The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1942
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1942 Local Softballers To Play At Manila Irv Season's Opener The Blytheville soflball team under Manager Marshall Blackard will open the season against the Manila club tomorrow night, it was announced today. The game will be played there and will begin at 7:30 p.m. This game marks the beginning of a bid for the stale softball championship by the local club. Possessing a wealth of talent and plenty oi' reserve strength, Messrs. Blackard and company have already intimated that if they get the. breaks during * the season they'll* — itake a shot at the king-row when thc e> the state tourney starts. Ervin Jones, one of Trotting Is One Sport Draft Won't Hit » • * **• * • • Hanibletonian Favorite the lop flight pitchers of the country, has been training for the lasi month and Is in almost perfect shape. Two weeks ago he pitched unceasingly for over two hours without any ill effects whatsoever. Jones, who has taken the mound against star teams from all over the country, has an enviable record as a pitcher. His losses have been decidedly on the lean side and he's pitched at least five perfect games in which no hits and no runs Were scored by the opposing team. Dalton Taft, Jones' battery mate and lead-off man in the batting order, was playing Softball before he was old enough to wear knee pants. Quite an athlete in school, Dalton is also a humdinger with * bat and a oall. He's a good hitter, a classy catcher, but. more important yet, is a smart ball player who always keeps about one jump ahead of the other team. Griffin Star Slugger In Marland Griffin, first baseman, the Blytheville team features a good part of its hitting power. Griffin slugs the apple a long way almost any time that he hits the ball. He's the kind of player who usually figures largely in the "runs batted in" column at the end of Hiivc Flashy Recruits Jimmy Lutes, a shortstop, and Pete Cheisler, a pitcher, arc two outstanding recruits on this year's ball club. Lutes, agile and fast, is a whale of a fielder and can hit better than the average. Cheisler, even on a team which already has an outstanding pitcher, looks mighty good. He pitched against his teammates in batting practice a few weeks ago and had them Game oi Vets Has Full, Rid i Grand Circuit By HARRY CKAYSON NEA Service Sports Editor GOSHEN, N. Y.—Dates just announced by C. W. Phellis.. president of the Grand -.Circuit, have the 1942 major league harness racing season opening June 29 at Goshen and continuing with only one week's layoff to Oct. 3, when Lexington, Ky., closes the campaign The $40,000 Hanibletonian Stake for 3-year-old trotters, thc Kentucky Derby of the .sulky world, is scheduled for Aug. 12 over William H. Cane's famous triangle Good Time Park strip here. Despite cancellations of some meetings due to military occupation of tracks, the trotting and pacing season is as long and ius rich as ever. DK1VEIIS AND OWNERS BARELY IN LAST DRAFT Standardised racing Ls one sport fanning the air most of the time he was on the mound. Blytheville's line-up for tomorrow night's game will be 1 . Tatt—c Lutes—ss H. Mosley—If M. Griffin—1st Whittle—rf M. Mosley—3d Shelton—sf Hoss—2d Crawford or Lindscy—cf Jones—p .The Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L Pet. xMemphis 30 Atlanta 28 New Orleans 23 Little Rock 24 Birmingham 23 Nashville 21 Chattanooga 19 xKnoxville 17 x—Night game. 15 21 22 23 23 24 27 30 .667 .571 .511 .511 .500 .467 .413 .362 NATIONAL LEAGUE W*- L Pet. | Brooklyn 28 St. Louis 22 Boston 23 Cincinnati 10 Pittsburgh 19 New York 19 Chicago l "7 Philadelphia 13 x—Night game. 11 17 18 19 22 22 23 28 .718 .564 .561 .500 .463 .463 .425 .317 which will not be hit by the draft. The vast majority of drivers and owners barely got in the last, draft. Harness racing long since came to be an old man's .sport. Few are thc younger fellows in it, notably Dunbar Bostwick. Half-mile Historic track here, owned by E. Roland Harriman of; New York, opens the Grand Cu- cuit the week of June 29 and continues until July 11. This Ls the first time this small plant has held a two-weeks' meeting. W.estbury, L. I., gets the Roaring Grand cavalcade next with one "week's racing which begins July 13. Night harness racing at Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, originally built for autotnobile.s, was highly successful last Spring and Fall, but this spot may have to confine itself to afternoon and twilight programs this trip because of nearby Army air fields and posts. Old Orchard, Me., gets 10 day starting July 20. SARATOGA GETS TOO MUCH RACING Buffalo Raceway, Saratog; Springs, races the week of Aug. at night in partial competitioi with thoroughbreds performing i the afternoon. Although it was made and supported by runners, thc Spa now seems unable -to make up its mind whether it likes so much racing at Undoubtedly the saddest man in pauy, which is a very bad sign for boxing circles today is canny old all concerned. If the Indians *"* Mike Jacobs, czar of the leather- in last place, chances are tneya pushers. Mike has been trying for be cleaning up the league oy ine end of the season. When they re close to the top this early m the season, however, the old timers start counting them out. The can- takerous lads from Cleveland always flop when they get off to a good start. jlo, these many years, to emulate the feat of the immortal Tex Rickard by scheduling a fight capable of drawing a million dollar gate. With the war going on, Mike thought he was all set with the Louis-Conn fight in June. He figured on turning the proceeds over to the armed forces, which wouldn't have hurt the "take" at all. But, then Billy got licked by i his poppa-in-law and broke a mit Ray "Sugar" Rooinson, colored big shot of the welterweight division meets Marty Servo at Madison Square Garden tonight. Servo, ||| ,in the process, so the brawl had to [whose unorthodox ring tactics have be canceled. Mike wasn't too 'however. He still had Bob Pastor 'on deck and Bob, at that time was hotter than a union meeting But, then came a cold gray dawn and bush-leaguer Tami was patting himself on a draw with the • brought him a number of victories, down-hearted, I has a whole rooting section behind him. The fans figure he's going to be awfully hard to hit .since he fights in a shell-lick crouch. However, it looks like Robinson should in May Maurielli the back for agile Bob. To make matters worse for still reign as favorite, although he's had plenty of trouble with Servo in previous fights Sugar has learn§d a good bit about that deceptive xfrouch and .should straighten Servo guy who has already torn out most for a nose-dive around the eighth b - - - - • • ••' ound of the .scrap. The negro is in awful puncher and is nobody's ool. AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. PCt Colby Hanover, I'red Egan up. atrons will have little time, and | with Spencer Scott. " [ Horses have poured into crhaps less money, to spend in Egan, a hard luck driver, was | Time Park from Aiken, S. of his hair over the vagaries of the fates, Lee Savold put Mike on the spot the other night with a dreary victory over a stumble-bum named Nova. Now some of Savold's pals arc trying to get the lad that June scrap with the champ. Evidently they wanta get the pushover killed and collect on his insurance. As matters now stands, it looks like Jacobs will play along on Good his experience by tossing pastor tieir shops. What Buffalo Raceway should lo is trade dates with Wcstbury. That would give Wcstbury the gaited plugs while thc gallopers ire at Saratoga. Good Time Park, Goshen, opens Aug. 11 with the 16th renewal of he Hanibletonian the following day. COLBY HANOVER TOUGHEST OF 40 Colby Hanover, ,by Mr. McElwyn, the central figure in the strange ending of thc 1933 stake when Brown Berry stumbled and fell with the race apparently won 100 feet from the finish. The accident gave the big number to Ben White's Mary Reynolds. Colby Hanover wa.s bought last Autumn by C. W. Phellis of Greenwich and I. W. Gleason of Williamsport, Pa., for $20,000 from the estate of Eugene Prey of York, Pa. Frey saw Colby Hanover crowned C., Pinehurst and Orlando, Pla., where the bulk of them are trained. Most of the Spring conditioning usually is done in Lexington, but partially due to transportation against Louis in the June fight though the army may relieve Mike 'of his worries by refusing to let the champ fight anybody for the duration. HIGH FLYING PAINTER MADISON, Wis.—Bob Hodgei!, Wisconsin's sophomore Big Ten high jump champion, is a muralist. studies painter under the well-known John Steuart Curry. DIAMOND LARCENY ANN ARBOR.—Michigan baseball team averaged two stolen bases per game during its first 18 this season. Lou Boudreau. a nice young man whose only crime seems to be that difficulties, nine of 10 came direct jne was f OO ij sn enough to let some- to Goshen this time. j one high-pressure him into taking All the better ones 'are among H ne man-killing job of manager for 300 nags here now and there will the Cleveland Indians, seems de.s- be 450 when the barrier is sprung itined to learn very soon that the is the early Hanibletonian favorite as the top flight juvenile of 1941. in the Spring books at 2 to 1. He ( but did not live to see him rated won seven of 11 starts as a 2-year- j the choice for the Hanibletonian. old, was thrice second and third i Following the mid-August meet- once, i iugs at Good Time Park, the Grand The brown colt's ''2:04'/, in the! Circuit maintains this schedule: Kentucky Futurity hist Fall estab- i Illinois State Fair, probably at Aurora, Aug. 17-22; Wisconsin State Fair. Milwaukee, Aug. 24-28; Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, Sept. for the first time. The older fellows are doing all right in keeping young with the sport they are keeping alive. lished him as thc toughest of 40 candidates for this season's trotting derby. Colby Hanover is trained and piloted by Fred Egan, who won crack that "history never repeats itself" is a lotta hooey. Lou has •his team in second place, only 3'.games behind Di Maggio and Com- For INSURANCE of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency! Glcncor Hotel Btdg. Pb. 2182 Blytheville, Ark. once. Storekeepers point out that • his only Hanibletonian in 1940 5-12; Reading, Sept. 14-19; Delaware, O., Sept. 22-25, and Lexington, Ky... Sept. 26-Oct. 3. LaGuardia Umpires Memorial Fund Tilt New York 26 Cleveland .. 23 Detroit 23 Boston 19 St. Louis 19 Washington 16 Philadelphia 17 Chicago 15 10 16 20 18 22 22 26 24 .722 .590 .535 .514 .463 .421 .395 .385 Mize Is Twisted By Photographer; He's No Octopus By NEA Service NEW YORK.—Thc camera boy have Johnny Mizc up in the air "A photographer wants my pic UNITED LIQUORS Wholesalers — Distributors LUlle Rock - Ft. SroitU tare fielding the ball," says Giants' first baseman. "So I th rb Today's Sports Parade By NEA Service NEW YORK.—Bakor Field spectators will see something new in mpires, June 1, when Columbia -jeets Ford ham for the Lou Geh- g Memorial Fund. Calling plays t first base will be Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia, honorary chairman f the committee. No major league lubs nrc scheduled in New York hat afternoon, so two American League arbiters will supplement Mayor LaGuardia. Receipts go toward building a reserve of ambulances and other materials necessary during thc emergency. Following the war, all ambulances, each bearing Lou Gchrig's name and No. 4, will be dedicated to the service of infantile paralysis sufferers. the ball and field it with my glove He says: 'Keep your head down And I say: 'Look, mister, this head is part of me, and if my body goes down, my head's got to go with it. I'm no octopus.'" It's Ouite Pesky, ^_ */ Finding Old Eskic: He's A Busy Man I SAVE EASTON, Pa. (NEA) — Eskic Clark, former Harvard and athletic irector at Lafayette, has been on ;he road so much supervising the building of Army recreation centers tty JACK GUENTHER | Unilrd Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, May 28.—A zoological experiment of more than usual interest will be conducted tonight when thc human equivalents of a panther and a turtle arc paired off in Madison Square Garden. Ray (Sugar) Robinson, uncrowned king of the welterweights, meets Marty Servo, uncrowned king of Ray i Sugar) Robinson. Animal lovers arc expected to turn out in full force. The bout is the second in which thc two enterprising young men have engaged and it is one of those grudge things. Last time they met Robinson won the verdict but lost a number of admirers. Thc decision j wa.s split. The cash customers booed it and Servo disputed it Hence, a return match wa.s al but incvitbalc and the prize figln mob is quite grateful. It figures to be good. Sugar isn't happy about his date Hi- did everything he could t avoid it. He was mauled aboti more than a little in the first fight and he exhausted every stock alibi of the trade attempting to avoid a second edition of same. He hasn't forgotten Servo's annoy- ult to penetrate as a longshore- nan's picket line. His nuisance alue is unlimited, because he happens to be quite a puncher him;elf. Since Robinson never has been Icfcatcd and Servo was beaten only by Robinson—in a disputed decision — their second meeting packs as much potential drama as i gallon jug of whisky. No matter who wins, the show should be a four-star knockout. If you insist on a tip, take this one from Servo— "Sugar/' he says, "is mighty sweet, but so is revenge." /••>•«•-'*•• I *i Cooler! uunumg 01 mmy iccieiiwu, u. ^ a fenows UljU ^ at northern _ posts that when he *> a dodslvc Game Warden Questions Sagacity Of The Trout McCOOK, Neb. (UP)—Rudy Fick today was skeptical of the belief generally held that trout arc pretty smart. Fick. who is a game warden, baited his flyrod hook with corn kernels to catch carp at Rock Creek. Instead of carp, he caught five lusty rainbow. trout in an hour's time. "Trout aren't so smart." he de cidcd. "You don't have to sneak up on them by crawling on your stom clcphoned his wife at Easton, thc conversation went like this: "I'm in Portland, honey." "Yes? Which one?" "Maine. I'll he in at 10 o'clock. Meet, me at the airport." "What day and what airport?... Are you coming home with me or just changing planes?" Yesterday's Results SOUTHFUN LEAGUE Night games: Knoxvillc at Memphis. Birmingham 8. Atlanta 1. Little Rock 12. Nashville 7. New Orleans 9. Chattanooga 1. Sinclair Greases save farmers money over a season because they last so long. They help prevent costly breakdowns because they lubricate moving parts safely. You • play safe and save money when you use Sinclair Greases. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 4. Boston 1. St. Louis 5. Pittsburgh 3. Cincinnati 10. Chicago 1. New York 6, Philadelphia AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 8. Philadelphia Chicago 9, Cleveland 7. St. Louis 5. Detroit 2. Boston 10, Washington 1. Let me dfe/iver to your farm B. J.ALLEN Phone 2005 — Agent — Blytheville, Ark. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Knoxville at Memphis, ni^ht. Atlanta at Birmingham. Nashville at Little Rock. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at. Boston. Cincinnati at Chicago. St. Louis at Pittsburgh, night. Only games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Detroit. Philadelphia at New York. Boston at Washington fnight). Chicago at St. Louis, night, Richard Gatling gave his name to the gatling gun, which he invented. time he must win by margin or he will be booed again. Thc hot-footed Harlem Hash, the panther in this particular experiment, is possibly one of the greatest small men the ring has known. The. allusion has been over-worked, but he actually does move and strike like a panther. He has the j lazy, easy grace of a magnificent cat. When he decides to attack, he '• hits harder than a sudden case of acute indigestion. Robinson has all thc natural attributes, save one. At an even six fret he is just a trifle too tall to adapt himself to every type of opponent. He is fast and he is smart but his physique has made him essentially a stand-up, slam bant stashcr who is at his best against a stand-up, slam bang !opponent. In such cases, his terrific i punch «ives him all the edge. But every stand-up fighter, even the ureat one. eventually finds him- solt confronted with a style patterned to his greatest disadvantage.! A Servo, for instance. Servo is a durkcr. a bobber, a weaver and a croucher all in one. As such he creates a great deal of havoc over thr course of an evening. He is more puzzling than a woman's inunlion and just a.s lethal. Servo is the turtle' in tomorrow's experiment. On the street. in Ins dressing room or on a Coast : Guard vessel he appears prriectly i normal. But once the bell sounds i and he starts for the center of It ho ring he becomes transformed., • He crawls out of his corner Mde- • j wise like a crab and through some ! j queer assortment of convulsion^ re«treats within himself in the best turtle manner. He winds in his arms ami he lowers his head. He squats almost to his knees and he shifts his renter of gravity to somewhere around his ankles. He i? harder to knock over than a barrel of pickles and his triple-ply shell is as dit'fi- ach. They'll bite anything a bull head falls for." Because Only Genuine Softer, Washable Dog-Finder Rewarded With A Spare Tire .ST. PAUL. Minn <UP>—It cost i Fido's mistress a new tire to get i him back When Fido got lost, his mistress. Mary Dollinricr. advertised in a newspaper, offering: "A good cash reward or a 5.25x17 tire." That night a man returned the dog and Miss Dollindcr willingly gave up the .spare tire from her car. These 4 Important Ways Raindrops cannot get larger than one-tenth of an inch in diameter. . 1»« nv NI* SEBVICC. INC. T. v. etc u. s. PAT, err Th« Stoton's lowtit Prfei Come in and find out why folks say: "Palm Beach is so much more comfortable when the mercury gets above 80 degrees!" Independent scientific perspiration-evaporation tests show genuine Palm Beach fabrics average *22% cooler than any of 22 other summer suitings tested. And—you get that cool comfort in America's famous style suit that can be washed as well as dry- cleaned. Sec for yourself. In our big .Palm Beach selection—we're featuring the season's smartest tans—blues- grays—as well as dark colors and famous Palm Beach white. Come in today! (Trousers Equipped With Conmar— The Major Slide Fastener) COOL FIBRES... The fibres of genuine Palm Beach cloth are blended for coolness, resiliency and comfortabl* softness. POROUS . . . Genuine Palm Beach cloth is woven to let the breeze come in through 1600 open windows per square inch. NO EXCESS LININGS.:: Genuine Palm Beach suits are constructed for coof summer comforf. WASHABLE ; ; . To com- plelely remove summer stains and perspiration — yet retains shape and smartness. "I heard you were going to Tokyo tonight, so I wrapped it as a gift!" "Headquarters For Hoy Scout Suits and Shoes"

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