Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1966
Page 3
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The Dooular exnression, "mad as a March hare," referring to the delirious effects of spring on both animal and human tempers, was an old simile at the turn of the 16t.h century . . . John Hevwood, included it in his "Proverbs," the earliest collection of English colloquial sayings. Another old English proverb claims that "A neck of March dust is worth a king's ransom." To the earth-minded English farmers, the winds of March seemed to drv and loosen the soil making it ready to till. A drv day in March was always recommended for putting seed into the ground. "With rushing winds and gloomy skies The dark and stubborn Winter dies: Far-off, unseen, Spring faintly cries. Bidding her earliest child arise." March — Bayard Taylor As we look to the future we realize that children are the key to a permanent peace. We salute the youth groups who celebrate their anniversaries in March. Girl Scouts. Camo Fire Girls and'4-H Clubs. If we can helo our youth Hpvelot) normally, in close companionship and understanding with others from their own neighborhood and from typical neighborhoods all over the world, they will appreciate natural preiiHice or suspicion. With this mutual understanding and appreciation of others thev will find ways to work and play together throughout life. This kind of youth development and mutual understanding is very essential for our country and for every country in the world. It has been said that children are unlikely tt follow exactly in their parent's footsteps but children will travel more easily over bridges which the parents regularly use. There are four things every child should have from his home and community: love, security, recognition, and adventure. Our youth groups help us give our children these four needed ingredients in ther growing years. Our work in this world is over when we are out of sympathy with our young. Who stands in the limelight for the younq To mark, and does not bear him well, Has loosened with a careless hand Some stone within their citadel. Adelaide Love. It is our responsibility to helo our youth in these growing years find a goal to work for to stick to. For the man with no nort of destination it matters not which way the wind blows. Without a port destination they may simply drift about and break up their career upon the rocks rather than guide their ship into a safe port. It is impossible for us to imagine the gain to the world and all of humanity if everyone would use their capacities to the full extent of the ability which is within all of us. to helif o&r youth, for no In college play Peffie D§Gf86te attended the hospital auxiHafy meeting at the Haneoek County hdspital at Brttt on Friday. The following enjoyed 9 "card party Saturday evenitrg at the Elwood Geary home: Mr. and Mrs. Don Poage, -Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Helton, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Hauswirth, and Mr. and Mrs. Val Moore of Humboldt. • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams and Michele of Ros-e^ mont, Minn, spent the weekend with her parents, the Phil Puffers. Other guests during the week were Mr. and Mrs. Dick iilyard of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Puffer of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nail of Wa :erloo, and Mr. and Mrs. John Puffer and Jans. Mr. and Mrs. Vance Halver son and family of Thompson THE WITCH and the writer in a not-too-freindly discussion. Bruce McCullough, Algona, .and Alice Madsen, Storm Lake, portray writer Ridlitch and modern witcli Gillian I-Iol- royd for the Buena Vista Players presentation of "Bell, Book and Candle" to be presented Thursday through Saturday night at the Storm Lake college. with Mrs. Susie Kramer. Mrs. Meurer is a cousin of Mrs. Lizzie Kramer and Mrs. Susie Kramer. Mrs. Tony Becker and Mrs. John Thul also were afternoon visitors. Mrs. George Ham and son Phil from Ames are spending two weeks with Mrs. Ham's parents the Ed Bormanns, brother Kenneth, and her sister the Cletus Chicoines. George is in Washington, D.C., with the Army Reserve. The Cletus Chicoines have a son born Feb. 20 in St. Ann hospital. This makes 3 boys and a girl. The Ed Bormanns, St. Joe, are maternal grandparents, and Edmond Chicoines, Elk Point, S.D., are paternal grandparents. Mrs. John Becker, St. Joe, is the maternal grandmother. Mrs Edmond Chicoine, Elk Point, S D. is assisting at her son, the Cletus Chicoines. Riverdale Rustlers Unit I met February 19 with Linda Reding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Judy Kollasch. Roll Cal was answered by giving sugges tions for Algona 4-H Day, after which the 4-H Pledge was led by Ruth Ann Thilges. Demonstrations were given by Darlene Plat/he, Lenora Hilbert, Jane Reding, Kathy Reding and Jean Reding. For group activity each member cut out a blouse. Reporter is Sandy Wagner. AL66NA MONDAY, ftK 41, Mr. and Mrs, Wi%m Mey«rs I . and family visited afternoon With their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Meyefs. Mr. and Mi's, John tteil and girls of Marshalltown Were weekend guests of Mi-, fthd Ml*. Clarence Jurgensen, Jetty JUr- gensen of Northfield, Minn, was Sunday guest. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leflz of Lu Verne were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hatty Fleming. Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman visited Wednesday with Mr, and Mrs. Ben Katuin at Fairmont, Minn. . ' Mr. and Mrs, Clarence. Jurgensen, Mr. and Mrs. Adrain DeWaard and Mr, and Mrs. Ernest Eli as on were guests at a 4-H leaders banquet at the Lutheran church in Britt on Saturday evening. ; J-,-1 i !•• one knows, no one can be sure, what great talent lies among them. The greatest gift we can give them is the inspiration to face life with courage and meet whatever conditions may befall them courageously. If we can give them this gift, then we have given them the greatest gift ol all. And now with wild exciting March we sniff the fresh breath of Spring and our hearts lift after the long cold winter. We absorb the seed catalogues, we think of new curtains, of cleaning house, of rearranging things. Spring is a sort of stirring up time, a coming to life time. Answer this call of your heart, smile, bake a cake, bring in a branch to blossom or leaf out for a little head start on Spring. Let your imagination soar as you do somo of the clean up tasks. You'll do a better job and you won't mind doing it. There are still many long evenings left to finish that program of winter reading you set for yourself. Listen to some good music, look at some fine pictures, look at the skies and stars and the lovely changing scenes of the Great Arist who is always favoring us with His works but which we so often do not take time to appreciate. And be consoled, even though we'll have some more cold and snow flurries, they are blowing away sad, tired old winter and setting the stage for Spring. Who in this world of ours their eyes In March first open shall be wise; In days' of peril firm and brave, And wear a bloodstone to their grave. Origin Unknown. Vliss Cherry Lenning of Humboldt visited Friday evening at he Marvin A. Meyer home, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Yeoman and Paula, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craft, and Mr. and Mrs. James Pindall Jr. visited at the Russell Tebben home Thursday even- nig. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Cram and Leonard Tebben were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Cram. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyer and Kathie were Wednesday evening supper guests at the Robert Sloan home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sloan and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Meyer and Kathie were surprised visitors at the Eugene Kelch home Thursday evening for home made ice cream. Mary Sue and Kathy Devine of Des Moines spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Devine. Howard Nims of St. Cloud, Minn, spent the weekend with his parents, the Vern Nims. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blakely and girls of Clear Lake, Evelyn Dawson of Fort Dodge, Chris Wermersen, and Mrs. Leslie Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. William Sloter Don't be OLD FASHIONED about your Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw Get' it done the MOD- „._.. ERN wo/ ... »"• falt - BOTH lafe, economical way FEDERAL ... at BLOCK! We'll AND figure your tax and have it on it* way in a jiffy . . . and often save you money, tool See BLOCK TODAY! ^^^^^^^= GUARANTEE • J 1 STATE LIFE We guarantee accurate preparation of every tax return. If we mad* any errort that coil you any penalty or. inl«r»»f, we will pay the penally or intereit. ." • •' : - America's Largest Tax Service with Over 1000 Offices 108 North Moore ALGONA, IOWA Week Days — 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — PHONE 295-7031 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY OTICE We have moved to our New location at 210 North Phillips street Effective today!! Furniture & Carpeting Wagner will have the club March 31. The Peter Bormanns returned Tuesday from a weekend vis- t with Mrs. Hermann's sister, Mrs. Anna Bormann, and George, at Alta Vista. Mrs. Josephine Meurer, Wes- ey, and Mrs. Lizzie Kramer, Al- AIQONA, IOWA «««««««»«««»«««•««»»+*« St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner +•••••••»»»«+»»••»»»»»»* Mrs. Ed Bormann had the R- Ju 500 club Thursday with Mrs. iylvester Wagner, Mrs. Adeline rVagner and Mrs. Ralph Reding eceiving prizes. Mrs. Orville Mr. 'and Mrs. Gordon Kaatz of Lamberton. Minn, visited at the home of Mrs. Marie Moldenhauer and Clinton. Mary Johnson of Mountain View, Mo. spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson. Mrs. Ethel Morris was a Sunday guest. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyer entertained three tables of 500 Saturday evening. They were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tindall Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Tindall, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Tebben, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kelch, and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Yeoman. Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Zweifel were Saturday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Verna Thompson at Ledyard in honor of the birthday of Mr. Zweifel. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Heinen were Sunday dinner guests of her mother, Mrs. LaVerne Bosworth. In the evening they called on Mrs. Almedia Liptrap in Eagle Grove. Chris Wermerson was released from the Hancock Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyer and Kathie were Wednesday evening guests at the Robert Sloan home. Mrs. Marie Moldenhauer and Clinton, Mrs. Frances Moldenhauer, Mrs. Hanna Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Moldenhauer and family of Britt attended the 25th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lenz at Kasson, Minn, on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blakely and girls of Clear Lake were Sunday guests of her mother, Mrs. Tillie Gee. and Dean spent the weekend with the Don Sloters in Mar shalltown. Phil Puffer visited Cecil Nal on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leerar Mrs. Minnie Jackson and Mrs Tom Welter visited Monda evening at the William Sloter Tiome. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnson, rnest Johnson and Mr. and vlrs. Albert Johnson attended a 'uneral of the men's uncle Saturday at White Bear Lake, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. John Love of Algona visited Sunday afternoon at the J. Z. Zweifel home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Meyers and Kathie were Sunday dinner guests in the Frank Johnson home in Humboldt. Shirley Krauss spent the weekend with her sister, Evelyn Krauss at Forest City and attended the winter carnival. St. Mary's Catholic Guild sponsored a pot luck supper Sunday evening for members of the parish. High score won by Mrs. Charles Widen and Fred Pauk, low by John Hobscheidt and Mrs. Joe Ezarski. Father O'Toole won the door prize. Albert Johnson attended a policy meeting at the farm bureau in Mason City on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock attended the 30th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zeigler at Kanawha on Sunday. Mrs. John Oxley, Mrs. Ethel Beer, Mrs. R. C. 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