The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia on February 18, 1956 · Page 56
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia · Page 56

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1956
Page 56
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56 TKe Sydney Morning HmMj Sat. FeV. 18, 1956 BIRTHS ADKIN8 (nee Worrell) . February 14. at King George V Memorial Hos-plU), to Jill and Warren a eon (pavid). ATKINSON (nee Thomai). January 21, at Methodist Minion, Ra-; bauJ, to Judy and John a aon (Philip John). BABINOTON (nee Peek). Febm-, ary 3, at hospital, to Ken and Judy i a aon (Brian Keith). BADH AM. February 4, at Melville Terrace, Stlrltni, Scotland, to Ana-bel, wife ot Lleut.-Cornmander Michael Bui ham a daughter (Ml- BATHGATE (nee Hore). February! 6, at Dalhouile. Glen Innes. to Frank and Joy a ion Ashley Andrew). BLADON (nee Harte . February 12. at Crown Street Hospital, to 0....-1... rviiHiov & rtniiffhtef. BLCKEMOBE (nee Litchfield). February ll. at uuddo d" tel. to Shirley and John a daughter iRoslyn Elizabeth). BOWEN (nee Sturman). Febru- 11 of Matr PrtVfttB HOSDltal. Crow's 'Nest, to Margaret and Max; o J.nhl.r rUinlB IsiililLC,. 1 BOWLES (nee Martin). February 12. at Nepean District Hospital, to Jean ana Hon a aon iumi . nmnicv 'p.i Pnrinlitjill). St. Oeorge, Kogarah. to David and Josle a aauBnr iftnH .... nniiiv inu Rnhortrm l . At St. Margaret'! Private, to Doreen and BBUCE. February 4. at King George V, to Margaret and Douglas pampfv. February 11. at the Poplars. Epplng, to Wing-commander and Mm. a. H. campey ft daughter LCLA"n Olarkflon). February 14. at War Memorial, to Leila and Alan a son (Philip Rosa). CLEMENS (nee Adams). February 12, at Mater Maternity (Private), to Valerie and Ray a daughter (Suean DEACON. February 17. at W&yer-I ley war Memorial nospiwu, w vniu. wife ol John Robert Deacon DICKSON (nee Hutt). February 15. at Denlstone House, to Norma Jean and John Lloyd ft ion (Steven J0EDDT (nee Zuker). -February r 13 1956. at Royal Hospital lor Women (private), to Peg and Bill ft daughter (Susan Jann). FERGUSON. February 14 at St Margaret's. Darllnghurst. to Pat and v-in a daughter (Oaynor Marie). FESSEY (nee Fagan). February 15 1936. Bullabelalle, Brewarrlna to Elaine and Edgar ft son. FITZGERALD (nee O'Neill). February 17. at St. Margaret's Private, tn Marie and Tom a son (Thomas Vincent). FLEMING. February 14. at Royal o-.i7i , WnmKn. Padd neton. to Owen and Arthur a daughter (Nerolie Helen). GASTON. February 15. at Royal North Shore Hospital, to Annette and Bruce a daughter. GEORGE (nee Page).February 15, at Mater Hospital, to Wendy and Barry a 6Qn i-''' finnt'prv pphruarv 9. in Mel' bourne, to Judy and Ian ft aon (Mark Stephen). GOOD ALL (nee Llpman). February 12. at the Royal. Paddlngton. to nnnnnv ILfPshrnarT 9. 1956. at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Ray and Enid a son (Bruce Geoffrey). GRAY (nee Parsons). February 17 at Palmerston North. N.Z.. to jfA... atrrf Iffitth n son. GROSE. February 16. it Crown Street Women's Hospital, to Mary and Jack a son (Timothy), Both ell GIIPPV (nee Emery). February 16 1956. at Royal North Shore, w Elizabeth and Ronald, of Glola. t .... o niicTVitr fKiisnn Maria). IIALPIN (nee Mills). February 2. lOKft a Roto Hrwiltal. Tarn worth. to Shirley and Keith a son (Peter HARDING (noe Walker). February 14 at Canterbury Hospital, to! Frank and Joyce a ton (Steven. HARRIS. -February 16, at King George v nospiuu. iw omw um Don a son (Brian Malcolm). uirdtrdn Ffihruarv 15. at St. Margaret's (private), to Thora and Terry a son (Brendan Philip). HILL (nee Jones). February 11 t st-. Marearct's Hospital, to Shir- fey and Frank a daughter (Debra h nr. ill. Januarv 14. ' 1956, Mater Maternity Hospital. Crow's Nest, to Lesley and Jim a daughter (Jennfe Elizabeth). HUXTER (nee Lyall). February 16 at St. Monan's, Cremorne, to Nena and Stan a son. HVLES. February 12. at Quean-beyan Hospital, to Pamela. wUe of John Hyles a son- JACOB. February 9. at Bega, tc pa? nnri Doua a son (Ross Gregory). JEFFERtS. February 12. at Royal Nortb. Shore Hospital, to Helen ana uwen. oi --nei wick., wimm, North West Queensland a daughter. kfjbiks Intt Meacher). Febru ary 10, at West Wyalong. to Patricia and Michael a daughter (Patricia Swim. Ffhniarv 12. at St. Monans. Cremorne. to Sylvia and stonhpn a. snn iBtenhen Kenneth). LAIRD (nee Steptoe). February 15. at St. George, Kogarah. to Helen and Ken ft daughter (Jennifer Carol). mA ,. . i vmn pahruarv 14. at Denli stone House, to Wllma and Raymond a son (Kenneth William). I LEVITAS (nee Quantrlll). Feb-i ruary 13, St. Margaret's Hospital, Darllnghurst, to Rita and Gus ft daughter (Debbie Rachelle). LEYS. February 14, at Mater Mlserlcordlae Hobpital, to Clare and Norman a daughter (Anue Cheryl l. LONG. February 9. Denlstone Hou&c, Eastwood, to Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Long a son (Graham Edward, LYNCH (nee Jordan). February 14, at King George v, to smney ana Tnm a daughter (Karen Elizabeth). LYNCH (nee Martin). January 25, at Base Hospital, Orange, to Sheila ana Jim, oi ine urive, Trunltey Creek ft aon (Paul An- MoCANN (nee Shields). February 16, at Poplars Community Hospital to Alleen and Keith twin daughters, Lynette Patricia and Christine Margaret, MriioNALD. February 14. Royal North Shore, to PeggT and lan MkCAiikn February 1.1. at Kins George (Private), to Monica and Pat a son (Paul Joseph). , MiKEE (nee Corbett). February 12. at Wollongong, to Jim and Kit a naugmer imarsaici. muivj. M.Kttv.iK (nfle Conrov). Febru ary 10, at Crown Street Hospital, unier. j, to t-eimj itnnnhiir I rhvtetlnfi Anne I . uw nttinii. men siianrti. Feb ruary 15, at R.N.H., to Pam and -Din rfnnahtpr i Robin). Both well. MORTON. February 15. at King George V Hospital, to Lorna and Morrie a daughter. 1 MOYLE tnee Bannister). Febru-, try 4. at Roma hospital, Goalord, to Owen and Dick a son (Jon R1S?mdi)ivs.Phruarr 15. at St Margaret's, to Shellah and Bill ft son (Andrew Peter Julian). MTTN-rtnF. February 12. at Ingle- mere. Strathfleld, to Freda and Ron1 a daughter (Ann). MUBGATROYD (nee Aspln). Feb. rmarv ii at or nun street Hosnltal to Dawn and Roy a daughter tSMUSKETT (nee Tarllton). Janu ary 31. to Rita and Bill, or nas-sendean. W.A. a son (Jefferson JNE ALE. February 15. at Royal Paddlngton, to Mavis and Ron a son i Warren Sclwyn). OLIVER (nee Plckrell). To Char-rolan and BUI, oi Victoria Estate via Ingham a son (Malcolm Letn- POOLE (Lalor). February 13, at St. Margaret's hospital, to Dick and Judy Qod'a gift oi ft daughter (Jo-Ann) . .. pnm.M 4 v. Fehruarr 15. to Mr. an Mrs. K. Poolman, Punchbowl " a, soh,.. Both well. I POWEEL (nee Shean). February 5. at Royal Hospital, to May and Keith a daughter (Susan Frances).: FRITCHAnu (nee Johnstone).1 February 13. 1956. at Poplars. Epplng. to Amy and Brian a daughter (Louise Molra). mi inn (np Anld). February 17. at St. George District Hospital, to Bill ana uorouiy b son iraui oer- nrH Rnfh WPll. RAMSAY. February 15, at Mater Maternity, crows west, to Auarey wife ot James K. Ramsay ( rfoinjl-itpr (Pnlrlcia Jane). BATCLIFF. February 10, at Royal Hospital lor Women, to Dr. and Mrs. Colin Ratoliff ft son. ROACH (nee Perkins). February 1, to Edith and Roy a son (Garry Leo). Both well. SAMS (nee Boyd). February 16, at St. Luke's Hospital, to Edith and Allen ft son (Hilton Warlckl. SAVAGE. February 13, at St. Margaret's Hospital, to Al and Pat a. daushter (Gretta Mary). SMITH (nee Buckland). Febru-1 ftry 15, at Canterbury District Hospital, to Lorna and Alfred a son (James Mwmi. SPRING. February 13. at Mater. Ml., to Valerie and Philip a daughter. STEAD (nee Fox). January 31, Bt. Margaret s private nospuai. w Mary and Jack a daughter (Jose nhlna Marcarstl. 8 WARTS (nee Marks). February 15. at King George V. to Adrienne and Maurice a son (David John) Both well. THORNTON (nee Btrettlo).- Fehruary 16, Crown Street, to Betty! , , ana bui a aaugnter (Amanaa ciiza-beth). TINP ALL, February 14 at Dfni-atone House, to Hazel and Kevin & jtm (nrahaittfl JnhnV TXIRIER (nee Louer). February 15, at Namy uiairici Hospii&i, u Dorothy and Bill ft daughter (Su san). Mater, to Dorothy and Herbert a daughter. Both well. WATTS ( nee Owen ) . February 13, at craigmsn rrivaie Hospital, Windsor, to Ron and Evelyn (Toots) da n ah tor (Wendy). WELSH. February 13, at King Oeorge v, to uwenaa ana naroia- mn fpptpr KlrkUnril. WILLIAMS (nee crinDs). Febru ary 17, at King George V, to Jean: and Ken ft daughter (Jennifer: Oav. WOOD (nee Jaoues). February 13. - at Bethesda, to Joy and W ally a daughter (ausan .joyj.. ENGAGEMENTS t vm an patkrhon. -The En gagement la announced or Doranqt, younger daughter ol Maor and Mrj. John Fftterson. ol . Strathfleld. N.S.W., to Edwin David, only wn of Mr, Alexander Alkman. of Edinburgh, Scotland, and tha late Mil. Elliabeth Alkman. acrnM nnrtnMiriri.n. The En gagement U announced of Judith1 ..... j.nrtirip at Mf. inn ft"?'-,Dni:fl2M f ICarliood to John Lawrence, - Alton, of Strathfleld. maoEv nNvii.i.. The Enaace- ment Ii announced of Margaret, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. O'Neill, of North Bondl. to Alan Ed-ward, elder aon of Mrs. K. Aubreyl and the late Jr, a Randwicx 8TOHEI DUFF. The BnfaM.1 ment It announced of Mare Betty, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Duff, of Yagoona, to Kenneth Ronald, twin son of Mr. and aara, n. x a. storey, ox Point Piper. THRELFO BLOCH The Enaaire. ment la ftnnonuced of Beverly, daugh ter oi tur. h . uiocn. ru nviv&nia. and the late Mrt. Bloch. to John uicBury, vmvr aon oi Mr. ana aara, W. O Threlfo. of Maroubra. TOW ELL OLDROYD. The Cn-gagement ts announced of Janlth Anne, aaugnter oi Mr. ana Mrs. c W. Oldrovd. of Homahv. to Desmond James, son of Mr. A. JaTowell and tne iaie mm, i. m. xoweu. TURNER DOOREY. The En gagement Is announced of Joan, eld est daughter of Mr. and Mri. H. Doorev. ot Morlaaet. M.B.W.. tnl J, Aubrey, of James Ernest, only son of the late -.Sv.iiiiaii.nwiM.-The En-A- Tunw?. of Bankstown. i. Announced of Barbara! WALKER BUTLEK. The Engage. ttEih onlv daughter of Mr . and ment has been announced In Lon-Judith,only daugnwr oi iw. f Ro6emary onI, cnll(I of tnB "ark-. & sranley. Robert, tlder n;i. M. ; fc T J utler. Auckland Boyd, of Newcutle, New South Wales, to David Rowland, only ion ol tho lata Mr. B. W. Walker and of Mri. Walker, formerlr ol Bellevue run. WHATMAN MURDOCH The Engagement ll announced of Pamela Dawn, eldest daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Murdoch, of Bowral. to Bruce Albert, only son of Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Whatman, of Lynwood. Kan- gaioon. WRIGHT FRAME. The Entate ment Is announced of Vera, elder daughter of Mrs. C. O'Donnell, of Swansea, South Wales, and John Alexander, onlv son nf Mr. and Mrs. Pethybr'dge. of Longuevllle, to golln.jA. Wright, of 137 Concord Road. youngest son oi iwi. .... " funeral nolle. In Monday's "Herald." HANSEN, Henry William. February 16, 1056, at his residence, 23 Keyaor Road. Pagewood, dearly beloved husband of Maude Evelyn, and lovln father of Josle, Harry, Daphne, Herbert, and Shirley. Privately cremated at Eastern Suburbs, February 17, 1936. HEYLBUT. Thomas Ualie. Feb ruary 17, residence, Mr V. Barnhlll, orunroin. and Mrs. Barnhlll. of Wollongong. BEATTIB MARTIN. The Engagement is anjonuced of Jill Norman, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Martin, of Bronte, to James Byers, only .wu "1: B. Beetlle. ot Rendwlck. BECKMANHERBORN. The Engagement is announced of younger daughter of ", Mr born. West Ryde and the late Mr. H A. Herborn.Ashneld. to Ronald, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. I. O. BERRY PETHYBRIDOE. The Rncaffemenl is announi-cu eldest daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. . j. ... "Z.'M'Z?. , I mwmtwtV m mahtin in invin. m.i..t oil FOWLER. Treasured memorial of FrusrylV. 1656. late 123a Orsfmy dear brother. Bill, who tell our dear husband and father. Joseph mir dear son and brother. Thomas. (f 'al.tSi "i ,.r unm T rm aaleeD Februarr 18. 1954. Peter, who was taken from ua aolBnglneer M.V. Nentima. killed by J IN MEMORUM Olf ACTTVW, "ERVtrT. ory of our dear husband and father, Matthew, passed away February 18, 1946. Wn thlnlr nf nu In .ll.nMl 1958 (suddenly), at hisi"" news met '"", reaiaence. :v Moorrjieiua runui, , - . . . . . . Klnaaarava. durl loved husband ot . " . were, just yesieraay. To have you here In the same old suddenly, February 21, 1053. Always way Would be our dtareat wish to-day. Inserted by hi aiiter. Joan, ana Geo. Inserted bv hla lovlna; wife. Utllle, daughter. Norma, aon, Don. BERHINnH AM. in lav in a? mem- ory of our dear brother. Mat, who passed away February IB, 1940 Thelma Kathleen, and loved father of William, Kenneth. Gary, and Yvonne, dear brother-in-law of Mr. and Mri.- A. Baccus. and Mr. and Mra, j. Turnouu, asea iu years. ThMita LmII. Feb ruary 17, 1956 (suddenly), at hla resiaence. m Mooreneia nwa, KlnusurovB. dearlv loved son Of Mrs. Ellen and the late Leslie Meylbut. oi MfliDourne, lovea oromer oi Beryl, Ail&a, George, Jack, and Ratio atsivl AH v star at HODOUTON, oertTode. February!""'""1'. 'i.;";H 17, 1956, at a nrlvata hospital, J'fr,,, i"nrHd.hlSia .t!J" Always remembered by auntie Tune changes many things, but one thins rhnn.e. never. The memory ol those hsppy days wnen we were an losemer. Tn.ertnl hv Mi hrnthars. slstCTS. brothers-ln-lsw. and sisters-in-law. BERMINGHAM. In loving mem ory of Matthew, who passed away Berry, of North Avalon. YELL FRASER. The Engagement! BUTLER - nouui. i"- S "' B?SK I-..announced .0, " end Mrs' J E" if Oh...-wood to Bruce Leonard, younger Jon of Mrs. D. E. Butler, of Mosman and thi "lite Mr. Uonsrd Butler, of Llndfleld. CLARK GRAF. The Engagement 1, announced of Gladys vounger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. a. J. araf, of Townsyllle, land, to u.n.v. i-coij. vw. 'S'V.T R.A.A.F.. Malaya, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. L. Clark, of Walgett, N.S.W. CLAYTON BCLLEN. The Ttn- !fAn.'i.?.,.0'p.PBun.n. nt nnonslde. to Norman, eldest aon of Mr. and Mrs. w. Doonslde. v. COOLING PEARCE. The Engagement is announced t Audrey, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs, SeTAi t i nf MnmhllllOO St a- t.inn Kather ne. wortnern est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. i-Taser, oi cooiamunara. to frana William, third son of Mr. and Mri. F. Yell, of "Avalon," Murga. Street, Waverley, relict of John Houghton, and dearly loved mother of Wftlly, Ron and Col. Recuiescat lp pace. KIDMAN, John Thomas. Febru-1 ary 17. 1956, at Waterfall, late of! Jlndabyne, dearly loved husband of; the late Olive Kidman, and dear lather of Kevin, Esma, Frank and Milton, aged 73 years. At rest. KING, AUck Arthur. February 17. 195fl. at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, beloved son of Mr. and Mra. A. King, and loved brother of Charlie, Allele, Rodney, Marge, Hilda, Ron, George, Mary and Sla, aged 39 years. At rest. LENGYEL, Andrew. February lb, 1956 (suddenly), at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, of 27 Hale Road, Mosman, beloved husband of Mary LOG EVER, Isabella Letltla. MARRIAGES HANNES SUHUBB. January 4, 1956, at Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia, Elizabeth June, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. shrubb, of Gordon, to! ueonrey simon, younger aon ox Mrs. E. Hannes and the late Dr. M. Hannes, of Bellevue Hill. SILVER WEDDINGS WILSON HILDEBRAND. Feb ruary 17, 1931. at St. Mary 'a Catholic Church. West. Wyalong. by late city ton, ofjRev. Father G. Shannon, P.P.,; aggress, "cawoia, ' west wyaiong, COURTNEY RANDO. The Bn-gaKement is announced of Mary josle. younger daugiter o J N. of Ryde. to Ronald Victor, third son of Mrs. M. Courtney, and the late Mr. G. Courtney, of Ryae. ment is announced of Mary Patricia. only aaugnter oi wr, o A. H. Brown, of Wentworth FaUs. ond Mrs. F. R. Coyne, of Centennial Fan."ific BiT-pv Th Eneaae- ment is announced of Joyce, youngest daughter of Mrs. I. M. Batty and the late Mr. S. L. Batty, of Hurl-stone Park, to Herbert, only son or Mr nnrl Mrs. Q. O. Davis, Of Auburn. DAVIS JEFFERY. The Engagement Is announced of Margaret Anne ... o.mhtr.!- nf Mr. and Mrs. tnd Jeffery. ol Burwood. to Oeoflreyl Thomas, youngest son of Mrs. o. Davis ana the late w. N. Davis, of rrnvrifln Park. EVA WILLIS. The EnRngement is announced of Judith Kosanna elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. a tumie nf JToit. Tvnnhne. Victoria formerly ' of Drummoyne. to John Bruce, only son of Mr. arid Mrs. A, K. Kva, oi uauuiciu, .H.HW.H. FAGGOTTER YOPP. The En-gBnement lc announced of Elaine, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M Yopp, of Annandale. and Kevin, third son of Mr. and Mrs. H. , S. Fagtrotter. of Feakhurst. miF i-rir,Tj x n a tv Ti fi En gagement is announced of June Loretta. eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L, Moate. of RamRgnte to Keith Normnn, youngest son of Mrs. aria tne late Mr. J. r-niinurp, ui n a vnn v pottk. The Engage ment is announced of Vilma. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Potts, of Belmore. to Peter, tnira son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Oaydon, of Roseville. GRANT BOYD. The Engagement Is announced of Margaret, youngest RUBY WEDDINGS - GREEN LOU G HER. February Harold deorge to Olwyfi Alice. Pres-ent addresst43The Crescent, Manly. GOLDEN WEDDINGS BAYLEY EAST. February 18, 1906. at St. Alban's. Holborn, .London- England, by Rev Father Stanton, jonn, to taien Mary. rreseni aaaress, ita uoncaoiei Avenue, Kensington, Sydney, Aust, LANDON OLSEN. February 19, 1906. at St. Joseph'a. Rozelle. by jtev. ratner nanngan, f rea to Mabel. Present address. SO Lovell itoaa, nasiwooa. PEARSON G Oil GB. February 17. 1906. at the residence of the bride's parent. Annandale, by the Rev. J, R. Morris Taylor, Methodist minister, unanes m. r. fearson to Harriatt. Present address, 50 Sell wood StreetBrlghton-lc-Sands. Millie, and uncle Arthur. Birmingham. Treasured memories of our dear ion-ln-law and Drotner-in law. uau. wno away February is, 1S40. rime cnangea many tninga, But ona thing change never. The memory of bygone daya. When we were alt toaether. Sadly missed by Ma, Mat, Helen, . IVIIIEj WIIIB, iCU, JCB (UIU Mill- BISSETT. In lovlna memory of lour dearest mother, mother-in-law, Qug. Norman, Ethel, grandmother. norman, ttonaia. K.en, uioria. uoug- tfts, Konert. bissett. Elizabeth (Ous). Trea aiireii memorlea of Que. nas.vd away February 18f 1951. A thought for.Bift ftnd'Mavla. John, Jean, and Maliie, BOWERS. Treasured memories ol our precious mother, Nellie, died remembered by hla loving wife, Aiay, anc aauamer. Aiecia. MILNES, In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, Heather (suddenly), let of Campsie. February 18, 1955. A face we loved a place is vacant In our hearts, thai never can be filled; eudden wa the parting, bitter was the blow, Just now nmcn we rniai you, momcr, no one will ever know. Inserted by her loving husband, Percy, daughter!, Marilyn, Wendy, and father. MILNES. In loving memory of my darling sister. Heather, who DtiBBCQ away reoruary to. To think we could not say goodbye, Will always bring regret. But the hearts of those that loved you Are the one that won't forget. Nancy, brother-in-law, Fred, and nepnewi, jonn, peier, wayne. MOIHK. In lovlna memnrv nf nur dear son, John Molse, who pawed awav TPahmarv IB There's a dear face we love to rememoer, There'a a voles wa love to recall, There's ft memory we'll cherish for It's oi dear John, good to us an. Remembered bv hla lovlnff mother. father, brothers, alsten-ln-lftw, also his pal, Barry. MORRIS, In fond memory or our enemy action at Darwin, February 19. 194a. Always remembered by mother, father, slater, and brother. 2lst A.H.8. Manunda, who lost their lives at Darwin. February 10. 1942; and also to those who havi died thereafter. RETURN' THANKS Mra VKR A RM1TH and FAMILY Flat 26b, Hargrave Park, wish to thank all t-fliativH. frienda and i neighbours, who sent cards, wreaths' and telegrams In our recent sad be-j reavement oi our oeariy dbiovbh hu- k.. rA faiiita f at hair. In. U V and grandfather, the late Edward Richard Smith. Mr niif.TID t-nWTM ( RITnKIE) HAYWOOD and FAMILY, of 59 Mill Hill Road. Bond! Junction, wish to tnri Klnoar THANKS to relatives ana irienas ana ntumwuni lor tneir Kind expressions oi win-nalhv. flnral trlhutea. cards, letters, and telegrams received In the recent sad bereavement ot his dear wife and their loving mother and grandmother. Elisabeth Jane. Please accept this as personal thanks. THK WAMTT.V nt tha late E. M, BUTCHER, of Parramftttft. wish to THANK all relatives and frienda for expressions of sympathy, "pral tributes and kindness during their i ad bereavement. Please accept this a personal man". Mra. FLORENCE ELDitllJUB, 1 Rm BlrL mniTHinrd. wishes to dear mother. Muriel Catherine, cal I - express her appreciation to all rela- ea nome reoruary jo, ivw. Aiwaya lives, irienaa ana neiiiiuuius ii remembered by Thelma, Ilia, Edna, their kind help, sympathy and floral and Neville. itributes in the recent sad loss of my MUS8ETT. In loving memory ofibeloved husband, Percy. Please accept my de husbind wd oSr father, this as my personal thanka. aa many William Henry, passed away February addressee are not known. aa. .wot. Aiwajra iciucuiocicu. nouui.i iiib rnmini ui l"r . ... i . ; n nri Miu RirHF.i . h KfiAN ( ate oi ijicnnaroii NIBLETT. In loving memory of sincerely m THANK all relative; ana 'i?sia,tivaft and the late adelaiue FUNTRAU BAHNETT.The LOUIBA BARNETT, of Long .Jetty, . inuiri tn attend ner Kinnal: to leave our Private Chapel, This Morning. lor the Wamberal Church ot Eng lu,.4.SS5,' imLB. aon The Fntranoo M.,Jf -Kf"' oh... Th. VMtr.ncfl lOfi Or n4. D.nMw-r Tha Relatives ana Invited to attend the Funeral of their loveil Sister. 81ster-ln-la w and Anntle, ADELAIDE LOUIBA BAR-NETT. to leave Lakes Motor Fjme- ra s Chapel, Long Joiii, ai - ""--i This Morning, for the church of r-.m.i.r at Wamberal. . BEVERIDOE. The Re1"'"' Friends or Bars, uisni. ""'.v.... and Famllj, of 30 William Btri rtedfern, sre Informed that he, j 's:K..d"rR,5atrif, "aEi FRED BEVERIDOE. will take place .k. a-notnnri Cemetcrv, Bombala, Heat Monday, 20lh Feb- TONTRAU LENOVEL. The Friends of the late ANDREW LENQYEL, of 27 Ha el Road, Mosman, are invii.u tend his Funeral: to leave our Funt-ral HomJ, corner Miller .rid F ron streets, North Sydney, This Saturday Morning at B.30 o c ocK lor Norinern ouuuiu. - WOOD COFFILL LIMITED, BA40U, XB1I0U. u.innfh The Relatives and MSes.olf Cor-yoPtow. a?eainvlted'to attend the ' RANGE McINNES, arranged to leave our Chapel 4 Carrlnglon Avei me. Huritville, Next Monday Moruing. auer nervlce commencing at , iu Sfclock. for Woronora Cremator urn. wnnn COFFILL LTD. LU1JJ5, JOSEPH MEDCALF. A.F.D.A., 172 Redfern Street, Redfern. Phone, MX2315 f2 lines). BISHOP. Requiem Mass for the Repose of the Soul of the late LUCY hnnrni niounD nf nrrviltlvn. Will be celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Pacific Highway. Waiter, Thli Saturday, at; a a.m. Tho Funeral will leave the Church after Mass for Field ol Mare cemetery. THOMAS DIXON PTY. LTD Funeral and Embalming Service, Estab. 1836. FA4102-3. February 17, 1956. at her residence, February 19, 1932 lit weuesiey street, summer nui, Ida, Roy. Joy, dearly loved wife of wiiiiani Heroert. BBOWN. In loving memory day'a Herald. LOVELOCK. Ellen- Eliaabetn. TTortrnarv 1 ri 1 Dhiri M CremorDfl. beloved mother of Emily Elizabeth (deceased), grandmother of Alan and Betty, and dear great-grandmother ol Marilyn, Alan, and OhrUvtine. MelNNES, Mary Lawrence, reo- marv 17. IflKB. at OlouceslAT House. of Cahors Road, Padstow (late A1-. lawah), dearly loved wi oi weu, ana loving mouier oi oyivta eaio. K. Jones), Bernice and Olenda, fond mother-in-law of Ken, and grandmother of Lynette, aged 44 yeara. For funeral arrangements see "Herald," Monday. MelNNES. Mary Lawrence. Feb- Sadly missed. of! my beloved son and our dear brother. Jack, paaaed away February ltf, IBM, In nofl'a lovlna ear Always remembered M mum (do- ceaseaj, uiare ana weoo, BUGGY. in loving memory ox our aear cousin, - fTancis Lrftcnian (Frank), ftcctaentoiiy killed February IB 1955. none, hut not for not ten. Inserted by Zeta. Roy. family. LrAiiii.L. in loving meiuuiy oi uur dear daughter and slater, Marcia Alice. In our hearts a s lent sorrow will always be remembered by her loving family. CAIRNCROSS. In loving memory of our dear sister, ChrUtana. who passed away February 19, 1954. lYICIWNfcs. Mary tua-wrencB. r cd- , -nj t-f. ' u ''"' ruary 17, 1956, at Gloucester House, j You left behind some aching hearts devotca aaugnter oi wrs. n. roaicr,. muni om,Lit rorgei you, uissie, aea DEATHS AMOS, Stella Bertha. February 15. at Molong Hospital, late of 65 Gidley Street, beloved wife ol Walter and loved mother of Ralph. ANDERSON, Henry Oeorge. February 16. 1956 (suddenly), at his residence, 275 Prince's Highway, Arnchile, dearly beloved husband of Harriett Sarah Margaret and loved father of Henry, John, Edwin, and Mary imis. a. m. cipmciti. ATKINSON. Februarv 17. 1956. at his residence. 135 Smith field St. Fairfield, dearly loved husband of Janctta and father of Norman and Margaret,. If A K lit IV. iviinenno juicn ineiiiei. February 17, 1956, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, late of 124 Mac-quaile Street, Farramatta, beloved wile of the late Lawrence Walter Barber, loved mother and mother-in-law of Bruce and Dorothy and Ronald and dear sister of Amy (Mrs. Croft) ana Jnc Allison, agea ox years, BAKU EN, Elleu. February 8, 1956. at St. John ot Ood Hosnltal, Goulburn. widow of Charles, lovtntt mother of Edwin, William. Mrs. . Casey (Mill). Elizabeth iBubl R.I.P BARNETT. Adelaide Louisa. February 17. 1956. of 31.3 The QHugnier ui iw. miu r 'T wiuiam una lovea sisier oi cveiyn, ceased), isaoeii (deceased), aged 75 stepdaughter of Mr. W. Foster, and loving alster of Jenny and Irene. MelNNES, Mary Lawrence. February 17. 1956, at Gloucester House, ot Cahors Road. Padstow (late Al-lawah), dearly loved daughter-in-law of Angus and Elizabeth (deceased), and dear sister-in-law of Myrt and Wal, Gordon and Rita, Douglas and Norma, Donald and Reg, and fond aunt of their families. MATHESON, Thomas. February GoVdon, beloved husband of Mary. Privately cremated. 1956, at Cannes (France), aged 70 years, MURRAY, Annie Louisa. February 17. 1956. at her daughter's residence. 194 Concord Road. North Strathfleld widow of the late Frederick Andrew, beloved mother of Dulph Jessie, Reginald, and Mals.e. agea ia years, ni rcot. lune m win tn he Place ai bwuih uojiium. Lltngow. NIXON, Millard. February f.i 1956 at the Cowra Hospital, dearly imft tnntl-iar nf .fCrina (Mrs Cannon. Goolagong) and Vera (Mrs. Noble. Bllllmarl). I PEARCE, Emma Louise. February . 1956. at Parramattft District Hnxnltal. late of Roseville and Seven Hills, daughter of tho late William ana wnma rearco. POINTING. Elsie. February 16, iQSf: in Tnnrirm beloved sister and sistef-in-law of Cecil and Brenda Davis. QUARMBT, Graham Kowiano. Februarv 16. 1956 (result of accident), of Tuggerah, beloved son of Arnold and Thelma Quarmby, loving brother ot Robin. Douglas and Peter, aged 15 ycara. At rest. DnkA.i riatiM alrlneh Son fit Mr and Mrs. R. G. GrHnt. of Victoria Park. Western Australia. I GRDNDT BDRCHELL. The Engagement Is announced of Margot Burchell, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Saunders, of Eaatwood, to Bruce Allan, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Grundy, of Epplng. HALL HOLMES. The Engagement Is announced of Judith Ann. Hanrhfer nf Mf. and MTS. A. J. Holmes, of Tumut. tp Nell, Re, younger son oi iwr. u.a m A. W. Hall, of Parramattft. HARMER JONES. The EriSaf;- m.nt in onnnnrifPrl nf BeverleS. eld est daughter oi Mr ana mra. owu Jones, oi Mooreniins mm rc..s,, to Samuel Edward, eldest eon of Mr, and Mrs. L. Harmer. of Temora, HEARD COATS. The Engage- vearK At rest. BEVERIDGE, Charles Alfred. February 16. 1956, at his residence, 39 William Street. Redfern, late of Bombala, dearly beloved husband ot Gladys, and loved father of Olive, Earl, Lee, Cyril, and Una, aged 73 years BONNET, Elizabeth May. February 16, 1956, at Prince Henry Hoa- gltal, and late ot Thompson Street, arlinghurat, loved alster of Harry, peari ana Alice. Keei in peace, Time goes on, years pass by, hiil io vine memories never aie. Inserted by loving alster, Eva. and CAP. ft. in loving memory ot our1 dear son ana orotner, Lionel ueorge, passed away February 18, 1952. You suffered with courage, We knew not your pain. You fought hard to get well, Rut all wna In vain. Sadly missed by his loving dad. mum, ana ttna. CARR. In fond memory of Jack, Time changes but memory lingers inscriea oy uiauae ana iuona. r. AVE. In lovlna memories ol Ted. who passed away February 18 luao. aij lor one, aav ivs an. inserted by his loving wife and son Terrv. CAVE. In loving memory ol my dear son, and brother, Edward Francis, died February 18. 1955. Sadly missed by mum. brother. Bill, and sister. Alma, and grandchildren. "H ANTLER. Fondest love and memories of my dear wife and our mother and grandmother. Alice Louise. Sndlv missed. CHENHAsUii. in loving memory oi mir ripnr father arandfather and great-grandfather. Inserted by Madge, sam. ana ituniiy. CLE ARY. Treasured memories ot my darling wife, Caroline, who was cauea away reoruary xo, ivo. Ever remembered by loving husband. Will. CLEARY Treasured memories of or darling mother and loving gran, Caroline, wno was cauea away reo- ruftrv in ihm Not just to-day, but every day we lovingly rememoer. Vera. Jack Janice. u leak. i. Caroline niiza, aiea Pahrnaru 1 ft 1QF,0 Kvmr rpmnmhfirrri RE1D. (lor are Bethsbaw. February;0y her loving daughters. Melva ana ll, passea away av njw. uc.u vmenne. father Noel, Monte, Beryl. COOPER. Treasured memories ot REM) Stewart Leslie. Februarylmy dear husband and our aaa, &tan n ioo Koin,.ai huchmiri of 'fell afllRPD February "18. 1955. Al- Louise, beloved father of Shirley. 'ways remembered by his loving Bevan. aged 70 years. For Funeral notice see Monday's "Herald." SEARL, Alfred. February 17, 1956, of 9 England Street, Wollongong, late of Dungog, husband of the late Edith Amelia searl, and dear father of AUck (Hexham). Arch. Reg (Drummoyne), Wal (Singleton), Ray (Concord), Grace (Mra. R. Connor), Ken (Dungog), Eric (Wtlloughby), Alan (Newcastle). Gordon (Drummoyne). Erne (deceased), and Edith (Mrs. Hunt. Wollongong), aged 86 scare. SILVESTER, Alfred William. February 13, passed away suddenly . frltnrU fnr their kind exoresSlOIlS of sympathy and floral tributes In meir recent iaa Dereavemem,, uuu special word of thanks to Rev. C. j. Tinsley. Please accept this aa our! personal thanka, as many addresses Mr. and Mrs. STANLEY A. L, COLLINS and relativea wish t THINK all kind frienda and neigh bours for their varied expressions! of sympathy in tneir recent saa Bereavement. Plea&e except this aa our personal manas. Mr. and Mrs. J. PODGORSKI. pi Alexander St, syivania. witn w THANK rlnrtnra and nurse. CamBflf. down Hospital, also Catholic Priest at Sutherland, and all friends for their sympatny ana Kinane&s in tneir bereavement. The WIFE and SON of the late JAMES COLLEY wish to exprehS THANKS to all relatives and friendf. for their expressions of sympathy In their recent bereavement. Please ac-nAtir thin a mir nernonfll thanka. Mr. NORMAN O'SULUVAN. of Rs.1mt.1n ttlhM tn THANK all rela tives and friends lor kindness and MclNTOSH. The Wlattves ano. ki, WBLTdB-Avennuer SKS villa This Day, alter service com-Sencln at 10 a.m.. lor Itooawood """"'ANDERSON PTY. LTD.. ORANVILLE. YUlSa3. JEAN MARRIOTT are advised that her Funeral will leave our, Funeral SSLl Rnmore Road. NeWtOWn. This 'Morning, after ""vice commencing at 9.15 o 'clock, tor thM cnurcn o bui" ""LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS. 24 Enmore Rd, Newtown Phone LA2777 (4 lines). dear dad and grandpa, Isaac Peter, passea away reoruary m. ivdz. 11 5 not jusi io-aay ice aiwaya. Sadlv missed hv Millie. Ced. Keith and Sandra. NIBLETT. In mamarv of our dear father Itslao, passed away February 18, 1952. He would not oak for grieving or tears. Just to be remembered through the passing years. Your lovlna daushtera. Aanea and non 10. R APMUND. Treasured memories of our son. Kevin, passed away Feb ruary 19. 1948. Forever In our hearts, inserted by his mother, dad, orotner, reier. RAY. Treasured memories of mi dear husband, our dear father, rainer-in-iaw ana granoiainer. Charles George, passed away Febru arv 1M. 1H.11!. There are many fathers In this world we Know, But he was oura. we loved him so. Though absent now he li always qui i inua)i miu HiHitri n vir rinr 'svmnathv In tht sad loss of his be Always 'remembered 'by his loving loved wife Mary Agnes O'Sulllvan wife and familv itnee Horan). wne aim .11111117. T npiitui'MUO viutTV R1GG. In loving memory of oun ? "i. y'fy ,VVB -ii j j.,,u, j .(.,.- nit. m uamuBic, reium 1 nnii io w 011 ucui ""... ' . a. ""iifripnria for their expressions o ywynDSi no P""0 Bwa "orur ivmnathv and tributes n the death sofaV? i. vmir m.mnrT of her husband and their father, Dear la your name. Deep In our hearts You will always remain. 1 Trnturl-Pri hv her lovlns father and mother and brother, Lindsay. I ROBERTS. in lovlna memory of our dear wife and mother Dorothy, who departed tnis me reoruary iu, 1 qr3 Aiwavn in mir memory. In serted by her loving husband and daughter, Harry and Diana. RORFRTSON. Cherished memories ot my dear husband and our loving father and pa. David Alexander, passed away February 18. 1955 Al- Annle, son. Allan, daughters. Alma Bon, and Jean and families. A leaf in our book of memories la' gently turnea to-aay nnwAN nur rtnrllnir aweethtart Helen Ann, fell asleep February 19. 1844. Rternallv loved bv mummy. daddy, Karen, auntlea, uncles and! cousins, RAIf.KR In tender and lovlna memory or my aear wue. jean Alexander, who passed away February 19, wits, Arcnur. BAMSONOVITCH. In loving mem ory oi my aear nusoana, reier passed away February 19. 1950. At time hops bv we snan riwbyb remem ber. Inserted by his loving wife1 ana aon, peter. RONNETT. The Relativea and RrlAnHK nf flirt iaie liUiinnbin MAY BONNETT are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the VI...I. i-v,Aiai To ol nr RnliRre. Darllnghurst. ThJe Day (Saturday),1 after a service to commence at 10.15 a.m., for the Eastern suburbs crematorium. CHARLES KINSELA PTY. LTD.. Est. 1B30. FA4136 MOTT. The Relatives nd Frlendt. Y the late ABRAHAM MOTT, of 28 Harrington oirceL. wumj. Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave the Holy Trinity Church ot England, Miller's Point, on Monday, alter service commencing at i p.m., for the Church ot England Cemetery, Rookwood. BRUCE MAURER. XB6121 13 lines). North Sydney. BHOWN. The Relatives and Friends of the late Mr. WALTER JAMES BROWN and Family, of 37 Anthony Road. West Ryde. are invited to attend his Funeral: to leave our phirMi inn Raw street. Eastwood, This (Saturday) Morning, after service commencing at 10.15 a.m.. for. tne cnurcn oi Kngiana Northern Suburbs WOOD COFFILL LIMITED. WL1621. Rjxrinnlf. Charles Ernest Griffiths. air. ii. w ii-Lti AMia ana rnimui the late Frances Edna WHllama. of AO Svdnev Street. roncord w an to sincerely i hank Rev. J. Bennett, Western Suburbs Hospital Auxiliary. Strathfleld, and Concord Crippled Children's Association, various activities alan Rela tives and Friends for expressions of! sympathy and floral tributes during. ineir recenL aaa oeicnveiiieuL. i Mrs. LILIAN DAVIS, oi 48 Ocean atrpet. Wnollahra. wishes to sincerely THANK relatives, friends, neighbours, Hrwfnra. nuifvs and Atari of St. Vincent's Hospital, management ana staff of State Lotteries, management and staff of Government stores for their expressions ot sympathy floral! tributes, cards, and letters, and a, special word of thanks to Rev. and; Mrs. Pretty for their wonderiul kindness to my aeany tovea nusoana Eric Allen Davis. Please accept this era my personal thanks. Mr. and Mrs. W. (Ron) STAPLE- TON and FAMILY, of Waverley. wish to THANK all relatives and mends ror expressions oi sym ,.?, floral tributes, telegrams, cards and letters during our sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as our personal expression of gratitude, Mrs M. GILLIES and FAMILY. 8 Qulamong Road, Naremburn, wish to THANK relatives and friendx tor nnnwKi Tjirtow Thnma Mort. Brethren of the above are requested to attend the Funeral of their late, esteemed Bro.. WALTER . . BROWN; to leave Wood Cofnll i Chapel, 183 Rowe street, nasiwooa, This Saturday Morning, after ser- vlr- rommmninir at 10.15 a.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. Regalia. N. R. RICHARDSON. W.M. B. A. LAMERTON. Secretary. CLARKE. The Funeral of the latej PEARLY JANE CLAKKK. 01 u yia South Head Road, Vaucluse. left the Klnnela Chapels. Taylor Square, Darllnghurst. on February 17, 195fl. after a service which commenced nt 1.15 p.m.. for the Botany Cemetery. CHARLES KIN8ELA PTY. LTD., A.F D.A.. Est. 1830. FA4136. MOTTE. Requiem MaBs lor the re- him nf tn Houi oi me iaie iuuiv SIEUR EUGENE MOTTE, of Rou-balx (France), Chevalier De La Legion D'Honneur, will be celebrated at St. Patriclt's cnurch, Grosve-nor Street, Church Hill, at 9 o'clock on Sunday, reoruary m. O'CONNELL. The Relatives ano trienOB 01 ine ihvb win. B" ""'" MAY O'CONNELL are kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to leave our Funeral Home. 24 Enmoie Road, Newtown, This Morning, alter service commencing at ii u nut., for the Crematorium. Rookwood. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, 24 Enmore Bd. Newtown. Phone. LA2777 (4 linen). PEARCE. The Funeral oi the lat EMMA IAJUISjEj rcm-E. in l rwiiniprf tn leave our Chanel. 17' Church Street, Parramatta. Thif-Saturday., alter seryice commencliiR at v a.m., tor me norintin ouu- urbs Crematorium. METCALFE and MORRIS PTY. LTD., A.F.D.A.. . Parramatta. YLSfigi CLATERC In loving memory ot;"?""";,, . wLn tiTr away February 19, 1953 f!!?. f8.' father Ken P ease ror :VkA XrZSF lURiaccept this as personal thanks. her Mr. and Mrs. GALBRAITH and mother we loved so well. Loved and remembered by wife and children i;kelle.k. Katnieen. rime passes, but memories remain ol my dear daughter, Kit, who passed away reoruary la. iuoo. wever icrgov l.ftn hv her Invlnir mother. CRELLEY. Kathleen. In loving memory of my dear sister. Kit, who passed away February 19, 1955 jane. Mick. CRELLE V. Kathleen. In loving memory of our aunty. Kit, who passed away February IB, 1955. Michael, Pat. Shirley. CKII.LY. Treasured memories ot our nal. Kit. passed away February IU, luas. Always rcmeinoerm d?i family. SCOTSON. Fona memory ol my dear husband, Jack, who passed away February 18, 1953 Sadly remembered Dorrle. RMEAL. Cherished memories of our dear mother. Ethel Bell and uaa, Arinur jonn. cauea nome reoruary 19, 1944, and February 18, lirto. Always rememoerea oy neiir dftiiffhter and son-in-law. Lll and:, nri vmiui.hv in their recent be- Wal. Hreavement. Please accept thli a I SMEAL. In loving memory ot my personal expression oisjauiuae. darling mother. Ethel Bell, who Mrs. RUBY lgufult ana sadly passed away February 19. FAMILY, of 57 Park Koad, 1944. and my dear dad. Arthurimatta. wish to THANK all .relaUve6 Jonn. wno loinea ner reoruary lo.nuu ruciiuo .., v.-K. BRIMSTONE, James Bede. Feb- dearly beloved husband of vera, J-'her friends, Kathleen and Art. Alma Shirley, brother of Violet and Daisy. 0E putboN. Cherished memories ruary 17. 1956 (suddenly), of 36 Ln. .Iatnor ? ia: Tamarama Street, Bondl, loved husband of Nell and dear father ol Darcy. Sheila (Mrs, Reidl . and 1 Maureen. Requlescat In Pace. For funeral particulars see Mondays; Herald. ,r j BKUVVri, waller James. februaryi man) U innnnni-nri nf GeraldlnS I 1 It I aUK at O vAa rttctrlAt- Uncnito I Duicie. only Qaupnior oi mi. Mrs. Colin S. Coats, of Adelaide, to Charles Robert, only son of Mr. , W. Heard ana me iaie jra. a. Heard, of Mosman, Sydney. UFrKFVRFBR FARRELL. - The Engagement is announced of Nancy. .,n.rnna.r rfniinhnn nf Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Farrell, of Wahroonga,, and! Gosford, to Keith Mervyn. youngest son of the late Mrs. E. Heckenbcrg and or Mr, v. e. dwhuwii,. i Lelchhardt. HEELEY WESTNIDGE. Tho En- nar.nmAnt u annnunRMi of Barbara. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. westniage, oi eans ouuui. ivoj- mond, only son of Mr. and aui, D. Heeley, oi uom roim. ii vmn'kssv HtALi. Tne En gagement is announced of Clarissa, emest aaugniei oi iwi. nuu "o. w. T. Healy, of Beara, Papua, to Paul, only (on oi ur, anu mi. . a Mennessy. OI mosman. oyaiicy. of 37 Anthony Road, West Ryde. i dearly loved husband oi Madge, and loved father of Marlon and Ron, and loving brother of Arthur, DURK1TT, Amy Theodore. February 17, at Royal Prince Altrud Hospital, widow of E. H. Burkltt. xaio oi iuoDQ ana aeany lovea mother ot Ted Burkltt, Dora Sweet-apple. Muriel Halliday. and Marion Hall-Best. CLEAVER, Emma, Haxel. February 17, 1956, at Prince Henry Hos- hursi. dearly loved wile of' Robert. aear motner oi nuoy inua. onear- Bomi. ftooerL. n.av. n.evin. ana wai ter, aged, 41 years. See Monday's1 "Herald" lor funeral announcement. COLE, Elsie May. February 13, 1956, wife of the late Wm, Cole, "The Grange," Pambula, loved mother of Douglas (Candelo) and Wm. R. (Pambula), aged M years. f.RF.P.R. February 7. 1956. a1 ungiana, t-ne hoii. Mrs Alwavs remembered. ni m daritno daushter. Yvonne SKY, Sydney Gordon. February May (Blllie), called home February i 1956. at Belllngen, late of 1 18. 1941. Inserted by her loving Sawtell . dearly loved husband oi father. Cyril. uoroiny ana aear .awier w ajfuuc, uc rwiu. ruim intmuiico wi Arthur and Marjorle.and son ol thejour dear friend. Yvonne May (Blllie). late W. J. and Emily Sky and; who departed thl life February 18, brother ot Walter, Alice, sjara. unza iuil. insertea oy ner iona irienaa frea, ueorgC. nicuaia, vu iu ui-mwyi nuu iicito, Rrlirhtnn hikihi.h JARVIS. The Engage- Veronloue Creer. wife of Commuii ment is announced oi uwynnein. ider H. V. creer, k.n. (retired), oi daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. ; Sydney, New South Wales, and Jarvls, of Klngsgrove. to Allan, son: mother ol Victor Creer, Courtwaye. oi Mr, and Mrs. A. Hucker. of Can- fcnglefleld Gieen. Surrey. Veronlque! ton. ' lL. Greville, daughter of the late Lord; HUAiiuiun liflinwrj. inn orevuie, na uaron. Engagement Is announced of Jan. CROWLEY, Margaret Anne. Feb-eldeat daughter of Mr. and Mrs.!niary 14, 1956, at 60 Darvall Road, Watklns, of Rosebery, to Max, only Eaaiwood, dearly loved daughter ol ton of Mr. and Mr. Huntington, ofiphyiiis and Keith Crowley, loving fjme Covb. IftlKtcr nf John and loving grand- RIRK BRIDGE. The Engage- daughter of O, Crowley, croyaon ment is announcea oi uynaa njuni.irarit, nuu u '" " younger daughter of the late Mr.;Cottrell, Eastwood, aged 12 yeari. TP Ml nrlrlna anri nt Mr TKHAof Tn Hnd'a CJUft. Waterloo. Sutton Forest, to George DAVIKS, WiUIam, M.H.R. -Feb-Hall eldest son of the late Mr. ruary 17, 1956, of 10ft Olpp Street, George Kirk, and of Mra. Kirk, of j Wollongong, beloved husband of Toowoomba. Queensland. I Edith and dear father of William LA I RD McL A C HLA n . in 0 en-ana je&eie, anu nu iib. ceaied). Will, and Oswald. Interred al BCliingen. renrunry i. iuo, nllS UL A IK, Lillian. reuiuary xi. 1956. at R.G Hospital. Concord, late of 2 Jordan Street, wentworth-vlile. SNODGRASS 01It Alma Grace. 1 January 15, laau, Mannaaacv, new Harold (deceased), and of EsBle..Ada and Wesley James. SPARK, Edith Isabel. February 17, 1956. at her residence, 66 Woolwich Road, beloved sister of Kathleen. Jean, and Madeline. TnvTn Paul. Februarv 17 1956. at his residence. 115 Macauley Road. Stsnmore. beloved husband of Jenny For lunerai notice ace wiuu dav's "Herald." VON HAAST, Helena Maude. 1H.1D Deicivru it i llORMAN. In memnrv ot m v dear husband. Jack, passed away reoruary 19, 1955. Always remembered. Inserted hv his lovlne wife. Grace DOR MAN. In loving memory ot .Tacit whn nasaed awav February 19. laoD. Always remeinDercu oy huquc uizzie ana fiorne. iidrman. In memory ol our deal son-in-law, Jack, passed away Feb ruary 1W. 1WOO. living mcinoriBB nnRMAN. In lovlna memory of! our dear brother-in-law and uncle Jack, passed away Feb. 19, 1955 Always rememoerea oy oya, jmj., John and Robert. DUNCAN . in loving memory -ii our dear mother. Janet, who passed away reoruary iu. mai remembered by Laura. Bess. and families. K ASTON. in loving mpmory FAMILY, of 77 Floss Street. Hurl-stanr Park, wish to THANK all rela tives, menus, ana neignouuro iwi tkeir cards, telegrams, and floral1 tributes, in their recent sad bereavement Please accept this as lour personal menus. of Tenterton Road. Botany, wish tol THANK an irienas, relatives, nc.xu-bours and her husband's workmates for tneir tnougnuui consiaerauon DA VIES The Funeral Of WILLIAM1 DAV1ES, M.H.R., of 10 OiPPS Street. Wollona-onff will leave the Methodist Church. Wollongong. This Saturday, niter a service commen-elncr at 0 rft n'rlnclc fnr the Wnro- nora Crematorium, arriving 11.15 oxiocK. bus proviaea. H. PARSONS. Wollongong. Phone 63062. DAWSON, The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs. CATHER INE, ua ivoun are Kinaiy invitea to attend her Funeral: to leave All Saints' Church, Liverpool, This! Morning, after prayers commencing at 9.45 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. Reotilem Mas? win be celebrated This Morning ai 7 o'clock. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS. 389 Paclflo Highway. Crow's Nest Phone LA2777 (4 lines) DORSON. The Relatives and Friends nf the ale WILLIAM ROB ERT DOBSON, of 8 Boronla Road, Bellevue Hiu, are invitea to at tend his Funeral: to leave St Nicholas' Church. Brooks Street Coogee, This Day. after service commencing at 9.15 a.m.. for Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. METROPOUTAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY, Railway Pde. Burwood. UJ2178-9. PINCH AM. The Relatives and Friends of the late ROBERT PIN-CHAM (BOB), late Heme Bay. are Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave our Chapel on Monday, the 2uth instant, -after a service at 10.40 a.m.. for Church of Englanu Cemetery. Rookwood. DIGNIFIED FUNERALS, opp. Railway Steps. Lakemba UL2512 PKKSTON. The Funeral of the Iaie UHAKLilWs NUMMAri riwoiun win taauo mir rhnnpl. 4 Missenden Road. Camperdown, This Saturday at 10.30 a.m. lor imjokwouu wwiinuiu. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED, 1946. Always remembered by their loving daughter Ruth. 8POWART. In loving memory of: my dear wife. Eileen (Gram), passed; away February 19. 1953. Time passes, but memories remain. Always remembered. John and family. SPOWART. in lovlna memory ot my dear mother, who passed away F'ebruary 19 1953. Sudly missed Dv ner son, jarg, aauBnier-in-jaw, Reme and grandchildren. Jack and Janice, , I APrtWART. Treasured memories1 ot our dear pal, Eileen. Sadly missed by Bella and Dick. 8TAPLETON. in memory oi my dearly loved husband, Alfred Charles (Sport), who passed away February 18. 1954. Sadly missed by Winnie. STAPLETON. In loving memory oi our dear father, father-in-law,! and grandlather, Alfred (Sport), who passea away reoruary io, ivm. This Is a day ol remembrance One nf sad rearet. Thib day we will always remember wnen tne resi ot tne worm iuikci. Inserted bv his son. Fred, dough- June, ana son-m-iaw, jonn. sympathy, floral tributes, cards, and telegrams during their recent sad bereavement. Please accept this as personal thanks, Mr. and Mra. W. SCOTT and FAMILY, ot Bent Street. Paddlngton, wish to THANK all relatives, friends and neighbours for kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes in the in.! nf their dearlv loved daughter and sister. Marjone. ' Please accept this as our personal inanxs Mr. H. E. COOKE and FAMILY, nf nminn fifroet Rnndl .Junction wish to THANK an relatives, irienas and nelohhni.ra fnr kind CXDresBlons of sympathy and floral tributes In the1 loss oi ma nearly iuvcu who b.ih mother. Marjorte. Please accept this aa our personal t nanus FF.RRAN. The Relatives and Friends OT (ne IBie IXJUIOC nmtLin tvinn.ic. FERRAN. of 20 Thornton Street. Darling Point, are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the Church of St. Canlce. Roslyn Street, Elizabeth Bay. This Saturday, after Requiem Mass commencing . at 9 a.m.. for Northern Suburba Cemetery. THOMAS DTXON PTY. LTD.. Funeral and Embalming Service. Efltftb. 1836. FA4102-3. James Leopold (of Australia and New our mother. Always remembered oy, and LoVna. Privately cremated. I SJ-T. '"loving mem- WALTERS. Warrwlck " ftrv 19 l'55 'Always In tnj T-nrna Wnltpm and lovlllK brother Of Garry and Denlse. aged 11 years. r.P iw. dime, ana niiii-iu-iHw. nuim, Bob "n o grandsonb. Phillip and Christo pher, STAPLETON. In loving memory o! our dear son. brotner, brotner-in- gagement Is announced of Elizabeth Margaret, oniy cniiu oi mi, aim W. McLachlan, of Balmaln t Neville, younger son of Mr. ana Mrs, H l aird nf Eastwood LAWLESS UAiur n&LL. xnei r-iuofjfimpiit ttt annnnncen oi ixcee- nmrv. eldest daughter of Mrs D. M Campbell, of Roseville Road, French's Forest, to Kenneth Grahame, only son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. G. Law- le&s, ol aiu kowo streei, nBsiwooa. LINDSAY KENDALL. The Kn-t-BDPmiiL in announced of Beres. vniinsnr dniitrhter of Mr. and Mrs. w. it. Kenaau. oi nvaion oeacu. uj jonn Kooeri, aecona son oi nara. D. W. Lindsay, of Elizabeth Bay. MOSS H AUG HEY. The Engage-ment is announced of Dvmona, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FUNERALS ANDERSON. The Relative and Frienas oi Mrs. Harriett oaraii Mar on rut Anderson and Family. Ol Arncllffe, are Invited to attend tne Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and their loved Father, HENRY GEORGE: to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home, comer Prince's Hlshwav and Bestlo Street Rockdale, This Day. after service' commencing a 8.45 a.m.. t Woronora Crematorium. METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY. Rockdale. mauno, law and uncle. Allred Charles ANtitrRsi.N . T.ntloe Hiram. No 132. (Snort), who oaased away February, tinr nf N.S.W. The Officers 16. 1S54. . nnd Members oi the above IsOdfff- A cheery word, a heart ot gold, arp kindlv invited to attend 'he One of the besl the world could hold. Funeral ot their Iaie esteur.if'd Hyde) and grandfather of Geoffrey a nri Mnrllvn aaed 73 yeara. DAWSON, Catherine. February 17. 1956, of C31 Greenway Flats. Milson'a Point, dearly loved wire oi the late James Dawson, ioved mother of Mary (Mrs. Hodges). Imclda. (deceased). Madge (Mrs. Hogan), and Connie (Mra. Lenlhan). Requlescat in pace. HAW nun, waiiwrino. rcuiuau 17, 1956, at her daughter's residence, "Jerldale," Drummond Street, Liverpool, beloved mother of Mary (Mrs. Hodges), nanna of James. Mniue. Kilt v. Hill. Mo due. lraelda. Nellie, Nora, Bede, Leo and Josle (Sister Mary josepmnc . n.i.r. nKVHAM. Jaale Wat son. Febru ary 17, 1956. at hospital, dearly loved Wlie 01 tne late vnarieo t-uwuiu wen- At rest, WELSH, Victor Boy (Micky). February 17, 1950, Bt St. Vincent's Hospital (result of accident), of 81 Doncaster Avenue. Kensington, be-imrtwi ViuaHanri nf Rose, dearlv loved father of Julie, and fond brother ot Norman, AJtreo, uiaays, mere.., i?ian rnm rHrMuiiv. 1. Connie. Lau rie and Revenue, aged 45 years. At rest. WELSH. Vlelor (Mickey). Febru-. it iqua ah Rf. Vincent's Hoa- pltal, ' dearly loved brother and brother-in-law of Norman and Helme iweish. ana uncie oi two. .i.r. welsh. V ctor tMlCky). reo ruary 17, 1956, at St. Vincent's Hospital, loved brother of Elaine und Wal, also Gladys and Merclfti (U.S.A.). sir;! an 171a lns lhriarv 1? 1956, at St. Vincent's Hospital, dear uncle of Lorna and Laurie. WELSH. Vlelor (Mick). February 17, 1956. at St. Vincent's Hospital, dearly ioved uncle of Ron and Marie weisn, agea to years, n.i.r. WbS.SU, vic.ur. ICBIUBIJ 11. 105r: TinH n.k eia and'niy deor wife. May Ellis: who passedl uncle ol Lucyand Frftnk. Merclft and Pebniai:, 19. Always remem-, if u.,,V,. t.'in,tnrA in hum Inv hr mothPr Ol LOLtle. Mar- oraon, youngest son oi Mr. ftnaigaret, tiojea, iw - ""u Mrs. W. J. Moss, of Cooaee. NAIRN MARK HAM. The En gagement Is announced of Joan, eldest aaugnter oi Mr. ana Mra. a. n. a. Markham, ot Klngsgrove. to Bruce, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. W. Nairn, of Klngsgrove. saBemcnt is announced of Julie, se cond daughter of Mr. end Mrs. J mother-in-law of Martin. George (deceased), csyaney. naroia, ana victor, and much-loved grandmother of Margaret, Graeme, lan. Edward, Lorraine. Joan, and Kenneth. See Monday's "Herald" for funeral an nouncement. nF.NHAM. Jessie Watson. Febru ary 17, 1956. dearly loved sister of MISS Al, U10SUU, Mill E. IT, DtUlCT n M MrlnnnsH nf PnnaHiircf tnD. nlnnnn. and K M. GlbSOn. Peter, th rd son of tne late Mr., uuusufl, aw--; t tfn.k, Ur. n Mo.h v nflmnrv i fi IHSfl. at his residence. 8 Penshurst. ' -Boronla Road, Bellevue HIU, dearly u ll.ll hL uflU. Tne Bngagement oeiovea nuauiwiu ui nnnnnt-nrl of Rita Marv. the: third daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. J. J. Gale, ot Concord, to Charles Richard, second son of Mr.1 and the late Mrs. H. F. Ormel. of Concord. uwKiu BBLris. Jrn engagement is announced of Estelle, vnnniFMt daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. G. Selfe, of Beverly Hills, to, Donald, elder son of Mr. A.- owrtd, of Bishopton, Scotland. PARSONS WILES. The EnaaffB- ment. la announced of Bervl. only daughter of lata Mr. J, Wiles and Mrs. J. Wiles, of Turramurrft, to Neville, youngest son of the late Mr, n. m. t arsons ana Mrs. a M. Parsons, of Carlton. PATTERSON E7,ZY. The Engagement Is announced of Florence, oniy aaugnter or Mr. ana Mrs. u, u. bzzy, oi urose vaie, to rnunp, Ktenfnther of Robvn. fond son-ln law of Mrs. A. Barwcl) and the late Robert Harwell, ano iona Drouier-ln-law of Bob, Jean. June, and Ken FF.RRAN. Louise Amelia Marte. February 17, 1956, at her residence, liU Tnornwm ovreet. uanuiK runii, riirt nf tha late Alhert Antolne Far- ran, and dearlv beloved mothec of Hilda, Marcel, Ltiman iwirn. i. uice tnn h i n n (Mra. Colin Rose 1 . Alen'e (Mrs. J. Roach), Gabrieije (Mrs, J, w, d.. tsyrnej, agra oo years. Reo.uiescat in pace. 1956. at her home. Longuevllle beloved wife of the late Alfred P. Fox, and loved mother or Charles, Lucy (Mrs. s. J. Molr. Lake Car-gelllgo). Norman, Ethel, Edith, Al- irea, ano ayanvy. GOODWIN. A tribute of love to our darling baby son, Wayne Doug las, passea away reoruary in, ivaa, aged 5 months. Always remembered;! an angei sleeping, ioveo oj uaaay, mummy, brothersj Gary and Trevor, nanna. Auntie Vera. HILL. In loving memory of Henrietta HIU, who passed away February 18, 1951. wife of the late Thomas Hill. 80 Drummoyne Avenue. Always rememoerea oy ner sons, Laurence, Leslie, Victor and Wallace, rinmrhtcrs-ln-law and grandchildren lVe-KAi;il. in loving memory oi my dear mother and our grandmother, Abigail Rebecca, who passed away February iu. ioa. Sunshine passes, shadows fnll. . Loving memories outlast all. fr&erted by her loving son, Bruce, darnlvr-in-law. Iris, grandsons, Brurt. Trevor and Owen. JONES. in loving memory of iur dear father. Thomas (Sammy), who drparted this life February 19, 1946. Always rememoerea oy tunny, out, Dorothy, and Thoro. KEIRNAN. Loving and treasured mimnriu nf mv dear hiinhanri. Lennle. who passed away February 18, 1954. Ever remembered. Loving wife. Marie, and children QUARMBY. The Funeral of the late UKAtlAJVi nuwiiflnu vi-cuiii QUARMBY, ol Tuggerah, will leave All Saints' Church, Tuggerah, This Day (Saturday), after service com mencing at v a.m., iui uuuu Church of England Cemetery. R. H. CREIOHTON. Central Coast Funeral Service Pty. Ltd., Gostord. SEARL. The Relatives and Friends of tne ramuy oi tne iaie nurtnu SEARL, ol 9 England Street, Wollongong, are Invited to attend ihe Funeral ol their beloved father, to leave Parson's Funeral Parlour, Wollongong, this Saturday, after a Service commencing at 9 o'clock for the Woronora Crematorium, arriving 10.45 o'clock. H. PARSONS. Wollongong. Phone B306U. SINCLAIR. The Helativcs and Friends of the late LILLIAN SIN CLAIR are Invited to attend her Funeral: to leave our Chanel. 177 Church Street, Parramatta. This Saturday, after service commencing at 10.30 a.m., for Rookwood Cre matorium. METCALFE and MORRIS PTY LTD., A.F.D.A. , Parramatta. YL8891 . FONTI. Requiem Mass Iot the re VANNI FONTI will be celebrated In1 Si Fiacre's Church. Leicnnarai TMi rsntnrrinvl Mnrnine. at f o'clock The funeral will leave the church after Mass for Catholic Cemetery. Rookwood A. O'HARE. 13 Norton Street, Lelchhardt. LM1995. SPARK. The Relatives and Friends of the late Edith Isabel, spark, of Woolwich, are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave Hunter's Hill Presbyterian Church. This Day, after service commencing at 10. 4n a.m.. tor the Northern Suburb Crematorium. foster The Relatives and Friends OI late WILLIAM UJLUKUB, FOSTER. of Soroult Street. Lakemba, are Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave St. Andrew's Church, Lakemba, after service at 9. 15 a.m. . on Monday; February 20, lor crematorium, kooxwooo. DIGNIFIED FUNERALS. Lakemba. UL2512 milCATlONAL ALL Languages. Incl. Japanese, Chir CSe, LOU. Ol nuiuijca. imj bameiQ ANYTHING) A Salesman sclentifl. cauy trained uy mo m...w. fnt, manshlp Training Service can tell anything he believes in: he hu Ave years start. Ring BDSQ'Jl lor Antaiit Rrnchure free. ALL SAINTS' COLLKUB. BATHUR3X Church of England Boarding and Day School for Boys. NEW WAR MEMORIAL JTWIOR (PRIMARY) SCHOOL OPKNlNO THIS TERM. LATEST BOAHDINQ and TEACHING FACILITIES WIDE RANGE OF SECONDARY COURSES TO LEAVING CERT If I. CATE HONOURS STANDARD. AGRICULTURAL PASTOR.M, COURSE (THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL),- (AGRICULTURE SHF.EP AND WOOL RUSlNtuul PRINCIPLES WOODWORK. ETC. INCLUDED IN COURSE! ' School has now Purm Ares (IN. CREASED BY FIFTEEN ACRES RECENTLY), modern ngrlnuitutftt machinery (tractor, etc. ). fuiU equipped Agriculture and Rinioti Laboratory. All educational famine, trichid. ing Physics and Chpmistry Lsbo. ralory, reference library, modttn visual and auditory tearhine tidi ore of the highest standard. Modern accommodation now avail. Secondary), extensive ground, and 1 PLACES NOW AVA1LAPI.E IK SENIOR and JUNIOR SCHOOL, owing to opening ol new P rim insert ool ' IMMEDIATE APPLICATION FN. VITED FOR ENROLMENT FOR 1056 and SUBSEQUENT YEARS For prospectus and full ottil! please apply to the Hendma-W. E. C. F. Evana. Esq.. B.A., LnD Ed.. L A S.A P' BLUE MTS, O, of E. Grammir Boys, 6-12. Healthy climate. WttiL worth Falls 112. or JW2635 Br.KLITZ DIRECT MET' HOD School ot Languages. 14 Martin Plare BL4092. Classes and Private Tul- ' tlon and Coaching. Alo Recordi for Sclf-teachlnR. 0 01 COACHING In French, Lalln. nrk by Honours Graduate. FW-1121 ' COACHING, all exams. French Eni. COACH, UNIV. SPECIALIST. Maim. ciiKiisu. cLonumics, rnmary to Leavlnor Phoni I7A47(iR CANDIDATES Euccesslully prcparfd. m&inc. tjeaving. inier., u weaHh Clerical, Nurses. Police Ent. Exami Advice free from I.C.S., 140 EUu. belh Street. Svdnev MAfiniiri INTERMEDIATE MathB and'or Bnj, i waLimi oiusacA every oailll- day morning, starting IBth Feb Sydney Wells. D.P.A. (Syd. Dni ) 4th Floor, Daking Remce Place, city UA470fi LATIN: Competent coach required fnr icuviiiB sittnqara eastern 'UDtirm, Ring FM4546. MATHS.. Phy., Chem.. ail nami., Tech.. I.e., L.O., Matrlf. 7 Albert Road, Strathfleld. UMfi324. MATHS ooarhing, Univeisity. LC, I.C., etc., by honours urndimts with considerable expneno;, sin dents coached In groups or indivl. dually. 450 Wiley St, Vaver;tj. FW4154. tlUEKN'S COLLEGE. LIVERPOOL. Boarding School for Girls md small Boys. UB7619 HIE ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL. 87 Wentworth Rd, Vaurlusc. Day and Weekly Boardlna Srhool. Bovn nA Girls. Transport io door. Ideally situated. Swimming end opto spaces Kindergarten and full primary courses. Day pupils ma n, main for evening meal. H. E. L TOWNSEND. Prlnrlpal: Phon; FU1467. I HE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, DEPARTMENT OF TOWN AMD COUNTRY PLANNING. The Diploma Course lor 19SH commenres on March 13th. the following evening lectures beini odcrcd: FIRST YEAR: Theory and Practtr of Town and Country Plannlni I; History of Town and Coumn Planning; Elements ol oeolojj and Gcograihy: Surveyloj u related to Plannlnn. SECOND VEAR: Theory and Practice of Town and Country Plan-ning II: Architecture as related to Planning; Civil Encinecrlnn u related to Planning; Publli Administration and Town PUo-nlng Law. Candidates for the Onlvtriltj Diploma must be qualified Engineer., Architects or Surveyors, or Unlwr. slty graduates who have complete an appioved The newly established degree ol Master In Town and Country Planning is open to graduates wno hold ihe Diploma The lecture ccuiih offered are; Theory and Practice o! Town tt& Country Planning nr. Outline, oi social a ua economic urmm-sat Ion: Land Economics: Landscape Architecture. Persons not nosscsslna ihe Quali fications required lor die abovifl cou rues may, w un tne i)eim:uma ol the Faculty, attend any of Hit lectures for which approprlale qualifications are held. Inquiries regarding enmimMl should be made to the Department, MW052Z, Extension 230 S. WEIR WILSON. ActitiB ReeiMrar, WANTED to buy. copy Ethics, to Moore. JY1116 GOVERNMENT b'UNSON. The n lends ol the Relatives nd late MARC HI XA Wallace street Every day. In some way, Your loving memory comes our way. Inserted by his loving mother, father and family. . STEWART. Memories ot our dear mum and nana. Emma, passed away February 18. 1855. The world Is full of mums, we know. But she was ours ano we miss ner so. Never forgotten by ner tamuy. THOMPSON. In loving memory of our dear son Garry, who passed away February 18, 1951. Always in our thoughts. Mummy and daddy. iHtmnaiHi in loving memory of our darling daughter and Phillip's moiner. oyou. Always in our neani. Inserted bv Percy and Helena Ptlce. VANDENBERG. In loving memory oi my dear husband, and our dear tamer, josepn wiiiiam, wno paaicu away February m. mo. It does not take a special day, To bring you back to mind. The days we do not think ol you, Are verv nam io nna. Sndlv missed bv wife. Margaret. ano ramuy Vim tHMAN.WHII.IIT. MBRlie. Always remembered by mother and family. VIRTUE. Charles William, aged 62 Passed away February 18, 1955. Barry. At Rest. WELSH. Victor. February 17, 1056, at St. Vincent's Hospital, beloved nephew of Alice Matheson. WELSH. Victor Boy (Micky). vohniArv 17. 105ft (result of acci dent), of 81 Doncaster Avenue, Ken. slngton, loved son-in-law of Mrs. M. Lanaow, ana iuiiu of Mr. and Mrs. R, Norman, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bayley, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Landow, Mr, and Mrs. J. Gaw-erecki (U.S.A.), and Mr. and Mrs. T. Rooney (U.S.A.). At rest. W1I1TELEY, Edward John. February 17. 1056. at his home, 522 Hfimr Rtreet. Earlwaod. beloved hus band of the late Mary Agnes and dear father or Tom, jonn, Leo. wu- liam, Eawara. ana n.cvin, agea years. imiu uiiiuitw. .'Formerly oi Yountr ana we mmon. Kennedy. in loving memory You left behind some broken hearti.! away February 19. Always remem-.That yml lo Wncere. bered and sadly missed by her lov ing nusnana, fairies. i rent. in lovlna memory of our dear workmate, Pat, who passed away February 19, 1955. Always remembered. Inserted by Westbrook Mason. KING. In loving memory of my dear wife. Eleanor, who passed away February 10, 1954. Inserted by her loving nusband, James King, and familv. KING. In loving memory of our mother, motner-in-iaw ana nana, who pased away Febiuary 18, IHr.a. Always In our thoughts. Billy. Tina, Myra, Judy. KIRK. Loving memories ol nearest father, nasscd away February 1H. 1952. Always rememoerea oy nis ,-.....1 . - cn.iiov na wue iwaoc . aauanter uoreen. funeral particulars ring LU1338 or sons Charles. Edwin and adojn-,! L:He".'dJ of in? dew nniisnuaun. . ""S" pMaed away February 18. 1954. February 17. 1956, at her ."""jlsadly missed by his loving wife, Cheryl and Gregory, loved daughter of Phoebe Wilson and stepdaughter of Ron, aged 29 years. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Patter- 1956. at Macleay District Hospital, son, of 54 Brooklyn Road. Brook--Kempscy, loved husband of Betty and ENGAGEMENTS A1TKENIIEAD CARTLEDOB,-The Engagement ts announced ol MsUle Jean, youngest daughter of MX, Us A. vmu curb ana tne iaie L. G, Cartledge, of 577 Great North noaa, ADDoraiora, uj nonam Aixaur, only eon ot Mr. and, Mrs. a, O. Altknnnoaa. ox w jsenry Dtraei. Flvedock. ivn. PRESTON MATTHEWS. The En-gaitement Is announced of Lorraine Joyce, younger daughter of Mr, and Mrs. j, h. Maimews, oi cnauwooa. to James Henry Preston, eldest son oi Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pre ton. of Lontnievllle. men gates. Tne Engagement announced of Patricia, vounner daughter of Mrs. C. Gates, of Coogee, ano tne irue Mr. v. uates. weiung- ion, io Konaia, youngest, son or wr, end Mrs. W. Rich, ot Paddlngton, iiiissKLi harnes. The En gagement Is announced of Stelln, jean Barnes, eldest daughter oi Mrs. S. Barnes and the late Mr. E, J. Barnes, of Omeo, Eugowra, to Arthur Reginald Russell, of Merlmbuia. N.S.W., younger son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Houghton RUS' sen, oi Aicioourne. smith barnett The Engage-1 ment Is announced of Diana, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Barnett, of Roeevilie Chase, to Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. smith, of Cremorne Point; SPALDING COONEY. -The Engagement Is announced of Lesley, only child of .Mrs. D. Cooney, ot ot Mr. end Mrs. L. h. Spalding, of Mt. colah (late Wellington). STEPHENS WESTON. The n. gagement is announcea oi ramcia, only daughter of Mrs. and late Mr. H. E. Weston, of Manly", to Graham, only son of Mr. and Mra. XL. W. Stephens, of Manly. IN MEMORIA.M ANDERSON. in lovlna memory of I my father ana granaiatner. jonn. LrOVlDg I nuu ri 111.0, a oueuii , Always wishing you were here, inftprted bv his dauahter. Liza, and arnnriitnn. Christ miner. anniM TmoturpH memorlea nf riav. .... A A InVtn A1Krt anrl I rfanDtitar. PflV beloved mother. Jennie, wno passeai luuw.-hi svn-iuu i i.AYTON. In memory . of dear frleud, Doris, who passed away suaaeniy reoruary to, ivoa. Tnere is no aeam. Those who have nassed Are Just asleep, to awaken again In Ood's own springtime. Rortlv mlnxed. . Hettle LEATHART. In loving memory of; my dear motner, passea away reoruary 17. Not Just to-day, but every I rememoer. uiscrwew oy Member Wor Brother HENRY GEORGE ANDERSON Far particular sec family notice. Regalia. J. KELLER. W.M. M. H. SMITHER9, P.M., Sec. FOX. 'Announcing that the Inler-ment service for the late Mrs. CHARLOTTE FOX, of Longuevllle, took place privately Friday, February 17, .In the Church of England Cemetery. Northern Suhurh GREGORY St CARR, Allan Walsh Manager JX445.V GORDON. JX4422. SI IN SON. 01 &2 Klngsford (late ol Cowra), are in vited to attend ner runeiai, to leave the church of st Michuel. Banks Avenue, Klnghford, rhli Saturday, after prayers commtne-lng at 9.30 a.m.. for Botany Cemetery. ' Requiem Mass for the repose ot her soul will be celebrated at 6.45 a.m. THOMAS DIXON PTY LTD.. Funeral and Embalming Service Estab. lBIili. FA4102-.1 ARCHER. The Relatives and Friends or Mrs. Patricia Arcner ana uugn-leys, Emily and Betty, are invited to attend the Funeral of her Hus- band and their dear Father. BERTIE: LYNDHUR8T ARCHER; to leave nur nhini mn cifirirm strfpt Sid ney, Thla Saturday Morning at 9. HO a.m., lor unurrn oi e.ngiajju wu tery Rookwood. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED. ; BA4611 (6 lines). devoted daddy of Kay and Christine FRAZER. Edith Atkinson. Feb-hnmrv i 7. m.tfi. at a private hos pital, Drummoyne, of 39 Boomerang Street Haberficid, daughter of the late Victor and Mrs. J. R. Frazer of "Meldon," Boomerang Street, FULLER. Allen Lindsay. February 17, 1956. at Royal Alexandra Hospital dearly beloved youngest son of inrl Mra M L. Fuller. Of Chatsworth Road, St. Marys, and lOVing DrOiner OI Winn nuu ncuuei.ii,. aged 2 years and 9 months. Fori funeral announcement see Monday's HUaralrl GLOVER, Alfred . Jaekson t.i ... 1 1AKA ftf RrMtvUlu IhmHv hninvftf, himband of Gertrude. loven laner 01 am., uu GREY', William Thomas George. loved husband of 'Hilda Grey, "of 8H. Barlow, passed away February &7rt.d Ke IthJ BARTON.- Loving memorlea of our jnmes and Betty, aged 78 years, dear mother, ('0(" M111"; a Privately crematea ei urrcMirm on rtmumj : ,..;;:::: glWdtSSI? wVHeV9S?lee,.-jATrthu7ndaS Ludly mS February id. 1958 (suddenly), t BtNNhTT.-In to?" Royal Prince Alfred Hosn tal, ofidear husband, Herbert, who pasted MaSAvmeTN.W.7dearly loved hus- away February 18, 1955. Inserted by band, of Elsie, loved father ot Edna his loving wife, Grace. TWdBTtt), Neyllle, Neil, Rosa-I BENNETT. In loving memory of C VaK tod be.oved eon of my dear ion and our wot her. Bill, Mra Mary Orlgtai iBd 62 yearn, who pawed away February 18, 1954. Be? Mondiy'i J!Serald'' for funeral' eerily missed by hU mother, eleters announcement,. land brothere. t within the veil February 17, 1946. and February 25. 1937. Oh, for the touch ot a vanished hand And the sound of a voice that ts still. Always In our hearts, Hilda. Vera and Clem, All BIN. A tribute of everloitlng intia tn tha mpmnrv nf mv verv dear Iriend. jonn, wno passea awaj reo ruary 17, into. , A ohqprful smile, a heart of gold. The dearest friend the world could noia. . Ala.'ava remembered by Dr. Franels. BARLOW. In loving memory cf my dear husband, Harold, who passed away February 18, 1955. Always remembered by his wife, Edith and family. BAllLOW. In lovlnit memory ot nir Hoar hmther. Harold, who nass ed away February 18, 1955. Inserted; by Muriel, Jack and Richard. BARLOW. A tribute from his staff to the memory of the late w, memory of mum, Peggy tiwra. jonn uogani ii v tom iJivlntt memories of dear old dad. Joseph Henry, who passed to his rest February 18. 1952. Sadly missed by his sorrowing family. OSBORNE. Rose. Always reroem- MCIAKIIIK. l" wu ,'"' memory of Fit.-set. viacent, missing, reconnaissance, Crete. February 14 McCLURE . Tn loying; memory of A.,r Haar tnnther Jeanle. who Dasaed away February 19. 1952. , Always remembered by ner loving aaugnter. Ruth, sons, woei ana jouii. ow.-ur McCLURE. Fond memories, oi my mother. Jeannle who passed away February io, ihoz. Aiwaya remeMi' . j k iNUati inrl T.lnvrt McCLORE. In loving memory ot my dear sister. Jean, who died on reoruary iv, xva,. Silent thoughts of one so deer, a. t jinmni another venr. Ever remembered by her loving Sister, Agnes, uru i net -iu "mt. McKINNON. In loving memory of our dear rttner, wno if a wy id iqU MUarri hv Ronii. iJock and Ron, daughters-in-law. Elvlej and Meaincr. i MARSH. Memories of my dear! daugnter, tonnio mw u-iiii BUI'O away rnnu w, " T " And every day of every year We wish that you were here. Always remembered by hte loving I wire. Maoei irene, aaugniera, sons- inn, anil nrnnVlr. WAinKiiuusa. Loving memory of Joan Maria, passed away February IS, IU. A beautiful nature, a heart of sold we win aiwnys noia. Loving motner ana neiue wiison. WATr RimilRR. Lovlna memory at Joan Maria, passed away February 19, 194B. Remembered always. rnrrtr, hv Mnrtraret fitamfnrd WIGGINS. In loving memory of our dear baby, Danny, called home February iu, iwih. a star ini Heaven. Always remembered by I mummy and daddy. I w inn ink. Trea an red memories ot Danny. . Remembered always by I wtr.i.rnrKH. in memortam of my dear husband and father. Stanley) Roy Willcocks, passed away February is, iaa. Time goes on, another year gone by. But loving memories never , Inserted by loving wife, ohlldren, WILLCOCKS. In loving memory or m? aear son dibu. iibmw mnmj February. 1955. . . . Other things I may fall to do, Stan, I'll never ibu io imua v. juu. nA'm ra(t sift a memory. Never forgotten by his loving m0wlNiER (Macpherson), Sweet memorlea OT our aear aauanier, Shirley, passed away February IS, Deep in our neari You are living yet. We loved you too dearly To ever forget. Mummy and daddy. wr.rti.RR i nr.r in lovlnr mem ory of my father, who passed away February 19, 1955". Aiwaya remembered; by daughter Ruby, and son Frank. . WOOLI'KX. ueorao n"1"""' (Jack), passed away February io. n aVwava remamhered by loving r.n....n Rrtha. Mart. DOUff. family. ZIEMS. In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister, Jean, passed away February 18, 1940. Also our dad end granddad. Oeorge O Inserted by Mr. and Mri. H. Zlems, nnrifl and Harry. In loving memory or joy, wno. leit US SO auaaanij ttuiumj . io, lTlme goes on, years go by, But loving memorlea never die. e.i. mia.l hv her dearly he- loved mother (deceased), dad. Bon, ARCHER. The Relatives and Friends OI Florence, uiuian, r reu, Clarence. Ruby and Elsie and their Families are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Brother and Dncle, BERTIE LYND-HURST ARCHER. For particulars see above notice. ATKINSON. The Relatives and Friends oi tne iaw n. w . ATKINSON. Of 135 Smlthfleld Street, Fairfield, are kindly Invited to attend hla Funeral; to leave the Presbyterian Church, Wore Street, FairAeld, This (Saturday) Morning, alter service at 10 o'clock, for the Crematorium, kookwooo. FUNERALS OF DISTINCTION, 84 John Street, nahramatta. ATKINSON. The Relative and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. H. t. Atkinson, of 31 Stanley Road, Lid-combe, era Invited to attend the Funeral of their Son. HARRY; to! leave Presbyterian Church, Fairfield.; 10 a.m. Saturday, for Crematorium.: Rookwood m , ATKINSON. Lodge Fairfield No.1 454 U.G.L. 01 W.B.w, ine umcers a.n.4 nrnthren nf the above and sister lodges are Invited to attend the Funeral Ol tneir iaie esteemed Wor. Bro., HENRY WILLIAM THOMPSON ATKINSON. For full particulars see family notice. Regalia. A. O. MORRIS. W.M.; L. RADFORD. P.M.. Bee. FRAZt:K. The Relatives and Friends ot tne late euith ' atkinson FRAZER are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral: In leave the St. Oswald Church, corner Dalhousle Street nnd Dickson -Avenue, Huber-fleld. This Saturday, after service commencing at 9.45 a.m., for the South Head Cemetery. Floral tributes direct to church. LESLIE S. ANDREWS AxhfleTd. onn. Presbyterian Church. IIA1025. DA5952. HARRIS. The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. e. Havis, or ntt Eiiesmere Road, Gymea Bay, and Mrs. L. Har are Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved Husband andl Son, HENRY MAXWELL HARRIS; which will leave the Malvern Hill Methodist Church. Malvern Avenue Croydon. This Saturday Morning. after service commencing at 9 o'clock, for the Methodist cemetery, Northern Suburbs. JOSEPH MEDCALF. A.F.D.A., 172 Redfern Street. Redfern. Phone, MX2315 (2 lines). HARRIS. The Relatives and Friends SWAN. The Relatives and Frlenot of Mrs Peggy swan and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral oi her dearly loved Husband and their loved Father. GORDON EDWARD swan; to leave t-ui run eral Home. 15 Norton Street: Lclrh hardt. Thin ' Morning, alter service commencing at 9.15 o'clock, tor the Church of England Cemetery. Rookwood. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS. 15 Norton StL Lelchhardt. Phone LA2777 (4 lines). TWYFORD, The Relatives and Friends or tne late anna twy-FORD are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave her daughter's residence, 23 nicnara Avenue, tari' wood. This (Saturday) Mornlnn. al ter service commencing at 9.15 o'clock, for the Church of England cemetery, kookwooo. MOTOR FUNERALS LTD., A.F.D.A 30 City Road, City. BA4277 (4 lines). M alibi: WALTERS. The Funeral of the late WAKKWiUH. UAL WALTbKtt. UI Tuggerah, formerly of Wiseman's Ferry. will leave All SaintH' Church Tuggerah, This Saturday, alter service commencing at 9 a.m . for Jlliiby Church of England Cemetery R. H. CREIOHTON, Central Coast Funeral Service Fty. Ltq.. ciosiorq. WATTS Tho Relativea and Friends of Mrs. R. Roberts, Donald (N Z.) of Mr. Ernest Raymond Watts and ana uwn, 01 o wuriay oircct. Family. OI 11B KUtnven Bireet BARBER. The' Relatives and Friends ot tne iai Mrs, LAinn-RINE ELLEN (NELLIE) BARBER are respectfully Informed that her Funeral will leave the Parramatta Titnral Hnma. 32 Darcv Street. Parramatta, on Monday Next, oiter a service commencing at iu m.m., for the Presbyterian Oeraetety, Rookwood. v CHARLES INNES and SON. A.F.D.A. YL9259. AN ATT1VF SERVICE itrn trrt RtafT.Rarveant Ian. rtlPd February 18, 1942. Always, remembered. Ida. lan. mum. oaa. rnnu a v Tn mv no memory of mi away February 10, iti. tour near um wih wu, ""r God teTkH the belt ior reasons woa l,rou1-f "Sa"'?? L?! TnSrted T hy her mother and grand- ted by 'hi mother, brother, and re- ehiid, aeyeney. laviona. HEYLBUT. The Relatives and Friends or Mrs. Thelma Kathleen Hey but and Family are invited 10 attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their loved Father, THOMAS LESLIE: to leave his residence. 34 Mooreilelds Rnnn Kmasarove. Thla Saturday Mornlna after service commencing at 10 o'clock, tor Metnoaist cemetery, Rookwood. HEYLBUT. Lodge Belmore. No. 244. u..L,.. fit n.h.w ninrera1 and Brethren of the above Lodge are iraiernany inviiea 10 attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Junior Warden Brother Thomas LESLIE HEYLBUT. For particulars ev ismiij notice, itegana. H. A. Franoe. W.M. O. Davles, Secretary, BARNES. The Relatives and Rtriftnfla nT Tna IBM MbHVYN AUB REY BARNES are advised that his Funeral win leave ah aoma inurcn r.Pirhhflrdt. This Mornlna. after aer vice commencing at 9 o'clock, for the Crematorium, Rookwooa. , LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, 18 Norton St. Lelchhardt. Phnna r,A?777 (4 lineal. BARNES Lodge Lelchhardt, 379 U.U.Ij. Ol w.o.w. ine umcers ana Brethren of the above Lodge are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Bro. MERVYN AUBREY BARNES. For details see above notice. kT lV WINLEY, W.M. it R. CARLSON. Sec. BARNES. The Principals and Companions of Chapter Marian of Lodge No. 35S, 8.0. . are Invited to attend the Funeral of their Cran-panlon, . MERVYN AUBRBY BARNES. For details ie above notice. Regalia. W. DUBOS. Z. W. AITKIN HEAD, B.E. ftAnNrs.Marlah CrVDtic Coun CJ1 NO. JOa nit uiuctii nun Croydon, ore Invited to attend the runerai oi meir aeariy oeiovea son-in-law and Brother-in-law. HENRY MAXWELL HARRIS. See above notice. JOSEPH MEDCALF. A.F.D.A., 172 Redfern Street, Redfern. Phone, MX2315 (2 lines). HOUGHTON. The Relatives and Frienas of tne late Mrs. GERTRUDE HOUOHTON. formerly of 2 View Street. Waverlev. are in formed that her Funeral will leave our CTiuoei. is King street. New. town. This (Saturday) Morning at id ocioca. tor uamoiic cemetery Rookwood, Mortuary No. 3. W. N. BULL PTY, LTD., Telephone LA2858. KELLY. The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. Mary Kelly, Of Eloora Road, Lonn Jettv. Mr Bernard Kellv. anrl Mrs. Eileen Taylor, Strathfleld, are Kinaiy invitea io attena tne Funeral of their desrly loved Brother. WIL FRED GEORGE KELLY; to leave unr imqj or ine nosary unurcn The Entrance. Thla Mom In a al 11.30 o'clock, for the Wamberal uainouc uemerery. TaAKITfl MOTOR. FTJNKII ATfl 208 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty. rnone, ine antrance ivo or oi KING. The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. A. King and Family ere Invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Son and Companions ot the above Council'-Brotner aliuk ahihuh kino are rec,CTic w tnu u t riiicii to leave 41 Albert Street. St. Patera on Monday, after service rommenr. Ing at 10 a.m., for the Church ofirOR buying end selling there Bondl Junction, ere Invited to at. tend the Funeral of his dearly beloved Wife, their dear Mother, and Mother-ln-Iaw. LILLY FLORENCE MAY; to leave St. Barnabas' Churcn. miii hiu noaa. sonai June-linn. This Day. after service com' menefng at 9.30 a.m., lor the Botany Cemetery. WALTER CARTER. FW3009. Waverley, WELSH. The Relatives and Friends ot the late victor, roy (mickyi WfcLHH. oi oi Lancaster Avenue. Kensington, are kindly Invited tn attend his Funeral: to leave the Fune. ral Chapel ol Andrew Kennedy, 43ft Anzac raraae. ttingsiora, on Mon day. February 20. 1958. alter ser vice commencing at 9.30 a.m., lor HHSiern budutor u rem a ion urn. ANDREW KENNEDY. A.F D A . 43fi Anv.AC Pde. Klnnnford. FF.innn. WHITINGTON. The Relatives and Frienas oi tne late gloria YVONNE WHITINOTON. Ot Elder lie, are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave Our Parlour, Hill Street, Camden, This Day (Saturday) after service commencing at p.m. ior me uenerai ueme terv. Camden. P. E. BUTLER and CO. PTY. LTD., MURuUMIIIDGI L UiKiGATlOS I AKKA; iKitiUAiiun i LEASES POR EX-SERVICEUM (PART KOOBA lic'lA'It). . IMuMlnr, Is tnvl!Pii tn H rtOtlG- cation in Govcii.nicnt Cidctte cf I I7lh februnry. l!J."i'i, sefmg i'i I lor application by uwciiarwcu mun- DCrs or tne forces excminpiy houo nhtnlni'ri a OtinllIlCrltK.n C(I i tlllcate lssuiid in New South Wim under the War Service Land Seiin-nuni Act 1041, thirty 130) iarnt with, areas trom A2u to .iI5 acrn suitahle lor mlx"d farm tup. The farms W beton.c avaiiuliie lor application on Monday, 2'- F ruary. 1956 unci all ai),)ltcaiieu received on and from Hint flat r'J up to 4 p.m. Friday. 2:iTd Mb ten. 1956, shall, where conflicMng. deemed to be mode slmiiltiincousr. Further pnrticulms, linn oi application and statutory dr.Iaraion may be obtained ut the o!f;ce ot the Water Ccnservai ton and Irrigation Commlision at Sydney Griffith and AG1 ENTICKNAP. MiniMrr l C'n:i eivaMm AITl-NlKiN is invilert io riotint-tlons ill llv Government o( Hid hehnmrv. If -fi P;'M-273 and 274, rflatmu to --ftlitr anart ol 4 all' tniei.l "l t" In nri inr OrimiHt) ftiii'.urh'ii no,o- ingt, only for ihe d rlhnits ihcinu amnira'l'ion betwnen ISih mid Kit March 195fi J Address inquiries In the Depin- , ment. ol Lands Sydney . Appilrations sIhuH be lodged the prescribed l- Under Bccieliuy Ior Lflnaf ATTEN'l IllN ts. invitee u, ,11), mci- tlons In ine uovernmcni 27th January inSB. patrs 206 207. relalins to the setlins sM ot 31 ::olmcms nl Crcn M Ior OrlBlnal Sunurban HoW tl onlj tor the errcllon 01 otM thereon, at Yarra Junction to come available lor application tween 27th February, lOofi sno rot " Addre.,95uoi,lrle. to Depart". ot Lands. Sydney. , Applications should M "sM the prescribed torm. ATTENTION Is Invited to' notlj 27th Jnnuary, 1056, panes 2I.J J and 204, relating to the nM npnrt o 90 Allotments ol Crtn Lind Ior OrlBlnal Suburban B Ings. only (or the ""Ion ol J lings thereon, at North Msnlj." become . available Ior jupllcat. tween 5lh and 9th March. 19 Address Inquiries to Depsrlniol 01 Lands. Sydney. Applications should be mad, th. Prescr,AbedRIorm. es nnH.r Snrptnrv Ior LSPQI. CKOWN LAND BALLOTS j. rne wjeni lbhu hl at the Court House, Nowra. on w undermentioned date to condj Ballots to determine prlonly smra applicants (or Ihe lollowlnf sreji. Wednesday, February 22 19. W.-10 a.m.: Forty-five week-end Lt HURTON'8 Ior QUICK DELIVERY wreatns, nowers. . Kawson fiace. eltv. Phone MA4672. day or nlaht SEARL'S, 104 Kin. street: Wreaths, crosses, uasaet covers, hii triouies. BW8075: alter hours. WM3432. ARNOLD Roclt ol Ages MEMORIALS. Designs. Quotations. H3 Reaent street Sydney. MA52.12 BEATRICE STEWART. Florist, 112 King St, city, Wreaths, etc. Phone bwoohq: auer nours. Awtjoaq. BOOKS. PUBLICATIONS. ETC. Inlet. 2 p.m.: Th rty-iwo ra Blocks at Swan Lake, near Bam InlCt- A R. JONES, . rndT Bw"''7 fnr Lanor, . ol their esteemed Companion MF.R-VYN AUBREY BARNES. SBturday, 0 a.m. All Souls Lelchhardt Regalia A. O. C. MCDONALD T 1M E. ft. TYNE, Recorder. I BARNEfl. Marlsn Lodge and nnonpil Ha .inn fl.O. th. OITIrers and OOPS Bir ieiupniru .u niicuu n imcuh.i,i oiiino tut mir N.S.W. BOOKSTALL CO. PTY LIMU&U. 112 OaBtlereagb street. Sydney. Phone. BM8761. 8ubMrlptlons to Overseas and Local. Periodicals Posted Direct to You. Saturday Evening Post. 100 Ladles' Home Journal. 63 Woman', Horn. Companion. 406 Lite, 5B7 Esquire, 1126 McCalt's Magaslne. 366 Bride Maaszlne. . 436 National oeographlo. 7110 value Illustrated London New., 1409 My Home, 20 Women and Horn,. 26 Women's Journal, -In American Home, 37 Oood Housekeeping, Mi tltttet Homes and Garden.. 479 .mom SYDNEY MORNINCI J AlV&lt llOllu nuu... . The lollowlng claisincallrat i be authenticated: BIRTHS, to l parent: ENGAGEMENTS snd V-PROACH1NO MARBIAOES. by l witnessed signatures and a"""? ot the contracting ,rr". MAW RIAQES. by the offlclatlng Mlnlim Registrar or production of Mr Certificate: DEATHS. IN MUJ ORIAM. ON ACTIVE SERVICE SSt RETURN THANKS. . PARTNERSHIPS necessitate an. ten character references. . Advertisements to he wr J ink and endorsed with sllJM and address. Tile number oi w scrtlons and coriect hesdlnn J" be given. All settings and ell" Ocaflons must adhere M our rl The Proprietors reserve lh m to alter or omit adveriwmfn and while every care Is ""''ffi do not hold themselves responilDj lor errors In or mlsclssslncatltn . advertisements. No allowance be 'made Ior errors unless aim'" Is drawn to them on the o " SSSfr box number, . dBya at the lollowlng "efc.JJ!5 days, 8-6; Saturdays, 8-1: HolMW 8" nlt'lala Christian """"JM or nom de plume c o posl-onW "Herald" not acceptable. , Where reference! are reoulrto j box number state "copies ""' Where originals or tv"!) ...i... h... Keen lnadverw1''' have been inau..1'-''.. forwarded please relurn 'm'" ately. KeqHcsu! i" f"w not allowed. ledarea Advertlflemenls mu-t be ra bb early as possible prior to PJJ tlon and exchange shoultl to country cheouea. pm T. 1. ANDREWS PTY, LTD.. LA2873. th. Funeral ot their late eeteemed. Son. MERVYN AUBREY BARNES, Regalia, H ngj, we, N.I S, R, TTNB, Rveortfer. beloved Daughter, MAROARET, will h. held at St. Andrew, rhurph Lake.' 43flf are permitted In all els". u a. tvrPnt nirlhs. Deaths. MsrriH - Suitable "Herald" Ct.A83IFlEI! EnBsftemcnts. In Memomm. d ADVERTISEMENT Column that wll( Active ficrvlcf. Roll of Honour' bt mi hrlnc oillrVt and economic remilt BOOKS BOOOHT. We visit vou in the .citt nnd stiburo. cash payment Berkeiouw. 38 King St (between Krnt and Busrex ax STUDY "HERALD ' CLASSITIED Printed "nd pubUjnea y 'narevar Tour rsirux Dehitn TViOTilf Advertising monlrl" rnay K o. week-dnya and -l! ' "'Srj., JOHN FAIRFAX SONS r LIMITED jeen invmTTfllrUrNTB Whlu.r Bern., jou wtu nna mem. Broadway. Sydney.

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