Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1966
Page 6
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&-AL66NA (few); ADVANCE' MONDAY, MARCHU "INK in my VEINS " MARIAN INMAN 133.44 35.00 Spring of the year — as we read these words, we think of our gardens and our friends, and we make plans to fertilize and till the soil so that it is rich and productive. We buy good seed to sow oh the well-prepared ground, trusting in our Maker to lend us weather favorable to a good crop. We work with Him to produce food for ourselves and for the world. Spring; is a time of hop* and we renew our hope for world peace. We say so much about peace and wanting peace but it is not enough to talk about peace or even work for peace. We must spread understanding of the fact that as we tend our gardens so must the world be tended and given the kind of so'il in which peace will take root. Patience and continuous effort and much courage are needed, Will we have the patience and the courage to. help prepare the soil for world peace? As we think of growing things/ let's take a good look at our accomplishments so far. Have we started develop* ing a good seed of leadership. Have we developed a sound program of courage and patience, of dignity and justice? Are we concerned enough about developing sound and clean moral values? If we have planted these precious seeds, let's be sure we cultivate and tend the growth so that it does not wither away from inertia and lack of forward thinking. Yes, we have responsibilities ahead to implement the strength of the tender plant of peace so let's pick up our tools and get to work. Let's never forget that our every act has its effect upon the world in which we live and the kind of world we want to pass on to our children'.. It is the individual who counts in our kind of government. It is the informed and active individual who counts for good. It has been said that the rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher. So keep on climbing. This is the nicest time of the year to garden. The seed catalogues help me picture my beautiful garden of food and flowers, lovely row after row and nary a weed in sight. Ah, lovely ... Each year we should try to^ plant one new thing. A vegetable, a flower, a shrub or a tree to lend a bit of enchantment to our efforts. My new venture for this year is a corkscrew shrub, so delightfully different and good for a conversation piece. I invite you to come to see it. On our way back to Kossuth today from the Farm Bureau women's meeting in Mason City we talked about pussy willows among many thing*. The luncheon tables were set in Easter colors and gray catkins. W* came home in*oired at the many things we have accomplished so far and filled with enthusiasm to keep on climbing so there will be room at the bottom of the ladder for oters to start climbing. Weddings are in the air and were also a topic of conversation on our trip to and from Mason City. Here from Grandmother's Cook Book is a fine recipe to preserve a husband. "Be careful of your selection. Do not choose too younq, and take only such as have been reared in a good moral atmosphere. Some insist on keeping them in a pickle, while others keep them in hot water. This, on jy makes them sour, hard and sometimes bitter. Even the poor varieties may be made sweet and tender and by garnishing them with oati- ence, well sweetened with smiles and flavored with kisses to taste. Then wrap them in a mantle of charity: Keeo warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion and serve with peach- and cream. When thus prepared, they will keep for years." I won't mention names for fear I leave out someon° wiV should be mentioned but every one of the busy women I was with today at the Mason City meeting is giving of herself in time and travel and giving service to their organization, their church, their school. They realize that by adopting service as a way of life, they have the contentment and knowledge that makts their own lives richer and more meaningful. They truly are contributing to the welfare, the comfort and happiness of their fellow men. There is always a place in the world for a person who performs a useful service. There is always a place in the hearts of mankind for the person who is unselfish and willing to put himself out a little to help someone else. Service is a sweet perfume of human goodness which you cannot pour upon another without getting a few drops on yourself. Now is the time to plan a nice Easter breakfast for your family or friends. Now is the time to read a little, laugh a little, pray a little, make an extra frozen fruit salad to nut in the freezer for that unexpected company. Make your baster favors. Today we saw half egg shells with edge cut like a tulip, colored in pastels and glued to a tiny button for a stand. Look up, smile, God loves you. Proceeding? —...;..a*.**. Advance Pub. Co., Notices ._ Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notices ---Koss. Co. Treas., Bouhty --.PAYROLL MIND J. W.. Burnett, 66. faHfi ^~~ -totd Burnett, Co. faifn -- — Wendell WarwIekY Co. Fdrm . Alma Warwick, Co. Form --- .ola Scuff ham, Registrar 3r, Brainerd, Mod. Exam. Dr. Syndef, Med. Exam. .-;---L. C. Rovn, Probation Officer Kenneth Richardson, Probation ,.„„, Officer --•"• f M8.21 Garry Me Donold, Meetings «< Mileage V".r,--- «*2.20 John Rode, Meetings & Mileage - 664.50 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings 8. Mileage .---- 642.10 Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage - --- 605.80 A 'M^a 8K e 0 " aSeh ' M6et ' n * -*— 778.24 H. M lmith7;EnVfnier. : ...... 1,000.00 23.10 22.22 182.74 156.17 156.17 28.50 45.00 15.00 185.22 Dr. Maftice> Medical: Dr. Bdhnson, Medical: Phyliss Solum 6.06 John Obheirn 35.60, 3 ??'XX 1'5-22 400.90 '' 399.00 399.00 400.90 399.00 399.00 418.00 423.70 399.00 418.00 467.40 438.90 314.60 399.00 399.00 408.50 399.00 '' 240.47 6 John Fraser, 'AsstT Engineer -- 650.00 Hazel Anliker, Clerk ... 192-95 Tom Aaron, Inspector -- f.-'O.OO Raymond Baade, Labor 12,92 Clifford Blanchard, Labor ... ^23.70 Noble Crouch, Labor 399.00 Alvin Ewing, Labor 418.00 Richard Hoberer, Labor Clifford Holmes, Labor Clarence Hentges, Labor Dale Helmers, Labor „;,„„„ Don Hainzinger, Labor 3 ??'99. Earl Johns, Labor 41.00 A J. Kollasch, Labor John Krebsbach, Labor Ben Metzger, Labor Ralph Markla, Labor Urban Neuroth, Labor Delmar Plathe. Labor SAn'nn Elmer Ricks, Labor 399.00 Leo Ramus, Labor Marcel I Reding, Labor -./ Fred Stecker, Labor George Studer, Labor John Schueler, Jr., Labor Charles Thompson, Labor Cyril Wagner, Labor Erich Willrett, Labor George Weringa, Labor Orville Weiland, Labor C. E. Zaugg, Labor Henry Zweifel, Labor Ed Blanchard, Labor George Kockler, Labor Roelf Miller, Labor James Walker, Labor Gerald Wibben, Labor POOR FUND Payroll F.und, Poor State of Iowa, Blind State of Iowa, Disabled ..,,„ ^ State of Iowa, ADC - 2,460.75 State of Iowa, Emergency --- 24 °'9° Irene Pugsley, Co. Home Labor 90.00 Lindsay Soft Water. Supplies - 50.75 Cresco Light Co., Utilities 282.68 Cities Serv., Gas -- -- 52.50 Thormogas Co., Fuel 47.60 N. W. Bell, Tel.. ------ 27.12 Honsbruch Drug, Medical ... 4 $2in Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical 68.50 Edwin Mino, Freight : Buscher Bros., Parts George's Body Shop, Repairs _ Behr 7 s Standard Serv., Repairs Fleet Tractor Stores, Ports Laing's Plb. & Htg., Repairs Pioneer Manuf. Co., Supplies Watkins Prod.. Supplies Upper Des Moines, Paper -.-Arwell, Spraying Spencer Grocer Co., Supplies Finn's Bakery, Food Consl. Creameries. Food Standard Oil, Fuel - 372.19 Dr. Shey & Cotten, Vet Fees - 218.85 Lloyd Dixon, Rent: Albert Cutler 25.00 Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcel 25.00 Louis Wehrspan, Rent: Inez Lamb 45.00 Bennie Eden, Rent: Alvlna Fisch 25.00 Mary Copp, Rent: Rose Hahle 70.00 Glenn Lloyd, Rent: Elsie Lloyd 25.00 G. R. Cook, Rent: Audrey Frye 25.00 Jefferson Trans. Co., Mileage: Ray Wes- Leonard Warner, Mileage: Chas. Schaeffer 55.10, Irene Reed»& Marg. Haubach & Emil Haack 60.00 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage: 53.10 Blake Funeral Homes, Mileage: Olla Godfrey 25 00 Stardard Oil, Fuel: Alvina Fisch 41.63 Standard Oil, Fuel: Floyd Salisbury 8.45 Town of Bancroft, Util.: Joe Ropp 3.72 Murray Elevator, Fuel: Kenneth Summers K & H Coop. Oil'Co:; Fuel:-Bernard Gif- 'ford 47.10 Plum Creek Elevator, Fuel: Francis Esser D-X,' Fuel: Charles Elbert 12.64, Tom Uni*«d Build. Center, Fuel: Charles Gundor 28.46 ' . _ , Fergie's Thermogas, Fuel: Herman Bockholt 43.86, John Govern 20.55 Humboldt REC, Utl.: Kenneth Summers Slerp' Supply, Fuel: Dole Douglas 16.91 Standard Oil, Fuel: John Govern 27.60 Thermogas, Fuel: Charles Elbert 6.75 & Mae McLean 43.44 Town of Whittemore, Fuel: Myrtle Fros 70 27 " • Dr R. K. Richardson, Medical: Mae M< Lean 22.50, Audrey Frye 13.50 Dr Thielen, Medical: Lawrence Mulligai 36.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical: Charles Gunde 7.90 Rusk Drug, Medical: Mae Ramus 34.7 Audrey Frye 24.50, Jim Walker 1.25 Bernard Gifford 5.00 Buffalo Center Hosp., Medical: Ann< Ukena 97.90 , „ Park Clinic, Medical: Ella Govern 58.75 Dr. Manning, Medical: Lillie Molan 300.0C Van Norman Drug Co., Medical: Mildre Ternes 14.90 Dr. Turner, Medical: Clarence Doubek Jr. 40.CO Jarr.es A. •RtJ.OifthWf'Way;... Eunice Riebhoff, Right-of-Way Louis Me Enroe> Righf-of-Way Carl Allen, Righr-of-Wgy ..... , .... Luedtke etal, Rlght-ef- v ---^-i-Enroe, Righf-6f-.Way Right- Wm. - Knoll, , Conservator * Right- . io'f-Wdy - ____ i— i ....... 126.00 ,....122.50 ....... 248.50 350.00 350.00 171.50 343.00 339.50 .. 175.00 Mary F. Droessler etal, Right- of-Way ................. 346.50 Mary F. Droessler, Right-of- Way .................... 353.50 ______ ---Kennth Beal, Righf-of/Woy , John Hellman, RIght-of-Way . Joy Budlong, Right-of-Way -Alfred HelFmah, Right'6f-Way F. -J. Krull, Right-of-Way --- n ,§9'2? 394.26 3.70 16.12 2.50 29.10 4.80 4.00 IMS 2 .42 - bah Bray, M. D. ( Medical: Edna Kollaseh . ; Dono'ld Welp, Medical: Otfis Borehthlrl Wdy 60.25 ,, xWi- LSUfs Me Df. Bourne, Medical: Julia Warne 37.50/ Dawn Opheim 37.50, J. Van Hi*e v _. ,. 228.75 '," Velma Gross etal, Right-of- Df Schutter & Koob, Medical: Karen Way -Kern 2.25. Chas. Fletchal 9.95, Rose James A. Reid etal, Right-of- Jennings 60.00, Bernard Gifferd 3.00, bf. Roo'fteyi'MftJIedl: James Scobba 76.00; Chas. Gunder 6.00, Percy Atkinson 27.00 Dr. R. P. Base, .Medical: Geo. Fangman 30.00, Frank Ditsworth 32.00, Christ** ha Wilhelml 20.00 • -.' V" St. Ann Hosp., Medical: John Von Hls£ 595.50, Bertha . Baft • 642.30, Edna Kollasch 268.85, Benny Bihns 391.85, Julia Warne 173.40, Dawn Opheim 152.05, Allen Hall 20.00 Holy Family Hosp., Medical: Frank Dits- . worth 166.75, Christena Wilhelmi 92.55, George Fangman 516.40, Jos. Doubek 79.05, Lillie Molan 218.10, Freida Denton 71.45, A. R. Peterson 72.95 University Hosp., Medical: C. . M. Sifert 41.75, K. E. Parker 36.30, E. R. Nichols 146.10, T. J. Mogler 3.50, P. A. Long 27.15. H. L. Klckbush 542.70, E. M. Burns 24.25 Polo Alto Hosp., Medical: Angela Stone Mrs. Oswald Thllges, Help: RELIEF OF- Helen Huber, Cash: Cleo Willis 5.00 Ron & Jack's, Food: Kenneth Summers 25.00, Curtis Johnson 20.00, Glen Parcel 40.00, Floyd Salisbury 15.00, Joe Honsen 10.00 Vogel's Food: Kenneth Summers 35.00, ernard Gifford 35.00 Hood's Cash, Food: John Govern 25.00 Zumach's, Food: Myrtle Frost 80.00 Cowing Food, Food: Joe Rapp 20.00, Bertha Busch 15.00 Mrs. Joe Miller, Clothing: Glen Parcel 9.25 Diamond's, Clothing: Richard Parsons 20 93 S. & L., Clothing: Ben Johnson 4.64, Cleo Willis 5.39 Alg. Good Sam. Home, Keep: Mae Ra- ,mus 163.83, Adele White 61.11 Hillcrest Home, Keep: Rose & La Vera Westling 280.00 Johnson Nursing Home, Keep: George Jennings 33.50 Morgan Home, Keep: Paul Mulligan 68.10 Lawrence Mulligan 155.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage & Meals 101.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage & Meals 61.86 Dr. Enno, Medical _ -,*---,« Tommy Dole Mem. Hosp., Keep 725.4( Mrs. Helen Zaugg, Keep -- "'-JO Alma Leegaard, Keep i°2'?° Roiners Home, Keep --- 240.0i State Comptroller, Keep 31,485.5 Cherokee Co. Insanity Board, Hearing 25.2 MENTAL HEALTH Mental Health Center, Apportionment -.- . 2,000.0 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND 552.66 252.00 122.50 140.00 126.00 217.00 l_r'W. Nitcnals," Costs Wm. J. Willard Thompson, indemnity - 285.0 Ted Hoover, Jr., Indemnity _ 77.0 RETIREMENT IPERS, Underpayment 6.3 REFUND Marc Moore, Overpayment of Fees 30.0 -—SIC. RD. FUND N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 173..: Alg. Mun. Util., Utilities 3°- 6 5 ayroll Fund, Sec. Road 17,298.40 . F. Irmiter 8, lone, Right-of- Way - --- 252.00 ,aurice "BVrnard, Right-of-Way 178.50 Minnie Verbrugge, Right-of- Way 126.00 larold Rosenberg, Right-of- une Q1 A. "Carr""Rig"h"t : of-Way"-- 378'.00 Blumer, Right-of-Way -_ 171.50 Berte, Right-of-Way 147.00 yle Ronev, Right-of-Way --- 1°!-9S lena Kohlhaas, Right-of-Way 591.50 irpha Mechler, Right-of-Way _ 164.50 'ed De Boer, Jr., Right-of-Way 346.50 ieorge Uken, Right-of-Way .. 133.00 oseph Curran, Right-of-Way - 171.50 Leo Formann, Gdn., Right-of- Wa^ 514.50 Alvin & Ella Weber, Right-of- Way 514.50 Leo Bormann, Gdn., Right-of- Woy 168.00 osephine Meurer, Right-of- Way 101.50 lohn Thomson, Right-of-Way 206.5C Henry Rustemier, Right-of-Way 343.00 Leon Nelson, Right-of-Way — 252.00 Minnie Baker, Right-of-Way - 126.00 Margaret Nourse, Right-of- Dr. T, J, 252'.OC 322.00 479.50 John 'Uken, Right-of-Way 175.00 Edward Eden, Right-of-Way . ' 346.50 Ray M. Me' Hose, Right-of- Way - 343.00 Harold Nielson, Sr., Right-of- Way _-. 343.00 Everett Black, Right-of-Way - 255.50 arl Swanson, Right-of-Woy _ 168.00 •andard Oil, Fuel 603.49 andard Oil, Fuel 805.97 ilton's Super Serv., Tires & Fuel 283.20 rown Supply Co., Parts 336.03 ent. la. Rural fel., Tel. ..- 12.36 E. Ukena Co.. Repairs 16.68 hermogas of Algona, Fuel — 180.15 Hies Serv., Gas 960.99 ilbbs-Cook Equip., Parts & Repair --- 1,359.03 'aylor Motor, Trucks 8, Parts 7,037.91 Aichael Todd 8, Co., Parts .. 1,743.09 Cent. la. Tel. Co., Tel. 20.81 United Build. Center, Supplies 46.72 3reat Plains Supply, Supplies 20.64 v\. E. Jones & Sons, Repairs _ 24.46 Beed Hdwe., Parts 35.88 'aper Calmenson & Co., Parts 143.83 Carpenter & Son, Repairs 126.35 .edyard Lumber Co., Supplies 258.53 )ukehart-Hughes Tractor Co., Parts 10.11 Vogel Point, Supplies 375.00 Dean Baker, Repairs 39.98 a, Elec. Light 8. Pwr. Co., Elec. --- 14.33 illsworth Lumber Co., Supplies 22.19 : redorick Hdwe., Supplies 1.70 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Parts --- 64.29 Des Moines' Steel Co., Parts - 82.00 John Hanselman, Repairs 66.50 Smmetsburg Ready-Mix, Sup- ole Roalson plies 210.45 Henry Meier John Hanselman, Repairs 300.82 Annie Rochleau John Thompson, Repairs —:. 31.22 John Romer Herman M. Brown Co., Parts 114.14 Betty Kramer Grouse Cartage Co., Freight _. 4.24 Mary Gebken C. J. Hodgdon, Supplies 13.50 Inez Lamb Gus Simonsmeier, Labor 82.50 Rose Jennings Elmore Concrete Prod., Pipe . 65.05 BOARD Kemna Motor Co., Repairs .. 22.47 Fifth Day Koss. Co. Imp. Co., Parts 6.50 Special Fleet Tractor Stores, Parts 4.95 The Board of Laing's Plb. 8. Htg., Repairs - 6.12 Bell's Saw Shop, Repairs 37.75 Coop Oil Co., Parts 20.00 Vivian Equip. Co., Parts 39.77 John Me Guire Co., Dozer Work 310.25 Benson Welding, Repairs 64.23 Town of West Bend, Elec. 1.53 West la. Tel. Co., Tel. 7.52 Elmore Concrete P od.. Tile 182.25 Sunray DX Oil Cc., Fuel 169.97 Blair Welding, Repairs 17.00 Titonka Tel. Co., Tel. 6.81 Root Hdwe., Supplies 16.13 Swoney Equip. Co., Equipment 2,553.34 V. E. Ley Motor Co., Truck & Parts 2,252.10 filler Lumber Co., Supplies .. 3.6C rayton Radiator Serv., Repairs 14.80 unray D-X Oil Co., Fuel 30.69 own of Titonka, Elec. 6.50 a. Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. 5.00 aade's Repair, Repairs 100.36 anfprd Plb. & Htg., Repairs _ 855.14 ergie's Super Serv., Fuel 166.83 yman Oil Co., Fuel 70.70 \Aichael Kollasch, Labor 5.00 llair Welding, Repairs 1.50 : ergie's Thermogas Co., Fuel 71.40 N, E. Ley Motor Co., Parts .. 41.39 nterstate 'Power Co., Elec. __ 100.00 iurke Eng. Sales Co., Parts __ 27.36 :lmer Dole Co. & Everds Bros. Inc., Final: Proj. No. 8 357.54 Lmmet Co. Treas., Taxes 540.12 : rank Flaig, Repairs 61.47 ohn Geerdes, Parts 430.05 Jack's O.K. Tires, Tires 59.60 Cowan's, Supplies 33.13 James Merryman, Labor & Equipment 3,718.94 Kemna 'Motor Co., Truck 1,934.00 Arnold Motor, Parts 924.84 LuVerne Building Co., Supplies 335.96 10.46 19.00 8.88 143.31 102.50 4,500.00 31.00 84.00 67.50 67.50 68.50 3.50 7.50 69.50 48:00 16.00 47.00 53.50 175.00 10.50 70.50 75.00 73.UU 32.50 567.50 Payroll Fund, Court — • 1.819.12 1 "... »i..;'» -*•. . t. i r\f\ f\n Howdrd Andrews, Meeting & Mileoge & Bond CCtMilUVATlON fUND Advent* Pub. Co., Supplies .. Midwest Culvert Co., Supplies : red Beefrhon, Construction _Jame* H. Merryman & Faber Const. Co., Construction — BANGS FUND Dr. Gotten, Inspection Dr. Lensing, Inspection Df. Rodman, Jr., Inspection — Dr. Walte, Inspection Dr. Rusch, Inspection Dr. Seyffert, Inspection Dr. Rossing, Inspection Dr. Siekmeier, Inspection Dr. Capesius, Inspection Dr. Him, Inspection Dr. Lichter, Inspection Dr. Raney, Inspection Dr. Shey, Inspection Dr. Walte, Inspection Dr. Weber, Inspection t. B. FUND Conrad Schmidt, Indemnity .. Alfred Weber, Indemnity — Dr. Weber, Inspection Dr. Lensing, ' "— '»** Bd, 6f ... BOARD MOttlDlMftS ll *"' **Wta, JeaJ'tt* 1 . The Board of Supervisors met ont to odiournmenfi Those.,present John Rode, Chairman, and Charles o«Sy *M3&: &,enV rU -V Motibri by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that resolutjoH be °PP°»f° concurring amendment 6f Highway comm. in food program. Ayes: all. Nays: nor*. M Motion Cd by ed kollasch and Bonded by Plathe that Board approve culvert under black top south of Sec. 13-9.4-27. Ayes, all. Nays: none. Motion carried. .On motion adjournment was token until March 1, 1966. Marc' Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor John Rode, Chairman, Bd. of Supervisors Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa March 28, 1966. I0 9'2S ^ Carol Potter, -Dr. 9 ........ .61.30 Carrol Potter, 9 ...... ----- ',i?,2 Francis Kollasch, 9 ---- ----- 3.90 Wm. Runchey, 9 ............ 12.90 Lelond Wildin, 9 -- ...... — 23.90 Irvln Harms, 9 ............ «1S9 Advance Pub. Co., 9 ------- 22.95 Alfred Lee, 80 Lat. 30 ..... '°.' 8 °-°° John Thompson, 133 ........ 2.50 Erven Anderson, E. K. 2 ---- 35.35 Erven Anderson, E. K. 4 ---- 26.03 Hancock Sec. Rd., H. K. 3-46 34.43 Hancock Sec, Road, H. K. 3-46 90.12 Hancock Sec. Rd., H. K. 5-87 126.00 Graettinger Block & Tile Co., EKPA 1 _- ....... --- ..... 19.29 DISALLOWED BILLS Honsbruch Drug. Medical ---- 7.00 On motion adjournment was taken until February 15, 1966. Marc ' Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor John Rode, Chairman, Bd. of Supervisors IMS POOR FUND RECEIPTS TURNED INTO THE TREASURER Rtctlvtd From Amount Received On Aeet ______ 86.67 . „ 453.97 "I" I -- 30.00 "" ..... ____ 167.80 100.00 249.2 "" __ ____ 103.75 ' """ 74.43 PROCEEDINGS February 15, 196 January Session Supervisors met pursuan adjournment. Those present were Joh Rode, Chairman, and A. M. Kollasch Charles Plathe, Garry Me Donald, an> L. A. Newbrough. Absent: none. Motion by Kollasch and seconded b Me Donald that the bid of John Geerde in amount of $500 for the purchase o Lots 3-4-5-6-7-8 in Block 4, Clarkes Add Swea City, Iowa, be accepted; and Quit-Claim-Deed be '.delivered to M Geerdes. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motio carried. Hefdo7feT~~ r RFg~hT-of-Way Melfred Mitchell, ''Right-of-Way Cent. Ntl. Bank, Right-of-Way Mrs. Ernest Heidecker, Right- of-Way _________________ 136.50 Mr. 8, Mrs. Ernest Heidecker, Right-of-Way ------------ 294.00 Ed Knoner, Right-of-Way ---- 287.00 D. O. Friets, Right-of-Way -- 140.00 George Meyer, Right-of-Way . 73.50 Geo. Wempen, Right-of-Way . 147.01 B. A. Frankl etal, Right-of- Way ___________________ 252.01 Miles Guerdet, Right-of-Way _ 252.0i Carl Priebe, Right-of-Way --- 525.0.1 Elmer Dole Co. 8. Everds Bros. Inc., Final: Proj. 583 ---- 1,428.9 Elmer Dole Co. 8. Everds Bros. Inc., Final: Proj. 581 ----- 3,180.4 James H. Merryman, Final: Proj. 581 (1) ------------ 3,566.7 James H. Merryman, Final: Proj. 582 (1) ____________ 4,013.0 James H. Merryman, Final: Proj. 1138 (8) ----------- 2,643.6 Loula Sayers etal, Right-of- Way ____________________ 220.5 Humboldt Concrete Prod., Tile 244.4 UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A meeting of the Board of Trustees the Algona Municipal Utilities wo: eld at the Algona Hotel, Algona, la. /torch 16, 1966, at 12:01 o'clock P.M Present were: Buchanan, Bay, T. Jamei aimer, Supt., and Ira Kohl, Sec. The minutes of the meeting of March 1966, were read and' approved. Motion by Bay, seconded by Buchanan hat the vouchers payable be approve! nd authorized paid as audited. Roll cal oting "Aye", Buchanan and Bay. vot na "Nay", none. Motion carried. U LIGHT FUND C. M. St. P. & P. R.R. Co., f, Gollih*, jWa Stat« .Bank, ._.. v , rebsufer, State of Iowa, Tax 3&Q. !fci- 3&:»:rtfc •feosufef 6f•.State, tax .-,- ;lec. Materials Co.,; Supplies .* Labor -.„- 134.94 Tax .^-~- 435.40 60.66 58.73 344.fl 800.00 99.54 68.67 'ayroll, Pdyfdll ...-.--- i?*'i 4 Walter D. Peterson, Labor ... 214.28 Maurice Krebsboch, Labor ... 65.93 John Wood, Labor . ^— 47.24 owe State Bank, Tax 100.80 Treasurer, State of Iowa, Tax 11.09 Rlcklef's Ins., Ins. -.i- 9.3 Soc. Sec. Fund. Soc. Sec. Tax 71.71 North Cen. Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 119.94 <aiewski Champlin, Gas —i- 32.61 DEPOSIT FUND H. Dale Cole et .al --- 240.00 A resolution was passed, approving, an investment of funds from. the L ght Tund In" certificates of deposit at the Iowa State Bank and Security State Bank, Allona, Iowa and an Investment from the >eposlt Fund in Home Federal Savings and Loan Ass'n., Algona, Iowa. 'A representative of the, Causco Inc., Des Moines, la., appeared before the Board to discuss Utility Truck Body Equipment. Next meeting date was set for April 4, 1966, at 7:30 o'clock P.M. Meeting adjourned. Ira Kohl, Secretary Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono, Iowa, March 28, 1966. YOUNG LUTHERANS PACE FACTS ABOUT SUCCESS Some people think success is having money. Cash is important, but it's tough to always have enough saved for every emergency. That's why so many young Lutherans own AAL life insurance. It saves while it protects. Call this local,Lutheran for his professional advice. EDWIN P. RUDD, FIC District Representative Box 284 Algona, Iowa Phone 295-5049 AID ASSOCIATION FOR LUTHERANS (AAL) Greenberg Auto Supply, Parts N.i.W,.8ell, Tel. .--^;_--•-'_•-— Sarah Sill, Repairs : Coop Oil Co., Parts SOLDIERS RELIEF Home Fed. Savings & Loan, Rent Mrs. Chester Harmon, Keep _K. &. H. Oil Co., Fuel Town of Whittemore, Fuel __ N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas Alg. Mun. Util., Utilities Farmers Coop., Fuel Bancroft Oil Co., Fuel Van Norman Drug, Medical — Dr. Egan, Medical Welp Drug, Medical LuVerne Clinic, Medical Dr. Irish, Medical National Food, Food Hood's Super Valu, Food Ron & Jack's, Food Marvel Immerfall, Mileage ._ Luth. Home Find., • Keep Everett & June Attig, Keep __ Kenneth, Salveson, Keep David Smith, Meeting Lee Davidson, Meeting 8. Mi- 470.47 49.12 15.91 35.44 50.00 32.50 19.21 85.11 33.12 16.10 23.65 29.58 9.40 10.00 17.50 21.00 6.00 12.00 15.00 82.00 58.35 65.00 77.87 71.05 5.00 Egan, Medical: Leo Leininge •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I Year 'round comfort . . , 19M ; . BOARD PROCEEDINGS Day February 1, Regular January Session Board of Supervisors met pursuant to Adjournment. Present were John Rode, Chairman, and Garrv Me Donold, Lawrence Newbrough, Charles Plathe and A. M. Kollasch. Absent: none. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that the Soldier's Relief Comm.'s fourth quarterly report be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Me Donold that official report of County Engineer, H. M. Smith, be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion corned. Motion by Newbrough and seojndcd by Plothe that bonds of Howard V. Andrews and David A. Smith of the Soldier Relief Comm. be approved. Ayes: all. Noys: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollosch ond seconded by Me Donald that John E. Lamuth, Racine, Wise., in amount of $615.82 be allowed in accordance with Sec. 616.18 of Iowa Cpde. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollosch and seconded by Newbrough that appointments of officers and Extension Council members be approved and bond of William H. Bosworth, Treas., also be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough ond secondec by Kollosch that 4th quarterly report of 1965 of Mayor Wm. J. Finn be approved Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that semi-annual settlemen of the Board be approved and published Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Me Donald and seconded by Kollasch that tax exemption on ditcl PAK No. 1 be allowed for year 1965 on Elizabeth Lowe property. Ayes: all. Noys none. Motion carried. It was motioned that the following claims be allowed and paid. COUNTY FUND Post Office, Postage $ 500.00 Alg. Util., Utilities 201.57 N. C. Pub. Serv., Gas - ,55.44 Payroll, County -- '3,224.29 Brian Esoe, Treas.—Extra Help 20.00 Xerox, Supplies ... 95.00 & Ralph Lindhorst, Board 8, Lodge of Prisoners — Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage Meals Larry Hudson, Meals 8. Mileage . Donold Wood, Meals 8, Mi• leage -. Eastman Kodak Inc., Supplies Gordon L. Winkel, Expenses .Joyce Hayden, Mileage Culligan, Soft Water 'ed De Boer, Meeting P. Hansen, Meeting ;iorence Schutjer, Meeting -'- .ouls G. Huber, Meeting Henry Stecker Jr., Meeting ._ erry Boekelman, Meeting — Henry Mavland, Meeting John R. Sleper, Meeting Blenn Lorsen, Meeting 3onald Ringsdorf, Meeting .W. J. Stewart, Meeting Lloyd H. Bartlett, Meeting <och Bros., Supplies Q. A. Bjustrom, Meeting Melvin Alt, Meeting James Dodds, Meeting Donald Strayer, Meeting N. W. Bell, Tel. Des Moines Rubber Stamp, Supplies Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies Fidlor 8. Chambers Co., Supplies Iowa State Bar Assoc. Supplies Upper Des Moines Pub., Supplies Notional Cash Register Co., Supplies Kossuth County Sup. of Schools, Supplies Acres-Blackmar Co . Supplies Advance Pub. Co., Supplies Bomgaars, Supplies Cotton-Jackson Ins., Bonds -Algona Ins. Agency, Bonds __ John E. Lomuth, Refund Dr. Turner, Tests -Dr. Schutter & Koob. Tests .. Upper Des Moines Pub., Proceedings Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings Bancroft Register, Notices 8. 186.70 93.80 5.70 7.20 33.85 222.07 66.90 6.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 800 46.20 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 262.92 2.00 9.40 137.88 16.00 7.60 19.11 1.00 565.89 98.00 1.57 45.00 10.00 615.82 10.00 20.00 143.20 125.4 NOTICE This is the Larson School of Hairstyling SUMMER CLASS SCHEDULE, Monday, June 13 Monday, July H 'Visit Anytime' 'Enroll Early' Classes are filling rapidly LARSON SCHQQL QF HAJiSTYLING 203 1 /? Grand Aye. -~ Ptant ?«2-5588 Spencer, Iowa with an electric heat pump Neither winter winds nor summer sun will interrupt your comfort when you have an electric heat pump weather-conditioning your home. It cools in summer... warms in winter... gives you absolute control of both temperature and humidity , ., operates automatically ,. . and costs so little to operate. No matter what style of home you plan—plan to heat and cool with • a single unit—the ele.Qt.rip heat pump—for modern all-weather comfort and convenience. Algona Municipal Utilities mm m i ISLAND HOMESITES by the SEA A place to vacation... a place to retire... a profitabla investment BAHAMA PALM SHORES ONLY 110 MILES EAST OF FLORIDA ON LOVELY GREAT ABACO ISLAND to tht fabled Bahamas RcforancM: 1st National Bank, Pompano Bitch, Fla.; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Marih Harbour, Great Abaco; Dun I. Bradstraet; Bahama* and Fort Lauderdale Chambtrs of Commerce. Large 80' x 125' homesites from only $1295, terms §15 down, §15 month. No taxes, no closing costs. An enchanted world of tropic splendor, soft trade- winds, Old World charm. 5Vi miles of powder-pink beaches 60 ft. to 1450 ft. from your door. Abundant pure, fresh water, hard surface roads; clear title. Daily flights from Florida and Nassau. Beachfront homesites $4995. Details on request. I BAHAMA MLM SHORES • Coral «Uli Mitfical 1 Prtliulanil IM|. • 3471 H. FUiral Hiihwair ; FMtliiultrttlt,flirMaSUM • Weoie «end free colour bv&m&»f!: snur DM/IMING HAIi COUPON fOMTf 0« CMOVI MOCMMf er write ley Utter, Oen. M|r. Addreit M eeeeeeeeeeeeee MMUUlU-D.eee •• •* GOOD/YEAR Special Offer Now Through Saturday SAVE 6.70x15 tube-type blackwall, pigs tax, no trade-in needed Goodyear All- Weather "42"-lhe only low-priced tire with ExIra-Mileage Tufsyn Rubber and Extra~Slrong 3-T Nylon ^ Blackwalls and Whitewalls. NO MONEY DOWN! FREE MOUNTING! No Hmit orYmonths • No limit on miles • No limit as to roads • No limit as to speed • For the entire life of trie tread • ALL NEW GOODYEAR AUTO TIRES ARE GUARANTEED against defects in workmanship and • •• and normal road hazards, except repairable i IF A GOODYEAR TIRE FAILS UNP|R " S ^ 600PYEAR NATION-WIPE "NO LIMIT" GUARANTEE THIS GUARANTEE »ny of more than 80,000 Goodye»r dealers in the United States and Canada will make allowance on a new tire based on original tread depth remaining and Goodyear's printed "Exchange Price" remaining and Goodyear's printed "Exchange Price" current at the time of adjustment, not on the higher "N 9 Trade-in Price.; 1 4 • -~_* THE SAFETY MINDED COMPANY I Hilton Sinclair Service ALOONA, IOWA • • » •

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