The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 8
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FAGUT Tests of Skill at Bridge ; Where 'New York's Na;cly Arc i<V;j and Housed & ; Will Feature Radio Gainos' '-~ I.---, .win'.j'r Bridge scasM might' tc beep h«r Kln\ ever Dummy 1 .-, Ui cai-J t: Inve or>n?ii cfticl&lly Jack So while Ncrtli might win wlih t'ie bro.",<lcast!!ii' lundny at i the .sccc:id Diamond trick by Irlcl- 3:30 o'c'cck of ,(!-.•! first gamp In In; Ills Queen, and would be aV- Miltcn C.'Work's Annual ))rid?e lo link; his two goal [Trans curl ty Radio Szrie-. heard locally h<= Ace of Clubs, he would hnvc a llircujh Statl-ii WMC. j Club left fcr His Ihlrtosiith (rick ! Bridao liEtenei-s ivill find tlili *!i!oli •'-.» c:uld reasonably oxjiscl series even more tntcrcstliig Mian i w >jlri be won by U«clnrcr, nlvlivf thora which have 'gone before on. hsr HID o:'<l trick am! contract IJy .account of a now scheme cf Mr., p!ayiii$ ,l!ic Queen of Diamond-. Work's by which every player \v -T Itou'ever. Mr. Wyman liO[i?cl to (!:•-' MI >v: tncs? gninos can handicap <?ivc J3ec!nrer into t'nlnklng lie h;id himself as a fir.t, .wciut. third' tli? Kliu: then- it hie i:arlu»r, rr fourth clnrs player, this later. T!w c*p;rt<> who participated 'i«. the Brldco Dam; were: Mis. If. '!'. Wcstsrvelt. New Haven, Conn. Dealer, (Scuth). Iw'dinj. Spades. K, 2; Hearts, Q, 5 2; Diamonds,. K. lu. 3, .2; Clubs, Q, D, 8, 2. Mrs AIUY> Wess--:i, Kansas City, Mo.. (Wirn, with. Spades, Q, 9. 5, 4; Hc?.rt5, A, K, 6; Dlamcno's, A, 0, 4; Clubs. K, 7. 4. Walter P. Wynian, Ailinsricn, Mass., (North), with: Spades. J. 10. 8; Hearts, J, 10, 9. 7, -1; Diamonds. Q, 8; Clubs, A, 10, G. R. L. Rutl-r. Spokane. Wai'!]., (East), with:', A, 7, 6. 3; Hearts, 8, 3; Diamonds, J, 9, 7, 5: Club;. J, fl. 3. The only bid of the Auction was one No Trump by Mrs. \\Vssr-i, West, a call amply Justified by her total cf 16 bated on (he popular •)3-2-1 • No Trump count which requires three suits slopped and. n count of 11 for an crlginn! No Trump bid by, first or second hand. Scut!), did hold tlis Klnj-lO, twj Diamond tricks mlttit be made in iu!:!ii!- ( u to tile sure trlckJ tliut No:tli held, ihur, srlUm; the con- Iracl. Ami even If South did no: held the Kins-10 of Diamonds, Ncrth riBUi,;d that n tvfck might bo (pined if HID Club lead cnaie to him, Everything wcrkcrt out an Mr. Wyman hopod. When he drained (lie Qiten of Diamond.*, Declarer lh:u?.hl it probable that lie hiul pluyocl from King-Queen and hill! iiuld tiie Kins. She reasonrd that to continue Diamonds would civ.? Nu:th tlie trick, and that he cc;ild Ihen innke his two (;03J Hi-arls, but •fiai, eventually he would have to lead Club,; up to her, giving her tlie King of Clubs and !i?r contract. «•; she already hnd six tricks. To trick nine, therefore, Declarer led the 0 of Diamonds; N'crlh play- Luxont (Society—Personal lr. l JVEDNT-SDAY, :;ere Blyllie- .. Mr. and Mis. Joe Gllhs aiinour.c: the birth of a daughter, c'l Sundav, Nov. 23rd on coast-guard cutters. 0 inch. - The largest Battleship B -,nis are By 'modern vaporni; ointment—Just rib oa US ed the 8; Dummy tlie jack; und understand! 115 next trie!!, giving her partner n. discard of his Icstnff 10 of Clubs At trick eleven Souili lea"; ti^e 8 cf Mr. Wyman, North, op:i:cd the j perfectly that her partner's exit play by !eaa«:s the Jack, of Heart-;, play of the Diamond Quran on the the correct Na Trump lead from n | nreceJIni; trick Indicated that he suit headed J-10-9 or J-10-8. i held th? Ace cf Clubs as entry to Declarer played Dummy's Trey; I Ill's two eozA Hearts. So South S'cith playod the 5; and Declarer j Isolc her good Diamond 10 on the won wilr.!. the Ace. Declarer saw the golns would be difficult, but proceeded to try to establish the only eight-card! suit in her com-1 Clubs which North won with the' bined hand?., by badlni; her 4 of Ace. North Ihon faced his two yco.i Spades. North played the 8, Dum- Heart;; for the lost twr- tricks, tle- . my ths Ace, South the Deuce. Dum- fcatlug Mrs. Wesson's |>crfcctly my then led the Trey, bringing oul[ccund one No Trump by one trick. Smith's Kin'. Declarer pla\,?d the Adversaries scored 50 In llislr honor 9, K:'us creating a fourth-round en tiy In Dummy, nnd Ncrth drcpp?c the 10. South returned her partnci's' Hearts, leading the Qiron. Declarer i ducked with the 6; North playsd the 4; Dummy the 8. South Co:i- Wllh facilities to feed 16.0CO men three meals dally, and sleeping accommodations for. low , me new munlelpa! lodging house built by the New York City Welfare Department on one of the city piers' here Is shown after its opening. Above are the sleeping quarters, with 750 neat new double-decked beds in six lone row. Lower left is a view of the first "chow line", where thousands of jobless filed past with their trays to be served In cafeteria style. At lower right Is a romcr of the huge dining hall. The cost of the relief project was $115,000, and it Is estimated that the city will pay 50 cents daily for each man fed nnd housed here. . tinued Hearts with the Deuce; De clarer \v:n with the King; North rates as Clas.- A; UK Clurs B if he, A piayor wllii every answer correct hri one, two or three errors; Class C with four, five cr six mistakes; and Class D if lie has more than •J-x errors, Here are tte first two questions: The hands nrei SOUTH—Spades. A, K, Q; Hearts, K. Q, 2; Diamonds, A, J, 10; Clubs, A. K. Q, 10. Hearts. A. D, 4: Diamonds, 8, 4, 3; WEST — Spades. J, 10, 8, 5, 3; Clubs. 7, B NORTH—Spades, S, G; Health, .1. G; Diamonds, K, Q, 9, 7, Giant Elephant Joins Circus j SPIUNGFIELD, Mass., FERUK, Ind., (UP).— "Modoc".! Every fall Iff 10 years (UP) — Milford column fir defeating the contract: Declarer :iiul her partnci 1 30 far their three Aces. Contract HUMIng llic Sanir At Conlract. Mr. Work said this . hand would be bid ' exactly Ihej •>'• chlbs - J > 8 . 3 . ' 2 - BAST— Spades, same as at Auction, which \:> rarely 7> 4l 2; Hcl "'l s - 10 . 8, 7, 5, 3; •with a count of 16, would IK Jn<="l I ">°"fe. °. 2: Clubs, 9, 5, 4. i under a bid of tv,'o No Trumps, but 'played lihe 7, Hint shewing his, tho c:use. South would pass: West, uartner that lie had the remaining amply strong to bid oiie. That bid Hearts, as hU kac! must have been! wculd be passed by the 'three plav- from J-10-9; and Dummy discard-) ers. East has a count of only 0: ed.the Trey of Clubs. I Contract requires a combined count To (rick six Declarer led thc'cif 22 to Justify a two No Trump Queen, of Spades; Ncrth followed; rhows only a minimum of 12,lcav- with the Jack;; Dummy-with iho!lng East 4 points short of the 10 6: nnd South discarded the Deuce j points he-should hold to ndvim:= phiyod to the first trick? of Clubs. Declarer continued with his partner's imccntcrtcd cue No a. Which card cliould be led to Trump to two. . ' .h-- 1 second trick? • . i Mr. Work concluded his talk by — elephant weighing more thaii ! Rowley had gone intci the woods in four tons and standing 8 feet, 0 quest of deer. Invariably he came Indies high, lias bsen added to the' iwcl: empty-handed. Recently, while herd of animals bclcrigliig to the driving his automobile hi Chester, American Circus Corporation^ in th? car struck. and killed i 2QO- wlnter qimrterrf here. More'"than iw'.ind eight point buck.' A friend- 1.003 horses, Including 4CO shipped: iy ta-ne warden allowed tim to from winter quarters of tlie Ring- i keep the deer. Una circus In Florida, also'-., are! ^— '• " quartered here. . . ,, ; Read Courier News Want "AcU. Carl Ump'iflect wns called to Parajjould Friday to be with his father who Is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. H. c. Davidson arid daughter of Wilson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Oillespie, Guiulay. Mrs. Bcttye Rcnfro Is the guest iof Mrs. Clarence Vollmcr of Bly-I I thevllle this week, j Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shoaf were Ofe'eola visitors Sunday. , Diehard and Pauline Reverie, Vivian Lynch, Margaret and Mildred Kicliards were Osceola visitors Frl- | day. Misses Mildred Galyean and Meredith Graham were visitors in Osceola Friday. Miss Rpsa Litton of Wilson spent the week-end with Mrs. John Cockran. Mrs. Leland Maxwell of Memphis is the guest of her mother Mrs. Waller Wood. Mrs. WHltani Moore and Miss I-outse Lynch of Crossett, Ark., were the guests of their parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lynch this week. Mrs. W. L, Nowlin of -Boonevllli-, Arlc., was the guest of her mother, Mrs, Walter Lynch, Monday. . . K. A,.MofTitt was a business visitor at qaruthersville-Tuesday, r -'• Mesdarhse B. O. Wilkins and Dave Richards were .Osceola visitors Sunday. .•••;.' Mr. and Mrs Ben! Cooper were Luxora, -visitors Sunday Mrs. B. C. Langston and clu'l- dren motored to Osceola Friday. M; Bernstein spent Sunday, in Earle, Ark.' ' . Miss Margaret Worsley spent the week-end with relatives In Osceola. Bennte Berfleld. of Blytheville visited in 1 I.uxora Monday. .- Harry .Worsley was a business Visitor-In Memphis Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ballew and 16 inch; on destroyers, 5 inch, and ' OVER t^ MililON JARS USCn YFADIv BID at Auction: SOUTH one No Trump; follows! by three passes. .At Contract: SOUTH, four No Trumps; WEST,' ixiss; NORTH, five Diamonds; EAST, pnsJ; SOUTH, six- No Trumps. Play the same lu both games. QUESTIONS: . 1. Which four cards ahcukl be' tec 5 of Spades, overtaking with Dummy's 1. N-irlh discarded• the G of Club.'t and South the Deuce of; announcing the first two questions! gf • J Diamonds, keeping both her'high | n his Bridge Handicapping Test,! KlflnAV Diamc:iti and tor high Club guard- by ivlilch .wery Bridge pluyer can! " 1V J. cd- ' . determine hlfi rating as a play:r.| rrilliant Phy Defeats Contract r Mr. 'Work \rtll give-two questions Dummy led (4ie 5 of Diamonds to: pacli week f'ir five- weeks, with! trick cizht; South played the Trey; | anirvcrs tri all ten qi:,?stions durli-.i; If netting Up Nlglits/ Bactcacho, . fti'w I. DlCdK wwn Declarer the Ace; and. North rr.;s:' his sixth Radio Qame. Ten more b i' . b r 'l-_ ] questions will follow during Hie ' illant "exit" play of the "Queen of j next five weeks, wilh answers hi tin- Diamonds. He knew that if Do- finul broadcast of the season. Mr clarer held the King 'of Diamonds, I Wc.rk suggested that each listener his :Quecn would be lost anyhow. 1 write down his own answers to .If he did Ir.ld up tin Queen, and : the questions week by week, tlvn : check his rolulions with the correct his partner held the Klng-10, she; would not be able to overtake his; answers given by Mr. Work Queen because the would have to I inj the sixth and twelfth f rcriuciit day culls. LCI; Pains. Norv— -- - D , ttuo to t iinction- nl kliiiidur Irritation, In ocld condi- ttoiiy. makou yovi feel tlrcrt. tiftiirofljcd nrul iliscouruBcil, try the t:yslox T-at. Berlin fiist. ulnrto (rlrcii^lln? Iliru thii ityuLom In ID inliiulos. I'ralscil by tlioumncla fnr vnplcl nnd jinsltlvo nc- tlon. ]>nii't Blvn u|). Try Cyatex (pro- liouncnj I5L£i3-tp^-) lodtiy, inulcr tlio Irou-CInd Guaruntee. Mnat quickly rtiir - a!1:i y thryo conclillotiB, lirptovu r(.'3t- ulu "' fill alecp nnd ciiererv. or wouov back. 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Cut site, ?2x34 !P ^N&tion-Wide" «ets and iFiii@w pases Arp the TBariSsy Shopper's Choice! Outstanding for durability and the savings which the low- l'iia-5 make possible! - m 41x36 Cases Sfceot* J. C. Penney Co. DEPARTMENT 220-222 W.JIain St, lae. S T O E E Blytheville, Ark. Closed Thanksgiving ----- take the risks of loss protection is "Of COLLISION PERSONAL PROPERTY LDAMACE expensive when you figure the* possible loss you may incur **« INSURE W. M. Burns Agency All Thai's Good In Insurance Its Hie way its made, lnmotoToilmaking,technicalknowhdge, skill and experience determine, quality The important things in the manufacture of a good motor oil are the working out of the 'lubrication recipe"—and the making" of an oil strictly by these specifications. Just as a chef must use a different recipe for each kind of bread or cake he bakes, so does each type of motor require an oil of different specifications, to assure best and most eco- nomkal performance. "Standard" Lubrication. 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