The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 5
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WKDNKSDAY, MAY 20, 1'KiG HIA'TUHVILLK, (AUK.) COUK1KU NKWS Tunic, Cape Loom as Fall FashionStars Fcr four.iil nftcriicon funclioiis en hot days' in town Chanel has designed this lovely libick eirc salin I'iMlctr. It's worn with a white crepe bkiisc anil; acccsscri'.s. The mannuh shiny bhck El:aw hal is (ilinnicil with black and while bam!. Over LI i:slc ROWI* cf licaVy rhrws c I sltnulicrry iLTiiiciso evening salln, ^lolynciix tu evening 1 <::tat [link JSPLIDMELOPS CLUB SESSi oai-ly Half o( Delegates lo Women's Democratic Meeting Ruled Out S|>lll PAGE FIVB Kresge Heiress Denies Troth urn- and tin' HOT HPHlNliK, Ark.- "Mrh may romll In the i i 'mi of 11 rivnl oli:iuil/;itloii de- »<l'>j>oil ill (he anmiiil eomenllim '( Iho Ai-k-,ui!<!is Di'inin-rnllc Wo- li'i-n's club ln-iv yoMorday niter ii-o VCIIIIK ri|:lit,-i in Hourly half "i tho iloU'iiiiles were chiilleniied "UdiT an iirtlcH' of tho club emi- •uinllon which one fucllon claim"I hint l:ivn Illounlly Included In <lio primed eonslltiition. l>o|e|:ates vulini! In' Iho election i 1 ! n! fir; 1 ;,'; dm Inn Ihe nnornoon M'»!U;I were M'uted on (he oust :'--lu of ihc hull, mid iiun-vothii; ii:'!<Tiilc>' on Ihe o-.ipn-.Hi' .side iift- ,'•'• it luul born riilrd (hut only i-'.'illilcd to iho Malo Iron 1 ;'-1 Mate credentials, li'aiihuin :i(l days Ix-furo Hit- con- 1 ii'niinii wore cntlilcd In vote. ; Mr,t. Uiimi l):ivl« Vil/luinH of Ai!"i::l-.i, cm! cf iho excluded doleful.", who i:, n cliiirtev member In' the club mid ii fc.nni'1- Male, . rlialirtni). cli'.illeii'.'i'd the locality «! c<il!fyiii!i ili"!i'!:iilf< to (lie dat : .' niiiviMitlun by ihl.i nu-llu-il. Mrs. J'lMumh is vlco chairman of Iho n:'mcK'Vntlc sla(,> Ccmmtttcc and :i I'iimllilato for Democratic IHV-, cnminlUiTwiiiimn. ' Predictions Hull u liiic.c number j "[ the members aUondhij? Ihc j coiiYention. uhoiil half of whom 1 : vow not reciKinlveil us volliifl | (li'k|;«tes. would "b,-)U" and nfidl- :itc with tho Women's Division of Ihe National Domoi'iutlc Party [ woro Hindu nt iho coiu-ln?-lon of , two stormy biislnc.yi se.-^lons (lc- Osccolan Uxplains Highway Accident OSCK01.A, Ark.-The ncclilcnl near l.ciichvllle lust week In which cloven persons wore thrown Iran » Mitull pickup truck and a liuck of Iho lieer Distributing Co. cf ().-coolii mis tinned over, wns limivolifiiblo uinler tho chcnm- ManoeK, iiccoiillnn to llordpn Iliimple,]! of nils city, who wn.-i In cluiiHo of the beer truck. Tlu- pick-up truck, iicoorduiK in Curbs Decreed For Honolulu Flower 'Girls' HONOLULU.. tUl't-ncglmcnta- lloli Ims hit, Honolulu'* i>tclur^ c.vquo wjiteiTronl, Clilcf of Police William A, Gn- lirlel.son ruled the clmUcrlne band at lei women who cnmilf lourlstA' wllli gnrlunds of flowers to sell miisl iidliere lu certiiln "ninrkct- in«" vulcs. The •'nil-Is"—mnny of ( lea- Ihory skinned Ilnwitllftn women lliuni.liii, lim! been pinked in Ihu I HI* In Ihclr CD's—imusl not ILSC IJ«ili-il by !HT viiecliim nn snnd^. Ann Kivi'iir. dliiu' t-lore bcii,: .-, j ; pieliiivd' mi hen- iii'i'iv-al iu l.iv; ,Ani:i'lo:- hrl'oi'i- Icaviiij! for her b,.nie ill IKtniil. I'ruiiipl d>ni:d; fol- lowcil ivci'iil riunoi'ii tlwt sin., wiic cniliiijeit Ui W.illrr- Kjirliinc, son (,f Alien Kiinmkila 'iilo u( ihc roiul but pulled out unto I lie htKhwiy jiht In (rout of Ihe beer truck. To avoid n hcud- i en collision \\ilh n c.n- cumlni; | Irnm Iho oppiK.lto dhccllon. Kil| die llosloy, iiotii-ii driver of Ihe Ijcer tiik'k. wns forci'd to swlut; hl» truck lowiiul the ditch al the vliilil. llu couil not i|iiiti> ctciir llw plclt-np h'lii-li mid the accident ^.'lulled. t'lly l.einls Nnliirnl Urn 'I'OI.KIK). (UP) — Tole.Ui IMS "lent" some niiUirul uns lo D.'tvolt. for n',c to teacli service men llwii how lo "(innillf" inlNMt mis, wlileli Del mil. h to Imve next Kminner. 'I'he BUS WHS sliliijied ovorliinil by ivurk. U look HI jvurs In Imild Hie flivnt I'yinmUl of Kf.ypl. hltb pressure salesmanship - nil vcndore must*- dress in lirlllhlly-eolorctl Ilnwaltan Itolokus •-the luiijc, .slui]ie!rs5 "Mother Hubljaul" nffulr Introduced by the missionaries which the Ixlnnders .'iriinisely pnifcr to other types of, -'. Hajvi mid girls under 21 will lib forbidden to sell lets on the wnt- iTfrmu, under Ihe new rules.:'/ ClnlnleLson said Hie ivgulnltotu would help lo dress ii|i tho \raler- fronl. : MIMIiOOHAl'llINO HUMINU8S iJs I'OUTICAL l,Kri'ERS A SPECIALTY Win I; nciit, clienp fi i|ulck Vctenins Service Work All Klmls Blank Pornis Curtis J. Litllc Club Ninvii Notes 1-11 Cluli. • u mcinbiii.^ of llu- isiill- huv.cly lo iiLicillon.'i of voc- j mnii 'l-li club and ;il suit vii (lie imi:!- slcuve' which the huge cotr.agc of rrtl peonies, sininlc rccklinc ami tlic U'it'- cnctl shoulilcv line, HV noSETTE HAitGllOVK \ to simulate a sleeve, emphasized j !;;tion is almost SEA Service Stair Correspondent I l>y a fur trimming chcz Ros;viennc.M| r Impressionist I'AKIS-'Ihc first, harbinjers of! Bclh J !1 * < ! ts "'"' ca " M , l0 "' <lrcs j Howc.s the dominant theme both ..... scs or skirts and Unite blouses ,,.. , fnll ii'.ortcF are making their ap-] IX'araiicc in mid-season ccjllcctions • here. I n Thy tunic . theme recurs Inv .q'lieiilly'in affernobn dresses' .arid -cr.Etl:i for autfniti. Bn.squc.s of Varying lengths tin fur or fur- benimcd), attached to form-filled bodices with generous revers or 'ccftiy draped collars, arc featured. Rlerve Interest Is centered at the arinhole with tucks or folds supplying width. These taper into a .straight line from liie elbow • to wrist. Finger-tip capes also failure IVIlncM massed on cither shoulder scs or skirts and tunic blouses, on Ihc straight, slim silhouette theme. : £cft wool or fine cloth aftcr- nc<?n dresses. ,of Ihc .coal . type often Eire made with un aproti •front, slighlly full, vatli a pltiiu straight buck. An lnlercstln<j mcdel at Rcsevteinie's showed a combination of sheer mat wool and a sunray pleated godcl in- cerlcd in the front of the skirt and sunray pleated sleeves in U\s- trolis satin. Opaline rose, blue, green, yellow anrt n rtccp rich red called "Rctcllion" arc the high-lighted mid-season colors. Chanel's col- In colors ami decorative effcels. Huge corsages of rosebuds, aiig 1 emones and caniclias adorn b-.'d- tccs. On hats amusing little topknots ot llov/ers. attached to ' a riUlxm or clastic, a^e perched right above the forehead. In a rcmi-c^culnr wreath at- Ihe back of Ihe head, or in a cluster worn Jrsl above the ear tn the approved Victorian stylo. Tulle and lace arc being fea- lurcil extensively for ccetitii' This is an indication that both will continue lo tj used for c.irly autumn wear. Roscvienn? hr.;; a beautiful black luce evening dn 1 ^ and tniic coal UiMiriousiv hem- Piyucl':; aftrlnci;n en i^cil vcisicn cf the If.j-of-n'.'.-.tic K bclnsr rralurul in the niid-sc.i='jn I'sllci-lbni. SI a lie cf black .silk ol Ionian «|fh white del',-, tlil-, has a btnuse tf sticcr hiinilkcrcl'itr'f Hum, lin- ishcd with » eiccn satin bow. •'••-'• rctrctiicclivc tojinnd v/llli sllvcv fox. Clian-.'l schuoi, withj shows a iiiacl; tulle model 1 with the skirt made of countk-M [foilcts which start., from th= walatlin? and billow out tn great lullniis n tho liii 1n» ' ^nicc i, In ntlins ciDilcntliiLs nnd electing Ml!-s f-ti'/uniH' cnuiirniiL if Pnycttcillie WHS t'tiwlcil sliite <-lirili-inini. lli-r upponinit. fur tlw (li;'inni>irlili> wii'i Miss IVnrlo , D.tvli: of City. retlriiiiJ llrjil '. h'c-i'hiilitiiun, ! Only one oilier olerlimi t'ontcst | (IrvclojH-d. Mrs. \v. p. IK'Hiini!!-!- rl Arkndcl|il]i;i uns elecli'd slute | IrniMiror. Her opn'aiicnt was Mis! I IXudi'ii Muuu; or l.llllc Rock. Oilier officer:, elected \vero: first . ;"rlal nl Ihe school Ihe liii'.lil !il Miiy '! /.'i'e hilUy.vnl by a \veli!. v r Sli'i'iiliu- ConsdiMii lloliliril KKDD1NO, Oil. I UP) — Will!.'! Constable \v. A. Houston pence secrelary, i\[rs. W. A. HiiinseyJ ' I'ayctlcvlllc; hlslorian, Miss Kaiei TOI.KDO (U1M -Ucparts ol bark- filllc.-pli', UeVallr, lllutf. - i'"K brouiihl jinlic; to an iib.iu- | ilnui'fl biisemenl. 'llicre they louiul In lili n scverul valuable do'js wlildi Reid Courloi IM^S Uln^llled Adi.ui nil} had bc;p jiolon. Smart Headquarters ro ft SUMMER VISITORS Hotel Peabody LOW RATES From $?. por day alnglo HHSOTijH From S3 por day double AIR CONDITIONED BED ROOMS DINING ROOMS BALL ROOMS* MEETII5G ROOMS THE NEW AND GREATER MARINE ROOF FEATURING • BEN POLLACK "THE DEAN OF SWING" HOTEL FEABODY MEMPHIS fRANE-n. 3CHUIT, Vlco-Prosldonl oncl Geuoral blanagct Boy Scout Honor Court Postponed UntiS Fritiay hospltal at Memphis last week, is Courier News Clnsslliccl Ails I'ay sloiviy improving. Mrs. Von Mullens relumed Sunday from a vlsil of .several days with relatives at Black Rock. The Boy Scout Court of Honor, ,. will be held Friday night lnsl*iul ! X f, r - and * IrSl Earl l!'"=1ins. of of Thursday night, because of the Walk "s Lake, were guests of Mr. Centennial'observance. The mceL- : "! la Mrs - Bl " m11 Sunday eve- ing is called for 7 o'clock as a ', nm B- iium'jcr cf the members have an I Mr. and Mrs. Oldbnm, of Yav- ciiBiigcment nt 8 o'clock. j 'TO. spent Sunday with their Ii. C. Ulndqutst of Wynne, who daughter, Mrs. Jim Harris. !•> in charge of scout work in this I Mrs > Stella Stovali ami Mrs. district, will attend the meeting al Quince Mason visited in Hayti Sun- Iho city hall. Charters will be prc ::cntcd ti'cops and cards given to WilliMl CslnMl-Atd Yoii'l! Jusip 0j| of licJ in 111- M cining Ririn' lo Co Thf livpr FKnuM i,oi:r imi two ptinn<!3 f>f '.'•(\\i\i\ liilc inlo yonrlnMvcL? ibity. If IhiA hi!o is r? 1 ilowiii K I ivdy. 5-(,iir f nor! «ii!O..ri' t ,1 i i: i-^I. II just (icrays in tl.c Ixi-.vrls. Cu your slomr.cli. You itct ami tlic . .>n?tii-nln!. ml yim fcel Mrs. Tom Hatkm and Ben Hat- on remember what Mark Twain said , . . ... he said there were only two times wlieii he wasn't smoking.. .one was when he was eating and one was when he was sleeping. Yes . ..there's a lot of satisfaction in suiokiug ... a IK! it's true that tobacco lias never been used .in purer milder form than U is today in Chesterfield Cigarettes. ilio commitlccmen cf cacli troop. 1 ' 011 spent Sunday with Mr. anil] rii'ti'imrouhosc Bey Scout work in Blythcvillc i:i pri-gics.'ung unusually 'well, ac- cordiiu; to sponsors, who arc vw-y enthusiastic over the work being done. . Mrs. Ed Hatton of Number Eiiiht i fr™iyi"iiiniakcy<)iif<-.'rvipnr:<i_iii>".niicin- i . ! Ip.-s. ccntte, vnli\iunni-.;:n> ir.:ilin^ l.iln lliw ! - ' ' IShijt I,ost in 1919 round 1 WELLINGTON, Ka5. (UP) - A linR lest iu a chicken cccp 17 years ago was found recently. Tlic iii:g was >li»t by Mrs. nay Ash. 1 Ir. 1!)24 she moved from the farm. _—— | Recently it was found l:y the Mro. Tcm Caraway has b:=n ill • prct:nt occupanUs of the farm who this week. "i recognised, - the initial's of • Mrs. Bud James, who was taken to a Ash. ' , I,- [.iyer Fill* hy ^7• Nine Drs. Wert & Wert • OI'TOMCTiUSTS Over Jos Isaacs' Slor<, • "WF, M.HvK 'I'M Si:li" • phone 5->0 AMD iT'S AJLL WHISKEY Goiden Wedding is .blended for Better Tosle, not for lower price. It is Schenley's Finest blend of- straight'whiskies. . AS YOU PREFER... !N eOURBOM'OR bYE ' i Sitttr V'tifJing DitlilltiJ Linden Diy Gin. Il'i dtlkittt—lnDui hit! 90 proof. IX^tiNcJ ftom 100^ Rriin ncuttj! spiriis. Copjricht l^j(i. 40.^. S. £]NCII A CO.. I,S'C. il's a corking good cigarette

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