The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1940 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR SAL! Ktsrt COXCBETK »KICK iiid BLOCK business Milb u TVHA DH1UK MAK- KK. Is liii'«|>rii»ivi>. «o»ity Kiierali'il. -No bakitiif. Xt-fd only tanj cctiiuMI .it.,] any ol,l ilii'iJ. )]„[],I y.inr I.inno of brjfk. l.r( U1 Kliov, 1 ll'll;lt call bi(Jon,-, itiul *-l,:il ..thrrs are John;. K. K. TVKA CO.. IK-in U. Wruiiilni:' Minn. ;!j,,, k 3 ,j' BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COUHIElt NEWS ,-.r » Ita.i , ler ,,„„ ' a*! -------- DO e time. | W t,,, 0 ,, or a.?. --""'.'. ic i M. fl '"' li "° I'" d *' ________ «o - 1 Moan per lino ------- ..... .. 9l)0 I luuat (, V ii nversue « orj< (o Ihe lino. ..A , 0 ' J ""I 'or llirv<! or si. limn and ?i "Rf >"•'"» "Piraliuu will be.eliarK.d « r / b /dj:. a S 1 « r ,°i,"!Su'±," Ll| " 1 "" <1 'ty Mllst be »<ci,l,,|,.,,:i...,l I,)- ,,|,s|, )j nu . s be MMly cumj , u ,,.j ,,„',„ , I. „«!,„«, Aiivcrtisim; orJi'r (,ir Irr.^-jlnr Inscr- JOiiB (sites ihn OIIK lime rate. No rtifitiuilbiLtlity will l,,j Uik.'ii lor more bmj onu imrorrt-cl insLTLi'.ii u/ tuiv rim. ' Picture Frames made In nr- tler. (VSTKEN'S STUDIO. (i room residence. Near hifi'h school. Price §5,0(10. One side now vaciinl. H. C. CAMl'HKU, Phone •!!(! or 2!):i() For Sal* I laMrs, Mo,,l>. hlltani. J.MV, 1 >,•. i, ;, bl .• I lo..;ui..,i. Call Jt. I.. 1V,l,;]it, I.rail,- l.nvn ,n,,v,,.r. ?:,,. ",;,7r\v. Ti^y ' •' "s"." "l ''"al,'i''''",!!," '''r^, Js^ l'''a!"u» ! : '• l-'l '.,'i | ilunif »' Kluvi-rs. Davis HI' l.'nmklh'i. \ I1 . ., . .,,,,i s ,, lm > ,, '-o'| r ;:l!IL A " hl ".^'''!,' • n " w ' irs ' "•' lvLs al Kriiiiklin. a-ck-j: Hi ' ' •' r'"""" ,','"' '"V; "" N ; iir.aiij.,. ! ]!iT,'i,,''"mV'" r "' K ' llll:1 " > ''>' •' ti',,i.'l.. i,, "'"'"' "' '""'"• >"•« 'l"ii ai'r.-s -J'.l ml. tonth or Hljrllirvilli! 4 r ,!,i -ir i I ,il v , - "" "i".' 1 '* 1 "' »'• Si" Pl«" I" ln'il'l, 4 "'"I";-.,"" 1 I;:'!'' «n V St. ,n A.T u a 0re , ,,f ,|f a |f,, a || ),„„,, |, ul | u . r ''" """•.. l . l :"''t»l'l" iinT'lmi-nt. dray. R,,,l Estate llrok^r,' rin.n.' B-rk-lo I.nrj:,. slii,.,,!,!" l,,,x n>r^.lii.M f nn:\^l ' Olli, circul.Tlor coal *i-<v.- lui.nir.. ",,„ I Bitn. For R«irt iiK't I. .11: I,, ,,,.,|.. r . ii,,i,.».ay Wi.|iliii h - 1!, ilronni, 207 l>lii;an, |i)iotiii :<r,ea. &: l:iii,.|.s!n,if, .--l...!,. ...|,|; s . .1 j,k I L i li.nis.-. riiiinii. k - w.iti.r. i-lcvlrivily. l!..ilr li-<l f.ii!l s. i.iiij. h,i m( .,lini.- | f,i.-> W.^i uii. A|,|.ly <ill S. Lilly. f,.,,t.n l.nrK,. l,,.,lr. SELL NOW To Phillips Motor Co. Can you afford to take chances v/hen used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. Don't take a cHANCE Come in to Phillips Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Dlydieville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 T'.s.-l rnili,,^. ( .l,.rtri<- 1 l,;i!t,.ry. (Inar- j Cli'lrkuMiwlia. ' ,., S<-i«i€-i. ,; .\!,|,!ii,no,'. I'.,,, i,!,',.,^. :m |. ll,,lro.,m. 1111 X. I'i/tli. I'livalc Knlriuir,- J'l-SO ,ir Kill acri's of [•....,! l:ni,l I.i } P..III. Can funii-li Irarlor c.r !,-.< }' ; <<-<l. .1 C. j:lli». i.lione r.ll ' - Now is tlie lime (o store that Home ' Sci'VicC & 'i. mil,- in, rlli in IK, ..... la ,,n H'.vy |<l I c, I ^, L ,*^n. <Miy lijji,^ ..... i « ; ,i,.r "j K,...,I s,,,i,h' Storage Co., phone 2801. "'"_:-"'•• " ......... • ' ' ' •'"' I 'l-'l-pk-5-'l )ii.' I.i1,- iii(,,i..| H l-'ai-inatl 'IVa.l.M. v.iih I'liliiviitc.i'. iin,. r. r i.i'nl,-HI ,ii»- lik,. 1i,.iv. ()„,. 'J 1,,>1 I I in..|i l.r,. : ikini." II in- M l-'iiu.'inll.'cai'i 1 1,,' ''iMOiL-liV «•'['>'• Km 1.1. '..,r .|,,j,.ili,.r. C.,,, I,,, V at Ur.,vn,^ Irirau-,' or Cnll li ] Manila All.. :H,I-,,I IfiJ-li-'r Dm) Kiniif>L for <-ar],ei)li'r wirk »ii,l liliirk lnylnu. I'linn,. S'iiCI. Bl>- lliuvill... Ark. l-j.k-7 ('ill ^UL'. Krnnk (.'rockclt. Ksili :,iul Viny St. llrorovy S!,,r,- anil (i^lnr.-s S,'i> K II. Ihivis. 11117 s. L-il..-. ^- t ,k-H' lilack toarr. U,.)l!s!>ii Mill, I'r[.l,' A.lili- ^ ' lion. S. ^IM. L'.,k.'J "™"l 'Kallun mil,'I, a'nil. I'll, :|.'.7H. I-|)k-s liut,,,- ilay ur nl(.:bl. Iti'Tcr.-!,,-,'* K.a- mnnlil^ rales. 119 Kiii-l Clu-rry. .M/s .lanu-s Honlvu'Ll. ^il-ck 1 ^:! Hav«> on rejinirs. Kppeinlize in III* 1 repair of vacuum cleaners. HrinK it to KH. 1 , Asli. Any maku clfanrr. 'J4 I service. :!--Jl-j,k-I-J I'nr cxjiprt oil stove repairing call 'Jr,2'i. For tine porlniits its O'STKKM'S RTUnFO •!-2-ck-5-2 I'liDPKltTV OWXKRS: I -A ill lirini; ynu vnur [loin,-, farm. ,,r l,ii.>in,-NS i,ri>l',- ty. I enti s. II ami {,' (invn |,ii, Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene weltlinjc- IJliicJvsmith work Delta Implement Co. Phone _SWL 3-15-ck-lf Wanted (o Rent ,l''--' y -_i'" is ""' l'!^iu'_Sii^._ :i ].kj_ rr^.rny, !!,»! K.tnt, "'••^^^Min,,. j Wonted toTrade On,: i >,.ar r>l,l jncli. I.', linnds \V>-ii:ll1 :ill,,llt KKMI 11,^1111,Is. Oiay. St,-,-li\ M,,.. Kl. I i>n (lak - ulily |irici,.l. .1. M. .l<n,n. [,lii>iic :i.':!3. Stv-.-ral K^O'l KI,Tlric Vacuum^ni-i Wt'O at 1LJ4T, Ash. il-^l-t-l;-1-: mmliTii ri|ni|,|.->l r,,, -\ !„,„ = ,• <sitli tfli-iiliinir: n.r'i • .-rvanl h,,n^,. an.l !.•<•. ,,il,,T bllillllMLM. Al.-l. "HO • l.ivl.,1 I:,,,,... ^,..,,1 b.iril I,AKFJ)OS, wicked and cleaned at :i.7f! IILM- Iiii. F. O. 15. Charleston. A. S. lirovn, i'honc 222 Charleslnn, Mo. • _ .t-l-nk-'l-ll Hnl,y clucks. xrniUM,, All the titno. II, .ivy l,i,.,K Mrs. llurk M,l,.irf. :<04 V:. Main. I.IJMI,., ^1!.^. ^ pk'A'l I Slr«*-l>crry planti. lllnkr Hurnisli. ITl'i f'lii, l,nsiiM i. Mario 7-j.k 4i7 fttl.y chicles. ilifr.T-r.t varieties. Also T'C-nllry nn,l p-inltrr f.*,-,lp. Chester I'.inllry. 4l:i I:. Main. 7.j,k-4l7 Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Wil! trade -11-12 model car? for 3S or .'{9 models. (;<MX deals. Phillips Motor Co. 51 h and Walnut. 3-27-ck-t Lott tla^i^. F.illfol.l I(,'vv»r,l Hi 1 ':. \Val Cnll L'l'i:.. ' 27 |,V :i<l Wonted To Buy I'lniiHT for I'-UO Irnfloi-. .1. \V. \Vi.ln,•] fl-|,V ml knilnlii for part >l,l (^iti^r: O'Sl 'a Sin,II,,. Help Wanted M.'clianir. Apply to Mr Williams I.' M,,t,,r Snl,.s. :tt>7 ]: Main. I ck P.nv I., .Invo Irni'k mill ivntV in shn Mini l.nvc ilrivcrs Herns,, rile l'l,,v er Simp. 4 , t I rk I l.arjrr. rol,ir.,l fsmilv I,, mat,' sliar < r,,i, an,I ^nrk l,y illy f, r-ioti linn.,.. OOn, Milii K »,,. St..,!.-. MO., n Man [,,r yaril nnil rar,'' nf plarc, \V. lions,, with ligM, free Ciui.l |"iny f,, riclit roni-lf. K. ]!. Fl,.|rb.'r. ()i,l,',,i Mo. I'liono 0^,*,. ;IOpV-t 1 Found ISativ Chicks Custom Hatching. Rlaylocli Hafcliery, Hijrhwav O'l N. 2-20-iik-4-2R Photostats — I,el O'Sfcen ,nuikc a photnstatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other -important papers. Quick service. O'STEKN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. M T.:iri:<> tnlck tiro an,I rim f,,lin,l l:\M«'&: ,,n H,vy. PI. r.ill :M)'.||. 4 [,k TKkrn up —nn r Sli.-llnihl j-n.^y nvr, may liav^, Trim,, liy (Mjitit; r,,r ;h -.i'Lj^JJjL''' 1 "' 1 *''""'- Call -I.S'J. (i 1,1 1 Personal ,' THE CHANCIiltY COURT POR THE CHICKASAWBA 1MSTUICT OF MIKKlSSIrri COUNT V, AK- KANHAS. S. Kctuiey vs. No. 9514 pal S. Kenncy ....PlnintifT .. DefcndanL WARNING ORDKK. The <lofcn<ls\ul, Opul S. Kcniicy, is arned to appcnr in the Chancery oiut for the Chicknsnwba District f Mississi])pi County. Arkansas, ithin Lliirty days to answer the omplnlnt of the plnlnlilT. Witness my liund as clerk of snid ourt and Ihe seal (hereof tills IStli ay or March. 1'JIO. Seal) HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. :olkin<l & Taylor Attys. for Plf. Officer Assigiinl to II .Ititm FORT' SILL. OkUl. (UP)—1st Lt. Jail O. Sortcrqmst of Wankeyan. 11.,' could "nlmost starL an nrmy f liis own. He ha.s 11 jobs and 11 titles. Not only is he the Executiye Of- icer of the 411) Battalion. Field utillery School Detachment. Field \rtillery School, Fort, Sill, but he"s ilso adjutant, supply officer, jfficer, bond officer, insuriince of- iecr, voting officer, 'safety officer, ecrtiiliutf officer, summary court nnrtifil board mcmlier and assist nl T.J.A. for .sjiccial courts. I)n e Prrfers j a ji OALVETSTON. Tux. (UP)-Tllcrt. Is n life-termet in the Oalvpston ciunty jail who cries like n bnl),- every time they let. him outside and forgot to unlock the door to let him hack in. Tic's nutch. n Chesapeake Bay dog adopted as a Jnii mascot vyhcii he was two days old. "lie's here for life,' says Jriiler John Cranston. "H e cries his L'J-I-.S •—t every lime we let him out- Political Announcements TtM Courier N«wt hw b*m authorized to »nnounce tb« loUow- lu« ctndldaUw, iubjict to Uw l>mocr»tlo primary: 8HEJUFT AND COLUCTOB JACK FTOLKT ROUNaON WILLIAM BERRYMAN COUNTY JUDQK QENK X. BRADLXT ROLAND ORETN rOK TAX ASSESSOR DOTTJS HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT C1.KKK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CI.KU ELIZABETH BLTTHM COCNTT TREASURE* DEliA PURTm STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALKNE WORD E. O. KI.EEMAK LESLIE "DirKIE" SPECK L. H. AUTRY STATE SENATOR J. l,EE I3EARDKN The following »re candidate* for office In th e Blythevllle Municipal Election to be held April 2: CITV CI.GKK FRANK WH1TWORTH CITV ATTORNEY PERCY A. WRIGHT (For Re-election) HOWARD N. MOORE WARD ONE ALDERMAN JESSE M. WHITE ALDERMAN WAKI) TWO JODIE U NABERS ALDERMAN WAKI) THREE RUPERT CRAFTON FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. fil at State Line 1'hone: Itlytheville 7M PAGE FIVE? Refrigerator Service OP AM, KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 "It Pay* to AdrertlM- SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS ° IA " d i o IX 3 K , ndt> .S. Fnnklia ML Phw* SMS Kills Rats- Roaches Brddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Test Control Airf. 115 U. Third St Phone 2751 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUm SERVICE" Phon, 2241 I?c;ul Courier News Wnnt Ads.! Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for Thar • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR (FLAT) 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tire Men , at Your Service Hours—6 to 6—7 Days MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Ash nt Second Slreet WE PAY TOP PRICES WE PAY TOP PRICES SELL YOUR AUTOMOBILE HOW WHILE PRICES ARE HIGH Drive in today and find out from Your Chevrolet Dealer what your cor will bring. Perfect repairing for today'* rx- Liuislte footwear assured when rc- liuilt in our modem xhui*. H-flLT UflLITY SHO€ 5HO ; iai w. M «i KJ ST. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick U» and Dellvrt Just Keccivod! Electric Phonographs (WiHi Automatic Record ChniiKer. 12 Ten Inch Heconls. 'i'en 12 Inch Kecoriis. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR rust Main Vlione 2407 Used Cars Needed Immediately. Visit Our Used Car Lot and Get' the Top Dollar L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Bent Prfeti Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street CimiinManr.'! li,,y,,n,l tlioir rnnlrol v •11,-.'. IK- II, >,,• fatnlly In brnail- I.T-I lli.'ir i.lii:ioii« prn^ram ,,vrr KI.CX ,a,.|, Moii,!:,). n n,l Kriil.!)-. Hryn. Fninily, ' )ln\ If, I lllvlhrvill,-. ^rk^ ^^^^^^^JJL 1 ''"'"'. 1 ' Situation Wanted P7 fV-tf 1 "P"'""". Wrh? box' H.'ll. r;o -4<-CKlL| Courier Newt. :> pk-9 Your Studebaker Dealer Says . . . THE LID IS OFF... Wilh Onsolinr- WoiTirs n lhinr> o( Ihr past . . . With lii-cs ofT Ilio rntionrd lisl. . . . ami willi iiijlllons of Motorists ItKiking forward lo their first vacation since Ihc IliiS Sprini; will we more travel on American highway. 1 ; ami liy- way.s than has t)Cen .seen for several years. The onl.v catch is ... "CAN THE OLD CAR TAKE IT?" Many of you molori.sLs are our customers nnd yon look to us for trouble-free performance from your car. fx!t our Factory-Trained Mechanics keep your cnr on the load until you arc fortunate enough to gpj, ;1 now one. DRIVE BY TODAY— Paint-up . . . Touch-up . . . RtvRlglitrn-up . . . Keep the tip- pcai-iiitce of your ear up to par. Our Hotly Shop Is fuily equipped to handle all your nrccls. Complete Line of Studebaker 1'arls and Accessories WK THJY AND SKI.I, GOOD USKI) CARS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Cash Buyers for Property! Did yon tin nollce that In my ails I not only jive (•uu th« DOWN FAYMKNT on (lie [iriipcrty, but abio Ihe tract amount you are to Jiay. You knuw Iho price before yoa conaall me. A cooii way to advertise. List your properly with me. My commission Is S% H. C CAMPBELL FOR BALK CONCRETE STORM SKWtiR AM KI/K8 Cheaper Than Brld« l.amkn OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Thone Wl Osctola, Ark. Dr. J. L. Guar Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main SERVICE Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones <MG or 2MR DON EDWARDS Tk« Typewriter Mu" BOTAL, <iicrra, OOROKA, AND TYPEWRITER* 11* If. *>d BTRDfT IH* B« Sec us iiboHt yonr mechanical troiihle. Our expert mechanics working with modern ! lools and equipment s-an put ; your car in (op condition. We iilso have a paint and body shop repair service. We H'ill fix your car or buy your <"ir FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 0 Complete Stocks of Tarts For Cfcrysler t-rotlurts I Kl E. Main Phone i BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Anotlicr Slorv EDGSK : MARTIN ; FRP:CKI>ES AND'HIS FRIENDS Thiit's Foresight SMS LIVES w HEkfTi HER NAME IS CAT OWEN HER PHONE NUMBER 15 ^•t(t) : RED MAIR. GREEN EVES, ]JJcwJ DO sou AND THE V G/W SlIfT /CQ MU'H AtfO Llh-ES TO RHUMBA ' }J- . iMAiL r . T WJS^?^^ ; ,»a>*kari\r., i-;.\ pkEWPiMG toRTiiE FUTURE.' W/-'.^- 1 vv^i-iiJA Gf.r MY RASIC TfTA^" " " " s-s : BY MRRRILL BLOSSEB s' J. M W: COPff T»<_6 jjfJl--*L&EHViCr. WC. T, M. tjtc^ ^m ALLEY OOP An UltiniHlum WELL, SESIN'S »OU I'M JUST A DJW3 DOPc, I'LL HA£TA TAKE VOOR TOffO'FOi? I BY V. T. HAMILTON ...JUST LET ONE LITTLE O.' SNOW C LA;<£ CCM£ DRIPTIN' cxxvr^ AN' I'M ALL OON2 iNITH !!,'/£ - TRAl'£LIN'.. . AND I DO MEAN ALL:

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