Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1966 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1966
Page 16
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\ Bulldog Tales By SALLY BAY Last week's activity at AHSlone word. .BASKETBALL. The night after the Bulldogs sent the Mason City Mohawks back home scaipless. The next, tvpo days \frere spent preparing plans for the State tourney. Pep Club committees made posters, tickets went on sale, pep buses were soon filled with rid* ers, and the team kept practic* ing. Wednesday morning a pep rally outside the school gave the players a huge send-off. Phil Taylor, student body President, presided. The Cadettes presented the boys with a four leafed clover of flowers with the Student Body, given by Sue Mpul' huge loye note with most of the students signatures at the hot-, tofri. Business Men were representedL 'Mayor Finn can be summed up quickly in I ball started rolling Monday ton, sending with the team a No matter what the style. be sure it's Electric L Your electric water heater fits into that hidden nook in your home ... saves space. Your electric water heater is easy to install ... no flues or vents needed. Your electric water heater ran be close to point of greatest hot water usage . . . saves expensive pipe'runs:. . . eliminates heat waste. Your electric water heater.. . another step in modern, electric living. See your appliance dealer about en electric water heater for your home. also 7 Aigona, Mayor Chrischilles of Fahdel, arid *ted _ T - T -- -— -~ -_. the Chamber of Commerce 'each spoke. Proba* Bly 'the' most stirring reception was given to Bill Milder and good luck Garrigsn Janet McGuite with messages from the student body* There were no classes day and Aigona was well sen ted at the game. Although our team couW hot get past the Little Cyclone*!, we Have every reason to be pf oud of them and theii- record its players aliil good sports; $or the senior^, this has been a year to remeni her. ; - \ ' •- • : •:•''; —AllS— •• • '•'< 'The pyrpoM\of any column Is to keep its readers informed, However, this > columnist has run into difficulty lately. jll seems that all nay channels for news about the plrom have been chopped off. In | fact, the only news I have received in the past week is "Quit I say ing nasty things about us ('the Juniors) or We won't let ylou into the prom." AlaSi thati is not all. A tree-appeilated faculty member threatened to Ipwler my disciis- sion grade in econ. . . hence his name shall n&ver.be mentioned in this column again— until who knows when. ?—ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE gfandmotJier, Mrs. Bernice Ox THURSDAY, MAUCH 54, 1966 Aigona. Mr. and Mrs. Howard MuUin entertained the following at dinner Thursday evening, Mrs, Merle Holt of Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mullin and Leonard Tebben. tt was the birthday of Mrs. Mullin, Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Hubbard' visited Saturday with Mrs. Esther Kouba arid Mrs. Lucille Johnsoh. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Marr spent the weekend at the Dick Marr home in Oskaloosa. Dick had undergone an appendectomy, ':':: •" Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krebs and family visited Sunday afternoon with h>r : parents, Mr. and Mrs, W D/McCutcheon at Goldfield. They had spertt the winter in ley, Mr. aiid Mrs. David Kilgttfe Stld daughter of Pond du Lac, Wis. spent a few days with Rev. and Mrs. Waiter bisch. The Kil^ gores are missionaries of Mia- titht Lands. _Mf«f. VeUld Thompson of fcdyard, Misses Lottie and Ja- iiette Mason of LuVfcf ne were Monday guests at the James Zweifel home. Howard Nims of St. Cloud, Minn, spent the weekend with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Vefn " '' '" a the The following ladies had knitting party Monday at Corwith i '••"'. Mrs. Harry L. Mpw »»»»»»•»»»•»••»»»»»»•»»* The annual "Fista ||!:Wabi- gori" club ha"d their dinher Saturday evening at tJostas near Mason City. Those vjpho attended from Corwith were Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Meyers,!; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis GlaweL Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hauswimi, Mr. arid Mrs. Lee Williams, Mr. and Mrs Floyd Fletcher, and Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Geary.) Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman sperit Tuesday to Friday at Ear ville, 111. They went to attem the 40th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gray. Enroute the> visited Mr. and Mrs. Les Gild ner in Davenport and also her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jim. Murrary in Ames. , •••}'. Mrs. Myra Hamm, Earl Bennett of Eagle Grove, Mrs! Keith. Gregory and children: ofjKana^ wha, Mrs. Art Kraft of¥ Ren| < '- '' Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagner and family visited Sunday evening at the fBen Krebs home. Mrs. EV C. Welter, Mrs. Ethel Jeer, Mrs. John Oxley and Mrs. Lafe Oxley Sr. attended the Bake Sale at Britt Saturday for the Hancock Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Jr. of LuVerne visited Thursday vehing at the Joe Ezarski home. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Davis and 'amily of Mason City visited on Saturday land Sunday at the William ,A ( ShF>iJie home. Mriififad: Mrs- Larry Kiubly and fkmiiy jspent the past week at the home of his sister, Mrs. Marvin Meyer and family. Mr.- and- Mrs. Elwood Geary and George Gray visited. Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Cram. Mrs. Albert Johnson underwent a checkup on Thursday at Masoh, City. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson, Mrs. Dale Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Oarl Johnson of Humboldt visited at the Floyd Johnson home at Somers. The ladies all attended a shower for a niece home of Mrs. Lester Hash; Mi*s. Ernest Bonnstetter, Mrs. Esta Schultz, Mrs. Harvey Hankins, Mrs. Esther Kouba, Mrs; Lucille Johnson, Mrs. Phjl Puffer, Mrs. Charlie Thompson and $rs. Robert May of Kanawha. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spaijg- ler and Kathy were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schichto at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nes- wold were Sunday guests at the Jamies Zweifel home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Studer and family of Ames, and Mr and Mrs. George Studer of Lu Verne were Sunday guests o: Mrs. Helen Studer. * .*. IN DOWNTOWN N MINNEAPOLIS \ EXTRAORDINARY yot inexpensive 'hfi ft.' N- jllSt (x 'f«'<-t li .!•• In! 1-. >.f T|i:i,; i p. YDIII .trnwtl. i tiniij 3 FAMOUS DINING AND WINING ROOMS CHATEAU do PARIS HURDLE IOUNGE TOFFPF HOUSE Or.o "< "tiftrir.! fcv ""a^t • J c n favri!" n^ v F r ' [''ffsfc'nsl. Lunchpon Ftnnch Britaii'^nts Snlprlril - , tf ,,, ! ":.:., I let > •'•'.' Pmnr- lor t- o i'! f »^f bj tiO'- Uv i.t.r-Mi«<if Mll ** ; '" , «ti i.in-T n»UMNi. ' •••• 1 [ •• 'ill !0 I m AIRPOfiT UMOUSiNE SFK>li.t. iVfJIV HM r HOUR fi <OM HO1H ENTRAWF POPUIAII RATtS SltMLE MOMS trfm $••» MUWr^^ Childrtn und«r 1* tREt " wrKSrASf"^ . .Hottl PY<*t I MinnMpolu .a^Esa*-*' I MinnMpolu, Minn. 5S«ui ' •' Hotel Oyckman, . I Minneopolii, Minn. 55402 . | Pl*at* tend rut color brochurt and I Thfnar la do -anil IM> in Mlnntopollr. ! NAMt •''••"• ' at the Roy Strandberg home in Rockwell City. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Meyer of Hampton and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyer and Kathie spent the week visiting relatives in Fargo and Hunter, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson attended a business meeting at "immetsburg on Wednesday. Edith and Delia Welter of Al- jona visited Saturday at the home. Jaclc Shipman underwent surgery iMi; Thursday at the Veter- Don, nere Mrs. .Addie Hamm v Guests at the home of Bert ••••••••••••••••••••••niNMIIINHNIINNMnillMllimillBi iiiiiiiiinlMiiiiiiiN^ u lleyers and Ann this week were Hr. 'and Mrs: Vance Halverson and family of Thompson, Mrs. Isther Kpuba, Mrs. Lucille manage finance the home home loan you ^ n service . see one Johnson, Mrs. Rollie and family, Mr, Hankiri ,^pon- Tom Mallard were evening supper, guests at the home of Mr. and'. Mrs. ilaryin. A : Meyers. Mr. and Mrs lobert Sloan were evening '.'callers, Mrs. Elwood-: .and family visited Sunday af- :ernoph and evening at th,f.;0er- " l;-Geary.home in Fort Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $10,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINGE 1917 -r ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. iWljlilHiliillllllllllllllMIIIIIMllllllilllllllffl Mrs. Esta Schulz, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Nims, and Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers and family. Mrs. Keith Pierce and infant daughter returned to their home on Friday from the Hancock Memorial hospital, Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniel and family of Aigona were Sunday dinner guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Sr. M.Y.F. of the Methodist church are having a chuck wagon dinner on Saturday, March 19 beginning at 11:30 at the church parlors. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Livingston returned to their home on Wednesday from Lakeworth Fla. where they had spent the last couple of months. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meyers returned to their home from Truth or Conquense, New Mex ico where they had spent the past month. Enroute home they visited their son Leonard Mey ers and family in Kansas. Mary Will of Mankato, Minn spent the weekend with her pairents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, Will. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Richard' son of Britt, Mrs. Jack Niewalt, Mrs. John Artzer of Fort Dodge and Mrs. Allen Croonquist, Pam and Jeff of Moorland were weekend euests at the home of Mr- and Mrs. Albert Fish. Brett Fish, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fish, fell off the corn crib at his home and had concussion. Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Jr. of Britt and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniel and family of Aigona were Sunday guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Sr. Mrs. Emma Oxley was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mrs. Abbie Bush. Clark Kiley and Mrs. Vernon Grebner and two daughters of Renwick visited Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock. Mr- and Mrs. Art Kraft and Janice of Renwick were Sunday afternoon and supper guests with her mother, Mrs. Addie Hamm. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Puffer visited Sunday afternoon at the U W- CHtefBte twy Pi in4 &e Paul Puffer home to M. Y. .was also visiting there for a family gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams and Mr, and Mrs. Dale Yeoman and Paula visited Sunday afternoon and evening at the Lou Hoover home in Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyer visited Saturday evening at the Robert Kraft home in Renwick. George Gray spent the weekend with his children in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Mey er and Kathie visited Sunday afternoon at the Keith Pierce home. Craig Freiberg of Kanawha spent the weekend with hip GOOO/r^EAR Offer Now Through Saturday •£•••* MORE o« 4 6.70x15 tube-type blackwall, plus tax, no trade-in needed Goodyear All-Weather "42"-the only low-priced lire with Extra-Mileage Tufsyn Rubber and Extra-Strong 3-T Nylon • Blackwalls and Whitewalls. NO MONEY DOWNI FREE MOUNTING! 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