of tlie iv;ir into which they may stumble i!' Iney aren't careful. And there is mx-\\ to sii:- l>cd thnl it is this II-JITO-L:: ftitr of win 1 which is precise!) I he greatest danger. Tlic other day live .Iniwneso were discovered taking photographs in the vicinity of a shipyard in Now Jersey. Two cruisers are beinj; built for the 'U. S. navy in thai shipyard, so the Japanese immediately uvre pinched 1 as spies. An investigation, however, sbuueil tliM 'they merely had b.iei: seeini; the' sights. The negatives ; n their cameras conlaine.l nothing urn: diiniai;- int r tluiii views of the Nev; York skyline. * * • • The Tokio press, ijnili: naturally, gut sarcastic about all (bis. One paper i-cpretlcd ironically tliat Japan has no planes thai could fly all tin; way from Tokio to New Jersey l<, drop bombs. Others commented on An,erica's nervousness, regi-elting Uiu< America was in a frame of mind to jjet aiarmed over an unimportant and harmless incident. Now the interesting filing about this, of course, is Ibe fuel that exactly the same thing | las \ )KCll Impiiciiing in Tokio. American world flyers have been arrested in Japan they unwittingly ll'jw over ccrti'.iii Jaiwiiese fortified areas. H is not so very long rince innocent employes of an Amoricar branch bank in Tokio were arrested— just like I lie Japanese in New Jersey—for taking pictures in the vicinity «f important shipyards. , » « * Any American can underhand that the activities of these Americans in Japan were completely iniuK-enl. Similarly, any Japanese c;-.ti see that the who fell into the law's hands (AUK.) CQUIUEU NEWS in New Jersey were sipliiseers pure and simple. But each nation is so ready to believe that the other is harboring diabolic plots that the mas! harmful incident can be made to Ionic like a sign of impending war. And it is just this ni-rvnii:-. readiness to expect tin; worst Unit creates thu kind of tension IVmn w'lii-h wars are made. If we could gel over our fear, the task of limlinjj pi'iuTl'iil adjustments for tin; didicullii-s between the two nations would iji> tn.idi; immeasurably easier. — Ui'iU'o Cation. A Temporary Plan 11 is somewhat ri i a--iirin|f to hear Assistant Secretary of A-rkiiiluiv TIIJJ- well telling a Cincinnati ai'diencu Hint tin.' present admiiiisti'Mio;; measures to curtail agricultural and industrial production aiv purely (emporary. One of the conlradiclorv features of the administration's revival program has been the fad liiai i-lic nation's productive capacity has U-.MI relarde<l. The production of fnixh'.ui 1 .-; has been cut down in a laud wlu-re many peiijile <lu not get enough ID rul ; factory production has bei'ii cm down in a land where an almost inlitiito variety and ipianlity of. factory jirudncts are needed badly. As a method of mci'lin;; an emergency, such a scheme' may I.,; wise atul ellective. As; a long-raii'je program, however, it would suffer from over- wliehniti}! contvadictions. ft is good to j;el Ibis riassuranee that Die administration realizes Ine fact. Scram, Little Doggy \Wri' jusb as .wry us we- can U', of course, but our patience is about We're nil ready for a last muml-iip cf crconers. radio a!iix>uiim.s. and ilnn; :,iorc covl.oy.s who in- .si.M. osi siiylni; fjii nifii^. llt'le doggy, if Ihey don't know a (.-ill from :; coyole, lhcy omjhl lo stick to thu big, bad i-.-oir and Hie little pigs. Nmv we've Ijecn Mii^in:; liisliiy ii'uoiit tile biy, bad wolf and llic little iiks uvn in I\IC.-,L- ixnls foi- a 10113 lime, ami w haven't mispronounced wolf or pigs oiicx 1 . .Mid we- iliink llie same respect, should be sli';'.vn our Wile clot'le. So (jit .iloni;. lillle di>£&: In fact: Rcrain! — 1'exjis Weekly. SMEWS We can become stronn a^air only il uc lionor Mir past. — German Vice Chancellor Von rajx;ii. \Ve are past ihe notion t,\v. diplomacy mciiiLS sharp dealing. lion-.-sly. lalhrr than cunning and astuteness, always l.nj. U-inmphcd. —Ruth llryan Owoii. U. S. luiiiLsl.-: to Denmark. t » * Tildt-n is the best tennis playci- 1 over have seen. He is lansur of shots and lan make his head save his )'A>ls. —Mrs. Uric,: wills Moody. * * * II .should not be forgouen Us: Ihc nnpiie of Japan exists in the Far £a-t a.-, much as (iocs t!u.' United States on (!«• iVnirican co:i- liuciit. — Eiji Amau, siiokeiniar for the Jap- anrsc (orcisn ulticc. _WKt)NESDAY, OUT OUR WAY r By William* VE.S-YDU BET I DO! AND, WHEM YOU 6ET THAT DONg., YOU CAN HELP < MOVE ^ BED-AND THEN PUT A PIECE Of- COAL IN THE FURNACE! THANKS FOP. STOPPING HERE1 DO YOU WANT YOUR SNOW V- SHOVELED, / M f\ - ••*•<?.••<.:• -.-„. f rcr v ;. p.n.e-^ r T | j SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Well we can't pay it ,n tiling „„ Junior's : ;lhiii>nv until """ ""'s ;t check fiom her ex-husband." Science Makes Progress in Treatment ol: Muscle Ailment l!V 111!. MOKIC1S FISI'-HKIS l-.ilitor, Juiirnal nf the .Medical AsMniation, and <>t llv- Si'ia, tin- Ili-allli Magazine H you had rallcn victim, a fnv yc-ar.s ago. lo a ceitain |Xx.-uS:ar fin in of inasciiliir wcakncs. 1 ;, ynn nill!hi have thought at first iii;it It was nothing to cause concern. Hut your doctor might have held a contrary opinion, iKl it .struck you in an aruu- form, il probably would havel>vii iaial Icn- no' meli-i,d was knu'Aii toi curbini; it. Now all this is clian(a'd and medical science ha» -rkeil, as n rc.-aill of rca-ul periuii'id.s. :i prouram of MIU- ^lu! trratincnl. yiislhenia gruvis i.s ihc niinie of llii^; disturbing malady. Il is ['ailed because it allacks ihc isck's. causing them to lose eiiBlli gradually and in later singes bringing cnniplcte loss ot tlie uiuy.-ulal- rnnctions. Pruclicnlly all niuscles of the body are allcctcd. Fortunately, the ailment i-i i-oiiiparalively rare, bill- I line ncv- i'vllirless have been euri'.];-h cases tu warrant a discussion. If you were to incur this c!is- t\iw. you would, at first, oidy IK- coine excessively tired. Vcur or- riinnry lasks would Ix'cunie almost ir'.iio:.sible to ixirfunn. N'exl you \voiikl lia\c uoublc with your r-yes. you miyhi sec CHURCH EXCUSES Bj G*o. W. My knowledge and abllily make it Imperative that I wnsc the nmlHIoii our churches are hi lo- day lo say nothing of ihc en- iie country ;or world for llic mailer. And il is just as my son- in-law and hired man say that tf Die licuds of .the churches could realize the help my knowledge and ability could bring to them there would be no hesitancy on their part In enlisting my n ij bill they seem willing lo drift along hoping that something will turn up for the better and then they can say, "look what wonderful work we have done." I am reminded of the fifteen years thai I ran in.v church and how oflen I received letters from Collette Bros. Smil Winning Team (or some such name) wanting to come 10 my church In what they lerm a great Soul-winning Campaign, and with just a little encouragement wliai ihey called Ihcir business manager would call to look over whnt if called our plant and when 1 would tell him we did noi con- duci services in a pant or factory, thai we were fortunate enough lo be able to meet in a church house. When he began to talk about the cost of Ihe campaign you have thought that he was planning a prize fight—and he, with others, called this religion. Gets Fourth Divorce SPRINGFIELD. Mo. (UPI—Mrs. Amanda Rector has been granted lier fourth divorce from the same husband, and swears she will not marry liim again. Cruelty was the charge each time. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ¥ fa JAPANESE JINRII^ISHA WAS INVENTED BY AN AMEQICAN, THE REVEREND JONATHAN GOBLE, A AMSSIONARV ANGLICAN MISSION CHURCH, LOCATED ON THE ARCTIC COAST, AT SHINGLE POINT, YUKON TERRITORY IS 6CJILT OF LOGS THAT DRIFTED TO THIS TREELESS 1 AREA FROA\ PORESTS FtFTfEN HUNDGSD MtLES AWAY. A GAS STOVC. IN DENVER, COLO., MUST HAVE A LARGER FLUE THAN A GAS STOVE IN BOSTON. CAS BURNS LESS REAMY Ar t " : ' yrt ALTITUDES. Kevcmul Gonlc, wiii'i 'cue 'aid of"T Japanese i-artrau-ATmiT'ir'., first jim-ik'shn for Mrs. Ooble. who had fallen ill in Yokohama. No being able to afford a carriage for her. Kcv. Goblc- conceived the ide; of the jinrikisha and, to aid the carpenter. In; showed him a pit-tun of a baby carriage. I double, or ."ce ihiou:;li a .stin ol jliiut'. This would be due to ivcak- jnesK of the nuiscles uirecliii" (he : eyes. There also wuuld l:c a dron|>inf, r : of the eyelids. HUT: a weakness 1 01 mutcles of Hit toinjiu- and : throat. 'OradualK- you svoiild find ! diilicrnl in :nr/ir,-i: yoai- pr o- nunciatior. would bernnic slurred i and indistinct. j As the illness [n-ojiessed. you ! would iind your.--elf unaljlL' lo s«-allo-,v your food, .sonic of which ''•r.iild back up il-,n: K h the nose, rosnbly ynu wouid be fed by r.irans of a lulji- jsusseil throiisii Ihc nose to maintain life. The ni'xi s:aui? would be manifested by weakness of the sirin and ley muscles. You hardly would be able lo walk and you might fall down if you attempted more umn a few step*. Tin- ucck iniiscU'.s are 11 Heeled ai;-i>. and you soon would bu 1111- ;-i'Ie lo liold you:- read up Obviously ihis is a f|.jg h , flU dacase and the medical profession has Ix-r-n interested keenly u: :::i- c.-ipi'i-iinenls which indicate '-iii' possibility of ovei-coinlnu it. These . cxpcriuienUi show liial !>iugrcss ls made by fecdin- a new subsiance called glycinc, an ainino-acid. and at the buinc time Sivinif epliedrinc and a hi"h pro- ttin diet. ANNOUNCEMENTS | . i The Courier NCAS luis IKVII an- ', lhor:/cd to announce- Ihc following f ii' candidates for p-.Wic oliui-, subject to liic Deinociatic ;,rimory r.i-.xt AuBiist: I-'»r Member of f.'nn^rr^ CLINTON lj. CALUWKLL ; l-V.r Sheriff and (.'iii:n|,, r • CLMIEKCK It. WIl.S'j.X j "or He-elccllon for Secch-:i Tcnn I I'or County Tiea.snrcr i JOE S. DlLl.AHU.VIY I'ur (/in-uit Court Cli rk HUGH CRAIG I'or Counfv (,'mirt CU-ik Ft}ED FLEEMAN" Tor He-Election for S:i:i irrni l"nr AftlSMir K. L. (HILLY CiAI\.- • U. C. (IKEl HUI)i:o.\ i-'Oit CITV on u i:- E'.cct:on Tuesday. Ap;.. ;. Inr City Clerk K. C. CRAir, il. L. MCKNIGHT BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Prom the files of Ihe Daily Courier f>75 BeJi Eiiiiiish- vvrU.rv. horn aboul Li>•'•• 'lhut..ilay. ,lar.. ::i, 1DJ4. 'I'hat :.u agricu"n'.-.l experiment .'.^.-.tx-ii :ocai«l ': Uu-on niythc- v:l!c aiyi Darfiel'J -., ;;:i;ily needed and :i:!l be e.s':,l-;i.-hi-(i \\ithm ihe m.-xi !lvc- \i-av- v.-as the statc- i.'.int ir.^ae by li. F. a di'.ciii-.'.im. ur :-;i'^ ; ,nd plant ;•:,(! aniniiil luc I -;o:o ihc notary club >-c.sU;i-day. .'-n-i;:iration oi :-,:; ::j;ci.ship lisl.s (' tiu Amcricr>!'. Lesion today fi;-tk^cd thi- '..'.',1. : vtraarkab'.c ii'(-i tii.i'. la i>: ':.. y, auorr.rys n«.'* i.r.ictirin, :,. i:i>ihcvilie arc VL'-.i-liil-.-: Of ti,.- ' -.;:.-( w:il .. T i lc ^L'l-rans aflilKi'cd v,.;h Dud Ca.^on yo.-t :.;-c Jo!m .\(.) Campbell. ;,-ie = 'n''il, Krf - d ' - K>: ''- '"''' li:i -" ur -°Lcon I'. Caitt-n. ecu: ^.!li.'-?'ivy'c'raw- OKi H.U,iiU: 1: ... ;i , ,,',! M;1X rtoad Courier Ki-c.-s -,Vant Ms. arrLe-o ni:i;i.v 111:111; TODAY 'I-'K nrc married on Ihe «nn,r ,| nr .,, |, M % J1OTAI.IKU MI..1 OKKIili HI.IS*. bul Ml, ia- '"•'' live III luxury irUlle - 1 '"/, kt '"" k " '"'• ""chinii l» :j|»r hjis 11, il iFii>r> tvlllilu »ili,. r urn kl ''"" 5 " "' ""-" lo . Torn'. UAUKII " . 10 nii.rr.v hln, ao ,| niuirn .. '""'I «< I""- I1IU«~' home. « lii'Ji llic ilnvlnr .cli> C.fpff «hr 1- lo linvc ii kahr .hr B lir. • |..I:.T !„!,. ¥ ........ i-ro,i,.c»€iu niiij 1^ iiili-n»vly hul. «i>|i» 7 :,nrl Tom in. .11. (,, :, |..,lin K , „„ !,„„,. |»| nil j onin-n lij u (rlrnu. . , , ritmrt iiinl .-lirlMrnrd 1IAVI1I. Carlutt fi» III". :-.nJ r.,r hrr home »l,au-i" ".JI.-..V. One nl 5 ht ivlicn Ti.ra I, ili-I.-iliinl .nl Ihc nllice :,„,! fclll - |, so amenable. She was sweet, really. 11« wanted to put Ids arms around her, to bury Ids face in tlio softness ot her hair, to tell tier all tlie pretty things she used to like to liear bul was loo busy to listen to rmwadavs cordial class, UpnhiK il i;ulil I could ace the poisonous j,rccii llgli flash In ils depths. "IIonic." he iu. bi3 win; gravely, "i s where you liang your bat." She Hashed him a muzled : Dut before he. could., say- a. word j lieve you're tight" slie roaehexl'for'Uie while ami glU "Sorry, darling'." telephone on t\tp low inliln iwcirla im* i.-~.~ ~i; * on the low table beside or. Slic eavc a number. Dere!;. riu-nijip, u-aitcil. "Tliat you. .Marko? Yes. l.ila. I Derek's fcclirm stcily. Von'rt s"i".L' , lo tlie Marlins tonii-lit, nren't you? • vr luiim-i" «l«>nl» AOW (;o O-V U'U'II THi: STOH1 CHAPTER XXIV VJEIIKIf said, "Wo haven't had a (litiel evening at home tor Ibis nit -lasMiiB nicrry-go-rouuil. some of it." Let's frowned, (lie expression rrea^iiiK her smooth wliite fore- lioad intrj iiiiliecoiuini; ridges. And rfic did so hale to frown! Hut Derek was boiug tiresome. What else was there lo do besides wliat iliey already did? "Don't be slupld," s ]| 0 said airily. She was silling at lier dres lable, a sliccr and eatlu jacket thrown on over her fitted creamy slip. Her stockings were sheer: her pandals were fashioned of gilded slraps. Her yellow hair was smoolli as satin except where il sprang, jusl below Iho lemple. into two deep, adroit waves. "Don't 1"? idiotic, darling," slie saiil. arcli- 1'irT her neck to enjoy tho lovely Ha-? in the mirror. "Anyone'd iliink ynu were 50 am! goulish. It's a lovely parly loniglit . . ." "Il'.i always 'a lovely party'," Hero!,- told her. looking more an- i."yH than over. "And what hap}.en.-? We dine, rtanco with llie firih 1 people, sec Ihe same plays, Inujh at (be s-aaie deadly Jokes, •love, s'jiiiclimes I feel as if I were i.a o:ic of (hose Coney Island icr- ris wlicc-lc! and couldn't set off . . ." "Well, that's perfectly silly of you. and 1 don't know what you'ro t:in;in^ n!i!ji:t." Usually wlicu she r ilkc-il like I!IM Lila disposed of IHT liii.>!).-inir.s "mulish" moods. To- ni?iit he was different. "H'1 thU beastly way ot liviiiR." Im complained. "In a rabbit war- iTTi. with all llie rest of the ani- Now it we liatl a house Iu couple of chil- ? a lamb a .,- He bqwrrl to her. Koio sliuped by to'answer Marko's rina. A moment later nroiigliton was iu the room, his masculine, finilini;. exuding ibc (aiuiliar souse of power. Derc!;. wlio all loyalty 10 liis cinployct, •' ~" * .-""• ".13 mi juvuiiy 10 ins employee, ind drop liy for felt un emotion almosJ. ot dislike mo. Thanks so much. About 10.' She linn;; up. "That's thai." she said gaily. "I wouldn't raiss those Hussiiiii dancers for worlds, liim along, darling. I lold Koto dinner at oigbl anil it's almost that now." Derek slooil up. flc. hail KOI bis way—that is. r-arlly. and yet lie wasn't satisfied. Of cours-c il was perfectly all risiit fur I.ila to go the Marlin party with Marko. Why aol? But he had so hoped she'd sire the I man. fur Marko at the uioment. "Ocrek's rocky," I.ila explained further. "Touch of mi. 1 thiufe." She wont to gel her wrap anil to add the liltlc touches her makeup rcriuircd at the last moment. Sho was beautiful tonight. Dolli men her the tribute ot Stances. Sain, your Marko stuilerl beuiguautly at tho yuiingcr (lie country atul iron . . ." couple like liial!" I.ila, ., by llie Ihonglil of even one lialiy, allowed her linkling laugh affair up for him. It was such lilllo lliins to do. Still nursing that sense of bafflement, ot defeat. Derek ivenl lo liis own room. Ho ran his band over his chin. lie must shave auj change and, oh. God. lie was so tired! What wouldn't lie. give for a bite by liis own fire, a wnmaii opposite him with a quiet voice, in a dark gown? Ula scarcely ever wore dark things except for street wear. In (he eve- uing she was always slim, supple and perfumed, lier hair exquisitely coiffed. her skin gleaming. She wore silver tissue and gilt, creamy lace. Soft fabrics rustled dclicionsly at lier approach and soft scenla lingered on the air. "Oh, heT go to tied willi a hot toddy and be right as rain iu tho 'morning. Won't you. darling?" "Enjoy yourself," Derek bald hollowly. After they haj gone lie sat "at tho higli, embrasured window for rather a long lime, thinking. It was cdd but lie hadn't licen quite alone, liko tills, for ever so long,- For more than a year. Even at Die office where lie had his private cu- biclo ho was always talking lo someone. The telephone would ring or sonieono would drop In. It wa=: sooil to l:e solitary—for a lit while, lint ho wished Lila li stayed, all flic same. Almost like a man in a daze, he tl-jirAUV'ELOUS!" IU - • ~ "--• "~ »«I*! ;vuv cji.uuoi f j i I a loan-vl ilrcsse-rt for dinner Tl, e meal was. IU back in ,, or ch;ii fa]lnf as always perfectly served; the herself. Tbe Russian dancers sweat food iiimiaiit. delicious. Bill some- tliiiii; was missing. Derek round himself muttering under his Inealli, "Hctter a dish ol hcrlu wlicra love ij . . ." Bui lie couldn't remember the re.-t. "What iliil you say, darliuj?" l.iia looked at liim oihlly. "Nothing. Nothing." He pulled himself up with a start. • * * T -M'ICft lie punctiliously pulled J ont her chair for licr. waited wliilo sbc preceded liim into the dim drawing room am! liglitorl her cigarel. Rain was falling over llie again?! llie rivulets. He city now. splashin windows in Mack . shivered. The cold which liad seized liim earlier in the day took a firmer srip upon him. He fell ill . ., . miserable. I.ila lurncil on Hie r.i'lio and Ihe music sickened him. Ho must be - > ....**.....• ..~. ^...n.i.,., mi,.,.. ni.j;)ii; .-.ILHUJIVU null. JIG must. IK lt> sound at Ihis prciiob-teroiis no- i dcftnilcly ill. lie lohl himself sav "I'd like a liouse, a more simple, agely, to lie in such a ghastly frame of niiu'l. He fried lo pull bimsclf ... of living." Derek s.ihl losctlicr. to IK chatty and casual, r-lulibornly. "I'd like kids. Wouldn't but he foil his effort to be a dc- v «"?" I.ila threw oul her hand,: to [he floor, bowiug; swept 0'it again. Tho lights went up in tho ballroom and the orchestra liegrm to play a blues numljer. I'copls' were already dancing. ITarko leaned toward lier. "What do you think about going 0:1 to r.uisi's?" Tjila lifted lier brows. That was all right. Marko always tircrt oC his parties early. Ho likrf small, intimate places. Tonight there was not (he usual train of followero. Derek called thorn "Marko's Clrcek chorus." l\i liad a fancy lo be quiet, ho said. I "Two side-cars. Pierre." J-ii.i jmrred lier cnfoyment. I.ui^i'a was what Now York called a "do luso' speakeasy." All soft lights and clo-. gance; an old urownstono front made over with taste. She saw one or two people sho knew and nodded lo Ihcin. .Marko was smiling at Itcr. "How SO, cVild?" Slie likcJ beins called child. H made you feel small and prolccled and prccion?. Derek never called had other , ames— sweet names, too — Tor her. Kor , 1cr par[ . ,,;,., secl , , lol (0 fort, he thought. Hut willi his whole ^ licyoml and apart from I'lillgO'l. "I'm not going lont^iit. aayway," 1'^ said. "I've gel a ti^-i^'.'.v cold, flccti reeling' rollcn all dav. Ami 1 h;ivc a heavy rnumiai; with a client loiuorrow." iicin^ • initijiiikrtlijud." No. tii= utctl boftly. Will: tlaicd at hliu. CicJ u..r- ikcpcr ami more fnml.iuiculal; Lila rinu'd. "Oil. very well, llirn!" . than thai, u n u ,i Fuiucliiiug lo ilo ; -l.'- liniicil b,:ck lo lier dieting I »illi . . . w;lb the oh' fuih- , '-!''". . iuncd luit-iprelalic'ii nf lUo norii. I L'cirXi c^cs I i 5 li I c il willi ! "lluuie" ^ »-ir:c LUs hE = r-'. !=." I 'riumoli. It wasB't ell"-!! '..'In n »>. i L 1 let 'z^.u..:-!, lU.-Iij; a^ hit is syaiiiatliy templed her. "He's—well, dittarc'nt," she all these' s'jft cushions, sliadcdl "Odd!" MJrio'd -.,. lislil, iinil cliukiim i;lat;t_=. He ! Iiaiid biirl over hers, "ily •Jew. a,; li'Jiit-l be wasn't wliiiiin:; .iboal ! lintc ^oiiiig Hicn arc alike," he : "A triflo selfish. Now I ..." was usctl to light Rirtrr ..-. but Marko's voice bad a uo-.v i. iu it. Huskily te said, "You kt-. •• |. mad about you, rlon't ;e^V" Bo Cc«Ufl

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