The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1930
Page 3
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1'iiimsnAV. JULY :n . PAGE THREh I'SS IRIIE Mlllim ___—— j Marnrnoll' New York Si rue- i lure, Tallesl in World, j Soaring to Completion. Hy DONS' SUTTOS' NKA Service Writer NEW YOHK—The black jkelot: of ihe mammoth of stone and, sue!, ont-flflh higher than anything eke ever built by man, is iK-ing learea on the Manhattan skyline. Alfred K. Smith's Empire Glau Building, with its 102 stories. Its IH passeneer and freight elevators and iis subterranean "nusimss district." has begun its' rise u a height of nearly a quarter ot a mile Above fashiunuble Fifth Avenu.?. Crowned by a glass-encased mocring mast, suppurted by the largest, stec-l columns eve,, molded, tinii erected upon. New York's solid ruck, this super-skyscraper will be <,r.;ntd next spring to 20.000 lo 50.000 prospective tr-nanis, to ciuising dirigibles, and to clamoring sightseers. Five Floors a Wetk M'limvIiJIc. t|jproxiina.iely a floor a day,' five floors a week, are being magically added to the gigantic structure by an army ot 400 In 5000 war-tors. And from the windows of an office near Ihc site, former Governor Smith— president, of Empire State, Inc.— watches progress on the S55.000.000 huilding through a pair uf powerful binoculars. The Empire State Building will be literally, a city in Ihe co'.ilds, r.recrdiiij; lo Ihe plans ot its owners and builders. It will bo a metropolis within a metropolis, with .slores and arcades in the first basement that would make it unnecessary for a tenant to leave the building In a lite-time so far as actual living wants are concerned. ; More than 375.000 kilowatts of electricity ' will be consumed by I Empire State every minute after it is c:mpleted and occupied. This | Is more than sufficient power to light all the houses and run the factories in a cily the size of Bridgeport. Conn. There will be more than 350.000 25-watt lamps in. the building—the largest ag- giegation ct electiic lights under one roof. Has Own Fire Department En:ugh steel will be u.wd in the skyscraper to build a standard si/e railriad (rein New York to Montreal and back. . And the steel is being placed at the fastest pao2 ever attempted, with (he builders aiming at the speed record now claimed by England. Seventy-five miles of wat-3r-pipe —enough to pipe water a distance of 30 miles into New York—have been crdered for the building. The structure is to be fire-proof, but there will ua 400 completely equipped fire stations within its walls, with a prlvntcly maintained corps oi firemen, a fire alarm sys- (em similar to' that used by the New York Fira Department, and several high pressure fire pumps capable of pumping water 1200 feet high. Empire State is the largest single installing operation evc r handled by th.j New York Telephone Crmpsmy, which is preparing to put in more than 5000 station telenhcnes and -3000 trunk line switchbcards. A new -type of self-controlled, thermostat radiator, entirely concealed, will be installed. It will require more than 50 miles of radiator pipe line to supply approximately 1000 radiators with heat. Don't pity the scruowomen who must keep this monumental building spic and spnn.\The most, modern of vacuum cleaning systems will be installed on every floor. A profit of $150.000 a y?ar is anticipated from the sale of wastcpaper w':i!ch will leave the building at the rate of seven tons a clay. The recent announcement of plans for a public observation gallery atcp ths building will extend Its height to 1248 feet from the street level. The Bank of Manhattan Building, its closest rival, is 1060 feet high; Ihe Chrysler Building, New York, is 1040 feet high; tlie Eiffel Tower, Paris. 10CO feet high; and Ihe Woohvcrth Building, long famous os New York's tallesl. 794 feet high. In floo r space, the Empire Stale is exceeded only by Ihc Chicago Merchandise Mart. The mooring mast, which will enable dirigibles to bring passengers into the heart of New York may become the American terminus of the Goodyear-Zeppelin company's projected trans-Atlantic tervice. Passengers will descem through the mowing tower into , the building proper and be carried lo ihe ground by express eleva tors. The most will be enclose! in glass and shiny steel, nnd a night colored llghls will gleam behind Ihe glass and Ihere will b: n rod nirplnne beacon. Express elevators incidental!} will be capable of traveling Iron 1 the ground to the seventieth flro j in 53 seconds. The entire heigh I of the building, from the street t< 1 the tip of the mooring mast, coul' I be negotiated in five minutes. There are to be, two observa | tlcn galleries. Tte highest, at th very top of the mast, will be abl to hold 50 persons and will oflor a view of an area at least 75 mile in diameter. A special elevate I running through the . mast wi Former Days Produced Outstanding Endurance Stunts FEfiTS mm V'scnt Airplane and tree Sitting Contests Just Old Stuff in New Form. BY IIKKYL MIJ.I.KB NKA 1-irrvicr Wrltfr This endurance craze btislnes: Isn't anything new—it's Just n eivmlw old Aiiieiii-iin custom. Trcr slucis. ilaiipole sitters, refueling aviators nnd tlie like inaj j w b; having their inning Just now, hut back in tlie jjowl o!<t days—or the bad, Bccordiui; to your vlewpoint- llieie were plenty oi other stunts thul were Just as 1'rcaklsh and ex- tlwn came bade lo witness the' re- ~ molnder of the scrap. . •"•• •' .-,'• . In Ihe longest bare-knuckle, but- " tie on record in the United Status, '.'. J, Fitzpatrlck and James O'Nell • went 4 hours and 40 mlnut«s at " Merwlck, Me., on Dec. 4, 1800. '.'. Jake Kllraln and John- L. Sul- " llvan (ought 76 rounds In their fa- • mous encounter, each round end- '.! Ing when a man was knocked, fell •— or was thrown to the ground. Some days; these were. • • » Tlie first automobiles added an- olhe/ thrllling^chapter lo the history ot endurance stunts In the day of Ihe gold-toothed soubreUe anl Hie 20-cent lunch for business men. Henry Ford, Ihen a struggling young mechanic, and Barney O'.d- fleld, the racing driver, broke worlJ records with their famous ."!)»".. racing car in 1902. Ford hlmwl? drove Ihc'. car to a world straightaway record. Old field,, slartlcd • the count-' In "the good old days" cf lichl-to-a-fliiish when the spectators lock time out meals, fcnls v.i;r.i unknown in the basins game and you cculil hit ycur uyp:nctil v.-ilh almo:l anylhitif, except -a twc-by-fnur. The old -print uliuvu shim.'; "The Kutllc uf Ihc Gunls," l;ct«c=n 1.. Siilii\.ui uinl r.idily Kyaii in 18S2. .The picture Lrlcvy ihcws Jiarnty Oldiiclrl, pitiicer ::uv driver, and Henry I-'ortl, whu iisf:l to lit: an iticliiraiim. l<>>. Iwi'iiiy-five yctrs ago (Hdiicld burnrd up ihu ihialy mails hi this l!tuc!f>s carriage, Fcnl, ai:;l Henvy Iiiimdf drive it for a w.jrlil record. Henry, in those days, a Ktriisslins' auto mechanic. litre's Kdward P. IVnlon, Hie fn- nwus iitilcslrian oi hyjoiie years, all dressed up and llu |>laei> lc go. Having no plaee to fo, lie walked 500 miles in an endurance contest in a coliseum at Neuark, N. J., a half century ago. .Yes. Ihe sash helped him win—in a Malk- Back In the days of hartt-bolleil drrblr.*, weeping wlliuul mustarlifs anil free lunch, bl- tyele rlcllne H-JS all the ruifp, .ilthou;h al limes It v.\, lianl lu ilihlllHiil-sh lirtwccll the Imllillr- Irars unil Ihe rider's mustache—and here arc- tun of llirni (e.ltin; off lo a llnu s(;irt. The little lady \i Mllly lljrntl, rcrrrunnrr nf the channel swinuners, In her w:iter lilcyele. lildiiig Rising Skyward HE IS ENDED nil Confession of Senator's Murder Made by Man Hired for Deed. Flayli Bike Riders Plan to Equal Airplane Record COLUMBIA, S. C., July 31. (UP) —The year of crime and bloodshed in Berkley county, climaxed a week of I ago with tl:3 assassination I Stale Senator E. J. Dennis at Timi's nnd methods may have {.hiiugecl—but human nulure har not. A hnlf century n°o Ihe Amerlcnr public go', a ihrlll when Edward I'nyson Wcston walked 500 miles against, time In Ihc o!il IndLislrlal Hall ut Newark, N. J. lie completed the distance In the amaving ItiiK uf six days, lacking just 22 inln- ulcs. A few years Inter came t -li c gruelling slx-ilay bicycle marathons, in which one man rode the entire lime. It drew lire ot reformers who charged It was Inhumane In New York's old M&dl Bf|itnre Gulden In 1891 "Pluggc Bill" Martin, singly defeated 2 competitors over a distance of 140( inlle.s Ior n inirsc of 1'2000, bccoiu ing tin nrsl American six-day bl cycling champion. BY MAX STllliM SjH-elal Corrrspnmlriil IIAYTI, Mo.—While Dale Jackson and l\)rest- O'Bilne soar on over SI. Louis In an attempt to UHter Ihe warid'. 1 ; sustained nlr- Enmneipnllon of woman hudii really started in 1895, bill the fn sex decided lo conduct n bike rnc of their own. Nearly all of then mind to keep riding ns iong as n.ile dropped out aflcr the 3-hour mar Jackson and Forest O'Brlne remain but one lass named Frankle Nc flying. . son courageously kept on throug Johnson nnd Akcrs started n slm- •lar ride Sunday but It was terminated it few hours afterwords when a man from Kennetl" unwillingly entire week, finishing nlonc n ler riding the final day In almo a sci!il-consclotis condition. In 1898, the New York leglsli plane flight record, and tree sit- I grn i,bca the bicycle and brought It mrc took' action lo prohibit ot ters al! over the United Slates are breaking all endurance record silting in trees, two Hayll grind doggedly on on a bicycle in I lo a standstill. 1 (Qr The olllcial judge oi the ride I boys is J. H. Cramer, well-known Pemiscot county athletic instructor and An architect's drawing cf the Empire State building as it will Icok when completed is shown at left. At right, ihe giant building as it app-ars W hile u::der construction. It is g:tng skyward at Ihe rate of a floor a day. Lcwer right, former Governor Alfred E. Smith who, from an office winder., watches the progress of his building through a pah' of powerful binoculars.- I Mcnck's Corner, has been practic- I allv terminated, in- t:ie opinion of Governor J. J. Hichards. whose investigation of (he case brought a confession of guilt from William L. Thorriloy, and the arrest of ', four other men. on.-; of whom j Glen McKnlglir, Berkley county • to-tleg king. The quest of slate police for Mo Kniglit. the last of lire four lo be arrested." ended at Bnker hospital in Charleston, whcr.3 -the man is niffering nervous exhaustion. Doctors attending him said his condition would not warrant his removal. McKnight was placed under Stiard and \vlli be brought to tlie state prison where Thornley and the three others are h£ld, when he rccovers- • Thcrnley- said McKnight ham- I meied at him until he could no j longer resist his demands to mur- I der the r.^nator and that McKnight promised him a house, lot, $100 in cash, "the shirt cff his back" and legal counsel if Tliornley was apprehended. an altempt to break nil cnduranic c(mch He npp oluts nltcrnalra .bicycle riding records for Southeast j car ,. y on for h i m a t nlg |,i. T | v . Missouri. scene of Ihe ride Is on the main Reviving the sport of days gon? square in Hayti. by, J. C. Johnson and Aubrey Akers. Hayti youths, nre still riding Ihe bicycle on which lliey started at 9 o'clock Monday night., and vow that (hey will have the Southeast Missouri record or "bnsl" in ; Rescue Vessels Answer Calk of Two Steamers MANY CROSS HIGH SPAN CANON CITY, Colo. (UP)—More Ihan 30.000 people already have crossed the "highest bridge in tlv I world." The structure recently wa I completed over the fioyal Gorge it is suspension type and at iu I highest point is more than 1200 ! ft;ct above the gorge. LONDON. July 31. (UP)—Rescue j HIS MISTAKE JUDGE: You maintain that yon ! vessels were speeding to the aid | threw your wife out rf the second I of the British steamship Marbud- storv through forgelfulness? : da and tr.2 Spanish boat Legavtl i SMITH. YES, ws used to live on j 100 miles cast of Gibraltar loday af-' the ground floor, and I'd clean for- i ler the ships :iad been seriously j gotten we'd moved!—Lustlge Kol- damaged in a collision. ! Zeiting. Cologne. the attempt. Although It is not definitely known, it is believed thai present record for endurance bicycle riding for Southeast Mls- uri is around ten days. Johnson, who is the son of Jus- ice of the Peace Jim Johnson, Hay- ll, and Akers. take turns at ridlnij .he bicycle. They each ride four :iour shifls. then change, but nil .lie time keeping the bicycle mav- ng. If Ihe bicycle comes lo a stan:l still at any Mine, the ride will be olliclally ended. 1 • . At six o'clock Tuesday night they had surpassed the Pemiscot comity record of 21 hours sel by a group 67 six Cnruthersville boys lust week. At noon Tuesday a mishap al- mosl brought the termination of the ride. A tire on ih: front wheel blew oul but the ride was continued until a new wheel could be obtained nnd put on "In night." The judges of the ride state that this did. not disqualify Johnson and Akers since the bicycle remained in moLion and bosh were handling it. Since this incident no other un- forsccn difficulties have presented themselves to bring the ride to an end. Both boys say that they will keep going until the bicycle breaks down—the strain hns not, begun to tell on them yet. They HIS OWN ANSWER TEACHER. William', . what are the two genders? WILLIAM: Masculine and feminine. Tlie femlnincs are divided Inlo frigid and torrid, Ihe masculine Inlo temperate and Intomper- nle.—Tit-Bits. ' man riding more Ihan 12 hours every 24. The two-nuin learns usoil in ilils type of marathon, then i made llielr debut. Boxing devotees still talk about the old-time "fights to n flnlsli" that lasted until one of the con- tcstnuis sunk lo the floor unconscious. At some of these long bouts, spcclnlors went oul for meals, nnc 1 hen he appeared In the first 2-i- mr automobile endurance race at olumbus, Ohio, in 1905. Newspapers in 1910 nulled the fn- lle airplane night by the late lenn H. Curtlss from Euclid Beach ,.. ark ut Cleveland, Ohio, to Ceda.'. . olnl, Ohio, as one of Ihe greatest, 'als of the century, H was Lhc mgest over-water flight on record 1 that lime, A girl paddled a "water bicycle" i a freak one-mile race from tne "\ lattery to Midland Beach at Ne" /ork. She 'wos the forerunner of he channel swimmers who monou-' ' Iked page one of newspapers a few' ears ago. A man started to walk backwards • rom Philadelphia to Ban Franci'-o, plodding along holding a inlr- or in front of his face lo see where ie was going. Another "eudurer" went on n ong trek through every stale Iti .he union pushing a wheel barrow; He Iraveled 99,986 miles nnd wore" out nine wheels In five yoars. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoft of New 1 ;• York wanted to see the world, bill their baby daughter seemed a bar* '.'- rier. They put the child In a babv..•_ carriage and started shoving It oiv p "_ a Ihree-year jaunt. C. C. Pyle's coast-to-coast "bunion derbies" revived Ihe almosl los! . 'nrl of running. Another man received nationwide publicity by pushing n peanut up Pike's Piak with' his nose. Just now, the tree-sitters ond, re- . fuel flyers hold the spotlight. An:l you can't be sure what freakish ctiint Is coming next. 666 Relieves » Headaole or Nturalfla in 30 minutes, checks a CoKl the first day, and checks Malaria In three days. 666 also in Tablets DISCOVERED "My wife went through my jackets last night." "What did she 'find?" "What all explorers find—material for a leclure."—Pages Onles, Yvcrdon. HIS IDEA "Have you such a Ihing as a 1 link- Illprd nf CTrHVin^rH nin+linrO" ' WHOSE TAX MONEY? GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. (UP) — County Treasurer Hugo Meve is j thick piece of cardboard in receipt of $125 hi currency, to : "Why do you want it, dear?" | be applied to some one's back taxes j "These next door boys won't rc- j —bul Ihe wriler of the note that j turn a ball I senl over, and I want cnme wilh Ihe money forgot to | to write them a stiff Ifltlcr."—The sign his name. The money came [ Humorist. Grand! in an envelope bearing a Island postmark. Since then the treasurer has conducted n long search ior the sender, but Is still holding the money. Renrl Conrifr News Wnnt Ads. I1ESKRT PKOnVCKS SWEETS j COOLIDGK. Ariz. (Ul>)— The slant Sahuaro and organ pipe cacti ,i and Ihe .smaller organ pipe cr : pltahnya cactus of Arizona produce gccd crops of delirious fruits used for centuries by Indians for Mrups, consarves, and dried lood. They | bear fruit even alter three years Df Q^ernc drought. The title cf America's youngest mother probably goes to Mrs. WANTS KESCUK OFFICIAL Ralph Mocdy. above, of near York. | PUEBL Q C ola i UP)— Tony Mi- Pa. She Is only 12 years old md. i haiich vl .. 0 ' h!u i fallen in!o th'j wa- mider Pennsylvania's compmsory school atendance law. 'must continue I" Ihe grade schools until ior refused to 02 rescued by a group of boys nearby. When they attempted 10 rim',' him from the \va- she is 16^de<pltP the recent buMh | te r. he yelled "for the pslice. c!c- " " "^ ""'(.taring that if he had to be ros- H ave /•* r\ •[•in Car Doors AyOiling Hinges and Locks of her baby. Hrr marriage recently wos sanctioned by the courts upon the petition of the girl's motner. with a capacity of 300 persons. The honor of occupying the cued he wanted it done righl—bj Ihe officers. highest office In tlie world will fall Ing husband): to Democratic Chairman John J- i clock say? MORF, THAN SHE ASKED INDIGNANT WIFE (to incrrni- SO What does Ihe 1 14 Raskoh. who is pirc State. Inc. director of Em- He has leased the carry sight-seers to this platform, i entire 85th flcor of tho building. Th5 oilier gallery will be the glass-1 beyond which (here will bo no enclosed roof (if the 85th floor.'rentable office space. HUSBAND: H shays "tick-lock" and doggips shay bow-wow," and S'ws shay ' moamoo." and llltlc pussy-cats shay "meow-meow." Now arc you sntisficrl?—Til-Bits. STANDARD' HOUSEHOLD LUBRICANT DON'T 'GUESS! Bring your Ford here If, but :iml maybe have no place in our service. You want to know wliat's wrong with yourcnr,vhat repairs and parts are needed and how much they will cost. Here are mechanics who are specialists on the Fordl Genuine Ford pnrts anil flat-rates. Ask about our inspection service. Phillips Motor Co. Blytheville, Ark. GEiSULNE FORD PARTS Gravel Trucks Heeded at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co, INSIST CN rnt OHIGINAL C , All in the name A .rose might smell as sweet by;any other name, but malted milk lacks its finest savor if it's not Hqrlick's. And when-it is Horlick's it has that.rare quality that cannot be imitated; Don't be deceived by substitutes. Send ten cents today for sample and mixer. HO R LI C K'S RACINE, WISCONSIN " I had no ^ idea" V B Phone 306 For An . Ad Taker "Why, I could have sold four or five coats as easily as one!" A lot of people have "no idea" how easy it is to find someone who can use — and will pay good prices for the very things you no longer need. In every home the attic, cellar and store room contains some furniture or other articles still useful but no longer needed — just put out of the way. Somebody really wants that very thing and will give 5'ou ready money for it. It's easy to find them — just pick up your phone and call the Courier News Ad taker. You Get Personal Service

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