The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois on September 2, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois · Page 1

De Kalb, Illinois
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Thursday, September 2, 1897
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r hPTUi EKA TT""T)' U JO 13 4 LJL VOL. HI. NO. .40. DEKALB, ILL, TIW TEN CENTS PEIl WE EIC I (Mid DllKALH COUNTY'S I'ONKIIUS. tll SHlrs r lKlb ' ad Vicinity " ' Mt Vdui1y t rrltthnrd'i dro' The 24th annual picnlo of the old settlers of EK-K! county wm held at Pritrhani'd Orove yesterday. These reunions of HJbe old settlers are partiei-nated In by M Mttlert uf DeKalb, Kane, L n( k 8,1118 counties unci it f among the most noteworthy gather ing bld in DeKalb county in all the year. In Tuesdaya Cijbonicl5 appeared" a sketch of the society and Its officers and it will not be repeated here. Wednesday morning broke dull and cloudy with misty ,rain. which by ten o'clock turned to quite a shower and was the means of keeping many at home. Two big bus loads fearing no weather, and bent on a good time, a cordial welcome which they are always .siwd at, the bands of the old settlers of lLatral na Southerti DeKalb county, j ... nulled ou am rcuwu uie grounds shortly after 1 1 o'clock. There were few present and it was not the 'most cheery place in the world at that time, and the picnic feature was almost an entire failure. Mont of the people remained at home' until after dinner and then tbey came in crowds and by one o'clock there were at leant 8000 peo-ule on the ground and the following program wan carried out: : FORENOON, 10 O'CLOCK. ' jlnif- .Hinckley Cornet Band Call to Order By the President Praver. Music Quartette President's Address of Welcome, I S..D. Wesson Report of Secretary and Treasurer, t Hiram Kirkpatrick 1 Election of Officers. j Mnsio,.... The Band Historian's Report, O. E. Congdon Dinner at 12 o'clock. j AKTKHNt.Ki.N- 1 (KWK Music, The Bnd Mumc Quartette Oration, Rev. O. W. Winrfow. Waterman f Old Settlers Hinckley and Lee Nines 1 Rev. O. . h wiences of J, l Game, But this is only a part of the story. The music was an rignt. oui iew fj listened to it, the speaker was all right, t.t no one cared to hear it, the games tfcregood but few wanted to partici- ! and it) the chief feature uf the Old Set tlers' picnic at Pritchard s Grove and may it always be. Many return an nua 11 v from adjoining counties, cities, and states to greet old time friends and j tellasrain the story or ny-goue twya. I : Tbev mean to be respectful but an elo- . juent man must that speaker lie who could stop John Jones from exclaiming "How are yon Bill Smith. 1 am glart to see you again Old Fellow, or that would prevent Mary Jane Smith from !! Meeting Mrs. Jones with. "Well, Well,, Samantha, it seems like old times to we von airain. i ne LHnu.Mn.fc ' pay big money for all the stories of old limes that were reeountea at rruonaru Grove yesterday and bigger money for all the stories that have recounted in the 24 years the society lias Ix-en in ex istence. 5 irt.. fi.mKVirr if nrliist was Oil the 'ground yesterday and secured sonie ' fii pictures of the old settlers and of the; crowd. Who would not give a fr Bimiliir pictures of all fc'l the meetings past. ' From the stand point of the visitor - who went to meet and greet old friends yesterday's meeting was a big success, : ' Que year ago the Chronicle pnb-! liabed the- necrology of the society. . Here it is again to remind those left behind how fast the ranks of the old settlers is being invaded. Here is al-: most a complete list of those who daring the past year have crossed that j mysterious sea that never yet has borne on anv wave the image of a returning sail. The Chronicle invites corres pondence and corrections from all parts of the county. Alton. MakarraL, Robert; born in county ai, T1n.1 Anril 80. 1818: came ... i tn nolfalh. 1834: DM rU'd Marvaret Ort. ISM; died inl Afton Feb. 8, 1897, 5:40 a. m. j , Xf.L-.DDiT Xfarcmrei Orr. bora in Xewtowa Limavady, Ireland, April 7, 1827;'came to America l; died Feb. 3. JH97. 9 40 A- m. - . . CllntQ,,. . ' Elmkr, LncLnda Donne, born Jeffer-?oa.C6., If. Y.. Jan. 28, 1910; married, rst? Sawyer Hall nd second, Nathan "Imir, itb whom she came weet (Clin- . "n Tp ) in IS53; died July l W.-t Watermtu. ' " ... '," t -, . Green vpop &9nt bom in 2 l .-rlia. Chenangcotmty, N. Y.. Feb., S. 13; came with parents to Bugar tryve. 144. tn Clinton Tp.. 17; tnar- Sawyea ILOl above), 18V5; died in Waterman April 80, 1897. HPHREy, fjonisa Bacnes, born In TrvinTLI.I VT" tr ' t i. ij$i7; manned Robejt Hnrapbrer. 1831; settled in Clinton Tp, ls.'ii); died at Waterman, June 29, 1HP7. IiOW Laner Richardson, born in Canada, married Charles Low (who died 1863)5 came to Clinton Tp., 18M;" died there November 7, 1M8, aged about M years. ' Macklin, Robert, born in Ireland June S3. lffW; cams to America I Wash ingtoncumojty. N. Y;VL837; to Illinois 1856; died at Waterman, Dec. 14, 1S00, McCormick, Daniel, born in Tipper ary, Irebindi martifd Mary Farrell; came to Upper Canada, 1853; to Cbica go, 1W5; to Paw Paw Tp., 1839; died Jnly fl. 1807. ORR, Martha J. McAfee, born in Ire lud Feb. 1S25: came to America imi married David Orr. March 1, 1800; diet! at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jnjae 8, 1807. REVNOLOS, Lent I., a very early set t'er in the township; died at Pallas, Texa July 1 1897. Wheeler. Wallace, born In Brandon, Vt.. March 4, 1810: came to Clinton ISM; married Mira Rogers Jan. 1, 1808; dind at home in Fairmount, Neb., Feb. , im (funeral Feb, lb) Whitford, Myron Cyrus, born in Addison, Vt., Dec. 1, 1833: came to Clinton, 185; married Jan. 1, 1855, Phebe Elmer: died at Waterman, Jnly 17,1897. CoHlaail. London, L. Dow, lwrn in ClearBeld comity, Pa., August 10. 1843; came to Mayfleld, this county, with parents, 1855: married Mary M. Sehoonover. 1807: died at home in Cortland township. July 5, 1897. Sackett, D. B., born at West Spring field, Muss., June 1. 1800; married, first, Electa, Bement. 1882 (died 1808), and .lecond at Cortland, 18(54. Eliza Ingham; died at Cortland, February 18, 1897. IteKitlb. Calhoun, Abner Hawley, Iwrn February J9, 1827, in Pitfleid, N. Y.; came to Illinois 1845; DeKalb county 1846; married Betiey Ren wick, Septemlier 20, 18.V2; died in DeKalb March 8. 1807. Graham. Mrs. Mary, an old settler in Maytteld (1886), died at DeKalb, June S3, 1897, aged $1 years. Jones, Diana Hanebett, born in Day ton, N. Y Btarch 12 1818; married Madden Jones, 18418. came to DeKalb 1H4 ; died there January 13, 1897. Lkishman, James Sr., Iwrn m Scot-laud; "fifty years a resident of DeKulb county"; died at DeKalb April 7, 1897, aged 70 years. Lowry, John, born in Ireland May 6, 1827; came to America about 18:17; married AHcm Dawson, 1848; settled in Dixon about 1857; at. DeKalb 1864; died in Chicago Jnly 29, 1897. HlLANK, Etta Mennis. boru at Pawpaw July 25, I860; married Charles Hi-land June 20, 1882; died at DeKalb, November 22, 1898, Olin, Henry, Iwrn December 16. 1812, in Groton, Tompkins county. New York; married Orilla Benedict 18U0; came to DeKalb 1851 : died there June , 1897. (funeral June 21). , Randall, Ira Vail, born in Mount Holly, Vt., March 2, 1820: admitted to the bar at Rutland. Vt. 1847; married Susan L. Earle April, 1840 ..(died 181); nettled in DeKalb 1838; married second, Mrs. Mardala D. (Bent) Boy n ton; died at DeKalb January 18, 1897. Prominent lawyer and member of state, legislature 1805-6. SNOW, Byron B. born in Keene, N. II.. December 13, 1837; two years later came with parents to Sugar Grove: enlisted in company II. 124tb Illinois, August 1862; discharged 186: married December 21. 1WW, Sarah M. Gurler; settled at DeKalb 188, where he died February 12, 1897. ' VanHoRN, Orlando, born in Coopers-town. New York, March 28, 1828; came to Illinois, (Sonth Grove township). 18.16; married Mrs. Anna Bntterfield, December 24, 1SC4; died in DKalb, June 15, 1897, Young, Phillip G., born in Stark,' Herkimer county. New York, May 19 1828; came to Illinois abont 1858: to DeKalb connty and township, 1861; mar- ried first, Elmira Chrissman, 1856; mar-( ried second, Mm G. W. Gnffey ; died in DeKalb. March 24, lt97. , Irukll. May, Hugh, an old settler, of DeKalb and Boone counties, died at Ki.kland. Ang. 8, 1897. " , Gene. - BtrRawCGUaraLiborn-inur. eer county, N. J.; resident of Guoa township since since 1853; died about May 1,1897. , KIrto. - Reynolds, William Benjimia. torn in North Cpml rlan L V.", Nov. 80, If"): carae to Kicgfton 1S.4; dij-d there Joly 23, 1897. , Cpunger, Mrs. Elisabeth, "one of the ol Jef t pnneTS of DeKalb county," dil la l'vfst.m. Jo!r , I't'l. ! .:,-b...:..i;'-" Malta. BctLER, Sewell F., born in Bloom ingdale, Dupage county, III.; August 5. 1845: married Sarah Parne March 11 1874, and settle in Malta, where tie died An. 5, 1897. FER.GVKGN, Samuel O., born in Lynn, Jefferson, county. N. Y., April 19, liWfl married Olive 8. Farr, March 8, J8.59 settled in Malta 1S59, where he died July 17, 1807. ' i. Myers, Lucia Crandall, born at Rich ford, Tioga county, N. Y., April 20, 1844; came to Illinois with parents in 1857; married J.. W. Myers, Nov. 1858 died Jan- 28, 1897. , ,. ' Schnoover. Mrs. Palmilla, was born in Duchess county N, Y.. Oct 4. 1813 married James Scbnoover;died in Malta Angr24,' 1890. Moses, Mrs. Jacob, died while on a vbutin Iowa, June , 1897, (fuperal June?.) Peters, Fred C, lxirn near Sycamore Jan. 1856; married Mary Wilkinson, Sept. 8, 18SI; died in Milan, Jan. 16, 1897. Milan. Sanderson, Caroline Berg, born in Henderson connty, 111., June 19, 1861; married April 20, 1882, to Charles O, Sanderson; died in Milan, 16, 1897. 1'HVtpMW. Adams, James L., torn in Boston, Mass.. in April, 1814: came to Chicago in lBilO; married in Sugar Grove, March. 189, Martha J. Barnes (died April 29. 1862); came to DeKalb county 1849; married again Mrs. Harriet Firkins. March 3, 1804; died January 15. 1897. - Adams. Harriet Miller, bora in Mon roe county, Mich., January 25, 182a; came to Illinois with parents in 18!8; married January 10,1841, Asahel Firkins (died June 17, 1856); came to Paw paw township, IM'y, married second. James L Adams, alxive; died July 27, 1897. HARPER, Sarah Irwin, bom in Argyle, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1814; married William Harper, April 25. 1848; came to Paw Paw Tp., 1848; died at Paw Paw Jan. 26, 1897. Lyons, Alexander, Iwrn near London derry, Ireland. Jan. 1J5, 1819; came to America, 1841; married Jane Stewart, 1846; came to DeKalb county (Paw Paw Tp.), 1852; removed to Piper City. 111., 1871, where he died Nov. I, 1896. Mekhitt, Nathaniel, born near Patterson. N. Y., Jnly 30. 1821; came to Paw Paw Tp., 1844; married Sophrona Taylor, March 11. 1852; died on home stead in Paw Paw, March 25, 1897. rieroe. Horan, Patrick, Iwrn in county Mayo. Ireland, March 17. 1804: married Mary Henangban; came to Illinois byway of New Orleans, 1849 (were on the water seven weeks and four days); set tied immediately in Pierce Tp., on th homestead, where he died Aug. 15, 1H97. Pohhon, Martin Luther, born in Knox, Albany county, N. Y July 8, 1:3; married Feb. 5, 1857, Sophia E. West (died July 14, 1809); came to DeKalb county 1800, settling in Pierce; married, second, Phebe Hopkms (sister of Albert J. Hopkins, Congressnihn). died May 6, 1897. Mtlbnn. Follett; Mrs. Jas., nee Storey, died October 27, 189", in Shabboua Grove. , bora in England nearly 74 years ago. , Fowler, James, born in Enniskiilcn. Fermanagh Jo., Ireland, Dec. 25, 1816; emigrated to Canada 1835; came to Aurora, ill. 1849, and Shabbona Tp.. 1858; married, first, Mary Porttons, April 16, 18;J4, and second, Mrs. Mary Waters, July It, 1867; died April ,19, 197. Irwin. William W., born in Washington county. N. Y Sept. 29, 1822, came to Shabbona township 1858; married Elizabeth E. Colby Jan. 16. 1855; died at Shabbona Jnly 3, 1897. Mekkitt. John H., born in Dutchess Co., N. Y Oct 6. 1828; came to DeKalb county, 1849; married, first. Oct 11. 1854. lthoua s. ray, tuieu sxov. a, 1862;and again. Oct. 10. 1865, Mrs. Betsey Chamberlain, nee Simpsoni djed in Shabbona, Feb. 7. 189. ' Powell,' John, born in Nottingham uhir. Kneland. October 13 1829; cams to Canada when 12 years old; married rfvnthia C. Emmons. 1849; came to Sandwich 1855; to Shablxma 1861; re moved to Sutherland. Iowa, in 193, where he died Dec. 81, 1896. Stevens. Enoch W.r born in West Haven, Vt, Nov, 15, 18;; came to Du-Page county, 1840, to Shabbona 1848; married, first. March 15, 1851, Eliza beth Park (diediDec. 15, 1876), aod, again, Feb. 4, 1880, Hannah Kittle; died t Rhabb ns. March 26, 197, sin; came to Illinois (Bomonauk) 1850, wners he died Dec. 25. 1896. . " BCRCHriED, Sarepta Murdock, born '".nro coaniy, JL3L-Bcu.l3. 1331 married Feb. J5, 1853, gam ttel F. Todd (Hed 186I)t again, Jm 1865, J, Q Uarchfleld of Northvilkj came to Sand wlch 1873. .where she died Nov. fl. 1896, UENNis. Mary A. Harmon, born In Ukoonnty, N. C .March 211817 whea atHnt eleven yean, of age, came u per lamer s family to Hlinoia, set- inngat Mission Point on Fox river; uarried Ft b. 10, 1842, Mayor Dennis (1818 1S56)' and settled in Somononk township:' died at home "of dansrhter. tst. untia. June 23, 1897. - " Fixch. Christiana Sharp, born Soho dack, Rensselaer county, N. Y.i Oct. 18, IM'i married C. B. Finch, "Feb 19, 1846;diel at Sandwich, FeU 8, 1897, Hurley. Margaret Hickey, born near Aultsville, Ont, Jan. 1, 1808; married Elder Zenas H. Gurley, Sept. 18, IM25. ditd at Lamoui, Iowa, Nov, 8, 1896. Surviving descendants; 3 chil dren. IK ncrand children, 15 great grand children. Uamuk, Ira Wood, born in Etein. Cattarrangns county, N. Y., Sept 15, 1!59: ame to Illinois (Soinonauk town ship) with rmreuts ,1851, enlisted company H. 10th Illinois, 1861; married Ueorgietta L. Stipp, 1800; diod at Free- ami Corners, Jan. 28, 1897. Hammn. Joseph, father of above. Boru in Bfthelheut. Conn.. Dec. 11. W9; married Cattaraugus conhtv. N. Mercy Tyrel. Nov. 15, 18H2; came to Komoiiiink township 1851. Pwtniaoter at Fret-Ian i many years; died at Lake ilia, near Wankogan, 111., June 14, lst7. Surviving descendants: 3 chil dren, yi urand children and 'ttbont 16 ivat grand childwn." Hart, Thomas, born in Guilford, oun., Ang. 17, 1819; married Eliza beth II. Fuller, May 20, 1846; came to handwirh 15n where he died April 2, K97. HAymond, John, bora in LaSalle county, near Sandwich, Jan. 31, 1851; married Emily A, Luce July 13, 1874; died in Sandwich Nov. 19, 1S!M5. Henry, Oeorge 13., brn in Was'iing ton county, N Y., Sept. 2fi, 1846; came to IllinoiH (Sonumauk township), March 81, 1897. Hkss, Giirttsve. Iwrn in Rotbaw, de part merit of Vges. France, Sept, 24, 183-1; came. i America (Ottawa, 111.), 1845; married Elizalieth Bonzet, Nov. 2, 1870; csme to Souionank 185.1; died there April 2:1, 1H97; "his was the second ntore in the town of Somon- ank." Uov?, Eliza H. Gaddis. torn in Som erville, N. J., Jim. 38, 1828; married Jacob Iloff. Feb. 17, 1849; came to Oswego, 111., 1H53, to Sandwich, 1856; died in Sandwich, Jan. 4, 1897. Jones. A. W., died in Chicago Sept. 27, lfci(6, in bis forty-second year. lie married Fanny E. Dickson Dec I, 1875. Kkn-nkdy. Henry W born 1820; married Eloraa Evans, 1854; came to Sandwich before 1856: died in Cooper-ville, Mich. Makcy. A. A., born in Luzerne county,, Pa., Felt. 27, 181)2: came to Illinois 1844; citizen of Sandwich since 1851; married Amanda Eyon Dec. 29, 1858; died in Sandwich. ing no, Kendell county, with parents when aged five; married Miranda a Li Hey, Sliab&ona 1S5;t Jan. 5. 1858; came to diei there Feb, 25. 1897. BROWN, Tboma. born in Glasgow, Scotland, May 26. 1816; came to Anwr ica with parents 1820; marri.J at Camden. N. Y- Fb 17. H!1 Mr, Jo- Miller, Stephen, born in Saratoga county. N. Y., Sept. 18, 1820; came to Illinois (Little Rojk township) 1846; married, first, Jane Crapser, 1843; and, again, 1873, Mrs. Maria Finch: came to Sandwich 1884, where he died March lffl7.,r rf Newton, Alpbeus, born in Bingham-ton, N. Y , Jnly 27, 1846; came to Illinois (Milllngton) when young; married Clara Williams 1871: died in Chicago Jan. 24, 1897. PATTEN, William, born Jan 21, 1817 in Greenwich. Washington connty, N. Y.; came to Somonauk township, 1843; married first. Oct, '11. 1843, Elisabeth Pratt (died 1856; again), to Jane Somes; Captain company H., 156, Illinois State Representatives and Senator; died Feb. 1, 1897. - Rogers, David Kendall, born at Shephntown. N. Y., Dec. 6, 1819; msr ried Margaret Yerdon Sept IS, 1841 : came to Illinois May, 1844: died Jan. 8, 1897 - Ryon. Martha R. Marcy, bom at La-Grange, Pa.,' Feb 5, 1826; married, first Iaac Dloodgood. 1849; second, William Eyon, 1882; died at Sandwich April 18, 1891 v.: ' , ' - ; 8lAN, Sally Dickson, bom In Crawford county, July 14, 1814; csma to Till- g' . , ,w,..i- 4 " , Wilson." 1847; removed to Whitmobe, Mary A. Mitchell, born near Portland. Me.. Aug. 4. 1809; married David Whit more, 134; came o Hlinoia I LaSa lie coojDty). 1:!9V died at Sandwich, Nov. SI, 14S. Whitmoee. Sally Vandrhoof, bom an Cbeninng county, N. Y.. Scpt lS3:); darrie-J tsemj.l fcisto.!u Frwy Wlit- more, JV6, (?); diel at Sandwich Jan 28, 1897, , Wjcjks, Sarah J. Hall, Iwrn in La Salle.. Mouru coauty,' -Mich,, -May 31, 1837; married, find. 1856. Richard JI. Swltzer, (diad 1871); jnovei toMendota, ill., oon stter inarnage; married, sec-oml. E. R- Wicks, 1887; died at Sand-wlchDec. 29. 18H9. ' . '" Bouttt UroT . Gibson, James, btirn In Scotland; "one of the early act tiers of Kouth Grove." died in that township Jov. 29, 1896, aged 70 years. '. SqunwtJruv Allhee, Mary E. Jones, born In in New York City, June 5, 1823; mar ried at Sugar Grove, 111., Jan, 4, 1840, Bernard C. Allbee; to ggnaw Grove, 1840; died at Hinckley, Aug. 5, 1897, Cone, Isabella, iwrn in Albany, N. Y., July 10, . 18; came to Illinois. Squaw drove township, with parents, I8.i3; died in Hinckley. Dec. 3, 1H96. Fuller, Isaac D.. born in Erie county. Pa., April 21, 124; came to Ge neva, 111., with parents, K10; died at hospital, Aurora, June 80, 1897. Taylor, Margaret Murphy, born In Rdeflield, Mass., May 6, 1MB; came with parents to Big Rx:k, 111,, 18-56; married Charles H. Taylor, is7;died at Aurora. Jan. 31, 1897. Wehkr. Mary Beiaer, boru iu Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, Oct. 8, 1837: a me with parents to America 1850; married Jacob Welier. 1858; died June 1897. Kjcainor. Bahsktt, Mrs. Betsy M lxrn in Syra cuse, jN. ,, April I ). ls; came went nd married (, P. Basi-a-tt at Lockport, 111., 1859; removed from Sycamore to Chicago 187; died at Hinsdale, Jan., 1897. CltiSTMAN, Louisa Pixder. lM)m German Flttls, Herkimer C'o.,N. Y., Feb. 6, 18D7; married Henry Cristuian. Dec. 29, 1H5;; oame to South Grove, 1H54; died Oct. 26 1896. Ckoshy, Patrick, lorn iilxmt 1810 in Connty (.'litre, Ireland; came to America 157; to bycuumre I860; died in Hyca more July 9, 1897. Dow. Kimliell, lsn in Alden, Erie Co., N. Y.. Ang. 20.1i;j; cmv to Illinois. Tazewell Co., IMI6; t Sycamore, 1M9: resident over twenty v'are: died in De-Koto. Johnson Co., Khh , Feb. 21, 197. ELLW(X)i, Channcey. born in Min-dt)i, Montgomery C . N. Y . Dec. 21. 1H1U; i-ame to Kycujuoie. sjiring 1;h: admitted to Illinois bar l;'9; jmayorof Sycamore 188;) 5: murried, ni-t, Jane E. Budlong, 1846; second, Helen E. Dexter, 1857; died at Sycamore May 0. IW. ELL WOOD, Eleanor Vedder, born Aug. 1, 18iW. in Schenectady Co , N. Y. ; married Renlieu Ell wood, Aug. 8, 119; came to Sycamore 1857; died Aug. 26, 1896. HaherwerukR, Mary Mnldoon bora in Cavan Co., Ireland, 18:J0; came to America 14T; came to Illinois 1854; nuirried John Haberberger, 1857; died at Sycamore Oct. 20, 1840. Harked, E. B early resident if Sycamore: died Jan. 24, 197, aged 68 years. Johnson, Mrs. Peter, nee Lindahl, in Sweden, came with hnsband to America (Aurora) ls.fore the way; settled Sycamore 186-; died at Sycamore April 15. 1S97. Kenyon, Stacy P., bora in Washing ton Co.. N. Y , Nov, 7, 1H20; came with parent to Elgin Tp, Kane Co., 1840; niarried, iirst, 1 h,"H, Betsey Lee (died 18iK); second. 1861. Clara Walker (died 186M); third. Elmira White, U68; re moved to Sycamore, 1H73, where he died Mar. 16, 1897. Lloyd, Julia Gibb, Iwrn in Hinea burg, Vt., 18-42; came with parents to St. Charles, 111., 18)1; married Sergias Llovd. of South Grove, 1h(!5; removed to Sycamore, 1H92; died there April 22, 1897. Meyer, Anna , Iwrn Wertheim Germany, March 8, 1824; emigrated to Baltimore 1850; married Louia Meyer 1853; settled in Sycamore 1855; died there Sept 8, 1896. Patch, Margaret A. Watson, lHrn in P.i.,' March 7, 131; married Salathial C. Patch Ih-54; removed to Burlington, Kane Co., 1856; to Sycamore. 2879; died there April 26. 1897. . Rose, Sarah J. Basalt daughter of David and Louisa Rnssttll, ploueers of Cortlon 1 Tp.. waa bora at Aides, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 128; married Edwin P. Rose, 1853; died at Sycamore, April . 1897. Walker. John Nelson, bora in Hamilton Tp. district of Newcastle, Upper "came-to- Virgil married Hannah Sycamore 1870, where he died May IS, 1897. Waterman, Char lea, born in Salisbury Tp , Ierkinr Co., N, Y 1815; came to ffcjone Co.. UL. l-v: to Srcamone, lw.:it; went to Freeport lv4-; did there May 3. JJ. First UMrrchant la Sycamore, i Welch, Mm Johanna, de d in Sycs- raore April i - J iT'i m yetrs. "Ont vf the original Irish settlers ,of Sycamore; resident since their youth.', , WJLLI3. David W Kro In Vt; mr-rid Laura M.- Hallilayr came to DeKalb Co., 1851; did at Sycamore Set, 84. 1896; father' of Judge Henry U.' ' WUlia. , .... , , . Vlrtor . Henderson, James W. born in Perry Co, Ta, Aug. 12. 18;)t; came to De-Kalb,Ca, 1856; married Elhta Hippie 1857; died in Victor July 19. 1897. Lkuneb, Edward J., born in Piano, IlUNov. 19, 1861 j married Mary Smith Jan, 13, 1888; died in Victor, Feb. 27, 1897. ' ' Wood, . A. D-. born 'at Pritchard s Grove, DeKalb county, March 23. 1858; . married Lizzie Miller. 1883; died at Au rora, Nov. 23, 1896. Not at the f IvuIdm The ball game bad many interesting features but the Hinckley tearu was overmatched and the score resulted 19 to 8 in favor of the Lee team. The DeKalb contingent wonld have enjoyed seeing the game through but the driver - said, too late. Judge Pond umpired the game, and now Hinckley Is looking for a candidate for connty Judge- A. F. Rowley, the Cuhonicle artist, was there and it will be the finest group of pictures that ever went off the ground that he will get. Win. Ilnsk and wife and sons of Shabbona, were in the thickest of the fray t Prticbords yesterday. Ira Smith and wife of Aurora, were greeting old tiino friends at picnic yesterday. The towering form aud smiling face ofSilrennsShepherdson of Aurora, with his brother from Marble Rock. Iowa, was a feature of the picnic yesterday. Of course Mart Allen was there and so was his wife, Ex-Senator Charlie Greenwood was there. There would have been no picnic withont him, David Corey and family were there. Andrew Gilchrist, who was hurt at the Woodman ' picnic, was there on cbrntchea. Moses Bartlett and wife were there. It will set-m wrong when these peoole j are not at the picnic, j B-n Franz and wife and Harry Bris-j tow and his sister Annie wereover from I Pawpaw. ' ' A L. irin.tlop. Snpt Gross, Hi Hol-: com I) w,re among the patriots over ! from Sycamore. I Squire Potter was there, He invited ! the DeKalb crowd to supper, but then tbey thought it was looking-like rain A splendid addition to the Chronicle list was made. Tbey all say it is the ts'st local paper in DeKalb county and the cheaist. There was the merry-go-ronnd, the "nigger" babies, the lunch counter and the cider wagon. .All the officers of the Association were there and they were all re-elected. , Of course Wm. Sebree was there and registered 1834. They can't get back of j-that. Mr. Sebree is the oldest living settler in the county, We wish all the Old Settlers would send us a photograph and some little sketch of old days, We wish all correspondents wonld make a point to gather some of this kind of work every week. . Persons having poor sight should call on Dr. Kent at the Glidden House. Ha will be there till Sept 5, Glasses fitted by the Dr. gives ease aud comfort to the eye. d2t Miss nnldah Kylen will do millinery work at home or will go into homes for that purpose. . d2t HorsE For Rent In East part of town. Inquire of Carter & Mosher. d3t Wanted A first class girl for general housework. Must he a good cook, washer and ironer. Inquire of C. G. Bodtuan. ' dtf Don't forget our City Directory dtf 50,000 Envelopes Just received, at f 1.23 per 1000: 20,XK) Note Heads, 1.25. All commercial work first class and at low prices. O. H. Shaver delivers all parcel and trunks, leave orders at C."N. Pritchard Phone No, 50. dtf We have bright honorable merchants in this town, and tbey give the public what it demands. '. They never o!Vr a a o.llitute aumetliiug..'.,j!isl ai g'joJ." tf Try the Chronicle a week and ae bow you like it Price 10 cents. - 'x Ladies, yon will nl a fall line of switches and hair goc4s in ail( !r Also watch chains mado. st rea --nnble prices at my room at 216 Se-v-iiJ street Hoklerneas reei'ence. IX J. Ma!in. .'"4

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