The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 4
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PAGli! . JBm'HBVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIEH NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS 0, n. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINKS. Advertising Manager Sole Advertising Uepreaintnllves: Arkansas Uailli-s, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kmisas city, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post otllce nt Blyllicville, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October D. 1917. Scrvca DV Uio Oulied Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earlier In Ihe Cliy of Blytlievlllo, 15o per week, or $8.50 per year, In advance. By nmll, within u mclliis or 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15o for Uirco months; by mn'ii In postal KOIICS two to six, IncHislvc, $1)50 PIT ycnr; in zones seven and clglit-, $10.00 per year,' payable In advance. Tlia Gasoline 'l\i.\' Excessive taxation, both state and federal, lists l»i!cn tlic in'iiu:i|);il tlieinu of Arkansas K'as and oil i loalct-.s, in ccs- sion al l.illli) Hock tliis week. Thuy will liavr,; no ilill'ictilly in con- vincinjr, (lie iniljlic, which pays tho bill, that tlic auloiiii)l>ile driver is overtaxed. What to do alioul it is another matter. So far as Hie situation in Arkansas is concerned tin; one corlain tliiil"; is that regardless of the fairness or tin- fuiriH'ss of cxislini; taxes on liigliway users, present revoiuies must l>e niain- taincd. Tlie state can all'ord neither to reduce its already inadequate liijjh- \vay maintenaiK'c expeiulilures nor lo jeopardize its highway debt retirement program. The only practical (itie.'lion, Ihurc- fore, is wliethor a less excessive lax rate might encourage consuniplion of Arkansas lax-paki gasoline sull'icieut- ly to maintain the state's income. Governor Fntrcll, addressing the oil dealers convention yesterday, express- • cd the opinion that a lower tax might actually result in increased revenue. There is sound reason to support thai belief: Tiio present lux is :-x> high that il encourages boolleggiiig anil the pnrchase of gasoline in neighboring low-lax states and discourages con- iiui'iiplion of gasoline by those who by circtlnulaiicc or conscience are prevented from evading the tax. Loss of gasoline tax revenue as a result of Hie excessively high rale is particularly greal in Missouri border counties sucli as our own. Tliu existence of a hah'-dozon or more thriving service slalions at the state line, five miles north of here, mosl of them selling more gasoline than any station in Blylhcvitlc, is evidence enough of the IG-S. The high Arkansas gasoline tax is Miverliiiif thousands of dollars of Arkansas money, to Missouri's highway fund. And Ihe loss does nol end there. With it goes the diversion of a great deal of other business, to the detriment of Arkansas ' coinnuinilies near the border and of the stale in general. 11 would be worth while to experiment with-lower rates. Or if that seems impractical under the cil'ciim- slances then certainly there should be adopted a system of graduated tax nones along the borders of the stale to deslroy the incentive for buying gasoline out of (hu slate. OUT OUR WAY I'or a Preference Primary It is to be hoped that tliu Stltte Democratic Ccntnil commit Ice will lake favorable action on I lie lion I bat if arrange for a primary prior to I!K^ rcKi'lstr Demo- cralic primary on Antjust 11. Wilh len candidalL's in the race for governor nnd with crowded fields for a iHi'mber of other ollices il is essential Ihfit some sorl of elimination be held. Ollierwise tins nominees are more likely than not lo be individuals whom tt majority of Ik' Democratic voters of the state wotil.l reject in a straiu'lit-oul conicsl. J. D. Head, chairman of Ihe state committee, lino Riven Initiative approval to Ihe proposul, advanced liy .1. Uruce Streel, Caniden aitorney. In the absence of any slatute providinir for Hiiel) jirocotinrc, however, it appears lhat a preference or elimination primary can only be held with Ihe consent of Ihe candidates involved. The stale committee, .should waste no lime in pulling the mailer before them. 20, Crime's New Nemesis Decision of the Federal Commnnica- lions Commission fo shift ils alloca- tion'of wave lengths, to provide for a country-wide police radio network, certainly oujflil to. lend impetus lo Ihe nation's war oil crime. The new network would be divided into /oner, willi a key relay station in each. With such a national police radio chain, enforcement officials would be able to co-ordinate a liunl for Hecing criminals over several slates. Minneapolis, New Orleans, SI. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Detroit and Davenport already have experimented with inter-city police radio. Tho important is.tep now, tin: communications commission points out, is for oilier cities ami states to join the movement. BKWSW8 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "I've (old you (iine and iin<iin not to hiuifr our lowoLs onl whore all (he nciiflihors can see tlitm." luild THIS CURIOUS WORLD F *' FOLLY and FAREWELL 8y CHAPTER XXV IJORTUNATKJ.Y Linda wan able*- (n got a drawing room. Sho didn't know how flic could have escaped accepting llnney lliinnon'fl Invltallon lo chare hers'. And the last person in the world lhat Uwla wanted to tliaro any intimacies wtih was Honey, Wlion slie had said good night H weedy to (lie oilier girl and was at lasl In (bo privacy ot her own company with tho inilea toward Pclc i!row!IIB shorter, Linda went back, sten by step, over tho way aho had travelled slnco Honey Harmon had conio to Newtown and changed llio design of her lifo, Ironically enough, Honey icoii/il have, been on Iho train Hint was to bring her back to a final readjustment, I.iiuK was almost a fatalist. She did ».;( think for one moment during Unit searching review lhat had she atayed In Ncwlown, B!IO would have found the key lo happiness. Khe know that sho bad liad to have llio ICBFOII In disillusionment to nnd her real love.' Pel-Imps it had been painful fov Pete, but now that slio knew for all time, lliat slie Invcd him, that lie was tho only man she had ever known who was a real man. sho would have her lifetime to make up to him for the rain she might have cost lilm. Remembering the lean lino of Ills jaw, liie easy grace of his walk, she fell asleeii with a song in her heart, Us echo reaching out to her tomorrows. Diorne, but did slio really believe It? Honey wasn't sure, but ro- iiombering It, her smouldering dls- '11(0 ot Linda broko Into llttlo lames or anger, "I think you're- simply wonder- ul," Eho Bald to Linda, "Just think, ( it Inuln'l l«cn for Pete Gardiner •o-writlng that script that I first louglil, you never would have come o Hollywood nnd becu BO success- She lad lieen without a y inirposo Sncli a simple, plain business life us mine makes me wonder why I was chosen for this awnrd. —J. Plcrponl Morgan, bunker, awarded gold medal for "distinguished services rendered to humanity." * * * H mokes me tired to hour people say [:ood music is highbrow...It isn't the music Hull's high-brow—It's the people, —Jnscha Ilt'ifcU, violinist. » * * Rain fulling on overworked fields, washing through gullies, swci'r.inj; down stream:-, and rivers, carrying rich soil out to sea, is no rc- spcclor of boundary lines or of economic classes. It Is as mrch the concern of a consumer 1,000 miles away as it is ot tin; farmer on whose land It fell. —H. li. Tollcy, acting AAA nd- nilnlstmlor. * * %. The most Important thing In a child's education is lo loach It not lo take things which tto not belong u> it. --Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. * * * To b? attractive a vvoimtn mnst have mystery. Tilts IMG swimming apparel leaves no room for mystery. —Adrian, movie stylo designer. JONATHAN IN HIS "GUl.UVER."S MENTIONED THE TWO /WOO/VS" OF T.-'E PLANET MARS, LONG BEFORE TI-IEV WERE DISCOVERED. all her lite until now and, waking Hie next morning, sho lay back in her pillows with the serene relaxed satisfaction; of a woman who has made die first step in accomplishing Iho great purpose of her life and from whom no action can now bo 'exiiectcd. She would like to liavo dreamed her way to New York, passing time wilh nothing inoro exciting lhau window- ami slar-gazing. She knew it was quite Impossible, o £0. About id invlleil (CftNOJMON FLV, WITH A LONG DRILL WHICH IS ATTACHED TO HER. BODY, CAN BORE THROUGH SOLID OAK. .. VET THE DRILL IS NO LESSER THAN A J.TON15V proved it lo bo • 1 :30, Honey's mail Linda lo lunch with Honey. Linda accepted. Sho might have Iwen Honey's dearest friend. "Dai-iing. why didn't you (ell me you were coni- hiK easl on tills train?" "1 didn't know II until the last inlnnlc myself," Linda answerer], herself to her grapefruit. had rewritten that first So, slio actually owed her fill." Pelo icrlpl! tvholo career lo him! Swift color rose in Linda's cheek and hurriedly sho spoke of something clso. * » * WHEN Ihoy arrived ot Kansas *' City with a'sliort stop over, eho was with Honey when the reporters arrived to catch what newa of Hollywood they could pick up by Interview. They pounced on Honev. "Will you tell us why you are going east?" Honey, radiant In mink and orchids, was gracious, flashing her famous smilo and elongated eyelashes. "I exnect lo desert pictures for a llttlo while," sho admitted, smiling apologetically. "And what for?" her interviewer asked. + * • ' T.TONEY pondered thoughtfully for L a moment. Should sho or shouldn't she tell him? At last: "I am going to do a play. I think every actress should Iry the legitimate theater, nnd I've always wanted lo, but Ihoy simply wouldn't glvo me time, away from Hollywood." "Ilavo you decided what you arc going to do? Any play In mind?" the hesitancy and the gracious reluctance and an unseen sly look at Linda. "I ... I expect lo play In Pelcr fiardincr's new play tliat Holbein is producing." Linda did only one thing when she licn.rd Hint. She held her pock- el book with fingers that bit into it and somehow steadied tho rocking of her liciug. "r.ardiner?" The renorler hail read bis Hollywood columns. was getting off at Chicago. Gctl ting off lo leaving her o back to I ho coastl licart at Uio end ol "That's . er . . I liojie you'll "Really? How exciting. iaiic'eV New job or clothes?" llo- . . or.. . . a story. ]'m . . . I'm going to buy a new story." Linda shouldn't have hesitated over her answer. It was a •Jong and dull trip and Honey pouura! in any possible kernel of interest. She tried lo remember what she might have hoard about Linda iu Ihe last few weeks. There I had been that story about Basil excuse tho question. Mir.s Harmon, but wasn't there a rumor that yon were engaged to him?" Honey actually giggled, but just for a moment. Then she looked confused, happy, struggling for the right answer and finally it came with a please-don't-nuote-mc-bo- eaiisc-1'trust-you gazo of innocence. "Not really fnaagcil," she sairl. and left llicm feeling that Pclc Gardiner was wailing at firand Central with a marriage license in bis hand. Not one thing onfwardly about Linda wns changed. They left Kaunas City silling together in I da's drawing room.' They dincil together, played cards and sail] good night to each other. Linda didn't tell her that she tho journey she had set out upon so confidently. Sho couldn't hear n moment ol thinking. Thcro were hours beforJ the train westward-bound woulT carry her back. Sho walked nnll| Klie was exhausted and the rain drenched her onco chic suil. It wal warm and noisy and hurried in th| railroad stallon; sho preferred Iliero until bored by her study (I people who meant nothing to hel Hid afraid of her own lileaf houghls, .sho went to the new:l ^tand. At the booth where oul-off own newspapers wcro sold, shl lougbt a copy of tho A'ciclon-f Made. Ami over a warming cup of col Tco in the station restaurant shl [ionised Us ouce-fanillliu- coluiniT unlit coining on a headline, she s:l liolt upright, pushing check an| change over the counter. BLADE SOLD TO NRW PUll I.1SIII3R. The words danced beJoi| licr eyes. In her poeket was her relurl licket to Hollywood. It remaiucl llierp, forgotten, as she sk'iit wcuf lly for llio six hours dial die- to Newlown sjicrl over Uio r< out of Chicago. It was scarcely 9 in llio morj ing when she opened the door llio outer ofllco in Hie old nM<| Building. Slio didn't know tl| girl at the desk. "Can you tell me whom I shoul see about getting ;i job :ierc?" sl| asked. "You'll have to see (he publisl er," llio girl said, noting tho iucol grtlity ot Linda's smart suit ail her face, without make-up, wcail from lack of sleep hut alight wil| an inner glow. "That's what I really came, for| Linda said, gravely. "I guess you can go right in," ill other girl said, opening the 5Wtu| ing gate. Lini'ia walked through ail opened Ihe door without knoeUinl Sho walked soflly ar.d soltly closif the door in back of her. She scarcely breathed tho wnr "Excuse mo, please. I uper* work on this paper. I was hal pier here Iban anywhere I've evl been in my life. I'd like to appl for a posilion again It you hrv| one for me." There was a pause au£ (hen: you're inlercsted only in :i tcinr| rary job, I can't help you, but you'll consider a permanent jr| the publisher can offer you- always lias from the bottom ot hi heart—a position that lills it. Il'J hearl. I mean." "It's the only position in world worth having," she said. a>'| walked into Pete Gardiner's arn»| TUB ORIC3INA(_UV MEAMT "SALT MONELY ". . . PAY GIVEN TO SOLDIERS TO BLfV SACT. ^! MIS aYNEA SfRVICE, INC. whtle the baby is musing and hold the baby in a semi-erect, posture. Just before musing the baby, slie may hold him upright over her flionlrtcr. If slie will then pat him lightly on the back, lie will lie likely to hclcil up the air. After the nursing is completed, the same procedure should be followed for hcrl lime. tcnie babies swnllov; more air CHURCH EXCUSES V = By G. W. llarliam Swift not only mentioned the two moons of Mars ten:; before tl-.rr were discovered, but said. "The innermost is distant- from the center of the primary planet exactly three of liis diameters, nnd the outermost live," which was surprisingly accurate. NKXT: What rclcr are a large :cnl on bees for pollination? miijorily of (lowers which dc- By Williams AFTER THAT VDU'LL WHY PON'T I STOP OUR DO& F1GHTIN' ? \VHY, I AM - I'M COMIN' AFTER A DIPPER O'WATER. TO THROW IN THER FACES AN' IP THAT DON'T WORK, ILL COME BACK AN' GET PEPPER - I'VE HEARD A SHOVEL, TO BURY 'EM THE PEACE COMMITTEE. From One or Both Breasts Depends on Supply of Milk IIY nit. MOUIIIS FISIIUKIN .much nil- to'.vnvd the end o[ th •;iUlnr, Journal of tin- American u ms \ ]K p! . rM h After the feeding My son-in-law and hired man | pcrtant ):ail. while the aver.: say they have decided there should I man who joins the clu.rch, j'J t-! mere r.f what they call o!;l-) joins. a | farhicned honesty ami fair deal-i ! Irj In politics as well as the ban rto others. If the baby tends swallowcr," the church. Of ccinse, a man of my knowledge and ability lets them talk. They say all men who ar-j In politics or Ihe church for pcr- Eounl giiin, should be required before starling lo state plainly what the ycxpcct to do If anything. I ba an "air_ nnsing may be interrupted oeca- .icnally and the baby held over lie shoulder. This will permit, him o belch ii]) some of the air lie ins swallowed, bcloro he proceeds! finally told them they liad vllh mining. ' i ] lot to learn about both the clinch and politics. Of course, tha church expects a man when lie jcins to not only tell the truth Tiw- i and mean it, while on the other Is asking for SOUK Ulah Agriculture Gains SALT LAKE CITY (UP)—S ttantial gains in recovery oi U ' agriculture Is reflt;c.-lcd in the creased amount farmers are p-1 ing on their farm mortgages, len T. Sanford, Utah director, tionat here. emergency council, "I'or Sale" Signs Irk City -| PALO ALTO, Cal. (UP) — Heal' Estate Board rated a movement lo abolish ; J leal estate "For Sale" sii ! i Wax Horrors In Film LONDON. (UP)—Madam v _ mud. who founded the famous' hand. If he" more than 150 years kind' of an olflce they expect r.Rc, Is to be tho subject of a him lo lell (hem whatever they I city, tiic idea is lo prevent strati J motion picture made In England • want to hear. I did vouchsah I cr.s from wanclcrtn* "If all "'* with n French director, Jean de to them the inlcrmntion that if Mar&ucnal. The Tussaurt "chain- n man wanted lo run for ofTi-o tc-r or hcnor.s" will ji!ay an im- ho must get In touch with a Mr. pcrtnnt ]!ar; in the picture. They Say, as he plays a very im- Aside from HID artistic tf.'m Alto is for sale." The Statue of Liberty h ni-l of bronze. , jl OUR BOARDING HOUSE >aby has nlmty of milk, she will notably do well to fird tlic baliy "loin one breast only ar csch unsini;. Lev* frctiuenl u.<,p of the jreast lessens danger o[ infection iul of sore cracked nip]>Vs. It n mother docs not have very much milk, she ' should no both breasts in nursing, becausr regular .ire of the breast for mir;.inj stlm- iilaics the milk flow. II cue breast onlv is used In nursing. Ihe baby slimild ml mli'sc r.uirh Inngcr thnn ID minutes. If bo'.h lueast.s are used, .>i\ minutes' | nuisiuy should .•.upjily i!ic l)aby with all the milk that will be use-' lul to him. i 'cionlinr -studies .•.lioiv timt the, fnosl obtained by the luliv aitcr] the first, six to 10 minutes u hard-] ly .siifficienl. to be o[ tn-al im- luolnncr- iu onhunvy musing. Once a schedule o; tcriling has I born adoplixl, U slio-.ild lie fol-1 l.-.wal rlosely. Somc-tinuv, a baby; fed e\vvy four houis ;:ii', inutsii- i ally IIUIIRO- at !]•.<• , n( i of 3 oi-j 3'i hi-iirs. e.«ix.-cially il lie has brr:i artlvc or it fcnliiiB has been . Iu Mich raw. Hit- i w iiy sliouWl "ol be allowed to nv for a half* hour, but may »>e ; f ,\ ., mt| c silirad of time. Tho ivx( feeding,: howovrr. should be tivrn at tile! iv.:;iliir period. A baby wlio inns", too : M ,g at.' lh>! IJITOM. will t.'llfl !„ OT-aliow; colic. To overcome this air swallowing, tho mother should .sit u|> ,,,-evloiiS Annomicemeiils Tlic Cuiintr News has been AII- thori'.c-d to make rornmi an- nouiicemciH or ilie InnowlnK candidates for public 6rt:ce. sub.icc' to the Democratic primary n«w' rtiiTiist U: Kor Krprrsciitativr in Congrc-ss ZAL B, HAnniSON For Proscralliii; Attorney O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY I'or Cmmly .ludce O- B. SEC1RAVES VlltCill, OtJEENB s. L r,i,.\f)isii For Sheriff nntl Collector HALE JACKSON JOE S. nil.LAUUNTY E. ,\. IKDI RICE For Comiir Treasurer ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIO For Re-Electlon for 2nd Term For County Ccjlirt Clerk MISS CAREY WOODBURN For re-elccllon for second term For Slate Senator LUCIEN E. COLEMAN For County Itcnrcsenlativc IVY \V. CRAWFORD For Cnuniy Assessor H. L (HlI.LYl OAINBS Per He-election to a 2nd Term E6AD, BAXTER/ THAT FOR AK' ASSORTMEKir Of FRESH FROM Witli Major Hoppji THESE ^" lMC AMD MERE WUBBNS, OF -^ COURSE/PICkEP ^ BEFORE THEY'VE / ^ OPEWEDTHE,C> ) war BAC? HOOP OMIOMS HAVE A PLO^IPA FLAVOR x SEE you RAISE VOUR \ ^ "RADISHES lM-BjMCHES,VV/7r-! I STRINCSS MEANLY TIEP ABOUT ^ "THEIR COLL ARS — AMD A "RARE BRAWD OP STRIWS „ THAT CAKJ BE TXJ6 FROM UMDER- ^i t 6ROUNJD/

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