Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1966
Page 4
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*•*•*•.aaaaa.aa..****••• Mayor adds words of praise HEY NOW—that outfit that Judy Ctarland had on had the Old Goat all confused. He thought it was a clipped French poodle standing on its hind legs at firc-t. Then the Old Goat thought maybs it was an old crow that had bsen sampling some corn squeezings a bit too enthusiastically. She appeared on the Perry Co mo show which was evidently a kindness by Perry. Anyway that outfit was one to end them all. Whoever designed it didn't hate women- he loathed them. Yicccck! * # # ACCORDING TO the female section in the Big Brother newspaper at Iowa's metropolis you can tell a woman's age by the length of the skirt. (Frankly maybe you can also tell how desperate she is.) Anyway if the skirt is at midthigh she's a bit too young, and if it's below the knee she's had it and better run for the hills men. Some silly joker is quoted as being able to tell a woman's age within two years of being correct by looking at the dame's knees. Now any fellow who looks at a female set of knees and contemplates how old she is just isn't with it—what he should be wondering is how old he is! Frankly the Old Goat can't see all this whoop- tedo about knees. They're a joint just like an elbow and who ever worried about an elbow except when it's near your eye and coming fast. Time was back when a knee was only a rumor, and a naughty one at that. Today they're pretty universal. it * * COME NOW—what's this about a woman running for governor of Alabama. Seems thai poor state has had its share of hard luck and poor publicity •'lately," but tM'"a woman for governor yet! Seems the present governor pan't succeed himself. Some kind of a law. So he's getting his wife to run in his place, and then he can still be governor by remote control. Hah! He's some kind of a nut to think once his wife is elected governor he's going to call the turns. Hah! That boy is in for a real awakening. In the first place when he tells her to do something she's going to ask why, and after he explains, to which she hasn't listened at all, she'll do as her intuition tells her to.. That fellow has been governering too long. * * * AN ENGLISH vicar (some kind of a pastor over there) put an advertisement in the papers seeking a wife, and he got swamped with replies. The* poor fellow now has to come up with a decision and he's in a real dither. He can choose one and make the whole kit and kaboodle of the rest of them mad. No matter what he does it will be wrong, and the one he picks will be making snide remarks about those other dames for the rest of his unhappy life. That fellow should stick to tellino his flock how to behave, and if he finds a likely local gal marry up with her quietly without all the fuss. She'll know then he didn't go enie meenie miny mo, and be content as much as a woman can be content with what she drew in the matrimonial sweepstakes. She won't try to make him over any more than the normal woman would. WHY IS IT this new so-called music has so much discord in it? Seems they have to end every song on a sour note instead of harmony. Is it a sign of sour times, sour people, sour beliefs? And most singers flat the heck out of a note bafore letting it come through on key. These combinations of men and women featured by some shows sing off-key like they're supposed to! Now with Mitch Miller they were all on key—no sour notes. Maybe that was why he was bounced—the others couldn't stand the comparison. * -.( ^ THE OLD GOAT isn't sure but maybe this Suzie Knickerbocker is going to take you know who's place on that what's my line. There's something about that doll that grates and muierves the Old Goat. MAYOR BILL FINN adds a few words of praise to the Algona high school wrestlers who brought home the state championship trophy from Waterloo last weekend. Others shown, left to right, Chamber president Ted Chrischilles, Tom Fitzpatrick, Dave Martin, Larry Munger and Tom Samp (partially hidden), •f" **• *** Bulldogs have three mat state champions Coach Champ Martin, Don Camenish, M. C. George Allen and trainer Dick Winter. Approximately 500 persons attended the "Welcome Home" rally in the high school auditorium Sunday afternoon. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. 4-ALOONA (low*) ADVANCE THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1966 After 20 years of frustration, Coach "Champ" Martin and his Algona high school wrestlers brought home the state title to Algona last weekend. And with it came three individual trophies plus a state runnerup. State champions were 112- pound Larry Monger, the only junior of the four finalists; 154-pound Dave Martin, repeater from last year and son of Coach Martin; and heavyweight Tom Fitzpatrick, run- nerup a year ago. State runnerup was Tom Samp, on a disputed decision in the 127-pound class. Algona amassed 47 points, the same number as Osage won the title with a year ago, and far outdistanced second place Britt. THE BULLDOGS lost eight of the squad of .12 in .the very first CLASS A Algona __________________ 47 Britt ..__ __________________ 30 Ankeny ______________ 27 Harlan ________________ 21 Mt. Vernon ___________ 15 Osage . _______________ 15 Monticello __________ : __ 14 Jesup ________________ 14 OTHERS: Camanche 12; Clarion 12; Oakland 12; Prairie (C.R.) 12; Reinbeck 12; Greene 9. matches and wrestled in the finals Saturday night. They had already clinched the state title, even if all four would have lost in ths finals, which was not to be, of course. Munger started the night put right with a 2-0 win over Mike Matern of Britt. Samp then losl to Joe Carstensen of Camanche. 9-8 in an overtime •'ft/"- *'•>" •• ular match ended 8-8. Samp took an early 4.-0 lead anu AVU.O the night, Fitz outpointed Bill Larson of Harlan 2-1 for his individual title. * * * Had Bill Snodgress not moved his family to Mt. Vernon last summer, Algona would have had six boys in the semifinals of the otate meet. As it was. Dana ar t Mick Snodgress did their best for their old home town. Dana defeated Britt's Lee Steenlage 13-3 in the consolation match for third place and brother Mick a] •50 defeated Larry Ostercamp in the afternoon semifinals before bowing to Benson of Clarion in the 145-pound finals Saturday night, 5-2. So although the Bulldogs missed these two boys, who were both reserves a year ago they did their bit for Algona by defeating two boys from firitt, which was Atgona's nearest competitor' ift the v team event. Maf- tin praised the Snodgress lads and said they had improved greatly since a year ago. Incl- dentally, they scored all of Mt. Vernon's 15 points and single handedly took home a share of fifth place for .their town. # «• # Over SCO wrestling fans and students welcomed their state champs back home Sunday af ternoon in a special "pep rally" in the high school auditorium. The city fire truck and a long line of cars met the boys at St. Joe earlier in the afternoon and escorted them back to Algona with the four finalists riding on the back end of the fire trucki George Allen MC'ed the pro- tram in the auditorium, introducing each of the four, along with Coach Martin, Assistant Don Camenisch and Manager Dick Winter. Mayor William Finn also added a few words in behalf of the City of Algona am Chamber of Commerce president Ted Chrischilles. There were plenty of cheers for everyone but the biggesi probably came when student council president Phil Taylor announced there would be no school Tuesday in honor of the occasion. 45- # * Martin was somewhat disappointed and miffed at the decision costing his man, Tom Samp, a state title in the 127-pound class ... . he felt one of the "predicament" calls that cost Samp two points was questionable and ilso the final one-point penalty in the overtime . . . "The penalty was for Tom locking both • Subscription Blank I* you «r« naf tlrody an Adviflw iobMfjb«f* y«u et« i b»< com. on. by filiin 0 ooMhl. form *«MJ MCljHfMjM «$«« * f etih lor $5, You will >«•!¥« th« KOSSUTH ^ COUNTY A* VANCE Meh Monday and Thonday for a full yaar, Join tho vast Advanco family of roadon todayl NAME ADDRESS | — Mall to KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, Algons, Iowa — J arms legs," around his Martin said. this is legal if your opponent trying to crawl off the mat. Ht had done this once earlier and everyone thought he was doing it again." # * # Coach Martin made this observation about the past two wrestling seasons . . . last year, Algona finished fourth in the sectional, third in the district and second in the state . . . this year the team was third in the sectional, second in the district and of course, first in the state # # • # Mike Matern, the lad Munger defeated in the state finals, also has an Algona flavor. His father Mike Matern Sr., is the son o the late Col. and Minnie .Ma tern, longtime Algona and Whit temore residents. Almanac (Continued from Page 1) Trav. trl.; Mark F. Capesius, o opponents, Whittemore, Honda; Max C. 'However, Clayton, Elmore, Ford p/u; John Ashland, Corwith, Ford p/u; Cenneth or Sandra Batt, Algona, Chev. p/u; William S. Knoner, Ledyard, Chev. p/u; Linde Impl. Co., Swea City; Chev. P/u;Ver- non E. .Jensen, Algona, Chev.; Cook's Welders Supply Inc., Algona, Comet (2); Richard L. Bristow, LuVerne, Chev.; Ralph E. Weber, Bancroft, Ghev.; Marvin F. Tigges, Burt, Chev.; Dennis P. Northrop, LiiVerne, Chev.; Garel D. Leek, Wesley, Chev.; Charles C. Bjustrom, Whittemore,. Ghev.; Alfred or Frances Peterson, Fenton, Chev.; Claude D. Johnson, Bancroft, Ford; Richard A. Larson, Armstrong, Ford; Arthur V. or Elola Kraoht, At-mstrong, Ford; Robert L. Buscher, Algona, Plym.; James F. Coady, Burt, Ford; Franklin or Bette Kern, Algona, Pont.; Thomas R. Vipond, Algona, Plym.; Wayne F. or Orah J. Taylor, Algona, Pont.; Charles G. or Kathryn N. Kollasch, Whittemore, Chev.; Vernon A. Leeck, Algona, Olds; Helmer Fjelsrud, Armstrong, Chev.; Fred Jr. or Joan Got an Itch to switch? ment. Saturday night at Water loo, those four survivors were still competing in the finals. This must rank as one. of the most remarkable feats in Iowa State wrestling history. Samp and Munger finished second in the sectional as Algona placed third. The Bulldogs moved up to second in -the district and all four boys were champions. All won their first two state iri^frciht 8-ffwi£en the man pulled a reverse in the fin al three seconds to tie up the match and send it into an over time. . MARTIN repeated as state champion with a win over Ror Crooks of Nashua in the 154 : pound division, 3-1. Martin hac' earlier registered a fall in the afternoon round. Munger got two falls in the meet and Fitzpatrick added another. In the final class A match of IN YOUR PASTURE means A little scratch will do it during your... FORD DEALER'S ANNUAL Special Big Ford! Special Low Price! Ford Custom 500 4-Door Sedan more FORAGE Now Grasture orchardgrass outperforms common orchardgrass in every way, • 'Establishes ejwior • Hecovers quicker • is more wintur hardy ' Yields up to 15% more What docs (his rnftaii to you? Morp milk per cow — more gain'.per animal! Lower •costs'- and higher profits! Want k> know more? Ask ... * FARMERS SERVICE CENTER MERTON ROSS, MGR. ALGONA ...-*. --'-,••''. 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