The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1939
Page 3
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•l« WfibbjESDAY, JUNE 28, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK.y COURIER NEWS. ttOLt) EVEMtlllNG - By Clyde'Lewis Carutliersville Society — Personal lEiypu.s. •Flyrm Urges Shift, Says Taxes Should Pay For Outright Spending. BY JOHN T. FLYNN (Written tor NEA Service) We have urged n vigorous revlva of-the anti-trust'law lo free enterprise and a cleaning up of the situation In the three great Investmcn industries—building; railroads am utilities—as the first two steps !i a recovery program. • Tiie next step lias to do will spending. First of nil, the govern merit must continue a sane spendln program.' Relief for those In dls tress must be carried on. ,i But money must be spent to pro 'ffcite'Jobs''for persons answering t certain 'description. 1 ;. This kind spending divided Into tw categorles^cutright spending an investment. Outright spending would cove those activities which, while cu lurally;; socially, industrially are wise, arc nevertheless not true investments. That is, those enterprises conducted 'by the government which, -while good "Investments" in the morals, health and peace of the people, nevertheless are not of .such a character that the money expended will ever come buck to the gove'rnriicnt. Conservation, educational, health activities lire of tliis sort. Such spending should be paid for entirely out of tax revenues. . : TAXES SHOULD PAY FOR NON-INVESTMENTS 'Government investments include such contemplate the recovery by the-government of the .money'expended! AA. housing enterprise in wlilcl life cost of the house and the operating costs are so arranged tha the rents, will recover them for the government, is an investment. I Is entirely proper for the govern memVto borrow money for the pur pose of building such .houses pro vided it arranges the finances s as. to get back in .money the sums expended in order ,16 liquidate the bonds:' . • . Therefore we may lay down this pronosition: that the' government shall limit its .borrowing activities to sound economic investments, but that all expenditure; not truly in- vestments.shall,.be. paid for out of .taxes 'and,-with, this principle fixed, shall proceed to balance its budget. Jrlsp-Marshal! Miss Peru Dare Marshall,'of New Orleans, La., daughter of R. P. Marshall, Banner Elk, North Cur- linn, anil sister of Mrs; Gordon Vrlght of (Ills city and John T. irisp, Mo., and Carlisle, Ind., were narrled hi the pastor's study ftt the Baptist Church last Friday morn ug, June 23, al eleven o'clock. The Rev. D. K. Foster of that church jerformed the single ring cere- nony In the presence of Mr. nnt Mrs. Gordon Wriglit, the only al ciKlnnts. The bride hns hecn the guest of ler sister for several ilnys. Follow- ng the ceremony the young couple left for an eastern trip and will be at .homo In Carlisle, Ind., on their return, where the , jjrooin .s employed. BonianrDavls : - • Miss Edna Huth Davis, Cape Glrardeaii, Mo., daughter of Mrs. Delia Davis of Brageiulocip, Mo., and James W. Bowmnn of Jackson, Mo., have announced , their mnr- ringe which occurred in Blythc- vllle, Arx,, on November 2G, 1038. Mrs. Bowman is a' former resl- cnt of, this county and city. She ecelved her higher .education at 'enncssee College, Murfreesboro, Tenn., . and at the University of Missouri where she specialized In •>ccial science work. Since July 93B she has been director of the County, Social Security office in Cape Girardeau. ... The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. • R. E. .Bowman of -Jackson. He attended and was graduated from the Jackson high school and Teachers College,' Cape Girardeau He is at present employed • in the office of the International Shoe Factory at- Jackson. . Mrs. -Bowman will continue her work until August after which thej will make their home in Cape Girardeau. ' . • : • Mrs. Hazel Hostess To Club Miss' Garnet Hall was gues Monday evening when Mrs. Alic Berryman Hazel entertained he two table-Lucky Nine Bridge Clu Miss Hall held high score and re ceived". Magnolia Toilet .Water, an Miss Jewel 'Williams cut for con solution and received a- set of sal and pepper shakers. -The; hoste served pineapple sherbet \vilU cool ies and a delicious fruit punch fo lowing the games.. * * * Girls Auxiliary Elects '. Mrs. Gage Knight, sponsor, w hostess to members of the Gi \\ w' xjlw^^a NU. - : =?\ ^».fc-»»,\\^^ ''Sl^rcL COPR.'lW.M 1 * "• ' • 1 1 •' ' • • ' "I wanta see Ihe chief— (Here's gnmblin' joints runuiu' wide open nrouiid lierel" the quarterly meeting which 1 be held In July and tentative ns for n summer Young Peoples 3amp. were discussed. Following the business of the group the hostess served n refreshing dessert course. ; ' ' » • . * A. L. Qiilnii of this city who has been pastoring the Church of the Nazarene at Wnrdell, Mo., for Ihe )ast year has been recalled and will serve the members of that tiurch in the same capacity for the coining year. Mr. and Mrs. 'J. C. McCarty have returned from ft vacation spent with relatives at Elaine, Ark., and ickma'ii Ky. ' • : Mrs. Harry E. Puckctt left Tuesday morning for raragould, Ark., where she will visit with Mrs. Lawrence Puckett and Mr. and Mrs. oy Purclom and family for several days. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fierce and .' : lays attending the World's Pair. Mrs. Sadie Durham, who has spent the past month here with her n other, Mrs. Laura Askew mid sister, Mrs. Guy Huslccldc has left for, her home in El Paso, Texas. Her daughter, Miss Dorothy, rc- malned here with ' relatives for n longer visit. , . Mr. and Mrs. John W. "Sawyer Sr., returned during the week end from a ten days trip to the cast. Mrs. L. L-. Parsons of Hayti spent a few hours here Monday afternoon visiting wllh Mrs. Fred Williams, i . . • . .Mrs. Lois Baker spent lasl wee In Braggadocio as the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. E. Ulnyonholmer and family. , , Mrs. ft. W. Batrd is spendin is week in Honiersvllle, Mo., with .atlves. Read Courier News woni ads. 'emiscot County Township ' Committees Are Selected Al Meeting OARUT11EHSVILLK, Mo., J 1111 0 28.—Al n meeting of ruprcsciUa- Ivcs of Hie I'C'inlscbl County Pimir Bureau timl (lie Hoirie Kconotnlcs councils here al the courthouse- ruesdny, township committees were named to study 'farm nml hoiiie problems, nml atmly/e Ihe things Hint will be hicorpornloil In the 1040 farm and home extension pro gram. Co-clmlrman, a man nnd n womnn from each township, will bo given trulnlng In onli'r lo di- icct the commllU'C meetings. ThoEc appointed lo Hie committees'arc: Braggadocio township—Mrs. A. A Owens, C, L, Duvls, R. U Lcdbullor Dcwey Owens, W. A. Hudson, R M Tidwcll, W. n. Darby, H. T Kdinundson, Olio liond. Mrs. Bcr [chardson, Mrs. Otto llond, Mrs P. McCloskey, Lullicr Ciirtnc id T. J. Long. Concord—L. 11. Gale, Mrs. 0. E, hclton. H. J, McDowell, L. P. room, I;, C. Faust, Irvln Sample, Irvln Siimph!, Mrs. a. II. ?lclmrdsmi, Mrs. Tim Sample, Mrs. J, Greenwell, Mrs. J. B. Ncw- iaii, Mrs. 'Chas. Howell. Lltlle Prairie — A, L. Kldwcll, Irs. John 1). McClunnhhh, Prank •nylor, H. W. Cain, Mrs. John Adins, Mrs. J. A. Uoone, Mrs. L. B. Qrlshnin, Mrs. C. A. nobcrtson, Mrs 'rank Taylor, Henry A. Boonc, L 3, Gi'lshcmi, Mrs. Coyne Buclmnnn M. J. Znrccor. Clavk, Mrs. Mnrcclla Garrott, Mrs. C.U, Martin, John R,Crockett,Mrs. J. II. Morgan, >;Mrs. Lllllo .Mlclilo nnd Mrs, Curl iield. "' Ilityti—A. a. Pickciw, Mrs. l.eroy Vhllcncr, Olias. W. Ucett, Jr., U, arecnwell, T. M. Hundley, 'I'. P. Uissell, W. N. Iliinktn, James Byis, 0. L. Whltncr, Mrs. W. N. tunkln, Mrs. It. Greenwull, Mrs. Jlalr Ilucklcy, Mrs. Wlllnnl, nay nd Mrs, Wlllnnl HusseD. 1'ojnlscotr-Mrs. W. C. Watson, lavry Cunnliighnin, !•. A. Hopper, V. C. Wnlson, W. J. Fltxm'mi ' jtanlcy Uvccnway, "Joe 'rurnbow, Mrs. Dennis Holmes Mrs. J. A, Baker Mrs. W. 11. Hlxon, Mrs. laudc Holmes and Lester While- wr. llollnnd—Mrs. Homer Smith, J A. Ktfcr, W. L. I'lllcliard, J. O. lankln, W, E. Webb, L. licvry, Wll- lon Fowler, llaymoni! MllllgAtl, J U. Hull,' Mrs. Klsle Klsk, Mrs. Rny- mond Mllllgnn, Mrs. Noble Ciipe- nt and Mrs. J. L. Ihimel. Virginia—Mrs. 11. IX'l'rlost, V. 1 Uhickwe)], C. Q. Thompson, W. VV Graves, J. A. Taylor, S. ,T. Me Chirc, II. Uel'rlcst, Mrs. Holll Fnrrls, Mrs. Ella M. Sharp, Mrs. A A. Smothers, Mrs. J. W. Me Cullougli, nml.Mrs. V. L. Blnck well. nuller—Uiirllo' Boon, Jnnet'Stan Icy, Uomey ciroinwcll, Cecil Slide N. C. Permi'iiter, Willis Pnrkc Climley Crockett, Mrs. Nell llaye Mrs, Delta' Pcriiicnkr, Mrs. Mag _ie Slider, Mrs, Modest Hurley nn Miss Donna Alexander. Oodnlr—Mrs. Jim Swlnen, Clyde Willie, Mrs. W. 1 H. Burgess, Leo Killlon, Clyde E. Myraclc, Harrison A. lloonc, Mrs. Bernard Brb'ckell, Claudo Uownlng and Lee Crockett, ••COURTS Hubert ally, one of Iho seven I'gr'ocs aiicslcd almost two months HO In u morals case wlilcli In- olved a- white woman;' vms* ECII- enccd to 30 days on tho county arm In municipal • court today evernl others had been,- given linllar sentences in a special day [ circuit court after entering picas f guilty to the charge, Rudy Dllty, who k alloged to avc stolen a tent from U V. Vn'dilell'of near Manila, was held o -circuit court on u charge of rand larceny and his boiid set at 500. Sidney White, cliargcd with forgery and uttering of'a check Jor •: $12, was held tb v clrcult,courl. >'; < , >^ Columbus dicn, 'negro, was fined ,%! ten, dollars and sentenced ,, to •> 30 * ' days on a of iwtit iarceny, r ~ ! ^ ", ', *\' , • One Inch of rein means,mere- ^ thnn 100 Ions of water lo an acre. ', •Vh #*GMC PRICES START NEAR THE LOWEST! Delaware to Restore Historic Royal Paper WILMINGTON, Dei: (UP) — A. plan lo restore the Duke of York .nnpers. tiie only copy of which now Pascola—Mrs. Fred nuggar, T. R. rusts in the Delaware Slate Archivos Golo, Wesley. Slirader, N. Proffer,' R i Dover, has been revealed. Ruel Cooper. Orvlllc Shipley, Dun copied Gooclrlcli, O. Hunler, Mrs. O. Hunter, Mrs, Dun Ooodrlcli, Mrs, J. W. Slua'der, Mis. T. R. Cole, Mrs. II. i. Mnssey anil Mrs. R. M. Hlce. Little nlvcr—O. A. Knlehl, Mrs. BMC SAVIN6S ARE m HIGHEST.' MORE POWER GREATER B/GGER, BETTER GAS SAVINGS CABS & BODIES John Taut, O. Acorn, Oeorgc SHIFT TO UNIVFJJSAL INC OM E TAX i ITR&ED The .next subject --'is": taxes. augliter, Harriett Ann, spent the veck end at Ravendeii Springs Ark., where they have a camp. Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Helm returned Sunday from a vacation spent In the East. While away the> visited in Washington, D. C. mil New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Henley am Miss Bernice Chilton and Fre Henley returned Sunday froi Rockaway Bead? on Lake Taney Auxiliary of.-the Baptist. Church como where they had spent seveia Mondajiaftefpon. The program « ' pr -\ very/lntereslliij; nnd was w( -* 1 * -sentfarblrrermt phases.>f work' •jras;*exp!ained_ During ._. _ _______ , . The whotjgjffSderftl - Kx system r !sTsent|arI)lfIerem phases pi ' G. ' ' I wrong. •'£'£:> No taxes'" should 'be' laid at any business session the following bfli polnt where the tax is mixed up cers were'. elected 'to serve for the next : quarter: Jean Abernatliy, president;-. Margaret ; Jane Dorroh, vice-president; Mary-: Lynn.. Aber- witli tiie expenditure "of money or Investment of' money-. 7; fTh\s inearis;-that Jail ; c'pmmbdity :axes, all Vexcise .taxes] "'all • sales taxes • should- be ab61islied.i'; ! A few are ,:defensiblp. where ''is designed' fa : 'rendef"a' 'govenimeut service'to the special taxpayer, as in the case of gasolinfe taxes where the .'.money is used .-entrrely on roads. ;But^otherwise all such taxes should-be .ended:' ' ':.'•-.-• . ' •'. .. The government should shift to a universal Iricoiiie tax as'swiftly as. possible. .In;';levying this tax the-rates on individuals and corporations should, as far as possible, be made equal. At present, the large corporations enjoy an advantage over individuals. As for the undisturbed profits • tax, the present tax' is meaningless. A sotrnd xindlstrlbutcd profits tax on corporations Is all right, but the present tax is not soimd. It is iust to no one. Java Makes Gas Masks " ^SINGAPORE (UP(—The first gas wask factory in Ihe East Indies has opened at Sandceng, Java. It is operated by.a branch of a British company. Although present output is only 100 gas masks a day, it can be Increased to about 3,000 daily in,an emergency. Most of the masks ,are for the Dutch colonial army. nathy,' .secretary; '.Jjlaxine .JMorrow, treasurer,J;.mid ; Winnie'/Lee'WWay- mire, - personal '. service • - "chairman. The gills' 'worked ' : 6n their.,'posters which/will be_ on.: display at the July nieetihg.'pf.'the. Associational W. M.U. 'when the .Young .^People of the' Association; are-^honored. The hostess "served ', '&• 'fruit drink with cookies.. - . • ' : '." ' ' , + *,' * Mrs. Dorroh Hostess. ' To Bajitist Young People Mrs." .'Charles Dorroh , was hostess to four .tables • of young •' people members of the Senior. B. Y. P. U of the Baptist Church Monday evening. The group enjoyed Rook, Monopoly and Chlnker-Chck during the evening. Rev. D. K. Foster and Miss Myra Gerrish were guests during the refreshment hour at which lime the hostess served n variety of sandwiches, cup canes and lemonade. - . - * * * Executive Meeting Of Associalional W. M. U. Officers were present from Hayti, Portageville, .Steele and this city last Friday afternoon when Mrs. Charles Dorroh, Associational Womans Missionary Union head called them together lor an executive -. meeting. Plans were made days''on vacation. , Clinton -Thompson of /Memphl Tenn.,'S visiting here with'-his par cuts, Mr. and Mrs. Oweii Thorni son and his skter, Mrs. Jere King. bury. Mr. ami Mrs. Jerc Kingsbury r tumed Saturday from a soiithe wedding trip and are at home ;lie.:; apartment-". of Mrs. Paulii Hayden on Ferguson Avenue Mr.- and Mrs. W. • O. Cteviden returned Saturday from New Yo City where tliey had spent scvc Lelhbr, W. N. Eankln, J. 1. Bui-ll- son, : Roy Olltard, Mis. O. H. Acorn and Mrs. Koy Dlllard. Cooler—Mrs. L. E. Cooper, E. '!'. Crlildle. O. Uavnes, W. li. Brodcrlck, J. C. Kitchen, C. II. Byrll, W. O. from (lie original manuscript at Albany, N. Y., In 1197, Ihe papers were bcllcvcil ; lo, bo among Hie few which pertain to Ihe colonies before 1U80. The original paixjrs were destroyed by ilro few years after the copy wiis nnde. ' The grant lo Delaware Is included in the papers.' ; ' • HOW MOTHERS HELP BABY OVER FRETFUL ITCHING OF SUMMER HEAT RASHES TriicU Agatntt truck, CMC'. SUPER-DUTY cn^luei with E'OWER- PAK pliLoni putt evtiryLhing In power for the drawbar pull! Ownrri of 1939 CMC truck* report 15% to 40X gas.saving! over comparable truck it Uncrampe'd, wld«- vlilon ^Helmet Top" cab* .. . bod let bigger than any otheri. A GMC PAYS FOR ITSilF! i pbyminli lK;oifgli our oiin YMAC.flon at low»i) aYoiloblt ratii \ LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc.' (105 ,B. Mnln Phone GMC TRUCKS EVEN a goo<l-n.iUircd baby sets up a I howl wlieh'^'Soutlieni slimmer" hcnt ra^lf mnke;.liis lender lUtjcjfkui Ijura aiid'itcIi. : Aiid wlio'citn blartic baby?. i'or skin-irritated that way—clmfc'd to soreness—sweaty atul jjallcd— meaus Mother must gel on Ihe job will: famous Mexican Heat Powder. Mexican Heat Powder is" "|X>\vdcr- protectioii" that's 'utctlictilftl —proved soothing, cboliiig'iiigrcdiciU.s iifa sjic- LI il quick idlicnni, b-wc—llie powder brinis comfort ;iiu\ kt'tf>s baby-coriv forlnUc as the ]X>wdcr slays 0:1 tor hours. !<ccn Mexican Heat l'owiler.,in- yoii^ liomc=-for the older, folks as w as ihciyoiuiEstcrs—use it lo cool ,1ncl conifortUclung and blirnii^ of niiiiur skin irritations—to check perspiration of feet nml body. Ueineinucr ihis, famous Mexican licit I'ovulcf is liasilnfy not i till Don'l confuse it or arec|it a substitute I re it jour Inby to (lie- icil lliini; —fnnoiiH Mo\u in licit iler—sold by all dealers.everywhere. The New International Deluxe Air Circulating Fans are Ideal for Homes j' The outstanding fan development with over 270 square inches of v working area on the blade surfaces alone. Will remove the entire volume of air from five room house in ten minutes. THE FOUR LEAF COMPANY Distributors Blythtvilte, Ark. Wo gold hundreds at the regular low price I Now the price is reduced to bring you even greater savings! It' 1 ) extra large . . . shelf area is 13.40 sq. ft.I Ha? 3 sliding shelves! Interior light! Extra bottle space I Triple scaled insulation! Frcon odorless rctrigcrantl Plus Deluxe features below I: Backed by a 5-Ycar Protection Plan at no extra cost I Jull $5 DOWN Pull II In Your Homil Monthly Faynientl, Canylng Choca*! SI >°V/I food („„,. Peralure Quick Two l«ve"l Ice cub«i iqhl Dull AN S 85 WASHER! ALL WHITE 24 GALLON SIZE Another Car Of MW Refrigerators Come in today and see these outstanding Montgomery Ward values in refrigeration. We have a size and price to fit your needs. From factory lo you saves you money. No hidden middleman's urolU in our prices. Precision built. Big porcelain tub holds 18 gals, to waterline, 24 to top^ Lovcll wringer, Pressure Selector! Bondcrized to prevent rust I Baked enamel chassis 1 L 95 $.5 Monthly, DoWn Pay- menl, Carrying Charge Same Wash«r with Motor Driven Drain Pump §62.95 With Gat Engine (26-sal. tub) ;:;;;;:;; §74.95 MONTGOMERY WARD .406 W. Main St. : Phone'<j7.<i

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