The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNK 28 Bt,rraEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople WAIT WOW, WAIT.' I'M &ONK1A EAT TH' MOT WASTINT IT.' I'M JUST TRVIM" TO GET A *MILEOUTOF SOMEBODY AROOMD HeR6 FOR ONE WATCH TH' &UV 6ET AND CRACKS HIS ESSSHEU. SKULL, A>ffi> THAT'S FUNW/, BUCKED OFF TH VOW MOTHERS GET GRAY Mystery Shrouds Killing Of Korean Party Chief SEOUL. Korea. June 28. (.'Pi— I Korean President Syngmsin Rlioe yesterday promised Uie "lull story" I of rightist leader Kim Koo's assasi- nation would be told when an investigation is completed. Mystery I shrouded the case. Kim. 73-ycar-pld chief ol the I Korean Independence Party, was .slain in the bedroom of his heavily- Biiarded home in Selill Sunday. ARE HOME -M*X«Z*, MOT DISHES AMD tfteP iUe rioose AkJO tUft PeOPLfe 1*1 IT CLEM), Read Courier News Want Ads. COFYKIGHT ir HUG* IAWMHCE NilSOM OliTUWTTP FT M* SIKTCT. »C- Nekon FM and AM 7 Tubes Plus Rectifier Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D H EIFI S XXXIX OEA COSGRUVE awoke suddenly The fire had died down to a large oed of coeLs. and a lew flickers from some nail consumed pieces ol wood. She looked out, saw the stars, realized it was neatly morning Already the first light was bringing grayness and a pre-dawn chilL She iooked at the figures stretched out under the shelter, Counted the mounds oi covers. One was gone. The fatigue which had betrayed :ier into deep sleep struck again, She wanted to lie back on the mattress. Just be there and no* think what that missing person might mean. She had tried to stay awake and 'watch. And she bac tailed. Bitterness at her own weakness drove her 4rom the bed. The others ?ave no sign of life as she move* cautiously torn the shelter am hurried down the trail fcowart Fisherman's Cove. She went first to the unlit pil< of wood which made the Deacon on the cliff above the cove. There was DO sign anyone had visited it. She retraced her steps to the main trail. In the growing ligh she found a line <A footprints branching oR to the left A mill liple line of footprints, passing an<j repassing, that showed clearly in rain-softened spota ot earth be- iween rock- She (ollowed the prints to the rim of the cliff, saw the shallow empty bole which had beei scooped by fingers ID wet earth saw the uprooted stobe. which la on it* side near by. The foot oriels were blurred here, scuOed She went lo th« "Up otf tb« ciifl .ay full length on her atotnach. The cliff did not drop *o abruptly here. It was broken into Jedges and fissures sloped to th burning water Yet in last night's o& no oae would aavc realized aat. The body hung brokenly a scant 0 fee: below the run ol the cliff, et il took ner as many minutes at scrambling to reach the tiny edge where Fred Sill well's txxiy was wedged. ("N dea th. be Looked youn ger There wu only a tract of Ibc viciousaest life bad gives H The back of bos bead wu a soft mushy smear. In the 3p»c« between the lingers if hie right band. Bea caught ih* glint of bright metal She bad us* a piece ot rock to pry open .hose finger? and 5*1 the golc piece they had clutched. The size ol a S20 gold piece. It was softer than s regular coin One side was stamped wilh a large S. Tb* other with an L Spear* Island gold. The treasure Harding had supplied to make bis history accurate The board Oak bad mentioned The reason Moilie had Deeo valuable enough to Fred Sillweil to be taken back into his good graces And the reason for his deatb whei he had run true to his own pat tern. Tried lo hide the treasure a wa y. to secure i e ntire ly for himself. Bea Cosgrove made certain hi money belt was intact, still weJ filled. That filled in the gape and toll her who it was that bad tillec three times. She was conscioi suddenly of her awn extreme vul nerability. began to claw her wa frantically up the side of th crumbling cliff. She reached the top at stood there gasping, reassured b the emptinen of the landscape Light glinted from the upper structure of the Simpatico a ba mile offshore, Bea turned away resolute! hurried toward the shelter She slowed her step* when sh saw them all grouped around tr* re. huddled close log* t her tn tbc uel bright bght- 1'hey looked tired. They were irty And one ol them had tilled lire* Limes. They saw Bea now and the; threw quest iocs. **U the surf own? li The Simpatico in sight? ft smooth enougt* tor a land- She said. "Fred Sillwell is dead." ID the silence sne toued one other word. "Murdered." She saw the tiller took at bet. t wu fatigue. DO* tear srx felt ->be opened ner finger* and lei the old piece drop to the ground. ^HE left them on the cliff, paid no attention to their calls, their Ik and their preparations. Never before bad she oeen so ~onsciou5 of complete isolation. A woman Is always alone. Bea old nerself. No (natter bow willing to give, a woman must nave some reciprocation or she wa* drained and wisted. In ner desperate oecd sb« lad tried to make Jim something le was not. under a cover of thinking of hu welfare. She had sought vengeance lor her failure and hurt, not Jim's. Bea tripped. leU heavily and realized she had been running. It was loo late for running now. There was no place to run. DA jlae* to hide. Now at a time when she longed tor a high, not bain, the odoi of violets, the smoothness erf silk against ner skin und deference and politeness from a man. she bad to face the result of a pattern of acuons in which she had played a part. She thought o* Miguel Oak's broad shoulders, bis understanding smile, the strength she needed. She put siich thoughts away and hurried on lo face what she knew must come. At [he entrance o( the Cave of the Gasps, she hesitated. She li»- lened to the pantin c which bad frightened her on that day which now seemed so long ago. Sbe made herself go inside, moved cautiously until she found the flashlight in the same place. The light helped. (To Be Continued) eS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKRRILL BLOSSER Wrong Words, Wonder Boy "I wish they didn't have Russian composers on almost every program—I never know whether it'» patriotic to applaud or not!" GOSW.TMATCOW-DA BCEJN ME.' GOHCUITA MAY BE PfrETTIEfc. HILDA, Bur YOU'RE A v;^K^Le un"SAFER/ y ntl MBVKf. me. T. 1'RISCILLA'S TOP What Kvcry Unshnml Knows BY AL VEHMKBR OH. MY POOR BACK! 1 WONDER IF GARDENING IS REALLV WORTH THE EFFORT.' The Bible was translated into the Gothic language almost 400 years after the death ol Christ. THF <_-.[{ MS COMPANY ilj \! 1 <>1\S crtt F-t.ii' - M rt-ju'-|f I-,in- • In-urv.n< •is. I ,,[ \ bl 1 I HI\1I I I Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clair Call 911 for I'rivale 1'arties BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS " MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 315! . 4% HOME LOANS Klbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6^^8 Evening! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete cvlrerli. 12 Inch to 4S inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blockt cbeap- et thin lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant house*, tool sheds. We delirer Call us For Tree estimate . . Phone S91. TILE Rent i Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal waj to remember xprclai occasions, Als* other types of cameras for renl BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W Main Phone 3R47 Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 .STUDEBAKER What's the Best Way To Buy a Truck? SEE IT ... DRIVE IT ... PRICE IT 3918 Studebaker 1-Ton Pickup J9I7 Studebaker 1-Ton Pickup 1917 Studebaker '/i-Ton Pickup 19J6 Dodge Hi-Ton Cah & Chassis 1916 Chevrolet l'i-Tnn Pickup 1912 Dodge '/i-Ton Pickup 1941 Ford '/i-Ton Pickup 1910 Chevrolet '/, -Ton Pickup. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your friendly Studtbaker De«kr" Railroad * Ash Phone 888 •S T U D E I A K t R I'VE BEEN OUT HERE SINCE MORNING.... I'M EXHAUSTED. GO5H, HAZEL! IF IT GETS YOU DOWN LIKE THIS, WHY DON'T M3U -STOP? SOMETIMES I THINK YOU DON'T WANT ME TO HAVE ANY FUN! ISucks, Not Henna I1Y MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE JUST A MINUTE, "V HEY: YOU CAN T MISTER. THAT CAR- \SUSPECT VIC PLINT NATION HAS WON WU L OF ANYTHING/ A DATE WITH A StARCU PARTY. THERE WEBS TOO rVWNV CARNATIONS IN LUNA PARK TONIGHT FOB JOSE 5OSRY TO BOTHER VOO THIS WAY, SIR,/ YOU'LL FIND BUT WE SOT ATIP (NOTHING ON MS THAT A MAN WEAR-\HOmR THAN ING A FLOWER IS / THIS LITTLE CARRYING AROUND I PACKAGE Of A WAD Of BED HOT I JUMPING BEANS THOUSAND -DOt IAR BILLS WASH TUBBS The Metal liox «Y LESLIE TURNER ME5.KH.S1CY YTHAT WA& PKOftLy WHEN A BRIDGE MENTIOWEO /CREW FOUND A METAL BOX DEEP IM OUCEHEMZINC \ THE eWEE 6(V«D,EASV...BELOW A FftlSE EEPOCT\WH€BE THE OUTLAW* WERE CAUGHT? THE LOOT HM> BEEN FOUND. KUOWAMVTHIUS WOUT IT 5UT IT TURNED OUT TO BE A SEW.ED COPPER. BOX. THE MISSING OWE WAS STEEL WITH A.HIUGED TOR F>w>ea THAT wa* PRACTIOLLY DISSOLVED BV WJ.TEE SEEPWG IW ! COULOtt T TELL EXACTLV WHAT KIND OF PAPEI?.... EXCEPT THAT IT HADN'T BEEN MOWEVl ^OT-r^TJ^ l£g r £™ . ,. 3* - ^ «-l «• H^r&SSln: « BUGS BUNNY IT'S SIMPLE.' DROP TM' IN ELMER.'? OEITOV you owww ONE, MV 0056IES NWJ6? OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. ONE .' ^-?-' THVTS (A, GWEA.T — SEWEN E16HTHS.' I!Y V. T. 1IAMI.IN : BOOM-S CONTINUES TO SEARCH FOE PAgTV. suce SUINED DOC5 V.BULD-BE A.LU THIS TK7UBLE JUST BECAUSE I PAD A VISIT TO FOREIGN AGENTS MUST HAVE TM£XJSHT KNEW SHJCKS. ' CAPT/MN. I COLrt-PN'T EVEN FIRE A BAZOOKA.; BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Remember Him? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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