The Age from Melbourne, Victoria on November 25, 1933 · Page 23
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria · Page 23

Melbourne, Victoria
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Saturday, November 25, 1933
Page 23
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.' . V THE; AGE. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 25. 1033V 23' GENERAL NEWS. been interested In Mr. Holland' remarks nl.nut .loninnt-snv. All mlm it rod that Pur- has been appointed assistant1 director ' of the Walter and Eliza Hull. Institute of! branded by other nations with the brand of Cain,, you bttvo not been beaten In Ueteaiuh. . ... ,t , . Jf , Itament was not what it ought-to be, and just because the people were not what war and left robbed, and disarmed in I , a , - ' " 'The Emplrs Calendar. . , work. ' ' ' In mylast 'report I was able to speak an armed Europe, with your bands tied : ((.tinned from Pracedlns Page,) ' ??: 't'S . ". 1V.! 11.-11. fuller. " J. "n Veil J liiwo(la"l- ',.? ir'oMr School! J. K. Sl. Utildle K"? o. BUoo. tumt Scliooll o. U. so tight behind your back by war -in The Empire'' day -movement, which is Parliaiheut were not what they ought to bo. Thft Goveinmeut in a democracy of a very great advance in the number of honors gained in the, public oxmnina demnities that they bite into your flesh. associated with the Royal Empire Society, could not be far above the level of the governed. Democracy as a 'government, 'a Uons. I his years report has to record We were without hope, we were beginning to . despise .ourselves, , we ' Germans, .the has issued an Empire, calendar for use in 1034, It contains 62 pictures of Empire even greater successes, Including the ex world's natural lenders, we were living subjects, such .as Parliament House at Ottawa, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Capetown ' mtiJ0utt School' " "' V"; glin.-uppr School ! 0. II. hluition in aigoura, nve nrst' ciusses aim eleven eeoond .classes, thirty-eight honor in all. :Twjentyrlive boys gained the leaving certificate. . only for the' poor pleasures of the ! hour when a jreat man and a great moVernent changed everything. .We were made to and lame nay. a sneen station m new Zealand, and the old palace at Udaipur. there are ten pictures oi tne uritish Isles, including an aerial view of Oxford Voluntary Work. 1 One of the most important sides ot H I1UU It., TVOO 1U(I III MCIWI.I UUI1IO IIV the defects were' vital. He did not agree with that,- because the defects .showed that the people were just not doing their best. They were content with, something second rate, If they had tlie same strive-to-wiii spirit as Wbi in existence in the Geelong College, of a team pot being quite good enough, things would be better. , They had to always strive for tlie best, and cuch individual had, to seek for the. very best, nnd be "all out" all the time to attain it.- -AVbat-.wnB wanted in Australia feel that we were, ogam a nation with vast power. - That whatever , wo were and an infra-red photograph of London. A few concise facts are given beneath as individuals, unUed we were a price to be reckoned with still.; The Germon race in all lands with its supreme gifts each picture, , K5i nadlnir Prim K. R. Hunlnmn. 1",5 -lJowr School! X. B. HuiiUm.n and I'll w j 6wr. lit! 1). a. Siritood. . tx'm "'ii Work. MtllMr Hull... ,,, ,v ?i BMW I" Sport! Amtln UoUK. . . Institute of Aooountanti, Geelong College life is the voluntary work done by tho boys, The debating sociuty again had over one hundred .Ambers taking part in its' debates. In all Hb contests with-1 other schools it proved -successful, Its' annual "Mystery Night,"1 on which an unknown programme awuits the public, wus crowded to tho doors. The nroirumme of mind and its military genius is not At the monthly1 meeting of the Victorian MeMi;FOrM going to be despised either by its own divisional council of tho Commonwealth Institute' pf . Accountants authority was was a . whole community of schoolboys if not in years in .spirit -a community sttiviiig for the very highest, demanding members or by anyone else. We aro going to AfMcrt th riaht to shane our own given for the following admissions and ad dostiniefl. let the other nations do what r. VIi.-t'taMlci! II. U. PaanlfMt, 'Second! vancements: Licentiates: T K, Brock- included a home-made nlay. Air. Ilender-i IJiiiiiHiiiueut lor nu uieuu. iiuiiijh, 11 njej achieved that, there would' be less oppor-tunitv of talkinu of the downfall of demo-i son and Jiir., j. Campbell have greatly well, J- E. IioeB, J. it. iickle, iiu 1'. ood all (Melbourne), 1. E.- Hammer (Ual they like. England ana 1' ranee muet know that we eland between them from, Russian Communism. They should not larat). Assooiaie: , v. JviiKiiope aici hiiimA) Arlvmiforl in' Aanrnt Mitu 1 cvacy. The schoolboy f knew what it was to give of bis best,-whatever that best waB. His thought was for the school. He appealed to boys about to leave school' not to be content to wander ' through life want to weaken us. It the worst come to the wont wa shall not be alone. Italy A. Youmr. E. J. Parks (Melbourne). and Austria are really at one with nsl ueipeu me Bociety. The senior boarders have continued to conduct their own Bible etudy circles on Sunday morning, and prefects and other boys have taken classed in tho neighboring Sunday schools. A Btrong branch of tho Navy League has kept alive the sense of the debt that Australians owe to the British Navy. The same boys can, without any sense of con Messrs. . W.- S. Bennett, E. W. Moore and F. J. Bierakowski, of Melbourne, hive been admitted as associate members ot the Australasian Institute of Secretaries wearing an om coiiegian s oauge. ana saying. "I went to a public school," but to maintain the old school snirit. and to uo S W Irlnci nd I). II. Avre. r Vlb.-Mirien WHBU Form PrlMl W. nwlel. Second In Koran V. 11. He;wood. cInJSi IWBcl.iwl A. 11, Ca.h mK 0., C. Kffv..-Marlon Wotaill Form PrlM: J. E. L (icind In Form: 0. Pong. Oeneral SSrfenVy? T P. Cordncr .nd J. J Nottmii. Wv WelKill Form PrlM! 8. n J?in. Second In Form: L. 8. Uurul. Sferd froaclencys J. D. W.llli and H. A. C. "iS lv.-5llon Wclirall Form Prize: J. A i pS Second In Form: R. K. Fuller. Oenerel SfflwTA. 8. Cmpbell mid W. K. lllckl. IV l-M.rlon Wriaall Form PrlM: W. 0 IMbert. Second in Form: R. 0. Nell, (ler.or.1 in their outlook, and thus we snuu suctcn right across the Continent." "But is there anything in parliamentarj government which would interfere with your nationalism?" I asked. "Why n dictatorship V " ' 1 out- with a determination to improve (Incorporated). .. , ' ' ' . Appeals Allowed, ': 11770 yd things, courage wouiu maue them strong, and in strength and couratre thev would tradiction, be members of the Navy'League ' Owing to two Crown witnesses having anu 01 me league ot auuouh, anu 01 We have tried parliamentary, govern ment," he replied, "but it is too alow and variable to meet the needs of the returned to New. Zealand, the Crown did tne caaec corps. . Under Mr. Lester the school choir has hot present any evidenco on two appeals nrenen. dav. which mav deinand at any listed before. Judge Foster in the Court time vast social and economic changes. ultimately' create a unity which ought to exist in all .Knglish-speaking countries. Jn hiB address, Mr. 8. B. Hamilton Calvert referred, to the building programmo at the school for tho comiug year. He congratulated tlie head master and staff on the success of the year. - A vote of thnnks to Mr, Menziea was carried, on the motion pf pr. N. made excellent progress, and their work was the. outstanding feature of mystery night. They should in time reinforce tho old collegium' choir', which under tho fos Offered at less than Manufacturer's Cost of General Sessions yesterday. His Honor There may s bo a. few social injustices in our chamm over. There aro in all ro allowed the appeals aud quushed the con tering oare of Colonel Purnell hus moved volution, lint - whnfc we ivatit todnV is victions. - inn . appciianiti were itupcri O'Connor and Reginald Longdeu, who had been . convicted bv tho Citv Court bunch strong leadership more than anything else. Klv! P. K. CouKlipy and A. K. le Pane. rffi mb.-5larion Welll Form' VMi (l. D. v C?rdn"r Second in Form: 0. M- SluW &nSl Proficiency: 0. 0. Williami and h. A. Bffl?fcd.-Mrlwi' WeWll FcW-rVlw i'J.- ft. w Bfrrell. Kecond in ForrarT. U hhclton. Of'rwri. Proficiency;. 'J. D. .Andrew and P. A. bo great a success . uud ueiped as muny good cuuses in the towni The best Mel .uoarcnur. , . , rq position ot me niato in so ucBimriici-. We will make every endeavour to execute mail orders, but cannot forward patterns. on a charge of having illegally used a that tlie wtato's need rattier tntin me individual coiiHcience miiBt determine no tion. IIia fndividiml finds in the Stato motor car. : . . , . - w. ' ' ' All-Nlflht Hike.1 UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE. bourne .musicians have this year given us a series of couc'erls of exceptional merit. Smaller clubs, such as the photographic club and the philatelio club, .have also been active, and next year, in its new In.-.Tri rnnm flm nt-Hntio xiilo nf UcvJ Bomething greater for himself, for Tlie Centenary Hiking Club has ar DECEMBER CONFERRING OF. DEGREES, ranged to hold an all-night hike on the 16 411 yard Linen de Scie night: of Saturday-Sunday. 2nd-3rd De Candidates for defrrect fo be conferred on lie is proud to live or to die. rnvaie enterprise is allowed only in so far ob it is in the interests of the State,"., 'What attitude does Nazism take to wards world- eitizenshiu V' . . . - . - hobby work will have a settled home and mora encouragement. aatunioy, ara uecemuer, ,muit lodg-e their Bp-ntlcatloiiB with tlie Itctrlilnir nat later than But The 'school magazine develops: literary cember. The club will catch the last train to Croydon on Saturday, and will return to Melbourne by the first train urdav, 2nd DecemlHT. Thev must also attend taienv The science club, under tho care of Mr. "that a vague e-npty. conception. Just as the home of the nartv- is too rinted arocain at the rcfrislrart offloe for the purpose, of alfmlng the 'dofrree hook on Tuctday,' 19th December, miiIcm they liavc'prvlotily ma(!e another appoint Henderson, has mado a cood besiniiiiixJ troni rern iree uuny on umiuy. Metropolitan Board Dismissals. 711 Crepe 911 Back Satin : .011 A rich draping quality the greatest value in crepe satin in Melbourne. Wonderful colour range, including navy and black. Usually 7 1 1 yard ; at Buckley's, 311. 511 yd. Striped and and from its experience this year should mem who me iieuirar lor hub purKe, small an idea to elicit real loyalty, so the whole race of man is too Inrge. The State is the natural unit for loyalty. If other Btntes do not intefere with our Wfr5!:-MarIon Wclffall Forn, Prjiei ; J. h. n,Mttt Kecond In Form: A. It. Slmitwll. BK lb:-Marnn WMnall Form Priw: F, A. affiwr. Sicond In Form: P. J. Oriffth. , ,. ''wa'purst prize list.? .'. nni. D. M. ITockinc.. i '.' -m rte fius-lwi Scliolarhip:. J. K.. Oray Trio vinr. Silinlr1ilp: T. U. Ouiin. The Alfred S nr;r"fft of MraA-fre,! I:-akIn: IJ. Iloeklnr. The Cain Prize: Kx C Atklna. ri IflwelW PrlM for Latin; J, H. Oravo;. ir Arc. Ron FascpIIpji Prlw for Frcuch: J. f Gram. KnpHrti Prize (Gift of ,Mn. II. U jllmwt 1. C. Cowllns. Dux .llnnm In Work: grtta Ilotlce. ' 0.wk IWuft ill Sport:' Detkin Marion wilsaH Form V.: j vf lll.rl-. Form IV.: I). P. W. Mcin. Form 1 f B. Allev. 'Form If.:-n, U" Wotaon. irm li'V.O. P. Singleton. Form lb,: P. A. Clundln- "fi Kuli Scripture Prlwrf. Form-Vr.r A. P. IhMkn. Form V.: O. J. Iloanmont. Form. J V.: n Kiel, form III.: P. P. Salmon. 1'orm If.: bo able to establish itself firmly and liavo an annual programnie that will .open up 1000 yards only I All pure silk, ideal for cool summer frocks, . in shades' of navy, beige, cinnamon, cherry, coral,' pervenche, poppy, flesh, , lemon, turquoise, emerald, flame, almond, and grey. Usually 4 1 1 yd. ; at Buckley's, 16. QUEEN'S COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS, destiny, they have, nothing to dread from many new icaims 01 Knowledge. ' This voluntary work is the best prom isn of-an education continued after school is us. ' ' In RusBla I met a vounc man who wns . . ; 1 Annual Entrance' Awards. a printer in' a Government office. Ho left." : - r.- ; - '- - - . V--' -' Sport The Ftllcwa ot (Jnecn'a ColleRo ycatcrday mot and recommended to tho college council the The wonderful micccss that crowned our, which nil the factory whistlrs, steamer teams last year was'too good to last, and sirens and a mnssed hand and choir had award of (V following, 6)ioIarlip . and .ex- TJismiBsal of- surplus ottlcials of . the Metropolitan. Board will be recommended at the meeting of tho board on Tuesday by the ollicers and servants! committee, in conjunction with the water supply and sewerage committee.' The bonrd recently ajlopted a report of the speciul committee appointed to investigate' economics, which recommended 'that twertty'positione should he' abolished. , ! A schedule has been prepared' giving" the names' of the olb'cera .in tlio .construction 'branch' Whom it. is proposed should lie dismissed. The tnnsfer and rearrangements, of duties of other ofli-ccrs -will-also be -recommended. , 1 New'Cycles for the Police. Kussell-street' cycle police received -new tnken part. Ip told mo he had: a cousin liibltlm) for 'i'lu-be awards are nuuject Check Spun Crepe de lacking a -brilliant' galaxy of outstanding players which' alone can make a premier-fdiip possible to a Bchool like curs com to conflnnation, by the council: , Mujor ncsidnnf Selmlnrslilpn. K. '0. Ilorcourt, Vinlev-Ocltc.u.- 70 fMntlicmatiPH II.: lfl..i (1. 11 J, R. OIBcer. Form J. j. a hiwuhm. ; Wfitlrn; and General NratneM In Written' in AiiBtrnim, , who had. ottun diflcuspea with him the queer ideas, of that country. I told him ( I;. was nnxious to know what made Communism so powerful hi 411 Printed Sand Crepe . 1500 yards only! A bargain for early shop-pers---neat : designs . in two and three colour combinations. , Usually 311 yd.; at Buckley's,! peting With far larger schools, wo have Chine 311 L. (Jruvc,-Wesley CoIIoku, IW (EiikHhIi, UrUlsJi Ulster)-) i J. D. Foxuroft, Wesley polled, 00 hau to be content with a humbler place RtiBsia. " " " " ' - C.iRflrnnIlnff. Form IV.: 0.. M. Harvey. Form Ut - S i. Roberta. Form II.: "N; 3, Tulloli. Eri li.rD"a Leabey..,, For"?. Ib.: F., 0. S. fcHU. TTpper School:; J. E;' Oravci.-i Lower , , "It will be powerful evcrywhora when it on .the, premiership .lists. But we have is understood, .he said, Do voir know (cintiiBii, i-aaun, uriiim iiuiorjj; 14.. n inn, Kyrieton iHmh Scliool, 55 (l'liyilca. Chemistry); N. I. A. Wehb, , Wesley College, 50 (Mathe-matlc I., 11.).. Minor Resident Scholarships. O. Rudduck. mounts yesterday, when thirty Malvern what it is to go a stranger into n hall to an orator. At first you feel only a little separate unit. ' But in a little the Rttdlnp. I'ppfr School: T. M. Gunn. t Txiwcr These new check and striped designs are more attractive than ever. In all ' pure silk qualities. Usually 511 yard; at Buckley's. 311. Wesle Collece. 3ft (Mathematk I.. II.. III. . t never, naa pinekier .or? more determined teams, and the college is as proud of them as of those who won prcmicrships. AVe congratulate other -teams that were too good for us on the field, and think all our coaches, especially Mr. "Victor ProfUt, Star bicycles were delivered at head quarters. The bicvcles were handed over bv 11. T. Leslie, Northern Grammar School. tol Kwlpp.-Upper School: a.-. W.' Sutcllffe. speaker has aroiiFcd your mind, and then your emotion, and you arc conscious that (Mftt hematics 1., III.); . W. U. Thompson, Hubert Opperman, who is 'outside sales Uippinp;. Upper School: A. W. Moore. Iwer agent for JJruce small I'ty L.tti. . . Lesley coiieRP, ao irrcnenj, . Noii-RcBldent Exhibition (10 each). A. J. hameLt. Wesiev Colletre fFreticli): A. W. Qurtou. on wnom tne mam uurueit has tuiicu. The house matches uud all the iunior the barriers between you and your neighbors arc down. You feel really a live part of one vaat isoul. Wc hate and destroy Meeting of Research Council. Beginning on Wednesday, a full mcctinji matches have been keenly rl rived through- all classes save one. in. order that wc may qu tne year.. jii a school ot mouernte One of tlie new crepe weaves. Showing in a large variety of attractive check and' floral designs. . Usually 411 yard; at Buckley's, 111.' 511 Printed J Crinkle Crepe M. A large range of new designs available in this heavy-weight crinkle weave. Usually 51 1 yard; at Buckley's,-211. , . of the. Council, for Scientific and Indus H have one class only that wills together, feels together.'acts together. That ib the 711 yd. French Georgette . . trial Research will be held in Melbourne this week. The purpose of the meeting in Wi-slcr College (Latin, Economic!) ; It- H Lone, Wcdf-y ColleKe- (ChemlBtry); H. J. McMeekin, Seotch Collese (Biology); I., R. Trudlnp;er, W ley College (Iatln, tlntlivmatlcs III.); RIva llowden. H S. (Ancient Ilistorr, French); Joy Mills. -M-UC. fltriLisli and Knropeon Hit tory); Gretiia Parkin. M.L.C. (English. . RoUny); Cntiradlna Taylor. II L.C. (British and European History). - ' - The eiilijceU In parentheses are thosi '.n- width nignest hiimun experience, -we want an men to have it. whaiever the initinl cost. Bize like ours it is powibie tor young boys to represent their house. The crew was disappointed in missing their race through a school epidemic. Jt was bad luck for tho boys, as the school had been free from infectious disease for to review the work carried out by the different sections of the council since the lat-t 11 Crepe ""Georgette Tho economist said that man would only work lor private gain. We have proved him wrong. Your workmen in Australia, I am told, think more of their over two yeats, and for that period the cnmutnteB aitaincu n noiarsnip imnaaru.- meeting, which was held in March, und is necessary, to modify the programme for tho remainder of the year. All members of the council and officers from ail States, hospital had never been opened, a won derful .record for a, -hoarding school. ; ; hours and their pay than their work. Here is an extra heavy-weight French Georgette of superior weave and finish. Large selection of perfectly dyed colours for day or evening wear. Usually 711 yard; at Buckley's, 311. worn is on v to them a means to an ei.d, scbooi: i. . -. , . . . , . 1 . J - FORM PIHZICS. - Torm VT. Second In Form: J. E. flrnve. Cewral Proficiency: T. M. Gunn, I. J. S. Kennl- forra T. Second In Form: W.B ERfflnEton. OMieral Proliclency: Q.- Larkins, C. J. .Beau- "Fonn IV. Second fn Form: F- S. Newell. Crtwral.ProficiMicy: 0. I. Turner, It.' P. Vance. Form in. Second in Form: w. 0. Slimlth. neneral Proflcleiicy: F. II. Hodgson, N. T. IIum- "porm ir. Second In Form: A. M.' Oravea. Oincral rroficloncy: P. II. Sctcholl, W, M. Maxwell. ; -v : ' GEELONG COLLEGE. SUCCESS IN HONORS LIST. ' Citizenship and Service. German and Russian Concepts. NEWMAN COLLEGE OPEN SCHOLAR SHIPS AND EXHIBITIONS. . v -Now Buildinn. . It is-our end.-! We have our1 snv in the are expected to 1 be in attendance. The chairma'ti,' Sir George Julius, is expected .You will'-have Been from the newspapers Tho following awards have been mado by the that the council is again adding to the council of Newman Collejfe: Sc-holarshhia C5) f reserved to students eom- 511 to 811 New Sea- school, having been led to do so by the control of it; we are "all eharcholders in the new world our work is making. We me the only land where what you, Australians call -the p.ublio uchool spirit reigns. We work hot for ourselves as individuals, hut for. the team. Out- most responsible 'officers ask no more salary than our least! lead given by a gcnerouB old 'collegian, Intr Into residence). J. F. Allen (St. Fat rick 'i College, Rallanit). first In European history t U R. M. Khvat (St, Patrick's College. Ballarat), Printed O 11 Mr. A. AV. Coles. For years a large very; useful woodpn block has spoilt the west end of the senior school. This will bo sons 711 yard Crepe Flamois i n n nrst- in ancient: nitiory; J. j. ilea cm est Hrvin's), first in physics; W. H. Smith (irier), first In Latin. responsible, compare .that with Australia. Ccrtninlv - if men- nlav for their own J 11 in part removed and in part destroyed, lea vi Hit the whole of thn liuildinirin hrielr. w arrive from ayaney on Aionciay. . Released on Bonds. -Judge Foster, in the Court of General Sessions yesterday, released three prisoners on their, entering iuto bonds to be of good behavior for three years. The prisoners were Charles Turner, 22 years, cream vendor, Priuccss-Btrcct, EU tern-wick, who hnd committed an offencH against a Ctrl; James Brown, 10 years, pastry cook. Fitxroy, larceny, and Roy Walter Nancorrow, 21 years, french-polisher, East Frahran, abduction. ;'" Assistance for "Safety Lane." : In connection with tho "safety" lane" A finely woven French " Georgette at a ridiculously low price. In the colour range are all the season's wanted colours, including navy,' black, and , white. Usually 41 1 yard; at Buckley's, 16. Kxhibltiona (10).-J.. T. Mellenry (De la Satlo Collece, Ma l cm), first In French, flrit in chemifttry; J. D, I Mnlrahy (University Hlsh The main feature of tho now hloek will hand and not for the team we are pretty rough with them. We hnvo our own ways of dealing with truitors and the halfhearted, and a good many oven young people are still . - half-hearted, . curse thein I - - - .fr:iiooi), nret in iip;iin; it, mevenson m, KevhrsL first In mothematiei I. (nlirebni): be a very large arts and crafts room, in which boys can cultivate in spnre lime tho artistic and constructive and mechunicnl. dido of their natures, a part of their edu Marjoric K. U'liltc (Catholic Ladies' Collefte), GEELONG, Fridny.-rTlie Geclong speech day was held - in . the ttMt in iifrmtm; Knxanetn A., uamican. (Alei-lintirno Olrla' Hit-h Scliool). J. L. Haves (De la A very lovely matt crepe of firm texture and good weight. The colours available are suitable for either day or evening gowns. Usually 7 1 1 yd.; at Buckley's, 411. : Silk Department - First Floor. But roaliso what we have done, Ave Scores of beautiful patterns in these high-grade silk, and rayon weaves, in check, striped, and floral designs. Usu- ally 511, to 81 1 ; at Buckley's, ." 311. ' O'; - V V, ' .,.'-,, cation which has not hitherto been nde- Kalle Collece. Malvern), J; J. Hefley (St. Ke quately encouraged... This nrt and hobby work will be under the direction of the vin's), k. j. ijnnan tt. ivevin-), w. h. .MomnM-(St. Patrick' Collcee. Bast Mclliourne). 0. Mill. have flung -on for ever the dead hand oi the puBt. We alone are free, 'free from old nmbitions. old noli tics., old religions, to be conducted by the National Safety art master and "the! carpentry instructor. yntiv fXayier).: J. -A. I'atiprson (St . Patrick's old conventions of family life. 'are i.oiicge, twjiarai j. 1 , 0. . riiney (ai. nevin n; .1. H. Smith fXuvlerli ' ' ? . Council of Australia' and tho Royal Automobile- Club, ; asBirted by the. City Coun to help the boys with mechanical inter mechanics' hall this afternoon. The event lias been held earlier this year, sp as not toj interfere with the public .examinations, which will comirtence next week. " The, cltBiniian of the school council (Jlr." S. ti.' lamiiton Cnlvert) presided, and .;Mr. It. GL;Moozics, Attbrney-Genernl, presented ! tlie school prizes, and Dr, J. .T.'Tait (whoj j liaB just returned from - research workj : overseas), in the absence of Mr. J. B. Cdtliollo , La4Ies'. .Colleffo Scholarship. Joan DO YOUR XMAS SHOPPING NOW USE BUCKLEY'S LAY-BY. the dawn tf n-new day thnt wiirgrndiiaiiy lighten- all :landn. The future is with us. o alone have hew wine and now bottles to nut it in. AVe are-not imtchintt un ii cil; the Victorian ' police and 'the Vic Ao,iHpmv Rf.holppililB' nrnndn 'Plty.nntHrlr ests. ' ' " - . - , Tho extension jof tlie' south wing without this addition will complete the south cloister and give aomo Idea of the beauty of the quadrangle when the cloisters an? completed. You may realise the large decayed old world; we are creators mak Winter PHzp.J. p. AJlcq (St. Patrick's. Col- lepe. Hnllnrat); , ' - ' . ', .' Appointments' to hursarles ' (0Q year for toriali Automobile (JLatnuor of Jommer';e in - Lnnadowi,-stre?l',' -East Melbourne, from . Monday to ."Wednesday next, three men are required to assKt in a "obintary clcricnl capacity. The "BaTety lane" will be oDen from OJ10 n.m. to 12.15 p.m. and inrcfe years) wm oe maae liter.- ing a new. one the hnnl world towards which all history has bceh-lcading up, tho world in which each will'tTLve nccordinn to Tait, president of the Old Collegians' As-eofiation. presented the sports prizes. aingunt or. ouumngB carried out, in tne Inst five years from, the fact that of the Backieis stiwd cut opportunity f C D C CT( lo 0yjeIwM CbitWJ CI FIRE ; AT ; ROCKHAMPTON. from 1.45 to 4.30 p.m. ( An one wilh The report of the head maBter, llev. F. whole scheme of a refectory block, junior house and completed main school to cost his ability, and receive according to his need." . . - ; r I have gathered from niy tour that Bolshevism and Nazism woulid be powerless but (or their ability to enlist the 'enthusiasm of youth, and. that the appeal to youth is rather to its, capacity for. ser fju.imi, over has already been spent. ! Peanuts Destroyed. ' BRISBANE, Friday. Approximately -. OIHS. ing to voiunieer 10 act. iu ..-hjhwhi capacity, should get in touch with tho secretary of the National Safety Council of Australia. CO Market-street, , Melbourne, ,.(F550n). : 't ;. - ; , ' R.A.C.V. Competency Tests. -As Christmas day fulls on the fourth W. Bolland, read: , H HEADMASTER'S ADDRESS. ?.v Tli ere tins been a strange recoil from democracy during the Inst few years. Will the future have' so changed in twenty The college has again been the recipient vice than to its love of pleasure. it makes- one ask u democracy will con of various gifts. -One of the most interesting is that of :the wood for the panel Monday in December the instruction class, tinne to hold the allegiance of any people whose youth do not count liberty, a high i trust, wlio do not elve to n free country ling ot. the entrance and stairway of the years that the whole spirit that animates education in free countries "will seem to arranged by the lloynl Automobile Club of Morrison Hall, presented by the members' of the debating society. The gift of 3000' hare been falBO ? Will we then be edu Victoria to take' place on that day for the love that young Germans give to their fatherland, who. boast ,of their liberties, forgetting, what the Bolshevist never foi cating n are -Germany-and Huasia for motorists' desiring to obtain its driving finmuetenev certificate Jins been cancelled. 2!X) ba.js of A grade pea nuts, representing tho balance of Inst season's rop were cither damaged' or destroyed by a fire which gutted the premises-occupied by Rock ha m p ton branch' of the Peanut Board as a grading shed in Quay-street this morning. The peanuts, which were the property of the Queensland Peanut Board, are included . in the insurance which the. board baa on ail. its activities. ,Tl.q poliev, which is known in insurance circles as a "flcating'( one is for 120,000, and is distributed among eight different companies. The bmkling, which was has been 'already referred to. Two hundred 'and fifty nounds has been nrnmiiird quite different'ends. ;,'! . i-i ' To our oiiict lives Kurone with its bold got, how tew wage earners nave yet at- Instead n class will be held on Monday. 4th tnmi'ii rem hherr.v. Ann vet. I oliii no- by various friends - of the scliool for scholarships for 1031. They' will 'be moroi Hgvo that ifc is a better democracy rathen experiments in forms of government is than a dictatorship that ' is man's social iniiy aoKiiowiouged in next year s report. An anonymous old colletriini Iiub ntrnin December. . On Monday. 1 ltn Dcccmuer, a class will be conducted by the club's solicitor (Mr. F. J. B. Haves), when the legal- aspect of motoring will b3 dealt u-if.1i Thfl -Inst "technical talk" for the fantastic and remote And yet , wo know In1 our hearts that what is happening deftiny. , - The next thinar that comes home to me given us very thoughtful assistance by a! gift' of 200 toward,! our annual interest.! there to-ilny is going to affect the live? For the Kiddies JOYLAND See Martini The Mystery Man! Martini will amnzc you with his fascinating mysteries. Don't fall to see the "Adventures of Mickey the Mouse" and a marvellous Ventrlloqulal Act with Teddy the Talker. AND '. . . YOU MUST SEE Meey-Lan-Yen THE CHINESE WONDER GIRL I You'll love her! See her do the Mystic Vanish and the Chinese Token Mystery. You'll Love "The Silver Bottle" Le Porgeron Marionettes In a fascinating play of four scenes with 25 characters A Tale of Old Bagdad. Talking, singing, dancing all so real. You'll love the story of tho Poor Beggar who became King of a Palace all his ownl , , , SANTA'S DIPS is this. Bolshevism and Nazism have; venr will tnke nloce on Oth December, the! mado new religious for themselves, , A owned uy the commercial name ot Australia Ltd.. was insured ftr 7000. The subject being Preparing the Car for Christ Another old collegian has generously made possible a new racing ei'jlit for. our crew. Our loan art gallery litis been maintained of; our boys to morrow. It ' look their lives only yesterday. Sitting in my ofiice I sometimes without origin of the fire is not known. Russian novelist has said that . "To put oneself in the second place is the whole significance of life." - mas louring, no classes win ue neiu m Janunrr. All motoriets. whether - club members or not, are invited to attend these the miseries of packing, or of the Austra py many triciids, the present collection ot pictures by Philips Fox, Max Meldrnm nnd' Harold Herbert bei no- lent hv Dr. ine (JommuniBt puts loommunism oeiore 14il to 25 PERFECTA CORSETTES 711 (Illustrated). -Low-back lightly boned models for evening, or more firmly boned for day wear,: in floral brocade with swami bust four suspenders. '.Also Gossard oddments -sizes 32 to 44 bust. Usually 141 1. 171 1.186. 1911. and 25; at Buckley's. 711.: . 596, 796, 5 gns. GOSSARD CORSETTE . . 21 Discontinued models In strong floral brocade with sections of surgical elastic swtiml bust, 'well boned, six suspenders good assortment of sizes . from 36 to 46 buit. Usually 606, 706, and 5 gns.; at Buckley's, '21. ; BRASSIERES QUARTER PRICE! Table of Brassieres oddments and samples Imported and local' makef Milanese, brocade, net, and batiste. Odd sizes. At Buckley's all to go at ' Quarter Price I ..' . ; . . 25, 276, 376 GOSSARD and PERFECTA CORSETS . . . . J 71 1 Pront-lace' Corsets, strong striped batiste or plain coutil well boned, suit average and full figures assorted sizes 22 to 40 waist. Usually 25, 216 and 35; .at Buckley's, 1711..: . ' ' . 596 GOSSARD MIS SIMPLICITY . 276 Discontinued model In floral batiste well boned controlled diaphragm odd sizes 32 to 40 bust. - Usually 500; at Buckley's, 276 45, 55, 596 CORSETS . .21 Ladyo Payre, Bien Jolie, and Redfern dorsets step-ins, clasp round, and' side hook models all clastic brocade and elastic well boned, good assortment of sizes and fittings. - 26 to 30 waist. Usually 45, 65. and 606; at Buckley's, 21, i . . '.....-.' SAMPLES and ODD CORSETS TO CLEAR! Cprsettes and Corsets samples and oddments Jenyns, Bien Jollo. Nemo Flex, Ladye Payre, and Bedfcrn-all greatly reduced to clearl 726, 5'giM. Gossard Evening CORSETTE .4911 Peach or pink batiste lace -uplift bust, unboned beautiful models now discontinued odd sizes also Ladye Payre inner belt models Usuallv 726 and 6 gns.; at Buckley's, 4011. . u.uiy classes at the club rooms, ui iueeii-streei, FASCINATION OF FIRE. hunsclt and worohins an international at 8 p.m. on the dates mentioned. lian Bight, voyage forth in imagination to; older lands, mix freely with their inhabitants and discuss their, affcirs with class: the Xnzi nuts Germany before him self and worships a nation. It is a genuine Kwing. Miss Traill also very- kindly lent1 us n large number of her Sydney -bridge studies. Sir John MacFarland has contributed 50 towards the new arts and crafts department. Dr. AVcttcnhall has adder! Child's Death at Monbulk. them. I propose to give you a short ac ivorniup, evun ii w iinmi. ui tin o ci:iiib the worship of false gods. This raises: - Ernest - Middleton, Leonards-road, Co-burg, was fined 20, with 10 costs, in default two months' imprisonment, for having been in a lane off- Morcland-road for the purpose of betting. count 'ot my last official visit to Germany the Question: will democracy Keen witu- -The danger of childroir tjlnyinir with and Russia, whoso aims in . education are out some "salt of relision ? . many valuable books to our library, and Mr. Drury has enriched the library furnishing by the gift of a handsome oak not ours. . . . fire. waB exemplified at an' inquiry at the City Morgue yesterday into the death of A dictatorshin is easier to run because, as a rule, the dictator has no objection toj J met a Nnzi university student coming Joan Smith, 0 years, whoso parents Ilv. terrible compulsions. A free system, lock-intT thia Mfoi-nnl nreASiire. reauires an ih' nt Monbulk. The child died in the Child ternnl imnerative. a sense of dutv based ; AMUSEMENTS. ' Australian composition. Uric from drill. ; lie seemed friendly enough and anxious to talk. ' -. VWlut is the fa6cinatjon: of Nazism V ' I 'asked him.. ;' ':', '.v .- . : r ., ron's Hospital,'' on 10th October ':, from on some religious sanction. Therefore if a Prizes for .work and play are acknowledged in the programmes in your hands. These gifts mean much kindly thought towords the college, and for that reason, nw well as' for their great helpfulness to the life and work of tho school, ore vai-v shock, following burns.. r'. ' ';'. :, . " Mrs. Smith said that after Joan cam' trii a fifmofmf!v iio the tuture lor wnic n we have to prepare our boys, or if it bei ' ; 'A r iiew. ' musical' composition ' by Mr. "Well," he said, "it w'ould bo hard for the tuturo that tney nave to create, civic you to understand it. You have not been deeply appreciated. ; ' mid re in ous train) net are amongst tne es' jnnHnla nf- orlnnntlnil. c : - Aiay 1 conclude my report by conveying to all p.resenttboys who are compelled toj hear it and to nil old colleirinnR who mnv; . Our task, which we share with nome and church, is-to foster in our boys the home from Scliool alio 'left the child' '.n tho eittioKTOom playing in front of the fire. Witness was in tlio kitchen preparing lea when she heard screams outside the house and saw Joan- running with hur, clothes -ablaze: ' Witness wrapped a woollen coat around bar' and put out the names, but all the .clotllca had been burnt from her body. Twice previously-Joan ? have the grace to read it the school's best tfnir f nf oorvicfl nnri ot neit-controi. tne Boy . ticket from Santa and take your Chance! Gifts of WONDERFUL VALUE! 6d. Clive -Douglas was performed for the time time last night at a meeting of the University Cohservatorium Old Students' Asso-nation.' ; Mr. . Douglas was fortunate, in securing prizes in the A.B.C.. composers' competition for a symphonic work and a choral, setting, of The Hound of Heaven, with orchestral accompaniment. The new quartet, played byL'onstancc Ziebell, Mer- ein Rudri. Mra. Canton And Ao-non Rpntt. SMARTLY wishes ior iwtt." spirit that makes men worthy of freedom, the spirit that comes from putting themselves in the second place, and putting, in .DRESSED CORSET DfiPAKTSlENT THIRD FLOOR school prizes. ; if: 'y FIRST DmaiONV't y Form Lower V. If. W.' Stubb.. 'dux: J fl. imu narrowly escaped boiiuj burnt througli nlavina- with fire.- . the first ploec Another, whose service is perfect liberty. ; (). m 'am McUastcr, S; T. N. ilann, 3; A. I). HiclKngtll, Oswald Smith said his daughter had had, a weakness for playing with fire. On a previous occasion alio hod fallen into the lire And burnt her finger.-1". : - Tho Coroner (Mr... Grant, PiM.) re. Form Middle V.-J. D. HcLtriv. Aait V.. W. iMSOUlCmiJf HEAD MASTERS REPORT - ' 'i: Appreciations.' f.-j ' , r Another year of the school's lite has Hal lief. S: A. It. 1L HUirtr.a:. iL Anderion. has four movements. The-advanced nature of the music was no surprise to the listeners acquainted with the composer's earlier achievements: Tho themes ore beautiful and thetr, treatment . extremely clever. The part-writing is quite independent, and the effects carefully calculated' and . convincing. A happily designed balance of uuiiiiu a nnumg qi aeciucniarueatli. , Infant Swallows Liniment. Form Uuper Vb.-.W. It. steel, dux;' N. 0. Sutherland. 2; D, C. McKeritio, 0; A. Don gin o, 4 1 R..V K. Jloneycombe, 6 I. S. Duolmnnn, BuccUtt prlzv. 4 . . passel, and I have again to; express my keen sense of appreciation to every mem- Hen . ippredate the ptrfet u juid lonc-wearinff quality of famon. "R.lloc-'LOYALT Shirt, .nd Clolhlnf, All Atu- . traliin-m.d. . . . iMhlrmed. Jgr men', wear expert. Inm , the world, flneit. ;. . In range of desltiuand ' lie. 16 tnlt every taste and every . , pocket. For EXTRA ', vain, and smarter appearance, ehooie JAMAVtX. Ask your mercer fer III , . , , On Wednesday while her mother's at tne sections ana movements gives cohesion to thfl Wholo. Thn aMlrtnfrlu nrirrinnl hdr of the teaching Stall, to the . chaplains, and to thoso whose sorvieo lny in tho ofiice, in the grounds or in the rare cfipthn' proved Mr. Douglas to be one of tention was momentarily diverted, Kathleen Sliearor, the infant daughter, aged 1 year and .O months, of Mrs. K. Shearen Tooronga road, Hawthorn, swallowed por ,G. Oapsllck. 2; 1), II. Jtl. Ulnrko, 3; A, -J. Callander, 4; II. J. l'l-oicoU, 5i O. F. It. Cole, 0) M. W.'C. Howtllur 7f0. '3. Cooke, 8. ' -Form Lower VI. F. H. Davidson, dux; Jj W. TRfto, S; N. A. Itennli, 3; Ji A Tliomm and; and comfort of tho boarders. : I am very grateful . also for the coneideratlon and ! loyalty of parents, and for the intliionco of the prefects and senior boys who have wio icauing composers m the Australian must ial world, . .; . . - . . ;XAVIER EP0RT8 CONCERT. V '. A'large audience, of pupils, parents and friends 'iittpmlfxl tlio nttnnKi .nra tion oi me contonts ot a bottle of 'lint, mcnt. The cllilti wni ri,nhn,l fn. tha n.u.i. Sirurt; equal; 4 C. U. Purnell, 0; J. LOYALTY flnvninl t. maintained the Brest tradiuona of the ren's IJospltol, but all offolta to save her life proved unavailing and she. died yes- horm lienor vi. i.ngiin nnu History: K. H. Ilundy, 1'liyitci and Chemistry: E. C. Slutcr. cert at Xavler Cfillrfrp. Kw Bchooh ; With such hnppy co-operation the GEM RAZORS . 6d. each (At Right) These are made in England complete with one blade. At Buckley's, 6d. each;,' ' i ,iJ ,:' : '''t ,:v ASH TRAYS . 23 set In antimony ware with handle and cigarette holdin sets of four. At Buckley's. 23 set;. V':'' ','..;; '"',. ; -.... utviiilliK. ' SHIRTStCLOTHINC SMOKER SETS .911 Comprising Cigarette Box, Lighter, and Ash Holder the whole on a tray. At Buck-ley's. 9ll. :: y v-r r Cigarett s Lighters . V 46 (Below). Table Cigarette Lighters-brass finished with plated tops. : At Buck- Icy's, 46.. , . . : , , .. : , ; . , TIllltD DIVISION. y- V : Hcrtuture Friec (Dresented Uv ttu Rev. Canon when trophies yron aV the college snorts CHESS. ' Wheeler): F. aloreton." Drawliiff Frltv (presented L.A. E. Anderson): T. L Dulwti. ' lite at a head master is irecu irom us major troubles. , The chnirmnn of tnu council has, as usual, been indefatigable in his loliors. for the school, and the college owes him a debt that steadily in creases. were presented li. Connelly, vice-president of the Old XllVieriana, Association. There -WO! flllinlnif nF nrhnnl tnn.m uooatinit society rruea. senior tpreKnteu ur Mr. H. H. lUmllton Ulvcrtlt J. A. Mueheotl. Mnt Imuroved Kneaker furounted Iiv tlie 11p.i1 accompanied by an orchestra of present and past Xavieritns, and in addition nn T hnvA in thnnk manv lecturers and ; LEAGUE MATCH-; . ' On Thurulay evening tho Victorian nilluiyi' tnsiuul. team vliltitl- Iloldcllienr Chcu Glut vhitors for their kindness, wpccifllty those who ittavpd n iiiuht nr two and informally Biiiujr0,0 programmo ot voial, instrumcn ti ond orchestral Items wo contributed At the end'of.the concert tho rector, Rev. F.i X if)'Rr.n B .T ..IJ 41.- M- 'or' their match In tlie iltllxniriw Ch.M Uasw Al a si or jj MTrii. The FvHasui I'rlee (presented by the Debating Society): J. I Lorkc, ' '1 Music l'rlw (preiented by 01Uan)i. 3. M. Inff. 1 '"r ' ' - Tlm Fen and Hoy Pillow Bdnaryt J. W'. H. IIOUBtotl. ' r ' . . discussed important subjects; certain fiinii and factories which revealed the world at tli'n .vui,furoii, i no m&ion iv.i v.ry lev.l at tall..l work, and varlo-.ts old boys and inoikib POCKET- FLASK5? S Vi v An 1 ei i i i 711 a11 rcooitl In. sport this year had been very tho Nv.-,.i,.,.vij, Aiiiiotign me cricKOt tenm llrldlberg teaW by 0 points ,t 4. De tolls the irniVE niii; ' i. ot the school who hnvo again been -very lielpful as coaches in sport. . ; . , . Old CoMcoiam. l)r, .tins; Kearney Aiemonni rrine; i.. ,Toung,- Tliii. "ArKU', I'rlsot iT. iH. CouUtoek. itn nt II10 nnllcuo furpKonted hv the I'realdrni hxce lcnt nickel-top Flasks-some all leather covered and others partly covered-all colours. Al v Buckleys 411; 511. 61 j. 7(1, and 911. ; , '-...", vootbnll team had. gone through Clio sea-son undefeuted, ami so become e lin in - ot; the, old Oeeloiinr .Collcitlaiis' -AsiocIrIIoii,' Mr. ,- .15.1 J. 11. lajlM a. .Jt. ,nena.y,. .'JV; i; i i V. nr iiuMiuth '-'':!;; : "iici6uri ; N.lntoih.,'.; 0 v. W., J. B.rllng., f. H. J. Mycn.. i.lj . u,' nt.nway .; . R. I). Ilemma' I t. r. Ilocklnir '.. I. V. Tnvlnr .. ... I v. W .... K-yxa, anu. IKNICUC, TCOin WOS nill ::!8 Our old- collegian hnvo done well fll their universities. C, Kallaw camo close to the top of his year nt Cambridge,' and also rowed in 'tho Clfiro nrow. At the Mr, Mciulcs, nddresBing the -hoys, said ho was, a great, ndmjror qf the Geelong r.(put. hecaiiflo throuuh a number riff ,,,, uv iuu vuuiuiuea sports. i'or the training of 1 .the . teams and crew he r uluiinu CUAX HANGERS. V i . . 76. 811 ruLuiiNU cua 1 HANGERS. V ; . . . 76, 811 ..i 0 ',.,.'1 5. tl. Kannfcia.. -',, ' 0 v. P. M.rrhoa' A. It. (Tundori . .' . . & Y. Itj Anihlni. . -Pntf'yTi ynU(ng Coat; Hangelow.,'.obta!nable. are greys, fawn, and red.j At Buckley's, 76 and 811 Itnil rtnnolinrt tUn MM -I-.-- mnoi tl. iueiboume university atiannon began 1. II. KeaM ;;, I ii A'. Iiurlint.t 5' 5" TJl0"""0".'!' 0 W A. -ai.nwiy -.. ir M i r "Via.- xvta), lur, M, Hitrke JMr.. Shea's ftsMstant and sue- Well by securing tho exhibition in graphics years it had "never 'baen afraid to take, a licking.". Over nuinbor of years the college bad competed with larger schools, i but hail always shon'n the true sporting spirit, and was able to take defeat in the in his. first rear cnalncering: A. J M ivuHiirfc .roiner r. U'Kecto (rootbn NEWmUTY ID. W. Umlxrt.. .. 0 V. L. I). Ooaa ., Binclalr obtained' his M.B. and B.B. degrees, gaining first class honors and second athletica).-(Loud,. cheers.) ; . , .... , . , I IIH..I right spirit, -ihe collego hnd been tho iinttor'heenuso of that. If, the colleua wns place in surgery; K. G. Molntyre gained slMULTAhirnii num v - ' Theatres arid Entertainments. a second elaea in jurisprudence, and was L On Thiirsday eTenlnp;, Mr. C. 0. Wation, it- appointed a tutor at Queen 4; N. l'anl, who gained an exhibition in Kngllsh In his arts course. n.m.rfH fwrt ftf-t rliiwi J i ni t m tni! f00"1" t Hrlshton SUEDE LEATHER CASES . . . . . ; 41 1 These are very handy cases for holidays they contain shoe polishing outfits. At Buckley's. 411. TTMVpLING? CASES . , ;. .. 911. 1 16, and 146 9jt 116 Ll46 Tfavt!l,n? Ca8es'ontainin8 face towels, washer, and soap. At Buckley's, ...... ! , i ... Fancy Department - Croani Floor. K . 7 ' tlltM yut" viHB. no puyca inirteen mea in ,in uinym inineen ramp in wins N J!!2'Th"tfr-Th Btudrafc Prince." Palace. All the Wltiners. v fcoolockml Oardens.. ,'.' ( -. . Aquarium --. . v ' .. - ,,. - t i .Picture Theatres. ' Athenicum.--ThaTk, the Irfws Contract.'' T-oyU -"' Bquatter'a Daughter. " "'1 'Hiiaiirij WHD (110 KOre Of 111 i 'P"1, . T,ie phiyeri who won their jri rimei Ickcn- UC honors In theologioal mbjecUi; J. I), Hicks obtained honors in second year anatomy and physiology! R. Smith a second clnssl in natural philosophy and a third class in chemistry I), Wood, third class honors iim auiuiiry niiynr werci B. J. able to defeat a much stronger scliool, it wai something to be proud of. t was not so for a stronger school to win by a, canter from n weaker school.; If tho college wnn able to nearly win from a stronger school, tlto possibility was that It would dorivo greater benefit than tho victor. If ha was to preach a, sermon, it would ho on the text, "Man s reach should exceed his grasp, or what's n heaven for T" A mniva school, nnd a nntlon should nlwnys ho on full stretch, I nnd out to do the bout, : In the years 10 como tho schoolboys of to-day would hoi oen, b. i.arsen and 0. U. Pethera, Hodney . Anoint the acaJn with CMlenr -wiatnent. Then thampoo with nde o( Catlcmra Heap and SUlewirm water. Ring, thorouib. , lr. ThU treatment will tec? the 'f!p In . health? condition and ths ,, put thick and luitroue. Cut i cura SOAP and OINTMENT U ' Soiplt. Ointment to. and St. , AoitriltanI)eri.TwniCfc.' . L Sydney, W.S.W. HTHI10, Icnced played aniMceHent 0)tilng and middle imt loit his tnjKen to Ida lar more expn fliuonent .n ih endluv. . .. Mtvnmiie. news . . lifmia t. f ,jJ u.j .. m h .. in uritiBh. history, mngllBh and economics; G. Bunnetr. third fl)fl In law nf nnn. tli riniw iiwbtov, iurn uaoa trsota; while a long list psssod . their years ijapltol.-She pens Iflrrt Wrong, Hon) Holt Hlatt.-Oentral Airport, iteauty for Sale. IB "THE AGE" OLUB. mm .The Sfrtoid Miind in t lias. Ciirlilmai knook-outl 111 miuuivmiv, iii'M. inwiogy, inw, ncicnoe, flhemistry and dentlntry. As usual our old collegians wore a source of strength to the social snd athlet o life of Orlnond Col- iiamumup luurney resultrti: P. J. Casitn iv. .. n v 1. V nt- i . wTmu T W "I'ff ""'7' " n"1'.' tho old men oi the injure, rrom them would coma M10 inemheis of Parliamenti and he hoped they would not be. In thei pqiiltlon to mako tlio criticisms: so nintiy1 woro making in present times. Ho had n llnaM "V.". uw .. lirillP, , HO C Ullll ii:gn, wnre iney setm to nave hhl almost oyary,(mWttnn influanea, J,,!. Connor, M.S.. M.B,,.. BlQwart acholar: Ii. pathology, P. Andrwrt It. fly. A. Hall la. ,. M:1 C, Cranwrll XU 0 v. J, ' Crulkihank (..' t f Blug. hFB.-;,u .'.':'- '..;' ,'-"-SV I laai.-wliMi ludlM Ht, Oraalilng the flit, AwlltcTieai. lull. Smtki

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