Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1966
Page 4
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JULIAN CHMICHIUII '"'.•:.». jtyL THE IOWA HIGH school Athletic Assn. would be making a big mistake in dividing Iowa «choojs into Class A and B again for state tournament puf doles, arid have two champions as proposed by some of the smaller schools. No one liked the two-class meets a few yerfri ago afld We. see less need, for a similar program now With the continuance of consolidations throughout the state. '. ; V 4 , , ; ; We've always felt Minnesota had a fine state tournament and of the eight schools this year, populations for five of them include Mounds View. (5440), Ada (2064), Blooming Prairie (1778), HutchlnsoH (6207), Wlndoim (3691)' and Kenning (980).' - . ' :••',! "Vf' t ?• '.•.'.•'•„'•.••• - 1 ''. ' THE NORTH CENTRAL All-Conference teams released Saturday were a joke. . . first of all« If Craig Esp« isn't at least the second best guard in the ;cbhfewnce (and I'm not too sure he isn't the best), I'll eat my hat arid ,you won't have to put a filter on it either . .. and then not to even place him on the second team is an insult ^A'- r! '^ Webster City, a team which placed far down in .the line in the conference arid, which was spundly beaten twice by Algona, had THREE MEN OPJ- tHfi SECOND TEAM . . . thus they had more men on the, first two;teama than either Algona or Clear Lake. . -"- /v ••'. \ •'••. ^V-. ; > . '' ' ...... . ii. • r.. » .- r - . ,.. WHAT'S ALL this shoutingia tjwfiif? the ifywr officiating in the Algona-Ames game? Certainly HO responsible .writer or announcer can blame them for; our;, defeat. '' Although -there were a couple of questionable calb, this>c|n i.be said of any game. They had no bearing' on l^^aivbuJ^cotne/of, the game, whatsoever. < ;• . ' T:I , '. •". • •* -'vAt:'".'^; .'.'•^'•;,;^'''-:'''^' 1 i'.- > "''- ''^••'' Can't any loser adnUt they-iijet a bietifer team, >or at least a better team tHe'diy;tbey.f||^l^.4hem,^eH;ailiily-'-Algo- na did Thursday. Rather, too raiinycfans bljime the officials for the defeat of their team; rather thaiji a'dnilt they, were not, the best the day of the game. T^e "game of basketball today is so fast that it would take M* officials, one watching each man on the floor, to catch They are certanI^lmp«rtWi|' «M| ^cjjfflf ^|t : '. they see! They miss things ,and make miltakes fcqt ; th|)s/.is the fault of the game itself, not the men working 'the gatne; I..'. Seldom, too, do team member or coaches blame 'officials for 'their defeat (with the noticeable-; excepti»>h;oif Pau|:Bruhs i -of Gftrbll in the Fort Dodge-Carroll fans. . • ',:..•'• . ONE OF THE officials Jin tournament and .worl0n was Whittempre's Frank '' rl f g basketball . game A WEST BEND woman, Mrs Dale "Gcraldine" Edgington, was one of seven named to ih^Ib^tOiy« Athletic Uniont "Hall of Fame" recently during the Igwavgirlta state tournament .. . she led West Bend 1 * to 1 t^Q:cbnsecutiye championships in 1938 and 1939 and tyas'tbp^oireir ; pf the -1930 meet. She later, became a second M"*' att^AmeWca selection while playing with the Des Moines; A: l:^;-^ ;'. .'she is the former Geraldine Gearhart. ; ":'•:'' i j*-i" 1 :K.H''>. .'•'';•• V *'"''• ''•• ' ••• ' • ' " ' ' ' v champion had that club -< -Texas «|i^t«r 30-year team witH''.GaJ-y .Peer. Bob *lB|0'<'.V-v. Chuck, I ;ilfiie f.ebounder as well ing, to our infor- A NOTABLE omission >ltfc was Chuck Streit, a boy whpVp Percival and othen^back:i^- think, .graduated in 1962, arid as the No. 4 alRime Algona -' mation (Teeter, Meyer and W6od if«. ahead of him). Which reminds me of a' itiotf toki i ihoiit Chuck when he went to Iowa City as: a (jreshman ,•> , although he didn t want to compete in athletics there, he wanted to prove to himself that he was as good a basketball player as most at the SUI ... so he went ottt for freshman basketball, made the team and then decided he'd concentrate on the books! Before we close Our honor roll; of top Algona high school players these past 25 years of so, let us add .Larry Christiansen (1955), Jerry Anderson (1948), Don "Shag" Cook (1955) and certainly Craig Esp«, who, still has another season to go . j . he will become one of the finest ever from the outside for the Bulldogs. ^ , >V^ ; . V '] ; . -.^ • ^ ••/; V ; • " THIS IS A story of honesty and thoughtfuhiess ... a pair of gloves were lost the other day in Algona and our Judy Frank in the Advance office happened to find them when she located their owner, she sent them by mail to Mrs George Jentz of Fenton, who. promptly dispatched a note oi appreciation to Judy . . . and, ENCLOSED A QUARTER for a "couple of cups of coffee or cokes." 1961 FORD 2-door Hardtop 0«!•«*•, Cru- i»e>a>matic, radio, ?-ttn* tyr. quoit* and whit* fini»h, ntw tirt*, *»tra elMn. 1095" TAYIOR MOTOR 00. FORD ft MERCURY S4LES « SERVICE (. THE ALGONA high school basketball squad is show# "on stage" with Coach Howie Stephenson at the microphone during the special pep assembly at the high school Monday PraiseforSte morning, welcoming the locals home. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. 4-ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCE f MUM&AY, 1*66 World's billiard champion appears 1 H •<•.•.;• -•: '.• "i ',-•'•' •' at Bancroft Bancroft — The world's champion billiard p:ayer who per- formedrihe triCK.'snots for Jac- day night. He is 70-year old Eddie "Fast Eddie" Farrell and he demonstrated a few of his trick shots at the Dugout here. Among the feats he performed was rolling 15 balls into pockets in a minute without a miss and making 15 shots in just 10 seconds. He is a native of Manning, la., and has appeared on the Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason and Mr. Ed TV shows. , •"•^ C ^ MAILBA6 — C6a& B6l» iKJng; Jibrnier , Algona 'high school mentor and now head coach at thVlfnlyersity of New Mexico, writes after viewing Wm;of^leJ^e^r:?'l agree with you that this |s probably the biest:pla^ir,ljiiye ever seen ; in the North Central Conference V. * * "\ />•;.; ^ ',.•; . ' Incidentally, New Mexlca "njet: Texas Western near the ehdvof the down, by 20 points with ij.%i Western won in' an overtime ' RICHARD PALMER, instructor in the Algona high school, extends his hand in congratulations to Coach Howie Stephenson during a pep assembly at 9 a.m. Monday, welcoming the Bulldogs back to town after their state tournament appearance. Palmer praised Stephenson s work'-during the v^fttf Wtf «iff in ^^Ba^W^^iV^.. 3 ^^^^^^ by Mike Ttitir on all-nrnl tttm AlgonaY Dolo Tootor wa» placed on tho second allttate tournament team announced Monday. He was only ono of two player* named on the two top teams whose clubs lost In tho first found. Tho other was Fred Orawe, Waverly-Shell Rock, who was also tho only junior named. In fact, of tho 16 boys named either on the two teams or given honorable mention, only throe wore from first round losers. Regular Baptist women to host meeting here The Ladies Missionary Society of the Regular Baptist church, corner of Elm and Wooster, Algona, will be hostess to a district meeting of the Ladies of the Northwest Regional Association of Regular Baptist churches on Tuesday, March 29 at 1:30 p. m. Speaker will be Helen Jean Moose, a veteran missionary of 20 years in the foreign. field. She was forced to leave China because of the Iron Curtain, and again this last year she was forced to leave Indonesia because of the communists. Women from sixteen area churches have been invited to attend. Take time to read — it is the source of wisdom. Stvtn girls gel honorable mention Sevan area girls were given honorable mention -crt-th* Dtt Moin«* Register AH-St*t« team* announced Sunday. For* ward* lri» MichaolMn of Titonka 'and Sue Karelt, Laketa, wort honored a* wore guards-Linda Budlong, Titonka, Stoan Blanchard, Scntral; Linda J«n»«n,Ring»»td; Deanna Sloan, Cirwilh-WeiileV; and Barbara Weisbrod, Cylinder. Janes Hahselmari. of .LuVerne and Sharon Waldschmidt were given honorable mention in the DPA.girl*s: all-state team announced i Thursday as Well as Miss Michaelsen and Miss Karels as forwards. IDPA gave honorable mention to the . same guards as did the Register. We ' salute/.. ALFRED M. REDENIUS Titonka, Iowa Mr. Redenius ranked seventeenth nationally in .now sales among all our representatives for the month of February, 1966, and ha is a member of the E. C. Depps Agency, Mason City. JWV THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF LINCOLN. NEBRASKA fviffMd to ooaeli W«tl ill-*»«r» ..Forrest Twogood, better know here a» "Two^ie," was chosen a "coach lor" the" West AH Star bas ketbaj! team .to pl»y the Eas All Stir team in Lexington, Ky. fiaturday afternoon. It will be televis«4 In color. ' He wiU set? the members of the West town for the first time Thursday; and they will only h§ve two practices together as a unit before the Saturday game.' i Twogie has been the head bas- ketbiall coach at the University of Southern California for 16 years *uuj M just announced his retirement from coaching. He hi$ "been named assistant »thMc director Df the University of Southern California in L«8 Angetes." 'Mrs. Twogood is -the former Eleanor Haggjard, daughter of the late Mr. and Wrestlers are honored at Booster banquet i The Algona Wrestling Bobs- ers club held their annual pot- uck supper and banquet Mon day evening at the high school ahriez, with between 150 and 125 n attendance. Guest speaker was Gordon Hassman, NCAA champion from »Jew Hampton, who attends col- ege at Ames. The Boosters plan to take the entire .wrestling squad to Amesj Friday after school for the semifinal matches of the NCAA 1 tourney to be icld there Friday and'Saturday. Thirteen men who will drive cars for the 58 wrestlers are: Dick Young, Bob Laing, Roger Hoover, Lowell Samp, Fritz Nielsen, Chuck Benson, Lyle Riedinger, Ronald Miller, Robert .Kain, Francis. Bjustrbm, F16y$ Bode, Jim Fitzpatrick and John Claude Coach Champ Martin present ed letters to the following var sity wrestlers: Paul Watkins, Bill Carlson, Larry Munger, Steve Claude, Tom Samp, Randy Itted- inger, Clint Young, Russ Shaw, Dave Martin, Bruce Bennett, Max Miller, Bob Bradford, Kevin Hoover and Tom Fitzpatrick. Mr. Martin also gave recognition to the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders, the junior varsity wrestlers and the junior high wrestlers. Chuck Benson was re-elected president of the club for the coming year. Mitch Taylor was elected vice-president, and Mrs. Mary Munger secretary-treasurer. The Algona wrestlers won the Class A state title this year for the first time in history, and Mr. Martin is optimistic about next year's squad, which will be built around 112-lb. champion Larry Munger. The other three squad members winning in the state meet this year, Tom Samp, Dave Martin and Tom Fitzpatrick, are seniors. LU VERNE LIVEWIRES LuVerne Livewires ,4^H club met March 16 at the LuVerne Town Hall. Norma Heinen presided. Plans' were made, for Algona day April 2. 'i Talks were jiven by Dianne Curry, Teresa Phyllis Blumer and Zeld§ jwitzjel. Entertainment was by Norma Heinen and Kathy Shaw. Reporter is Zelda Witzel. Need Printing? ,• AT THE ADVANCE PAPPLI FISH — Three of Paullina's fishing enthusiasts caught their limit of paddle fish (spoonbill catfish) recently at Gavins Point dam, Yankton, S. Pak., and the daddy of them all was one weighing 6,0 Ibs. and 62 inches long caught by Don Cooper!"- "'"'•" : "~ ' QUALITY COMES 1§X AT FIRESTONE Take your choice of ?)rt*foit* Champions GET THE 2nd TIRE FOR, ... ;.:ii.T-(:ii'v •-. • •• i?::.t1:i'li'O | ','];,v.'Ji.i'i. '.'J:,)'.'. .J" ; '..i I. Buy tht> 1st tir« at prlo* Hated b«low...g«t th« 2nd tlra for % that prical firt'ton* m CHAMPION NYLON __. •«•**• w^lttiA* SAFETY CHAMPION WHITEWALLS SLIGHTLY HWHW WHITfWALLS SLIGHTLY HIGHER Ml price* PLUS TAX. SOIM additional tub*l»t lUtl »nd tuba-typ* llrtt llie iMluet* hi t)ili offtr. 1 «SI» lilted'a>o replace* ihown n parentheiw Limited Tim. Only...BUY NOW...NO TRADE-IN NEEDED New colorings ... rich like Trophy Blue, Hunt Grey, Bark Brown ... to name a very few — that's City & Country Tones by Middishade. Hyde Park, J. & F., etc. Imported and domestic fabrics in solids and subdued weaves ... to give you the overall fashion effect you demand. FOR Z for the "Look of Importance" ALGONA, IOWA COMPLETE LINE OF TRUCK AND TRACTOR TIRES IN STOCK! Your safety rULt LIFETIME GUARANTEE against . , defect! In workmanship and mate- AI IA B A MTB B fi»'« « n( * •" normal road hazard in- lBw*r%*nle*%l^ • •»•» jurle* encountered In everyday pas. „ • ' _ •„'__. »»na»r c«r use for the life of the 1JU limit mm UlltS original tread design. Replacements If/tJ e>r*Wff «/W. Hit **•* t * e art pro-rated on tread wear end mt m it^tA mm : UitilTUm besed on current Firestone -retail H9 Unit 99. mUniHS price at time of adjustment. s our business at Firestone! g the Firciton* »I 9 ni JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT GOLF BALLS 6-Q-106 ''Jack Nicklausl Autograph Model | Sputh of Alfoni Hottl ALGONA 3 FOR umit *1 A A 3 per customer P %| sit this price. Additional balls Jl.OO HC* I

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