Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 11
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A6 Combine 1—Used 5-14" Case Plow LEQAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION ' ' 'FOR office as directors of the new proposed school district for the remainder of their elective terms." That since the formation of the pro- )osod school corporation affects all or xirts of two presently • existing school listricts or corporations, separate ballot joxcs will be supplied respectively for the Voters residing within each of the said school corporations or districts or portions thereof offacted as follows: One ballot box will be provided in the gymnasium of the Sentral High School has -been assured -that it will have such additional customers under contract to use its product as will assure the gron- ee a.reasonable return on its cost for any such extension of the distribution Building, tion 21, . . ._. . _ . ters residing within the presently existing Northeast (N.E.) Corner, • Sec- Fenton Township, for those vo- Sontral Community School District. One ballot box will be provided for those voters residing within that portion of the Lotts Creek Rural. Indepedent School District to be included within the proposed school corporation in the Lotts Creek Community Center located on land described as in tho Southeast (S.E.) corner of Section 28, Lotts Creek Township. Witness my hdhd at Algona, Iowa,' this County Superintendent of Schools in and for Kossuth County, ' Iowa • Published (n the Algona Kossuth County Advance. Algona, Iowa March 10, 1966. 9th day of March, 1966." A. M. Quintard, ORDINANCE NO. 61 FRANCHISE FOR OAS -DISTRIBUTION AN ORDINANCE GRANTING UNTO NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO: AN IOWA PRINCIPAL CORPORATION.' 'WITH PLACE OF BUSINESS ITS AT MANAGER TRAINEE DIAL FINANCE CO. Fine ^opportunity for young man, age 21 to 30, high school graduate with good grades, pleasing personality with executive and leadership potential. Car allowance paid in addition to good starting salary and unusual program of employee benefits. 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ALGONA, IOWA O ALL QUALIFIED VOTERS residing pon the lands and within the boundaries ere in after set out, all being In Kos- Uth and Palo Alto Counties, Iowa: You are notified that a petition was eretofore filed with' the undersigned County Superintendent of Schools asking- or the establishment of a Community chool District as provided by law, Chaper 275.12 to 275.39, 1962 Code of Iowa, as amended, to include the presently •xisting Sentral Community School Dis- rict and a portion of the Lotts Creek lural Independent School District, ; incorporating territory hereinafter described; hat final date for filing obiections to he' petition was fixed and notice pub- ished. That certain objections were filed within the time allowed. That hearing upon said objections was had before the oint Boards of Education of Kossuth and 'alo Alto Counties acting as a single >oard, which reviewed the matter upon ts morits and ruled upon said objections and entered an order on the 9th day of : ebruory, 1966, fixing the boundaries for •he proposed school corporation which order was duly published as required by aw in the Algona Upper Des Moines of Algona, Iowa, in their issue of February 17, 1966. That said order established the boundaries of the proposed "Sentral Community School District" of Kossuth one Palo Alto Counties, State of Iowa, to be continuous perimeter lines surrounding and enclosing lands described by governmental sub-divisions as follows: LANDS IN KOSSUTH COUNTY In Swea Township (Township 99 North Range 30 West, Kossuth, CountyJ PERRY, IOWA, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE FRANCHISE AND RIGH1 system. Section III. In order to effect the rights granted lereunder the grantee is authorized to T<qk» all necessarv excavations in the streets, avenues, allcvs and other lanes and public places of said Town of Lu Verne, Iowa, but th° same shall be done with' the•• least possible Interference with or inconvenience to the public individual*. or public property; shall, ; in all cases, and the restore • all grantoe streets, alleys, and public places, and all pavements and excavati6ns, to their orlqlMal rondition; and in laying mains and pipes, the grantee shall conform to all rea^ Sonable regulations prescribed 'by -the town to prevent Injury to the pavement, streets, dvenues, allsvs and" oublic places; 1 and arontee shall' not unnecessarily interfere with, injure or change any pavement, water pipes, drains "or sewers of said .town, either public or. private. Thei grantor agrees that' after the grantee's distribution system has been constructed, the grantor will not interfere with the location of .said distribution svstem witlv out reimbursing the grantee ' for cost of such interference or relocation. • ; Section IV. ; The grants herein' cfihtolnert ore upon the express condition that the pranteP 'shall''be liable for all damages caused by ' the negligence' or- mismanagement 'of grantee, its agents or. employees, In the construction and' maintenance of said difr tribution system, and it shall protect I, H. G. Trauger, being the duly appointed, qualified*and' acting 'Town Clerk of the Town of LuVerne, Iowa, do hereby c6rtify fhdr' the; "fdrego'ing" is' a true, correct and complete copy of Ordinance No. 65 which was passed and adopted by the T6s»n Council '6n-the 20th- day of January 1966 and approved by the electors of said town at' a special election on the 1st 'day of March -1966, and was authenticated by the signatures of -the Mayor 1 and Town Cletk bf'IMe 'Town' of LuVerne, Iowa on .the, 2nd day of March 1966. I' further certify that said Ordinance No. 65 was published in t,he Algona. Kossuth County 'Advance,' a " newspaper published in Kossuth County, low'a' arid! of general circulation in the Town of Lu VcJrne, Iowa as' provided 'by ;> law, • on March 10, 1966. , •-. ' , ' Dated at LuVerne, Iowa, this 10th day of. March, AVD.V 1966.' •>* -•••<• . • (SEAL) ' " /s/ H. 'G. Trauger . . H.- G.. Trqugdt, .Town Clerk, LuVerne, Iowa Published ih -the Algona - Kossuth County Advance,, Algoqo, lowo, March 10, 1966. FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE YEARS s( 25) YEARS TO ERECT, CONSTRUCT, RE- ONSTRUCT. MAINTAIN AND OPERATE , NATURAL AND'/OR ARTIFICIAL GAS ilSTRIBUTING SYSTEM FOR THE DIS- RIBUTION OF NATURAL AND/OR AR- IFICIAL GAS IN'-THE- TOWN OF LU 'ERNE, IOWA, CONSISTING OF ALL UCH EQUIPMENT, MACHINERY, PIPES, IXTURES, TANKS AND OTHER APPUR- 'ENANCES AS MAY BE NECESSARY OR USEFUL FOR SUCH DISTRIBUTING' SYS- EM. AND TO USE AND OCCUPY THE TREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS. BRIDGES AND OTHER PUBLIC -PLACES OF SAID TOWN WITH GAS MAINS. PIPES, PIPE LINE CONDUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY OR USEFUL APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT OR THE SALE AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH GAS IN AND' TO SAID TOWN OF LUVERNE, IOWA AND THE INHABI- soid Town of LuVerne, Iowa from any The South Half (SV 2 ) of Section 27 The East Half (Ei/z) of Section 28 The East Half (E'/ 2 ) arid Southwes $200 PER WEEK FOR MAN OR WOMAN WHO IS WILLING TO LISTEN LEARN THINK APPLY AND HAS A BURNING DESIRE TO HELP PEOPLE TO A BETTER WAY OF LIFE. ANSWER TODAY. THIS COULD BE A TURNING POINT IN YOUR LIFE. Reply Wesley Box 141 Iowa 19-20 Hogs FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMPSHIRE BOARS: BIG AM) RUGGED. RICHARD OLSON, TEL. 272-4537, Swea City, la. 14wl9-25 For Rent The West Half (WV 2 ) and Southeas Quarter (SEV 4 ) of Section 34 In Greenwood Township (Township 98 North, Range 29 West, Kossuth County The West Half (W'/ 2 ) and Southeas Quarter (SEV 4 ) of Section 7 _ All of Sections 18, 19, 30 and 31 The North Half (N1/ 2 ) and Southwes Quarter (SWVi) of Section 20 The South Half (S'/z) of Section 32 • ln..»Sooeoa Township. Township 9£UNocth ' 'Range 30 WesV," Kossiith CdunfyV , All of Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 11, 12, 13, 14, .15, 16, 17, 20, 2 22 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 The West Half (W'/ 2 ) and Southeas Quarter (SE'/ 4 ) and Southeast Quarter (SEVi) of the Northeast Quarter (NE'/ 4 ) of Section 1 The East Half (EV 2 ) of Section 6 The East Half (EV 2 ) of Section 7 The East Half (EV 2 ) of Section 18 The East Half (E'/j) of Section 19 n Burt Township (Township 97 North, Range 29 West, Kossuth County) All of Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20, 29, 30, 31 and 32 The West Half (W'/ 2 ) and Northeast Quarter (NEV,) of Section 4 FOR RENT — Unfurnished downstairs apartment, close- in. Available April 1. John Love, 295-3500, Algona. Ilw20-21 LELAND FARROWING STALLS ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTED For more information call LELAND MFC, CO. 567.4651 or writ* Box 26 Letand, Iowa 8 31 FOR RENT — Two apartments, all modern, unfurnished, 3 blocks west of new rest home, suitable for couples, reasonable rent. Leonard Maasdam. 21wl8tfn FOR RENT — 2 bedroom house and garage. Call 295-2698 or 295-9117. Sidney D. Johnson. 12wl8-19 Wart To Biy FOR RENT — 3 bedroom home for rent, 4 lots. $40 per month. Phone 295-2350 or 295 2822. 16wl3tfn FOR RENT — Furnished apart ment, all utilities furnished close in, call after 4 p.m., phone 5-3786, Algona. ISwlOtfn TANTS THEREOF, AND OTHERS, AND TO SELL, TRANSMIT AND DISTRIBUTE SUCH GAS TO THE TOWN AND : ITS INHABI- 'ANTS. OR OTHERS, WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE TOWN OF LUVERNE, IOWA FOR LIGHT HEAT, POWER, FUEL, COOKING AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES, AND PRESCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAME. AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. WHEREAS, North Central Public Service Co. has requested a Franchise to orrnnoe for the distribution of nature onH/or artificial gas in the Town o' LuVerne, Iowa and said corporation i; desirous of arranging for such distribu tion of gas; and, WHEREAS, it is deemed to be to the best interest of the Town of LuVerne Iowa that arrangements be made fo such distribution of gas and that Nortl Central Public Service Co. be grantee a Franchise therefor. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED bv the Town Council of the Towp LuVerne, Iowa: Section I. That the Town of LuVerne, Iowa here by grants unto North Central Public Se: Vice..Co., its succe.ss9rs and assigns,,, Viohexclusive'-Right 1 'ana Franchise for period of twenty-five (25) years from and after the dnte of passage, approv and publication of this ordinance, • erect, construct, reconstruct, maintai nd operate within said Town of L ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANC THURSDAY; 4%EH 16, The West Half (WVz) of Section 9 The West Half (WV?) of '--" — The West Half (Wy£) of of Section 16 .,„ ... ,.. Section 21 The Northwest Quarter (NW'/i) of Sec- n Fenton Township (Township 97 North, Range 30 West, Kossuth County) All of sections 1 to 36, both numbers inclusive. (All of Fenton Township) n Union Township (Township 96 North, Range 29 West, Kossuth County) All of Sections 5, 6 and 7 The West Half (W'/z) of Section 8 The Northwest Quarter (NWl/ 4 ) and the West Half (WV 2 ) of the Northeast Quarter (NEV 4 ) of Section 18 In Lotts Creek Township (Township 96 WANTED TO BUY — Antique dishes, jewelry, dolls, lamps, furniture, also old purple glass dishes. Leo Grjbben, Clear Lake, la. 19-21* Finance Your New or Used Car at Bank Rates FOR RENT — Commercial bldg. at 714 South Phillies Street. on highway 169. 24x40' with office. Call 295-3581 before 6 p.m.; 295-9152 after 6 p.m. 24w8tfn SEE "BILL" NUGINT AT THE SECURITY STATE ALGONA MAN WANTED TO WORK IN SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Permanent jpb if y?u can qualify. Kossuth Motor Co. AtCONA, IOWA FOR RENT — 3 room apartment, closft-in with nrivate entrance and bath. Call 5-3837. Bjustrom Furniture Store. Algona. 35tfn Services SEWING MACHINE — Servipe all makes. Free estimate ip store. New zigzags from $49 up Late model trade-in priced to sell. North Iowa Sewing Machine Co.. Algona, la. 29wlltfn Automotive FOR SALE — 1963 Volkswagen Panel, can be seen at Metron ics, days only. 12W19-22 nd all' liability therefrom. Section V. , That the grantee', in addition to say- jg the Town of LuVerne, Iowa harmless ram any and all claims, which may be lade agairist" the town by reason of ot n account of the construction, mainten- nce or operation of the plant, dlstribut- ng-system; and other construction erect 7 d and maintained under or .by virtue f this Franchise, shall defend any suit rought -against the town on account nereof at its sole cost and expense, and •\6uld 'any judgment be" rendered' aaaiTist he town as' a result of said suit ot uits, the grantee 'hereby agrees to pay aid judgment, and the record of the udamenf aqainst'said town in' such suit hall be conclusive evidence to entitle aid town to r.ecover the amount there- from said grantee. Section VI. That if the grantee foils to perform any of the conditions, requirements, du- ies or obligations herein provided to be performed, by said grantee, the town may cause to be served upon the gran- ee a written notice in the manner pro- 'ided for serving original notices in civil actions, which notice shall specify the particular conditions, duties, obligations, )r requirements which it 'is claimed the arantee has failed to perform, and if the grantee shall not perform such conditions,, requirements, duties- or obMaa- •ions specified in said notice within thir- V (30) davs after the date of' the service of said notice, upon a proper showing made bv the town .before a court of competent jurisdiction, the court, at its discretion, mav order or refuse to or. der the performance of such require ments. or .may grant a forfeiture of all the rights of the qrantpe. Section VII. That all the provisions of this ordinance shall aoplv to the successors r»nd assigns of the grantee with the same force and effect as they do the grantee itself. Section VIM. That all ordinances, or ports of ordinances, insofar as thev are in direct conflict herewith, are herfhv repealed. •"••••*—" Section IX. This ordinance shall take effect upon its acceptance in writina by the grantee, filed with the Town Clerk within thirty of the electors of the Town of LuVerne, (30) davs from its approval by a majority . NOTICI or SPECIAL ;,. , SCHOOL IUCTION • PUBLIC-NOTICE- Is htereby lalven-to-the qualified voters, of. the .Twin Rivers Comi munity School District, In the Counties 'of Humboldt and! Kossuth, State of lowo, that a special school election has been called' and'-ordered"'to-l* -held l/ In - twd for said School District on the 16th day 'of March, '1966, whereat 'there will : be submitted to? the voters' of -'said! School District, to be by them .voted, upon, flhe ' "Shall the 'Twin 'Rivers Community School District, in the" Counties ot" Humboldt ortd Kossuth, 1 Sfot* of-lewd, issue bonds' in the amount of One Hundred'."'Fifty'"'Thousand ' 'Dollars , ($150,000) -'for. the purpose - of -carry- -, Ing, out a school building program • •consisting "of 'building*! and. "furnishing additions to the high,,'school building and remodeling and improving existing' -school -buildings • In and for sold School District?" ; ; The polls "for said electron "will be open from twelve' o'clock .'Noon 'until.--seven o'clock P.M., Central Standard Time, of said- dov;" and' for" said""election 1 " said School District, has .been -divided 'into three voting precincts and the respective polling places therefor'shall be ; as-follows: . • ' Pretinct No. 1 —' All that part of said School District contained ,>,1ilthirt what is known and has be<?rt officially designated as Director District NO. 1 and more particularly described * as all that port of said School Districj Iving within Grove and Humboldf Townships, in Humboldt 'County* Iowa,"'Including the" 'T6wfi of Livermore and all other incorporated -cities ' afta"'towns 'lying '•{he'refh: THe - pollind .place for jsaid election Precinct No.,'1 will be at 'the' Town Hall, in the" T6Wfi 'of Livermore, 1 Iowa. • Precinct No. 2 — All that. part of sold School District contained w'thin what is k known ' and has beeni 1 officially "die- s.ignoted . as l Director District' No.',;2 ' and more particularly described as •'all 1 tndt 'part 'Of' said School District lying within Riverdale township lr> ' Kossufh* County,' Iowa',' and wfthih Rutland and Delano Townships, .in "Humboldt" County, Iowa, including the Towr - of- Bode L- and all other 1 incorporated cities and towns lying therein. The . 'pollfng place for said election' Pre-> <>. cine* No. -2 • will be" at the-'Coundil.-: Room of .the Town Hall, in the Town'], "of'Bode-'lowcC ' '" < ' -- -*.-.i. Precinct' No.. .3 — All of the. remain-"•• ing area within the said School"'-District; boundaries of 'j ,jnj\ji -1^131111.1, "Including' bl'**; that port of said School District con*'? Tained'within what is"" known arid has.., .been! i officially. designated as Director District No. 3 and more particul- atly'-described as all that" part''6f • -, said School District lying within Garfield Township, in Kossuth County, : lo*a,- and -within' Wacousta and -Avery Townships, in Humboldt County, Iowa. . including the Town of Ottosen ana all other incorporated cities and .towns ' 'lying" therein'.' The"~pbtlirig place"'for!said election Precinct No. 3 will be . at ''the Schoolhouse,' in the Town of Ottosen, lowo.' ; '• •' ' ' ( , Thi« Notice ' is given' by order of the, Board of Directors of said School District pursuant to the provisions of''Chapter 29.6, Code of '.lowo, 1.9.62, as . amended, ana TO a 'sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in .accordance there* . with, and as ordered ' by a resolution' adopted by the Board of Directors on . the 11th >dav of, February, 1966. * Shirley C. Knudson ' IT Secretary, Board of Directors ; Published* in "the" Algona Kossuth • County Advance, Algona, Iowa/ Feb. -17,- 24-- March-3' and 10. . . . . . . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• i,,,,, Ju .« ...... w, ,-", 'erne, Iowa, a natural and/or artificial I Iowa voting thereon at a general or spe- as distributing system, together with c ial election as orovided by law. North, Range 30 West, Kossuth County) All of Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 The North Half (N'/ 2 ) of Section 13 The North Half (NVi) of Section 14 •The Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) of Section 15 The West Half (WVz) of Section 21 The North Half (Ny-i) and West Hall (W'A) of the Southwest Quartei (SWVi) of Section 33 LANDS IN PALO ALTO COUNTY In Independence Township (Township 97 North, Range 31 West, Palo Alto County) All of Sections 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 22, 23, 24, 25 and 36 The South Half (S'/ 2 ) of Section 1 The Southeast Quarter (SE'/,) of Sec tion 2 The East Half (EV 2 ) and South Hal (SVs) of the Southwest Quarto (SWi/,) of Section 11 The Southeast Quarter (SE'/ 4 ) and Eas Half (E'/ 2 ) of the Southwest Quarte (SW'/i) of Section 10 The South Half (SV 2 ) of Section 16 The Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) of Section 17 The East Half (E'/j) of Section 19 The East Half (E'/ 2 ) of Section 26 The Northwest Quarter (NW'/ 4 ) of Section 28 The East Half (E'/ 2 ) of Section 35 n Fairfield Township (Township 96 North, Range 31 West. Palo Alto County) All of Section 1 The NorthPast Quarter (NE'/ 4 ) and East Half (EV 2 ) of the Southeast Quarter (SEV 4 ) of Section 11 The West Half (WV 2 ) of Section 12 The Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) of Section 2 all, as shown by a plat now on file in the office of the undersigned County Su- serintendent of Schools in Alaona, Iowa. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that a special election has been called and wil be held within said territory on the 21 si day of March. 1966, from 12 noon unti 7 o'clock P.M. at the places specified below which are respectively within each school district, or portion thereof, included in the proposal to be voted upon There will be submitted thereat to the qualified voters residing within said territory, to be by them voted upon, the following proposition to wit: "Shall a new school corporation be formed and established to be known as the "Sentral Community School District" in Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties, lowo, involving and affecting two presently existing school corporations hereinbefore mentioned and including lands and territory in each of said school corporations all bounded by continuous perimeter lines enclosing the hereinafter described lands. That the petition as filed states that the board of education of the new district shall consist of five members, elected at larae, voted upon by all the qualified voters of the entire district as finally established. Howver that since only two school districts are involved, and MOC-S the peculation r>* the n°w district Hoes not exre°d the population of the pr»s»n't Sen- trol Community School District by more than twenty-five per cent (25%), the incumbent board members of the SentrgJ Coenmuoity School District ihqll wnilnu* ill appurtenances, pipes, machinery, anks and appliances necessary or use- ul thereto, for the distribution bf na- ural and/or artificial gas for the purpose of selling, distributing and supply- no such oas to the Town and the in- labitants thereof, and others, together ritb the Right and Franchise to use and ccupy the streets, avenues, alleys, brid- »s and other public places of said 'own, os now laid out or hereafter ex- ended, with its aas mains, pipes, pipe ines, distributing lines, conduits ana other appliances and appurtenances neces- arv or useful for the purpose of main- aininq and operating such gas distribut- ng system within the Town of LuVerne. owa, and the Right and Franchise of .oiling, distributing, and supplying said Town, and inhabitants thereof, and others, within and without the corporate lim- ts of said Town, with such gas for light^ : uel, power, cooking and other purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of his ordinance, as herein set forth, and repealing all ordinances in conflict therewith. Section II. Grantee shall construct, maintain and operate or otherwise provide a modern and ndenuate natural and/or artificial gos distributing system for the furnishing, sole and/or distribution of such ggs in the Town of LuVerne, Iowa as sonn as a supply of gas is available, and said svstem shall have adequate capacity to furnish the reasonable requirements, of said town and its inhabitants with gas as mav be reauired to furnish adequate service within the said town. The grantee shrill not be required to extend the distribution system for customers until the arantee is able to obtain sufficient gas for such extension and until the grantee The Section X. grantee shall pay all expenses incurred in the preparation and publication of this ordinance and the arantee shall pav the costs incurred in holding the election to submit this ordinance to the legal electors for their approval at orovided by law. Section XI. Whenever the term "grantee" is used heroin it shall be taken to mean and include North Central Public Service Co., its successors and assians. PASSED AND ADOPTED bv the Town Council of the Town of LuVerne, Iowa on the 20th day of January A. D., 1966, and approved' bv the electors of said town at a special election on the 1st day of March. 1966. A/ James Mallorv James Mallory, Mayor of the Town of LuVerne, Iowa Attest: /s/ H. G. Trauger H. G. Trauger, Town Clerk of the Town nf LuVerne. Iowa AUTHENTICATION The above and foregoing Ordinance No. 65 is hereby duly nuthentirated this 2nd day of March. A. D.. 1966. /s/ James Mallorv James Mallorv, Mayor of Town of LuVerne, Iowa PRYING BINS Winter Discount Prices , Still In Affect! (SEAL) USED MACHINERY SHELLERS 19.00 MM Shelter $1245 STATE OF IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY /s/ H. G. Trauaer H. G. Trauaer, Town Clerk, Town of LuVerne, Iowa CERTIFICATE ASK US ABOUT OUR PRICES ON NEW BIN AND DRYING UNIT SIZES! KYLE KEITH "Representing Stockdales of Iowa Falls In This Area" 295-3801 ALGONA MM 1210 PTO Shellmaster MM 1200 PTO Shellmaster $1875 $1395 TRACTORS MM 4-Star, real sharp __ $2395 MM 5 Star w/TA, & PS $2275 MM 445 w/TA & PS $1595 JDG $795 JD A $295 MH 44 D w/Farmhand Stacker $775 B AC $495 Oliver Suoer 88D _ __ $1875 MM 445 Utility with Davis Industrial Loader $1795 DISCS Kewanee 12W tandem disc Kewanee 13' tandem disc $385 $425 SPREADERS No. 17 New Idea Spreader $385 No. 200 IHC Spreader - $145 No. 12A New Idea Spreader $175 Oliver Spreader $155 BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 N. Main ALGONA USED MACHINERY TRACT8RS J. D. 4010 G $4495 J. D. 3010 G $3595 J. D. 3010 D $3570 J. D. 730 D $3475 J. D. "A" $895 J. D. "A" $795 J. D. "B" $495 MM M5 $2695 Case 511 Gas $1625 Oliver 77 Gas $1045 PUNTERS JD 494 Dry Fert. 4 Insect. $800 JD 495A Dry Fert. A Insec. $975 JD 494A Dry Fert. * Insec. $865 JD 494A Dry Fert. & Insec. $900 JD 495 Dry Fert. & In sec. $850 JD 490'$ $100 * up TILLAGE EQUIPMENT JD RW 14'6" Disk $395 JD RW 13'4" Disk $390 IHC No. 37 14' Disk $465 kp w /»n« 14' Disk ... $465 ID rr MI/,' Field Cul. _.. $395 in r<- i]i/,' Field Cult. $??5 JD '<V ^pringtoeth w/Hyd. Cart $400 ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE •The Store Where The Action Is East on Hvyy. 18 Algona, la Shop Under the USED CAR SIGN! 1964 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-door sedan, V-8, Powerglide, radio, tinted glass. 1964 FORD 4-door Galaxie, V-|, Fordomatic, Radio, Power Steering and Beige Color. 1963 CORVAIR MONZA 2-door Coupe, tinted windshield, Powerglide, maroon color. 1962 CHEVROLET Impala 4-door Sedan, V-8 engine, Power- glide, radio, tinted windshield, black finish, 1962 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-door sedan, V-8, Powerglide. radio. Only $1050. 796fCHEVROLET Bfl Air 4-door sedan, V-8, Powerglide, radio, white color. 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