The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS_ WEDNESDAY,: JUNE. 28,,: 1939. ijr. _, .NEWS. ._, NMHY ,TICKET '•tUt TWtet' Will Admit '& ySaSK plckafd * =m-tt^- FLAPPER FANNY By -COFR. 1919 « KI»«KYI« INf I M MO U i f*T dr ' .MTZ THEATi»i W, V.^'y ^ "JUAREZ" So&LUle&to / /s - WHSNBSrJ/vrs 5VENT~ . Mrs O W. UlcCutchen enter- 1 UinlnrTWH *hd. Country club lid '»na Mrs Maurice Buttiell i*d Mr, and MK A H Wallace enieHalnlng -Club Informal, nine o'clock," at Woman's club _-MrE. Ivy W, Crawford having &uble t ncur Bridge club proriiirity club . meeting 2 30 b'clock with Mrs N. B Sallba at Altar society Church of Ihe Im- maculale ' Conception, sponsoring -bingo party, eight o'clock, at Catholic Hall , , , „ FRIDAY'S EVENTS i * aedutive 'board, Woman's Mis sJonkry ttnion, First Baptist church, meeting 2'30 o'clock with Mrs LCs- life Moore __ Virginia Simpson To ~ Wfed Frefefn'an Robihsbn i- C Simpson of Khox\ Ille, Tcnn , irlnoVrices tRe chgagenient ot His -aiifghter, 'rflss Virginia Simpson, to EdTfln Frefe'rhah RobUlsoh sen 'of Mrs Edwin Robinson of this J.H i. *i The ccrerndny will be solemnized • Julj ±. at the Fifth Avenhc Bnp- 11st church In KnoxMllc at six bcleck in the afternoon Miss Slhtpsoh was graHuatcd will) '•cholastic honcrs last spring from the Unlve'fsHy of i Teiinessec nl Knoxville, , where she, became a -member of the !»hl MU sorotlty fehe came her? last fall to be Home economics Instructor v In the city " Bits of Newi Mostly Personal* i of Mrs fSrltcs niece, iu.ju^ ,.,.,.*••« t j row el I, I'lineral services •were held - —- jcstcrday morhlng Thev ^'° • SLe Joined tliere Monday by another i Hoslesse of Miss How ell's aunts, Mrj> S A 'Mrs Choate, and. B.n, Paul, of Hlckman, Wimn, Kv, and Erilcst, of Wlngo , J J » . t Mrs W B, Wallace and children, ( Bcrna.d and Carol Aim, returned •>"•'«<• U™ ° M " nch to fahrcvcporl La, Tuesday after-1 Mrt Dudley Ljncli licon alter liavlng spent a month here \vllh Mrs Wallace's mother, Mrs Jessie Ridenour at Aunorel education, study were Mrs. R. II. .Jones, W, M. Stewart, Mrs Mrs. Eddie Shelton on leader Miss Barbaia Bam.s is Ihe guest i Mrs Paul L Tipton of lui biother, David Banks and \ The young people Mrs Banks in Little Rock this, depailment aie Gerald vveck Her p-nenls, Mr and Mis superintendent, Miss EsW G Ilartslll Banks and sons, Ed- associate superintendent, . . T-i-t.L.1.. ..III !*.!.. lln»* -T7<JA, cntimtflrV IPHOIW « " le Carter. EQ* •TQ "' e Mr and Mf6 Renkelt Welen- kamb lelt Monday for Hardy where they will spend a iiioliUi Mr. and Mrs James Terry will go over Bal- lirdny to spend a week with "'*'"• Charles Jobcph, of Little Rock, spelit the weekend here with his parciib,, Mi. add Mrs S Joseph, 1 and falnllj His inolhei accompanied him to Mount Ida lo vacation there foi h fc* (laji, «hile he attends to bhslncss before returning lo Little Rock I They were accompanied as far as Arkadelphla by Mrs Charles l> Wy|!e Miss Geraldlne Rylce is spending ttie week In Ulllc Rock as "" guest cf Mr and Mrs. Smelling. m Motthew waul and Bobbie will join her Fxtdb, "secretary. ^"'^T 5 ^'' he Junior Cir- the,E fc. the weekend AfUi«Ard| M odre. Miss Eveljtt Srriart, Miss 'council of Ihe Ihe family will go to Huston t,a virile Mae Abbott, Miss Laura on^iday .iC-.'vhere Mr" Banks w.,1 speak to.lhcl HaTe, Mlsjkftrtan W^te M Fletcher con- - Le o Mrs Bob Bums Is able to be 911 nfter having been 111 foi a wetk Mrs M B Muiray of Patlucah Kj , will return to hei home Sat Unlay aftci having spent tw here with hei FOIL E M Mlura>, and Mrs Mtlrray M\i, Osceola Society — Personal ducted the bushiest, session Hi which reports were hcaid relative to results In the cvcry-membei pledge canvass prcparatoiy to the coming of lllc new paslor, (hc Hcv Lester M Bkkfoid, on July 23 » • « avr* 'Spend-the-Uiy I'anj Mrs Godfrey While Mrs Blnford White and Mrs George Adams were hostesses lo fitly of Ihe younger married set for an all-day piny party al the White ionic on Friday. Bowls of 'sweet •cab ccntcicd the (lining table aim which thc luncheon , er students In the summe, school of ,^,.. ,.„..„ Polytechnic liislltule on soybean production. They will be away about ten days. Mr, and Mrs Dean Ilatchei have moved iiitb their new nome on West Hale Avenue Mrs, Thad Felton and- daujjli ter Suzanne, and Mib_ Hugh John I Hughe) and daughter, Sue CUy will tone lomoriovv foi their hdnvJ In Houston, lex allci a visit of Iwo weeks here wilh their paicnts, fl M \\ bridles People Williams was the •....- - •- of the progiam blilll around 1^1 is~i imnruv, aim i«is j - ,, ftnnc MIHcr, also of Paducah, and ^^li aiutt of Mi Murrav, accompanied JU Mrs, Murray hbic but blie reluriied lo her 1/oniD Monday Mn> Murray had spent the winter In Indlan- apollb, intl, but stopped In PH- duciiii for a lew weeks before com- 3nl JlHUt I Wl m^i t"i"O' "•" ------- — t Ihe subject of 'the Great Comnils- twol sion and the Misslonrtrs Education of Our Young People' at t llc . Inonthly aiittet. from wa's served The Mi and Mis J H Lovevell Mr and Mrs R L Cain and mi in«-j • •> " ----daughter, Margiret Anil, of Little Rock, and Mis r S Mason, who have liecn the guestb of Mis W I III VII UL.CM Hi"- b 1 "-"*" " s ciiKagccl in a vaiictvlR. Dycss foi the past week, rc- fc b - - • f ttirncd to Iheir homes yesterday Is a sister ot Mis 1 l\K JJlll-Tl « i;ilgnb^-" «*» •» f of games Including midge, crnqiitt, bndmlntcn, plug pong 01 Chinese chetkcis Oul-of-town gucits weic Mr, •lhart I clton of Houston, Te\ , Mis S Mnson of Little RoUt, Mrs VV of our young rtui«^ ui v*'~ p g MTSOII ol i^iuic num, w ithly meeltng of the Baptist Ll]gclie sun O f Pljiuoulh, N, C. M U at tlic church on Men-. Mrs _ Bol) Baker O r Uuic Rod t • _. \1J TJ tin \t\ 'Until 1 , Iltflah S I" --'. .'i.._ » r^.flnn RToIIniin\7 nf 1 illV Ing here Mrs James Hill has gone as the oasis Thc work of bj which 11 IVllS JUllllfT *»HI J"»« D"."~ Qrecnvlllc, S C, to s|>6nd three _j i <i pqff1""1 ---"-----•'•• " -— bkail I po 8E foi now-thc CUtc Chiklron Contest 01 the Bathing Beauljp one? "high school cool r y i Robinson, son ot the late Mr, and Mis M A Llndscv aw son, Jackie, and Miss Efcabetl Hues of Detroit, Mich, mrvcd Momlnv for a visit with the lad Mr Robinson, son 01 me miu Mom | n> f or n vlsil with me mu Edftjh RoBlnson. is Uhe Btandscn 1(H , mo t hc i, Mrs LcOra Huej, and of Thomas 'and Mary Robinson, olhcr relat | VCS Miss Huev will re- ^>_^rr -"^lrlon*«~ nt * Til.. HlGV lllC. I . i o.,ti,.rlni, MiK Hip ntnfilS ..,-n, c partj lim i another of Tnomas • ana nmiy ""p"-""', other reiauvcs mi>i im«=v »i" •- Bioneer residents" of,- Bl,tlievlllc, lum homc Sa tuidny but tiie othcis ^ho cameihere IS 181D He received w1 - ' -•«his B p dejret m agriculture from L, the university of Arkansas at fray- j, ettevllle-where", he was a member cf thc 'Alphft Gamma Kho f fraler- nlty Follow,lng completion of his bollege »crk, he served as^_asbbt«nV li 5 coe , county agent *lth headquarters In year before coming hole three ilong with Mrs Huey daughter, Mrs John Bumpass o! Coolci, arc spending >lodny «t Doniphan with their brother and ion, navmond Huey, and family, -ind will spend tomorrow with 'Mi and Mrs, ,Llcc f Barger of near Yarbro To Be Scefie 0( Methodist Session 'ihc quarterly /.one mcctlitg of Ihe Methodist Woman"s Mis-sloiiaij soclctv of Ihlb scctioli of thc Joncs- boro illstiltt will convene nt thb Yarbro Melhodlsl clntich Frldav tnoinllig nl 10 o clock foi ah a)l day meeting thb Rfcv A W tlarrIs. pastoi ol thc Blv'lhcviUe circuit, aiinouncetl todiiy Mcmberk of tllo Ynrbro Auxiliary vlll be hoslcssei. foi the meeting vlrs Harh W Cowan 'of Manila, 70110 chaiinnn, will bu In charge vvecks' vTlli ~her brolhci She left Sundav. , Eddie B David and E A Rice latlelided to business In Memphis jesterdity { , Dr and Mis HawkliisAbernalhy, of Joncsboro, are spending a few clavb here with Dr and Mrs C^G Slcvcns t , Mr and Mr>! Dean rhomasson bf Chicago, and Mrs George Tho mabson of Ccntialia, 111 left yes- lefday atlei having spent two (lavs here with Mr Thonmssons brother, Vcrnon '1 homnsson, .Ind. Mrs rho- mni-ion Mis Gcirgc ThhumsbOh is thc mother of Vcrnon Thomasson day Mrt, W 1\ liaie'iLscd plea foi Benjamin -- " for liei devotional itie Margaret puntl ,.j suns nnd daughters of foreign mis sionaries were kept In college last, lerin was described by Mis B S Crllifleld, Margaret Fund foi Hie loc.i| union Mrs Robert Biimiicr exlilnincd thc oignn!/a- T. . fit 1_ -.„,! Iflnnlr- nf file ulAnw . „ _ Hock Kirs U Maxlrie McIIaiiey of Lux* * * Bntcliei-McHnhi WcdilhiK Aniiounccmenl of the marrhgc of Miss Ma Bntchci of this city lo Clyde McElvain of Caiuthcrs- Mo is made by her molljei Avis Bialcher, todaj Tiie Mrs Mnbon Dycss; Maik Chltappd of Maiked Tice who has been seriously ill at tho Miirlnc hospital lii Mciiiphis from tlon icsuHiiiB from <-x- cllon of a wisdom looth Is Ul isAi'm'"*-*-* <.t"~ — *j---- flon Inetliods and Ideals of the four yourS ? pcojile's oreanlzntlons ville Mrs stale Mi and Mrs LcRoy Huddlrston fctuincd last ntg!|l from Knoxville and Chaltanooga, 'I enn, Where they ylslicd relatives and Lookout Mountain nhere Ihcj weic the of friends nt the Fairyland , longei visit wllli his sister Mrs John Russell and other iclntlves Te: here lo be T ,vtu»v lu '""<''»'"•"', 'leacher.ln the city Wgh School - .- t*k« Street Groufc ^ - Prtris benefit tinner Plans for a Benefit, dinner to be l(j Mr J]0mc lu ul given losnoirfu nlghl at tho Lake ^^ |( Usll herc Sheet "Methodist church Imve been JIrs A Q Fiol(to compleied by members of the bhurch ccngregatlon A'nilscellarie us program will be presented diitlfig the serving of thc three cotlrse 'dinner Proceeds from the aHalr <frt«ch will be a lnal right ^ ^ ijiv<ij " o'clock -will be used to pay for ^ reies wcie here S' the iedecor'allrts cl thc church relatives Mr Hmson Mrs W U Green Is general chairman of arrangements Nr the affair She is being assisted b f Mrs F M Sweet ahd Mrs A M Vali- Winkle * » • » TIas Biribday Paftj Mary Ella Garretl was hostess to six 1 of Her Irlends at a party given yesterday aftcinoon at her home'cn the occaslcn (if her llth birthdis . Punch was served the guests as L as , they arrived In the games which , cnllj y . were played dllrlng the aftern'on, r. 0)eman Frances Sliouse received the prize, handkerchiefs , Arrangements of sweet peas, dais ics and lilies decorated the living room of the Garretl home The white birthday cake Tvilh pink decorations and candles flanked on each side with vases of sweet peas termed the centerpiece of the dining table Favors were candies which contained a tandle hclclcr arid a candle As the hostess llfchted Her blrthda/ cake, each guest lighted her candle • , Mrs S K. Garretl, mother ol the hostess, served the guests Ice cream and cake ^ ^ Hive Pknlc si Park Ten employes bf the S H Kress Stcre Tfere entertained at a picnic Jftst night at Walker Park al 6 30 o'clock The affair was a result of a. contest being carried on In the store In which the losing side rrtust eh- tertMn the winning side at seme kind of parly. _ * * * Club Has Guest and sweet peas decorated the home ot krs B F Polter ves- "aflernoon When she enter- of thc Tuesday club They They \\erfc were nwtty accciilpanicd fo the meeting which representatives fiom 15 auxiliaries arc expected lo allcnd Mrs. Hcnkol •Pcvvcll of Joncs- boio, president of thc North Aik- nnsns Conference W M S, and A, P Patton of Joncsuoro, dlslilct secretary will deliver ^dtlicsies V . ~ ' 1 V, r,.V days l>5 Mrs and Mrs Miss Huddleston's parents, Mi A n Bimhnid. and slbter, liclols of niiBscllvlllb Mrs M J £rite and daughter. Miss Jessie returned last nlghl from Paiagould where they \vere called Sunday bj Ihe sudden rtcalh fastered by thr- W. M urged Jaltcridancc nt the joiing -peojlles camps and hovisc- ^nrlles In July Othei fealure-s of the piojram, were a solo bv Mrs M n Jvto- ncannnn and a demonstration of Ihe Girls AuxilHiy woik directed « theh couliseloi, Mib Cov Scl- fics The girls taking pail *«c Betty Jean and Mnilha Ann Mooic Shirley Muslin, MiM IB Oilfnn, Eliinbcth Tliorn'-, Judiui btcvcns nnd Jcan Tompkins In Ihe bnef business scssitiii led bv Mrs DvUghl If Blackwoort 'lie srclelj voted to dcliiiv. the ( " k " nciiscs of a groilp of juuim .md mtcimediate Birls to the stile G Camp to be held at rcuichil ,1 Little Rnc-k next week Visi- ibrs wcic Maigaicl Buiton of Os ceola ami Mis John Lance ot DC troit l\IIt>. I1V,3 m..*~ , ceiemonj was pcrformtd by W I Hale al the Hale home I rldu; evening I" Ihe presence of mem hcis of Ihe Immediate families mi n few friends The bude was graduated noi wcoln Hi'h School In 1831 an aeiidccl the Bandv Sceietarli School They will unke Uu. lome In Cniulhcisvillc Mrs Murphy Andrews n cliuiEblc Eleanor Andrcv neni of LIUlo Rock, aic heir us gues of anothei dnii^hlci, Mis - Joh Bmfoid White .md Mr White Mii Gcoigc Ediington chape oncd a gioup of the scmoi bo in n girls of hei Sunchy 'Chr cliss lo Hoiscshoe Lake list F da\ for an all-daj outing EP teen members .vent foi thc d Mis E M DougHs of Mcmpl who Is the houscgiicsL of Mis E On the pink and white rcli(.iU- ringtbn, party. Mr. and also nccomvinicd Mis O B Stgra Hale, Miss Marian IUIUIJM>I°> "»-™ Wyiicttt Sliephcrdi Miss Bonnie Jean Blichanan The mecthig was adjourned with prajer bj Louis Trowbildge Burdette^ News Iciib H Club Makrs Trip III keeping with plans made by Miss inei Kincald, 34 members pi (he Buidelle club and two gueslj,, Miixine Biittaln and Phu Marc (Coincc made a trip to |hc expcrl- iircnl station al Marlanna Thurs- A tour about the grounds •*»!> made after which jitnch was served and a ' get acquainted ' hour and songs follow ed On the trip aiound the farm, thc six points demonstrated ami explained were as follows experiments In p.odiiclion of cotton In acre vieldage, cotton va.ielv, ifter- C '^^;reiit l 'ofprplante° d icwhat Impiovcd Ills wife, inci Dorothj Cald^cll of O^-- ib here willi hei paienls Mr I Mrs Clint Calilwell Mr Ohlt- od was accompanied lo the hos al Sundav night by fabci Whllfe d Mr Caldwell Memphis visitors Mondav and icwlay were the Rev Haro|(l B II in in, James Coston Mis R H lies. MIES Ruth Massey and Mis Clinic Ralph. Mis Gibisc Cone and ui«B'] ers, Patsy and Sun ley, diove I 1 mil Mo Mondiy Id meet Mrs dolphus Cone bf Piggott, wh III spend sevcial d inhere in he oii's home. * ?n cc, n, three-Ve;!! Pl8" of crop Atlon, comparison ofjasture New lender-arm ]reom Deodorant safely to(»s Perspiration IVll. U,,M ....u — — - artd daiiEhtei Maiy Virginia drove (.Jll ItlC IHIIN UlUk wini-i- «*-••• •*••»» " •• mcnt pl,.tc were miniature diplo- lo Holly Springs Mia with pink ribbon on Lc the guest of Mrs J Midsummer Council Is Held By Baptist Newly clcUrd crunch licads, Wi rcn Clark, supeilnlendcnt ai Hus-sell Bauljh, assoclitc .siliieru tcnclcnt hcadul a grotip of ' oliiccrs and teichcis in Hie Ml summer Council list night a 1 t Fust Baptist chutch Plans receiving greitcst cmph sis were uiiincd department: pi grams, extension records, and MSI lion. Lojaltv lo L-adeislnp,' be ly lo church" and 'Lojally to Sundav lo| Work will be themes foi cinpha L Driver, dmin? (hc nicnth cf J»lj . 1. Docs not tot dresses — does not itntate fkin 2. NowaitltiBlodtv Cahbeuscd rlgllt aftct sbavlng S. lnstinil> stops petspiranon for 1 to } davs Rtmoves odor ftotn perspitatioh 4. A puicwblic,greiseless,sum icss vanishing cream 5. Arn<i has been awarded tht Approval Seal of die American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless lo fabrics IS MILLION jars ol Arnd have been sold Try a \ai lodayl ARRID __1 M «ll '•«"'• "lll"( t»ll«l S"> 39? « I«I (,].,. In Vj<;!«»)_ At Driver Gr6Ve Churth A cotnmuHltv singing will be held nt the Drlvci Grove church Silndaj i attcrnodn til two o'clock, it was announced todny by Lee Rcagnns, uuja" \»iu'iu; n-u\,«"- ••-—","~v — Mrs Hudson y,'ns before her inar- rlagc Miss Lucille Southern Miss Delsle Hiidgens Iws relurncd lo her hohic in Llltle Rock Ark, .rl« » xlsll here will. Hi «»' rs A D Fieldei Mrs -3 P Lee Jr, «"d Rhllda Ann 01 Greenwood Ml s ^ ^ ^ cxlem|EC , n|1 ,„. Invt been here the pas week visit- | | b n ,, B ,, lo Mmti thc !»g their parei^sand giamipnreil's, Mr'andMri A A Kelles "»« lr O D Travis and Jim Hlnson of breves wcie here SuiUlaj visiting; ToWnSEhd tlub Will -i.Lt. -_ » r- Tr»Tienr> 1-^iilflllirH lOr __ . f, (ECO) Coolest Sp^l in Tortn Wttch Society Pa|« Of Courier Newi F«» Free Show Goesti lied with pink ribbon on Lc tlic guest ol Mrs j u un«". u......^ •••-. i e of «"f-i" (»i*.mjuc.... -f,i~; fHfsfTRicIS ARE Clf 0 GENERALS Mfeet At Courthouse Townsend tltlb, No Mrs Alma Wening has icturned __ ID her home In New Albiinv, Ind, ]ncel tonight al 7 30 o'cl:ck 3fler a visit here with Mr and j cfmrt h 0 u sc , II was ailiioiln Mrs E L Bculon One, will nt thc jiinctd to- Jack Hushing are gums w UU.L^O- n n m cmocrs 10 aucnu »w v oro toclav to visit their hiisbanlls nn | nv |( ft ti 0 n lo llle public _,._ n «i»» r it*,rr A x> M nnllnee .,_ Ai lite Hospitah Blvtbcvlllc Hcs{l!tal Miss Virginia Johnson, Ynrbio dlsiiii'sctl TV alls HospilM Holncr Burton Portngcvillc milted ad- Mrs Miucui, Llmbiugh nnd Mra | offlteis of thc grohp have ulgei' Jack Rushing are going to Jones- n)1 nlcm hcrs to attend and Issued <-oro toclav to visit their hiisbanlls vho arc attending A & M College 'or thc summer term Mr and Mis Mark Cimimings of Long Bench, Calif, were here re- •enllj vislllng Mr nnd Mrs Pele oleman , J O Rankln of Holland spent asl week In Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended a convention for Rotary club members. Misses Helen uiid Mntj Anna McCnnn returned Mondnv after 5cvcral dajs visit wltli Mr nnd Mrs L A McCrinn ot Matthews Mrs 1 W Whitneld accompanied to David Wlillfleld and Mi niid Mrs Emmcll Ynlcs of Memphis are visitors at thc Worlds Fair In New York Cily. Mr nnd Mrs H 1, CupplcS have returned home alter a visil with relatives iii Savannah and Ccrro Gorda, Tcnn. C. C. Cunningham of Jersey City, has arrived for a visit with his father, Rev. J. W Cunningham and Mrs. (Junnl 113)1 am. Weds. - Thurs. HISTORY s GREATEST PicruRHl MUNI. DAVIS - Not on cheap"Bargain Bait" Vires being desperately advertised by those who can't match our offer on Quality "" ILLCVI Rny Tiplon Mnuiln dismissed nlcrrlphls Biplhl Hosiiiiil Leonard Lvans Luxorn ndhiltlcd Mrs Melf hi palmer, Manll ( admitted nicmpiils Mcihorllst llospllii Mrs. G. L. McGchcy, bell, nd- hillted. BRIAN AHERNE CLAUOF RAINS • JOHN GARFIELD DONAID CRISP • JOSifll CALHIA . GUI SOSDERGAARD . GIlDtRT ROLsNO • "1NKV EllL . Dlniinl l r \V1(.L|AM D1ETERLE ff.HK! • BaltJ M , n.y bf frui. ^Cnlt\ Mu « lij Tn ii \\ollfin; hOfnpoTJ A VVARNrR BROS. T1CTURU Also rariirhflunt News & Cometlj Malmcf We * 26c 0 Whetx it's yoio neck you're risking—there is no substitute for quality. Every General is a top-quality tire, built to give you longer, safer mileage. While this sale continues you can buy General Tires at a cost thai: will give you the most economical mileage you hive ever known—with safety in every mile. Civic Clubs To Hcai Memphis Newspaperman W C league of thc edit rial I staff ol UiC Memphis Commercial Appeal will be the principal speaker at a joint meeting of local civic clubs al the Hotel Noble t'nlghl Members of the KoUirj, Lkn ™., , and klwnnls clubs will attend Ihe Ck>Htr»ct ci\iti and one gtiest, Mrs j dinner mcbtihg at 6:10 o'clock. Edzfine DicklnSdn, wiui & parly 1 .Refreshments were served at the) Bead Courier News u;anl ads - conclusion of Ihe bridge games In I .which Mrs V O>. Miller was high i scpfer and Mrs J C. Ellis, second j I BLYTHEVH.LE HACHKLOR ClAJR Presents FRIDAY, JUNE'30 soli, cOoi:) UEA'SONS. AVfiv ytivr sHbiild altfervd th> sHbw Matinee or Niilfit I » |--"i ' *..,»:'.'-» Bt Mosttsscs " Buijo Party , Iii J B .Clune and Miss Florine *oe 7>ill be hostesses for^ the igo party v to be given tomorrow night." »4 eight o'cloclc al tho Cath- Thc affSlr is under thc of the Altar soclely pf rch of the ImnifculaU! ;pUon ^ * i nWie' df tho capllnl fetfttes !s "The City WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- IfitWt CsJuael—Awl Y«'B Jump Oil tf WI fte M«mr| Rwia* lo_Go TK« U«fcr <hoJW ttoiar out Iwo ponntlJ of \iyi\t Sllc Into jx\arbowelsdalh . If thla bHe Is nnl 6ow \nit f r«.\r,your food dp*sn*t d! jest. U JuHdetars Sri the lK>weL«. (!ti bloats up yoar atflmach. YOM gel cotisUpfttcd. Tour whole tyslfm U {x>Uonrt\ Knt) you feel Mur, I3iik und the'wot'd looVs Jiank, A were botfel movrinent doesn't feel n\ Ihe cause. It Ufcea tho^« good/old CarUr> I.UUe IiUcr Pills to get these two pounds of lift? flowtnsr tret 1 !? Ahtl htnlce you f«l "np and lip." Hntmlc^s, gentle, jcl amaz- ' Intern mnVlnR bile \ flow I.Tcell 1 . A«V for CatUr's tUtlc Ltvcr Plll> by name. 25 ' -- 11 —iV refute iuylhln- -'~ STAULCUP AND itlS ORGHFiStkA City Hall Mon,, July 3rd + '' FANS WILL KEEP YOU COOL R0XY AflmiBslon »lwij».10« * 26f MarlrreM rrl.'-S4U-Sun. -. PAL NIGHTS! Z ndmtlled for ih* price o( 1 SI.00 lOlOO PHis '1'ax 'III Alsii sHoclcrt sliorls General Dual-Grips PAY REGULAR PRICE FOR Tire —Gef Znif lire for OUR lASTtERMS Sp*ciqlpayni»nlt«rm«»o match ih« drirtHc «*' r«- ftlcti lichih Old Tlrt NO SAIES TO TlRE wait I6r : taih. Tok« o« TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. Walnut 633

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