Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1966 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1966
Page 9
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§•••••••••*•«•*••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••A* THE OLD GOAT is getting mighty fed up with these commercials for post-nasal drip, deodorants, headache goop, and stuff lor his tired blood. In fact it's making his blood mighty ti red to have to listen to the pitchmen rattle off the merits of their product and pooh-pooh ing any other. The Old Goat takes himself a shower every morning whether he needs ii or not, uses the kind of soap and stuff to make him sociall; acceptable, and durned if it has done a thing for him socially He still gets startled looks! May be it's the Old Goat's face, wh ich is nothing to brag about but it's the only one the Ol< Goat has and he has to look at it (ugh) every morning when he shaves it. At any rate the Old Goat has wiped off his list any product with obnoxious advertising, including that "younger generation" yack about a soft drink. Phooey! Alqona Honuth County THURSDAY, FEB. 24, 1966 — ALGONA, IOWA — y \ J ^S W Advanced sewing class Iftrs. Leone Halverson, Ifld Edward Mitchell, Fetitoh, Callers nciiided the Tom forkelsons, lingsted, and Dick Cletnitson®, Smmetsburg. the Clarence Osborns liave >eeh attending the REA conven- ion at Las Vegas a week. Mr. Dsborn is a director of DBK. Hieir son, David, spent the week with the Roger Osborns at Carroll. Bode elevator annual meeting held Feb. 16 Bod* The annual meeting of the Farmers elevator at Bode was held at the Twin Rivers high school Feb. 16. Dinner was served to 375 by the TR Band Mothers. The program and meeting were in the gym. Music was furnished by the Melody Moms. A. H. Stevenson, assistant general manager in cha- SOME TIME back the Old Goat was worrying about girls in those long tight evening gowns without unmentionables because the bulges such as garters would show. The Old Goat's attention was called anonymously to a clipping from Monday's female section sen which said as follows: "The garterless girdle in a long-leg style has a web elastic band around the inside of the leg. The leg is worn over the top of the hosiery holding it securely in place." That ansf wers that! However the vision of a dame with a long-leg girdle is enough to give most men the whim whams. The Old Goat was sure the girls had something figured out but now that he knows how it is he's not so sure he wanted to know. So what.else is new in the female harness section? Ole Oftedahls, Seneca, given an open house Seneca — Friends and neighbors of the Ole Oftedahls gave them a surprise open house for their 40th wedding Sunday from two until five o'clock at the Seneca Lutheran church. There were 150 registered by Jill Jen Mrs. Alfred Petersen presid ed. Mrs. Otto Wilberg gave de votions. Jill Jensen and Audrey Bergum sang a duet and Mrs Henry Looft gave a reading. Mrs. Esther Jensen and Mrs. Otto Wilberg sang a duet. A newspaper report of the wedding was read by a daugh- IN THE ADVANCED SEWING class the members are working on suits, coats, dresses, alterations, and one lady is making a cape. From left to right are Mrs. Ivan Parrott, Mrs. John Tielebein, Kay Jorgenson, and Mrs. Ralph Hammerstrom, Lone Rock, who is being instructed in lining her coat by Mrs. Van Allen. Seated is Mrs. Art Kahler. Burt, Mrs. Chuck Devine, Mrs. Clarence Kraft, Lone Rock, and Mrs. Arno Juhl, Fenton. Photo by Mike Stillman. rge of sales for Consumers Cooperative, Kansas City, was the speaker. Duane Kibby of the Farmers Grain Dealers Assn., Des Moines, read the financial eport. : Manager Dick Matheson ommented on the new corn- ryer, new petroleum facilities nd past years business, with ales of 1.8 million and net pro- Christianson «n.d Mrs. Dale were in charge of the decorations which carried out the theme, "Strong for America." Date Vige, Cubmaster, presented membership cards, the Pack charter, and the awards to: Wolf badge, Jeff finger, Tom Hill, Daryl Olson, Byron Pflibsen, ferry Johnson, Paul Soriien; Bear badge, Tim Hill, Tom Curry, Ronald Christianson, Steve Olson; Lion badge, Kenneth Bratland; Gold and silver arrows, Clay Pflibsen, Steve Olson, Ronnie Christianson, Paul Soriien, Terry Johnson, Byron Pflibsen, Daryl Olson. Cub Pack 58 organized last fall is sponsored by the Cloverleaf Post 524 of the Legion with Bob Croker institutional representative. Le Roy Enger, Darrell Johnson and Jerry Christianson are committeemen. The potluck dinner was attended by 70 including parents of the scouts. LENTEN SERVICES Lenten season will begin at St. Olaf Lutheran church with midweek services Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and will continue each Thursday at that time. A series Central bandmasters assn. and surgery and will be "" " ' ger; March 3, 8 p.m., Rev. Rex Spicer, Fenton; March 11, 8 p.m., Rev. Gordon Miller, Ringsted; March 17, 8 p.m., Rev. Klein, Armstrong; March 24, 8 p.m., Rev. Harley Schmitt, Estherville. HERE'S A LITTLE gem of an idea for fixing that slump in the middle, or so it is said: "Lie ter, Mrs. Bruce (Dorothy) Hill, Webster City. A money tree was a gift from the hostesses. Two daughters, Mrs. Donald (Evelyn) Dokken and Mrs. Bruce (Dorothy) Hill 'poured. Relatives coming from a distance included Mr. Oftedahl's brother and wife from Two Harbors, Minn.; Hastings, Minn., .he daughters and tneir fami- ies, the Donald Dokkens, Wai- Friends visiting Mrs. Oscar Patterson, Ringsted, for her birthday Friday were the Alfred Petersons, Ted Jensens, Everett Withams and C. 0. Baileys. The Patterson daughter, Helen, Mrs. Wm. Gilchrist, of St. Joseph, Mo., who was spending a few days with her parents, was also present. The Curtis Olsens returned Saturday from ten days with their grandchildren, the foui children of the Robert (Wanda) Faco'bsons, Maynard. The Jacobsons attended the national meeting of school superintendents lield at Atlantic City, N.J. They neard Pres. Johnson speak and saw Billy Graham on the speaker's platform. They took a sightseeing trip to Washington, and sat in on a session of a senate meeting. They also visited Kennedy's grave. The Henry Wilbergs and Henry Loofts attended a birthday party Saturday at Ole Peder sen's, Fenton, for his 82nc birthday. Other guests included the Morris Mitchells, Cylinder Milford Mitchells, Lone Rock Albert Mitchells, Fenton, Mick licks, Corwith, Emil Bleckwen's 2000 students took part Twin Rivers had 59 entries, 31 receiving blue ribbons, 24 red ribbons and four white. Those re* ceiving blue ribbons will be ift contest at Mumboldt May 7. Pastor and Mrs. Johnson visited Connie Larson at St. Mary's hospital in Rochester, Saturday. The Melvln Olsons and Ron aid Olsons attended funeral ser vices in Humboldt Thursday for Gwendolyn Susan Clay. The F. L. Bakkens attended funeral services for Wayne Hanson in Blue Earth Saturday. Sunday the Bakkens and Linda were at Bob Armstrong's, Buffalo Center, for Bob and Tracy Armstrong's birthdays. Sunday guests of Mrs. Viola 'hompson were Pastor and Mrs. Gorman Johnson and Gloria and he Leon Gangestads for a bela- ed birthday dinner for Mr. Grangestad. Bode Woman's club met at Mrs. Ruth Gaggestad's Feb. 18, or a 1:30 dessert luncheon. The nspirational and report on GF- dng for at least six months- H<* was injured in a truck &G6id«tt last July. His address te St. Mary's hospital, Rochester, Minn. America should retain Her r*> putation for being the melting potr-but should make it hotter for those who refuse to melt. , of filmstrips will be shown at the services relating the crucifixion of Christ to today. Sermons with texts and titles are: Feb. 24, John 6:28-29, The Meaning of Belief; Mar. 3, Mark 10: 17-22, The Way of a Disciple; Mar. 10, Matthew 6:32-33, The Kingdom We Seek; Mar. 17, Isaiah 55:7, The Return to God it of $49,300. A'as chairman. New directors re Charles Berte and John teding. Harold Reding and iarry Nelson are retiring direc- ors. Maurice Aasheim will be lew chairman, Russell Jensen, lew sec.-treas. and Donald Aure, vice chairman. Dividend :hecks of $28,000 were given 'ollowing the meeting. Door prizes were won by Cletus Chi- :oine, Mrs. John Capesius, Art Kohlhaas, Vernon Tompkins, Mrs. Archie Rolland, Mrs. Clar ence Bormann, Irvin Mertz, and Walter Christianson. Harold Reding Mar. 24. Isaiah 40: 1-2, The ~oots of Comfort; Mar. 31, Mat hew 5:13-16, The Life of ain't. Special music is planned BLUE-GOLD BANQUET Cub Scout Pack 58 met at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 15, at the Legion Hall for the first Blue and Golc banquet in observance of Scout week. Den mothers, Mrs. Lyle Siefken, Mrs. Garmon Pflibsen Mrs. Stanley Olson, Mrs. Jerry ON TV PROGRAM Sandra, daughter of Wayne Olsons, Bode, will one of the guests interviewed on "Eve's Kitchen" Friday 4 p.m. Camp Sunnyside, Iowa' own residential summer camp for crippled children and adults will be the feature of the pro gram. Sandy attends the specia education school in Humboldt and has been a "Sunnysider" two summers. She was 14 years old last October. WC was given by Mrs. Norman Johnson. Mrs. Burton Rood gave i travelogue on the trip in eas- :ern states she made last year Mrs. Leo Rolland was a guest Connie Larson is a patient at St. Mary's hospital in Rochester Minn., recovering from back 1965 FORD MUSTANG 2-door Hardtop, 6-eylinder, standard 3-tpeed floor shift, radio, bronie color, 12,000 actual miles, just LIKE NEW. New $2700 '1995" TAYLOR MOTOR GO. FORD & MERCURY SALES & SERVICE AT MUSIC CONTEST A number of students the Twin Rivers Junior from high were contestants at Mason City for instrumental solos. This contest is sponsored by the North face down on the floor with arms stretched out in front of you resting on the floor and legs straight. Lift arms, head, shoulders and legs as far off the floor as you can. Lower arms, head, shoulders and legs to the floor, do not bend the knees. Continue doing this slowly. With practice you will be able to raise your shoulders and legs farther up." The Old Goat gave it a try. His slump flowed to each side, and after one feeble attempt he dismissed everything after "lie floor". on the IN A STORY on how the starlings were messing up the White House grounds it said the birds would leave if off- key music were played. Seems th birds are sensitive to sounds. Now starlings are not native to this country but were imported from England by a missguided bird lover and they take over perches in the cities and they are the reason for that "dirty bird" slogan of some time back. The Old Goat is certain if the Beatles and those other awful- sound makers played under the trees at the White House the starlings would go back to England. Don't know which would be the worst—the Beatles or the dirty birds. * * * THERE'S ONE way to watch Ed Sullivan's burleque and the Old Goat stumbled on to it by accident Sunday. He had the sound turned off and a radio playing soft music waiting for something to show up on the idiot tube he wanted to see and hear. First thing the Old Goat knew he was in the middle of Perry Mason and didn't get in on the kill. Taking a nap is a nice way to watch Ed's menagerie. * if >» A DISTURBING new product on the market is this perfume for men pitched by a gal lying on a couch with a "sic 'em tiger" closing line. Phooey! No girl was ever attracted by man's perfume—in fact it wou Id drive them away. A man is supposed to have no scent a 1 all, according to the deodoran; commercials, and this yicking about perfume is enough to give a real man the willies. Double phooey! ham, Minn., and Bruce Hills, Webster City, and the Jerry Jacobs, Eagle Grove, and from Mason City, Forest City, Swea City, Bancroft, Whittemore, Algona, Lone Rock, Ringsted, 'Armstrong, Esther ville, Cylinder, Burt, and Fenton. Hostesses included Mrs. Alfred Petersen, Mrs. Cecil Baldwin, Mrs, C. 0. Bailey, Mrs. Robert Lynch, Mrs. Ted Jensen, Mrs. Clarence Menz, Mrs. Lylc England, Mrs. Raymond Gardner, Mrs. Henrietta Thompson, Mrs. Raymond Bergum, Mrs. Carl Nielsen, Mrs. Eugene Petersen, Mrs. Charles Beaver, Mrs. Clarence Osborn, Mrs. Russell Kauffman, Mrs. Charles Osborn, Algona, Mrs. Roger Long, Lone Rock, Mrs. Edna Mueller Fenton, and Mrs. Henry Looft. LENTEN SPEAKERS The schedule for Lenten Ser vices at Blakjer Lutherai church, Seneca, are Feb. 23, 8 p.m., Rev. Otto Reitz, Graettin The Dreyfus Fund is a mutual investment fund in which the management hopes to make your money grow and takes what it considers sensible risks jn that direction. proipiclwj* free from: CONWAY BROS. INC. Ray Anliker, Mgr. 108 N. Moore Algona, Iowa Phone 295-7031 , f)/i«lrolee)booltf«| you'll f njpy reading. rlMti »md frei Dreyfus Fund Information, f lease Print City ft §UlB , «,, p.uiV.w with $W dn »V HERMAN ARSDAil BONTIAO 71W »M1»f> $• : ->.ew! • WN i WILL THE PLYMOUTH DEALER WHQ'SHOWED GRANDMA THE NEW '66 PLYMOUTHS PLEASE GET HER TO COME BACK TO THE FARM! BAVLFY BONTIAO Wilson anri-Stet$on Nr p .- i ! willingf he , ANKED Mult <»U ! ipficn. Yc. dniit <*] f»iw(u-<; ; 7»3 WU • ' Me . Wmt» On \ poy- irons You'll take the long way home, too, in a '66 Plymouth. Five great kinds of cars. VIP, a new high in luxury ... well within your reach. Fury, a great big beauty in a great big hurry. Belvedere, new style and performance in a large economy size. Valiant, the car that really lets you live...within your budget. And Harractida, fast new version of the car that started America thinking fastback. Something fur everyone ... now at your Plymouth Dealer's. Plymouth .... a great car from Chrysler Corp. VIP/FURY/BELVEDERE 'VALIANT/BARRACUDA KEN'S AUTO SERVICE 1023 N. MAIN STREET ALGONA if !f "I I 1 This spring and Easter among the proud women who can say, "I made it myself." Your favorite fashion fabrics are here waiting for your favorite fashion ideas. Bright Printed Dacrons . . . Spring and Easter Dresses Dacrons in bright, colorful prints . . . the perfect fab- for the loveliest of Spring and Easter dresses. Smooth & Textured Woofs For New Coats and Suits Easter and spring . . . coat and suit season. This year make fashionable coats and suits with our lovely wools. Serving Kossuth County For 96 Years" ill m ¥ 'If.

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