Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 12
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•eeeee*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THE WEDDING OF Luci and her soldier boy will be getting the women all ga-ga in the next few weeks arid the whoopla is dished up by the sob sisters in the journalism business. Probably no detail will be missed by these feminine dispensers of the passionate fluff of the romance. The wedding is not going to be at the White House so the news- beagles can get in on it at the church. However the reception is going to be at the White House and some of the new- shens will be gnashing their teeth because they all can't wrangle an invitation. If Lyndon thinks he has troubles with congress, the viet cong, and other assorted ills of the world t-ALOONA (tewa) ADVANCI THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 19** THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL FENTON Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors • ; ' • •— -|P«— ^. . \ ....-; i RELIABLE 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE — •— • ' •.'' • •• Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone 889-2796 — FENTON RINGSTED PHONES: 886-1006 — 886-1001— 886-1970 ' " ' ..... II he hasn't seen anything yet of momentous decisions brought on by a wedding. Making the guest list is going to be a little daisy of a chore, in fact a Texas-size headache. By the time he gets through with the hassle he 11 wish his girls had been boys. * * * WELL ZSA 2SA ha« taken the Filth. Not tho amendment but hutband. The Old Goat iin't too sure ho'i qualified to ftpeak on Zta Zta'i wedding careen, but like almott ev eryone eta he consider* that no bar. Frankly the Old Goat thinks she's ho ball of fire and most of her appeal Is her offbeat conversation and accent. She has a kittenish manner but tho Old Ooat will bet she has claws to match an old tomcat when she's in the mood for a bit of scratch' ing. The Old Goat always wonders what the comment of the other gents in her life would be. It's a shame the Old Goat can't hoar them, but they have to keep silent like gentlemen and let the new guy find out for himself. THIS IS A HORRIBLE example to set. Seems a-Chicago man was being sued for divorce, by his wife. She was discontented about something orfother. To patch things up he got her an air-conditioned all-white fully- equipped Cadillac. ; That did it for the moment at least. Shucks —for a new white Cadillac the guy could have caught a fresh one. It doesn't seem to the Old Goat much) of a > bargain, but then the Old Goat doesn't know what ah all-white Cadillac costs or how much alimony the gal had the poor fellow stuck for. It might be the cheapest way out at that. • • '- ; # * ' * THE PAPERS are getting downright personal on the woman's page with that frank talk about what the women are going to wear for undies with the new short skirts. It seems now there,are some designed to be shown! So what! After shorts, bathing suits, and those dangod tight pants there i§n f t too much mystery about how the form divine is constructed. But it does seem the gals who have to wear all that hold-in harness are going SINUS Sufferers Here's good news for you! Exclusive new "hard core" SYNA- CLEAR- Decongestant tablets act instantly and continuously to drain and clear all nasal-sinus cavities. One "hard core" tablet gives up to 8 hours relief from pain and pressure of congestion. Allows you to breathe easily — stops watery eyes and runny nose. You can buy SYNA-CLEAR at your favorite drug counter, without need for a prescription. Satisfaction guaranteed by maker. Try it today. . INTRODUCTORY OFFER WORTH $1.50 Cut out this ad — take to store listed, Purchase one Pack of Syna-Clear 12's and receive one more Syna-Clcar 12 Pack Free. HONSBRUCH DRUG — ALGONA Laird ends 18 years of service as head of Red Cross By Erma Loa Deim Eighteen years of service to the people of Kossuth County ended recently for Mrs. Cidney Laird. She has served as Executive Secretary of the Red Cross in Kossuth County since 1948. Prior to that time, she receiv« ed a citation for her volunteer work. It read, "In recognition of meritorious personal service performed for the nation, for tier armed forces and suffering humility in the Second World War." She began her work In 1948 as Red Cross secretary and after a ten day training program in St. Louis, Mo. was Executive Secretary for the county. Branches of the Red Cross are located in each town in the county with volunteer personnel in charge. THEN, AS NOW, the cases handled by Red Cross were varied. Requests for money loans to service men, emergency loans to families or persons in time of disaster, aid to transients and indigents are ; among the types of cases referred to and given aid by the local chapi- ter.' • , -' '. • '':•; In earlier years if a-resident in the county reported, an illness, death or other family problem and had need for a serviceman who was a member of the family to come home this to be in a bad way— either let everything sag or wear long skirts and be out of style. * "*• if . ' • AFTER ALL of the dirt-dragging the jury finally found that Texas gal and friend innocent of bopping her millionaire husband on the noggin to lay him away permanently. Whether justice was done is up to those who like to speculate on it but the whole affair was a bit on the sordid side— a good bit on it. Sometimes it seems such, shenanigans as aired in the courtroom should be kept out of news reports, but then it takes all kinds to make a world, and people do choose playmates. • their own course of action was taken; the Algona Chapter contacted by wire the Field Director of the American Red Cross, one of whom was located in every army and naval base in the world. The Algona office would receive a reply if leave was or was not granted and when the party would, depart and arrive. Now there is an Overseas relay station in Washington, D.C. which is open day and night and is dialed by telephone from here. In years gone by donations of bedding, clothing, shoes, etc. Were kept in a closet in the,office and anyone in need could have the items they needed. ANOTHER phase of the help given, and not familiar to most people, was aid to transients especially during the early fifties. The transient was usually picked up or came to the Red Cross office asking for a place to sleep or food. In either case provisions were made for their needs. Often the transients would be a family. Maybe their car had broken down .and their funds had been spent for repair so the Red Cross came to .their rescue. On occasion some traveled with this in mind but contact with Red Cross offices put. the secretary onto their scheme! The .work of the Executive Secretary was not an 8 to 5 office job. Many, many times help was given while the rest of the town slept, oblivious to a neighbor in need. ALGONA, LuVerne, and Wesley are Kossuth towns in which a special fund drives for the Red Cross are not held, as they are included in the United Fund. Naturally, during and right after World War II, the fund drives netted three times more than today. A certain percentage is left in the Kossuth Chapter and the rest used at National Headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Laird's plans for the fu- ;ure have taken her to Florida on an extended visit. THE OLD GOAT likes the Jimmy Dean show, a bit of cornpone country music, sung in tune and in time with the orchestra or guitar. It's quite a relief after such items as Sammy Davis' off-beat singers, the yelping on the Ed Sullivan bur- leque, and assorted other moaners and flat singers. The Dean singers have a happy face instead of that gosh-awful painful expression so many of the song- murderers have. Sad part it is on ABC and you have to take the TV snow with it. By the way the male chorus is reminiscent of Mitch . Miller's Sing Along, with the singers actually in har mony. SECOND TIRE When you buy the flr$C •I price listed below Turnpike Proved Goodyear AU'Weather"42" Wesley Cubs the first Pack meeting Wesley - The first official pack meeting of the Wesley Cub Scouts was held Feb. 21 in the Legion hall. The cubs received heir charter from Guy Carter, district representative. Bobcat badges were given, to 3 boys which represented all lie boys from the Wesley pack. They .were: Den I: Larry lonson, Mike Monson, Chuck tobinson, Jim Studer, Robert teittng, Ronnie Reiling, Mike lode and Dale Golwitzer under the direction of Mrs. Rich Reil- ng assisted by Mrs. Earl Robinson. Den Portland Mrs, Victor Fitch size 6.70x15 6.70x15 7.50x14 6.70x15 7.50x14 6.70x15 8.00x14 8.00 x 14 ' TYPE Tube-type blackwall Tube-type whitewall Tubeless blackwall Tubeless whitewall Tubeless blackwall Tubeless whitewall riisr TIRE 11.72 14.18 15.40 17.88 19.12 21.58 SECOND TIRE Va NICE 5.86 7.09 7JO 8.94 9.56 10.79 All prices plus tax 60 NO TRADE-IN NEEDED e The only low-priced flri tvlA extra mileage Tufvy* rubber • Extra strong triple«temptvad 3-T nylon cord « Fret) mounting NO MONEY DOWN...4" WEEKLY BUYS A PAIR! More people ride on Goodyear tires (ban on any older kind, o GOOD/f EAR Hilton's Sinclair Service 295-3654 State A Jones Streets Algoni Portland has lost a very dear friend and neighbor in the passing of Mrs. Lillian Sohrader, who had been ill only a very short time. Mrs. Schrader passed away Tuesday night at eleven o'clock in the Park hospital at Mason City after spending five days in the Britt Memorial hospital. She was taken to Mason City Monday. Her young daughter Vicki has been staying with friends in Titonka, until Wednesday when she was taken to Clear Lake, to the home of Auntie Gertie. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Green and two year old twins, Teddy and Pamie and Mrs. Dallas Green of Ledyard were Satur- .1. P. (DUTCH) SYLWISTIR, extension weed specialist, who will be one of the speakers at the weed, disease and insect school March 23 at the V.'.FY'Wi hall,>iAlgona, from 9:30 aim. to 3:15':p.m. ••'...;. . •. ••'./' ^..7; Also speaking will W.Dr..R(h bert Lambe, plant disease specialist from Ames. Galen DeVal- ois, county extension director; reports that this school is a sign up meeting and that the' fee is $1.50 including lunch and registration. The school will special^ ize in corn and soybean problems, i Registration blanks can ,-. be obtained at the extension office or from Extension Council members ,or send a check for $L50 to the extension office. . : day afternoon visitors in the Tom Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom: Trenary and Mrs. Harold Becker went to Fenton Friday where they were dinner guests in the Floyd Duncan home. They also visited in the Eldon Duncan home in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach and little son Joe were Wednesday evening visitors in the Victor Fitch home. Mrs, Victor Fitch and Judy called on Margaret Govern Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary and Kenneth were Friday evening visitors in the Bill Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larsen were also Friday evening callers in the Bill Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister returned home Sunday night after spending about a month in , California. They visited in the home of Mrs. Meister's sister, the Gordon Neaves in Los Angeles and several cousins in that area and many places of interest. They then went to San Francisco where, they visited the Cliff Holdings in their Travel Lodge motel, on Fisherman's Wharf. Enroute home they visited a cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Elston Gouge at Phoenix, Ariz. The neighborhood card party was held Thursday evening in the Henry Smith home. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Steven, Mr. and Mrs. George Koestler, Vivian Dutton, Mr. p. W. Marjow, Mr. and Mrs, Dennis Meister, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Presthus aiwj Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber. Mrs. Glen Parcel had the misfortune to fall in their yard, breaking her leg in three places. She was found by the children when they returned from school, about 4 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith are visiting their daughter and son- in-law in Chicago. ,.•••.. ; Mr. and Mrs. Art Bartlett and family left Friday morning for Maynard, la. where they 'will visit Mrs. Bartlett's brother, Robert Jacobson, superintendent of schools there. "One does evil enough when one does nothing good". Ottosen women to sell lunches on March 17 Ottosen — Lutheran Church women met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Donald Usher, hostess. Devotions were by Mrs. Richard Kinseth. The- lesson on Lent was by Mrs. Kinseth, Mrs. Ivan Evenson ami Mrs. Percy Watnem. They wil serve lunches at the Commercial club building the day of the Market Day sale, March 17. The Sunday school will also have a bake sale at the mayor's office that day. Mrs. Louis Jacobson attended a president's meeting at Renwick Monday. The spring convention will be at Pomeroy May 5. March 21 at 6 p.m. a film on Viet Nam will be shown at the church here. [eard, pat Studer, Mike West, tennis Ackerson, Tommy Loebig, Dean Walker under the direction of Mrs. G. M. Studer as- isted by Mrs. Rollie Heard. Den 3: Tom Bode, Pat West, Mark Klein, Steve Haverly, Randy Forburger, Ronnie Forbur- [er, Tun Roquet, and Merritt lauptman under the direction >f Mrs. Don Hauptman and Mrs. David Roquet. Wolf badges were also given o Larry Monson and Chuck Rc~ >inson. A brief skit was given by each of the 3 dens. A short committee meeting was held after the pack meet- ng and the next pack meeting was set for March 28. CDA TO MEET CDA will meet March 22. A pot luck lunch will be served at 6:45. The kitchen committee will furnish a hot meat dish. On he kitchen committee are H-a Hauptman, Ruth Mary Irubes, Francis Weber, Thelma Maine, Irene Hanig and Karen Hanig. On the entertainment committee are Joan Vitzthum, aiizabeth Dornbier, Angeline i'oertsch, Sharlene Hauptman, Florence Hildman, Agnes Stevens and Minnie Studer. GOLF DIRECTORS MEET Directors of the Hillside Golf course met in the Legion hall Thursday. Directors are Martin Hamilton and Larry Youngwirth, Wesley; Bill Pritchard ind Marvin Betcher, Britt, Dr. tohn Lesiak, Titonka, Wendall torgeson, Algona, and George Jray was a substitute for Mr. Fairbanks, Corwith. They set louse rules and the schedule of events for the golfing season. The Merle Losses, Will Erpeld- ngs and Al Erpeldings are owners of the golf course. Mrs. Lester Wehrspann is a medical patient at Lutheran hospital, Ft. Dodge. Margaret Holt was a Thursday visitor at Donald Usher's. The Richard Krauses, Lu Verne, were Thursday visitors at the Edward Zinnel's. two to Wadiinglon by Farm Bureau Marvin Leigh, Algona, and Mike Frohling, Ottosen, left on Tuesday for Washington, D. C Wednesday they toured Wash ington. Thursday has a briefing by the American Farm Bureau staff, and committee hearings The'"'Farm Bureau leaders wil have, lunch with Iowa's Senators The will leave Friday for home »eee»»eeeeeeeeee««e»»+»» St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner Ray Erpelding, son of the Francis Erpeldings, freshman a St. John's, Cbllegeville, Minn, spent a long weekend at home Mrs. Alphonse Berte had hei 500 club Thursday with Mar) Jane Origer a guest, Receiving prizies were Mrs. Tony Becke, high, Mrs. Joe Sinnwell am Mary Jane Origer tied for second high, and Mrs. Susie Kramer low. Mrs. E. J. Gates the club March 17. 2: Mark Heard, Brad tit Uii Evanatflcal ftot for medical car* of bronchial church March 13 Douglas Uu^ttxjuirt, Prairie Vtlley, HI., March 20. Young people of the Evangelical Free church entertained tile youth group of the Methodist church and several other guests at t banquet in their church Thursday evening. Rev. Milo Lundell, Amea, formerly of Britt, was speaker, The LeRoy Rickes returned Sunday from a month at their son the Jerry Ricke's, Mesa, Ariz. Jerry and wife own arid operate the Bonanza Laundry service. Betty Rlcke and Kay Hilbert, Glendale, Calif., spent a week with Betty's folks and with her brother arid family. The Rickes also visited Julia Ricke in Tempe. She works for the Motorola company. Jim Walker donated a TV to the nuns of St. Joseph's parochial school. The Richard Smiths visited their daughter, the Leonard Smiths, at Iowa Falls Sunday. Martin Hamilton flew to Madison, Wis., Feb. 29 to look at the Integratis poultry operation, returning home the next evening. The Stan Johnsons, Cold Springs, Minn., spent the weekend with the G. Mi Studers and other friends. They are former Wesley and Britt residents. The Easter dance sponsored by five circles of the St. Joseph's Guild will be held at the Duncan ballroom instead of at the Surf as erroniously reported. Will Hauptly had a heart attack Sunday morning and was taken to the Britt hospital. Alex Eischen, 14 months old son of the Harold Eischens, was brought home Saturday from Mercy hospital, Mason City, where he had been two weeks asthma, The L L. Leases visitM their son, the Loren Leases, tow* fills, Sunday; Mrs. Veva Lease entered the Ctood Samaritan Home in Algona Feb. 29. The Lester Larsons spent the Weekend at N.- E. Quam's, Min* neapolis. Mrs. Helen Jongewaard was speaker at the Christian Reformed church at Woden March 28. She spoke on India. The husbands were guests of the Women's Society at the pot luck supper. Ann Walker was guest of Janet Studer March 8. Ann was 13 January 28 and Janet was 13 on March 8. Both are 7th graders in St. Joseph's parochial school. 1961 FORD 2-door Hardtop Galaxie, V-8 engine, Cruise-a-matic, radio, two-tone turquoise and white with turquoise interior, NEAR NEW TIRES, extra nice. 1195 00 TAYLOR MOTOR CO. FORD & MERCURY SALES & SERVICE LAN SUMMER GOLF There were 40 at the meeting of the Wesley Golf Association Wednesday evening, March 2 in :he Farmers Elevator office rooms. Martin Hamilton is pres- dent and Rollin Heard is sec.- sreas. Plans were made for the summer itinerary at the Hillside Golf course east of Wesley. Several 2 ball foursomes were formed and some tournaments were planned. The club house is to be remodeled and a manager is wanted. ; PUBLIC SUPPER DATED Methodist women will serve a supper to the public in their dining room March 17 beginning at 5 p.m. They will serve scalloped potatoes, meat loaf, vegetable, salad, home-made rolls, pie and coffee, for $1 for adults and 50 cents for children un der 12. TO NAME OFFICERS Holy Name Society of St. Joseph's Catholic parish will meet March 10 in the parish hall. Election of officers will be held Franklin Bode has been president the past two years, Alvin Becker, vice, Bill Goetz, sec., and Lyle Hirner, treas. CHURCH SPEAKERS A representative of the Bible Meditation League will be spea- You'll ApplauJ . . . THE TITRATIONS Saturday March 12th —Dancing Starts at 9:00 P.M. DON'T MISS THEM! SOON JAMES BOND BAND GRAND PRIX The PINE ROOM HOTEL ALGONA 1964 MERCURY MonUlair 4-door, Hardtop, Power Steering, Pwr. Br*kei, Swing-away Wheel, Fewer Seats, Radio, Light Beige color with matching interior ... •MSI" mum MOTOR oo, FQBD § MERCURY SALES * SERVICE FOR YOUR PLEASURE... SATURDAY, MARCH 12 WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT Charles Russell Orchestra featuring Jimmy Noonan, Vocalist (Playing good standard dance tempos) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16 The Ren Witters Trie (An Outstanding Instrumental Trio) Vg%»>,| w Upme of Good Intertamment"

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